The Douma Hoax

Stephen Lendman

26-04-2018 | 14:43

A years earlier article asked if Washington planned a major false flag incident in Syria.


They’ve been so many earlier, dating at least since the mid-19th century – the 9/11 mother of them all most destructive, a second Pearl Harbor launching endless wars of aggression, smashing one country after another.

Numerous earlier CW attacks in Syria, committed by US-supported terrorists, wrongfully blamed on Assad, were false flags.

Three major ones stand out – the August 2013 Ghouta area sarin gas attack, casualties grossly inflated. Britain and France estimated several hundreds. John Kerry falsely claimed over 1,400. Likely only scores were affected.

UN inspectors found no evidence of large numbers harmed or killed. Many questions remain unanswered to this day.

Ghouta was a classic false flag. At the time, I expected another major one ahead.

It came in April last year in Khan Sheikhoun. No evidence proved its residents were affected by chemical toxins.

No victims were identified. No one sought medical treatment, no help of any kind for help in response to a CW attack.

Images showed no one investigating the alleged site wearing protective clothing – essential where suspected CW incidents occurred.

Khan Sheikhoun was fabricated, Assad wrongfully blamed for what didn’t happen. Trump terror-bombed Syria’s Shayrat airbase in response – based on a Big Lie, naked aggression on a sovereign state even if an incident occurred.

On April 7, Douma was the latest CW false flag, another victimless nonevent – multiple Syrian sites targeted by US, UK, and French terror-bombing in response to fake news, fallout from the incident far from over, another major CW incident sure to come.

Perception alone matters, reality on the ground of no consequence. CW incidents, real or fake, are the favored false flag vehicles of our time – Washington the leading practitioner.

When used as directed, naked aggression follows almost every time.

Commenting on Douma, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted “lot(s) of fake materials…spread over social media – images and videos from the alleged sites.”

“Indeed, these locations can be confirmed, but in many cases the situation and the circumstances of what was going on there are contrived,” adding:

Douma was “100% fake. How is it that dead kids are moved from place to place, if the key goal is to confirm the fact that the attack occurred?”

“Because in order to spread fake evidence they needed emotional coloring, so they were tasked with diverting attention from factual inconsistencies.”

Big Lies repeated enough get most people to believe them. No matter how many times they were fooled before, they’re easy marks to fool again.

How much more mass slaughter and destruction will occur in Syria before US-led naked aggression ends?

How many more nations are on its target list, repeating what’s going on in multiple US war theaters?

Is East/West confrontation inevitable? Is global war coming?

Will use of nuclear weapons ahead doom us all? Is it too late to turn things around?

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Nothing will satisfy UK Jewish groups, they need to learn “enough is enough”

Corbyn set for showdown with Jewish groups that led protests against him

© Stephen Chung / Global Look Press
RT | April 24, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn is set to face-off with Jewish leaders, weeks after they led protests against him, accusing him of failing to act against anti-Semitism and allowing pockets of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

The Jewish Leadership Council and Board of Deputies of British Jews, which will meet with Corbyn today, delivered a letter to the Labour leader in late March, condemning his “systematic failure to understand and deal with anti-Semitism.” The groups believe that Corbyn has been slow to act on the recommendations of the 2016 Shami Chakrabarti inquiry into anti-Semitism within the party.

The Jewish groups want disciplinary cases expedited and elected officials thrown out if they share a platform with anti-Semites. Labour has said there must be “zero tolerance” of anti-Semitism within the party.

Last month, Corbyn apologized for “pockets of anti-Semitism” in the party, and stated that he wanted to “rebuild” confidence among Jewish groups. He was also slammed by some in the Jewish community for spending Passover with members of left-wing group Jewdas in his Islington constituency.

He has condemned anti-Semitism on many occasions but his critics, including many of his own MPs, have called on him to back up his words with actions, including by expelling former London mayor Ken Livingstone. The ex-mayor was suspended from the party in 2016 for [correctly] claiming that Hitler supported a Jewish homeland in the 1930s.

Co-chair of Jewish Voice for Labour Jenny Manson said the report should be fully implemented but there should “not be a witch-hunt.” While Manson said it was a “misery and tragedy” that some MPs have “received nasty anti-Semitic comments,” she suspected that the majority of such comments had been made on social media. She told BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ program that “it has not been properly worked out” who made the remarks.

Referring to the “Enough is Enough” demonstration organized by their groups, leaders from the Jewish Leadership Council and Board of Deputies of British Jews wrote: “Last month’s protest was a necessary moment of catharsis, as painful for Labour as it was for our community, but we cannot now return to ‘business as usual.’

“We need this to be a genuine turning point and will do everything we can to make it so. We can achieve this together if Mr Corbyn can fulfil his pledge to be our ‘militant ally’ in the fight against anti-Semitism and demonstrate his understanding that what is now needed is firm action and not just words.”

The meeting will also be attended by Labour’s recently appointed General Secretary Jennie Formby

US Human Rights Report Sanitizes israeli High Crimes


by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Annual State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices omit US high crimes – the most egregious human rights abuser over a longer duration in world history from inception.

Each year, its horrendous abuses over the past 12 months are airbrushed from the State Department report.

It greatly downplays Israeli high crimes. In previous years, its report on the Jewish state headlined “Israel and the Occupied Territory.”

Its current one is titled “Israel, Golan Heights, West Bank and Gaza.”

Zionist zealot US ambassador to Israel David Friedman reportedly asked the State Department to stop calling the Occupied Territories occupied.

Last year he was quoted saying (illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land) “are part of Israel.”

The State Department’s report falsely called Israel “a multiparty democracy.” There’s nothing democratic about a ruthless rogue state, the region’s leading human rights abuser – at war with Palestinians for 70 years, attacking neighboring states at its discretion.

The report highlighted “terrorist attacks targeting civilians and politically and religiously motivated killings by nonstate groups and individuals” – falsely blaming Palestinians for high crimes committed against them.

It cited Israeli administrative detentions, failing to explain their illegality, how many, for what reasons, used solely against Palestinians, holding them behind bars uncharged, untried indefinitely by renewing 6-month detention periods.

It lied saying “(t)he government took steps to prosecute and punish officials who committed abuses within Israel regardless of rank or seniority.”

Security forces and settlers almost never are held accountable for crimes committed against Palestinians – never any government officials or senior IDF ones.

The report said “(o)n December 6, 2017, the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” – failing to explain recognition flagrantly violated international law.

The State Department report mostly ignored grievous abuses committed against Palestinians, admitting arbitrary Israeli arrests, demolition of Palestinian homes, harsh interrogation practices, along with restricting Palestinian movement, the right to assemble, and demonstrate peacefully.

Israel is a longstanding US ally. Both countries represent pure evil. Their ruthless agendas focus on conquest and dominance.

PLO executive committee member Ahmad Majdalani called the State Department’s report on Israel an attempt “to abolish the depiction of occupation from these territories, which affirms US complicity with the occupation,” adding:

It aimed “to beautify the image of the occupation through its international reports, but the whole world is well aware of the horrors of this occupation and its crimes and systematic state terrorism against our people.”

“If the current situation continues without international intervention to break the US hegemony on the political process, we will not get any results, and the Trump administration will hold full responsibility for any explosion that may engulf the region as a whole.”

#Skripal Incident: Theresa May’s “Big Lie” Is Dying a Slow Death


By Stephen Lendman,


Anyone paying attention to events as they unfold about the March 4 incident knows Russia was wrongfully blamed for a US/UK false flag, a geopolitical hoax – an indisputable fact. No evidence suggests otherwise.

The incident had to have been well-planned in advance. Britain would never attempt a stunt like this on its own without US approval and involvement – intelligence agencies of both countries likely behind what happened.

False flags are a longstanding US tradition since at least the mid-19th century – 9/11 the mother of them all.

Once exposed, the damage is done. Over two dozen nations went along with the Skripal hoax – likely pressured, bullied and maybe bribed to support the Big Lie, knowing Russia wasn’t at fault.

That’s how dirty politics and imperialism work. Washington demands obedience. Nations refusing to go along are punished politically, economically and/or militarily.

At Russia’s behest, a special UN Security Council session convened on Thursday to discuss the Skripal affair.

Its envoy Vasily Nebenzya ripped apart the Big Lie.

“The main argument of the British side about the unquestionable Russian origin of the substance is no longer valid,” he stressed, adding:

“Couldn’t you (Britain) come up with a better fake story? We have told (UK officials), you are playing with fire, and you’ll be sorry…”

“(T)his story and this investigation are far from being over. (I)t’s just beginning. We…are assuming with a high degree of probability that the intelligence services of certain countries (the US and UK) are behind this mega provocation.”

They staged a “terrorist attack,” falsely blamed on Russia. Britain and America stand exposed as guilty parties in this affair.

Thursday remarks by US, UK and French UN envoys rang hollow, repeating earlier false accusations.

Organic chemistry Professor David Cullum tweeted:

“This nerve agent story has been transparent from the start.”

“Wondering where the rest of the organic chemists have been, but, if asked, they would confirm the simplicity of the cmpds and absurdity of the claims.”

He added his senior students could make the toxin allegedly used to harm the Skripals. There’s no antidote. Exposure assures death in minutes. Yet no one died, an obvious red flag.

Since March 4, the public in Western societies have been fed a pack of lies, go-along media repeating them with no due diligence checking for accuracy – the entire affair disgraceful Russophobic business, continuing despite clear evidence it’s a geopolitical hoax.

Who in the Western media community will step up to the plate responsibly and explain what’s going on. No one so far!

A disgraceful April 5 London Guardian editorial was typical Western media fake news fed the public, accusing Russia of “engaging in an aggressive disinformation war over the Skripal poisoning,” adding:

“Russia is engaged in a long game of sustained diplomatic and political disruption. Its policy towards the liberal democracies is to undermine and divide. It is, as we have said before, a troll state.”

Despicable stuff! No responsible editors would permit it! The Guardian is a longtime supporter of imperial America and Britain, including their endless wars of aggression, smashing sovereign independent countries unaccountably.

If brought before a legitimate independent tribunal, Russia would be exonerated straightaway – Washington and Britain declared guilty as charged!


Stephen Lendman is a Research Associate of the CRG, Correspondent of Global Research based in Chicago.

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Featured image is from Zero Hedge.

Washington Supports Terrorists It Claims to Oppose. US Created ISIS, Al Qaeda


By Stephen Lendman,


(Home – Stephen Lendman). 

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It’s an open secret even RT fails to report – despite Russian Foreign and Defense Ministries explaining it.

Washington created and supports ISIS, al-Qaeda, its al-Nusra offshoot in Syria, and other terrorist groups in the Middle East and elsewhere.

They’re used as imperial foot soldiers, supported by US terror-bombing – responsible for massacring civilians, destroying vital infrastructure, and prolonging endless wars Washington wants continued in multiple theaters.

Western media suppress what’s vital to report, pretending US-led wars are waged for humanitarian reasons and democracy building – notions Washington, NATO, Israel and their rogue partners abhor.

They’re waged for regime change, transforming sovereign states into virtual US colonies, their resources plundered, their people exploited, freedom-fighting resisters targeted for elimination.

What’s going on in US conflict theaters and new ones planned is what imperialism is all about – raping and destroying countries, massacring millions of people, seeking unchallenged global , dominance.

In his February 1948 Memo PPS23, US diplomat, advisor, and father of Soviet containment George Kennan advocated for what became America’s post-WW II geopolitical agenda, saying:

“(W)e have 50% of the world’s wealth but only 6.3% of its population. (It makes us) the object of envy and resentment.”

“Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships (to let us) maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national society.”

“To do so we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and daydreaming; and our attention will have to be concentrated everywhere on our immediate national objectives.”

“We need not deceive ourselves that we can afford today the luxury of altruism and world benefaction…”

“We should dispense with the aspiration to ‘be liked’ or to be regarded as the repository of a high-minded international altruism.”

“We should (stop talking about) unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization.”

“The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are hampered by idealistic slogans (ideas and practices), the better.”

Kennan was relatively dovish compared to neocons infesting Washington today.

Yet his views represented much of what’s ongoing today at home and abroad, a nation pursuing an imperial agenda unrestrained by international, constitutional or US statute laws – might over right, the end justifying the means, using NATO as a killing machine to achieve its objectives.

Post-9/11 laws and presidential executive orders institutionalized indefinite detention, torture, and trials by military commissions for individuals called “unprivileged enemy belligerents,” applying potentially to anyone challenging America’s imperial agenda.

Obama turned truth on its head, claiming it’s a way to “broaden our ability to bring terrorists to justice, provide oversight for our actions, and ensure the humane treatment of detainees.”

Humanity and the rule of law are incompatible with practices at Guantanamo, other US torture prisons operating globally, and endless wars of aggression.

Under National Defense Authorization (NDAA) legislation, foreign nationals and US citizens can be arrested and indefinitely detained uncharged, untried based on suspicions, secret evidence or hearsay – habeas, due process and judicial fairness denied.

Presidential authority has final say, including over who lives or dies. Protesting imperial lawlessness, social injustice, corporate crime, government corruption, or rule for privileged interests exclusively risks being targeted as an enemy of the state.

Freedoms are fast eroding. Increasing online censorship threatens digital democracy’s viability.

Endless wars of aggression against invented enemies risk nuclear war by accident or design.

With its super-weapons unmatched by Washington, Russia is unlikely to be attacked – yet remains vulnerable by other US hostile tactics.

Nuclear war on the Korean peninsula remains ominously possible – affecting all regional countries if launched.

Will Washington unleash its terrorist foot soldiers at home as a pretext for replacing remaining freedoms with full-blown tyranny – claiming it’s for greater security?

Will it pursue similar tactics in Europe and elsewhere for greater control and abolition of free societies?

Its rage for power leaves nothing off the table in pursuit of its aims.

What’s ongoing should terrify everyone – a nation permanently at war at home and abroad, the risk of catastrophic nuclear war, ordinary people exploited to benefit privileged ones.

Most Americans are none the wiser, brainwashed by media serving imperial and monied interests exclusively.

Western societies already are unsafe and unfit to live in. Is full-blown tyranny in America and Europe another major false flag away?

Are we doomed by the arrogance and hubris of US and other Western leaders, pretending to be democrats?

Will freedom be sacrificed for greater security, losing both? America was never beautiful. Today it’s humanity’s greatest threat.

Abbas at the Security Council

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

He long ago lost credibility for collaborating with Israel as its enforcer against his own people – for special privileges he’s enjoyed for years, growing super-rich, much of his ill-gotten wealth stashed in offshore tax havens while most Palestinians remain deeply impoverished and viciously persecuted, besieged Gazans most of all.

Tuesday at the Security Council in New York, he proposed an international peace conference in mid-2018, dealing with unresolved final status issues.

Earlier peace talks accomplished nothing. Conflict resolution defeats US/Israeli objectives. Violence and chaos serve them.

Years of betraying his people long ago proved Abbas can never be trusted – scamming, exploiting and persecuting Palestinians for Israel since Oslo.

He relinquished so much for nothing in return for so long. Most Palestinians distrust him. In 2005, Israel installed him as president, keeping him in office as long as he’s useful. Now in his 80s, perhaps not much longer.

Without joint US/Israeli approval, no peace plan will be accepted. For what it’s worth, Abbas proposed a peace conference involving Palestinians, Israel, and other nations representing the region and world community based on Security Council Res. 1850 (2008).

It called for Palestinians, Israel, other nations and international organizations to pursue efforts for a two-state solution, along with peaceful coexistence of all regional countries.

It urged all parties to refrain from actions harmful to the outcome of talks, along with “mutual recognition and peaceful coexistence between all States in the region in the context of achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East.”

Washington, Israel, and other regional rogue states ignored its principles for the past decade – no likelihood whatever to expect them to turn the page for peace and stability ahead, notions they reject.

According to reports, the outcome of a peace conference must include acceptance of Palestinian statehood by the world community based on June 1967 borders, along with full UN member state status.

Abbas called for establishing a multilateral international mechanism, aiding both sides in talks to resolve all final status issues – in a specified period of time with guarantees for implementation.

He urged refraining from unilateral moves by both parties during negotiations, especially settlement construction, freezing Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, and halting efforts to transfer Washington’s embassy to the city.

Talks must adhere to principles of relevant Security Council resolutions, especially 242, 338 and 2334, he said.

A two-state solution must include East Jerusalem as exclusive Palestinian capital. He rejected interim solutions and temporary borders, minor land swaps permitted if both parties agree.

Diaspora Palestinians must be guaranteed their international law guaranteed right of return.

If agreement is reached, Abbas proposed letting Palestinians vote to accept or reject it by national referendum.

His proposal is like all other peace plans, dead-on-arrival when initiated.

This one has no chance to be implemented, its principles rejected by Washington and Israel.

Committed resistance against Israel oppression is the only chance for eventual Palestinian liberation.

Sham peace talks are a waste of time, raising false hopes, accomplishing nothing each time initiated – an Israeli delaying and diversionary tactic for more time to keep stealing Palestinian land.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

If you think Trump is bad enough, Clinton would have been even worse

Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran… We Would be Able to Totally Obliterate Them.”

By Stephen Lendman,

Among Global Research’s most popular articles in 2016.

Hillary is Dangerous. She Means What She says? Or Does She?  (M. C. GR. Editor)

*      *      *

On July 3, 2015, presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton addressed a hand-picked audience at a Dartmouth College campaign event. She lied calling Iran an “existential threat to Israel… I hope we are able to get a deal next week that puts a lid on (its) nuclear weapons program.”

Even if we do get such a deal, we will still have major problems from Iran. They are the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism.

They use proxies like Hezbollah to sow discord and create insurgencies to destabilize governments. They are taking more and more control of a number of nations in the region and they pose an existential threat to Israel.

We…have to turn our attention to working with our partners to try to reign in and prevent this continuing Iranian aggressiveness.

Fact: US and Israeli intelligence both say Iran’s nuclear program has no military component. No evidence whatever suggests Tehran wants one. Plenty indicates otherwise.

As a 2008 presidential aspirant, she addressed AIPAC’s annual convention saying:

The United States stands with Israel now and forever. We have shared interests….shared ideals….common values. I have a bedrock commitment to Israel’s security.

(O)ur two nations are fighting a shared threat” against Islamic extremism. I strongly support Israel’s right to self-defense (and) believe America should aid in that defense.

I am committed to making sure that Israel maintains a military edge to meet increasing threats. I am deeply concerned about the growing threat in Gaza (and) Hamas’ campaign of terror.

No such campaign exists. The only threats Israel faces are ones it invents.

Clinton repeated tired old lies saying Hamas’ charter “calls for the destruction of Israel. Iran threatens to destroy Israel.”

“I support calling the Iranian Revolutionary Guard what it is: a terrorist organization. It is imperative that we get both tough and smart about dealing with Iran before it is too late.”

She backs “massive retaliation” if Iran attacks Israel, saying at the time:

I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president, we will attack Iran. In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them.”

She endorses using cluster bombs, toxic agents and nuclear weapons in US war theaters. She calls them deterrents that “keep the peace.” She was one of only six Democrat senators opposed to blocking deployment of untested missile defense systems – first-strike weapons entirely for offense.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

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