Israel Brutalizes Palestinians the Way Nazis Mistreated Jews

By Stephen Lendman

Israel repeatedly accuses Gazans and other Palestinians of crimes the Jewish state commits against them – the same blame the victim tactic used by Washington against targeted nations.

Whenever violence erupts anywhere in the Occupied Territories, especially Gaza, it’s always initiated by Israel, not Palestinians – other than isolated incidents too minor to matter.

Since March 30, Gazan Great March of Return Friday demonstrations have been consistently peaceful. 

Yet IDF snipers targeted activist Palestinians with live fire and other brutal tactics, bearing full responsibility for devastating violence – killing over 220, injuring more than 24,000 others, many seriously.

The death and injury toll is sure to rise. Israel holds Gazans and other Palestinians responsible for state-sponsored crimes against them.

On Friday, Israel’s Beer Sheba District Court ruled that Israel is not “liable for damages for the shooting and serious wounding of a 15-year-old Palestinian boy in the Gaza Strip in (November) 2014,” adding:

“Gaza Palestinians are not entitled to seek compensation for damages from Israel” because they live in what the court called an “enemy entity” – an egregious perversion of truth.

The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights and Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel filed the case on behalf of the aggrieved Gazan family, leaving 15-year-old Attiya Fathi al-Nabahin a quadriplegic, confined to a wheelchair.

The court cited Article 5/B-1 of Israeli Civil Wrongs Law (State Responsibility – 1952) – police state legislation, saying “residents of a territory declared by the Israeli government as ‘enemy territory,’ are not eligible to seek compensation for state-sponsored crimes against them.

Israel is the enemy of all Palestinians, not the other way around. Yet the Jewish state is absolved of its highest of high crimes by Israeli judicial injustice and the world community, turning a blind eye to what no just societies tolerate.

No matter how grievously they’re harmed, long-suffering Gazans and other Palestinians are barred from getting redress in Israeli rubber-stamp courts against them.

A joint Al Mezan/Adalah statement said the unjust ruling sends a “very dangerous message that Gaza residents are not entitled to compensation or legal recourse in Israel in any circumstances, in contradiction of international obligations on access to justice and accountability,” adding:

“Israel declared that it absolves itself from the responsibilities, as a state, to investigate, deter, and take responsibility for violations by its armed and security forces.”

“The ruling grants comprehensive immunity to the Israeli military and the State for illegal, reprehensible, and even criminal actions taken during military operations in occupied territories, including the Gaza Strip, and leaves their victims without any hope of compensation.”

The court’s refusal to hear the above case “violates the right of Gaza residents to fulfill their right to ‘effective legal remedy’ from the occupying power as guaranteed to them under international humanitarian law.”

Separately, Adalah said from October 2000 throughout the Territories (the onset of the second intifada) to Gaza 2018, Israel’s Supreme Court affirmed the right of IDF snipers to kill and wound Gazans peacefully demonstrating for fundamental rights the Jewish state denies them.

Israel gets away with mass murder and much more because its courts and the international community do nothing to hold it accountable for repeated high crimes.

On Friday, Israeli General Kamil Abu Rukun, coordinator of government activities in the Territories, threatened Gazans with greater IDF violence against peaceful demonstrators than already since March 30, saying:

“Our patience has broken, and we will respond harshly. We will show no restraint.” Does he have Gaza war 4.0 in mind? Will IDF commanders deploy warplanes to terror-bomb peaceful demonstrators?

Is greater mass slaughter than already planned? “You have been warned,” he roared – ignoring reality on the ground in Gaza.

Hamas is Palestine’s legitimate government, democratically elected in January 2006. It’s not a “terrorist organization,” falsely designated this way by the State Department at Israel’s request, a despicable act, the Jewish state taking full advantage, committing high crimes against two million Gazans with impunity.

On Thursday, extremist Israelis rallied in Tel Aviv for war on the Strip, holding inflammatory banners and shouting hostile slogans, calling on Netanyahu to resign for not waging full-scale war on Gaza.

On the same day, a Security Council session on Gaza failed to resolve anything for its beleaguered people, Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour saying:

“We want the Security Council to shoulder its responsibility with regard to this situation threatening international peace and security” in Gaza, adding:

“Unfortunately the Security Council is paralyzed. It did not shoulder its responsibility” – because of one-sided Trump regime support for Israel, dismissive of fundamental Palestinian rights.


israel (apartheid state) Always Initiates Violence in Occupied Palestine

Israel Always Initiates Violence in Occupied Palestine

By Stephen Lendman,

Western governments and supportive media go along with the deception, part of the diabolical plan to let Israel get away with mass murder and much more.

Since creation of the Jewish state, Palestinians have endured virtually every form of indignity, degradation, and crime against humanity imaginable. The world community consistently fails to hold Israel accountable for crimes against humanity.

Occupied Palestine is an isolated prison, besieged/densely populated Gaza the world’s largest open-air one. An entire population is being suffocated out of existence – a process Francis Boyle and Ilan Pappe call slow-motion genocide, ongoing for decades.

There’s not a sign of relief for one of the world’s most aggrieved people. Israeli viciousness is unrelenting.

Overnight Sunday and Monday into Tuesday, Israeli violence is the latest example of its undeclared war on Gaza. When Palestinians legally respond in self-defense, they’re falsely accused of terrorism.

The US and other Western countries support Israeli high crimes, calling them self-defense. Virtually defenseless Palestinians throughout the Territories are up against nuclear armed and dangerous Israel, its military one of the world’s most formidable, especially its sophisticated airpower.

The Trump regime is more one-sided for Israel than any of its predecessors, contemptuous of fundamental Palestinian rights.

Through its embassy in Israel, Canada expressed “full solidarity” with the Jewish state – demanding “Hamas…immediately stop targeting civilians,” ignoring IDF terror-bombing.

It’s been more intense than any time since Israeli aggression on Gaza in summer 2014, civilians always harmed most. The Jewish state considers them legitimate targets – even infants, young children, women, the elderly and infirm.

They’ve been killed, dozens wounded in Israel’s latest state terror attacks on the Strip. Palestinian media reported that aerial attacks and ground shelling continued ferociously overnight Monday.

Israeli warplanes targeted a college in Tal al-Hawa, a Gaza City hotel, leveling the five-story structure to the ground and damaging surrounding buildings, the Al-Aqsa TV station struck to silence its reporting about the carnage, as well as at least six multi-story buildings, and numerous other sites.

When Gazans responded to Israel’s hostile overnight Sunday commando raid, killing seven Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades members of Hamas’ armed wing, ferocious Israeli terror-bombing began – intensified when Gazans fired a reported 300 crude homemade rockets at Israeli territory.

An Israeli bus and apartment building were struck, one person reported killed, several others injured. Israel bears full responsibility for what’s going on like all previous times when violence erupted.

The vast majority of Palestinian rockets land harmlessly, some intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome defense system. Many don’t explode on impact.

Direct hits on Israelis or structures are rare. Rockets are short-range and imprecise – polar opposite massive Israeli air and ground firepower. Its warplanes and ground-to-ground IDF missiles use laser guidance to strike targets with precision.

Israel’s medical service said 23 Israelis were treated for light injuries from shrapnel and smoke inhalation. Two others were critically wounded, one person killed.

On Tuesday, the Netanyahu regime’s security cabinet will meet to plot its next move, intense violence likely to continue.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres ignored Israeli aggression, urging the Jewish state and Palestinians “to exercise maximum restraint,” pretending both sides are equally matched, a shameful remark like many times before, showing dismissiveness toward long-suffering Gazans.

EU envoy to Israel Emanuele Giaufret was just as contemptuous, demanding a halt to “indiscriminate” rocket fire on Israel – ignoring IDF terror-bombing and ground shelling.

Netanyahu’s deputy minister/former Israeli envoy to Washington Michael Oren said

“(w)e expect the world to stand with us.”

IDF spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis said reservists are being ordered to active duty, calling them “vital forces, and if needed we’ll expand that” – perhaps indicating escalated conflict ahead.

Separately, the Netanyahu regime said it’s not discussing a possible ceasefire. Once Netanyahu security cabinet members meet, more information will likely follow on what’s coming next.


Award-winning author Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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Rewarding Jihadists for Terrorism

By Stephen Lendman

Even ideological extremists need monetary and other incentives to carry out CW and other atrocities.

According to ISIS documents obtained by RT Arabic, their fighters were paid for their services – in silver for CW attacks wrongfully blamed on Damascus, gold for downing a helicopter, cars for taking down an aircraft, incentives to try harder – payments for “fight(ing) the enemies.”

Even ideologically driven jihadists need motivation. Financial ones work best, the same way they do for individuals involved in legitimate work.

According to Iraqi Lt. Col. Jaber Asaad, evidence “confirms that the group possessed chemical weapons that are banned throughout the world.”

They include sarin, chlorine, and other toxins, supplied by foreign countries, transported to Iraq, Syria and elsewhere, used as US-supported weapons of war.

“A huge number of (ISIS and other jihadists) arrived in Iraq (and Syria) from other countries. You can talk about hundreds of thousands of people, including the families of terrorists – wives and children who were smuggled illegally into” these countries, largely from Turkey and Jordan, perhaps from Israeli occupied Golan as well,” Asaad explained.

The US wages all its wars of aggression without mercy. Unofficial rules of engagement permit anything goes – fundamental rule of law principles flagrantly violated.

Throughout the history of US wars, notably during and since WW II, the Pentagon used and continues using banned chemical, biological, radiological incendiary and cluster munitions.

Radioactive, chemically toxic and poisonous depleted uranium, white phosphorous able to burn flesh to the bone on contact, and other illegal weapons are also used.

In all its war theaters, Washington flagrantly breaches international, constitutional and US statute laws pertaining to warfare. 

Notably US operations repeatedly breach the 1945 Nuremberg Principles, prohibiting “crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Fourth Geneva protecting civilians in times of war, and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, prohibiting crimes of war, against humanity and genocide.

Coverup and denial is official US policy. A Pentagon statement lied, saying “(a)s a matter of policy, the coalition will not publicly discuss the use of specific weapons and munitions in operations.” 

“However, every weapons system in the US inventory undergoes a legal review to ensure the weapon complies with the Law of Armed Conflict.”

State-sponsored deception is also longstanding US policy. Since WW II, notably post-9/11, US crimes of war and against humanity far continue to exceed serious wrongdoing by other nations.

Under Republicans and undemocratic Dems, America is an outlaw state. Its endless wars of aggression threaten everyone everywhere.

It opposes the rules-based international order – threatening mass destruction by asserting the preemptive right to use nuclear weapons, even against non-nuclear states.

Its “peace” agenda features endless wars of aggression. Its rage for dominance may kill us all.

Israel’s Undeclared War on Occupied Palestine

By Stephen Lendman

Throughout its history since 1948, Israel has been at war on defenseless Palestinians – an entire population terrorized by a ruthless, illegal occupier in the Territories. 

Israeli Arab citizens are denied their fundamental rights – afforded only to Jews. Apartheid rule worse than South Africa’s terrorizes them. Yet the world community remains largely uncaring and dismissive toward a long-suffering people.

Their rights and welfare don’t matter. A state of undeclared war exists in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, worst of all in besieged Gaza, its two million residents held hostage in the world’s largest open-air prison.

They’re easy pickings for Israeli terror-bombing and cross-border ground incursions. No safe havens exist anywhere in Occupied Palestine. 

Israeli soldiers and other security forces conduct multiple daily raids in Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem communities, many pre-dawn – terrorizing families, traumatizing young children, arrests made solely for political reasons.

Thousands of Palestinian men, women, youths, and young children languish in Israel’s gulag as political prisoners – hundreds uncharged and untried.

Israeli Jews live normal lives. A permanent state of emergency exists in Occupied Palestine, in place since the late 1940s.

The lives and welfare of millions of Palestinians are threatened by racist Israeli regimes wanting them eliminated – terrorized by tyrannical apartheid rule on steroids.

PLO chairman/Israeli-installed Palestinian president/long-time collaborator with the Jewish state Mahmoud Abbas acts as its enforcer against his own people.

Except for PLO executive committee member Hanan Ashrawi, Abbas and the PLO are the enemies of the Palestinian people – especially hostile toward Gazans, their policies contributing to their misery.

With the above in mind, a Tuesday PLO statement blamed Israel entirely for its “dangerous escalation in the besieged Gaza Strip,” adding:

“(T)wo million Palestinians who have suffered from Israel’s illegal siege for the past 12 years are being targeted and have nowhere to seek shelter.”

“Israel’s deliberate targeting of civilian structures, including residential buildings and a TV station, are war crimes, and Israel must face consequences for its actions.”

“The right-wing Israeli government has been emboldened by the international community’s failure to enforce accountability.”

“The Palestinian leadership is committed to defending our people and their rights to live in peace, security, and freedom using all available diplomatic and legal tools.” 

“The Palestinian leadership will also continue its serious efforts with the help of Egypt and other concerned parties to achieve reconciliation and unity.”

The problem with the above statement is no positive PLO policy initiatives support it – just the opposite.

Earlier leaked US diplomatic cables confirmed that Abbas knew about Israel’s December 2008/January 2009 Cast Lead aggression in advance.

Israel conferred with him and other PA leaders before launching it. Abbas lied saying he got no advance word.

Reuters quoted him “urg(ing) Israel to crush Hamas during the war.” Israeli war minister Avigdor Lieberman was foreign minister at the time.

He was quoted saying “(o)ver the past year, I witnessed (Abbas) at his best. In Operation Cast Lead, (he) called us personally, applied pressure, and demanded that we topple Hamas and remove it from power.”

Abbas also collaborated with Washington against Hamas. He likely knew about Israel’s 2012 Pillar of Cloud and 2014 Protective Edge aggression in advance – supporting both wars against Gaza and Hamas.

The Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) is located in the eye of Israel’s Sunday through Tuesday naked aggression on the Strip.

It issued the following statement, saying: “New Israeli Military Escalation in Gaza Strip: 2 Palestinian Civilians Killed and 20 others Wounded, including 5 Children and 4 Women, and Israeli Warplanes Carry out Airstrikes against Many Civilian Facilities, Residential Houses and Security Sites and Completely Destroy them.”

Seven Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades members were also killed. The PCHR said Israeli terror-bombing and shelling were the most intense since summer 2014 aggression on the Strip.

“(U)pon a decision by the highest Israeli military and political echelons, the Israeli forces carried out intense airstrikes against many civilian facilities and residential houses in addition to sites belonging to the security services and others to the Palestinian armed groups,” the PCHR said, adding:  

“…Israeli artillery shelling also targeted the areas adjacent to the border fence with Israel.” Palestinian homes were destroyed and all possessions in them. 

Unknown numbers of casualties may remain to be reported, especially if bodies (largely civilians) are buried beneath rubble.

Buildings were destroyed or damaged a “few meters away from the the former head office of the” PCHR.

The human rights group and others condemned Israeli aggression, exacerbating humanitarian crisis conditions.

Israel repeatedly commits grave UN Charter, Fourth Geneva, Rome Statute, and other international law breaches with impunity, none more serious than crimes of war, against humanity and genocide – Israeli specialties for the past 70 years.

Haaretz Amos Harel commentary disgracefully blamed Hamas for the latest Israeli naked aggression on the Strip. No responsible editors would touch his rubbish.

Haaretz editors featured it – a racist commentary filled with disinformation, willful deception, and Big Lies, resembling what Western media feature. Harel operates as an IDF press agent, serving its interests, suppressing hard truths.

He downplayed the seriousness of Israel’s overnight Sunday commando raid – murdering seven Gazans, lamenting the loss of a senior IDF officer.

He shamefully called Hamas’ justifiable response to the incursion and Israeli terror-bombing “an attempt (by Hamas) to dictate new rules,” calling largely harmless Gazan rockets “heavy shelling of Israel.”

He largely ignored severe Israeli terror-bombing – terrorizing the Strip and its residents. He lied saying IDF “pilots are operating under strict restrictions in terms of inflicting what is know as ‘collateral damage,’ minimizing risks taken close to population centers…”

Israel considers civilians and nonmilitary sites legitimate targets in all its wars and other belligerent actions – flagrantly violating international law it doesn’t give a hoot about.

Israeli rules of engagement unjustifiably justify anything goes – including willfully massacring civilians, the vast number of dead and wounded in all its wars of aggression, along with destroying residential areas.

Harel lied claiming Hamas “escalate(ed) tensions” short of another war – Israel entirely responsible for ones launched, including aggression since Sunday, never Hamas or other Palestinians.

For over 48 hours, Israel escalated war on Gaza without declaring it. Like the Netanyahu regime and Washington, Harel blamed Hamas for premeditated Israeli naked aggression.

A ceasefire Israel tentatively agreed to isn’t worth the paper it’s written on – to be breached whenever the Netanyahu regime believes it’s in its strategic interest to strike again – the way it’s always been in Gaza and throughout the Territories.


Pompeo Threatens to Starve Iranians

By Stephen Lendman

Illegal unilaterally imposed sanctions by the US against Iran and other countries amounts to waging war by other means.

So far, high oil prices offset the effects of US sanctions, head of Iran’s Planning and Budget Organization Mohammad Baqer Nobakht explained.

Granting waivers to nearly all key purchasers of Iranian crude, along with EU opposition to US sanctions, assures stable, perhaps rising, oil exports at least through May 2019.

They’ll likely continued with most countries against Trump regime hostility toward the Islamic Republic – world oil exports also highly dependent on international economic conditions.

So far, at least 10 nations have waivers to continue buying Iranian oil and/or gas: Afghanistan, China, Greece, Iraq, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey, perhaps others to be added.

The Trump regime’s “toughest” ever sanctions on Iran haven’t and likely won’t turn out as touted. The country has nearly 40 years of experience in dealing with ways to avoid much of their harshness.

Support from Russia, China, India, and the EU alone will likely mitigate their effects.

According to an unnamed EU diplomat, unilaterally imposed sanctions by the Trump regime leaves the US isolated in relations with Iran internationally.

With few exceptions, the world community supports normal political, economic, and financial relations with the country.

A second unnamed EU diplomat said “(i)t will be a difficult period but Iran’s economy will withstand (US sanctions) for various reasons, including” because of  unilateral “US sanctions on other countries, Saudi Arabia having its own financial and political issues, and (trade war) between China and the United States.”

Fitch analyst Andrine Skjelland said “Tehran is still likely to see a substantial share of its foreign exchange earnings maintained. This will (let its government) continue subsidizing imports of selected basic goods, keeping the costs of these down, and thus limiting inflation to some extent.”

On Wednesday, Pompeo threatened Iran, saying its “leadership has to make a decision that they want their people to eat.”

Does he have trying to forcibly block Iranian exports and imports, or perhaps intending US hot war on the country?

Attorney Tyler Cullis, specializing in US economic sanctions, said Pompeo “decided to wash his hands of (the potentially harsh) consequences (of Trump regime sanctions) by prematurely and conveniently pinning the blame on Iran’s government.”

Responding to Pompeo’s disgraceful remark and the Trump regime’s unlawful sanctions war, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blasted him, accusing the US of crimes against humanity in Yemen and regarding Iran, tweeting:

“You know what @SecPompeo? It’s the Yemenis themselves who’re responsible for famine they’re facing.”

“They should’ve simply allowed your butcher clients — who spend billions on bombing school buses & ‘millions to mitigate this risk’ — to annihilate them w/o resisting. #HaveYouNoShame.”

“Just as with Yemen, @SecPompeo blames Iran for unlawful US sanctions preventing Iranians’ access to financial services for food and medicine.” 

“Naturally, we will provide them for our people in spite of US efforts. But US is accountable for crimes against humanity re Iran & Yemen.”

The same is true about all US wars of aggression, along with partnering with longstanding Israeli state terror against long-suffering Palestinians, as well as harming most Americans by serving domestic monied interests at their expense.

US sanctions on Iran exclude food, medicines, and other humanitarian goods. Without an alternative to the international SWIFT financial transactions system, banks will be reluctant to deal with Iran normally.

On Thursday, Iranian Parliamentary Security Committee head Valiollah Nanvakenari expressed mixed feelings about EU promises to circumvent US sanctions, saying:

“We hope that EU is committed to bringing their words into action and comply with their agreements with Iran regarding the implementation of a financial mechanism,” circumventing SWIFT, so far not in place because of heavy US/Israeli pressure against it and normal relations with Iran overall.

Nanvakenari and other Iranian officials are concerned about the failure of Brussels to fulfill key promises made so far, hopeful for their full implementation ahead.

On September 24, Iran together with Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany (the P5+1 countries minus America) issued a joint statement, announcing a “Special Purpose Vehicle” to facilitate normal trade economic, financial, and trade with the Islamic Republic – circumventing SWIFT and unilateral US sanctions.

Six months after the Trump regime’s unlawful JCPOA pullout on May 8, promises made by Brussels remain to be fully implemented.

Palestinian Political Prisoners

By Stephen Lendman

Cold-blooded murder of defenseless Palestinians has been official Israeli policy from inception.

Its 1947-48 ethnic cleansing war of independence indiscriminately raped and massacred countless thousands of defenseless Palestinians, displacing hundreds of thousands from their historic homeland – one of history’s great crimes, accountability never forthcoming.

Knesset members are debating whether to authorize capital punishment against Palestinian political prisoners – guilty only of wanting to live free from oppressive Israeli occupation, their legal right under international law.

On Tuesday, Israeli war minister Lieberman vowed to get legislation passed, tweeting:

“After over three years of a stubborn struggle, the death penalty for terrorists (sic) law will finally be brought to the law committee (on November 14). We won’t relent or stop until completing the mission.”

Israel calls legitimate nonviolent Palestinian resistance terrorism and/or incitement. If the death penalty bill is enacted, countless numbers of Palestinian political prisoners could face capital punishment for exercising their legal rights.

The world community is doing nothing to intervene against it, dismissive of Palestinian rights, one-sidedly supporting Israel, ignoring its highest of high crimes.

Under current Israeli law, a three-judge military court panel must unanimously approve capital punishment for Palestinians. They’re denied civil due process and judicial fairness, available only for Jews, one of the core features of apartheid rule.

New legislation would require only a majority military judicial ruling in capital punishment cases. Israel last pronounced the death penalty in 1962 for Adolph Eichmann, an exception to its 1954 law prohibiting it except for certain reasons. See below.

Palestinian Prisoners Society director Qadura Fares earlier said Israel’s capital punishment legislation if enacted will “be imposed on Palestinian prisoners only” in military courts, not Israeli Jews for similar offenses in civil courts.

Netanyahu backs the measure, pushing for it to be enacted, rejecting opposition from Shin Bet security service chief Nadav Argaman, saying he’s “unequivocally” against it.

Last Sunday, Netanyahu approved advancing the measure for Knesset debate, according to Israel Radio.

Although already allowed in cases of treason and crimes of war, against humanity, and against the Jewish people, Eichmann’s hanging was the only time it was ever used.

If Netanyahu, Lieberman, and likeminded Knesset extremists get their way, that may be about to change, another pretext to eliminate Palestinian political prisoners – world community outrage highly unlikely.

US Midterms: Split Decision

By Stephen Lendman

The disturbing reality is when things change electorally in America, they remain the same.

Dirty business as usual always wins, the underlying reality of Tuesday’s midterm voting like all earlier “elections.”

Mark Twain was right saying: “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”

Social justice champion Emma Goldman explained US “elections” the same way, saying: “If voting changed anything, it would be illegal.”

Ordinary people have no say over how they’re governed. America is a democracy in name only, the nation’s founders assuring things would be run by and for privileged interests exclusively.

The first US Supreme Court chief justice John Jay arrogantly said America should be run by the people who own it. The nation’s second president John Adams said the rich, well born and able alone should rule.

The notion of “Equal Justice Under Law” adorning the Supreme Court’s west facade is just a meaningless figure of speech – the way things have been in America from inception.

Political and judicial fairness don’t exist. Things are polar opposite under one-party rule with two money-controlled extremist right wings.

Independents are shut out. Dominant media are in cahoots with a hugely debauched system – self-serving governance by America’s privileged class, pretending to be otherwise. 

The rights, needs, and welfare of ordinary people don’t matter. They’re consistently disserved and betrayed by Republicans and undemocratic Dems alike.

Democratic values and egalitarian principles exist in name only.

Executive, congressional, and judicial officials systematically lie, connive, and pretty much do what they please for their own self-interest. 

With rare exceptions, they’re unprincipled, unethical, immoral and amoral, deferential to powerful monied interests alone.

It’s the longstanding American way. A previous article explained the results of Tuesday election as follows:

The only thing possibly positive about the outcome is if Dems retake one or both houses, they could block some of Trump’s most extremist policies – for political, not ideological, reasons only.

Both extremist wings of US duopoly governance are in lockstep on issues mattering most – notably the nation’s imperial agenda, its endless preemptive wars of aggression, supporting corporate empowerment, and cracking down hard on legitimate resistance for equity and justice denied ordinary people.

The main difference between Republicans and undemocratic Dems is rhetorical, not ideological. 

No matter how often ordinary Americans are manipulated and betrayed, they’re easy marks to be duped again because they’re ill-informed and dis-informed by major media. 

They’re victims of the fabricated official narrative and state-sponsored propaganda fed them by dominant print and electronic media.

They reflect what the late Gore Vidal and Studs Terkel called the United States of amnesia, public betrayal on vital issues passing through their collective consciousness like water through a sieve – understanding something today, erased from their memory later on.

For what it’s worth, below are the likely results of Tuesday “elections,” some races too close to call:

Undemocratic Dems are projected to retake control of the House with a 229 – 206 majority. (CNN estimated Dems winning 238 seats.) 

Republicans are projected to retain Senate control by a 53 – 47 margin, gaining two seats over their pre-election 51 – 49 advantage. (CNN estimated a 52 – 48 GOP margin of victory.)

The only certainty about what’s ahead once the 116th Congress is sworn into office on January 3, 2019 is no change whatever in how America is governed on issues mattering most.

Same old, same old will continue like it always does. Americans believing otherwise will learn soon enough how they were duped again – like every time before.

Today’s America is the United States of I Don’t Care for its least privileged citizens and residents. 

Federal, state, and local governance dismissively ignores what they care about most.

That’s what governance in America is all about – a fantasy democracy, not the real thing.

The only solution is nonviolent revolution for constructive change – achievable no other way, never through the ballot box assuring continuity, the way it’s been throughout US history.

A Final Comment

Former Massachusetts governor, GOP 2012 presidential aspirant Mitt Romney defeated Dem Jenny Wilson to succeed retiring Senator Orrin Hatch in Utah.

Some observers believe he’ll be more a Trump antagonist than supporter, during the 2016 campaign, saying:

“I’m going to do everything within the normal political bounds to make sure we don’t nominate Donald Trump. I think he’d be terribly unfit for office. He doesn’t have the temperament to be president.” 

Based on his record as Massachusetts governor and alliance with GOP politics, he’ll surely go along with the dirty system like the vast majority in Congress.

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