Promised Land – Shattered Lives (must watch and shared)

August 12, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

This is a powerful short  deconstruction of the Biblical ‘promised land’ myth By Dan McGowan.

More Americans believe than do not believe Israel was given to the Jewish people by God, according to a 2013 Pew Research poll: Daniella Weiss, a leader of Israel’s Jewish settler movement, clearly stands with the believers.

Gilad Atzmon sings Hava Nagilah (video)

In this video Gilad Atzmon sings Hava Nagilah but also addresses some ludicrous Zionist accusations.  This video was taken 10 minutes before Will McClure was subject to an anti Atzmon attack in proximity to the Albion Beatnik Bookstore in Oxford (during the break)

Jewdas Lies (video-must watch)

August 04, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

Jewdas calls itself a source of “Radical Voices for the alternative (Jewish) diaspora.” But If Jewdas is the ‘alternative’ then we really prefer the original.

Collaborating with the Campaign Against Antisemitsm’s (CAA) war against British jazz, Jewdas also decided that me playing Jazz is simply unacceptable. They are determined to stop me.

Two days ago at the Vortex Jazz Club in London, a bunch of skullcap boys joined by three Antifa members appeared 50 minutes ahead of my gig with leaflets that were blatantly duplicitous from top to bottom. Jewdas protestors urged my audience not to attend my gig. They obviously failed in their mission. The gig was sold out.

Interestingly enough, the leaflet offered one single ‘quote’ from my book ‘The Wandering Who.’ The quote read:  “Some brave people will say that Hitler was right after all.”

Far from being surprising, this line doesn’t exist in The Wandering Who. Jewdas consciously lied in an attempt to defame me by misrepresenting my thoughts. The line that does appear in The Wandering Who suggests the complete opposite meaning.

“We, for instance, can envisage an horrific situation in which an Israeli so-called ‘pre-emptive’ nuclear attack on Iran escalates into a disastrous nuclear war, in which tens of millions of people perish. I guess that amongst the survivors of such a nightmare scenario, some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all.’

The above is obviously a fictional scenario, and by no means a wishful one, yet such a vision of a ‘possible’ horrific development should restrain Israeli or Zionist aggression towards Iran.” (The Wandering Who, pg 179)

In The Wandering Who I call for an introspective understanding of history that would deter Israel and its lobbies from pushing us into more wars.

The fact that Jewdas consciously lied provokes the necessary question. If I am as bad as Jewdas and the CAA insist, why do they see the need to doctor my words and even manufacture my statements? Surely, if I am anti-Semitic and Nazi supporting as Jewdas believes, it should have by now found a genuine statement by me that can support such a claim.

I ask myself whether Jewdas’ leaders reckon that young Jews in skullcaps standing in the street, intimidating a jazz club, distributing lies about an international musician, harassing bandmates and audiences reflects greatly on the Jewish community. I will save Jewdas the trouble of using their brains. NO is the obvious answer. The jazz community: musicians, audience, clubs are all disgusted by this anti Atzmon campaign.

In the Jewdas flyer I am accused of Holocaust denial. My followers as well as my detractors know very well that I am playing and teaching in Germany regularly. In fact next week I am leading a workshop in south Germany. Holocaust deniers are not welcome in Germany. If Jewdas or the CAA possess the evidence of me being a holocaust denier they better get me arrested or at least questioned in Germany.  My position on the holocaust is established worldwide.  I am against the holocaust or any other event in the past being treated as a religion or a dogma. I insist that if history is the attempt to narrate the past as we move along, then re-visting and revising the past is the true and only meaning of historical thinking! The holocaust like all other events must be subject to revision, so spoiled kids like Jewdas can review their own book burning actions within the appropriate context. I also contend that if the Holocaust is a religion, I persist upon being an atheist.

Jewdas must be completely detached from British society and the reality around them. In the flyer they accuse me of spreading Nazi propaganda and ideology in my concerts. Does this bunch of Jewish youngsters really believe that such a scenario is even conceivable in Britain or anywhere else? The question here is how such a ludicrous idea came into their undeveloped minds. The answer, interestingly enough, is available in The Wandering Whoand Being in Time, the books Jewdas are pretty much desperate to burn. What we see here is Pre-TSD (Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder). Within the context of Jewish Identity politics, being tormented by a delusional event is pretty common and even epidemic. Israel is terrified by a nuclear Iran and Jewdas is terrified by the possibility of Gilad Atzmon’s gigs being neo-nazi beer cellar gatherings. What we are dealing with here is an obvious case of projection. The Jewdases attribute their own problematic symptoms of hatred and vindictiveness to me.

Jewdas claims to be an alternative Jewish diaspora group, they claim to support Palestine and multi-culturalism. But the Palestinians were with me inside the vortex. Two of the most prolific leaders of the Palestinian solidarity movement worldwide (Jafar Ramini and Greta Berlin) were sitting in front of me at the vortex. We had Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians and Iranians. How do I know? They bought my books and CDs and I signed them. The Vortex was packed with people of all ages, from every corner on this planet. On stage we had an NYC Jewish guitarist, and ex Israeli bass player, an Italian drummer and myself. If Jewdas are interested in an alternative diaspora, they better come to my concerts and learn how to intermingle with real diversity and real people. If Jewdas are interested in an alternative diaspora, they should consider not to identify politically and culturally with a race. Because to my ears, Jewish Voice for Peace and Alternative Jewish Diaspora sound as bad as Aryan voice for Peace or Alternative Aryan Diaspora. In short, people who identify politically as a race are not the ones to teach us about tolerance.

The Vortex jazz club offered to host a discussion between my Jewish detractors and myself. I welcomed the idea, I sent an invitation to Jewdas, I am yet to hear back.

I should mention that if the campaign against my music was designed to ruin me financially, it may achieve the opposite. My book sales tripled in the last week or so. I guess I shouldn’t complain yet.

Gilad Atzmon’s book Being In Time: A Post Political Manifesto is available now on: and   

Learn more on Jewdas:

israeli kingpins behind ‘monstrous’ international financial scam ‘binary options’

Israeli kingpins behind ‘monstrous’ international financial scam ‘binary options’


Israeli kingpins behind ‘monstrous’ international financial scam ‘binary options’

A top Israeli security official said: “The overseas regulators tell us, ‘You have to do something, it’s like you’re turning a blind eye to this.’ I’m telling you, these binary options are a greater cause of anti-Semitism than any other factor.”

The widely fraudulent binary options industry generates $5 billion to $10 billion a year and largely emanates from Israel. It has been estimated to number well over 100 companies, and to employ between 5,000 and tens of thousands of employees.

While many within Israel are trying to reign it in, the Knesset’s current watered-down bill would allow binary options fraudsters to re-brand their product and continue to defraud customers abroad with impunity. An analyst writes: “Israel is so corrupt that these borderline criminals actually run the country.”

Below are five articles from the Times of Israel and elsewhere about a criminal industry that has scammed hundreds of thousands of victims worldwide out of billions of dollars with little to no intervention from Israeli law enforcement: 

Police: Binary options is run by crime bosses, has grown ‘monstrous’ in size

By Simona Weinglass, Times of Israel

In a bombshell speech, a senior Israel Police officer told a Knesset panel on Wednesday that Israeli crime kingpins are behind the binary options industry and that organized crime in the country has been massively enriched and strengthened as a result of law enforcement’s failure for many years to grasp the vastness of the problem.

“Our eyes have been opened,” said Superintendent Gabi Biton, who investigates financial fraud and money laundering. “What we’re seeing here is a massive organized criminal enterprise. We are talking about criminals at various levels of crime organizations, up to the very top.”

The widely fraudulent binary options industry is estimated to generate between $5 billion and $10 billion a year and to largely emanate from Israel. It has been estimated to number well over 100 companies, and to employ between 5,000 and tens of thousands of employees.

The Times of Israel began exposing the industry in a March 2016 article entitled “The wolves of Tel Aviv: Israel’s vast, amoral binary options scam exposed.” The fraudulent firms ostensibly offer customers worldwide a potentially profitable short-term investment. But in reality — through rigged trading platforms, refusal to pay out, and other ruses — these companies fleece the vast majority of customers of most or all of their money. The fraudulent salespeople routinely conceal where they are located, misrepresent what they are selling and use false identities.

Because binary options is such a lucrative scam, established organized crime groups gravitated toward it, said Biton. “They saw the huge economic potential in binary options,” he added, explaining that these organized crime bosses then hired professionals, foreign language speakers and payments experts to help them carry out their fraud.

“It has grown to monstrous proportions,” he added. “I can say that we are discovering new paths of money laundering through this crime that we were not aware of.”

Biton was speaking at the second of three meetings of the Knesset Reforms Committee devoted to deliberating a proposed law to ban the Israeli binary options industry. At the previous meeting, held Monday, several of those in attendance were shocked to discover that the draft legislation unveiled in February had been substantively weakened. The original text, which was drafted by the Israel Securities Authority together with the Justice Ministry and the attorney general’s office, banned the entire binary options industry, but also, significantly, would have prohibited Israeli forex, CFD (Contracts for Differences) and other online trading companies from offering their wares to customers abroad without a license. The February draft law stipulated that online trading companies operating from Israel and targeting customers abroad must do so with a license from the country where they operate.

But in the ensuing months the text was changed, and in its current version — which was approved by the cabinet last month — the ban on binary options stands but the additional clauses, covering other financial instruments, have been deleted. This new version of the proposed law was formally published by the Knesset on June 20 but not publicized, and many critics of the industry only discovered the change in recent days or at Monday’s session.

During Wednesday’s committee meeting, some of those in attendance argued that the watered-down bill would allow binary options fraudsters to re-brand their product, offering forex or CFDs instead, and continue to defraud customers abroad with impunity.

A source involved in the legislation told The Times of Israel, “The expanded bill would have been ideal but I do not think it would be able to pass a final Knesset vote, even if the committee approved it. You cannot imagine the amount of pressure being exerted on Knesset members to weaken this bill. The industry has vast amounts of money and is exerting massive pressure.”

An August 2, 2017 meeting of the Knesset Reforms Committee devoted to the topic of banning Israel's binary options industry (Simona Weinglass/Times of Israel)
An August 2, 2017 meeting of the Knesset Reforms Committee devoted to the topic of banning Israel’s binary options industry (Simona Weinglass/Times of Israel)

The committee is set to vote on the bill next Monday. If it passes, it will then go to the Knesset for its second and third (final) readings.

Biton, the police superintendent, assured those in attendance Wednesday that the bill in its current state is sufficient because it allows the finance minister to extend the ban to other financial products in the future in consultation with the Israel Securities Authority and the Knesset Finance Committee. Biton added that police are now aware of the severity of Israel’s fraud problem and are conducting multiple investigations into key figures in the industry.

Staring directly across the room at several lobbyists and representatives of the binary options industry, Biton said pointedly, “We have names: We have names of companies, we have names of people, we have names of crime organizations and we have the names of soldiers in crime organizations.”

He told the panel that binary options fraudsters are part of a sophisticated network of criminals that has been carrying out internet scams over the past decade. Some of these criminals, he said, carried out the carbon-VAT scam, which was dubbed the “crime of the century” in France. Later, some moved on to other types of internet fraud, including the CEO scam, while others made their way into binary options.

“Binary options caused Israel’s crime organizations to become significantly stronger,” said Biton. “We have received reports from various enforcement agencies in Israel outlining the meteoric enrichment of the perpetrators.”

He said Israeli police have begun to follow the binary options money trail and to identify the true owners of the websites registered to shell companies in places like Belize and the British Virgin Islands.

Biton said that as North American and European regulators and law enforcement have caught on to binary options fraud, companies are shifting their activity to Arab countries and the Far East.

At the committee meeting, several representatives from the industry argued against banning binary options technology providers from Israel. Speakers appearing on behalf of platform provider SpotOption, for instance, firmly rejected any notion that the firm was involved in fraudulent behavior and said it ought not to be impacted by the law, as it will be if the current draft is approved.

David Ripstein, the former CEO of SpotOption, told the committee, “At SpotOption I developed a program that was fair and had 50 percent wins/losses.”

But Biton, speaking of binary options trading platforms in general, argued, “I have no problem with companies that merely provide technology. But when you ask for a commission of over 10 percent, that’s weird for a company that merely provides a platform and payment processing systems.” (SpotOption did not specify in the meeting whether it took a commission on each transaction.)

Ordinarily, “when you transfer money you pay a 0.5% commission,” continued Biton. “I know from the money laundering world that when you transfer money of criminal organizations it costs 14%. That gives us an indication that something here is not right.”

An illustrative photo of the Ramat Gan diamond center, where many binary options firms are located, June 23, 2015. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)
An illustrative photo of Israel’s Ramat Gan diamond center, where many binary options firms have been located, June 23, 2015. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Biton added that in many binary options companies, clients’ money never even reaches the investment platform. “It stays with the payment processor for 30 days. So what [money] are you investing?” he asked, looking toward the binary options representatives. “What are you working with?”

Binary options companies make heavy use of high-tech systems for processing payments, he added.

“There is a very robust system of payment processors, secondary payment processors and aggregators whose purpose is to hide the nature of their activity from the acquiring banks.” (The Times of Israel has written in detail about these payment processing systems here.)

Biton said he is currently investigating several cases of binary options fraud and that victims around the world were welcome to submit their complaints.

“We’re focusing on the big cases. But we received a directive from the head of the [police] intelligence and investigations division that every complaint that reaches us will be investigated.”

Former employees of the industry, he added, are increasingly willing to speak to police: “We’ve spoken to programmers of trading platforms, salespeople, even team leaders.”

Still, he said, it is difficult to gather enough evidence to bring indictments against the fraudsters.

“We are talking about companies that are registered in countries where their shareholders are two other companies. The servers are not in Israel. We have to ask other countries for help. It takes time.”

But in the end, Biton vowed to stop the fraud.

“Like drugs, gambling and prostitution, it won’t go away entirely. But we will use all the tools at our disposal to uproot this phenomenon.”

Israel’s long-awaited ban on binary options is absolute hogwash and smacks of corruption

By Andrew Saks-McLeod, FinanceFeeds

Israel reveals its innate corruption as the Knesset deletes important parts of the proposed ban on binary options at the last minute, allowing the underworld to prevail, much to the damage of the online business globally. We investigate in detail

Governments of highly corrupt nations are often prone to spending an absolute fortune from the public purse to drag out a potential legislation which would, if implemented, put a stop to very damaging and nefarious business practices which are running amok, and then giving up at the last moment due to bowing to the leaders of such businesses.

Israel, which is widely renowned for being a developer of high technology, ranging from advanced medical systems to avionics, and has been credited with the invention of several everyday devices that nobody in the modern world could live without, such as the mobile phone and the Intel microprocessor, fits this exact description, unfortunately.

Israel’s binary options industry rose to prominence very very quickly in the middle of the last decade, and has during the past two years become the bete noire of financial markets regulators, mainstream news entities and consumer protection groups, largely because it is about as far removed from a genuine financial product as is humanly imaginable.

The vast binary options business, which bears absolutely no resemblance to genuine electronic trading whatsoever, is indeed a weighted gambling platform masquerading as a retail trading environment, which the operators, most of whom come from adult entertainment, online poker, lead buying (and stealing in some cases) and affiliate marketing backgrounds rather than financial services, use to pocket the deposits of unsuspecting customers worldwide.

Binary options is reviled on a global scale, with France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, the United States, and Holland having outlawed it, and Britain making a clear point never to regulate it as a financial product.

Mainstream news sources have made large investigations into the activities of these brands and their respective platform providers which are also market makers, as absolutely no binary options business has any connectivity to a live market.

No doubt, mention the word ‘prime brokerage’ or ‘aggregated price feed’ to any of the owners of brands or binary options platform providers and it is unlikely that they will have any idea what either vital component’s teminology means.

Just as binary options firms are beginning to find that the gravy train is inevitably coming to a halt as the doors are closing around the world and the Israel Securities Authority chief Professor Shmuel Hauser has made extensive efforts to extinguish this fraudulent business that is casting a shadow over the genuine electronic trading sector from existence by requesting powers from the Attorney General to ban all of them from conducting any activity whatsoever from Israel, a loophole has appeared.

Thus far, binary options firms have been able to continue their odious activities by creating layers of different entities with registered companies in offshore jurisdictions and client bases in others, whilst only maintaining a service and marketing entity in Israel, which is structured as a separate company, thus circumventing national regulatory laws of every nation that they attract clients in, as well as the law of the State of Israel which stipulates that binary options is illegal.

Indeed, former US secret agent and Israeli intelligence officer Haggai Carmon, who has so far helped victims recover $2 million from binary options fraudsters, likened the way that binary options firms layer their corporate structure to “structures seen only in espionage organizations or among world-class money launderers or terrorist organizations.”

“A top professional tailored the layering,” he said, referring to the practice among money launderers to distance money from its criminal origins by hiding it behind layers of financial transactions. Binary options companies, 90 percent of which, Mr Carmon estimates, operate from Israel, similarly hide behind layers of false identities.

Now, as the Knesset (Israeli parliament) has concluded its Knesset Committee hearings on the instigation of the new laws against binary options, and some companies are closing down their operations, as well as the general consensus being not at all favorable, it looks as though the end appeared to be nigh.

The thing is, the companies concerned have not been actually closing down their operations at all, but simply sitting tight, whilst operating their lobby groups with the government, until the legislation is passed, at which point they will simply run the same system, doing absolutely the same thing, but call it something else.

Very likely, it will be called something much worse than binary options, and will be ‘simplified FX’ or ‘simplified CFDs’ which makes an even more close – and invalid – comparison with our industry of which they bear absolutely no relation whatsoever.

The sheer arrogance of the operators of these Israeli binary options firms is testimony to their understanding that Israel is so corrupt that these borderline criminals actually run the country.

The vast majority of the owners of binary options brands and the ‘platform’ companies and market makers that empower them are not educated, but are extremely forceful and have a dubious past.

They are as far removed from the leaders of the genuine financial services industry globally as cheese is from thermonuclear fission, however they clearly understand that they live and operate from a region in which pretty much anything goes.

No other OECD nation on the planet has allowed a fraudulent business to mimic the genuine financial services business, employ thousands of people and rise to prominence in this way, and then steal tens of millions from unsuspecting members of the public globally, raising its profile to international news and international government level, with no recourse, and when those who challenge the perpetrators do so, they are met with threats of physical violence.

The Knesset (Israeli parliament) has been making attempts to ban the entire binary options sector from operating anywhere globally in any form, whether it be call centers in Israel or marketing divisions, or layered companies with British Virgin Islands registration targeting overseas leads.

In essence, had this gone ahead properly, it would have put a complete stop to any Israel-based entity doing any binary options business anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world.

The calmness displayed by the operators of these entities – all of whom are not known for their calmness, quite the opposite in fact – demonstrates that they know exactly how Israel operates as a nation.

The same country that allows cartels to block the import of competing goods to the supermarket sector, allows families to run national banks, and maintains a criminal family which operates the country’s national port authority, taking imported goods, impounding them and then selling them via a network of equally disreputable individuals is the same country that is allowing semi-literate binary options fraudsters to have their cake and eat it.

The Knesset Reforms Committee convened two days ago, on Monday, for the first of three sessions this week intended to finalize legislation to ban Israel’s largely fraudulent binary options industry, several of those in attendance were shocked to discover that the draft legislation, unveiled in February, had already been substantively weakened.

The original proposed legislation, which was drafted by the Israel Securities Authority together with the Justice Ministry and the attorney general’s office, would have, if implemented, banned the entire binary options industry, but also, significantly, would have prohibited Israeli forex, CFD (Contracts for Differences) and other online ‘trading’ companies from offering their wares to customers abroad without a license.

It is FinanceFeeds perspective that this should be the case in all regions and that only licenced firms providing genuine products should be in operation, even in the genuine CFD and FX industry, which these binary firms are not, even though they may plan to rename themselves to give the impression of providing access to retail financial markets trading.

The February 2017 draft law stipulated that online trading companies operating from Israel and targeting customers abroad must do so with a licence from the country where they operate, however in the ensuing months, the text was changed, and in its current version — which was approved by the cabinet last month — the ban on binary options stands, but the additional clauses, covering other financial instruments, have been deleted.

This new version of the proposed law was formally published by the Knesset on June 20, but not publicized, and many critics of the industry only discovered the change in the last few days or at Monday’s session.

Professor Shmuel Hauser, Chairman of the Israel Securities Authority has made some headway in forging a path toward banning the entire business globally, and FinanceFeeds had a conversation with his office six months ago during the forging of the new laws, which, when wrote about, we were forced by the Israeli authorities to remove the article, demonstrating once again what has been clear for many years, that Israel does not have free media and allows into public channels only what has been screened by the government.

It continues to stand that the genuine FX and CFD industry is based in Britain, Australia, North America, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, with their respective FCA, ASIC, NFA, MAS and JFSA licenses being cornerstones of the retail and institutional OTC electronic trading business. There are also some good quality firms in Cyprus too.

Whilst this level of government pandering by the Knesset to the odious characters, many of whom have done time for other crimes, whose entire binary options business has been condemned worldwide and is potentially damaging to the genuine FX industry is disappointing to say the least, when looking at Israel’s credentials as a business environment, is perhaps hardly surprising.

Victims of Israel-based investment scammers find relief

By Eric Berger, STL Jewish Light

In 2015, Steve, a retired Presbyterian minister in Kansas City, sold a small farm and emptied a mutual fund and an investment fund. That left him with about $250,000 to invest elsewhere.

“We pretty much have what we want. We buy a new car now and then and have a nice house and live relatively modestly,” said Steve, 81, who added that he and his wife had started to think about taking a more “flamboyant” vacation.

After the farm sale, Steve — who asked that his real name not be used — discovered Binary Book on the internet. Binary Book is a company promoting significant returns on binary options, in which a person chooses whether or not a certain asset — be it a stock, commodity, currency — will be above or below a set price, in a certain amount of time. Essentially, the person bets on this prediction.

Steve said he now wishes he had invested his money more conservatively. That’s because it’s all gone.
He didn’t know it at the time, but Binary Book was based in Israel, as are many binary-options companies. Many, too, are under criminal investigations and facing increased regulation.

Lawyers such as Tami Hamm and some former binary-options insiders are trying to help people like Steve recover the money they lost. Hamm, who is Jewish and was born in Israel, now splits her time between University City and Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem.

Having seen reports in American and Israeli media about the scale of the problem, Tamm said she longs “to have a part in clearing (Israel’s) name because it’s such a small percentage of Israel that is involved — yet it makes a lot of news.”

Hamm says she cares deeply about Israel and its reputation. Her clients, meanwhile, care deeply about getting back the hundreds of thousands of dollars they lost.

A high-stakes guessing game

Binary options is a type of contract in which the payout depends entirely on the outcome of a yes or no proposition, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission. It could be “something as straightforward as whether the stock price of XYZ company will be above $9.36 per share at 2:30 p.m. on a particular day, or whether the price of silver will be above $33.40 per ounce at 11:17 a.m. on a particular day,” according to an SEC investor alert.In simplest terms, it’s a guessing game with an all-or-nothing payout.

Binary options companies continually prod clients like Steve to invest greater sums of money on a gamble. Then once clients appear to have “won,” these companies will often either prevent them from accessing their money, or manipulate the terms of the option until it becomes a loss.

Hamm, who is Orthodox and belongs to U. City Shul, said almost all binary options companies are based in Israel. Last month, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission lodged a civil complaint against an Israeli-American binary-options operator alleging that he stole more than $16 million from at least 8,000 victims, the majority of them in the United States, according to The Times of Israel.

Why are binary-options companies based in Israel?

Hamm said she attended a consumer-fraud convention in Florida and spoke with a former Department of Homeland Security official who worked in Israel and loved it. He told her that in Israel, however, “if no one is getting killed, it’s just not a priority. They deal with real problems, so to speak, like terrorism. And money loss is just not as big an issue until there is a lull in the attacks.” [In reality, it is Israel that almost always initiates the resumption of violence.]

A former binary-options scammer also told the Jewish Light that many of the digital platforms used for trading were created in Israel, a technology hub.

The Israeli government, which has faced increasing international criticism, is trying to push out the binary-options companies. Last month, the Knesset gave initial approval to a bill that would ban trading of the options, in addition to other regulations that have already been approved.

“I think it may be effective in making sure the companies do not operate on Israeli soil,” Hamm said.

A Times of Israel story last month quoted an Israeli state prosecutoras saying that at least 12 options companies and traders were under criminal investigation.

Shmuel Hauser, chairman of the Israel Securities Authority, said on an Israeli news show: “The [overseas] regulators tell us, ‘You have to do something, it’s like you’re turning a blind eye to this.’ I’m telling you, these binary options are a greater cause of anti-Semitism than any other factor. This is stoking anti-Semitism.”

Worse than a casino

Austin Smith made aliyah from New York in 2014 and studied at the Aish HaTorah yeshiva in Jerusalem for a couple of months. But the “yeshivish lifestyle wasn’t so much for me,” he said.

He moved to Tel Aviv and loved life in Israel, he said, but couldn’t find a job, in part because he didn’t speak Hebrew. A binary-options company hired him because he could speak English and would be able to lure customers from other parts of the world. He said people warned him that it was like working in a casino, but he took the job. He said he soon learned that it was worse than working in a gambling hall.

“The money comes in, but it never goes out,” Smith said.

Smith said he worked long hours and was lonely.In an interview with the Light, he said he changed his ways after a trip with a few friends to Tiberias in the northern part of Israel. He said he visited the grave of a 16th century kabbalist. He started crying and got a ride home from a haredi man who Smith said gave him a blessing: “You are going to do something special for the Jewish people.”

“A light bulb goes off, and I decided that I should go and help the people that have been defrauded,” said Smith, 33, the founder of Wealth Recovery International.

He and others at his company gather information about binary-options companies, which they present to lawyers and ask, “Here is what we’re able to provide, do you want to work with a client?”

Wealth Recovery offers attorneys information on clients who has been scammed and then charges the lawyers for its investigative work, Smith said. The attorneys then “work out their own deals with the clients.”

Hamm, who works as an in-house counsel for Wealth Recovery and also has a private practice in U. City,has helped negotiate settlements for 120 clients, said Smith. He first went by the name “Mitch Williams” when he started working in recovery because “we do get threats” from people he suspects are connected to binary-options companies.

Smith said he is now taking a salary of $15,000 a month from his company. As a binary-options trader, he made about $5,000 monthly, he said.

He has heard the accusation that he is a profiteer, but says, “I’m entitled to make a living.” He argues that he fights for clients despite the threats.

Hamm said Wealth Recovery reached out to her because of her Midwest connections and experience in dealing with fraud. In addition, she also speaks Hebrew.

“The [binary-options] companies are Israeli,” Hamm said by phone from Israel. “I walk in and negotiate with opposing counsel, for example, and I have to speak Hebrew to do that.”

Bait and switch

Steve Koel, 52, is a single father of two. He needed extra money two years ago because his son had started to have severe medical problems.

“We didn’t know if he was going to need multiple surgeries or long-term care,” said Koel, who lives in northern California. “I wasn’t necessarily prepared financially to deal with that, so I decided to explore some methods of possibly increasing my capital.”

He said he located Binary Book while surfing the web. After reviewing its site, he thought it looked “very legitimate.”

First, in September 2015, he made a $250 trade on the site. Then he received a call from a Binary Book employee who advised him to invest $2,500. He then learned that he had tripled his money bybuying binary options on stocks.

“I got my accounts credited for that amount,” said Koel, who owns a couple of franchise businesses.

The person Koel initially dealt with told him that he was sending him to more of a “VIP client’s broker.”

“The psychology behind it is, ‘You are now going to run with the big dogs. You are going to be my small fish, but I’m going to help you because of your son, and I’m going to bring you into this network of high rollers,’ ” Koel said.

The $5,000 profit he made became $10,000 and then $17,000. Binary Book told him he should invest an additional $25,000 because the company had “inside information about this, that and the other,” he recalled. “This all seemed very real to me. That’s how it escalates.”
Koel ultimately invested $1.5 million. He said he initially did just want to make extra money for his son’s care but then “greed took over.”

“A rational mind goes, ‘What are you thinking? How did this happen’? But there is no Cinderella story. It’s a process,” he said. “You are seeing results on a web portal that is very thorough and very robust. They are very good at keeping in touch with you, putting you through training classes and talking with their compliance department about when you want to make withdrawals.”

Koel said he believes that none of his money was actually invested. He told a “VIP manager” that at the expiration of trades, he wanted $1 million returned to his bank account.

That never happened. He noticed an irregularity in his Binary Book account and called to find out what had happened with some of the options he had purchased. He was told that “the Chinese were going to buy Yahoo and that was going to send the markets crashing, so we decided to exit your positions.”

Koel said he concluded that it would have been impossible for the markets to crash in such a scenario.

“It finally dawned on me that all the red flags I was seeing before were now real,” he said, noting that he never received a monthly financial statement like you would from a reputable brokerage firm. “I am thinking, ‘Oh my God. What did I just get involved with? What have I done to my family?’”

Koel said he received a call from Wealth Recovery informing him that he had been scammed. (They had a list of Binary Book’s clients, Koel said.)

He first thought Wealth Recovery also was a scam. And, indeed, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a nonprofit organization authorized by Congress to regulate brokerage firms and exchange markets, issued an investor alert in March urging binary-options investors to be wary of fraudulent pitches to help recoup losses.

But he decided to pay $100,000 to outside lawyers connected to him via Wealth Recovery.It turned out that Wealth Recovery was legitimate. After attorney’s fees and money that could not be recovered, he got back $1 million of his $1.5 million.

Earlier this year, Steve, the Kansas City minister, realized he had been part of a scam. He had tried to set up a meeting with a broker who said he was in New York but once Steve stopped sending money, the broker stopped responding.

Steve is now working with Wealth Recovery and lawyers to get his money back but hasn’t recovered any of it yet.

Israeli Watchdog Head: “Binary Options are Like Blood Diamonds”

by Dan Magen, Finance Magnates June 13, 2017

Israeli Securities Head Samuel Hauser: “Binary options are like those blood diamonds, in that the mining process in Africa has exploited and harmed so many people. We must expand our enforcement capabilities in order to eliminate binary options trading. The common belief of tens of countries around the globe is that the Israeli authorities are turning a blind eye towards binary options and are reluctant to solve the problem.”

“Binary options in my view are like those blood diamonds, in that the mining process in Africa has exploited and harmed so many people,” Hauser stated. “We must expand our enforcement capabilities in order to eliminate binary options trading. The common belief of tens of countries around the globe is that the Israeli authorities are turning a blind eye towards binary options and are reluctant to solve the problem.”

He then declared that the legislative procedure taking place in the Israeli parliament against binary options brokers “will be moving forward in the near future”. As reported by Finance Magnates, the Israeli parliament’s State Control Committee (government oversight) is working on a new law aimed at banning the marketing of binary options to foreign citizens by Israeli providers.

The latest discussion on the drafted law took place last February. Finance Magnates has sent an inquiry to the Israeli Ministry of Justice, which is responsible for the legislative procedure, regarding the current status of the law, but the office declined to comment.

The ISA declared open war against the binary options industry over a year ago. The first dramatic step it took was to ban the offering of binary options to Israeli citizens back in March 2016. Last year at the same conference, Prof. Hauser made some extreme remarks against binary options, saying that it is a fraudulent industry that “burns the money of orphans, widows and pensioners”.

The moves against the Israeli binary options industry have taken their toll on both brokers and technology providers over the past year. The last six months alone saw the complete closure of Banc De Binary, the closure of the local call centers of 24Options and Anyoption, and dozens of unregulated binary option providers have shut down their businesses.

Fleeced by Israeli binary options firm, Canadian man dies by suicide

By Simona Weinglass, Times of Israel, Jan 19, 2017

Fred Turbide of Edmonton, Alberta, was a devoted husband and father of four who was looking forward to enjoying his retirement with his family. Then the ‘brokers’ of 23Traders got hold of him.

A 61-year-old Canadian man has taken his own life after losing over 200,000 Canadian dollars (US$152,000) to an Israeli-run binary options firm, a Canadian law-enforcement official told The Times of Israel.

On December 21, 2016, Frederick Felix Turbide of Edmonton, Alberta, shot himself in the chest after losing his savings and additional money he borrowed, totaling over C$300,000 (US$228,000), to several binary options trading websites. He lost some two-thirds of this sum on the platform, which operates from Israel.

The largely fraudulent binary options industry has flourished in Israel for the past nine years, scamming hundreds of thousands of victims worldwide out of billions of dollars with little to no intervention from Israeli law enforcement. Fraudulent binary options firms lure their victims into making what they are duped into believing will be profitable short-term investments, encouraging them to “invest” more and more money. But by employing a variety of ruses, the firms ensure that in the overwhelming majority of cases their clients wind up losing all or almost all of their money. Victims frequently lose tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Turbide had been urged by his broker at 23Traders, who went by the name of “Julian Wellington,” to gradually invest his entire life savings as well as credit for his home and business into binary options, with reassurances that he would make significant revenue.

“G-OD is with us,” the purported Julian Wellington messaged him on Skype on December 12, 2016. “I’m taking you to 250k 🙂 When you expand your enterprise, send me a warm post card,” he texted with a handshake emoji.

Wellington told Turbide he was calling from the UK, or Toronto, Turbide’s family believes, as Turbide once referred to him playfully as “my UK boss,” and the phone number he used had a Toronto area code. 


Initially Turbide was told he was making profits, and encouraged to put in more and more money.

When Turbide told Wellington he had persuaded his wife to let him use $20,000 in credit from equity on their home, the broker congratulated him. “You are the master of charisma arts!” he wrote on December 12.

Turbide told him that he would be at the end of his rope financially after putting in the last $20,000, but Julian reassured him the same day. “I’m with you, not 100%..,1000% ! and beyond. Plain English = I got you brother. I know how bad you want to amass wealth and cover every expenses.”

Lengthy transcripts of their Skype exchanges, made available by Turbide’s grieving family to The Times of Israel, show that “Julian Wellington” and Turbide began communicating on December 6, 2016. The family believe Turbide had been trading with the company for several months before “Wellington” became his broker.

By December 19, there were signs of trouble. Turbide complained about not being able to get into his account. The next day, December 20, the broker wrote, “Tragic news, disaster in the heart of the EURO, Germany Berlin, We’ve been shorting EUR/USD all day long.”

The following day, December 21, Wellington called Turbide at 8:47 a.m. The conversation lasted over an hour. Apparently Julian informed Turbide in that call that he had “lost” most or all of his money: Shortly after they got off the phone, Turbide texted, “I am at your mercy right now Julian. Never in my life have I undergone such stress as this before. Oh my God, Julian tell me this is not true.”

Wellington replied, “Everything will be ok, dear Fred. Faith will lead us to victory. I want to apply the insurance bonus, and recover losses.”

But Turbide appeared to no longer believe him. At 11:58 a.m. he sent Wellington a copy of a suicide note he planned to leave for his wife, in which he told his family he loved them and blamed 23Traders for pushing him to suicide. “Here is letter that will be on my desk at the end of the day,” Turbide wrote to Wellington.

At 12:02 p.m., Wellington attempted to call. Turbide said he could not answer because his wife was at home. Turbide then asked repeatedly on Skype whether Wellington would return his money, with no response from the broker. At 3:52 p.m., Turbide sent Wellington a final plea:

“I’ve lost my house, my retirement money and my business, damn you. It is now 3:52 PM my time. I am going to take a shower then go to my garage to finish myself off. I am giving you one hour to call me with positive results to put back the money I lost.”

Frederick Turbide (Courtesy of the family)

Frederick Turbide (Courtesy of the family)

Turbide’s wife of 21 years, Maria Chaves-Turbide, arrived home later that day, followed by her four children, to find him dead in the garage of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“I believe when he realized he had been betrayed by the binary options broker, he couldn’t bear the thought of losing what he had built for the future of our family,” Turbide’s son, Tomas Ferreira, told The Times of Israel.

“He most certainly felt a combination of betrayal, despair, and shame.”

Canadian fraud investigator Jason Roy of the Manitoba Securities Commission, who heads Canada’s binary options task force, told The Times of Israel several months ago that “binary options fraud appears to be the current greatest threat to Canadian investors.”

Alison Trollope, director of communications for the Alberta Securities Commission, said that “the ASC and our colleagues in the Canadian Securities Administrators are aware of multiple websites promoting binary options trading platforms that are soliciting Canadians. Unfortunately, not only are these sites not registered to sell securities in Canada, but generally they are fraudulent. We have and will continue to advise Canadian investors to avoid investing in such schemes, which are often located offshore.”

A third Canadian law enforcement official who spoke to Turbide’s family, and who alerted The Times of Israel to his suicide, said 23Traders somehow managed to charge more money to Turbide’s credit card even after his death and even after his family had put a hold on the card. is not licensed to operate in Canada, the regulators said, and was violating the law by transacting with Frederick Turbide.

According to documents seen by The Times of Israel, and sources with knowledge of the company, operates from a call center in Israel that goes by the name of “Market Giants Ltd,” whose company address is listed in Israel’s corporate registry as 9 Barkat Street, Petah Tikva.

A 23Traders job advertisement, with small Market Giants logo on the blue bar at top right

A 23Traders job advertisement, with small Market Giants logo on the blue bar at top right

According to Israel’s corporate registry, Market Giant’s director is Eran Schindler, whose LinkedIn profile describes him as the founder and owner of “Schindler CFO Financial Services.” Also according to Israel’s corporate registry, Market Giants is owned by a company called “CFO Outsourcing Services Ltd,” which is owned by Eran Schindler together with a third company called I-TLD Management Ltd. According to the Israeli corporate registry, I-TLD Management Ltd is owned by Tal Dayagi, whose LinkedIn profile describes him as a partner in the same Schindler CFO Financial Services.


No time for shallow diplomacy, Christians, in the religious war on churches in the Holy Land

No time for shallow diplomacy, Christians, in the religious war on churches in the Holy Land


Palestinian Christians cry for help

By Stuart Littlewood

A month ago, after reading a desperate cry for help from the National Coalition of Christian Organisations in Palestine (NCCOP) addressed to the World Council of Churches, I emailed eight churches in my locality asking whether that heart-rending appeal had trickled down to them at parish level.

If not, I hoped to find out where the break in communications occurred, as this wasn’t the first time churches in the Holy Land had sought support from Western Christendom. Previous appeals were largely ignored and left to civil society for action.

Now, say the Palestinians, the situation is “beyond urgent”. So, had the NCCOP’s latest plea actually arrived on the desks of parish priests in my neighbourhood? And if so, how were grassroots Christians responding?

If this local bunch are representative of the Christian community in the UK, they don’t give a four-X for their brothers and sisters in the occupied Palestinian territories. And they are utterly indifferent to the fact that the place where Christianity was born is being stolen from under their noses.

I included a link to the actual crisis document, which should have made every churchman sit up, and a gentle reminder that their faith and their job of work are rooted in the Holy Land. “So what are the chances, I wonder, of seeing concerted action from Western churches before it’s too late? And what part can local parishes play?”

The key point was this: it’s beyond urgent. So are our spiritual leaders, those upstanding “men of the cloth”, mobilising their troops?

Only one of the eight replied – the local Catholic vicar-general – who dismissed the subject in two sentences. So, there you have it. If this local bunch are representative of the Christian community in the UK, they don’t give a four-X for their brothers and sisters in the occupied Palestinian territories. And they are utterly indifferent to the fact that the place where Christianity was born is being stolen from under their noses.

If that’s a wrong interpretation, and Christians in the West do actually wish to help, the issue is straightforward enough. Churches in Palestine are asking churches here to call things as they are: to recognise Israel as an apartheid state in terms of international law and the United Nations report which says so. They are concerned that states and churches are still dealing with Israel on a business-as-usual basis, as if the situation were normal, and ignoring the criminal reality of military occupation.

Churches came together in opposition to apartheid in South Africa and helped end it. Why haven’t they done the same in Palestine?

They ask us to unequivocally condemn the Balfour Declaration as unjust, and they rightly demand that the UK asks forgiveness and compensates the Palestinian people for their losses. Theresa May’s government, however, plans to celebrate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration “with pride” and has invited Netanyahu to the fun.

Clearly, May, God-fearing churchgoer that she is, needs to feel the heat of His wrath. The woman is so arrogant that her government intends to appeal against the recent decision by the Royal Courts of Justice defending our right to boycott Israel.

End the “Ecumenical Deal”, put interfaith dialogue through the wringer

The Palestinians want us to take the strongest possible stand against any theology or group that seeks to justify the occupation. That means, of course, challenging our religious dialogue partners and withdrawing from those partnerships if they won’t condemn Israel’s brutal occupation.

But I can hear our canting clerics muttering: “Oh dear, no, no, no. We mustn’t upset our interfaith colleagues. That would never do.”

Churches that sell their holdings or otherwise divest from companies that profit from the occupation of Palestinian lands often take years of agonising confab to reach such a common-sense position. But they needn’t think just moving their money is enough. A recent example is the Mennonite Church in the USA, where it took (they say) a three-person writing team and a 10-member reference group working intensely during the past two years and consulting widely across the church and with Palestinian and Jewish partners, to come up with a modest proposal. And to sugar the divestment pill they declared that “the legacy of Jewish suffering is intertwined with the suffering of Palestinians”. What the Palestinians had to do with Jewish suffering or ever did to deserve having their lands and homes confiscated, isn’t explained. But it is used to provide an excuse to call on Mennonites to strengthen relationships with Jewish communities.

Why? Can they not understand that you have to be consistent in boycotting Israel? It involves boycotting the people who also support and advocate for Israel, including those who fail to condemn the Zionist regime’s vile policies that hurt our Palestinian friends. As George Galloway has said, you simply don’t engage with them.

Christians who cannot grasp what is really going on out there, and don’t see what is needed to stop it, might find Robert Cohen’s excellent article “Brace Yourselves for Costly Palestinian Solidarity helpful in pointing towards proper, meaningful action.

He explains why the Christian-Jewish dialogue needs resetting. Central to the problem is the so-called Ecumenical Deal, a reluctance to question Jewish support for Israel for fear of unpicking decades of interfaith reconciliation following the holocaust. We appear to have cast ourselves in the self-defeating role of repenting for age-old Christian anti-Jewishness. Breaking out of it and criticising Israel would be seen as a re-emergence of that anti-Jewishness.

I’m not aware of Christian anti-Jewishness, although continuing failure on the part of Jewish leaders to condemn the cruel policies of the Israeli regime, aka “the Jewish state”, is surely asking for it. Does anyone inside or outside the bubble of the Church seriously buy into this repentance stuff? From outside, among people who would never set foot in a church again but still call themselves Christians because they were brought up according to the Christian code, it looks pathetic.

Christians in Palestine, says Cohen, despair of our Church leaders’ endless hiding behind the cover of political neutrality and their unwillingness to offend their religious dialogue partners. Consequently, he predicts, Jewish-Christian dialogue “is about to go through the wringer”.

Time for some “really uncomfortable conversations”

Pressing the reset button means “refusing to allow your local Jewish communal leadership to set the boundaries of permissible debate on Israel”. It also means “listening to the Christian voice under occupation before the Jewish voice living comfortably, with full equal rights, many thousands of miles from that same occupation”.

Operating the wringer, of course, will be followed by a distinct chill in relationships, forcing Church leaders, local ministers and their congregations, as well as the Jewish leaders they have dialogue with, out of their comfort zone. Good. As Rebecca Vilkomerson, Jewish Voice for Peace, recently wrote in Haaretz, after 70 years of dispossessing and expelling Palestinians, 50 years of Israeli military occupation and 10 years of blockading Gaza, it is time for Jewish communities “to have some really uncomfortable conversations”.

Palestinians say no to “shallow diplomacy” but it’s all they’re likely to get

How does the World Council of Churches (WCC) react to those urgent pleas from Palestine?

They will study and analyse. “As we at the WCC consider our plans for 2018 and beyond, we want churches in Palestine to know that their perspective is heard and it is vitally important,” said the WCC’s general secretary. “We will continue with the same passionate spirit to work on specific objectives, strategies and partners for advocacy to end the occupation and to work for just peace in Palestine and Israel.”

The WCC’s Commission of the Churches on International Affairs has been asked to contribute a thorough analysis of the changing political landscapes and dynamics in the Holy Land with an eye towards developing a more specific advocacy strategy that works through nations and organisations with significant influence.

The WCC has also started an online campaign, Seek #JusticeAndPeace in the Holy Land, which features profiles of peacemakers and various cries for justice.

The WCC also plans to “explore theological reflections, studies and projects that will bring a perspective on just peace in the Holy Land from all parts of the world”, and strengthen communication about the situation in Palestine so that it can “help churches and other ecumenical partners address their constituencies and governments in a more systematic way”. This includes developing a set of principles and practices of responsible pilgrimages of justice and peace to the Holy Land.

Will the Palestinian churches be impressed? Their cry for help stated specifically: “We stand in front of an impasse and we have reached a deadlock. Despite all the promises, endless summits, UN resolutions, religious and lay leader’s callings, Palestinians are still yearning for their freedom and independence, and seeking justice and equality.”

They stressed that religious extremism is on the rise, with religious minorities paying a heavy price. “We need brave women and men who are willing to stand in the forefront. This is no time for shallow diplomacy Christians.”

When I called the Church of England press office yesterday they didn’t think any response had been made. Such concern, then. And when I ran through the members of the WCC’s Central Committee I noticed the two representatives from the Church of England were both based in Europe. How helpful is that?

The power of hope

Christianity sometimes has great trouble telling right from wrong and doing something about it. The Holy Land is a case in point. Evil reigns there. Christianity across the world cowers. What would Christ say to that?

I know what Michel Sabbah says. He is a former Catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem, a courageous man of the front line and one of the great heroes of the struggle.

The current situation is hopeless. In reality, there are no signs of hope at all for the Palestinian people. In spite of that, we hope.

We hope because we are Christians, and God is present.

We hope because we believe in the fundamental goodness of the human being, Israeli and Palestinian. Human goodness will prevail at the end upon the human power of evil.

We hope because Palestinians are persevering in claiming their rights.

It is a source of hope that we never gave up…

We hope because among Israelis, there are people who are trying to work with Palestinians for what is right. And there are an increasing number of movements for peace, strong in will…

If we had no hope we would not live. Hope is life, and history gives us hope. What is right will prevail.

Michel Sabbah
Catholic Patriarch Emeritus

I fear that if he pins any hopes on the wets of the Western churches he’ll be disappointed. But he already knows that, surely.

Stephen Sizer on the Zionist ‘Hasbara handbook’

July 31, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

Former vicar Stephen Sizer tells it like it is. When Israel supporters identify a critical voice they will do the following:

1) Persuade, ingratiate and befriend the Zionist critic
2) Private written & spoken attacks, often anonymous
3) Smear character to friends, colleagues, bosses and/or in press/publicly
4) Report criminal ‘hate crime’ allegations to police

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Israel do not want  the world to see the old Pictures about Palestine  هذه الصور عن فلسطين لا تريد إسرائيل أن يراها العالم

31 Unbelievable Photographs Israel Doesn’t Want You To See!

Images of Palestinians being all Palestinian, doing Palestinian things and wearing Palestinian clothing in a ‘land without a people for a people without a land’. Or as the people who lived there liked to call it before being displaced and occupied: Palestine.


1. BEDOUIN WOMAN  1 – امرأة بدوية

2. WOMEN FROM NAZARETH 2 – امرأة من الناصرة

3. RAMALLAH FATHER AND SONS  3 – أب وأطفاله في رام الله

4. RAMALLAH WOMAN 4 – امرأة من رام الله

5. JAFFA WOMAN, 1889  5 – صورة من عام 1889 لامرأة من يافا



6. BETHLEHEM GIRL  6 – فتاة من بيت لحم

7. BETHLEHEM WOMAN  7 – امرأة بزي تقليدي من بيت لحم

8. BETHLEHEM WOMEN  8 – نساء من أجيال مختلفة في بيت لحم

9. BETHLEHEM SISTERS  9 – شقيقتان من بيت لحم

10. BETHLEHEM WOMAN 10 – فلسطينية من بيت لحم تحمل جرة الماء

11. JERUSALEM MAN  11 – شيخ مقدسي 

12. GAZAN MEN 12 – رجال من غزة (كتب أسفلها سكان غزة الأصليين – فلسطين)




14. RAMALLAH FAMILY 14 – عائلة من رام الله

15. RAMALLAH WOMAN 15 – امرأة من رام الله

16. BEERSHEBA BEDOUIN 16 – بدو من بئر سبع

17. WOMAN & CHILD FLEEING PALESTINE DURING THE NAKBA 17 – نساء وأطفال فلسطين يهربون خلال النكبة – 1948


18. 100 YEAR OLD MAN 18 – فلسطيني يبلغ 100 عام

 19. BETHLEHEM WOMAN, 1940 19 – امرأة من بيت لحم عام 1940 تنظر لأرضها


20. JERUSALEM  20 – القدس 

21. DEMONSTRATION AGAINST ZIONIST COLONIZATION/BRITISH RULE, 1920  21 – مظاهرات ضد الاستيطان الإسرائيلي خلال الاحتلال البريطاني عام 1920

22. DOME OF THE ROCK, JERUSALEM  22 – قبة الصخرة في القدس

23. SEA OF GALILEE FISHERMAN, 1930  23 – صيادون في بحر الجليل عام 1930


24. EARLY 1900 DEMONSTRATION IN JAFFA 24 – احتجاجات في 1900 في يافا

 25. JERUSALEM BETWEEN 1898 AND 1914  25 – القدس بين 1898 و 1914


26. JERUSALEM 26 – القدس


27. JERUSALEM GRAIN MARKET  27– سوق القدس للحبوب

28. NABLUS 28 – نابلس


29. BETHLEHEM 29 – بيت لحم


30. THE GREEK PATRIARCH OF JERUSALEM, 1940 30 – البطريرك اليوناني في القدس عام 1940


31. JERUSALEM POTTER, 1934  31 – صانع فخار مقدسي عام 1934


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