Breaking: US Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet

The US has shot down a Syrian fighter jet. Apparently the downing of the plane took place in Raqqa province, but as usual there are discrepancies in the reports coming out. Press TV is saying that the Syrian plane was engaged in an anti-ISIS operation.

The Guardian, on the other hand, is saying that the Syrian plane “dropped bombs near US-backed fighters in Syria.”

RT is reporting as follows:

The US-led coalition has downed a government warplane in southern Syria, the Syrian army and coalition have announced in separate statements. The Syrian military added that the plane’s pilot is now missing.

According to the Syrian statement, the plane was carrying out operations against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the countryside around Raqqa when it was targeted, leading to a crash and the loss of the pilot, who is currently missing.

Meanwhile, a reporter for the L.A. Times has posted a tweet that includes a press release from the US Coalition:

BREAKING: US F/A-18 fighter jet shot down Syrian SU-22 attack plane dropping bombs near SDF fighters south of Tabqa. Yet another escalation.

This would appear to be the latest attempt to partition Syria. The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, seem well on their way to defeating ISIS in Raqqa. The Coaliton press release, pictured above, talks about a “show of force” aimed at stopping “the initial pro-regime advance” toward an SDF-controlled area, in this case the town of Ja’Din. This would tend to suggest that any future efforts by the Syrian Army to re-establish national sovereignty in this part of the country will be met with US airstrikes.

You can go here to see a map of the area in question. The map is a close-up of north-central Syria. If you click to enlarge, you will see the city of Raqqa in the northeast. Navigate south and west of there and you will come to the town of Ja’Din. The map shows Syrian government forces stationed nearby in the town of Ber Adad. According to a report by South Front, the government forces in Ber Adad are making an effort to advance to “the strategic town of Resafa,” which is also shown on the map, just to the southeast of Ja’Din.

The image below is a Google map showing the location of Resafa.

 photo resafa_zpsb1gafqnh.gif

The US Coalition would seem to be well-placed to partition off a good portion of northern Syria–probably under the guise of establishing an independent Kurdish state. Keep in mind also, however, that the US has set up a military base at Al-Tanf, in the vicinity of the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border–a situation that theoretically could lead to a pretty thorough dismemberment of Syria, which would of course be a great delight to Israel.

And yet another US military base is now being set up in Tabqah, according to a report here. By my count, this will make the third US military base in Syria, the bases in Al-Tanf and Al-Zkuf comprising the other two. Here is what South Front is reporting on the new base at Tabqah:

The new base will be located in the military housing area, the Mohammed Fares school as well as the military and security buildings in the third district of the town. US forces reportedly intend to build a command center and residential buildings for its troops. According to opposition sources, USA wants to adopt the new base in Tabqah town as a long-term base in Syria.

How much are these new mlitary bases costing the US taxpayer at a time when the US debt stands at nearly $20 trillion? All for Israel.

By the way, for what it’s worth (no pun intended), the US debt hit the $19 trillion mark in February of 2016, roughly 14 months ago. According to the US debt clock, we are now at $19.9  trillion, and rapidly closing in on the $20 trillion milestone.

This shoot-down of a Syrian jet represents “yet another escalation,” as the L.A. Times reporter put it. What appears to be looming now is a de facto, if not a formal, partitioning of the country. By the way, South Front, citing “unconfirmed reports from Kurdish sources,” is also reporting on an agreement said to have been reached between the US and Kurdish forces, according to which US forces will be allowed to stay in Kurdish-held areas for the next 10 years in return for US military assistance.

Pax Christi, Catholic NGO, Condemns Israeli Occupation…plus…another Palestinian Girl Shot

[ Ed. note – Pax Christi, the Catholic peace group, has issued a press release today calling for an end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. Overall I’d say it’s a good press release, although I do have a few minor criticisms. While the press release refers to the “occupied Palestinian territories,” it doesn’t say whether it includes East Jerusalem in that.

Additionally, while it does include a quote about “steady settlement expansion,” it also calls for “the parties to return to the negotiating table”–which is precisely what Israel has been calling for as well. While Palestinians had previously demanded that Israel halt its settlement expansions before resuming peace talks, apparently this demand was dropped by PA President Mahmoud Abbas during his meeting with Trump earlier this month. I personally think it would be unwise for the Palestinians to resume negotiations without a commitment to halt to the settlement building as a precondition, and I think the press release could have been improved upon had it mentioned at least that this had been one of the key demands in the past.

Finally, the press release calls for “a ban on the sale and delivery of arms to Israel and Palestine.” I guess the Pax Christi folks are trying to avoid criticism of taking sides, but it’s absurd to include such a call. No country is currently shipping arms to Palestine. On the other hand, the US just last year signed a $38 billion military aid package to Israel. Far better would it have been for the press release to call for an end to all aid to Israel, or, failing that, at least an end to all military aid to Israel–and leave it at that.

Still all in all for a prominent Catholic organization like Pax Christi to call for an end to the occupation is a milestone. As the article below from Ma’an News makes clear, Pax Christi isn’t the only organization to issue such a call. The British aid organization Oxfam has also done so. Both calls, from Pax Christi and Oxfam, were issued in conjunction with the upcoming 50 anniversary of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem during the 1967 war.

Both calls also, by the way, come as Israelis have just shot another young Palestinian girl. I don’t have any information on the incident other than what’s in the two tweets, but I’m assuming something will be coming out pretty soon. ]


‘We Must Not Let Another 50 Years Pass’: NGOs Condemn Israeli Occupation

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Days ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Israeli annexation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, Catholic NGO Pax Christi International called the dire humanitarian situation brought on by the occupation “not sustainable,” and called for renewed peace talks.

Meanwhile, NGO Oxfam slammed the international community’s inaction during the past five decades, whose “toothless” condemnations of Israeli violations of human rights and “Band-Aid humanitarian solutions” it blamed for the continuation of the occupation half a century on.

June 5 is remembered by Palestinians as “Naksa” Day, meaning “setback,” marking the Israeli invasion and occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai, and the Golan Heights that began on June 5, 1967 during the Six-Day War, displacing some 300,000 Palestinians, as well as thousands of Syrians, from their homes.

Since then, Pax Christi wrote, “the international community has been witness to the denial of human rights and the deterioration of conditions throughout the occupied Palestinian territories.”

The Christian NGO quoted a statement by UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories Michael Lynk from earlier this month, which detailed the “systemic human rights violations that accompany this occupation — collective punishment, confiscation of property, excessive use of force and unlawful killings, lack of freedom of movement and steady settlement expansion, among others.”

“We are commemorating a sad milestone this month with 50 years of devastating occupation. It is urgent that it is resolved, as for both Palestinians and Israelis their future and hope depend on it,” Pax Christi International Co-President Marie Dennis said in a statement on Thursday. “This is the moment for an increased commitment to reach a just and sustainable solution in accordance with international law.”

Pax Christi went on to “strongly” recommend a ban on weapons sales to Israel and Palestine and an end to any military cooperation with either party as a means to apply international pressure to obtain a resolution — likely alluding in part to the unprecedented $38 billion American military aid package to Israel signed in September.

Meanwhile, Oxfam Country Director Chris Eijkemans said in a statement on Thursday that the lack of international accountability for Israel’s illegal occupation, including through the lack of effectiveness of foreign NGOs, played a major role in the continuation of the conflict.

“There are few examples of poverty or injustice in the OPT (occupied Palestinian territory) that do not stem from the occupation. If it weren’t for the occupation, most aid agencies would not need to be here,” Eijkemans said. “The issues facing Palestinians are enormous and complex, but on each count, despite the billions of dollars invested, the lives of Palestinians cannot meaningfully improve as long as the occupation persists.”

“The international community shoulders a large portion of the blame for the ongoing situation faced by 4.5 million Palestinians living in the OPT and must take clear and urgent action. Toothless condemnation of the litany of abuses is not enough,” Eijkemans added.

Continued here


Pax Christi International in collaboration with its members, calls for the immediate end of the 50-year Israeli occupation and for a renewed peace process

Pax Christi press release

In this month of the commemoration of 50 years of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, Pax Christi International in collaboration with its members, urges the international community to call for the immediate end of the 50-year Israeli occupation and for the parties to reengage in a peace process in compliance with international law.

Brussels, June 1stBeginning with the Six Day war, 5-10 June, 1967, five decades of military occupation in disregard for international laws and U.N. resolutions and the willful expansion of settlements has led to dire conditions on the ground that systematically violate the human rights of the Palestinian people.

“It is time for the international community to say, ‘Enough!’”, states Pax Christi International, in the light of this month’s 50th anniversary of the occupation.

This call comes at a moment when commemorative activities are being held around the world to raise awareness of the impact that five decades of occupation has had on the lives of Palestinians. In this symbolic month, Pax Christi International calls for governments, civil society and all people of good will to exercise their influence, through any means available – political, economic, public and private advocacy – to seek an end to the occupation.

For 50 years the international community has been witness to the denial of human rights and the deterioration of conditions throughout the occupied Palestinian territories.  We have watched the slow ebbing of hope as lives are damaged by the policies of this occupation which:

  • deny freedom of movement;
  • limit access to critical services, especially health care;
  • monitor and curtail access to basic necessities, especially water and electricity;
  • diminish opportunities for education and employment;
  • obstruct normal family life and the exercise of religious worship;
  • negatively affect the Palestinian economic infrastructure, especially in the agricultural sector;
  • punish legitimate, nonviolent expressions of resistance and protest;
  • and impose regulations that create segregation and inequality.

Recently, Michael Lynk, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, has expressed his deep concern about the deteriorating situation: “The systemic human rights violations that accompany this occupation – collective punishment, confiscation of property, excessive use of force and unlawful killings, lack of freedom of movement and steady settlement expansion, among others – are intensifying an already perilous situation.”[1]

Rania Giacaman Murra, Director of the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem, explains,

“The occupation severely affects especially Palestinian youth and women. Palestinian children and youth don’t know how it was before the occupation, what it means to live in a land without walls, how it feels to breath the air of the sea, what it means to pray as Muslims and Christians without being checked and humiliated at checkpoints. Mothers often live in fear that their children will not come back home safe, that they are killed or injured or humiliated.”

The current situation is not sustainable. Reaching a political solution is the only path to peace.

Therefore, Pax Christi International calls for the parties to return to the negotiating table to establish a peace agreement that recognises and protects the human dignity and rights of the Palestinian and Israeli people as equals. We believe that the revival of a peace process must be based on a steadfast commitment to abide by international law and U.N. resolutions.

To promote and support such efforts for peace, Pax Christi International strongly recommends a ban on the sale and delivery of arms to Israel and Palestine and an immediate cessation of any military cooperation which contributes to violent conflict.

Marie Dennis, Co-president of Pax Christi International, stated:

“We are commemorating a sad milestone this month with 50 years of devastating occupation. It is urgent that it is resolved, as for both Palestinians and Israelis their future and hope depend on it. This is the moment for an increased commitment to reach a just and sustainable solution in accordance with international law.”

In recognition of this solemn occasion and to highlight the impact of 50 years of occupation Pax Christi International and its members will be involved in a number of activities and events. An overview can be found here

Contact: Alice Kooij Martinez, Senior Advocacy Officer, Email:

Video: Federal Reserve is ‘Anti-American, Anti-Human’…but where are the ‘Anti-Semites’?

Posted on May 30, 2017

[ Ed. note – The analyst in the above video gives a nice presentation on how the Federal Reserve is basically ripping off the public. What he doesn’t mention is that since it was set up in 1913, the Fed has had a total of 15 chairmen,  at least 5, and possibly 6, of whom have been Jewish. Or to put it another way, roughly a third of all chairmen have been members of a population group constituting less than two percent of the US population. This includes the current Fed chairwoman, Janet Yellen.

Below is an article written by a Jewish writer who wonders, interestingly, where all the anti-Semites are today. Noting that the past three Fed chairpersons, going back to the year 1987, have been Jewish, he seems to find it quite curious that there hasn’t been more “anti-Semitic conspiracy mongering” on the issue. One caveat: this over who became the first Jew to serve as Fed chair. The writer of the piece, Steven I. Weiss, says it was Eugene Meyer, who was appointed in 1930. However, several years ago, when I was researching this very question, Wikipedia was reporting the very first chairman of the Fed, Charles S. Hamlin, was actually Jewish as well. I just now checked at Wikipedia, however, and the article they have up on Hamlin today has eliminated all references to him being Jewish. Make of that, I suppose, what you will.

At any rate, Weiss’ article was published at Tablet back in 2013. The video above, on the other hand, was uploaded just three days ago, and as I say it provides an excellent analysis of how the Fed operates. The presenter, Chris Martenson, provides some interesting charts and voices the opinion that the Fed is “anti-American and anti-human”–but he makes no mention of the fact that for the past 30 years it has been led by Jews.

You can also go here to read a commentary on the video, posted by a blogger who says the Fed is “destroying America,” and who comments additionally:

Yes, I realize that the people working at the Federal Reserve, as well as the other central banks around the world, are just people.  Like the rest of us, they have egos, fears, worries, hopes, and dreams. I’m sure pretty much all of them go home each night believing they are basically good and caring individuals, doing important work.

But they’re destroying America.  They might have good intentions, but they are working with bad models. Ones that lead to truly horrible outcomes.

His assessment is probably not an overstatement. But like Martenson, the blogger makes no mention of the Jewish component to the equation. Could it be they both considered the point irrelevant? As you will see, Weiss very obviously disagrees with them–which is what makes his article so fascinating. We are now experiencing an “unprecedented run of Jewish power and influence,” as he puts it–though at the same time he appears ready to level the charge of “anti-Semitic conspiracy mongering” to any non-Jew who dares to talk about this. ]


Janet Yellen is Poised to be the Third Jewish Fed Chair in a Row. Where Are All the Anti-Semites?

By Steven I. Weiss

December 16, 2013

Sometime this week, Janet Yellen is expected to be confirmed by the Senate as chairman of the Federal Reserve. When that happens, she’ll become one of the most powerful people in the world, and one of the most powerful women—some have argued the most powerful woman—in history.

Yellen’s ascent to the post will also guarantee that, by the end of her first term, Jews will have occupied the Fed’s top post for three decades straight – an unprecedented run of Jewish power and influence. The chairman’s seat hasn’t been occupied by a non-Jew since 1987, when Alan Greenspan was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to follow Paul Volcker. With the succession of Ben Bernanke in 2006, under President George W. Bush, and now the appointment of Yellen by President Barack Obama, it’s worth remembering that there is a concept in Jewish thought called chazakah: When something happens three times, it can be considered permanent. Applied to the Federal Reserve, it would suggest an impossibly firm grasp on a degree of power the likes of which the Jewish people have never known.

Of course, the idea of a somewhat secretive cabal of Jews manipulating the levers of global finance is pretty much exactly the paranoia that has animated the most virulent anti-Semitic conflagrations of the past. And now, we have not just Yellen in the picture, but also Stanley Fischer, the Rhodesia-born banker who served as head of Israel’s central bank and is now rumored to have been picked to fill Yellen’s place as vice chair of the Federal Reserve.

And yet, despite this historic Jewish run, anti-Semitic conspiracies about Jewish control of the world banking system seem, if anything, less common than they once were—all the more surprising because the degree of influence American central bankers have in the global financial system today surpasses anything the Rothschild tycoons were able to maintain at the height of their influence. Every time the Federal Reserve issues its thoughts about the future of the American economy, or tweaks an interest rate by a fraction of a percent, or adjusts its bond-buying program, it immediately alters trillions of dollars’ worth of transactions all around the globe. There are subsistence rice farmers in rural China who are affected by the Fed’s decisions along with Wall Street traders.

And with the Fed consistently lowering interest rates to goose the American economy—especially in the last three years under Bernanke, with Yellen as his vice chair—plenty of countries have legitimate reason to object to the bank’s actions. Germany’s selling us fewer small appliances, Vietnam’s selling us fewer cashews, and Korea’s selling us fewer electronics than they otherwise would if the Fed weren’t engaging in competitive devaluation of the dollar.

And that’s just one side of the equation. On the other side, the Fed’s policies are boosting the competitiveness of our exports. So, farmers everywhere are getting undersold to a greater degree by American soybeans and corn. Our Boeing airplanes are relatively cheaper than Europe’s Airbus craft. We’re dumping product everywhere, even gasoline, which we now export more of than we import.

You’d think all that would keep the leaders of Jewish defense groups awake with nightmares. So, why aren’t we seeing laid-off agricultural workers with pitchforks, and assembly-line workers with pneumatic air guns, and electronics manufacturers with soldering irons lining the streets, protesting their unemployment at the hands of America’s Jewish central bankers?


The first Jewish chair of the Federal Reserve was appointed in 1930, just after the stock market crash of 1929. The American economy had started on its downward slide toward the Great Depression, and anti-Semitism and racism were on the upswing thanks to radio preachers like Father Coughlin and groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

Eugene Meyer was an investing heir who rejected his father’s firm to make his own mark by purchasing a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. The first president he worked for was Woodrow Wilson, who tapped Meyer to lead the War Finance Corporation during WWI. Calvin Coolidge subsequently placed him atop the Federal Farm Loan Board, and Herbert Hoover made him chair of the Federal Reserve.

He had the political misfortune to take over the Fed just as the country was heading into its worst and most enduring economic crisis. Under his leadership, the Fed oversaw rapid deflation, which dried up domestic spending and exports. He resigned when Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office in 1933, before the end of his term—but not before becoming the only Fed chair ever to have articles of impeachment introduced against him, by the notoriously racist, anti-Semitic and reactionary Congressman Louis Thomas McFadden, a Republican from Pennsylvania.

McFadden inveighed against Meyer’s Fed in a 25-minute speech delivered on the House floor in 1932, replete with conspiracy theorizing:

Some people think the Federal reserve banks are United States Government Institutions. They are not Government institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders. …

Those 12 private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this country by bankers who came here from Europe and who repaid us for our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. Those bankers took money out of this country to finance Japan in a war against Russia. They created a reign of terror in Russia with our money in order to help that war along. They instigated the separate peace between Germany and Russia and thus drove a wedge between the allies in the World War. They financed Trotsky’s mass meetings of discontent and rebellion in New York. They paid Trotsky’s passages from New York to Russia so that he might assist in the destruction of the Russian Empire. They fomented and instigated the Russian revolution and they placed a large fund of American dollars at Trotsky’s disposal in one of their branch banks in Sweden so that through him Russian homes might be thoroughly broken up and Russian children flung far and wide from their natural protectors. They have since begun the breaking up of American homes and the dispersal of American children.

The speech concluded with a more direct reference to the nature of those McFadden felt were consuming the world in financial conspiracy: “Faithless Government officers who have violated their oaths of office should be impeached and brought to trial. Unless this is done by us, I predict that the American people, outraged, robbed, pillaged, insulted, and betrayed as they are in their own land, will rise in their wrath and send a President here who will sweep the money changers out of the temple.”

It bears repeating: This was a speech delivered on the House floor. The congressional record notation of what occurred immediately after that last sentence was “[Applause.]” (McFadden also distinguished himself by placing the entire Protocols of the Elders of Zion into the congressional record.)

Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen have never faced anything like the anti-Semitic tirades that Meyer endured. And the sense of everyone being OK with Jewish bankers isn’t restricted to the United States: Even as anti-Semitism flares up in Romania or Bulgaria or Iran, it hasn’t been targeted at these central bankers.

It’s not because the Fed has lost its allure as a target of populist malcontent. Ron Paul, the former Texas congressman and erstwhile Republican presidential candidate, declared after winning the Iowa caucuses in 2012, “We’re all Austrians now!” He was not referring, of course, to the Nazis who stomped on my ancestors, but to the Austrian economists he loves: figures like Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises, whose theories are interpreted by Tea Party enthusiasts as arguments against the expansionary monetary policy wielded by the Fed and other central banks.

Nor is it because Israel has replaced bankers as the chief object of international anti-Semitic conspiracy-mongering. Indeed, perhaps the most famous and notorious anti-Semite of the contemporary era, former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, famously threatened to wipe Israel off the map. But it’s silly to suggest that anti-Semites can’t target the Fed because they have a bandwidth problem: Ahmadinejad also hosted Holocaust denial conferences, which suggests a hunt for extra outlets for expressing his anti-Semitism.

It seems, rather, that the perception about Jews and money may have actually been inverted—a phenomenon we see most clearly in Asia, the region where Jews are least present. As many anecdotal examples from Asia’s modernizing economies have shown, Jews are almost a mythical people there; see, for example, this excellent video the JTA produced in 2008 asking people in Beijing what they thought of Jews. South Korean executives look to the Talmud for business lessons, and last year, a Chinese business owner set out to improve his company’s international credibility by hiring a Jew, preferably one with a degree from Harvard or Yale.

These countries are interesting because they’re rare examples of places on earth where Jews haven’t been demonized, persecuted, or slaughtered en masse, though there weren’t ever enough Jews around to be worth the trouble. And yet, the longstanding story of Jewish competence in areas of finance and commerce has pervaded popular culture and been turned on its historic head, to the point where some firms feel the need to hire Jews and millions of people try to find the secrets to worldly success in ancient Jewish texts. It’s clearly the kind of anti-Semitism that the ADL would call out, and yet it’s also just as clearly devoid of the kind of violent intent or nostalgia for violence that we’re so used to.

So, what does all this mean for Janet Yellen? She’ll be allowed to do her job, and however she fares, she won’t have to worry about whether her performance is good or bad for the Jews—just about whether it’s good or bad for everyone.

The Arsonist!

 The house of Al-Saud is indeed responsible not only for distorting the real human, peaceful and tolerant face of Islam  and all humanity. The Wahabbi Al-Saud family imposed by force  on the people of Arabian Peninsula   by the colonial greedy forces of exploitation and colonialization are indeed not only stupid, ignorant but even work as to impose their deformed vision and paralysis upon all Arabs.

Petrodollar can buy terrorists, slaughter, means of destruction and slaughter ; but never can buy humanity, pride, honor, nor amity and fraternity! Petrodollar might buy a businessman, make business deal, but never possess others’ sovereignty, integrity and self-determination. Al least, when it comes to Syria, petrodollar cost the Syrians part of their infrastructure, some of their beloved and cements!

 The dirty Saudi  petrodollar can in way dispose the Syrians from their history, civilization, and deep roots. The Saudi petrodollar can bribe the entire globe of today but never the owners of  the rights! The Saudi Wahabbi petrodollar can make another 11thSeptember against America, can bribe US authorities and others; but can never bring back a single lost innocent life.

The fire to be set ablaze by Mr. Trump-businessman current visit are sure to burn the arsonists before all others! If in the past the good-hearted gave pieces of advices to the blind as to spare life, who knows if there would remain such pieces of advice for the coming! With this in mind, it is suffice to recall Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard reaction to the arms deal with immediate condemnation.

Gabbard, a Democrat, blasted the deal – which she said includes an additional $350 billion over the next 10 years – saying Saudi Arabia is “a country with a devastating record of human rights violations at home and abroad, and a long history of providing support to terrorist organizations that threaten the American people.”

“Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest sponsor and propagator of the extremist Wahhabi Salafist ideology that fuels terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda,” a media release from Rep. Gabbard stated. “Based on Saudi Arabia’s history and track record, there is a significant likelihood these weapons will be used against innocent civilians or end up in the hands of terrorist groups.”

“Saudi Arabia has spent hundreds of billions of dollars spreading their extreme Wahhabi Salafist ideology around the world, creating fertile ground for terrorist organizations like ISIS and al-Qaeda to recruit, while simultaneously providing direct support to terrorist groups who pose a direct threat to US interests and who are fighting to overthrow the Syrian government. The hypocrisy in the Trump administration’s actions toward Saudi Arabia began in February 2017 with the newly-appointed CIA Director Mike Pompeo presenting Saudi Crown Prince bin Nayef with the George Tenet Award in recognition of Prince bin Nayef’s ‘excellent intelligence performance, in the domain of counter-terrorism and his unbound contribution to realise world security and peace.’’ Underscored Senator  Tulsi Gabbard.

”This hypocrisy continues now as the Trump administration talks tough against ISIS and terrorism, while selling weapons to, supporting, and praising a country that beheads dissidents, oppresses women, persecutes religious minorities, atheists, and LGBT people, and is the greatest supporter of terror groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS in the world today. This arms deal will enable Saudi Arabia to use U.S.-made weapons in their war crimes against Yemeni civilians in a brutal civil war, and continue perpetuating human rights atrocities at home and abroad,” said Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

The arms deal runs contrary proposed bipartisan legislation supported by Gabbard: H.R. 608, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, which Gabbard says “would prohibit any Federal agency from using taxpayer dollars to provide weapons, cash, intelligence, or any support to armed militants who are allied with al-Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist groups, and it will prohibit the U.S. government from funneling money and weapons through other countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar who are directly or indirectly supporting terrorists.”

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Tulsi Gabbard and the Litmus Test

By Richard Edmondson

Tulsi Gabbard, the US congresswoman from Hawaii who introduced the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act” earlier this year, has been winning a lot of accolades (including on this blog) for her opposition to the war in Syria and US efforts to overthrow the country’s president, Bashar Assad. But of course in America, the real measuring stick of any politician, the litmus test if you will, is where they stand on Israel.

Last month I put up a post entitled Blessed Are the Peacemakers that included a video of a Gabbard town hall meeting in her home state as well as a commentary on the situation in Syria. The writer of the commentary, Yvonne Lorenzo, praised Gabbard for publicly condemning Trump’s April 6 missile attack on Syria, an attack which killed at least 14 people. But in response to the article, one of our readers, Robert Stiver, posted a comment about Gabbard’s position, or perhaps more precisely lack of a position, on the ongoing crimes being committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Robert lives in Hawaii and says he has contacted Gabbard’s office on a number of occasions–partly to express his support for the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, but also to discuss the Palestine-Israel conflict. With regard to his concerns over the latter, however, the congresswoman has failed to respond in any kind of meaningful manner, he says.

His comment led me to consider reaching out to Gabbard myself. And so I did. Here is the email I sent. You can click on the image to expand it.

I sent the above email to Gabbard on April 20–just over a month ago. I have yet to receive a response.

Ending US aid to Israel might not completely solve the problem in Occupied Palestine, but it would go a long way. There are presently more than 120 Israeli settlements (and countless other “outposts”) on occupied Palestinian land. No logical justification can be mounted for maintaining a program of sending billions of US tax dollars a year to support the Zionist state while these settlements continue to exist. They are all illegal. They have actually been formally declared illegal by the UN Security Council–in a resolution that was adopted in December of last year and that was not vetoed by the Obama administration.

So the justification for ending US aid is there–morally and now, with the passage of the Security Council resolution, even legally–and Gabbard should grab it. But she isn’t. In fact, she is doing almost exactly the opposite.

Not long after Robert posted his comment, another one of our readers, Rene, also posted a comment on Gabbard. In Rene’s view, the House member from Hawaii is not a “peacemaker,” but rather “just another ‘controlled opposition’ member” whose job is to confuse an already confused public. To support this thesis, Rene included a number of links, including to the video below in which Gabbard can be seen speaking at a 2016 event sponsored by the World Values Network. The mission of the World Values Network, according to its website, is “to disseminate universal Jewish values in politics, culture, and media, making the Jewish people a light unto the nations.”

In her comments, Gabbard talks about wanting to “stand strong with our ally and partner, Israel,” and then in the same sentence goes on to say she opposes “oppression, persecution, and genocide.” Voicing support for Israel while claiming to have humanitarian concerns of this nature is a shameful and disgraceful display of hypocrisy. As I have pointed out in previous posts, Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians probably meets the legal definition of genocide.

On January 5 of this year, the US House of Representatives, by way of response to the Security Council’s declaration of the settlements as illegal, passed House Res. 11 condemning the vote and accusing the UN of being “one-sided and anti-Israel.” Gabbard voted against that measure. However, she has supported an alternate bill, House Res. 23, and even signed on to it as a co-sponsor.

H.R. 23–you can go here to read the text of it–lauds the US-Israel “special relationship” and asserts that the US “remains unwavering” in its commitment to stand by the Zionist state as it meets its “myriad challenges.” These include terrorism as well as “civil conflict in neighboring states and the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.” The measure also talks about “shared values of democracy and the rule of law” that supposedly are enjoyed by peoples of the two countries forming the “special relationship,” which leads us to ask: what exactly are these Washington politicians talking about? What commitment to “democracy and the rule of law” can Israel be said to be pursuing when it imposes a blockade/occupation upon some 4.5 million people–people who have no right to vote in Israeli elections? The blockade of Gaza has been going on for 10 years and the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem enters its 50th year this year. With no end in sight. And this is what they refer to as “democracy and the rule of law”?

When Gabbard and the other Congress members who support H.R. 23 talk about “shared values,” are they trying to imply that Americans support apartheid? That we condone bulldozing people’s homes as a form of punishment? H.R. 23 also criticizes the “delegitimization” of Israel. Are these people living on another planet? The answer to that in a way may be yes. For that in a sense is what life in Israeli-occupied Washington is: it’s like living on another planet–in which all the lies of the mainstream media are believed, those who try to tell the truth are labeled as purveyors of fake news, and where boycotting Israel is “anti-Semitic.” Whenever you set foot on this planet you mind becomes automatically enslaved. Gabbard doesn’t seem to be immune from this process.

You can also go here to read about Gabbard’s alleged ties to Bharatiya Janata, or the BJP, the Hindu nationalist party of India. I don’t know enough about the politics of the BJP to comment one way or the other on it, but the article is at least worth reading, and it does discuss Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a BJP member, who has long been said to be intent on forging a closer bond with Israel (maybe he’s jealous of the “special relationship”). The writer also discusses the Hawaii congresswoman’s reputed ties to casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson–something that is also mentioned as well in a second article here. About all I can say to any of this is to repeat what my mother told me when I was growing up: you are known by the company you keep.

A bit more about the World Values Network (WVN) in closing. Each year the group sponsors a “Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala.” The video above shows Gabbard speaking at last year’s event. An article about that event can be found here. The article is written by Shmuley Boteach, the so-called “America’s rabbi” who has authored numerous books and is a familiar face on American television. Boteach seems to be affiliated with the WVN in some manner, at least he is featured prominently on the group’s website. At any rate, his article is devoted to giving a full report on last year’s awards gala, offering a summation of remarks made by the different speakers, including Gabbard’s. The congresswoman is spoken of highly, including her service in the US military. Interestingly, it seems Sheldon Adelson was also present at the event. Boteach refers to it overall as an “unforgettable evening” attended by “a who’s who of Jewish philanthropists and defenders of Israel.”

That was last year–the “4th Annual Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala.” This year’s event–the 5th Annual Gala–is scheduled to take place tonight, May 21, in New York. I could not ascertain whether Gabbard is returning as a speaker this year, but perhaps not surprisingly Boteach has a new article up. The piece, posted Friday at The Hill, seems to have a two-fold purpose: plugging the event and demonizing Syrian President Bashar Assad at the same time (perhaps the author is hoping to achieve a synergistic effect). At any rate, Boteach seems fixated upon the latest propaganda stew over a “crematorium” supposedly being operated by the Syrian government.

“If the phrase ‘Never again’ is to have any meaning, the United States, Israel, or some other power that stands for morality and against the evils of genocide, must immediately bomb the Syrian crematoria,” he writes.

This is quite ironic given that it seems to be at cross purposes with everything Gabbard was trying to accomplish with her “Stop Arming Terrorists” bill.  Which kind of brings us in a roundabout way back to the subject of the litmus test. How is the congresswoman stacking up? The answer seems to be not too well.

The USA is Owned by Israel



David Melech Friedman,
the new U.S. Ambassador to Israel

Zionist ‘Axis of Evil’ against Iran

British academic, author and anti-war Christian activist Rodney Shakespeare claims that all Western foreign policy is influenced by Zionism. He has also declared the US-UK-Israel and Saudi Arabia being Axis of Evil against the Islamic Republic.

Donald Trump during his upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel on May 19, 2017 is going to prove that Dr. Rodney Shakespeare was right in his claim. While in Riyadh, Trump and Saudi ‘royals’, a crypto-Jew dynasty, are going to cement a US$100 billion worth of arms purchase and another US$40 billion Saudi investment in America’s non-military sectors.

In Israel, Trump’s agenda is mostly domestic involving the powerful Jewish lobbying groups and the Jews in his family. Trump gifted US$3.7 billion to Israel last month in addition to US$3.8 billion annual military aid for the next ten years Barack Obama signed last year. Israel’s top newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported last Thursday that while in Israel, Trump is going to announce a Palestinian state without East Jerusalem. He is also going to tell Netanyahu that moving US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is not possible due to international opposition.

However, Trump is expected to assure Netanyahu that bloodshed in the Middle East would continue until all resistance to Jewish occupation of Palestine is destroyed. This is inline with Republican congressional Victory for Israel Caucus, established in April 2017 which demands that Palestinians must be humiliated to the extent that they accept defeat over the battle for an independent Palestinian state.

Donald Trump’s victory was hailed as a booster to a regime change in Iran by Benjamin Netanyahu, Theresa May, and Mohammad bin Salman, deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia

On May 7, 2017, in a column, former congressman Ron Paul advised Donald Trump to cancel his trips to Saudi Arabia and Israel and keep golfing.

Does he believe he will finally be able to solve the 70 year old Israel-Palestine conflict by negotiating a good deal? If so, he’s in for a surprise,” wrote Paul.

And finally, Israel’s Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant called for the assassination of Syrian President Bashar Assad after Israeli Mossad reported that Syrian regime is using Auschwitz gas-chambers to hide its mass-killing of Syrian civilians.

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