Hollywood Fundraiser for Israel’s Killing Machine

By Stephen Lendman

So-called Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces (FIDF) hold annual gala fundraisers for its killing machine in US cities nationwide – a way to extort money from naive and supportive donors.

Guests include high-ranking Israeli military and government officials. Well-known Americans attend.

Event raise millions of dollars annually for Israeli militarism, belligerence, and cold-blooded murder. 

It’s shocking that anyone would contribute to what demands condemnation – donors complicit with Israeli crimes of war, against humanity, and other forms of apartheid ruthlessness.

The FIDF Los Angeles chapter says it aims “to raise money for the young men and women soldiers of the IDF and to create a community that cares for and supports Israel and its soldiers” – mindless of the pain and suffering they inflict on defenseless Palestinians and other victims of their high crimes.

On November 4 at the Beverly Hilton, the FIDF said it raised a record $60 million at its annual star-studded gala, attracting 1,200 attendees, including actor Andy Garcia and other celebrities.

Billionaires Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson were the largest donors – each giving $10 million to Israel’s killing machine.

Saban said “(w)e are thrilled that so many members of our community, including major Hollywood figures, are coming together to help us support the brave (IDF) men and women…Standing behind these heroes is one of the greatest honors in my life.”

There’s nothing heroic about occupation harshness, Gaza’s suffocating blockade, IDF snipers murdering peaceful Palestinians in cold blood, naked aggression at Israel’s discretion, terror-bombing Syria, aiding ISIS and likeminded jihadists, along with other forms of apartheid ruthlessness.

Israeli General (Res.) Meir Klifi-Amir serves as FIDF national director and CEO, a position he assumed in September 2014. 

In 33 years of active duty, he was directly involved in enforcing occupation harshness, including as military secretary to prime ministers Ehud Olmert and Netanyahu – also as their special security advisor and partner in national security decisions. 

He was involved in Israel’s 2006 premeditated Lebanon war, along with naked aggression on Gaza.

He and other IDF commanders have much to answer for. So do FIDF supporters for contributing funds for Israeli mass slaughter and destruction.

During 2012 Israeli Pillar of Cloud naked aggression in Gaza, FIDF said the following:

Its members “worked around the clock to ensure the IDF’s hardworking soldiers were taken care of.”

“Whether it was by sending packages of snacks and much-needed clothing or by sending a ‘Break from the Battlefield’ package including an LCD TV screen and board games, soldiers were able to uphold hygiene and were kept entertained in their few moments off from the battlefield and during the difficult task of keeping Israel safe under fire.”

Callous support for IDF premeditated mass slaughter and destruction demands the harshest condemnation – not funding to aid its naked aggression.


Now, This is Racism!

August 22, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon

 This is what happens to JVL's 'principle statement' once  you replace the word 'Jewish' with 'Aryan.' 

This is what happens to JVL’s ‘principle statement’ once  you replace the word ‘Jewish’ with ‘Aryan.’ 

By Gilad Atzmon

What do you call an exclusively Aryan club that welcomes support from ALL members of society but only allows Aryans in as members?

Nazis I guess.

What would you call a white nationalist campaign organisation that welcomes support from people of ALL colours who agree with their ‘statement of principles’ but only allows nonwhites in as ‘solidarity members’?

I think that ‘white supremacist’ is the term the  Left uses to refer to such groups.

Would Jeremy Corbyn accept support from groups that name themselves ‘Aryan Voice for Labour’ or ‘Whites for Corbyn’? Would the Labour party allow any such groups in its proximity?  I don’t think so, they would be booted out in seconds. The Labour leader would be very quick to disassociate himself from such racially exclusive bodies. But neither Labour nor Corbyn have ever contemplated denouncing the Jews only, racially exclusive enthusiasts at Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL).

One finds the following statement on their front page.

“We welcome support from ALL members of the Labour Party who agree with our statement of principles.  If you are not Jewish you can join us as a solidarity member.” (jewishvoiceforlabour.org.uk)

jvl with arrows .jpg

This means that even if you are not racially qualified as a Jew, you can still ‘support’ the Jews only group. You can make a donation, you may even be able to join their miniature protests but you will never be a proper member of the clan, you can only be a class B ‘solidarity member,’ like the Druze in Israel.

This is very revealing: first, it positively confirms that Corbyn isn’t an anti-Semite. He may even embrace Jewish racism when it is executed to support him. A less positive observation is that Jewish racism may be attached to most if not all forms of Jewish politics. Without Jews being a race or forming  a racial continuum, Jewish politics is, unfortunately, racially oriented. Every political Jewish activity seems to adhere to a certain type of Jewish tribal biologism. Shockingly, it seems that Israel is slightly less racist (for the time being) than the JVL. While in Israel the 3rd biggest party in the Knesset is an Arab Party, in Jewish Voice for Labour, Arabs and Goyim can only participate as ‘solidarity members.’

Since JVL accepts support from Goyim who agree with their Statement of Principles I decided to examine how unprincipled their statement is.

Jewish Voice for Labour is a network for Jewish members of the Labour Party.”

What qualifies one as a Jew, is it the mother’s blood or is it merely the sustained consumption of chicken soup? The JVL doesn’t provide an answer. We can assume that for JVL, Jews are those who fit biological criteria, otherwise they would provide a chicken soup recipe for those who insist upon joining their ranks as equal members.

“Our political priorities are universal human rights and dignity; justice for all; freedom of expression; and democracy in the Labour Party.” 

This sounds spectacularly good, but begs the question of how they claim to adhere to universality when they don’t even accept Goyim as equal participants in their club. Apparently the ‘solidarity members’ do not enjoy voting rights as the JVL’s constitution specifies that the organisation is led by Jewish people. The inevitable answer is that the JVL’s statement is duplicitous at its core.

And the lies continues:

Our mission is to contribute to making the Labour Party an open, democratic and inclusive party, encouraging all ethnic groups and cultures to join and participate freely.”  

The Labour Party should be an ‘open space,’ but the JVL is clearly not. It is a tribal, racially exclusive setting that operates in total contradiction of every Labour Party value.

And again, 

“we (JVL) aim to strengthen the party in its opposition to all forms of racism including anti-Semitism.” 

The JVL is against all forms of racism except their own. I am pretty sure that the JVL would oppose groups called ‘Aryans for Jeremy’ or ‘White Voices for Labour’ but for some reason they fail to see that they themselves engage in identical racist activities.

The JVL opposes Israeli criminality and this is a good thing.

“We stand for rights and justice for Jewish people everywhere, and against wrongs and injustice to Palestinians and other oppressed people anywhere.”

A welcome statement, but if you are against Zionist injustice, why do you repeat the Zionist procedure by making non-Jewish Labour members into class B members of your ranks?

I agree with many of JVL’s ideas. The Jewish   group opposes

“attempts to widen the definition of antisemitism beyond its meaning of hostility towards or discrimination against Jews as Jews.”

Yet, I wonder why these Jews feel the need to do it while celebrating their Jewish privilege in Jews only political cells? If, as they claim, they uphold a universal ethical stand, then surely they should operate as ordinary humans as the universalist Labour standard would dictate.

My answer is this: they do it because: 1. they are not the most sophisticated amongst people, 2. in total contradiction to their statement, they actually enjoy celebrating their Jewish privilege and operating in racially exclusive political cells, and 3. the Jewish activism in support of Jeremy Corbyn reduces any questions regarding Corbyn’s electability into an internal Jewish affair. Once again, the Goyim are excluded from the debate over the prospects of their own futures.

The only question left open for the time being is why Jeremy Corbyn allows all of this to happen within the Labour Party.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.59.35.png

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Jeremy Jesus-Christ Corbyn

April 04, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon

corbyn chirst .jpg

By Gilad Atzmon

Yesterday we learned that Jeremy Corbyn has yet again upset ‘the Jews,’ and by ‘the Jews’ I mean a few loud obnoxious voices who claim to ‘represent the Jews.’  Since he is a well meaning guy, Corbyn accepted an invitation to celebrate the Jewish Passover dinner with Jewdas, who are apparently the ‘wrong’ Jews according to the Zionist lobby.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD) and Campaign against Antismitsm are beside themselves. During a phone – in to LBC Radio BOD’s president Jonathan Arkush stated that Jeremy Corbyn has “reached the tipping point.” The BOD had made it clear to Corbyn that he should stop giving any credence to Jewish “ultra-fringe” groups.

One would expect the BOD that claims to ‘represent British Jewry’ would also represent Jewdas and maybe even some other independent Jewish voices. I guess we can deduce from this that rival Jews cannot tolerate each other, based not on having no points of agreement, but on the way in which they put each other down. These groups slander their political foes  in a manner that resembles the notorious Herem religious ritual.  This kind of base behaviour recalls the old Jewish joke: how many synagogues are needed in a village with one Jew? Two; one to go to and one to boycott.

But what about the rest of humanity, the so-called goyim, the Brits, for how long will they agree to allow their politics to be hijacked by a microscopic lobby falsely claiming to represent a miniature community that amounts to 0.5% of British population? It seems that Jews openly smear and slander each other, but this privilege is reserved exclusively for Jews. Goyim are supposed to walk on their tiptoes. The mere mention of the ‘J’ word can easily cost you your future, your career and your livelihood.

Corbyn seems to have found a way through the tribal maze. The opposition leader is basically a Christ figure. Being the nicest guy in the world of politics, he manages to  expose the tribal bullies. Corbyn’s secret weapon is kindness. Time after time when he is viciously attacked by Jewish groups such as the CAA, the JLC or the BOD the Labour leader reacts in a soothing voice, half smiling as he accepts the criticism, apologises on behalf of his party and vows to appease his Jewish critics.

For those who still fail to understand, Corbyn does as Christ instructed, and turns the other cheek.  And like their Biblical forebears , those who claim to represent British Jewry fail to read the map. Instead of backing down in the face of acquiescence, they provide the Brits with a spectacle of venom. Rather than shaking Corbyn’s hand and seeking peace and harmony, they unabashedly punch the other cheek.

For some reason that is beyond me, the British Zionist Lobby decided to launch its recent slander campaign against Corbyn on Good Friday. Corbyn for his part, went along with their plans and celebrated the Passover Dinner with a group that sound like Judas (Jewdas).  By now the Brits are unable to tell  whether the acronym JC refers to Jeremy Corbyn or Jesus Christ. So here is my advice to the nagging Zionist lobby.  If you decide to destroy a Jesus type figure for attending a Passover dinner, don’t be surprised if he is resurrected by the following Sunday.

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The Presidents Club – Here Comes the Israeli Connection

January 25, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon

Two out of the three Presidents Club’s trusties are intrinsically associated with Israeli charities!

Two out of the three Presidents Club’s trusties are intrinsically associated with Israeli charities!

Britain is outraged and disgusted by the revelations regarding the Presidents Club annual charity dinner. The appalling gathering and its organisers were denounced by every media outlet and political body.

Madison Marriage, the Financial Times reporter who worked at the event, said she and “numerous other hostesses” were groped at the event.


She said that the 130 hostesses were told to wear “skimpy black outfits with matching underwear and high heels and also that they could drink alcohol while working.”

On the face of it, British media seems to do its job, it empathically covers the story of some of the hostesses, it covers the unfolding political outrage, but there is one thing British media works hard to conceal.  A quick look at the Presidents Club’s official  charity commission’s web page reveals that two out of the three trustees of the charity are  intrinsically associated with Israel. Mr David Robert Meller is a trustee  for the Tel Aviv Universiity charity as well as The British Friends Of The Jaffa Institute.  Mr Harvey Soning is connected with Youth Aliyah – Child Rescue, he is also a trustee of  The Jewish Community Secondary School Trust.

What is the exact affiliation between Meller, Soning and Israel is hard for me to determine, but the fact that British press kept these obvious facts under the carpet is impossible to deny. You ask yourself why? I better admit that I am way more concerned about the state of British press than the gross misconduct of a few disgusting millionaires.

Here is a little task for your imagination. You should ask yourself who or what kind of body could benefit from such a mix of a lot of rich and powerful men, dozens of stunning hostess and a lot of booze.

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Update: Seemingly the Jewish Chronicle was just slightly ahead of me, reporting that Presidents Club’s trustee Harvey Soning resigned from The Jewish Community Secondary School Trust following the current outrage. To read more:   https://www.thejc.com

Update 2: “Jewish organisations have expressed their revulsion after being caught up in the exposure of sexual harassment at a high-profile annual fundraising event from which many have received donations.” https://www.thejc.com/

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 16.39.56.png

Update 3The Telegraph– “Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is demanding to know why one of the party’s biggest fundraisers felt it appropriate to attend the all-male fundraising event where young women were groped and sexually harassed. Officials from the party have launched an investigation into the affair and are set to question Lord Mendelsohn over his decision to take partin the Presidents club charity fundraising dinner…A Labour Party source said: ‘Jeremy was disgusted to read the reports about this event and is extremely concerned by any connection that anyone in Labour had to it. We are looking into it.'”

هل يقرأ مدَّعو الفهم برفض المقاطعة: أم هم خشبيون بادعاء رفض الخشبية؟

التطبيع يصل إلَى الإعلام العربي.. “معاريف” الصهيونية: صحفيون مصريون في ضيافة السفير “الإسرائيلي”

ناصر قنديل

– يكاد يشعر مَن يشارك بنقاش هادئ حول فكرة المقاطعة أنّه يقرّر دخول حلبة جنون لا مكان للعقل فيها، وأن مَن يخالفونه الرأي جاهزون للانقضاض بالسكاكين بادعاء معرفي كاذب، للردّ على ما كُتب، لأنهم يفهمون عليه من دون أن يقرأوه، أليس هو من المدافعين عن قرار مقاطعة فيلم أو كتاب، إذن هو من جماعة اللغة الخشبية التي جلبت لنا الهزائم، وكأن دعاة عدم المقاطعة يقدّمون لنا سجلاً حافلاً بالانتصارات، في رفع النفايات وتأمين الكهرباء، طالما هم منسحبون من ساحة القضايا الكبرى باعتبارها أقل قيمة من مستوى اهتماماتهم، وطالما صاروا متشاركين بالنظريات ذاتها من مسؤولين حاكمين ومستثقفين من معارضين، فليتشاركوا أيضاً في عرض سجل الفضائح – الإنجازات الذي به يتباهون، أو فلنهدأ ودعونا نتلاقى في منطقة وسط، نقرأ ثم نناقش، ولن نقول لكم إن المقاومة على الأقل باعتراف عدوّها حققت إنجازات وانتصارات، ونقبل التساوي في حفلة الفشل، فقط لنناقش بهدوء، فهل أنتم جاهزون؟

– يتشارك كل الرافضين لفكرة المقاطعة بثلاثة، الأولى أننا في زمن الانفتاح الإعلامي وثورة المعلوماتية وسهولة الوصول للممنوع، فما جدوى المقاطعة طالما أنها لن تمنع هذا الوصول، بل قد تثير ضجة تزيد من رغبة التعرّف بداعي الفضول، الثانية أن مبدأ الاطلاع على ما يقوله ويكتبه عدو، ليس فعلاً شائناً، فلماذا الخوف من الاطلاع وكأنه اعتراف بتفوق الموقف المعادي وخشية من التأثر به. والفكر حر وليتواجه فكر بفكر وإبداع بإبداع بلا منع ولا حجب ينتميان إلى مدرسة احتقار فكر الإنسان الحر، الثالثة أن المقاطعة لا تقدم ولا تؤخر بالذي تطاله المقاطعة، خصوصاً على الصعيد الاقتصادي، بل ربما تفيده في جعله موضوع إثارة وتحت الطلب بقوة حملة المقاطعة. وفوق هذه الثلاثة يأتي من يتبرع بحجج من نوع لماذا عرض لفلان فيلمان والآن استفاقوا على المقاطعة، ومن نوع، تبرّع فلان لمؤسسات إنسانية في كيان العدو ومثله تفعل شركات وأشخاص ودول فلم لا تقاطعونها… إلخ.

– في تصويب النقاش يجب تثبيت أن الحديث لا يجري عن قرار انتقائي او اختياري تتخذه نخبة في بلد، أو جهة مسؤولة في بلد. فالحديث عن تطبيق، مجرد تطبيق لقرار صادر عن جهة يشارك في تكوينها لبنان، هي هيئة مكتب المقاطعة العربية لـ»إسرائيل»، وتخضع قراراتها لمعادلات تتصل بتشكيلها فيها الخطأ والصواب، لكن متى قرّرت وهو جزء من قرارها يبادر لتنفيذ القرار، وهذه هي الحالة التي أمامنا، فهل نشارك أم لا، بناء على المبدأ الخاص بفكرة المقاطعة وليس على التفاصيل التي قد تتسع لنقاش من نوع دعوة الدكتور سمير جعجع الضمنية لمقاطعة أميركا، لأنها تدعم «إسرائيل» بثلاثة مليارات دولار سنوياً وليس بمليون دولار فقط كما فعل ستيفن سبيلبرغ ولسنة واحدة هي سنة حرب تموز 2006.

– الأمر الثاني هو أن أحداً لا يتطلّع للخلط بين المقاطعة الاقتصادية والمقاطعة الثقافية، أو بين المقاطعة لمنع التطبيع، والمقاطعة لمعاقبة دعم «إسرائيل»، وكل منها باب مختلف. فالمقاطعة الاقتصادية تطال شركات وتتصل بحرمانها من عقود وأسواق للتأثير على قراراتها الاقتصادية بحساب المصالح. وهذا لا يشبه الحديث عن المقاطعة الثقافية، والمقاطعة لمنع التطبيع تتّصل بمضمون منتج ثقافي أو رمز ثقافي، لأن المنتج أو صاحبه يروّجان للعدو، وهذا يستدعي حكماً مبدعاً ونجماً، وأن يكون مبدعاً ونجماً قد يراه البعض سبباً لرفض المقاطعة بحقه، بينما هو السبب الوجيه للمقاطعة بصفتها عقاباً اجتماعياً للمبدع والنجم في إصابة نجوميته، وتعرية ما يفترضه حقه في العبث بتوظيف مكانته في مجتمعه لتعريضه للارتباك في قضايا مصيرية. وهذا ما فعلته «إسرائيل» مع الشاعر «الإسرائيلي» يوناثان جيفين بمنع بث الأغاني العائدة لقصائده، لأنه كتب قصيدة تتضامن مع الطفلة الفلسطينية عهد التميمي، وهو ما يدعو بعض اللبنانيين لفعله مع المخرج زياد دويري.

– في قضية «الجلقان» اللبناني بترشيح فيلم الدويري للأوسكار، فقط لفت نظر أن الإبداع يأتي كما يعلم المتابعون في المرتبة الثانية بعد السياسة في الترشيح للجوائز العالمية، وكلّما كبر حجم الجائزة زادت السياسة، وهذا لا يُخفيه منظمو الجوائز، خصوصاً في باب الفيلم الأجنبي لجوائز الأوسكار، التي يعتبرونها تحية لقضايا وشعوب وأفكار، كما لا يُخفى على من تابعوا الترشيحات، حجم الاستبسال «الإسرائيلي» لشطب ترشيح فيلم «فوكستورت» العائد للمخرج «الإسرائيلي» اليساري شموليك معوز الذي يعرض للتفكك والانهيار الأخلاقي في المؤسسة العسكرية «الإسرائيلية» وكيف يقوم المجندون بحال هذيان بـ «التسلية» وقتل الملل بقتل المارة الفلسطينيين، وكيف قام «الإسرائيليون» بدعم ترشيح فيلم الدويري ليحل مكانه، والاعتبار عندهم هو ذاته نقل الأزمة الثقافية من الكيان «الإسرائيلي» إلى الكيان الذي يشكّل تحدياً ثقافياً مقابلاً بانتصارات مقاومته، وهو لبنان.

– بالعودة إلى سبيلبرغ، وما يعادله كحالة وليس كمستوى أو كمضمون طبعاً، في تاريخ الثقافة، حالة الفيلسوف الفرنسي روجيه غارودي، الذي لوحق بتهمة العداء للسامية وإنكار المحرقة النازية بحق اليهود، ولم يُسعفه في بلد الديمقراطية الأول فرنسا، أن يقبل بتوصيف إنكار المحرقة كجريمة، علماً أن ذلك حجر على الفكر الحر وحق المؤرخ بالتفكير، ولا أسعفه قوله، إنه يعتبر المبالغة «الإسرائيلية» في توصيف المحرقة توظيفاً لجريمة من أجل التغطية على جرائم مشابهة، فحُكم عليه بالمنع والمقاطعة،وتوقفت الصحف الفرنسية عن نشر مقالاته، منذ نشر في صحيفة اللوموند عام 1982 بعد مجازر صبرا وشاتيلا بياناً مشتركاً مع الأب ميشال لولون والقس ايتان ماتيو يدين المجزرة، وفلسفة المقاطعة هنا ليست أنها لبلد همجي أو معادٍ للانفتاح الثقافي، أو لا ديمقراطي، بل فلسفتها وقيمتها أنها في بلد الديمقراطية والانفتاح والحضارة، والفكر والفلسفة، لتقول إن هذه الدولة العريقة في الديمقراطية والانفتاح الثقافي لا يحرجها ولا يضيرها أن تُقدم على ما يناقض طبيعتها وتكوينها، في شأن تعتبره في مرتبة القدسية،  وهو ما تصفه بمحاربة العداء للسامية أو دعم الصهيونية عملياً، وتقول إن كل ميزات الانفتاح والديمقراطية ليست متاحة ليستفيد منها أعداء الصهيونية، وأن المقاطعة فعلٌ لا يراهن على المنع ولا على الحجب، فليقرأ لغارودي مَن يشاء وليلاحق كتاباته مَن يريد، وليجمع غارودي الملايين من القراء والملايين من الدولارات من هذه القراءات، لكن على غارودي والعالم أن يعلموا أن فرنسا تقاطعه بعدما تلقت رسالته بتحدّي قيمها، وهذه هي بالضبط فلسفة المقاطعة.

– سبيلبرغ بمليون دولار لن يجعل «إسرائيل» مرة أخرى قوة لا تُقهر وقد هزمتها مقاومتنا، ومقاطعتنا لن تحرمه ملايين سينالها فيلمه من شبابيك التذاكر، ومقاطعتنا لن تعني أن من بيننا كأفراد مَن سيُضطر مجبراً أن يمتنع عن مشاهدة فيلمه أو أفلامه، فليحضره على الشبكات من يريد وليحتفظ بنسخة عن فيلمه من يشاء، لكن سبيلبرغ أرادنا صندوقاً مجانياً لاسترضاء «الإسرائيليين» الذين غضبوا منه بعد فيلم ميونيخ، فاستعملنا باستحمار في تبرّعه في حرب تموز، ورسالتنا أننا شعب يغضب وتصله رسالة التحدّي، ومن استُغضب ولم يغضب فهو حمار. ونحن لسنا حميراً، وقد جاءتنا فرصة إدراج أفلامه ومقاطعتها على لائحة المقاطعة العربية فوجدناها فرصة لنقول له، لقد سمعت بلبنان من قبل يوم تبرّعت بمليون دولار للحرب علينا، ها نحن نُسمعك مجدداً، أننا سنحضر الجيد من أفلامك لكننا سنبصق بوجهك، فلا نجوميتك ولا إبداعك يجعلانك في مرتبة المقدّس،

لستَ عندنا ولا زياد الدويري أهمّ من روجيه غارودي عند الفرنسيين، قمتم بالعبث والتحدّي لمنظومة قيم كلفتنا دماء، فرددنا لكم الرسالة بما يناسب: البصقة في الوجه لا تبلل ولا تفسد الهندام ولا تسبّب الموت، لكنها رسالة مهمة، بدليل الضجة الدائرة.

What do you call somebody who supports israel?

What do you call somebody who supports Israel?


Miko Peled on Israeli racism

By Stuart Littlewood

Being racist normally invites strong disapproval, a ban, perhaps criminal prosecution. So why is supporting a racist regime like Israel not only tolerated but actively encouraged in the West’s corridors of power and often rewarded with high office?

“If opposing Israel is anti-Semitism, then what do you call supporting a state that has been engaged in brutal ethnic cleansing for seven decades? What does that make you?” 

It’s a question posed by Miko Peled, an Israeli Jew and son of an Israeli general, former Israeli soldier and now a leading voice in the struggle for Palestinian freedom. You couldn’t find a more authentic insider.

What else has Peled been saying about Israel?

  • ”The name of the game: erasing Palestine, getting rid of the people and de-Arabising the country…”
  • As for talk about Israel giving up the West Bank for a Palestinian state:  “If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. It shows a complete misunderstanding of the objective of Zionism and the Zionist state… By 1993 the Israelis had achieved their mission to make the conquest of the West Bank irreversible.”
  • Peled also describes the Israeli army, in which he served, as “one of the best trained and best equipped and best fed terrorist organisations in the world”.

So let’s repeat Peled’s question. What does supporting Israel make you when Israel has been busy ethnically cleansing the native Palestinians for seven decades? What should we call people who defend the indefensible?… who admire the despicable?… who applaud the expulsion at gunpoint of peaceable civilians and the confiscation of their homes and land?

Give them a name, one that will stick.

The claim by Conservative Friends of Israel that 80 per cent of the party’s MPs and MEPs are members is alarming and reveals how lacking in integrity we are at the heart of government. It puts us almost on a par with the US Congress, which is almost totally controlled by the Israel lobby through AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The real meaning of “Friend of Israel”

Being a Friend of Israel, of course, means embracing the whole rotten kit and caboodle, including the terror and racism on which the state of Israel was built. It means embracing the dispossession and oppression of innocent Palestinians. It means embracing the discriminatory laws against those who remain in their homeland. It means embracing the jackboot thuggery that abducts civilians – including children – and imprisons and tortures them without trial. It means embracing the theft and annexation of Palestinian land and water resources, the imposition of hundreds of military checkpoints, severe restrictions on the movement of people and goods, and maximum interference with Palestinian life at every level.

It means approving the bloodbaths inflicted by Israel on Gaza and feeling comfortable with blowing hundreds of children to smithereens, maiming thousands more, trashing vital infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, power plants and clean water supplies, and causing $6 billion of devastation that will take 20 years to rebuild. And, by the way, where is the money coming from?

It is ludicrous that a foreign military power which has no regard for international law and rejects weapons conventions and safeguards can exert such influence on foreign policy in the US and UK.

It means embracing the strangulation of the West Bank’s economy and the vicious 10-year blockade on Gaza. It means embracing the denial of Palestinians’ right to self-determination and return to their homes. It means embracing the religious war that humiliates Muslims and Christians and prevents them from visiting their holy places. It means endorsing a situation in which hard-pressed American and British taxpayers are having to subsidise Israel’s illegal occupation of the Holy Land.

And if, after all that, you are still Israel’s special friend, where is your self-respect?

It is ludicrous that a foreign military power which has no regard for international law and rejects weapons conventions and safeguards can exert such influence on foreign policy in the US and UK. Pandering to Israel has been immensely costly in blood and treasure and stupidly damaging to our reputation.

Everyone outside the Westminster/Washington bubble knows perfectly well that there can be no peace in the Holy Land without justice. In other words no peace until the occupation ends. Everyone knows that international law and countless UN resolutions still wait to be enforced. Everyone knows that Israel won’t comply unless sanctions are imposed. Everyone knows that the siege on Gaza won’t be lifted until warships are sent.

What’s more, everyone now knows that the US is not an honest broker, Israel wants to keep the pot boiling and justice won’t come from more sham “negotiations”. Nor will peace. Everyone knows who is the real cause of turmoil in the Middle East. And everyone knows that Her Majesty’s Government’s hand-wringing and empty words serve no purpose except to prolong the daily misery for Palestinians and buy time for Israel to complete its criminal scheme to make the occupation permanent.

Many of us have urged beefing up BDS, extending its reach and orchestrating its efforts globally. There seems no other way to force the spineless international community to finally impose the sanctions they should have slapped on Israel decades ago.

Churchgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May praises Israel for being “a thriving democracy, a beacon of tolerance” when it is obviously neither. It’s an obnoxious ethnocracy. She says our two countries share “common values” when we obviously don’t – although her rotten party probably does.

Given the Israeli regime’s endless crimes against humanity and cruelty to the rightful inhabitants of the Holy Land, her remarks are insulting to anyone who lives by Christian values. She even claims that Israel is a country where people of all religions “are free and equal in the eyes of the law” and “Israel guarantees the rights of people of all religions, races and sexualities, and it wants to enable everyone to flourish”. Her ignorance in these matters rivals Trump’s.

And May would do well to call off her efforts to ciminalise the successful BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) campaign, which is a grassroots civil society-based resistance movement. She warns that her government will “have no truck with those who subscribe to it”.  But Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights bestows on everyone “the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”. So she boobs even on that.

In an interview with Jonas Alexis, Miko Peled sounds upbeat about BDS. As long as Israel has a blank cheque from the US and the UK and is undefeated militarily and diplomatically, BDS “is possibly the only positive change one can point to at this time”.

Many of us have urged beefing up BDS, extending its reach and orchestrating its efforts globally. There seems no other way to force the spineless international community to finally impose the sanctions they should have slapped on Israel decades ago.

It has got to the point where I wouldn’t mind seeing individuals among the political élites targeted by BDS if they deserve it. And many of them surely do.

Catalonians need to be careful, there’s an evil divisive force behind their quest for independence

Catalonia The Newest European Kosher State?

Catalonia’s ruling coalition has vowed to declare independence “immediately” if a majority of voters back it in an October referendum.Secessionists in the north-east region have long argued that it should break away from Spain. Catalonia is one of Spain’s richest regions, both culturally and industrially. It also boasts its own distinct languageCatalan – and centuries-old customs.

Until recently, there was little support for full independence – but Spain’s painful economic crunch has prompted an upswing. BBC

The Government of Catalonia]or Generalitat de Catalunya is the institution under which the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain is politically organised. It consists of the Parliament of Catalonia, the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Government of Catalonia.

It was controlled in the 70s 80s 90’s till 2003  by Jordi Pujol

Here’s his Speech at the Knesset Jerusalem, October 28, 2003

I come from a family at first rather sympathetic with the Jews, but not especially interested. However, there was something that increased, by reaction, the pro-Jewish attitude, and was that the Franco regime was anti-Jewish. And oddly enough, he mixed Judaism with Catalanism. In times of great Francoist exaltation and xenophobia of Spain, we were accused of being the Jews of Spain But as I said, I did not come into contact with Judaism alone. Also, and in a certain sense above all with Zionism. And not in a superficial way. At only 17-18 years old I read Herzl’s “Der Judenstaat” and a very comprehensive book by Chaïm Weizmann, which tells the whole Zionist struggle…………

His successor was Artur Mas He believes that  Israel is a strategic country for Catalonia and we want to continue strengthening our cooperation”

The President of President of the Generalitat of Catalonia is Carles Piugdemont


Carles Puigdemont, left, president of the autonomous region of Catalonia and former mayor of Girona, thanks Jewish Russian Billionaire Shimon Aminov, center. Looking on, from left, are: vice chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky; Rabbi Berel Lazar of Russia and Rabbi Dovid Liebersohn of Barcelona.

His Media advisor a guy called Aleix Clarió tweets saying that 32 percent of Spanish exports are to Israel and 79% of Israeli investment is to Catalonia

The Catalonian Jews seem ready to jump the Spanish ship and join the Catalonian independence crowd Five Catalan cities have decided to leave Spain’s network of Jewish quarters, an organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting medieval urban Jewish neighbourhoods.Marta Madrenas, the mayor of Girona, which is one of the cities leaving the network, told the New York Times that she and her allies would create a new network because “we think we can do better in terms of showcasing our Jewish patrimony.” Source European Jewish Council website

The official Catalonian Govt website says QUOTE From the Catalan Government Trade & Investment office in Tel-Aviv, you get tailormade information and full support for a smooth, fast and successful set-up of operations in Catalonia from start to finish. We also offer personalised assistance to Catalan companies wishing to open in Israeli markets and find new global business opportunities.ENDQUOTE  Source

The joker in the pack is a 59 year old named Alfons Lopez Tena

In 2012 Catalan leader predicts independence in about two years, and close friendship with Israel 

In 2015 he had completely changed his mind Catalonia’s independence quest ‘wishful thinking’,


“Israel sought independence, and gained it. It revived its language and has for 65 years dealt with the hostility of the nations surrounding it. That explains our support of Israel and the Jewish people. On a personal level, I define myself as being pro-Israel and pro-Zionist.  These are views I inherited, in my family.I well remember the concern that filled our house at the time of the Six Day War. I was a boy at the time, 10 years old, and we all prayed for Israel’s survival.”

Sounds crypto enough to me or as the Spanish put it a Marrano

Marrano Tena has in the same article by Haretz been described as one of the main leaders of the separatist movement when in truth his party has just 4 out of 135 seats in the Catalan Assembly

For some wierd reason crypto Tena has taken to criticizing Modi on twitter and repeatedly mentioning he fought Franco Maybe his PR people told him thats the easiest way to increase his “international image” Four seat backed Tena could suddenly be projected as the great Catalonian Anti Facist Freedom Fighter

We all know how the Jewish Media can make or break someone’s “image” these days

Come October after the probably Yes vote expect a surge of Rohingya like sympathy for the Catalan nation

Breaking Spain up Sweet revenge for the Alhambra Decree ???

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