The Palestinian People Are As Unified as Hamas and Fatah are Obsolete

By Miko Peled

ERUSALEM, PALESTINE – Among the myths that cover the reality in Palestine is the one that says Palestinians have no leadership, no unified message, and that the Hamas-Fatah divide represents the entire political reality in Palestine. There is also a myth that claims that the Palestinians of 1948, who carry Israeli citizenship, are somehow not connected to the larger Palestinian issue. Over a ten-day journey in Palestine, it becomes crystal clear that these claims are unfounded.

There is, in fact, a solid, grassroots leadership in Palestine. From Al-Jalil in the north to the Naqab in the south, and from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea, Palestinians on the ground are well aware that the Hamas-Fatah politics have little to do with them. The last elections in Palestine took place in 2006 and both the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip and the Fatah government in what used to be the West Bank have lost their legitimacy and the support of their people. However, on the ground in the towns and villages there is a strong, dedicated leadership that cares for Palestine and its people. That leadership is constantly targeted by the Israeli authorities.

Political parties are irrelevant

Both Hamas and Fatah, which make up the two parts of the Palestinian Authority, have given up on the vision to free Palestine and instead are focused on their own survival within the confines that Israel created for them. What is referred to as the Two State Solution is the best-case scenario they are able to envision. In case the past seven decades have not made it clear that the Israeli government will never recognize the Palestinian right to self-determination, Israel recently passed a law that clearly states only Jews have the right to self-determination in Palestine. The Two State Solution is a Zionist strategy that allows it to continue to dominate Palestine and its people while blaming Palestinians for not wanting peace.

It is well known that Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip, like all Gazans, are confined to the boundaries that surround them. Fatah leaders in Ramallah enjoy a little more freedom, but even the Palestinian president needs a permit if he wishes to travel from Ramallah to Bethlehem and a junior Israeli army officer at a checkpoint has the authority to stop him if he so wishes. Both Fatah and Hamas accepted the abnormal reality in which they find themselves as the norm.

Senior officials from Hamas and Fatah sign a reconciliation deal during a ceremony in Cairo, Egypt, Oct. 12, 2017. Nariman El-Mofty | AP

This is also in many ways true regarding the political leadership of Palestinian citizens of Israel. The members of Knesset who represent them are powerless and they too speak of the Two State Solution as the preferred or at least the most realistic solution to the occupation of Palestine. It is as though the ongoing oppression and discrimination suffered by Palestinian citizens of Israel are somehow a separate issue from the oppression and discrimination to which Palestinians in other parts of the country are subjected.

Fatah and Hamas exist in the lands Israel occupied in 1967. Within the borders of 1948 there are more political parties and political life is slightly more robust. But until Palestine is free and until Palestinians are given the same rights as Israelis, political parties are irrelevant. Only when one person-one vote elections that include all of Palestine are held will political parties be relevant. At that point, Palestinians will have a voice and will be able to determine their political fate and it will matter what political ideology rules. At this moment it matters little if one is a socialist, nationalist, Islamist, or something else because Israel dominates the lives of all Palestinians in a regime that is racist and discriminatory.

When all Palestinians are free to vote as real citizens, and not under an apartheid regime as they are today, we can also expect that the Palestinian political prisoners will have been freed and they too will be able to contribute to the makeup of the political life of the country.

A unified message

What matters most until then is the vision of a free Palestine and the struggle that will make that vision a reality. This is a struggle that has been undertaken by a small, dedicated group of activist leaders who are on the ground, caring for their people, respected in their communities — and who are also incorruptible and untouchable. Among this group the goal is clear, the method is clear.

AP_17123631707384_edited.jpgProtesters gather under a picture of jailed Palestinian uprising leader Marwan Barghouti during a rally in the West Bank city of Ramallah, May 3, 2017. Nasser Nasser | AP

Many among them supported the Two State Solution at one point. However, they saw that the Palestinian willingness to give up 78 percent of their land in order to achieve peace only made things worse. Israeli settlements, Israeli abuses, the diminishing of rights and shrinking of their land all made it clear that there can be no peace with Israel and that Zionism is incompatible with peace.

Where is the world?

European and American leaders promised the Palestinians that if they compromised, if they bowed their heads, if they only choked down and swallowed the rape and pillage of their homeland, then they would be given a small piece of it to call their own and to establish a state. The Palestinians, in general, accepted that painful compromise, but now it is clear that Israel abused their faith, that Israeli promises are empty, and that Western guarantees are meaningless.

It happened in Lebanon, where guarantees were given to the Palestinians that the refugee population would be safe once the PLO agreed to go into exile in Tunis, and within two weeks Israel orchestrated the massacres in Sabra and Shatila. And it happened again when the Palestinians were told that if they agreed to the incremental approach and the vague details of the Oslo Accords then they would get Gaza and Jericho first and a promise that within five years they would have their own state.

Talk to the people who matter 

The people who matter now are the local leaders on the ground who are committed to the vision of a free democratic Palestine from the River to the Sea. These people are also dedicated to the struggle and understand the role of armed and unarmed struggle within the Palestinian context.

Clearly, the call for boycott, divestment and sanctions is crucial, as are other forms of struggle, including the use of all forms of media to expose Israeli crimes. Visits of these Palestinian leaders and activists to speak in the U.S. and Europe are also part of the struggle, and visits of foreign politicians to Palestine should be focused on frank discussion with them. Inevitably, this will push Western politicians to stop talking about the Two State Solution, which means stepping out of the Zionist paradigm whereby Israel has all the rights and all the power.

Encouraging the dedicated local leaders to continue their work and providing protections for them when Israel cracks down on them and their families are paramount. People on the outside who care for Palestine need to pay attention to these Palestinian voices and, rather than simply expressing solidarity, roll up their sleeves, embrace the vision, and join the struggle for a free and democratic Palestine.


1027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Gilad Shalit : The victory of Palestinian resistance

By Hiyam Noir and Fadwa Nassar
October 12, 2011 07:30 AM

It was during the evening on Tuesday the news came: that an apparent exchange deal between the Palestinian resistance, in this case the al-Qassam Brigades,which represents the Palestinian resistance, and the Zionists entity in the exchange deal of prisoners has finally succeeded. As soon as the breaking news were announced, Palestinian TV stations stopped all of their programming, to broadcast the speech of Hamas movements political bureau chief, Khaled Mecha’al. All information was published and circulated worldwide and in the international electronic media, in addition interviews were held with family members of the great leaders of the Palestinian resistance, detained in prisons of the Zionist entity.

Then came the flood of people in the streets of the besieged Gaza celebrating theimpending exchange. The Gazan’s righteously regarded this victory as its very own, since that it is Gaza that experienced two mayor Zionist attacks. The first which lasted ten days, in the aftermath of the resistance abduction in 2006 of the Zionist soldier, Gilad Shalit. The second assault was the Operation Cast Lead, in December 2008, a 21 days long Blitz-Krieg on Gaza, killing more than 1500, including 346 children, wounding over 4000 people, all that monstrous cruelty – an in vain attempt to recover Gilad Shalit. Gaza population was the first to welcome the agreement, the culmination of it’s suffering and the Palestinian resistance sacrifices and coronation of loyalty – to the path of resistance.

In front of tens of thousands of citizens, the acting Prime Minister of Gaza Ismail Haniyé, and a government spokesman, Mr.
Khalil al-Hayya, greeted all Palestinians, the Arabs and the people of the free world, whom have kept faith in the resistance of the Palestinian people, supporting it in its national liberation struggle, against the Zionist enemy and its accomplices in the world, engaged in a constant brutal violence against the people of Gaza, which in fact further extended Gilad Shalit’s captivity.

An especially great thank- you – greeting, was expressed to the Egyptian government – the very new and transformed Egyptian republic, which has managed to protect Palestinian interests during the negotiations with the Zionists. In a sense, this is one of the first great achievements of the Egyptian peoples revolution, which toppled Hosny Mubarak and his brutal regime. The old Egyptian regime had throughout the years, indeed by coercion put extreme burdensome conditions on the Palestinian resistance to accept the conditions of the Zionists occupation, intended to suppress and marginalize the Palestinian resistance social standing. Yet, despite of all obstacles to be overcome, the Palestinian resistance have firmly held its strong standing.
Case studies also explain the Zionist acceptance of the agreement, which includes Palestinian claims as a whole. Zionist leaders fear that the Egyptian regime change may undergo a transformation of a more hostile position against the Zionist occupation – after the Egyptian elections, ending the negotiations of Gilad Shalit (1934 days in captivity), who followed in the path of Ron Arad, the Zionist air force weapon systems officer, classified as missing in action since 1986 on a mission to attack PLO targets near Sidon in Lebanon, and never have been recovered since.
To call forth, the price paid by the Palestinian people in terms of the resistance to reach an agreement, was very high. Due to the criminal siege on Gaza the Palestinian society, particularly in Gaza endured all the suffering many were killed, dozens of MPs were arrested and some of them are still detained suffering from a reduced quality of life-conditions as a result of brutal measures taken by the Zionist entity against them.

This exchange agreement is in its absolute sense, a victory for the Palestinian resistance and to all who have faith in the path of the resistance. If the agreement is completed, for the first time, the Zionists will be forced to release prisoners held captive in the occupied territories and in the prisons of (48) of al-Quds, which so far have been persistently rejected since the last exchange in al-Nawras,1985. Even on this occasion, the sister of the prisoner Fouad Razzaz Maqdisi, said that regarding the prisoners of al-Quds and the resistance of Islamic Jihad, the Zionist occupant have moved them back to their cell-blocks, after transporting with bus to freedom, other prisoners.

This means that the Zionists can never be trusted, any agreement with them, must be closely monitored to prevent in the last minute, a serious setback. Calling upon the Palestinian resistance to firmly stay on guard to prevent such a reversal, the family members of prisoners who spoke during the lengthy night that followed the announcement of the agreement expressing at first a great joy, then after the happy event came the fear, expressing and carefully considering the fact, that the Zionists did not seem too happy when they publicly announced the results of the agreement.
During his speech, Khaled Mecha’al emphasized that the impending exchange agreement is a victory for the entire nation and the Palestinian people, he also expressed hope that those who are used to constantly examine and critically judge Hamas movement, also can figure out how impressive the final triumph is.

Several years ago, in 2006, the leader of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon, Sayyid Hassan Nasrullah, announced to all Lebanese and free people of this world, the victory. Some refused to admit to the triumph – and collaborated with the Zionist occupant and their accomplices to destroy the Palestinian resistance and its achievements. Hoping that on the Palestinian side things would not improve, if judgments of the merits of the resistance were expressed as planned, in a negative manner.
However, to be able to reach a higher level of consciousness we must stay vigilant and we must remain doubtful – a referent, to the nature of things. There is support for the Palestinian prisoners hunger strike, despite the unity on ground among the Palestinian people, there is an absence of common strategy – a program for unity against the Zionist enemy.

The hunger strike led by Palestinian political prisoners confined in the
dark and cold medieval death chambers of the occupation, has led a path towards unity among the resistance, together it managed to shake the walls of the Zionist occupation. Solidarity around the prisoners on strike, whether in the occupied territories in 67, in the 48 – or in exile, including an active participation in the hunger strikes, both in Haifa and in Nasra, and today in Umm al – Fahm, to name a few of Palestine territories occupied in 48, appear to be a promising desired outcome for Palestinian detainees, a victory which should be added to that obtained from the exchange agreement.

This impending exchange agreement releases only 1027 prisoners, a sixth part of 6500 prisoners, detained in Zionist prisons. Already, according to statements by the head of al-Aqsa Brigades and by Khaled Mecha’al, we know that all the 1027 combatants will be released, including those sentenced to life imprisonment.
Taken into consideration, Ahlam Tamimi, Qahira Saadi and Mouna Amné, three political prisoners which the Zionists previously refused to release. Also released among all prisoners including adult children, are prisoners which are suffering from serious diseases. From all areas and all regions 450 combatants, even Arabs sentenced to several life sentences and/or those considered as ex-prisoners, serving over 20 years in prison, will be among the first group to be released, in exchange for the arrival of Zionist soldiers from Egypt and Germany.
After two months,550 prisoners with less severe sentences, will be released, according to the exchange agreement. Of the 450 fighters that will be set free, are the great leaders of the resistance movement. With their consent, some 200 will be deported – either to Gaza or to Arab countries. According to sources of the resistance, the only item of the agenda which fell through during the negotiations, the Zionists entity demanded the deportation of 450 resistances – fighters.

Finally, the question which remains: As long as our freedom fighters are held incarcerated by the Zionist entity – when – the next abduction of Zionist soldiers? As it has been proven several times throughout this long conflict, only the exchange of a kidnapped Zionists soldier, will give the resistance sufficient power resources to set free Palestinian political prisoners.


“Palestine is the heart of Arab countries”The PalestineFreeVoice

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

"The good news from Cairo"

Another great day for Khalid Amayreh,

“the Palestinian Authority (PA) decision to move against Muhammed Dahlan, the perpetual trouble-maker, will erase a major cause of the collision between Hamas and Fatah.” he claimed, “the tragic rift between Fatah and Hamas” is not about resistance and liberation. Consequently,  thousands of Palestinian are detained, “mainly because of ideological orientation or affiliation.” and because they happen to hold certain political views”
The rift is not about the ten points plan, not about selling 78% of Palestine in OSLO, and the  alliance with the Zionists is a “de facto alliance”.
“The rift …..turned brother against brother, with some Palestinian groups effectively entering into a de facto alliance with the Zionists, the killers of our children and tormentors of our people.”

Khalid Amayreh admitted that Dahlan is not a lone destructive figure on the national arena. There are many other Dahlans who thrive and prosper doing Israel’s bidding. We must eliminate them one by one in order to be qualified and prepared for a future of independence and freedom” he said.

It’s not you, Khalid, nor Hamas, who eliminiated Dahlan.

No word is said about about the real reasons for the (PA) move against the trouble-maker, Muhammed Dahlan, nor about letting him go.

Dahlan is not the [ONLY], traitor (trouble-maker) who “collaborated and conspired with the CIA and with Israel to topple the democratically elected government led by Hamas.”
He is not the [ONLY] traitor who “received money and weapons from Gen. Keith Dayton”

The (PA) moved against the “trouble-maker”, Muhammed Dahlan, not for being responsible for the assassination of many Palestinian leaders, especially in the Gaza Strip, not for thwarting  Makkah agreement between Fatah and Hamas and not the failed assassination attempt on the life of Prime Minister Ismael Haniya near the Rafah border crossing.

Dahlan’s paterners neutralized him to foil his planned a coup against Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas.

Minimal collabration

Moreover, “Brother” Khalid don’t mind minimal “security coordination with Israel to the point of ending this shameful chapter in our political life.”

He has no problem with the with the de facto alliance” of his “brother” Erdugan with the Zionists, and Nato.

His only problem is with Syrian regime “the totalitarian police-state apparatus which has been ruling Syria since the early sixties must be dismantled and terminated once and for all. The Baath party is inherently undemocratic; it can’t be reformed, it must be ended.”
In his “final analysis” of “Brother” Khalid concluded, unlike,Syria,  the (PA) can be reformed,
Neutralizing Dahlan, is “another real booster for cementing true national unity, without allowing Israel and its agents to sow division and discord in our ranks.”

 “The good news from Cairo”
[ 08/08/2011 – 09:08 PM ]

The latest agreement between Fatah and Hamas to translate national reconciliation efforts into facts on the ground is a perfect Ramadan gift for the Palestinian people.

Palestinians and their enduring just cause suffered immensely as a result of the tragic rift between Fatah and Hamas. The rift poisoned the Palestinian public discourse and turned brother against brother, with some Palestinian groups effectively entering into a de facto alliance with the Zionists, the killers of our children and tormentors of our people.

Hence, Palestinians and their friends pray to the Almighty that the latest Cairo agreement will shorten the distance between the two largest political camps on the Palestinian arena and at the same time put all Palestinians on a track of strength, determination and steadfastness vis-à-vis the colonialist power that occupies our homeland and seeks to wipe out our national existence.

The latest agreement stipulates many good things, including the immediate release of hundreds of political prisoners, the reopening of institutions closed as a result of the rift as well as free movement between Gaza and the West Bank. The latter clause, however, is unlikely to be implemented since Israel, not the Palestinians, has the final say in this regard. [In case, just in case the first is implemented, IOF shall immediatly kill/arrest the released hundreds of political prisoners,]

But the release of political prisoners, which is supposed to take place before the end of Ramadan, will be a real breakthrough in the erstwhile standoff between the two sides. The political prisoners’ issue has always been a bleeding wound generating mutual suspicions and recriminations. Thousands of Palestinian families have suffered due to the often unjust and unjustified incarcerations of their beloved ones, mainly because of ideological orientation or affiliation.

Students were often snatched from their campuses, doctors from their clinics, workers from their jobs, and so on and so forth. Even journalists who prepared the “wrong reports” or interviewed the “wrong person” were arrested and imprisoned.

This gloomy episode of blatant persecution of people just because they happen to hold certain political views exhausted the collective Palestinian psyche, causing many Palestinians to despair of the chances of restoring national unity.

In light, there is a great likelihood that the release of political prisoners (the vast majority of these prisoners are affiliated with Hamas and are detained by the Fatah security agencies in the West Bank ) will be a great confidence-building measure as well as booster for national unity.

Furthermore, the gradual reopening of institutions closed by one side as a reprisal against the other side is also going to be a huge positive development. We are talking about numerous social, charitable, religious and athletic institutions closed or seized entirely on suspicion of having certain connections with either Fatah or Hamas.

Again, it is well known that most and nearly all the closed institutions happened to be affiliated with Hamas’ supporters and are located in the West Bank .

There is no doubt that the beneficiaries of all these developments will be the Palestinian people whereas the sole loser will be Israel and her backers.

Therefore, we salute our brothers from Hamas and Fatah who reached this auspicious agreement in this holy month of Ramadan. We also hope and pray that this momentum of good-will will continue to manifest itself in future follow-up reconciliation talks until we reach the moment when the rift and all its scars, ramifications and repercussions will be a thing of the past.

The prospects for implementation of national reconciliation on the ground now seem more promising now than they were a few months ago.

Abbas and thet trouble-maker,

The Palestinian Authority (PA) decision to move against Muhammed Dahlan, the perpetual trouble-maker, will erase a major cause of the collision between Hamas and Fatah.

Dahlan [ONLY], for those who have forgotten or don’t know, connived, collaborated and conspired with the CIA and with Israel to topple the democratically elected government led by Hamas.

He [ONLY] received money and weapons from Gen. Keith Dayton, the American general who was dispatched to the occupied territories on a mission centering on sparking off Palestinian civil war.

Dahlan was responsible for the assassination of many Palestinian leaders, especially in the Gaza Strip. He was also responsible for thwarting the Makkah agreement between Fatah and Hamas in 2007. It is also believed that he stood behind the failed assassination attempt on the life of Prime Minister Ismael Haniya near the Rafah border crossing in the same year.

Hence, neutralizing Dahlan, should be another real booster for cementing true national unity, without allowing Israel and its agents to sow division and discord in our ranks.

Having said that, we can’t deny that Dahlan is not a lone destructive figure on the national arena. There are many other Dahlans who thrive and prosper doing Israel’s bidding. We must eliminate them one by one in order to be qualified and prepared for a future of independence and freedom.

But we must be honest with ourselves. There is still much to be done in this regard. We must start immediately to minimize security coordination with Israel to the point of ending this shameful chapter in our political life.

In the final analysis, there is no room for security coordination with the killers of our children and tormentors of our people if we are to be truly faithful to national unity. To be bluntly frank, national unity and security coordination with Israel are an eternal oxymoron, they can’t coexist in any form.

Hence, we hope that our brothers in Fatah will seriously press in that direction because Israel will never feel comfortable seeing us united and cooperating for the common good of our people and just cause. [What’s the the common good of our people and just cause???”

Ramadan kareem for all of you. 

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

A Trilogy: The Road to “Independence” (2)

2. We are Liberating Palestine … Yes We Are!

Liberation is an art; an art we excel at. We liberated Jericho, we liberated Ramallah, we liberated Bethlehem, we liberated Jenin, we liberated Nablus, we liberated three-quarters of Hebron, we liberated a few bits here and there and we will liberate Jerusalem. Which “Jerusalem” we mean? Don’t ask, it’s complicated. We liberated some 7% of the West Bank without the need of an army or any “resistance” other than our definition of “resistance”. We liberated 7% of the West Bank through the negotiations everyone is criticizing.

We liberated 7% of the West Bank and are encouraging everyone to come and join us in liberating another 7%, then we will have 14% of the West Bank, not of historic Palestine. Historic Palestine is another story, it needs a lot of 7%s and we don’t have the time, we are too busy building a state on the liberated 7% – of the West Bank- the original 7% we liberated.We ask our American patrons to continue supporting our liberation process. We ask our European friends to continue financing our liberation process. We ask our Arab brothers to continue cheering and applauding our liberation process. We invite our Israeli partners in peace and negotiations to continue negotiating with us and asking us for more concessions. They can negotiate with us on the already liberated 7% if they want, we won’t mind because we heart negotiations.

We ask our American patrons to continue supporting our liberation process. We ask our European friends to continue financing our liberation process. We ask our Arab brothers to continue cheering and applauding our liberation process. We invite our Israeli partners in peace and negotiations to continue negotiating with us and asking us for more concessions. They can negotiate with us on the already liberated 7% if they want, we won’t mind because we heart negotiations.

Modern liberation is an art; a fine art, an art very few understand. It is the art of selling your rights to the highest bidder in the name of “ending the conflict”.

It is the art of shaking the hands of your killer in the name of “peace”. It is the art of joining forces with your enemy against your brother. It is an art only the “civilized” understand.

Forget liberation through armed resistance, forget liberation through popular resistance. Today, liberation is achievable through concessions and two-year road maps to statehood. And if liberation is your goal – and you have only 2 years time to achieve that goal – just follow our refined and re-adjusted definition of liberation and you will get your state.

Liberation is an art: the art of “see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing”.

We turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to Israeli actions against our people. We hide the minute Israeli soldiers enter a town, a village or a refugee camp. We stand still and watch every time Zionist militias kill a Palestinian child or demolish a Palestinian home or build a new Zionist colony.
Liberation requires resistance, requires action and the best form of action is no action. Our people want resistance, they want us to resist the occupation, but why won’t they understand that inaction is a form of non-violent resistance? Why won’t they understand that inaction is the perfect type of resistance, a form everyone will love, mainly our Israeli partners in peace and negotiations; just watch as your nation is being slaughtered and don’t act!
And with our silent resistance, our inaction, we are shaking the grounds of Israel. With our inaction we are liberating Palestine! And while we are busy liberating Palestine, why do our people criticize us when we don’t act every time Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child or demolish a Palestinian home or build a new Zionist colony? Don’t they realize that any action on our side would make us unfit to be the “brave” who made the “peace”?

We need to show the Israelis we are real partners for peace, that we are the partners they have long waited for, that our goals are theirs, that their wish is our command. And while we are busy liberating Palestine, why do our people criticize us when we don’t go complain and condemn Israel every time Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian child or demolish a Palestinian home or build a new Zionist colony?
Don’t they realize that it makes us look like crying little babies every time we go and condemn? Don’t they realize if we start condemning Israeli human rights violation, we will need a 24-hour team to do that and won’t have time to liberate them and build our state? It’s enough to condemn once every six months, that’s the allowed maximum. This is called cooperation, this is called “taking and giving”; we help hide their crimes and they give us the approval to set up new firms, import the latest BMWs, give us permits to go to Tel-Aviv.
So, if you happen to pass a murdered Palestinian child just pretend he/she is sleeping, and if you pass a demolished Palestinian home pretend it is being renovated and if someone mentions Jerusalem, just remember that the place was exchanged for a title and a red carpet, and never mention it again and with time people might forget it ever existed. And for God’s sake, stop criticizing us, while we are busy liberating you, for going back to negotiations again and again and again. Negotiating is resistance, and you people keep calling for resistance, asking us to resist and we are resisting; we are resisting the occupier with our unshakable stand that negotiations are the only way no matter what Israel does, no matter what Israel says, no matter what the whole world says.Can’t you see we are embarrassing Israel by insisting on going to negotiations when they don’t even want to give us a tiny road in “Samaria”? We are resisting the occupier every time we kneel down to negotiations, make it our god and our holy book. Do you want them to stop our monthly salaries? Do you want our bank accounts to go in the minus? Do you want them to deny us travel permits? Do you want them to send us packing and back to our lousy 2-room apartments in some Arab capital

Liberation is an art: the art of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

We provoke our brothers and sisters, incite against them and call them the enemy. We discredit, attack and oust every voice that speaks against us, every voice that criticizes us or exposes us.

We discredit, attack and oust all, individuals or group, who seek to delegitimize us, for no one is legitimate but us; we are the chosen ones, even though we were not chosen, we are the elect ones; even though we were not elected.

We cut off the monthly salaries of those who refuse to obey our orders to go to the streets and march in our support. We cut off the monthly allocations of other factions who dare to criticize us and refuse to obey our orders.

And while we are busy liberating Palestine, why do our people criticize us for refusing to talk to other Palestinian factions while rushing to hug Israelis? Do you people expect us to stand with our enemies, those who want to take away the power, the villas and the money from us? And we need those travel permits, we need to go to Tel Aviv, Geneva and Washington. We call for “unity” while spreading disunity, and we agree to “unity” before starting a new round of accusation so we can blame the others for breaking the “unity”.
We say out loud that we choose “unity” with our brothers and sisters but secretly assure our partners in peace and negotiations that the disunity shall prevail. And when our rivals finally see the light, fear losing what little power they have, fear losing the salaries and the transactions, we set the agendas and make it clear for them; we and our partners in peace and negotiations give the orders and you obey. We set up sites, call them “independent”, finance them from under the table so they spread our version of events, our “truth” and discredit, attack and incite against other political factions, groups and individuals, against all other voices that disobey us.
We hold media conferences with bought pens and conduct imaginary polls by false experts all assuring the people that the Palestinian street is on our side, that lies are being spread about us by collaborators who serve regional powers, by media outlets that are owned by Zionists. We send our people to get media training, in propaganda, from our Israeli friends, send them to Tel Aviv to take lessons in how to build the new Palestinian, re-programme him/her to accept the new facts on the ground, to use the rights words, the rights terms, to accept the new definition of resistance, our definition of resistance, the definition our partner in peace and negotiations, our American, European and Arab patrons and friends have formulated especially for us, because we are special. We install representatives all over the world, trained by our partners in peace and negotiations, and instruct them what to say when foreign media asks about the Zionist colonies, about the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem, about the siege of Gaza… we blame it all on our political opponents, on our own brothers and sisters, and relieve our partners in peace and negotiations of any responsibility and any criticism. We call everyone a radical: radical left, radical right, radical east, radical west, radical middle, radical Islamists, radical communists, radical socialists, radical nothing, and we are the only ones who are moderate, the only ones who seek peace, Israeli-style peace.

Liberation is an art: the art of “accept what you are given today, because it might not be there tomorrow”.

We thank our Israeli partners in peace and negotiations for their generous offers, we offer them more concessions to show our gratitude for accepting to welcome us in Tel-Aviv, for rolling the red carpet for us and calling us “moderate”, for allowing us fake posts and titles.

We don’t raise the ceiling of our demands because we don’t want to distress our partners and if they insist we make more concession, we obey. We appear on local TV stations, give interviews to local newspaper and speak in local gatherings and stress that we will never concede, we will never give up on any of our national constants, on any of our rights, and insist that they are legitimate rights, and then we hop into BMW’s and rush to Tel Aviv to emphasize our loyalty and obedience, and we hop into planes and rush to Washington to emphasize our loyalty and obedience. And while we are busy liberating Palestine, why do our people criticize us when we agree to land swaps? What’s wrong with helping Israel achieve its goal and become a pure Jewish state? We should assure our partners in peace and negotiations that we will do all we can to stop being a demographic threat to them, we have to protect them from little Palestinian children being born every day in the dozens, for they have enough threats as it is from besieged people wanting to live, from unarmed protesters yearning for freedom.

Our goal is a state in two years, so if they want East Jerusalem, let them have it, for we have Ramallah with all its ministries, the hotels, the NGOs and not to forget the Noble Muqata’a, and one capital for our future state is more than enough.

If they want the settlement blocks, let them have them, for we will get Im Il-Fahim in return, and a bunch of outposts with little cute caravans and we will build our own cities, a hundred tiny Rawabis for the elites and the sons of the elites. If they want the Jordan Valley, let them have it, and in return we will get the casino, and become the Monaco of the new Middle East. We don’t need agricultural land, we will build an industrial state, one to compete with Germany and Japan. And while we are busy liberating Palestine, why do our people criticize us when we sign one concession after the other? If our partners in peace and negotiations want 10% of the 20% of Palestine we are begging for, let them have it, and in return we will have tiny bits of An-Naqab desert, the tiny bits no one wants. Isn’t An-Naqab part of Palestine, and every part of Palestine is sacred to us, and we never reject any crumbs thrown our way. These crumbs are the basis of the Palestinian state, the state that will be born out of the ashes of Palestinian villages demolished and Palestinian children massacred: a state that will be itindependent from s people and dependent on every donor penny and on every Israeli nod…. a state that will be independent from its people and dependent on everything and everyone else…. a state for the “new Palestinian”, and the not so “new Palestinians” can find themselves another planet to live on.
And while we are busy liberating Palestine, why do our people criticize us when we accept to give up 80% of Palestine? Don’t you understand that if we had accepted what they offered us in 1947 we would have had a state… if we had accepted what they offered us in 2000 we would have had a state… if we had accepted whatever crumbs were thrown at us, we would have has a state by now. Stop telling us that even if we accept what they offer us, they will ask for more concessions. So what? We will comply and we will accept whatever they offer us, because they might get upset and not offer it again. We have to show them that we are the long-wished for partners and isn’t this what partnership is all about? They offer and we take. We accept whatever they offer us because our aim is to build a state, even if in the end they offer us only the Holy Muqata’a as our state. All we want is a state and what makes a state but a president, a prime minister, a cabinet and a red carpet?

Liberation is an art: the art of “talk about everything and nothing”.

We are masters in diversion. Whenever Israeli terrorist attacks happen, whenever Palestinians are massacred, whenever Jerusalemites are expelled from their homes, whenever Zionist colonies expand and whenever we raise the level of our collaboration with the occupier, we rush to talk about everything but the occupation, everything but the collaboration, everything but the concessions. Whenever Zionist colonists attack olive harvesters, uproot trees and destroy land, whenever Israeli occupation soldiers raid homes, kidnap children and beat up unarmed activists, whenever new colonies are built for aliens from Russia, Canada, Antarctica and Mars, we rush to condemn the “unity” that is failing, the other Palestinian party that is refusing to abide with the “unity” deal and we swear that “unity” with our brothers is more important than negotiations, that “unity” is stronger than any threats, and behind closed doors we unite with our partners in peace and negotiations and swear no other alliance. Whenever we help bury evidence condemning Israel, whenever we vote in support of protecting Israeli war criminals from international courts, whenever our complicity in Israeli war crimes and in covering up these crimes is exposed, we rush to talk about Jerusalem that is threatened, that is being Judaized, we rush to condemn settlements and settler violence, we drive by refugee camps and wave from our armoured Mercedes.

We are the masters of diversion, the masters of deception, we answer no questions, we give no solutions, we comply to no local inquiry or national committee. With us, A becomes B and B becomes Z.

Whenever there is popular rage over the massacres that have become daily, the Judaization of Jerusalem, the expansion of settlements, the siege that is strangling a whole population, we talk about the division among us, about those who refuse to shake our hands and we call for “reconciliation”, we accuse the “others” of diverting the news to avoid unity talks, we talk about the “others” using Jerusalem to discredit us.
Whenever there is popular rage over our corruption, our loaded bank accounts, our villas and summer houses, our VIP cards and Tel-Aviv permits, we talk about Jerusalem that is forever ours, about outposts that will be removed, about refugees that will return, about our determination to end the occupation and build a state.

Whenever there is popular rage over the concessions we are making, our repression of our people, the sell-out of the refugees and their rights, the state that is a fiction, our meeting with Zionist war criminals and leaders of Zionist militias, our running to negotiations, our security coordination with the occupiers, our protection of the Zionist terror gangs that roam Palestinian towns and villages and hunt Palestinian children and burn olive fields and homes, we tell people not to worry about Jerusalem being ethnically cleansed house by house, not to worry about the settlements growing and growing and reaching the moon, because we will be liberated in two years.

We talk about outside regional powers that work to undermine Palestinian independent decision, we talk about the unity we yearn, the one people we are, the reconciliation some avoid, we talk about the “resistance” we are re-defining, we talk about the prison-within-prison state we are seeking, we talk about liberation through negotiations, we talk about everything and nothing, we blame everyone else for everything we do, but we never blame or condemn our partners in peace and negotiations. And while we are busy liberating Palestine, why do our people criticize us when we defend Israel, cover up its war crimes? Don’t they understand that we need to protect our friends, our partners in peace and negotiations, those who keep us in power? We need to join hands with the friends who will be generous enough to allow us a state in Ramallah, a casino in Jericho and an elite-only Bantustans a la Rawabi. We need mobile networks so you can contact us when you need protection from the groups of darkness come to incite against us or against our partners in peace and negotiations. We need Mercedeses so we can parade in front of your over-crowed refugee camps and show you what it’s like to play the game our way. We need cash flowing into our bank accounts, so we can reward those who believe in us and our chosen path.

Liberation is an art, the art of “it’s my way or no way”.

We decide the outline, we outline the do and don’t. We talk about liberation, mention the word freedom a million and one times, but condemn our people to a life in slavery. We mention the word state two million and one times, but condemn our people to a life in concentration camps. We swear our support to popular resistance, because everyone else loves it nowadays, everyone else calls for it nowadays. We organize popular conferences and become their patrons, we give speeches and declare that popular resistance is the answer, is the key to freedom and to the coming state. But when our people decide that popular resistance is the way to liberation, when our people decide that the time has come for another popular Intifada, we denounce the Intifada, denounce popular resistance, denounce resistance as a whole and declare that we won’t allow any Intifadas, whether armed or non-violent, declare that we won’t allow any demonstration, whether small or large, declare that we won’t allow any form of protest, whether a sit-in, a march or even a song that might upset our partners in peace and negotiations, that might make them feel “threatened” by us or might make them doubt our sincere intentions and doubt our suitability for the role of partner. And while we are busy liberating Palestine, why do our people criticize us when we denounce resistance and declare we will never throw even a paper clip at Israeli occupation soldiers? Don’t they realize that it is our duty to show the world that we are cool, peaceful people and follow the modern adjusted definition of “resistance”, the one approved by our Israeli, American and European friends, approved by the rest of the free world, the adjusted definition of “resistance” that deprives us of our legitimate rights, of our national aspirations, of our freedom, of our dignity, the adjusted definition of “resistance” that states that occupiers can stamp on the hearts and souls of the oppressed to which the oppressed should reply: Thank you, do you have more? We do our best to stop demonstrations against the occupation, we detain anyone who marches towards an Israeli checkpoint, or even thinks or protesting in the vicinity of a Zionist colony.

We prohibit protests against our policies and against security coordination with our partners in peace in and negotiations.

We threaten employees with their salaries and force them to march in our support and in support of the concessions we are making, we organize marches in support of our partners and fellow dictators.
We employ our security apparatus, trained by the occupation, for the safety of the occupation and its terrorist militias.
And while we are busy liberating Palestine, why do our people get angry when we crack down on their protests against the occupation, when we prevent them from reaching Jerusalem, when we kidnap them upon orders of the occupation, when we torture them for resisting the occupier?

Don’t they realize that the safety of the occupier means salaries at the end of the month?
Don’t they understand that the safety of the occupier means that we can build imaginary towns aka Bantustans, create industrial zones aka slavery centres and declare a fake state aka a prison within a prison?

Don’t they realize that Jerusalem is outside our future state limits, beyond our future borders, and that anyone who wishes to liberate Jerusalem is “free” to go there and demonstrate there, if they are allowed in? We encourage the boycott of products of Zionist colonies in the West Bank, but are vehemently against a boycott of all products of the Zionist entity, even if our economy is destroyed by the occupier, even if our shops and homes are drowning in the products of the occupier, even if our products rot at the occupier’s checkpoints, even if our fields, farms and factories are demolished and bombarded by the occupier, even if our natural resources are stolen by the occupier right under our very noses.

We declare Palestinian homes and shops “settlement-products-free” but fill our villas, our offices and our conference rooms with Israeli products. And if a Zionist colony moves the administrative offices of its factories to occupied Haifa or occupied Bisan, then we remove it from our boycott list. We are good partners in peace and negotiations and we don’t boycott the occupier, we only boycott the Zionist colonists who embarrass us by selling their products openly in our towns and villages. Those who do it secretly are another story. And while we are busy liberating Palestine, why do people criticize us when we hide the minute Israeli occupation soldiers enter a town, a village or a refugee camp? Why do they criticize us when we escort Zionist colonists into the heart of Palestinian communities? Why do they criticize us when we patrol the roads of Palestinian towns and villages in the company of Israeli military vehicles and intelligence jeeps or when we parade in front of refugees camps and work as human shields for Israeli occupier? Why do they criticize us when we join the occupier in the hunt of Palestinians and or when we hide while they extra-judicially execute Palestinians? Don’t they realize that it’s one of our duties, our main duties, to protect the Israeli occupier, our one and truly partner in peace and negotiations, and make way for them to do their job? They allow us to do our job and steal, build imaginary cities and states, and we should allow them to do their job and kill, demolish, detain, steal and expel. Why don’t our people realize that once and for all: the security of the Israeli occupier is our religion! It’s called peace of the brave and we are the brave, for accepting what no Palestinian would ever accept, for giving up what no Palestinian would ever give up.

Liberation is an art, the art of “what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine alone”.

We hold a conference and beg for money in the name of our people. We are liberating Palestine and liberation is a costly business. We want to build a state, we want to build more five star hotels for the international experts and consultants who come to sell us talk for a piece of the pie, we want to build more casinos for wealthy Israelis who are transforming our land into a pure-Jewish state, we want to build more Rawabis for the elite of the elite, for those who suffer while negotiating, while signing concessions, while travelling from one world capital to another to give talks. Travelling is hard work and talking is hard work and getting all your expenses paid so you speak in the name of people who never delegated you is extremely hard work. We threaten people into selling us their lands for very low prices so we can build cities for the elite, so we can build small Dubai replicas, for those who sacrifice their lives in negotiating with our partner in peace and negotiations, those who refuse to keep silent and choose to serve their masters and negotiate, those who believe that negotiating is a duty, a sacred duty, that very few are willing to sell their homeland for. We widen Wadi In-Nar road, make a real highway out of it, make it something just out of the movies, so Palestinians travelling that road can forget there is a Jerusalem. We install sun-energy street lights so Palestinians will be dazzled by the sun and not see the colonial cancer that is devouring Palestine. We tour the world and collect money for the people who are being brutally oppressed while we watch and refuse to take action as per Oslo at al, for Jerusalem that is being Judaized while we watch and refuse to take action as per Oslo at al, for Gaza that is being besieged while we watch and refuse to take action as per Oslo at al, for the land that is being massacred while we watch and refuse to take action as per Oslo at al.
We allow private businesses for a share of the pie, and create quasi-state companies and firms, call them private and independent and employ consultants who served us well in the negotiating teams. We know they only abandoned the ship of negotiations after they milked the negotiations cow dry and after they built villas that compete with ours from which they preach and attack the negotiations. But it is okay if they criticize us openly now that they are no longer part of the negotiating team, what really matters is that they keep silent about the cash we and they make from private businesses. So why do our people criticize us when we divide the shares between us, it’s all a matter of business and everyone is selling and buying, even some of your work-with-them-during-the-day-and-criticize-them-at-night preachers. Is it our fault if what reaches our people in the end is a big null? A huge nothing? We, the representatives of the Palestinian people, have many bills to pay, many planes to catch and many hotels to stay in, and playing your representatives is really tiresome and expensive; all the travels, the speeches, the dinners, owning villas and summer houses.
And while we are busy liberating Palestine, why do our people criticize us when we wear Armani suits and appear on TV screens to give interviews to Israeli TV, CNN and Al-Arabiya or Al-Jazeera. Don’t they understand that we are liberating Palestine and it’s our duty, as representatives of the Palestinian people, to show the world that we are no more the savages wearing kuffiyyas and lousy “I love Palestine” T-Shirts, but that we are civilized and wear suits and boots expensive enough to feed a hundred families a hundred days? We threaten people with their salaries before religious feasts, before school begin, every month, every day and night. We force employees to go out to the streets in our support and in support of our concessions and threaten them with their jobs and salaries if they refuse. We treat employees according to their political affiliation, if you are one of us, you get a monthly bonus because you are one of the good guys, those our partners in peace and negotiation appreciate. To the others we deliver dismissal notices. We tell syndicates they have the right to strike and to protest, and when they do strike we rush to the higher court to stop their strikes and to punish them. For how dare they demand “reasonable” salaries so they can feed their families? Don’t they see that while they only work 7 hours a day, we work 24/7 non-stop in their service? We travel the whole world, are forced to stay at five star hotels, just to negotiate and sell-out their rights? Why do they get angry if the one hundred and one security apparatuses we have get paid firstly, regularly and receive higher salaries than those with a hundred university degrees and with a thousand years of professional experience? Aren’t these security apparatuses the ones who protect us, work for our safety from the forces of the darkness, help escort and protect our partners in peace and negotiations? They are the “new Palestinians”, the protectors of our wealth, the worst nightmare to anyone who disagrees with us and the guardians of the coming state.

The odds are against ‘Golden Boy’!


Palestinians to unveil new Hamas-Fatah unity government next week – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

‘peres: “don’t you pull an Erdogan on me now!”‘

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Palestine and the ‘Parallel states’

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In the past I wrote my thoughts on three ‘options’ to resolve the Zonist-Palestinian conflict based on the One State, Two-State and Helen Thomas’ Third option. The recent showdown between the leader of world’s sole military power, Barack Obama and Benji Netanyahu, the leader of world’s sole money power (which Benji won) on the former’s vision of One State option introduced me to a fourth option of Parallel States, Palestine and Israel sharing the same land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River.

The ‘Parallel States’ project was conducted within the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University. It was funded by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Research Council. It submitted its report in September 2010. The idea which gave birth to the project was; One secular-democratic state solution will never be acceptable Israeli Jews and the so-called ‘Two state’ has no chance to materialize unless it’s based on Israeli ‘wish list’.

I tends to agree with the theory that Obama-Benji conflicting rhetoric were pre-planned to sabotage Hamas-Fatah unity government’s threat to declare a Palestinian State.

In reality, both the ‘Two states’ and the ‘Parallel states’ options are to legitimize the Jewish occupation of Palestine. The current verbal-shooting between the US and Israel is more of a tactical controversy than a strategic one. The reason behind this latest Obama-Benji charade is to hijack the Hamas-Fatah unity government’s possible move to ask United Nations General Assembly to recognize an independent sovereign Palestine based on 1967 borders. The request is sure to be approved by a majority vote – but UN membership will certainly get Washington’s veto at the UN Security Council.
On May 28, 2011 – the pro-Israel Al-Jazeera (English), published an article entitled ‘Parallel states: A new vision for peece’. The ‘vision’ came from two Jewish scholars, professor Mark LeVine (University of California) and Mathias Mossberg, a former Swedish Ambassador. They compared their vision of a Jewish Israel sharing the same land with Native Muslim and Christian Palestinian state in parallel – with European Union (EU).

Within our research, the most useful example of how various levels of jurisdiction can be shared is the European Union, where the rapid integration of the member states has transferred traditionally national legislative and judicial powers to supranational bodies, diminishing the importance of national boundaries and territorial sovereignty for the benefit of the exercise of transnational freedoms and rights for citizens within the Union,” wrote authors.

I wonder if the authors know that all EU members are Judeo-Christian majority nations which have maintained their original Armed Forces and some are nuclear powers. Each EU member has its own standards of human rights (most persecute Muslim and Gypsy minorities) and even maintain trade relations with some countries (Iran, Lebanon, Serbia, etc.) sanctioned by the EU.

The EU was originally established to ease trade and tourism among the European countries. Later it was politicized to counter the threat of United States’ economic domination of Europe. EU created its own euro currency against US dollar. However, when it comes to wars and colonization of foreign lands – EU has always been an American ally. The EU has resisted the inclusion of Muslim-majority Turkey’s wish to join it for the last 20 years.

What is clear is that the Oslo era two-state solution was born out of a twentieth century notion of sovereignty that, at least in the case of Israel/Palestine is neither viable nor particularly desirable in the “New Middle East” Oslo’s architects imagined their peace process heralded. Almost two decades later, the region has finally moved towards a new era, but led by ordinary people rather than leaders who more often than not have frustrated rather than helped to realise the legitimate political, economic and cultural aspirations of their peoples,” wrote the authors.

The Oslo Accord signed on September 13, 1993 between PLO leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin – was nothing but a diversion to pre-empt the Islamic Resistance groups taking over the leadership from the discredited secularists leadership. Israelis killed the agreement even before the ink dried.

In the context of the Arab Spring, a parallel states process might just hold the key to helping Israelis and Palestinians join the region-wide push towards peace, democracy and justice in the fullest, and fairest, way possible,” wrote the authors.

Pity, both the US and Israel have been irked by the ‘Arab Spring’ – because both fear that ‘democracy and justice’ will give power to Islamist groups which will side with Palestinians and Iran against Israel. After watching its puppet-regimes falling in Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon – Obama has already started his counter-revolution through its Arab proxy, Saudi Arabia.

These changes have been followed by demonstrations against US domination and Zionism. They politically benefit the ‘Axis of Resistance’, comprised of Iran, Syria at the state level and at the non-state level by Hezbullah and Hamas. To lead the counter-revolution in this region, Washington and Tel-Aviv have relied on their best support: the Sudairi clan which embodies despotism at the service of imperialism unlike any other,” wrote Thierry Meyssan, a French intellectual, author and columnist.

"… About as close to zero as you can imagine"


“… Although he said Israel would be “very generous on the size of a future Palestinian state,” Netanyahu was uncompromising about just whose land he was talking about. As he put it, “In Judea and Samaria the Jewish people are not foreign occupiers. We are not the British in India. We are not the Belgians in the Congo.”

‘So, as I was saying, this fellow Obama does not understand you & us!’

Netanyahu also demanded that Abbas immediately “tear up” his recent unity agreement with Hamas, a movement he said was “the Palestinian version of al Qaeda.” However vague, these are not terms that any Palestinian leader concerned for his political survival can accept, and indeed, Abbas’s side was quick to reject them in no uncertain terms. (One Palestinian official said Netanyahu’s speech was “a declaration of war on Palestine.”) … … the Palestinians will plow ahead with their statehood drive at the United Nations, a move that both Obama and Netanyahu vigorously oppose. Given how recent U.N. votes have gone, the United States will stand alone as the rest of the world denounces the Israeli occupation and embraces a Palestinian state. It may not change any facts on the ground, but it will further illustrate just how isolated America and Israel are becoming. And this may even be an optimistic scenario — a third intifada may well break out, possibly leading to another round of destabilizing violence. Any shred of hard-won credibility the United States has regained in the Arab world as a result of the “Arab Spring” will be gone.

So is there any hope? … About as close to zero as you can imagine.”

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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