Hizbullah dupes Israeli top officials again


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flag[1]On August 2, 2016, Israeli newspaper YNet reported another saga of Israeli leadership stupidity. It involved MK Amir Peretz, former defense minister, MK Tzipi Livni, former foreign and justice minister, and Mossad ‘sex-pot’, MK Maj. Gen. Eyal Ben-Reuven and Tomer Weinberg, member of Israeli tank crew who survived an attack by Hizbullah fighters in which six Jewish soldiers were killed an two captured while attacking Lebanese village of Aitaa al-Chaab in South Lebanon along Israel-Lebanon border.

The Zionist idiots were tricked into giving interviews over Israeli defeat in 2006 at the hands of Hizbullah fighters by an Italian reporter Michela Moni posing as a reporter with ANSA news agency in Rome assigned to make a documentary for the UK’s BBC channel.

When a documentary containing those interviews was aired by Lebanese satellite channel Al Mayadeen (watch below) on last Saturday instead of BBC – the Zionist idiots were shocked. They told YNet: We have been tricked. They never told us that it would be broadcast by Hizbullah.

In the first segment of the three-part documentary entitled What happened in 2006, the Israeli interviewees – which include Amir Peretz, Tzipi Livni, and Eyal Ben-Reuven, are heard discussing the war and the capture of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser.

In addition, the documentary included an interview with Tomer Weinberg who was lucky to escape the tank under Hizbullah attack. Weinberg is heard on the documentary describing at length the circumstances surrounding the attack.

The moment the firing started I realized that it was coming from Hizbullah. I opened the door of the tank, I didn’t look at my friends who were sitting on the back seats and I fled.” A very smart Jew soldier who believes that it’s better to live as a coward than die defending fellow soldiers.

In the documentary one of the Hizbullah narrators said:

We interviewed the soldier who was injured and who managed to escape but his capture was not part of the operational order which is why we didn’t take him.

The daring operation has resulted in severe embarrassment for the former Israeli officials, who are largely considered responsible for the strategic miscalculations that ultimately led to Hezbollah victory following the 33-day war in Summer 2006.

This is not the first time Hizbullah supporters duped Israeli officials. In 2000 Israeli Col. Elhanan Tannenbaum, who held an important position in the Israeli occupation’s Northern Command, was lured to Lebanon by a Palestinian agent of Hizbullah for the purpose of conducting a drug deal. He was released later as part of a prisoner exchange that resulted in the release of 435 Palestinian and Lebanese civilians held in Israeli jails.

The Islamic Resistance also has a strong reputation for its media prowess. During the 2006 Israeli invasion, Hizbullah-owned television station Al-Manar broadcast daily clips in Hebrew and Arabic that publicized its achievements throughout the conflict while Israeli forces continually bombed the station’s facilities in contravention of international law. In spite of the bombings, the station, known as the Station of the Resistance – continued its broadcasts, largely uninterrupted.

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’Israeli’ Livni Summonsed by UK Police over War Crimes

Local Editor

“Israeli” politician Tzipi Livni was summoned by UK police for questioning over war crimes while in London last week, “Israeli” officials have said.

israeli tzipi livni

According to the information, Livni received a letter from the police on Thursday but the summons was cancelled after talks between “Israel” and the UK.

The case relates to the 2008-9 “Israeli” aggression against Gaza, when Livni was foreign minister and deputy PM.

UK police claimed there was no ongoing war crimes investigation.

Correspondents say pro-Palestinian activists have filed a series of complaints against “Israeli” officials, including Livni, in recent years.

An arrest warrant for Livni was issued in the UK in 2009.

In 2011, UK law was changed to make it more difficult to obtain arrest warrants for “Israeli” public politicians and military figures visiting in an official capacity.

According to Haaretz, the questioning was to have been about war crimes and violations of the Geneva Conventions during the 2008-9 “Israeli” aggression against the besieged Gaza strip.

The “Israeli” apartheid entity made urgent diplomatic contacts, which resulted in Livni being given diplomatic immunity and declining the invitation to questioning.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

04-07-2016 | 10:23

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Is Tzipi Livni Smelly?

Tzipi Livni, a former Israeli minister as well as a war criminal, spoke at Harvard Law School last week. During the Q&A session, a student got up and asked Livni ‘how is it that you are so smelly?’ Some Jews were offended and interpreted the comments as being anti-Semitic.

The student, a third-year male law student who is president of a pro-Palestine group, has since apologised. The student claims not to have known that attributing smelliness to Jews is a well established anti-Semitic stereotype.

However, the incident raises a few crucial questions. The rebellious student directed his question to Tzipi Livni. He didn’t refer to the Israeli politician ‘as a Jew’ or claimed that Jews are smelly in general. “My question is for Tzipi Livni,”  the student asked, “how is it that you are so smelly?”  One may wonder why is it that when a gentile questions the distinctive odour of one particular Jewish person, many other Jews feel accused of being collectively smelly?  On a further thought, how is it that many Jews care so much about a young student who doesn’t approves of Tzipi Livni’s smell, yet turn a blind eye to Israeli crimes and Jewish Lobby war mongering that reflects badly on Jewish people as a collective?

P.S We have learned from the Israeli press that Mrs Livni decided to take a shower. Apparently,  she isn’t smelly for the moment. JSG (Jews Smell Great) welcomed Livni’s hygienic manoeuvre..

Livni Hails Blacklisting Hezbollah, Urges Alliance with Gulf States

Local Editor

Israeli former Foreign Minister, Tsipi Livni, hailed Arab League decision to blacklist Hezbollah as a ‘terror group’, calling to conclude alliance between the Zionist entity and some Arab states.

“AL decision to adopt the Gulf Cooperation Council is rightful and represents a positive shift,” Israeli daily, Maariv quoted Livni as saying.Livni and Ahmed Ahu al-Ghait

Livni meanwhile, called for concluding an alliance between Israel and “moderate Muslim countries” including Gulf states and some Arab countries which blacklisted Hezbollah, the Israeli paper said.

On the other hand, the Israeli politician called for preventing Hezbollah from taking part in the parliamentary elections in Lebanon, according to Maariv.

“Livni also urged not to make distinction between Hezbollah and ISIL,” the daily added referring to the Takfiri group operating in Iraq and Syria (so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Levant).

Earlier on Friday, Arab League labeled Hezbollah as a ‘terror group’, echoing a similar decision by the GCC.

Source: Al Manar TV

14-03-2016 – 10:50 Last updated 14-03-2016 – 10:50

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Israelis Welcome GCC Statement on Hezbollah: Reflects Rapprochement with Saudis

Local Editor

Zionist mediaAs soon as the Gulf Cooperation Council blacklisted the Lebanese party of Resistance – Hezbollah – on Wednesday, Zionist mass media welcomed the resolution, considering it “critical and serious,” reflecting a great relief among Israelis who have been seeking to fight Hezbollah from the Arab gate.

Former Zionist foreign minister Tzipi Livni hailed the GCC resolution as “an important step, while Zionist daily Maariv stated that “blacklisting Hezbollah is an achievement that serves Israel.”

Zionist presenter: Channel 1Moreover, the entity’s mass media correlated the GCC resolution against Hezbollah with “the ongoing coordination between Saudi Arabia Israel,” which has recently emerged to public through exchanging visits between both parties.

“Arab world is approaching closer to Israel’s stances, which has been revealed through the Saudi delegations’ visit to Israel, as well as when Saudi Arabia decided to blacklist Hezbollah as a terrorist organization,” the presenter of Tonight at Six talk show for Zionist Channel 1 said.

“It is very important and dramatic development,” he added.

Zionist channel 1For his part, Yoval King, an expert of Arab affairs, said that “it is an important resolution,” recalling that it is not the first time that Gulf states blacklist Hezbollah as a terrorist group.

“They had labeled him as ‘militia’, and announced that violence and provocations he is carrying out in Syria, Yemen and Iraq contradicts with the moral and humanitarian values,” King said.

The Saudi-Zionist coordination witnessed a major shift on the Syrian arena in the face of axis of Resistance, as Zionist sources revealed discussions took place between the armed groups operating in Syria on one hand, and Riyadh and Tel Aviv on the other, about the Syrian developments following the ongoing truce.

Zionist media“Syrian opposition groups, funded by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel are meeting with their sponsors and discussing with them whether they can make gains in the meantime,” Shmerit Maeir, a Zionist analyst of Arab affairs, said during an interview on the Jewish Channel 2.

“Israel needs a key chair on this table whether through the American players or others, because the bases will now determine whether Hezbollah is allowed to do what the ISIL and Al-Nusra Front are banned from doing. If this really is to happen, we will be facing a major catastrophe,” Maeir stressed.

The Zionist position was symmetrical to the Saudi’s, as it doesn’t rule out the possibility of communicating with the armed groups, like Al-Nusra Front and ISIL in order to coordinate for later steps in Syria.

The GCC, which has been committing a genocide in Yemen since March 2015, held a meeting on Monday during which it blacklisted all Hezbollah affiliated institutions.

Source: Al Manar TV

03-03-2016 – 12:42 Last updated 03-03-2016 – 12:42


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Posted by Sabba on April 22, 2015

Don Bibi liquid flame

Ed-note (Sabba) – What Livni is basically saying is that Bibi has removed all the make up the jewish state was wearing to camouflage itself among the civilized world, among the Brotherhood of Mankind. To a certain degree, we must ”thank” him for his relentless efforts to show the world the real face of the jewish state, the jewish mind, the jewish project. We must “thank” him for allowing more and more people to see that indeed, there is ‘no beauty in the beast’. There is none, there never was, there never will be.


“MK Tzipi Livni said Saturday that “the difference between us (the Zionist Union) and Netanyahu is that he does not manage negotiations with the West and does not demand requirements. We have the ability to create ties with the moderate states. I have had a relationship with these countries for all of these years. Obama invited all of the heads of states in the region, and Israel should be there. And it is not there,” said Livni while speaking at a cultural event in north Tel Aviv.

Regarding the election results, Livni said: “More than the mistakes we made, Netanyahu managed to create the false impression, in an ugly way, and the untrue statement that we would sell Israel to the enemy. He managed to get 580 thousand people to go and vote.”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Why I’m relieved that Netanyahu won



Netanyahu’s win will make it harder than ever for Israelis to use their fake “peace process” to camouflage their atrocities. Had the Zionist Union won, the Palestinians would have been dragged back a decade into fruitless Oslo-style “negotiations” that would have served as a cover for continued subjugation and colonization. Such “negotiations” have provided the principal excuse for the “international community” to avoid holding Israel even minimally accountable for its crimes. The refrain from gutless officials is always some version of “Yes, isn’t it terrible what’s going on, but there’s a peace process and we support the peace process.” The one positive outcome of Israel’s election is that path seems to be closed.

The Electronic Intifada

With virtually all the votes counted, Likud has 30 seats, the Zionist Union has 24 and the Joint List of predominantly Arab parties is in third place with 14.

It seems all but certain that Netanyahu will retain his post as Israel’s prime minister and head another fanatically right-wing government.


Netanyahu is no worse than his rivals. Livni, a fugitive war crimes suspect, was one of the proud and unrepentant architects of Israel’s massacre in Gaza in 2008-2009, which no doubt served as Netanyahu’s model.

Livni’s partner Herzog has faulted Netanyahu for not attacking Gaza viciously enough.

Netanyahu’s ugly election-day incitement that the “Arabs are advancing on the ballot boxes” revealed once again his true feelings that Palestinian citizens of Israel are not legitimate citizens deserving full rights. But Tzipi Livni has frequently expressed the same view.

A recent interactive feature published by The New York Times shows that Israeli settlement construction in the occupied West Bank (excluding occupied Jerusalem) was often far higher under the supposed peace-seeking governments of Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert.

But what has distinguished Netanyahu is that he strips away the opportunities for the so-called “international community” to hide its complicity with Israel’s ugly crimes behind a charade of a “peace process.”

Moreover, Netanyahu’s open alliance with the most racist, white supremacist, Islamophobic and bigoted elements of the North American and European right – his speech to Congress earlier this month was a manifestation of this – strip away all masks. Israel can no longer practice apartheid at home while falsely presenting itself as a beacon of liberalism abroad.

In short, Netanyahu’s re-election is like the “Nutrition Facts” label on a box of junk food: it tells you about the toxic ingredients inside.

Netanyahu’s clear declaration days before the vote that he will not allow a Palestinian state was simply an affirmation of the real policy of every Israeli government since 1967, to which Herzog and Livni would have adhered.

Herzog and Livni would not have permitted a Palestinian state. Rather, they would have tried to draw Palestinians back into fake “negotiations” over what would at most be a ghetto-like bantustan designed to legitimize Israel’s theft of vast tracts of land, its annexation of Jerusalem, and its abrogation of the rights of Palestinian refugees. (Ben White’s analysis of this horrifying plan for permanent apartheid is a must read.)

Netanyahu and Herzog have both vowed to continue building settlements on stolen Palestinian land. But Herzog would have hidden this expansionist policy behind one of the cosmetic and fraudulent “freezes” during which colonization continues unabated.

Had the Zionist Union won, the Palestinians would have been dragged back into fruitless Oslo-style “negotiations” that would have served as a cover for their continued subjugation and colonization.

Such “negotiations” have provided the principal excuse for the “international community” to avoid holding Israel even minimally accountable for its crimes. The refrain from gutless officials is always some version of “Yes, isn’t it terrible what’s going on, but there’s a peace process and we support the peace process.”

The one positive outcome of Israel’s election is that path seems to be closed.


The Israeli Jewish public’s choice to re-elect Netanyahu should make it clear to people around the world that Israel does not seek peace or justice. Israel will continue to oppress and ethnically cleanse Palestinians until it is stopped.

The message we should take away is simple: the proper treatment for a polity committed to occupation, apartheid and ethno-racial supremacy is to isolate it until it recognizes that it must abandon those commitments.

Palestinians have asked the world to do that through boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS). Netanyahu makes the case a little easier, so it’s time to step it up.


[1] A Jew responded to the above post:

You are ignoring the fact that most Israelis fear what will happen if the Palestinians achieve a state in the West Bank. It is a simple, rational, act of self-preservation. Not many human beings are willing to do the right thing when they believe it will endanger themselves, their families, and their way of life. By ignoring this factor, you make it look like most Israelis take pleasure in the status quo, rather than them simply believing it’s the best of a bunch of bad options.

A reader’s response:

White South Africans tried to justify their behavior the same way. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work for Israelis now. You omit the fact that Israel is the occupier and the aggressor. You also ignore Gaza.

 If you call the occupation and extermination of the Palestinians a “simple, rational, act of self-preservation,” then there is something terribly wrong with you. It’s like “reasoning” that you have to kill all the bears when you set up camp in bear country, because one bear might raid your refrigerator.

[2] I too am relieved. If Netanyahu had lost, then many people might have had the false illusion that something was going to change. At least with Netanyahu, we will see things for what they are. Netanyahu’s declared opposition to a Palestinian state makes it crystal clear to the whole world who the real obstacle to peace is. It puts pressure on the PA to abandon its failed collaborationist policies. It strengthens the BDS movement. It exposes the complicity of the Arab regimes. And it makes the one-state solution the only viable option to pursue. Thanks to all the Israelis who voted Netanyahu in again. You made our day!

[3] If Netanyahu had lost, the global community may have taken a wait-and-see approach to the Israeli political scene, thereby sapping momentum from BDS activism. Now that we see that Zionist extremism is back at the helm, there can be no denying that peace is a dried out carcass.

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  


The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

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