Armenian ‘genocide’ and Jewish Lobby

On May 13, 2016, Jewish lobby ADL’s top gun Jonathan Green­blatt announced that his organization wouldn’t campaign against Washington’s recognition of mass-killing of Armenian Christians  ‘genocide’ during WWI as long as it’s called ‘genocide’ and not Holocaust, which is reserved for the sufferings of ‘G-d’s Chosen People’.

Greenblatt’s predecessor, Abraham Foxman, an evil person by any standard had campaigned for decades against Washington’s recognition of 1915 Armenian ‘genocide’ on the lame excuse that that would hurt Turkey, the strategic ally of both the US and Israel in the Muslim-majority Arab region.

However, the main reason Foxman campaign against the recognition of Armenian ‘genocide’ was to keep Jewish skeltons in the closet, and Iran-Armenia friendship. Abe Foxman was supported by Israeli media, and other Jewish lobby groups including AIPAC, American Jewish committee (AJC), and B’nai B’rith International.

In 2007 Foxman arrogantly declared that the Armenian genocide doesn’t belong in the US Congress or the parliament of any other country. Yet Canada, France, Switzerland, Uruguay, the Vatican, a UN sub-commission, the World Council of Churches, the European Union Parliament, and many more have all acknowledged the Armenian Genocide.

On April 21, 2015, Jewish Clarion Project in order to cover its Jewish sponsors accused Muslim Brotherhood of denying the Armenian ‘genocide’ to please Turkey.

Why all of sudden, the “Jewish conscience” has started bothering Jewish Lobby? a good answer comes from American journalist and author Mark Arax at Salonon June 16, 2010.

Genocide denial is not a pretty thing, they now concede, but they did it for Israel. They did it out of gratitude for Turkey being Israel’s one and only Muslim ally. Now the game has changed. Israel and Turkey are locked in a feud over the Palestine-bound Flotilla that was intercepted on the high seas by Israel. Turkey is outraged over the killing of nine of its citizens on board. Israel is outraged that a country with Turkey’s past would dare judge the morality of the Jewish state. So the Armenian Genocide has become a new weapon in the hands of Israel and its supporters in the US, a way to threaten Turkey, a conniver’s get-even: Hey, Turkey, if you want to play nasty with Israel, if you want to lecture us about violations of human rights, we can easily go the other way on the Armenian Genocide. No more walking the halls of Congress to plead your shameful case,” Arax said.

In 2008, Sen. Barack Obama promised to recognize Armenian genocide if elected President. The anti-genocide ‘expert’, Samantha Power, currently US ambassador at United Nations publicly urged Armenian Americans to vote for Barack Obama because as president he would recognize Armenian genocide.

In 2002, while promoting her Pulitzer-prize winning book A Problem from Hell, she like Helen Thomas in 2010, was baited by a cunning Zionist questioner, who asked her what would she advise to US President “who is involved in genocide in Israel-Palestine conflict”. She had responded that to prevent genocide, the US should be prepared to alienate a powerful constituency (Israel) and by sending a protective military force to prevent another situation like Rwanda. Since then the Jewish media has blamed her for calling an American invasion of Israel. Samantha Power and her Jewish husband played a major role in demonizing Libyan leader Qaddafi for the so-called ‘human abuses’. Currently, both are repeating the same lies against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


Israeli Report: Jews are Khazarians


In 2010, when veteran White House UPI correspondent Helen Thomas told Israeli Jews occupying Palestine to go back to their ancestral homelands in Europe, her 50-year career as a journalist was ruined by the Zionist Mafia.

On March 18, 2014, Jerusalem-based The Times of Israel, reported that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a ‘scholarly study’ which claimed that the Western Jews occupying Palestine are not from the so-called 12-tribes of Israelites, but children of Mongolian Khazar tribes who adopted Jewish religion and established an empire in Ukrainian part of Russia. The study was done by a team of scholars from leading research institutions and museums.

The Zionist regime and its western-controlled mainstream media has avoided mentioning the existence of such study because it negates the very founding myth of the “G-d’s promise of Holy Land to Jewish people” – or that the West Bank is in fact the “Judea and Samara” of the biblical Jewish empire.

Hungarian Jew historian and ex-communist Arthur Koestler was the first Jewish author, who proudly admitted the Jewish-Khazarian bloodline in his 1976 book,The Thirteen Tribe. Koestler was not an anti-Zionist. He just wanted to convince the Christian world that the ancestors of the present-day Jewish people were not involved in the murder of Christ.

Later, Israeli historian Shlomo Sand in his book, The Invention of Jewish People, expanded Koestler’s views by arguing that Judaism is based on religion and not race – its followers descended from various racial groups who converted to Judaism, therefore, they don’t constitute a nation or need a “Jewish state” of their own.

Israeli historian, professor Eran Elhaik (Johns Hopkins University) in a 2013 study claimed that Jews are not Semitic people, and therefore, has no claim over historic Palestine.

Russian Jewish historian Dr. Simon Dubnow had claimed in 1926 that Jews have historical rights to colonize Crimea. “Jewish colonies have existed there since the nineteenth century. The historic rights of the Jews to colonize Crimea and the entire Black Sea coast from Odessa to the Caucasus cannot be doubted and it is certainly desirable in a region where for two thousand years our ancestors have, under the Greeks and the Scythians, engaged in agriculture,” he said.

On March 4, 2014, Jeffrey Veidlinger, in a Op-Ed at Jewish Tablet magazineclaimed that before Crimea became a Russian ethnic stronghold, it’s a Jewish homeland.

On May 6, 2014, the deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk, B. Filatov and Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoyski announced a plan to build a New Zion: Promised Land in the Zionist liberated Ukraine. Kolomoyski’s fellow Jewish oligarchPetro Poroshenko is the current president of Ukraine.

The Times of Israel is an online Israeli propaganda outlet founded by British-born Israeli Jew journalist David Horovitz in 2012. Horovitz earned his ‘Star of Zion’ wing in 1994 after pinning Israeli Mossad’s bombing of AMIA in Argentina onto Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah.

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Helen Thomas: Dead at 92 by Stephen Lendman

by Stephen Lendman

On July 20, headlines reported the news. The doyen of the White House House press corps was gone.

After a long illness, the Gridiron Club and Foundation announced her passing. She ended decades covering presidential press conferences saying, “Thank you, Mr. President.”

She was special. She’ll be sorely missed. She spoke truth to power. Too few like her remain. Washington targets those who do.
She withstood tough challenges. She did it throughout her career. She was born on August 4, 1920. She’s a Winchester, KY native. Her father was a grocer. She was one of nine children.

She was the first female White House press corps representative. She worked for UPI. She covered US administrations for five decades. She began during the Kennedy years. Her tenure was unprecedented.

As a high school freshmen, journalism was her ambition. In 1942, she earned a Wayne State University BA in English. Her career spanned six decades.

She became a Washington Daily News copy girl. She advanced to reporter status. She did so quickly. Her talent was too good to hold back.

She began reporting local news. She did women’s stories. In the early 1950s, she covered Washington celebrities and government agencies.

In 1960, she covered President-elect John Kennedy. She attended daily press briefings and conferences. In 1962, she convinced Kennedy to let women attend annual White House dinners. Journalists and photographers were invited.

In 1970, she became UPI’s first female White House Bureau chief. In 1975, she was the first woman admitted to Washington’s Gridiron Club. Later she became its president.

In 1975-76, she was White House Correspondents Association’s first female president.

Over the span of her career, she became a legend in her own time. No one in modern-day mainstream US journalism matched her. She was a fixture at White House press conferences.

She was called “the First Lady of the Press.” It was for good reason. She covered 10 presidents for over five decades. She asked hard-hitting questions.

She wrote about what readers need to know. She sat in the first row. For decades, she asked the first question. It was a special honor perhaps few, if any others, enjoyed.

In 2000, she resigned from UPI. She did so after Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church acquired it. Hearst Corporation hired her as a columnist.

Throughout her career, she received numerous awards. She got over 30 honorary degrees. In 1976, she was named one of the World Almanac’s 25 Most Influential Women in America.

In 1986, she received the University of Kansas William Allen White Foundation Award for Journalistic Merit. In 1991, she won the Freedom Forum Al Neuharth Award for Excellence in the Media.

In 1998, the White House Correspondents Association established the Helen Thomas Lifetime Achievement Award. It did so in her honor.

In 2000, Wayne State University created the Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity Award.

In 2002, the National Newspaper Association gave her a lifetime achievement award. In 2007, so did the Washington Press Club Foundation. The same year, she received the National Research Center for Women & Families Foremother Award.

In 2010, she got the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) lifetime achievement award.
The same year, her career prematurely end. She spoke truth to Israel. She said Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine (and) go home.”

She meant Israeli occupiers. She expressed frustration and anger about 62 years of persecution. It’s over 65 now. It’s 46 under brutalizing militarized occupation. It’s horrific enough to enrage any justice defender.

Thomas explained more. Her comments “reflect(ed her) heartfelt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon,” she stressed.

She retired days later. In July 2011, she resumed writing for the Falls Church News-Press.
In April 2012, PLO General Mission to America head Maen Areikat honored Thomas for her “long career in the field of journalism, during which she defended the Palestinian position every step of the way.”

According to Washington’s PLO office, its Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi “presented Thomas with the appreciation and blessing of the president and the Palestinian people, for all of her actions supporting Palestine in the West.”

Ralph Nader called her “a pioneering, no-nonsense newswoman.” She’s a “hero of honest journalism and women’s rights.”

She’s “the scourge of dissembling presidents and White House press secretaries.” In 2006, she challenged George Bush saying:

“Your decision to invade Iraq has caused the deaths of Americans and Iraqis. Every reason given, publicly at least, has turned out not to be true.”

In mid-2010, she asked Obama: “When are you going to get out of Afghanistan? Why are we continuing to kill and die there? What is the real excuse?”

Her trademark was asking tough “why” questions. Self-censoring wasn’t her style. She knew lies when she heard them. She challenged duplicitous dissembling.

She rejected sugarcoated rubbish. She didn’t look the other way. She refused to roll over for power.
She challenged wrongs needing exposure. She did so responsibly. She believed good journalism involves “comfort(ing) the afflicted and afflict(ing) the comfortable.”

She took Aldous Huxley’s comments seriously. “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored,” he said.

She cared. It showed. She spent a lifetime telling readers what they need to know. She did so reponsibly. It bears repeating. She’ll be sorely missed.

Helen Thomas: Rest in Peace


Gilad Atzmon – From Stalingrad to Gaza with Love

‘Can the Jewish State understand its original sin, it own reality as a plundering oppressive entity? Yes, of course it can, only if it stops being a Jewish State.’

My answer to Gilad’s question is (actually his answer):

Yes, off course, only if it  listens to Helen Thomas’ Resolution. 

“Get the hell out of Palestine”.

On June 14, 2010 at 10:08PM Gilad

Atzmon wrote;

Considering the latest Israeli barbarian military operations, bearing in mind the disastrous starvation in Gaza, learning about the serious threat to world peace imposed by repeated nuclear threats made by Israel against its neighboring States and Iran in particular, we should move the discourse one step further. We better look at the Helen Thomas’ solution.

Gilad Atzmon – From Stalingrad to Gaza with Love 

Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 11:52AM Gilad Atzmon 

By Gilad Atzmon

Benjamin Netanyahu, is made of different material than Barak. Unlike Bark, who is obsessed with the banal implementation of military power, Netanyahu is concerned with the power of deterrence and he is also intelligent enough to realise that the consequences of a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip may mean the total eradication of such a power.  

A large scale deployment of infantry is a complicated thing. It would lead to violent clashing with hostile civilians in a heavily populated urban territory, endless cases of inevitable war crimes and crimes against humanity, international condemnation, unavoidable conflict with Israeli allies and so on. Also, such an escalation will prove, once again how resilient the Palestinian society is, as opposed to the vulnerable Israeli people. Let me tell you, this is not what Netanyahu had in mind two weeks ago when he decided to slaughter just a few Palestinians in order to win the next Israeli election.

Netanyahu prefers to kill Palestinians from afar, to missile them from Israeli Navy battle ships, drones and F16s. Israel had initially a limited operative plan ahead of Operation Pillar of Cloud. But, it didn’t take more than a few hours for Israeli generals to realise that they were ambushed by the Hamas.

 Like Lebanon 2006, Israel was far from being ready for this conflict. It failed to realised that the Hamas has been preparing itself for this battle. 

Earlier on today, I saw on BBC News, a Palestinian flag waving on top of a wreckage of house in Gaza that was flattened by Israel during the night. The message was clear: Hamas is ready to make Gaza into Stalingrad. The Israeli generals realise it, some of them are clever enough to grasp the fate of their soldiers if they decide to move in. They are not prepared to be Netanyahu’s ‘6th Army’

The Hamas clearly won this round of violence, it has managed to push Israel to the corner. The Israelis are now expecting Netanyahu and Barak to dissolve the ‘immanent’ ballistic threat. Yet, the IDF doesn’t have a magical military solution except offering full land invasion.

But can the Jewish State redeem itself, can Israel actually win this hopeless situation? Of course it can. All it would take from Israelis is to learn to love their neighbours, to accept the Palestinian cause, to grasp that the rockets are actually a love letter to stolen land, cities, villages, fields and orchards. But can the Jewish State look in the mirror and grasp it all? Can the Jewish State understand its original sin, it own reality as a plundering oppressive entity? Yes, of course it can, only if it stops being a Jewish State.

Gilad Atzmon – Writings – From Stalingrad to Gaza with Love .

 To read more:

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, Jewish political interest and Israeli Barbarism within Biblical context…

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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Uri’s Muslim Brothers

About one year ago Uri Avnery , the son of Irgun terrorist group wrote:
“What will happen if hundreds of thousands of Palestinians march one day to the Separation Wall and pull it down? What if a quarter of a million Palestinian refugees in Lebanon gather on our Northern border? What if masses of people assemble in Manara Square in Ramallah and Town Hall Square in Nablus and confront the Israeli troops? Mr. Avnery asks. “Perhaps this will not happen tomorrow or the day after. But it most certainly will happen – unless we make peace while we still canAnd it hapenned after 6 months. Hw witnessed Return in Practice

URI imagined “posters condemning Binyamin al-Assad and Bashar Netanyahu.”

But why Uri is putting “Binyamin al-Assad and Bashar Netanyahu.” in the same Basket?
Though at odds, Both threatens URI’s light calorie zionist project (Two state solution).
Why Uri imagined posters condemning Bashar al-Assad? Because Syria is the last Arab fort.

Peace with the Palestinians is no longer a luxury. It is an absolute necessity. Peace now, peace quickly.’ Uri Avnery.

.Now, URI AVNERY is stuck in Palestine, Abbas, the “plucked chicken” he saw at UN soaring into the sky has landed and Ismael Haneya is now souring into the sky, in cairo, Tunis, Turkey and Qatar.

The low calorie zionist turned into polising MB, and reconciliation with his Islamic neighbors.

Moses was also heavy of the ears… when God told him to take his people to Canada, he took his people to Canaan, spending the prescribed 40 years – just long enough to reach Vancouver – wandering hither and thither in the Sinai desert.” he wrote.

“If we want Israel to exist and flourish in a region that will for a long time be governed by democratically elected Islamist parties, we would do well to welcome them now as brothers, congratulate them on their victories and work for peace and conciliation with elected Islamists in Egypt and the other Arab states, including Palestine. We must certainly resist the temptation to push the Americans into supporting another military dictatorship in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere. Let’s choose the future, not the past.” he concluded.

I would assure Uri, neither your Brothers of America, nor another miltary dictatorship will gurantee the existance and flourish of the zionist entity. “Israel” is doomed

Unlike Moses, you are not heavy of the mouth and heavy of the tongue, you are heavy of the ears.
Clear your ears, and and listen to Helen Thomas,

It is not too late URI, cut your 64 years wandering hither and thither in the “Promised Land”, in three hours you may reach Germany your birth place.

Israeli peace group Gush Shalom logoEVERYBODY KNOWS by now why we are stuck in Palestine.

When God instructed Moses to plead with Pharaoh to let his people go, Moses told him that he was unfit for the job because “I am slow of speech and of a slow tongue” (Exodus 4:10).

Israeli peace group Gush Shalom logo
Actually, in the Hebrew original, Moses told God that he was “heavy of the mouth and heavy of the tongue”. He should have told Him that he was also heavy of the ears. So when God told him to take his people to Canada, he took his people to Canaan, spending the prescribed 40 years – just long enough to reach Vancouver – wandering hither and thither in the Sinai desert.

So here we are, in Canaan, surrounded by Muslims.

FOR DECADES, my friends and I have warned that if we dither in making peace, the nature of the conflict will change. I myself have written dozens of times that if our conflict is transformed from a national to a religious struggle, everything will change for the worse.

The Zionist-Arab struggle started as a clash between two great national movements, which were born more or less at the same time as offshoots of the new European nationalism.

Almost all the early Zionists were convinced atheists, inspired (and pushed out) by the European nationalist movements. They used religious symbols quite cynically – to mobilize the Jews and as a propaganda tool for the others.
The Arab resistance to the Zionist settlement was basically secular and nationalist, too. It was a part of the rising wave of nationalism throughout the Arab world. True, the leader of the Palestinian resistance was Hadj Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, but he was both a national and a religious leader, using religious motives to reinforce the national ones.
National leaders are supposed to be rational. They make war and they make peace. When it suits them, they compromise. They talk to each other.
Religious conflicts are quite different. When God is inserted into the matter, everything becomes more extreme. God may be compassionate and loving, but His adherents are generally not. God and compromise don’t go well together. Especially not in the holy land of Canaan.
THE RELIGIONALIZATION (if a Hebrew-speaking Israeli be allowed to coin an English word) of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict started on both sides.
Years ago, the historian Karen Armstrong, a former nun, wrote a thought-provoking book (“The Battle for God”) about religious fundamentalism. She put her finger on an astonishing fact: Christian, Jewish and Islamic fundamentalist movements were very much alike.
Delving into the history of fundamentalist movements in the US, Israel, Egypt and Iran, she discovered that they were born at the same time and underwent the same stages. Since there is very little similarity between the four countries and the four societies, not to mention the three religions, this is a remarkable fact.
The inevitable conclusion is that there is something in the Zeitgeist of our time which encourages such ideas, something not anchored in the remote past, which is glorified by the fundamentalists, but in the present.
IN ISRAEL, it started on the morrow of the 1967 war, when the Army Chief Rabbi, Shlomo Goren, went to the newly “liberated” Western Wall and blew his Shofar (religious ram’s horn). Yeshayahu Leibowitz called him “the Clown with the shofar”, but throughout the country it evoked a resounding echo.
Before the Six Days, the religious wing of Zionism was the stepchild of the movement. For many of us, religion was a tolerated superstition, looked down upon, used by politicians for reasons of expediency.
The overwhelming victory of the Israeli army in that war looked like divine intervention, and the religious youth sprang into life. It was like the fulfillment of Psalm 118 (22): “The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.” The pent-up energies of the religious sector, nursed for years in their separate ultra-nationalist schools, burst out.
The result was the settlers’ movement. They raced to occupy every hilltop in the occupied territories. True, many settlers went there to build their dream villas on stolen Arab land and enjoy the ultimate “quality of life”. But at the core of the enterprise are the fundamentalist fanatics, who are ready to live harsh and dangerous lives, because (as the Crusaders used to shout) “God Wills It!”.
The whole raison d’être of the settlements is to drive the Arabs out of the country and turn the whole land of Canaan into a Jewish state. In the meantime their shock troops carry out pogroms against their Arab “neighbors” and burn their mosques.
These fundamentalists now have a huge influence on our government’s policy, and their impact is growing. For example: for months now, the country has been ablaze after the Supreme Court decreed that 5 (five!) houses in Bet El settlement must be demolished, because they were built on private Arab land. In a desperate effort to prevent riots, Binyamin Netanyahu has promised to build in their stead 850 (eight hundred and fifty!) new houses in the occupied territories. Such things happen all the time.
But let there be no mistake: after the cleansing of the country of non-Jews, the next step would be to turn Israel into a “halakha state” – a country governed by religious law, with the abolition of all democratically enacted secular laws that do not conform to the word of God and His rabbis.

SUBSTITUTE THE word “shariah” for “halakha” – both mean religious law – and you have the dream of Muslim fundamentalists. Both laws, by the way, are remarkably similar. And both cover all spheres of life, individual and collective.

Since the start of the Arab Spring, the fledgling Arab democracy has brought Muslim fundamentalists to the fore. Actually, that started even before, when Hamas (an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood) won the democratic, internationally monitored elections in Palestine. However, the resulting Palestinian government was destroyed by the Israeli leadership and its subservient US and European subcontractors.

Last week’s apparent victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian presidential elections was a landmark. After similar victories in Tunisia and the events in Libya, Yemen and Syria, it is clear that Arab citizens everywhere favor the Muslim Brotherhood and similar parties.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928, is an old established party which has earned much respect with its steadfastness in the face of recurrent persecution, torture, mass arrests and occasional executions. Its leaders are untainted by the prevalent corruption, and admired for their commitment to social work.

The West is haunted by medieval ideas about the horrible Saracens. The Muslim Brotherhood inspires terror. It is conceived as a fearsome, murderous, secret sect, out to destroy Israel and the West. Of course, practically no one has taken the trouble to study the history of this movement in Egypt and elsewhere. Actually, it could not be further removed from this parody.

The Brotherhood has always been a moderate party, though they almost always had a more extreme wing. Whenever possible, they tried to accommodate the successive Egyptian dictators – Abd-al-Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak – though all of these tried to eradicate them. [Nasser and American brothers (Must see)]
The Brotherhood is first and foremost an Arab and Egyptian party, deeply embedded in Egyptian history. Though they would probably deny it, I would say – judging from their history – that they are more Arab and more Egyptian than fundamentalist. They certainly have never been fanatical.

During their 84 years, they have seen many ups and downs. But mostly, their outstanding quality has been pragmatism, coupled with adherence to the principles of their religion. It is this pragmatism that also characterizes their behavior during the last year and a half, which – so its seems – caused quite a number of voters who are not particularly religious to prefer them to the secular candidate who is tainted by his connection with the corrupt and repressive former regime.
This also determines their attitude towards Israel. Palestine is constantly on their mind – but that is true of all Egyptians. Their conscience is troubled by the feeling that at Camp David, Anwar Sadat betrayed the Palestinians. Or, worse, that the devious Jew, Menachem Begin, tricked Sadat into signing a document that did not say what Sadat thought it said. It is not the Brothers that caused the Egyptians who greeted us enthusiastically, the first Israelis to visit their country, to turn against us.
Throughout the heated election campaigns – four in a year – the Brotherhood has not demanded the abrogation of the peace agreement with Israel. Their attitude seems to be as pragmatic as ever.
ALL OUR neighbors are turning, slowly but surely, Islamic.
That is not the end of the world. But it surely compels us, for the first time, to try to understand Islam and the Muslims.
For centuries, Islam and Judaism had a close and mutually beneficial relationship. The Jewish sages in Muslim Spain, the great Maimonides and many other prominent Jews were close to Islamic culture and wrote some of their works in Arabic. There is certainly nothing in the two religions that precludes cooperation between them. (Which, alas, is not true for Christianity, which could not tolerate the Jews.)

If we want Israel to exist and flourish in a region that will for a long time be governed by democratically elected Islamist parties, we would do well to welcome them now as brothers, congratulate them on their victories and work for peace and conciliation with elected Islamists in Egypt and the other Arab states, including Palestine. We must certainly resist the temptation to push the Americans into supporting another military dictatorship in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere. Let’s choose the future, not the past.

Unless we prefer to pack up and head for Canada, after all.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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May 30 – Jewish Heritage and gay lawmakers

In 2006, Dubya Bush declared May as the Jewish American Heritage Month, initiated by Jewish Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
Both Bush and Obama have celebrated the event by throwing a gala party at the White House in honor of their pro-Israel Jewish donors. White House has announced that this year the party will be held on June 30.

On May 27, 2010, during the
“American Jewish Heritage Month”
celebration at the WH,
Rabbi David Nesenoff  asked Helen Thomas
if she had any comments on Israeli.
Thomas replied,
“Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine…
Remember, these people are occupied,
and it’s their land; its not German,
its not Poland’s.”
“they should go home”
to “Poland, Germany.”
 “America and everywhere else.”

Two years ago, the Jewish Lobby got rid of America’s famous critic of Israel, Helen Thomas during the Jewish American Heritage Month party at the White House. This year, however, Jewish lawmakers will also be honoring their fellow homosexual lawmakers on May 30.

According to JTA (May 24) – the Jewish gay freshman, Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo) has invited folks to a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Compaign Committee honoring veteran Jewish gay lawmaker, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass), elected in 1980. The fundraiser event will be held on May 30, on the rooftop of El Centro DF, a popular Mexican restaurant in Northwest Washington, celebrating Frank’s 25th anniversary of his declaration of being ‘pink’! Frank will be joined by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Steve Israel (NY).

Tickets for the May 30 event range from $100 for an individual to $5,000 for PACs or those who want to co-host the event.

Jared and Frank are not the only openly homosexuals among the American lawmakers. Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I), elected in 2010 is also gay and Jewish. Then, there is Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis), a lessbian with Russian-Jewish family roots. She was elected in 1998 for the first time. Tammy is a candidate in the 2012 Senate elction to succeed retiring Senator Herb Kohl (D-Wis), a Jewish millionaire and owner of Milwaukee Bucks. Herb also supports same-sex marriage. Rep. Zach Wyatt (R-Mis) came out of closet this month.

LGBT groups are pro-Israel in general – as they believe that both Jews and gay/lesbian have long been discriminated in the West. A recent world-wide survey by and American Airlines, 43% LGBT tourists voted Tel Aviv as their favorite city, followed by New York (14%), Toronto (7%), Sao Paulo (6%), Madrid and London (5% each) and New Orleans and Mexico city (4% each).
Israeli film director, Eytan Fox, has even produced a movie, ‘Yossi’s story‘ documenting the life of gays and lesbians in the Israel Occupation Forces (IOF). The film basically applies that Israeli military culture has become more progressive by accepting gays and lesbians.

Yippee. So more people can be in the IDF comfortably, occupy land, homes and roads, fire rubber or real bullets, interrogate and imprison little children, all while being openly gay,”Dahlia Scheindin in Israeli magazine +972, May, 27, 2012.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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