Muhammad & Friends with Gilad Atzmon

Press Tv-How long can Benjamin Netanyahu survive? Feat: Jafar Hassan & Gilad Atzmon

March 03, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon

In this week’s The Sun Will Rise, Roshan Muhammed Salih, Jafar Hassan and myself looked into  Benjamin Netanyahu’s political fate and the criminality within Israeli political elite.  Very interesting discussion (starting at 3min 29sec). I was very happy to meet mr. Hassan. I am getting familiar with his work.

NRHZ: Being in Time – a post-political manifesto, review by Clara S. (2018-01-26)

March 01, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon

being in time .jpg

Being in Time – a post-political manifesto, review by Clara S. (2018-01-26)

Ours is a post-political world and we, the people living in the US and Europe, have fallen out of time. We have neither answers to what is happening to us nor any strategy to be in time, again, anytime soon.

In today‘s dystopia the financial capital has taken over and the production of goods has been nearly abolished in the western world. Transformed into consumers living in debt, more and more people find themselves in the ’basket of deplorables‘  (H. Clinton) as victims of global capitalism. Democracy has become a farce and we, the citizens, have no real influence on political decisions.  This transformation has come about smoothly without big social protests or fundamental critique from academia and virtually no warning voices from art and culture.

This is the way Gilad Atzmon views the world and he questions why that is so. Searching for an answer he starts by reviewing the well-known right and left ideologies. Without any reservations he looks at their promises, examines the terms ‘national’ and ‘socialist’ and asks whether the combination of the two really are that bad.[1]  Furthermore, he writes about the appeal of these ideologies to the masses and whether or not they can provide solutions for our current situation. Without advocating any of these ideas himself, he provides quite unique and interesting insights. His results: for several decades the left-right tensions within our western societies (utopian/idealistic vs. nostalgic/realistic thinking) kept up a balance which brought about some security, well-being and the reliance of citizens to be able to influence politics. Those days are gone. The liberal western democracy Fukuyama saw as climax and end of our historical development is dead.

Meanwhile, the New Left has given up most of its social objectives and has split society into fragmented, infighting, biologically-oriented identity groups (according to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation etc.).Thus, they have created a global regime of political correctness. Nobody can really speak their minds anymore, and everyone is ‘voluntarily’ restricting their freedom of speech and thought. The New Right answers by claiming to be accepted as a discriminated identity group of their own on the one hand, and on the other by vehemently rejecting identitarian politics and advocating not very consistent Judeo-Christian values. The popularity of right populist parties of Donald Trump and Brexit, as well as the huge success of Corbyn and Sanders are to be seen as a protest against this kind of ‘left’ thinking, as the wish to be rooted and to change reality, and not to stay caught in idealistic ideas of political correctness.

People today are onlookers and objects of politics they cannot influence in any way. The author claims that it is important to relate the human condition to the full range of political ideas, to find new topical explanations and answers and not to get stuck in restricted patterns of thought. This is only possible by giving up Jerusalem (the town of commandments and political correctness) and establishing Athens (the town of reason) as our ‘capital’ again. With this distinction he refers to the 2000-year old philosophic argument and strictly conservative philosophers like Leo Strauss and Martin Heidegger.

The fearless analysis above was reason enough for his opponents to discredit Gilad Atzmon as fascist.  His explanations for the current situation have provoked his being called an anti-Semite. This is because he argues that one of the main causes for these problems can be seen in the huge influence of Jewish culture and ideology in connection with Jewish elites having gained more and more powerful positions in politics, finance, culture and media throughout the ‘Jewish’ 20th century. The reasons he provides are, again, unique. Without ideological blinkers he, for example, refers to Henry Ford, who is generally viewed as an anti-Semite for his criticism of Jewish influence in international banking. He describes how Jewish elites succeeded in combining high intellectual levels with practical efficacy. Furthermore, he vividly describes how our society was split into privileged, gifted elites, manipulated less gifted ‘deplorables’, how this is related to Jewish culture and what the consequences are. These ideas are quite thought-provoking as he uses the results of an extremely disputed scientist for his argument. The inventor of the Bell-Curve, Richard J. Herrnstein, has been called a rabid racist for his findings. I have never heard anything about this in Germany but read about it in American blogs. He tested the intelligence of different ethnic groups within the American society and found that Afro-Americans are, on average, less intelligent than Caucasians. Atzmon’s conclusions, however, are not racist but they call for accepting reality and finding practical solutions. As a former teacher I know from experience the daily struggle to overcome the motivational and intellectual barriers of youths from educationally deprived backgrounds, the difficulties of showing them that you care and convincing them that better education means the promise for a better life while, at the same time, you know that this is not really true.

Whereas the influence of Jewish elites cannot be underestimated, this group of people is successful in maintaining their status as potential victims. Here, according to the author, lies the core of their power to prevent people from criticising them. Another way of achieving that is controlled opposition. In a humorous way Atzmon explains how nearly every relevant debate today is transferred into an inner-Jewish controversy and thus loses its bite. He stresses that most of the time this is not a result of manipulation, although this also can be the case, but that many of the critical voices we adore, i.e. Chomsky, are completely honest but caught in their cultural bubble.

It would be rewarding for the author and all of us if the interested public, historians and sociologists didn’t allow themselves to be threatened away by the gatekeepers of political correctness and instead compared his findings with their own experience, checked them for consistency, provided scientific back up or even proved them wrong. Gilad Atzmon sees himself as a philosopher; his book is about introspection and not scientific proof. It is full of inspiring thoughts. Instead of answers you will find questions (some are from Atzmon himself, some are my own):

·       What can society do to make sure that its ‘deplorables’ can get by in dignity?

·       Could  equality within borders be an alternative to global capitalism?

·       How far does the social super-structure he describes really comply with the material basis of global financial capitalism?

·       Is the fact that Jews play such an important role a critical component when we are talking about certain capitalist structures?

·       What are the chances and risks of returning to the Athenian tradition of reason?

Some might want to compare Gilad Atzmon with the snake who challenges us to taste the forbidden fruit.  Why not?

If they want to burn it , you want to read it..

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Being in Time – A Post Political Manifesto  ,  and   here  (

[1] This is where I began to get cold feet.  Klaus Hartmann, secretary of the German Freidenkerverband, has rightly pointed out that Hitler’s fascism was neither ’national‘ nor socialist‘ – these terms were chosen for propaganda purposes ( But then I read an essay by Horst Mahler (a lawyer who used to be left and defended some of the German RAF terrorists; now he has changed his views to far right): “Cleansed of all traces of Jewish lies the spirit of the German People will shine in new glory. Freed from the cinders of Jewish thinking it will again intervene into world affairs and – with the irresistible power of reason – show the peoples that the idea of National Socialism provides the remedy for the Jewish-dominated world.” (

This quotation was taken from a piece in which Mahler uses Gilad Atzmon and his thoughts from ‘The Wandering Who’ as an example for a ‘good Jew’, who has succeeded in freeing himself from Jewishness and achieving true knowledge. German ‘being’ as remedy for the world instead of Jewish chosenness or the US-American ‘Shining City on the Hill’.  Applause from the ‘wrong side’ for Gilad Atzmon or would he agree? In our conversation he said that he was “not impressed by far right dogmatics with an agenda of their own”.


This is Being in Time!!!

June 22, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

Farrakhan Berates Media Reporters During Radio Interview Commercial

Karl Sabbagh & Gilad Atzmon discuss Being in Time

June 07, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

In this short exchange Gilad Atzmon elaborates on Being in Time, the meaning of Athens vs. Jerusalem, Tyranny of Correctness, ID politics, the New Left, Corbyn, Trump and Sanders, Utopia being Nostalgia, Jewish Elite, Jewish survival tactics, White Identity and more…(London book launch, Maramia Cafe, 5/6/2017)

Gilad Atzmon on Red Ice Radio talking about Being in Time

June 04, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

Gilad returns to Red Ice to discuss his new book, Being in Time, political censorship, Marxism, and much more. To begin, Gilad tells us about a recent incident in which antifa, unhappy with his outspoken views, attacked him. Gilad uses this story to draw attention to the fact that the West is currently divided between those who believe in civil debate, and those who do not. We discuss how the elite caters to the later, silencing views in opposition to the globalist agenda. Later, we discuss Trump, the Left’s curious relationship with the working class, and the role identity plays in politics.

In the members’ hour, we discuss how the Left discarded its support for free speech. We then talk about Karl Marx. Gilad argues that Marx was, all things considered, an intellectual open to debate and philosophical inquiry; his followers, as Gilad explains, then took his ideas and turned them into dogma. Switching gears, we discuss Gilad’s recent book, Being in Time. Gilad outlines some of its main ideas, and describes how it relates to The Bell Curve – a book which has been thoroughly suppressed and attacked by egalitarian academics. This leads to a discussion on the ruling elite: who they are, how they came to power, and to what extent Jews play a role. Our show covers much more, and concludes with a discussion of the Manchester bombing.

The book can be ordered on  &  and on Gilad’s site  here.


The Beauty and the the Beast: Being in time 1st interview

May 25, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon  Interviewed by the witty and glamorous Nedka Babliku.

We covered many of the aspect of the book: Athens & Jerusalem, controlled opposition, holocaust religion, the post political condition, Corbyn, Trump, cognitive partitioning and the bell curve and many more topics.

Being in Time is now available on  &  &  here

Being in Time reviewed by June Terpstra

May 21, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

Firmly rooted in the Western intellectual tradition, Gilad Atzmon’s “Being In Time” opens doors to shed light on the particular ideological constructs that influenced the schools and movements of left and right political wings that have produced a world in poverty and war, offering a matrix of controlled opposition embedded in modern, Jewish, secular politics to distract and destroy from within. Atzmon’s analysis, written like an intellectual jazz composition, celebrates Athenian philosophical calls to reason while urging the unpacking of political ideology to reveal the con-game being played to keep power in the hands of those who already have it.

In the first half of the book Atzmon offers a brilliant decoding of left and right wings of the Imperial Houses of Domination. On the left, he gives the reader Marx, Adorno, and the Frankenfurters defending principles of utopianism and what ought to be. To the right, are Breitbart, Murry and Hernnstein, playing Johnny one note for conserving the structures of power in hopes to hold on to their piece of that pie. Atzmon suggests that, “instead of looking at the world through the lens of the Right/Left dichotomy, or a particular ideological perspective, it will be more instructive to impose a meta-ideological method that juxtaposes ‘the humane’ i.e. the human condition and the political spectrum as a whole. Instead of imposing any particular ideology, be it Right, Left, Marxism, Capitalism, Liberalism, Fascism and so on I want to examine the relationship between a political system and the human condition.”

Atzmon engagingly utilizes the controversial Bell Curve of the Right Wing to show how a Jewish “cognitive elite” attempted to separate itself from the rest of society’s “unchosen” through selective breeding conflating genetic determination with heritability to fit what scientists call a power distribution so that a small group of exceptional performers overtake the rest. Atzmon poses that rather than increasing the performance of cognitive elites, the ideology of the curve has actually been constraining how all people perform.

A Return to Athens

In the post-political neighbourhood in which we live, much of humanity has been reduced to serving the interests of big money, mammon and oligarchy, with Left and Right, those two familiar poles of politics as we have always understood them to be, now indistinguishable and irrelevant. The freedom to think openly and speak clearly are but nostalgic concepts. Our Western Liberal Utopia has turned into an Orwellian dystopia. Gilad Atzmon

Atzmon, taking philosopher, Pierre Hadot’s advice, models the determinate individual separating himself from the All, be they Left or Right, by adding a difference which, as Plotinus says, is a negation. The best life depends upon becoming one’s true self via the intellect, which means to step away from identity politics, which teaches us to identify ourselves by our victimhood and oppressions in a competition for least powerful giving us an excuse not to act.

“Being in Time” is a peripatetic walk, from the man who brought us The Wandering Who,through the present post-political narrative. Intendedto make the ideologies driving the narrative available to all, thereby depriving it of its power, the book takes us on path to build moral courage. The chief consideration is how to popularize the walk of “being in time”, and to provide the individual, in a time of general confusion and dissolution, with a living and breathing moral basis for practical life.

The book can be ordered on  &

The book is now available here

The Alt Right is The New Jew

January 08, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon


By Gilad Atzmon

It been accepted for a while that the New Left is the Old Right. However, we have been quick to learn that the Alt Right is the New Jew.

The Jewish Daily Forward reports this week that supporters of the far-right Jewish Defense League (JDL) are sympathetic to the white nationalism of the “alt-right” — and have “no plans to push back against an anti-Jewish march planned in Whitefish, Montana by a neo-Nazi”.

JDL leader Jonathan Stern told Haaretz that “alt-right” figurehead Richard Spencer was “a white nationalist who stands up for white people and there is nothing wrong with that.” Stern seems to accept that if Jews are entitled to celebrate their Jewishness (as the daily Forward has been doing for a century), White people are also entitled to celebrate their Whiteness.

The Forward reports that In Whitefish, Spencer’s hometown, “liberal activists, including Jews, have organized for years against white supremacists… Spencer’s family owns property here and some locals urged Spencer’s mother to sell her property and denounce her son’s brand of white supremacy.”

The JDL’s leader doesn’t agree with these tactics. He puts the blame on Jewish organisations. “So they provoked this guy, and now there is all this response, by white people, and white supremacists, and neo Nazis, and they want to march in the Jewish Community…If Jews are being targeted, we need to stand up for them. But if this is a response to a liberal organization, it’s a different story,” Stern said. “They started it, let them deal with the consequences.”

For many years, most of the American Jewish elite identified itself with Liberal and progressive politics. This is clearly changing now. Andrew Breitbart and his were the first birds to shift to the Right. Adelson was quick to gamble on Trump (once he won the primaries) and now the JDL, that was formed to fight ‘Nazis,’ actually accepts that the old Nazis may as well be their new allies. I wonder how long will it take before we find out that Soros starts to fund ultra nationalist organisations through his new CSI (the Closed Society Interlude).

Listen and learn from JDL founder about the Jewish State:

Revolution! by Enzo Apicella

November 09, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon

Clarity in Writing

Is israel really detrimental to the world?

The Ugly Truth

rabbi ovadia 2

Sabba – The professor who penned this article is trying to philosophize about the beauty of judaism, as if there could be any beauty in the beast. Judaism has been best described by Minister Farrakhan –  ‘a gutter religion’ – and there is no philosophy in the gutter. But it is a very interesting article as it gives us a deeper understanding of the jewish psyche and reveals that the gap there is between the jews and Mankind is so deep that there can be no meeting ground, no compromise between them and us. 

He defines the jews as not a race nor even a religion but simply as a bunch of people who subscribe to a common idea and that idea is that of choseness, though he does not put it as clearly as this.

He shamelessly states that  “All the wars in the Torah are for peace and love,” and for one purpose only: to bring UNITY to mankind. He does not explain how the jews intend to unite mankind into one people, one nation, nor does he mention that such unity can only be achieved after all gentile civilizations, culture, heritage are destroyed. He does not tell us what the jews intend to do if they ever manage to achieve to blend all nations into one. I guess he dares not reveal too much. 

But he does not need to: we are witnessing it every day in Palestine and in the Middle East. 

Palestine is a lab and what they do to the Palestinians is what they intend to do to the entire Gentile population as soon as they have the chance to. All prophets, philosophers, statesmen, jewish thinkers themselves, everyone who has every pondered over the ‘jewish question’ has come to the exact same conclusion. Martin Luther summed it up nicely:

“All of the anxious sighing, longing and hoping of their hearts is directed to the time when some day they would like to deal with us heathen as they dealt with the heathen in Persia at the time of Esther”. 

And so what happens in Palestine and the Middle East in general is everyone’s business, should concern every single one of us because it is about us. The Arabs of the Middle East are our first line of defense and if Palestine/Syria/the Middle East fall, it is the end of us all.


JERUSALEM POST – In last week’s column, “Why are there anti-Israel Jews,” I wrote that like me, Jewish haters of Israel feel that Israel’s current conduct is detrimental to the world. However, and this is a big however, when it comes to the solution, they and I could not be more opposite, and I explained how. The column generated a fiery debate, and some of the readers took only the first part of my statement, and ignoring the rest, declared that I, too, hate Israel but was “just using a softer sell.”

Perhaps I should have anticipated this reaction, but I call it as I see it, and sometimes my words can be taken out of context. My “agenda,” if you will, is only this: The well-being of the Jewish people and the well-being of the world depend on the unity of our nation, and subsequently the unity of the entire world. This is what I have learned from my teachers, and I have dedicated my life to passing on this message.

In truth, I am thankful to the critics for giving me an opportunity to elaborate on the question of Israel’s role in the world and the sources that have led me to believe what I believe.

Who, or What, Is the People of Israel?

The Jewish people is unique. Nations are usually formed out of a common culture or ethnicity, or both. The Jewish people is the exact opposite. The Midrash (Beresheet Rabah) and Maimonides (Mishneh Torah) provide detailed descriptions of the formation of our people. In Maimonides’ words: “Abraham began to call out to the whole world … wandering from town to town and from kingdom to kingdom until he arrived at the land of Canaan… And when gathered around him and asked him about his words, he taught everyone…until he brought them back to the path of truth. Finally, thousands and tens of thousands assembled around him, and they are the people of the house of Abraham.”

Understanding our background is therefore key to understanding that the Jewish people is not a nation in the common sense of the word, but a group of people who subscribe to an idea! The first Hebrews came from all over the Fertile Crescent and today’s Middle East, and belonged to many different tribes and cultures. They were an eclectic company joined only by the idea that there is one force that governs the universe, and not some polytheistic system. They also grasped that this force is one of mercy, love, and unity, and that it is the only thing that can connect us above our differences.

As the ancient Hebrews developed their peoplehood, they tightened their bond to the point that they agreed to unite “as one man with one heart.” At that point, at the foot of Mt. Sinai, they received the code of law for conducting a society whose members are united at heart.

Tikkun Olam, a.k.a., a Light unto Nations

Abraham was a pioneer. But just as he circulated his knowledge to anyone who would listen, Abraham’s descendants were tasked with continuing his work and spreading their forefather’s notions to the rest of humanity.

Our sages were keenly aware of this obligation and often expressed it in their writings: “The intention of creation was for all to be one bundle… but the matter was spoiled. The correction began in the generation of Babylon, meaning the correction of gathering and assembling of people which began with Abraham. …And the final correction will be when everyone becomes one bundle” (Shem Mishmuel).

It is therefore obvious from our sources that Tikkun Olam (correction of the world) is about bringing unity to the world. However, today many Jews do not believe that the task of being “a light unto nations” still holds true for us. But whether you call it “light unto nations” or Tikkun Olam, our role in the world has not changed—we are to lead the way to unity by developing and implementing the method of connection, and thereby serving as a role model.

The only thing that held our forefathers together as a nation, despite the fierce hatred and occasional bloody conflicts that erupted among them, was the understanding that all of these crimes arose only so they would cover them with love and maintain our obligation to the world. “All the wars in the Torah are for peace and love,” writes The Book of Zohar (Beshalach). If we forget this, we immediately regress from being the nation of Israel and become once more the eclectic tribes from which we all came.

Whenever someone asks me, “How do you know that the essence of the people of Israel is about covering differences with unity, and that our task is to unite the world?” I refer them to this beautiful excerpt from The Zohar (Aharei Mot): “‘Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to also sit together.’ These are the friends as they sit together, and are not separated from each other. At first, they seem like people at war, wishing to kill one another. Then they return to being in brotherly love. …And you, the friends who are here, as you were in fondness and love before, henceforth you will also not part … And by your merit there will be peace in the world.”

Examples of sages who wrote about our role in the world abound. “The children of Israel became guarantors to correct the entire world … everything depends on the children of Israel” (Sefat Emet). “Noah was created to correct the world in the state that it was at that time. …Moses wished to complete the correction of the world at that time. This is why he took the mixed multitude, as he thought that thus would be the correction of the world … However, he did not succeed because of the corruptions that occurred along the way” (Adir Bamarom).

Indeed, while leaders of other nations wanted to conquer the world, our ancient sages wanted to correct it through unity.

From Detrimental to Beneficial

Despite our efforts, two thousand years ago our unity collapsed and we succumbed to baseless hatred. We dispersed throughout the world, the Temple was ruined, and we lost sovereignty over the land where we were meant to perform the correction of our unity.

Since that time, people have begun to sense that Jews were not doing what they were supposed to do. But because they could not pinpoint what it is that Jews were supposed to do, they began to blame Jews for every trouble and predicament that came their way.

If they had no money, it was because the Jews robbed it through usury. If they were ill, it was because the Jews poisoned the wells. If conflicts emerged, it was because the Jews were warmongers. If a country lost at war, it was because the Jews were a fifth column. Every trouble had but one cause: “It’s the Jews wot done it.”

But in truth, it was not what the Jews did; it was what they didn’t do that made them blameworthy—they didn’t unite. They did not set an example of unity for the world, so humanity could not unite, and troubles soon ensued. “In Israel,” Rav Kook wrote, “is the secret to the unity of the world” (Orot HaKodesh).

Even the notorious anti-Semite, industrialist Henry Ford, felt that the fault of the Jews was that they did not bring the world the benefit that they were intended to bring: “Society has a large claim against him the Jew that he … begin to fulfill … the ancient prophecy that through him all the nations of the earth should be blessed” (The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem).

The Great Opportunity

The establishment of the State of Israel reopened before us the possibility of instating the unity of hearts that initially made us into a nation. The task we were given is as valid now as it was then, and the world demands that we carry it out. Is Israel detrimental to the world? As long as we are not uniting above our differences, thereby inflicting strife upon the world, we are detrimental. “It is upon the Israeli nation to qualify itself and all the people of the world … to develop until they take upon themselves that sublime work of the love of others, which is the ladder to the purpose of Creation,” wrote Rav Yehuda Ashlag.

If we disperse, as Soros and his lot would like, the world will not know how to achieve peace, and human society will collapse into complete mayhem. Instead, “The children of Israel correct the world when they return to being one nation… the correction should be that we correct ourselves and find the root of unity out of the separation” (Sefat Emet).

Eventually, we will all see that “the prime defense against calamity is love and unity” (Maor VaShemesh). We can come to this by pressure from the world, or of our own volition. The choice is ours, as is the knowhow. Indeed, if the nations want to find peace, the only thing that they must do is invert their hostility toward Israel into pressure upon Israel to unite and set an example for the world, for if we unite we will bring the world a benefit that no one else can, and one which everyone subconsciously expects of us: peace, brotherhood, and unity.

Michael Laitman is a Professor of Ontology, a PhD in Philosophy and Kabbalah, an MSc in Medical Bio-Cybernetics, and was the prime disciple of Kabbalist, Rav Baruch Shalom Ashlag (the RABASH). He has written over 40 books, which have been translated into dozens of languages. 



A United Jewish Family

August 06, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon

The Janner family are united in defence of their daddy Lord Janner who allegedly sexually abused kids at the time he was the head of the British Jewish Community and The Holocaust  Education Trust.

Barbara McKenzie on Jeff Halper

July 06, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon

Barbara McKenzie just published a deconstruction of Jeff Halper’s recent rant.  Halper like JVP and other spectacular ‘good Jews’ are concerned primarily with anti semitism and other Judeo-centric tribal interests.  Their light opposition to Israel and Zionism should be realised in terms of controlled opposition.

McKenzie’s article can be found here:

The following is a segment from McKenzie’s recent article.

“Throughout the Palestine movement there pervades a belief that a special concern of Palestinians and pro-Palestine activists should be the fight against antisemitism. Jeff Halper clearly subscribes to this belief, and indeed the bulk of this article is devoted to just this issue. Halper is concerned that without strong leadership ‘the Palestinian issue will deteriorate into crazy and, yes, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories’. Bizarrely, he points to Gilad Atzmon as guilty in this regard. As Atzmon replied to Halper’s post, ‘I argue that there are NO Jewish conspiracies. You people do it all in the open whether it is Goldman Sachs wiping out Greece or Jeff Halper attempting to kosherise the discourse of the oppressed’. And in truth, Atzmon has never concerned himself with the theories that traditionally cause the ire of protectors of Jewish sensibilities, relating to the JFK assassination for example, or 9/11. Nor has he written about the type of ‘conspiracy theories’ that Halper is concerned with here, and which are discussed below.

Atzmon’s sins lie elsewhere. The traditional position of Jewish and Israeli organisations promoting Palestinian rights and ‘the left’ in general is that criticising Israel is not antisemitic, while criticising Jewish elites, or Jewish communities for their support of Israel, or analysing why they do, is exactly that. This is the primary reason for labelling Gilad Atzmon, an (ex) Israeli (ex) Jew who writes about Jewish power, as an antisemite.

Investigating conspiracy theories which implicate Israel in criminal activities abroad, such as 9/11, is also deemed to be antisemitic, even though this contradicts the professed view that ‘criticising Israel is not antisemitic’. One extrapolates from this that, in the view of the gatekeeping faux left, one may criticise Israel, but only in respect of its treatment of Palestinians, not for its wider activities.”

To read more:

Paedophilia and Tribal Loyalty

By Gilad Atzmon

The Holocaust Memorial Trust and the BOD have yet to disassociate themselves from Lord Janner and his alleged history of multiple child sex abuse.  Seems that tribal loyalty is so firmly entrenched that it far surpasses ethics or compassion.

Now there is yet another case of tribal loyalty that is inconsistent with British values and law.  This time a Jewish children’s summer camp is the chosen locale.

The Jewish Chronicle reports today the “owner of a (Jewish) children’s summer camp, who is accused of failing to act when naked images of three- and four-year-old girls were found on his business partner’s phone, has chosen not to give evidence.”

The prosecution claims that Tal Landsman, the owner of the Jewish camp, “willfully exposed children to harm by not immediately reporting his best friend Ben Lewis to the authorities.”

Landsman and Lewis were co-founders of LL Camps in Bushey, Hertfordshire. The camp was closed down in August 2015 after an employee who had seen the images reported Lewis to the police.

Demonstrating tribal loyalty, one Ilan Ben-Zion, a trainee clinical psychologist, described Mr. Landsman to the court as “extremely bright, vibrant, enthusiastic and determined”.

Tribal loyalty ended once the Goyim became involved. The JC reports: “the jury of seven men and five women had heard from a member staff, Sandra Vicente, that the sight of the images on Lewis’s phone had “polluted” her brain.”

Ms Vicente said Lewis had given her his phone and PIN so she could play music at a children’s party on 1 August last year. She said the images were also seen by two other workers, Mohammed Ramli and Shelby Silver.

That night she said she told Mr. Landsman what she had seen, but the prosecution claims he failed to act, and allowed his friend to continue at work.

Ms Vicente said the next day Lewis spoke to her at work. “He said: ‘There is something disgusting on my phone. I don’t know how it got there.” Three days later she reported Lewis to the police.

Prosecutor Ann Evans told the jury:

“You may think this is the height of irresponsibility and, as co-owner, his first duty in this situation should have been to the children, not the co-owner Ben Lewis…In an effort to protect his friend he did nothing about what he had heard, and allowed the parties and activities to keep running at the camp until eventually Ofsted moved in and closed the place down on August 6 last year.”

I guess that prosecutor Evans doesn’t really grasp what tribal loyalty is all about.

To learn more about paedophilia in the light of  tribal loyalty watch the following videos.

Israel: 88,000 millionaires but 34% children live in poverty

The 2015 Global Wealth Report, published by Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse in October 2015, claimed that among five million Israeli Jews, there were 17 billionaires and 88,000 millionaires. According to the report, about 124,000 members of the world’s top percentile come from Israel. That proves Israel to be a rich parasite state.

In December 2015, Israel’s National Insurance Institute reported that 34% of Israeli children live below poverty line while 1.7 million Israeli families live in poverty.

No wonder the Holocaust Industry is on look to squeeze more blood from Western Christian nations. Recently, Jewish Lobby has even included Iran on its “Holocaust Suckers” list, not to mention that Iranian diplomat saved 2000 Jews from the Nazis.

Canadian journalist and author Greg Felton in his 2010 book, The Host and The Parasite: How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America, explains how American traitor politicians let Jewish Lobby rob US-taxpayers’ hard-earned money for Israel  and then uses a fraction of it to maintain their loyalty to a foreign regime. Though US lawmakers receive payments and support from the AIPAC in exchange for their loyalty to Israel, the American taxpayer is left footing the bill (watch video below).

The Zionist entity has received over $3 trillions in aid and soft-loans from Washington since 1970s. More than 46% of annual USAID goes to Israel. Israel also receives $3 billions military aid annually since 2009. It’s due to expire in 2017, and now Israel wants it to be increased to $4.5 billions in order to bless the US-Iran nuclear agreement.

If any other nation had received 10% of such privileges, the US lawmakers would have demanded its total loyalty to the US – but Israel is an exceptional case. Israel maintain its largest espionage network in America. Israeli jets bombed USS Liberty in 1967, killing 34 Americans and injuring over 170.

Even when two AIPAC employees were indicted on espionage charges in 2005, and it was determined that they had obtained classified US government information illegally and passed it to Israeli agents, the charges were quietly dropped on technicalities. AIPAC fired both employees and issued a statement that they were fired because their actions did not comport with AIPAC standards. One of the fired employees, Steven Rosen, filed a lawsuit for defamation, claiming his actions were, in fact, common practice at AIPAC.

Critics point out how much brighter our future would be if we had invested these billions or trillions in veteran rehabilitation and care, education, job creation, social security, housing, environmental clean-up and prevention, roads, bridges, health care, and scientific and health research. Or if Americans had simply held onto their tax dollars and used them as they saw fit, in our own economy. If some of the higher estimates are closer to the mark, our support for Israel could easily have covered the $700 billion TARP bailout with a great deal left over for massive stimulus spending and/or tax breaks.

If Israel were using these funds for a good purpose, one could debate whether the price was worth it. But Israel uses most of the money to prolong a 45-year military occupation (which regularly involves gross violations of international law), commit egregious human rights violations, and destroy billions of dollars worth of Palestinian homes and infrastructure while building illegal Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian land,” Pamela Olson wrote at Scott Net on April 2, 2013.

Controlled Opposition and Jewish Dissent

February 04, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon

The Goyim drift away,,,

The Goyim drift away,,,

In this NYC talk I suggest that Jewish dissent is, in practice, a controlled opposition apparatus. This talk will help you to connect the dots and to grasp your own responsibility.

The Zionist Brain

November 26, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

I just came across a funny sketch of The Zionist Brain. Those who follow my writing know very well that I don’t buy into the duplicitous dichotomy between the ‘Zionist’ and the so-called ‘Anti’ (AKK AZZ). The ‘Anti’ is set to control the opposition – to make sure that dissent to Israel leads nowhere and opposition to Jewish power is totally suppressed. Like the Zionist, the ‘Anti’  (JVP, IJAN etc) operates within a racially exclusive political cells and motivated solely by Jewish interests that are tribal to the core.  It is more than likely therefore, that The Zionist Brain sketch is also a pretty good description of ‘Anti’ psychology.


How to Avoid Incitement to Hate Accusations


The trial of Arthur Topman has a lot of people worried, as well they should be. The laws in force in all European countries, including Rumsfeld’s “new Europe,” against “discrimination and incitement to hate” curtail the freedom of expression and stifle historical research. Prison terms have been imposed for years now in France on those who have taken issue, or even looked askance, at the official Holocaust narrative. More recently, criticism of Israel has been categorized as anti-semitism. But are these critics bona fide anti-semites?

Many, if not most, of those who level criticism at “Jewish power,” “Jewish behaviors,” “Jewish political identity,” zionism, and Israel, and who point to the malfeasance of Jews in global and national politics, war mongering, terrorism, banking, media and culture are not in fact anti-semites. They are quite likely merely victims of a logical fallacy and of constructing false syllogisms.

Consider this false syllogism (per Eugene Ionescu’s Bald Soprano): The cat has four legs, the table has four legs. Therefore, cats are tables. It is the very same mistake those logic-challenged people make when they isolate the Jewish ethnicity as the defining common trait of the malefactors.

Their fallacy arises from taking a minor, accidental and meaningless commonality (Jewishness, or four legs) as the defining trait (“specific difference”) of the given group.

Examine the photographs below and try to discern what this sample group of malefactors have in common, notably both men and women.

Is it that they are Jews? No, that would be the four-leg fallacy and legitimately make you the target of accusations of anti-semitism and incitement to hate.

Look again! They are all bald or balding. Netanyahu’s alopecia is poorly masked by his combover, Greenspan is even pointing with his index finger to where his hairline use to be, and as for Dershowitz, you don’t even need a photo: he is known for his bald lies. The young master, Nathaniel Rothschild, opts for a Napoleonic swirl, using what growth he can draw forward towards the areas of permanent deforestation. Bernie Madoff sported the winged look, a tonsorial trick of misdirection to  shift attention from the bald pate.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Alan Dershowitz

Alan Greenspan
Shimon Perez
Bernie Madoff

Natan Sharansky

Nathaniel Rothschild

Madeleine Albright

So, it’s not the Jews, it’s the Baldies! The link between Baldness and an indurated tendency to criminality and sociopathy has not been elucidated. It may be one of cause and effect without a known mechanism or simply one of association, in which baldness serves as a marker in the same way in which, for example, large, detached earlobes are associated with a predisposition to cardiac illness.

Is Baldness genetically inherited? Has it been systematically bred in by eugenics in the secrecy of cloistered Baldness enclaves in 19th century Russia, as Gilad Atzmon (a self-hating Baldie) maintains? (He claims that the baldest denizens of the enclaves were purposefully mated with rich females to create a Bald elite.)

Or is Baldness being just as systematically induced in the young by applying constant pressure on the skull with a device called “kippa”?

There are advocates of the “state of mind” theory, according to which to be truly Bald you have to adhere to the precepts of the ideology laid out in the hair-hating Book of  Bald (hence the name “people of the Book”).

What is important to remember when trying to avoid the peril of falling into anti-semitism (for which the condition of being a non-Jew is a marker) is that you can say with confidence and complete impunity, “It’s the Baldies!”

Nevertheless, don’t fall into the trap of unwarranted generalizations because there are exceptions (in turn only serving to confirm the rule):

Mordecai Vanunu

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Gilad Atzmon on Jewish Controlled Opposition

November 07, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

The following is the second part of a seminar I gave in Gothenburg, Sweden (October 18). In this part I elaborate on Jewish controlled oppositions and the manner in which Jewish dissent is used to stifle freedom of expression on issues  to do with Israel, Zionism, Palestine, Zio-con wars, Banking and so on.

Part 1


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