GA: This interview with minister John Shuck and the words of Waddah Sofan brought tears to my eyes.

May 15th marks the 70th anniversary of Israel’s statehood. Palestinians refer to this as the Nakba, the Catastrophe, when more than 700,000 Palestinians left their homes from fear or were forcibly removed by Israelis who took their homes. On this 70th anniversary of the occupation, the people of Gaza have been staging a non-violent demonstration, The Great March of Return that culminates Tuesday the 15th.

According to the Middle Eastern Monitor“The demonstrations of the Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege started on 30 March 2018. Since then Israeli forces have killed 53 demonstrators and wounded more than 8,500 others.”

On this special edition of the Beloved Community, John Shuck’s guests will speak about the ongoing Nakba for the people of Palestine and Gaza from their unique perspectives.

Waddah Sofan was shot and paralyzed by Israeli soldiers during the First Intifada in 1989. Waddah lives in Portland and considers himself “part of Palestinian/American, Muslim, Middle Eastern, people of color and disabled communities.”

Gilad Atzmon, is a British Jazz artist and author.  Gilad writes on political matters, social issues,  Jewish identity and culture. He will be in Portland for a jazz concert May 14th and a talk on Truthfulness May 15th.

Retired Episcopal priest, Richard Toll, also of Portland, is president of the Board of Trustees of Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA). Rev. Toll received an honorary doctorate from the Church Divinity School of the School of the Pacific in Berkeley, California for his  commitment to justice and peace in the Holy Land.

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Like this:

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The Israeli Government Role in Promoting Islamophobia Internationally

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May 11, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon


by Paul Larudee

Much of the study of Islamophobia is directed at the social and political causes and manifestations, including religious and political dimensions and racist characteristics.  However, Islamophobia is also used as a strategic tool or weapon; i.e., in pursuit of national agenda.

Many of us are familiar with Islamophobic movements within the Buddhist majority in Myanmar (against the Rohingya minority), and within Hindu nationalist parties in India. It is important to note, however, that it is characteristic of these movements that they direct their Islamophobia against particular groups of Muslims within their own societies, and are less concerned with creating an international movement against Islam.

This is what makes the case of Israel unique.  Although Israel, like Myanmar and India, seeks to marginalize and ultimately eliminate a specific population of Muslims – in this case the mostly Muslim Palestinians – part of its strategy for doing so includes encouraging and fostering Islamophobia internationally.  Thus, for example, Israel has successfully pursued strong military and diplomatic ties with the governments of Myanmar and India, and especially the Islamophobic movements within those countries.

It is clear, therefore, that Islamophobia within Israel is not only a matter of organized bigotry and social hatred, which one finds in other societies, but also of instrumentalizing or weaponizing Islamophobia as a strategic tool to legitimize and justify the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the territories under Israel’s control, as well as to support Israeli aggression towards other mostly Muslim countries in the region. Promoting and fostering Islamophobia internationally helps to increase and solidify international support for the Zionist genocidal project.  It is therefore treated as an important tool of Israeli and Zionist international influence.

My attention was first brought to this fact in casual but unusual circumstances. In early 1993 my family and I were on vacation at a Club Med in France where there were also Israeli intelligence officers and their families.  I got into a discussion with one in particular, who said that with the fall of the Soviet Union, Islam would replace communism as the new enemy.  It sounded a bit far-fetched, but in retrospect he knew what he was talking about, and more important, he was in a position to help make it happen, which of course it did.

The groundwork was laid much earlier.  As Deepa Kumar at Rutgers University reports, the effort to tie Islam to terrorism started at a Zionist funded neoconservative conference on international terrorism in 1979. Then, after a second such conference in 1984, “both US neocons and Zionists worked together to convince Western policy makers that ‘Islamic terrorism’ would replace communism as the West’s next great threat. By tying Islam to terrorism, neocons would gain political cover for their imperialistic ambitions in the Middle East, and Zionists would benefit from garnering Western sympathies for their struggle against Palestinian ‘terrorism.’”

Since then, researchers like Sarah Marusek, David Miller and others have cataloged international Zionist networks that sponsor Islamophobic propaganda and policies.  The work of Pamela Geller and the so-called American Freedom Defense Initiative is one of the well-known examples.  Geller’s anti-Islam billboards and bus advertisements are familiar to many, as well her so-called “Muhammed Art Exhibit and Contest” in Garland, Texas in 2015, resulting in the police killing of two armed men.

Geller is hardly alone, however.  According to the Center for American Progress, the US has six major organizations that manipulate Islamophobia in order to further US support for Israel. These are the Center for Security Policy, the Society of Americans for National Existence, the Middle East Forum, Jihad Watch, Stop Islamization of America, and the Investigative Project on Terrorism.  Sarah Marusek includes even more groups in her paper entitled “The Transatlantic Network: Funding Islamophobia and Israeli Settlements”, published in the anthology, What is Islamophobia?

These organizations constitute a network, as Marusek says, but the complete network is much wider and more diverse than the assets concerned with promoting Islamophobia.  They are known as the sayanim, the Hebrew word for helpers or assistants, and are composed of Zionists who have achieved important and useful positions in societies from which they can exercise powerful initiatives, especially when they operate in concert. Thus, for example, friendly journalists can work with lobbyists and others to quickly and massively spread influence, information, analysis and disinformation that are useful to Israel.

Such initiatives require coordination, intelligence, strategic planning, covert action, technical assistance, and other expertise.  For many years, the sayanimwere coordinated by the Mossad. However, following a 2010 report from the influential Reut Institute (a prestigious strategic think tank in Israel), organizational changes were made that moved such responsibility to the Ministry of International Relations, Intelligence and Strategic Affairs – better known as the Ministry of Strategic Affairs.  The report also notes that there are as many as 4000 sayanim in each of the major centers of power and influence, such as London and New York. A concentration of sayanim in important sectors of society that inform the public, such as film, entertainment, journalism, education and social media permits them to help shape public opinion.

In line with Reut Institute recommendations, the Strategic Affairs Ministry has grown in size and secrecy over the last decade.  Reut projected that Israel’s main strategic threat would no longer be to its military security but rather to its image and influence in other countries, especially the US and Europe.  According to this view, BDS was to be regarded as a serious threat, as well as the human rights NGOs, Palestine solidarity groups and the critical alternative press.  The Ministry of Strategic Affairs was therefore selected to coordinate a major new effort to combat this perceived threat.

The Strategic Affairs Ministry has informally been called the HasbaraMinistry, using the Hebrew word for explanation or propaganda. It certainly is that, but also much more.  The reorganization of the Strategic Affairs Ministry can be compared in scope to that of the Homeland Security Department.  A lot of security and intelligence functions were transferred from or shared with Mossad.  The Ministry became responsible for propaganda, influence and manipulation in other countries.  Coordination of the sayanim became part of its purview, as did thousands of students who were paid or received scholarships in return for haunting social media and the comments sections of websites.  The purpose was to dominate the media, insofar as possible, in countries vital to Israel’s plans and intentions, and to sway public opinion toward outcomes determined by Israel’s strategic goals.

Many readers are familiar with the “Brand Israel” campaign. Its function, suggested by the Reut Institute, is to mold Israel’s image in the media of the US and other countries.  Its tactics are PR on steroids, such as, for example, slipping subliminal questions into the Jeopardy quiz program and idyllic holy land vacations into Wheel of Fortune, but permeating nearly everything we see, hear and read in film, entertainment, journalism, education and social media for the purpose of molding public opinion.  With enough effort of this kind, we will presumably think of Israel as Disneyland.

Another example is Facebook and the personal collaboration between Mark Zuckerberg and Benjamin Netanyahu. After a meeting with Netanyahu, Zuckerberg hired a former employee at the Israeli embassy in Washington to be in charge of censoring so-called “fake news” on Facebook.  Only Facebook has the actual figures of who gets censored, but anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that a lot more anti-Zionists than Zionists are affected.  Similarly, Islamophobic postings and Tweets seem to be at least somewhat resistant to censorship compared to ones that are labeled anti-Semitic (which are often merely critical of Israel).

But it’s not just about making Israel look like the good guys. Demonizing and dehumanizing Muslims also helps to justify Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians, as well as its belligerent policies toward its mainly Muslim neighboring countries. A successful program of Islamophobia helps to support Israel’s pogroms of Palestinians in Gaza, its settlements in and economic strangulation of the West Bank, its invasions of Lebanon, its attacks against Syria, and its promotion of US wars against Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Libya and Syria.  Making the US military a proxy for Israel greatly multiplies Israel’s capability, which is why Israel and its US lobby are working hard to create a new international war against Iran.

In order to provide the Strategic Affairs Ministry with all possible means of making such operations possible and successful, it has been assigned some important intelligence functions, including black ops and psy-ops capabilities, which used to be the exclusive purview of the Mossad.  This gives the ministry greater capability to engage in digging up or inventing dirt about people it wants to harm or discredit, especially in the BDS movement and other pro-Palestinian groups.

The hand of the Strategic Affairs Ministry is not always obvious, and it takes care to shun the light.  But occasionally its actions become known, as with the Aljazeera exposé of Israeli operative Shai Masot, working from the Israeli embassy in London and coordinating the actions of British citizens working with Israel. He coached them on how to demonize and “take down” members of parliament, including the Foreign Office Minister, Alan Duncan, who was considered insufficiently supportive of the effort to suppress BDS.

Al Jazeera has produced a similar exposé on the workings of Israel and its US lobby, but the release has been indefinitely delayed, which may be an indication of Israel’s power and influence and the effectiveness of the operations coordinated by the Strategic Affairs Ministry.  Nevertheless, a glimpse of such operations can be seen in the 2004 espionage indictmentsagainst AIPAC lobbyists Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman.  The indictments were ultimately dropped, partly because sensitive information would have to be revealed in order to successfully prosecute the cases (or perhaps that was just the excuse used to cover the fact that Tel Aviv gets to decide who gets prosecuted, not Washington).

France can be considered an extreme case.  People have been arrested there for wearing a Free Palestine T-shirt.  PayPal and several large banks in France recently closed the accounts of all organizations that support BDS, which has been ruled anti-Semitic.  Anti-Semitism is broadly defined, as you can see, and it is illegal in France.  You can be fined or jailed for practicing it.

But not for Islamophobia.  Islamophobia is free speech but anti-Semitism is racism. In fact, the French equivalent of AIPAC, known as CRIF, has publically declared that “Islamophobia is not a form of racism.  We have long drawn attention to the danger of conflating Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.  To do so would impede all criticism of Islam, such that the fundamental rights of [other] religions could not be respected. The CRIF will therefore block all resolutions against Islamophobia”.

The writings of Jacob Cohen are instructive in this regard. He has published a remarkable and very comprehensive exposé on the promotion of Islamophobia in France, including the actions of Israeli operatives and French Zionist organizations.  But there’s a catch.  In order to publish it in France without being arrested or sued, he has to disguise it as very thinly veiled fiction, in this case O.P.A. Kabbalistique sur les Nouveaux Indigènes. It is available only in French, but even in that language you have to know the persons and groups to which he refers with pseudonyms, and few outsiders know the French scene well enough to recognize more than a handful of them.

So what can we conclude from all this information about the involvement of Israel and the Zionist movement in sponsoring Islamophobia?  The point is that some sources of Islamophobia are not attitudes or social structures. We have to face the fact that there is a very potent, resourceful, well organized and well funded international movement that sees Islamophobia as a strategic tool in pursuit of its national interest. For this reason, it is largely impervious to education or negotiation or legal considerations.

In fact, Israel is also pursuing an apparently contradictory effort to encourage interfaith cooperation between Jews, Muslims and Christians, but with the same goal in mind.  That goal is to blunt criticism of Israel, whether by getting people to hate Muslims and thereby endorse Israel’s belligerence and ethnic cleansing, or by pressuring Muslims not to criticize Israel out of concern for potentially offending their Jewish brothers and sisters.  Since the two strategies are aimed at different populations, I suppose that they might be able to work simultaneously.  This is often how PR campaigns work.

The point is that in all the efforts at fostering tolerance and understanding we are faced with an adversary that is working quite diligently in the opposite direction for reasons that have nothing to do with how they view Islam as a religion or Muslims.  This is therefore a different type of challenge in trying to overcome Islamophobia.

• This article is a revised version of a paper read at the 9th Annual Islamophobia Conference in Berkeley, California, April 29, 2018.


يوم الأرض…بقلم د.بثينة شعبان

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لقد أصبح واضحاً اليوم، وبعد سبعين عاماً من احتلال استيطاني استعماري غاصب لأرض فلسطين، أنّ الأرض هي المبتدأ والمنتهى، وأنّ الأرض هي القصة الحقيقية، وهي الهدف الذي يبغون حيازته، ويرتكبون في سبيل ذلك أبشع المجازر عبر التاريخ.

انتفض الشعب الفلسطيني من أجل حماية أرضه مرّات عديدة حتى وقعت نكبة عام 1948

لقد انتفض الشعب الفلسطيني من أجل حماية أرضه مرّات عديدة حتى وقعت نكبة عام 1948، وقدّم التضحيات والشهداء منذ ثورته عام 1969، وانتفض في 30 من آذار/ مارس عام 1976 وقدّم الشهداء، وها هو ينتفض اليوم في 30 آذار/ مارس عام 2018 ويقّدم الشهداء ليقول إنّ هذه الأرض لنا، وإننا أصحابها الحقيقيون الشرعيون. ومن الواضح خلال هذا التاريخ أنّ الكيان الصهيوني يريد أرضاً بلا شعب، تماماً كما فعل الاستعمار الاستيطاني في الولايات المتحدة الأميركية وفي نيوزيلندا وأستراليا وكندا، وكما أراد المستوطنون الفرنسيون في الجزائر، والبريطانيون في جنوب أفريقيا، فأبادوا السكان الأصليين تماماً في أميركا الشمالية وأستراليا، وشوّهوا صورتهم في كتب التاريخ، ودفنوا حضارتهم وثقافتهم ومعتقداتهم، واستوطنوا تلك الأرض، وأتوا بالمهاجرين البيض ليحتلوها ويمتلكوا كلّ ثرواتها الخيّرة. وإلى يومنا هذا لم يُنصف أحد حضارات الشعوب الأصلية، التي كانت غنيَة بثقافتها وفنونها ومعتقداتها، لأنّ المستوطنين هم الذين كتبوا التاريخ، وهم الذين سوّقوا هذا التاريخ في كلّ أنحاء العالم، بحيث أصبحت الصورة الوحيدة المتاحة عن حضارات شعوب المايا والأنكا والأبورجينز، وغيرها من حضارات كثيرة عديدة، هي الصورة التي قدّمها المستعمرون والمستوطنون الذين قاموا بإبادتهم والاستيطان على أنقاض حضارتهم. وهنا لا بدّ من التأكيد أنّ المهمّ ليس الانتصار فقط إنما كتابة تاريخ هذا الانتصار.

واليوم نشهد مسرحاً مماثلاً جداً في فلسطين، حيث تقضم سلطات الكيان الأرض الفلسطينية شيئاً فشيئاً، وتُصدّر على مدى عشرات السسنين كلّ القوانين التي تمكّنهم من سرقة هذه الأرض من أصحابها الشرعيين، وتهجير الشباب والأبناء، وعدم السماح لهم بالعودة، وفي المقابل استقدام المستوطنين من كلّ حدب وصوب ليحلّوا محلّهم. نحن نشهد اليوم استيطاناً شبيهاً جداً بالاستيطان الذي حلّ في أميركا الشمالية وكندا وأستراليا منذ مئتي عام ونصف، والغريب في الأمر أنّ بعض أصحاب الحقوق في شرقنا الأوسطي ينتظرون من المستوطنين الغربيين أن يساندوهم في نيل حقوقهم. إن كان هناك من أمر فإنّ المستوطنين الغربيين يساندون المستوطنين الإسرائيليين لأنهم يرونهم شبيهين بهم، ويسيرون على خطاهم، فكيف يمكن لهم أن يتفهموا صاحب الحقّ، وصاحب الأرض، وهم الذين حاربوه وقتلوه وأبادوه في ديارهم لتكون بلدانهم كما هي عليه اليوم، بل على العكس هم يتفهّمون العقلية الاستيطانية الإسرائيلية وحلمها في أن تكون فلسطين أرضاً لها من دون أيّ أثر للشعب الفلسطيني، أو للتراث الفلسطيني، أو للثقافة والتاريخ والجذور التي يعملون على اقتلاعها في كلّ قانون أو تشريع يصدر بهذا الصّدد. ولايزال الفلسطينيون للأسف، يواجهون كلّ هذا المخطط بعفوية، وبصدور الشباب العارية، وبمسيرات الناس العزّل الذين يقعون ضحايا البطش الاستيطاني، ليضاف إلى قائمة الشهداء شهداءٌ آخرون يروون تراب فلسطين بدمائهم. ومع كلّ اعتزازنا وفخرنا بروح الانتماء التي تدفع الشباب للدفاع عن الأرض حتى الشهادة. لكن هل هذا هو الأسلوب الناجع لاستعادة الأرض؟ وهل تمكّن الشهداء بدمائهم الذكية من تغيير المعادلة في هذا الصراع؟ أم أنّ قضم الأراضي مستمرّ بحيث لم يعد الفلسطينيون يملكون أكثر من 15% من أرض فلسطين التاريخية؟ السؤال المؤلم اليوم: ألا يتوجّب على الفلسطينيين والعرب إعادة النظر باستراتيجياتهم وآلياتهم من أجل صون الحقوق وتحرير الأرض؟

إنّ إلقاء الضوء على تجربة الشعب اللبناني في جنوب لبنان بعد احتلال أرضه، وتشبّثه بالبقاء في دياره إلى أن تمكّن من تحرير هذه الأرض عام 2000، تثبت أنّ عدم النزوح من الأرض، حتى وإن مكث على صدرها معتدٍ محتلّ، هو الأسلوب الأنجع لاستعادة هذه الأرض، وأنّ النزوح عنها هو بالضبط ما يريده الطامعون في هذه الأرض، والمخطّطون للاستيلاء عليها. وهذا ما استنتجه كثير من الفلسطينيين ولكن بعد النزوح الكبير عام 1948، والنزوح عام 1967. ومن الواضح من القصص التي سمعناها عن هذا النزوح أنّ المستوطن الإسرائيلي كان يهدف إلى ترويع السكان حتى قبل أن يصل إليهم، ويهدّدهم من خلال مكبّرات الصوت ويدعوهم إلى مغادرة قراهم وبساتينهم ومدنهم فوراً. غادر كثيرون منهم وهم يظنّون أنهم عائدون بعد بضعة أيام. إذاً لم تكن هناك درجة من الوعي ولا قيادات حقيقية لتقوم بخطوات مضادّة لخطوات المستوطنين، وتعمل على تثبيت السكان في مواقعهم، بينما توفّر هذا عام 1982 في لبنان. ربما مستفيدين من الدرس الفلسطيني، ولاسيما أنّ أهل الجنوب كانوا هم من استقبل النازحين الفلسطينيين عام 1948، وشهدوا على معاناتهم. الوعي والقيادة أمران أساسيان في خوض المعارك، عسكرية كانت أم سياسية، بوقت أقصر وأثمان أقلّ. واليوم يعمل الكيان الصهيوني جاهداً على إلغاء حقّ عودة الفلسطينيين وعلى تغييب الشاهد الأخير على هذا الحقّ، ألا وهي منظمة الأونروا. لذلك لا بدّ من وضع الخطط، وتكثيف الجهود، وجمع الأموال والتبرعات كي تبقى هذه المنظمة قادرة على العمل، وشاهداً حياً على اللجوء وحقّ عودة الفلسطينيين. في يوم الأرض نُحَيّيْ كلّ شهداء فلسطين وسوريا ولبنان والعراق واليمن، وعلى امتداد جغرافيا هذا الوطن العربي، ونقول من أجل هذه الأرض لا بدّ من تطوير آليات العمل، ووضع الاستراتيجيات التي تحافظ عليها وتضمن ازدهارها على يد أبنائها الأصليين المخلصين، وتصدّ عتها كلّ معتدٍ وطامع ومستعمر.


The Only Jewish Ghetto in the Middle East

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Like this:

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Press Tv-How long can Benjamin Netanyahu survive? Feat: Jafar Hassan & Gilad Atzmon

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March 03, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon

In this week’s The Sun Will Rise, Roshan Muhammed Salih, Jafar Hassan and myself looked into  Benjamin Netanyahu’s political fate and the criminality within Israeli political elite.  Very interesting discussion (starting at 3min 29sec). I was very happy to meet mr. Hassan. I am getting familiar with his work.

My Contribution to Antisemitsm in 2017

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February 25, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon


According to the annual report of the Swiss Jewish Lobby CICAD, 2017 brought along 150 “acts of anti-Semitism.”*  Apparently yours truly is responsible for 2 incidents  (published by

The Swiss Jewish lobby CICAD didn’t approve of the following:

1) “The shift from total sinner into the new messiah figure was certainly rapid for serial predator Weinstein. But this shouldn’t take us by surprise. Weinstein’s regard for himself as a ‘martyr for social change’ is consistent with Tikun Olam – the misguided Jewish belief that it is down to the Jews to  repair the world.”

2) in reference to history operating as a collective suppression of shame I  said that  “the Americans conceal slavery and imperial genocidal aggression, the Brits conceal their colonial blunders, the Jews turn their eyes away from anything that may have contributed to turning  Jewish history into an extended shoah.”

I promise to improve my record in 2018!

If they want to burn it , you want to read it..

cover bit small.jpg

Polish Restitution Law – Holocaust vs. Nakba

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February 14, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon


Reported by Gilad Atzmon

We learned today that the Polish Justice Ministry is reviewing draft legislation regarding the restitution of Jewish property confiscated during and after the Holocaust.

On Wednesday, the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) expressed concern over the delay of the law. “Elderly Jewish and non-Jewish claimants who have waited over 70 years for justice for their lost property cannot wait any longer,” said Gideon Taylor, the WJRO chair of operations and I wonder how long the ethnically cleansed Palestinian should wait before the Jewish State and the WJRO acknowledge their right to reclaim their land, villages, houses, fields and orchards or shall we just say Palestine?  

One may wonder how is it possible that Jewish institutions are so dedicated to the restitution of Jewish property while being completely dismissive of the exact same right when it comes to the Palestinians. I guess that choseness is a possible answer. Jewish victimhood is to often blind to other victims, especially those who were victimised by the Jewish State.

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