Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef says non-jews should no be allowed to live in israel & then complains about so called “anti-Semitism”

Sephardi chief rabbi says non-Jews forbidden from living in the Land of israel 

MEANWHILE Chief rabbi urges Netanyahu to speak out against US anti-Semitism …

Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef argues that Jewish law prohibits non-Jews from living in Israel unless they have accepted Noachide laws, adding that some non-Jews live in Israel to serve the Jewish population.

Israel's Chief Sephardi Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, 2015.Israel’s Chief Sephardi Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, 2015. Lior Mizrahi

Israeli-American Man, Michael Ron David Kadar, Charged With Making Threatening Calls to Jewish Centers

Israeli-American Man Charged With Making Threatening Calls to Jewish Centers

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — An 18-year-old man living in Israel left scores of messages graphically describing children’s deaths in calls to Jewish community centers and schools across the United States, using an online calling service to disguise his voice as a woman and hide his identity, according to a federal indictment filed Friday in Florida.

A month after his arrest in Israel, Michael Ron David Kadar was charged with 28 counts of making threatening calls and conveying false information to police, according to the indictment filed Friday in federal court in Orlando.

Separately, he was charged with three more counts of making threatening calls, conveying false information and cyberstalking in an indictment filed in federal court in Athens, Georgia.

Kadar has duel Israeli and U.S. citizenship. The calls to the Jewish community centers and schools stoked fears of rising anti-Semitism and led to campus evacuations.

Online federal court records in Florida showed no attorney listed for Kadar.

At the time of his arrest last month, his lawyer in Israel said Kadar had a “very serious medical condition” that might have affected his behavior. She said the condition had prevented him from attending elementary school, high school or enlisting in the army, which is compulsory for most Jewish men.

The JCC Association of North America said in a statement that it welcomes the charges against Kadar and that it is “enormously proud of the extraordinary commitment to safety and security” at the community centers.

The Florida indictment said that Kadar made 245 threatening calls, most of them to Jewish community centers and schools, from January to March, using an online calling service that disguised his voice and allowed him to hide his identity. He recorded each of the calls himself and kept them in organized files at his home in Ashkelon, Israel, along with news articles describing the police responses to the threats, the indictment said.

He also paid for the online calls using the semi-anonymous currency Bitcoin. A large antenna at his apartment building allowed him to make long-distance, outdoor wireless connections, the indictment said.

The Florida indictment said recordings of the calls stripped of the software-enabled disguise revealed a speech impediment in the caller’s voice that matched Kadar’s.

The Georgia indictment connects Kadar to several incidents of “swatting” in which authorities are called to respond to an emergency that ends up being fake. The indictment alleges that in January the University of Georgia Police Department received a phone call about a home invasion that ended up being untrue.

Dual US-israeli citizen arrested for wave of bomb threats against Jewish centers

Dual US-Israeli citizen arrested for wave of bomb threats against Jewish centers

RT | March 23, 2017

SEE ALSO New York Man Arrested for Spray Painting Swastikas on Own Home

A 19-year-old US-Israeli citizen has been arrested in southern Israel on suspicion of carrying out a wave of telephone bomb threats targeting Jewish centers and communities around the world.

The months-long, multi-agency investigation led Israel Police’s International Crime Investigations Unit to the city of Ashkelon, where the suspect and his father were arrested, and a search of their home was conducted on Thursday, local media reports.

“This specific investigation was complex in terms of the suspect and its nature,” Micky Rosenfeld, foreign press spokesman for the Israel Police, told the Jerusalem Post.

“There was a significant breakthrough in the investigation which led us to make the arrest of the suspect who lives in Southern Israel.”

“He was the main suspect behind the numerous amount of threats which were made to different Jewish communities and organizations around the world,” Rosenfeld added.

The Anti-Defamation League has recorded 165 bomb threats targeting Jewish institutions around North America since January, as well as in New Zealand and Australia in 2016, according to Haaretz.

“I commend the FBI and Israeli National Police for their outstanding work on this case,” US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement on Thursday, as quoted by Reuters. “The Department of Justice is committed to protecting the civil rights of all Americans, and we will not tolerate the targeting of any community in this country on the basis of their religious beliefs.”

The suspect employed a variety of advanced masking technologies to disguise his identity, Reuters reported, citing an unnamed police spokesperson. His motives remain unclear.

Police seized a range of equipment during the search of the suspect’s home in southern Israel, which could potentially have disguised his physical location and IP address from authorities, frustrating the months-long investigation, Haaretz reports.

The FBI has been investigating a spate of bomb threats made to Jewish centers in Florida, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and North Carolina, as well as similar threats to Delta Airlines.

The main break in the case came following a 2016 bomb threat to a Jewish center in New Zealand, after which authorities were able to trace the origin of the IP address to Israel.

The FBI, in coordination with the US Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies also traced the origin of the calls to the US back to an IP address in Israel and coordinated their efforts with Israeli authorities, handing over all relevant data to help with the investigation.


Missouri man arrested for at least 8 Jewish center threats

Poor victim: Jewish man arrested after spray painting swastikas on his own home in Upstate NY

Jewish man arrested after spray painting swastikas on his own home in Upstate NY

Ben Axelson — March 21, 2017

A Jewish man in Upstate NY was jailed on Monday for falsely reporting racist vandalism to police.

Now, Andrew King, 54, of Schenectady, is facing a charge of Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree after police determined that he spray painted three swastikas on his home.

King originally reported that an unknown individual vandalized his home on February 10, WRGB-TV reported.

King was in Schenectady City lockup awaiting arraignment on Tuesday morning.

WTEN-TV reported that King was also arrested on an outstanding warrant for Harassment, stemming from an incident in which he allegedly threatened to harm another person in February.


Jewish man finds 3 swastikas spray-painted on his home

Trishna Begam — News10 Feb 10, 2017

Swastike spray painted on the home of Andrew King. Click to enlarge

Swastike spray painted on the home of Andrew King. Click to enlarge

A devout Jewish man in the community stepped outside to symbols of hate spray painted on his property located on Chiswell Street.

Andrew King found three swastikas spray-painted on the front of his home when he stepped outside on Friday.

As a devout Jewish man, he was getting everything in order before sundown on Friday for the Sabbath.

“I said well time to dig out again. I looked and said what the hell is going on here.”

One was right on the door, another to the right as you enter, and the third swastika was spray painted for anyone to see from the road.

“Terror I don’t know. Maybe they are going to do more than that, maybe from spray paint to trying to harm me.”

King called Schenectady Police right away.

“I shed a tear because people don’t realize what they are doing.”

He isn’t blaming the political climate for this hateful act.

“My politics support most of Mr. Trump’s policies. I think they use him as an excuse and would do it regardless.”

Hoping to turn this hateful symbol into a lesson for the community and is considering leaving the swastikas up.

“I want to spread a message that enough is enough.”

There are no cameras in the neighborhood



Jewish man arrested for string of anti-Semitic hate crimes

Jewish Man Caught Spray Painting Swastikas & Making “anti-Semitic” Threatening Phone Calls

Five Jews arrested for spray painting swastikas on Israeli consulate

NYPD charge Jewish man with anti-Semitic threats

Jewish student caught painting Swastikas on her own door then claiming Anti-Semitic Attack

3 charged in Pikesville vandalism

Woman Charged In Swastika Graffiti Spree

Jewish Graves Vandalised in France

Woman’s Swastika Ordeal Exposed as Fantasy

Campus Shocked by Allegation Professor Staged Vandalism

Calif. Professor Charged with Hate Crime Hoax

True face of israel’s “democracy”, “All Palestinians can become israeli citizens, but they can’t vote”

All Palestinians can become Israeli citizens, but they can’t vote, says lawmaker in Netanyahu’s party

Scott Roth, Phil Weiss — Mondoweiss March 5, 2017

zohar Netanyahu

Everyone always asks, If there’s not going to be a Palestinian state, what does Israel plan to do with all those Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem under its control? Here’s a visionary answer from an up-and-coming member of the Knesset from Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, Miki Zohar, speaking on Israeli television Sunday.


That’s right, this is Zohar’s vision, on the English language program The Spin Room.

The two state solution is dead. What is left is a one state solution with the Arabs here as, not as full citizenship. Because full citizenship can let them to vote to the Knesset. They will get all of the rights like every citizen except voting for the Knesset.

Journalist Ami Kaufman: Is that a democracy?

Yes it is a democracy because they will get full rights and all the needs to get to prospect and to succeed here in this country. But they won’t be able to vote to the Knesset. But my idea is that we can let them to vote to the Knesset with only three things that they need to do like every other citizen. One, to go the army or to go serve the country, like everyone else here in Israel is obligated to do.

Journalist Tami Molad: You want 2.5 million Palestinians serving in the Israeli army?

I promise you, they won’t serve in the army, they will let go the option to vote. They won’t vote to the Knesset. They would prefer not voting and not donating to this country, believe me.

It’s astonishing to think that Miki Zohar, a lawyer and religious Jew of 36, thinks he has come up with a brilliant solution, when his answer is just as old as Jim Crow and apartheid and white supremacy. The good thing about his comments is that he is expressing openly what Israel has gotten away with for decades now, governing a people who are not granted the right to vote for their government. And yet our leaders call Israel the only democracy in the Middle East.

Zohar’s comments are a lot like settler Yishai Fleisher’s view of Israel’s future, published without rejoinder by the New York Times two weeks ago, in which Fleisher also dispensed with the idea of a Palestinian state– and treated Palestinians as so much human matter to be moved around by Israeli shovels. These guys are helping to create Israel’s new global image


israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish

Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish  by Ran HaCohen

For decades, much of the political struggle within Israel could be traced back to the fundamental conflict anchored in its Janus-faced self-definition – coined in the 1980s and legally formalized in 1992 – as a “Jewish and democratic” state. While centrist politicians have always emphasized the harmony of these two sets of values, the political wings have stressed their conflicts, with the left wing demanding to enhance democratic values against the Jewish values promoted predominantly by the right. This conflict has now ended in a clear, though somewhat unexpected result: celebrating 50 years of Occupation, Israel has become neither democratic, nor Jewish.

“The Only Democracy in the Middle East”?

Israel’s vanishing democracy stands out even while the entire world is drifting away from democratic values. Netanyahu’s coalition government is systematically emptying the country’s democracy, passing a new law every other day aimed at intimidating and silencing any dissent voice.

Thus, whereas the right-wing enjoys major donations from abroad – from Sheldon Adelson to American evangelists to Jared Kushner – left-wing NGOs in Israel are being singled out and delegitimized, in a Putin-like manner, by a series of laws for “being financed by foreign governments”, and their activity is progressively hampered.

A moderate left-wing NGOs like Breaking the Silence (former Israeli soldiers who talk critically about their occupation experience) is denied access to schools, with an art gallery closed after hosting an evening with it.

If several years ago it was radical Noam Chomsky who was not allowed to enter the West Bank, now a law prohibiting entry of all BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) supporters is coming up. Recently, even the vice president of a liberal Zionist Jewish-American organization that donates millions to Israel was detained at Ben-Gurion airport, undergoing hours of a humiliating interrogation with insinuations of “disloyalty”.

Much more than leftists, government-directed violence and incitement is aimed at the 21% Palestinian minority in Israel, as can be seen in the recent incident in Umm al-Hiran, a Bedouin village in the South. Its inhabitants – Arab-Israeli citizens, some of them serving in the army – had been moved to that location sixty years ago by Israel, that now decided to dump them at yet another location in order to construct a Jewish suburb on the village ruins. Arriving to demolish the village armed to the teeth, Israeli forces claimed an ISIS-inspired resident accelerated his car towards the forces, killing one policeman, and consequently shot dead. This story – reminiscent of the terror attacks in Berlin and Nice – was immediately propagated by police and cabinet ministers in an outrageous campaign of incitement smeared all over the media and social media.

By now, however, pressed by NGOs and remnants of the critical journalism, investigation has revealed that the Bedouin car driver, an admired 50-year-old schoolteacher, had no affinity whatsoever to any Islamist radicalism, no intention to commit any attack, and was just leaving the village with some of his belongings after telling his wife (herself a PhD college professor) he didn’t wish to witness the demolition of his home. He was first shot in his right knee by the police, consequently lost control of his car on the steep slope, and was finally left bleeding to death in his car, while police were preventing medical assistance that could have saved his life.

This is the typical treat Netanyahu’s government is giving its Arab citizens: discrimination, ruthless violence, incitement and fake accusations. Remember how Netanyahu portrayed Israeli Palestinians as “heading to the polling stations in droves, taken in buses by Left-wing NGOs” in the last elections, how by the same token he passed a law to impeach elected Knesset members, and so on.

Israel’s critical media too has been under fire for very long, pushing the country to place 101 in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index, next to Uganda and Kuwait, worse than Tunisia or Lebanon. Netanyahu is in control of the biggest Israeli daily, financed by his “friend” Adelson, while several other media are owned by other rich “friends” and allies or dependent on Netanyahu’s authority as Minister of Communications. Freedom of speech has been amended to exclude calls for boycotting settlements or settlers, with a follow-up law now in consideration to cut funding to universities with lecturers who back such a boycott. The list is getting longer every day; That’s not what democracy looks like.

Jewish? Not Anymore

Does this sellout of democracy go hand-in-hand with enhancing Israel’s Jewish character? The very opposite is true. The Ten Commandments, the quintessence of Judaism, are permanently, consciously waived.

Having coveted their neighbors’ lands, water and all other resources for decades, Israel has now replaced “Thou shalt not steal” by the notorious “Regularization Law”, which only Ha’aretz keeps referring to by its true designation: the Land-grab Law. This law – which even Netanyahu had claimed “it would take us to [the International Criminal Court in] the Hague”, but later, as a leader of principles, supported it – represents a new peak in the Israeli land-grabbing in Occupied Territory. So far, Palestinian lands have been massively confiscated if they could be declared “state lands” with no private ownership – as if Israel were the state to whom the Palestinian occupied territories belonged. Other lands, including private ones, have been confiscated “for public use” – for the construction of roads, industrial zones, military and security installations of any imaginable kind, and so on – with the “public” in mind being always the Jewish settlers, never the Palestinian inhabitants. All these methods and other dubious practices, however, have not satisfied the settlers’ appetite, who have their houses built on undisputedly privately owned Palestinian land in dozens of Jewish settlements. The new Land-grab Law legitimizes this theft as well: now Israel sanctifies taking private lands from Palestinians not just “for public use,” but also to build private homes for Jewish settlers. “Thou shalt not steal,” settlers exempted.

The case of Elor Azaria shows how Israel waives the Commandment “Thou shall not kill” as well – “thou shall not murder” in the Hebrew Bible. Azaria, a young soldier, arrived at a scene in occupied Hebron after a Palestinian had tried to stab a soldier and had been shot. The Palestinian was lying severely wounded on the ground, surrounded by many soldiers and constituting no danger to anybody, when Azaria cold-bloodedly shot him to death. Since the whole incident was recorded by cameras, cover-up failed and the soldier was put to trial. He was accused of man slaughter, not of murder, and sentenced to ridiculous 18 months in prison. More importantly, his trial exposed massive support for his crime not just among the rabble, but also by senior politicians up to PM Netanyahu. Not surprising, given that even a so-called liberal like MK Yair Lapid claimed “you have to shoot to kill anyone who pulls out a knife or screwdriver,” not just the far-right-wing like Minister Bennett, who added “I killed a lot of Arabs, and there’s no problem with that.” “Thou shall not kill” – unless its Palestinians.

But Israel is no longer Jewish in yet another sense. And I don’t mean the discrimination and persecution of non-Orthodox (Reform, Conservative) Jews in Israel; Judaism, like its other monotheistic successors, has never been famed for tolerance. What I mean is official Israel’s stand towards anti-Semitism – what used to be the raison d’etre of the Jewish state. Though President Trump himself cannot be accused of anti-Semitism, some of his supporters can, and anti-Semitic utterances and hate-crimes have taken place all along his election campaign, culminating in vandalized cemeteries, swastikas smeared and fake bomb threats in Jewish centers during his first weeks in office.

Following a long Zionist-Israeli tradition, such incidents are widely reported, perhaps even over-reported, in the media: “the whole world is against us” is something Israelis love to hear. The Israeli right-wing has always been especially eager to point a finger at true and alleged anti-Semites, be it Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the late grand mufti blamed by Nentayahu for no less than the Holocaust, or Europe in general. However, the Israeli right has turned a deaf ear to American anti-Semitism in the age of Trump. Even intentionally omitting any reference to Jews in the Holocaust Remembrance Day message remained without any Israeli comment. “An earthquake in the Jewish world,” wrote Israeli sociologist Eva Illouz; “Now, only liberal Jews in Israel and in the democratic world can claim to be the authentic opponents of anti-Semitism”. Israel’s ruling right-wing has by now waived even the most fundamental value of Jewish solidarity.

The Settlements Above Everything

Why did all that happen? Why has Israel stopped being democratic and Jewish? Because the Israeli state has by now been colonized by its own colonizers. The small minority of settlers and their extremist supporters have taken over most of the country’s positions of power – the Knesset, the government, the military, the police, almost the entire media – and subjugated them to their immoral, fanatic colonialist project. New Supreme Court judges have just been nominated: even in this liberal stronghold, settlers are now over-represented by a factor of 3: less than 5% of the population, almost 15% among Supreme Court judges are settlers. Each of the anti-democratic and anti-Jewish measures mentioned above can be traced back to the interests of settlers and settlements – including the willingness to turn a blind eye on anti-Semitism in the new American government for the hope it would give Israel a green light to entrench the Occupation, to confiscate and annex even more Palestinian land. The settlements have always been the greatest obstacle to peace – even Mr. Trump understands the notion that “every time you take land for settlements, there is less land left” – but now they destroy not only Israel’s chance to live in peace, but also its very existence, and its justification, both as a democratic and as a Jewish state

Trump insinuates that “attacks” on Jewish sites may not be what they appear to be

Trump says attacks on Jewish sites could be ‘to make others look bad

02-28-17 Jewish Cemetery-27022017-0001

President Trump on Tuesday told attorneys general from across the country that the recent rash of attacks and threats against Jewish institutions was “reprehensible” but suggested that it might not only reflect anti-Semitism, according to Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Sometimes, the president said, “the reverse can be true,” Shapiro said, recalling the conversation at the White House. “Someone’s doing it to make others look bad.”

Shapiro said he found the comment “a bit curious.” He said Trump promised to speak about the topic in his address to Congress Tuesday night.

“Hopefully, he’ll clarify a bit more about what he means about the reverse possibly being true,” Shapiro said.

(Trump will speak “directly” to threats against Jewish community centers in his speech to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night, a White House official said later Tuesday, though declining to comment specifically on Shapiro’s version of the exchange.
“The president has been abundantly clear whenever asked this that he wholeheartedly condemns anti-Semitism and any acts of hate that are motivated towards religious or racial communities,” said the official, who briefed reporters on the condition that the person’s name not be used.)

The comments came during a conversation between the president and state attorneys general, who are gathering in Washington. Shapiro, who is Jewish, took office last month. After the meeting, he quickly arranged a teleconference call with reporters to share what happened.

“Myself and many other [attorneys general] of both parties were a little bit surprised,” he said.

In Philadelphia on Saturday night, more than 100 tombstones in the Mount Carmel Jewish cemetery were vandalized. Jewish community centers have also received threats.

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