Recent Trip To Syria Discussed by Brandon Turbeville

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American writer Brandon Turbeville has recently given an interview about a trip he made to Syria back in early October. In listening to his account I was struck by the rather marked similarities to my own impressions formed when I journeyed to Syria in 2014. Here is a bit of what he says:

“We did fly into Beiruit and traveled from Beirut into Syria…Lebanon is great, but there was a definitive shift in energy when you go into Syria. Syrian soldiers, who have been demonized in Western media, were extremely nice and polite and welcoming. When they found out that I was an American–because everybody in Syria is well aware of what the United States has done–they’re well aware that America supports terrorists; they’re well aware that Israel supports terrorists–even if Americans aren’t, the Syrians know full well. As an American they have every reason to be apprehensive about me, and possibly be not quite so nice, but that was not the case. And this was not just at check points, but whenever you met Syrian people on the street, they were the nicest, friendliest, most welcoming people I have ever met. There was not one ounce of hostility that I received from anyone for being American, for anything.”

While in Syria, Turbeville visited Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, and Tartus, as well as a number of smaller towns and villages. In the interview he explodes the myth of the “moderate rebels” while discussing other aspects of the war as well. All in all a quite engaging and informative discussion. Turbeville was interviewed on the Vin Armani show. You can go here to access a video showing just Turbeville’s segment on the show (a bit under 50 minutes), or go here to access the entire show, which runs just over two hours.


Kiev becomes gateway for jihadist-mercenaries: Ukraine’s regime turned into U.S. arms-dealer for Daesh and al-Qaeda


Kiev’s Regime Support Terrorists on Behalf of Washington: Another Brick in the Wall of the USA’s War Crimes and Its Support for the Global Terror Project… … …

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) together with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network revealed a scheme of weapons supply to the terrorists of Daesh (ISIS) and al-Nusra.

There is no secret that the U.S. provides the so-called moderate opposition and Kurdish militia in Syria with arms and ammunition most of which are the weapons remained after the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact disbanded.

The U.S. DOD, through U.S. SOCOM, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, as well as Picatinny Arsenal, American military research, and manufacturing facility located in Dover, New Jersey, acquired arms in some Eastern European countries including Ukraine for their further sending to Syria. The procurement volume has already exceeded $700 billion.

Kiev used the logistical scheme elaborated by Washington to export arms and weapons from the Ukrainian armed forces weapons depots. The deal is estimated at $110 billion.

Only between June 5 and September 15, the United States sent 1,421 trucks loaded with weaponry to the “moderate” opposition, including 596 trucks (more than 40 %) from Ukraine. Most of them ended up in ISIS’ hands.

The General Staff of Ukraine took advantage of Oktyabrsk seaport located 25 kilometers southeast to Mykolaiv and Kiev air transport hub to supply weapons to the Middle East.

The transportation of weapons by air was the most effective in terms of delivery speed. The weapons were transferred from ammunition depot No. 48 of Central Missile and Artillery Directorate situated in the Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia to Gavrishovka Airport and then delivered by 456 brigade jets to Boryspil International Airport.

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities might have delivered arms and weapons through ammunition depot No. 65 located in Kharkiv’s Balakliya.

To cover up the illegal supplies, a series of deliberate arsons were organized at the military depots. The incident in Vinnytsia provoked the public outcry. According to the Ukrainian media, more than 40 tons of artillery shells were allegedly destroyed: in fact, this represents a basis of weapons sold and delivered to ISIS.

The similar cases won’t stop as Kiev needs to hide grand larceny and illegal arms sales from the public eye.


By Sophie Mangal for Inside Syria Media Center
Submitted by SyrianPatriots 
War Press Info Network at:

Syria War Report – October 12, 2017: Syrian Army Pressures ISIS Units In Deir Ezzor City

South Front

he Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies are developing momentum against ISIS north and east of Deir Ezzor city.

Government forces have secured the al-Siyasah bridge and further advanced to tighten the siege on ISIS units inside the northern part of Deir Ezzor. Separately, the SAA Tiger Forces captured Balum, Balout, the Electrical sub station, the Taybah school and other points in al-Mayadin city.

Local sources report that the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces are actively bombing ISIS targets across the entire Deir Ezzor countryside.

On October 11, 40 members of the US-backed militant group, Ahmad al-Abdo Forces, surrendered to the SAA in southeastern Syria. The militants, including their commander Abu Dujana, had been deployed within US-led coalition forces at the at-Tanf garrison.

The militants reportedly handed over their weapons to the SAA and provided info about US forces in at-Tanf. In turn, they got a free passage towards Eastern Qalamun area mostly controlled by Jaish al-Islam branch that has a ceasefire deal with government forces.

Pro-government experts believe that more defections from the US-controlled at-Tanf base is expected in the near future because it lost all its strategic value when the SAA reached the border with Iraq north of it and reached Deir Ezzor city.

On October 12, clashes continued between the SAA and ISIS near al-Qaryatayn city. Earlier, government forces retook from ISIS an area south of the city and secured all hills overlooking it.

An SAA operation to take back al-Qaryatayn is expected soon.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have further advanced at the ash-Shaddaday-al-Busayran road and seized Muwayli and Kabbar villages. As soon as the US-backed force secures the entire road, it will be able to storm al-Busayran itself and to develop momentum in the direction of the Omar oil fields.

In Raqqah city, negotiations continued between US-backed forces and ISIS over terms and conditions of possible withdrawal deal for the terrorist group’s members, according to pro-opposition sources. Separately, a fighting was ongoing near the national hospital in the city center.

If the sides reach no deal, the battle for Raqqah will continue with renewed vigour.

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خرائط الدم .. ودم الخرائط

بقلم نارام سرجون

سيكفي “النظام” السوري فخرا أنه وبرغم كل ماقيل من تزوير ومن اتهامات فانه اثبت أنه لايفرط بذرّة تراب سورية وأنه يتفوق على المعارضة في الشعارات والممارسة ويتجاوزها بمئات الأميال كرامة واستقلالا وحرية وعنفوانا وولاء للوطن ولتراب الوطن ..

ولعل في لواء اسكندرون والجولان أكبر مثال على أن الأمم الحية لاتتخلى عن ترابها الوطني مهما طال الزمن ولا توقع على صك تنازل عن شبر واحد .. فالاسرائيليون والامريكان قدموا كل شيء للرئيس الراحل حافظ الأسد من اجل أن يتنازل فقط عن متر واحد فقط على شاطئ طبرية الشمالي ليصبح ماء طبرية ملكا لاسرائيل ولكن الأسد غضب غضبا شديدا في آخر لقاء مع كلينتون وقال لمن حوله اذا لم يسترده جيلنا فالجيل الذي يلينا سيسترده .. ولكن لن نسلم من بعدنا جولانا ناقص السيادة والتراب ..

وفي مذكرات لواء اسكندرون جاء اللص أردوغان الى دمشق وعانق الجميع .. وذهب الأسد الى استانبول وعانقه الجميع ولكن لم يتمكن الأتراك رغم كل المجاملات والمسرحيات من الحصول على اعتراف سوري واحد بملكية تركية لذرة تراب في اللواء ولو بحكم تقادم الزمن والأمر الواقع .. وظلت أنطاكية مدينة سورية رغما عن طرابيش كل خلفاء بني عثمان ..

منذ مئة عام لم نطلق طلقة واحدة على جبهة اللواء ولكننا لم نعلم أولادنا الا أن اللواء سليب ومسروق مثله مثل فلسطين .. وأن الخرائط السورية لاتعترف بخرائط تركيا والعالم .. كي لايموت اللواء في الذاكرة والضمير .. لأنه يوما سيعود حتما .. ولايهم ان ألحقه العالم بخارطة تركيا أو آلاسكا طالما انه لايزال ملتصقا بضميرنا وذاكرتنا ووجداننا الوطني ..

ومنذ اربعين سنة لم نتمكن من أن نطلق طلقة على الجولان ولكن عجز الاسرائيليون عن أخذ السوريين الى طاولة تنازلات وهم الذين أخذوا الزعماء العرب الى طاولات التوقيع والبصمات حيث بصموا ووقعوا تنازلات مهينة ومشينة بمن فيهم الفلسطينيون .. وحده السوري لم يجد الاسرائيليون طاولة تنازل على مقاسه الكبير حتى اليوم .. رغم الحرب الكونية التي كانت احدى غاياتها هي ارغام القيادة الحالية على قبول مارفضه حافظ الأسد أو تصنيع قيادة سورية تؤخذ كي تبصم وتوقع على ماتريده اسرائيل جملة وتفصيلا كما فعل غيرها في قوافل البصمات والتوقيع ..

من طرائف المعارضة السورية أنها من أغبى المعارضات التي عرفتها حتى اليوم .. وخطابها فيه بعض الخفة والدعابة .. ولذلك لاغرابة أن مشروعها سقط رغم أن ماحظيت به من دعم العالم واستنفار كل طاقات الحرب والفوضى الخلاقة كان كافيا لأن يطيح بالنظام العالمي وبعائلة روتشيلد .. واذا امسكت بيانا واحدا لها في الصباح وآخر في المساء لايمكنك أن تعرف ماذا تريد .. فهي مثلا دأبت على وصف النظام السوري بأنه باع الجولان .. ولكن على الأرض فان الواقع يقول بأن المعارضة تبعد جيش (النظام) السوري عن الجولان وتدمر دفاعاته وراداراته التي تهدد حركة الطيران الاسرائيلي .. بل ان المجاهدين المسلمين يفصلون بأجسادهم ولحومهم بين الجيش السوري وبين الجيش الاسرائيلي الذي تحول الى حليف لاغنى عنه لهم ولاعن مستشفياته وذخائره وامداداته وغاراته الجوية على الجيش السوري الذي يقوده (النظام الذي باع الجولان) .. ومع ذلك فان البعض يقسم لك بشرف أمه وأنت تجادله أن بقاء النظام السوري صامدا حتى اليوم هو بسبب أن اسرئيل متمسكة به جدا ليحميها لأنه لم يطلق طلقة عليها منذ اربعين سنة .. وان اسرائيل لاتفرط بهذا النظام وتتآمر معه على الثورة التي تتعرض للهزيمة بسبب اسرائيل .. وينسى المعارض أن المعارضة لم تكتف بأنها لم تطلق النار أيضا على اسرائيل بل شاركت اسرائيل في اطلاق النار على الجيش السوري وقصف جنوده وآلياته وتدمير دفاعاته الجوية ..

ويعلو صياح احدهم وهو يصف النظام بأنه فرط في الأرض والكرامة بل ان اتفاق أضنة قد تضمن التنازل عن لواء اسكندرون .. ولكن على الواقع تجد ان الدنيا قامت ولم تقعد داخل صفوف الوطنيين السوريين بسبب خارطة سورية التي لم تتضمن اللواء السليب فيها .. فيما المعارضة تصف اللواء بأنه أرض تركية تدعي الدولة السورية ملكيتها لها ..
فجميع أطياف المعارضة السورية صمتت صمت القبور عندما أقر رياض الشقفة زعيم الاخوان المسلمين السوريين بأن لواء اسكندرون ليس سوريا بل هو اقليم هاتاي التركي وقال بأن لاحقّ لسورية في أرض صارت تركية !! ..

وهذا الصمت كان عارا على الجميع .. بل تواصل المعارضة اصرارها على ان تلحق اللواء بتركيا حتى في أدبياتها وفي العملية التعليمية التي تشرف عليها وتوزع فيها خرائط سورية وتركيا .. بل ان اعلامها يريد أن يصور ان دعوات ملكية لواء اسكندرون هي مزاعم للنظام وليست حقيقة وطنية وتاريخية وجغرافية .. ومن يتابع كيف تداولت صفحات المعارضة الجدل القائم بشأن المناهج التدريسية التي اقامت الدنيا ولم تقعدها على وزير التربية بسبب خارطة سورية مندسة من دون لواء اسكندرون سيدرك كيف أن برنامج المعارضة هو انشاء جيل من السوريين يرى أن سورية تريد الاستيلاء على أراض تركية واغتصاب حقوق الأتراك في وطنهم هاتاي .. فمثلا تقول مواقع المعارضة مايلي عن قضية مناهج التدريس:
(( أثارت المناهج الجديدة التي أقرّتها الحكومة السورية ردود فعلٍ غاضبة بين الموالين خاصة بخصوص ما ورد في كتاب علم الأحياء والبيئة للصف الأول الثانوي الذي احتوى خريطة لسورية مقتطعا منها لواء اسكندرون (أي ولاية هاتاي التركية) التي تعتبرها الحكومة السورية أرضا سورية تحتلها تركيا )) ..

ويمكنك أن تلاحظ ان الخبر يريد أن يقول بأن مطالبنا بملكية اللواء هي مجرد مزاعم .. وأن اللواء هو (هاتاي التركية) .. وبمعنى آخر فان سورية تريد الاعتداء على الأراضي التركية التي حررت (هاتاي) عام 1939 من الاحتلال السوري !!.

ويمكنك بكل ثقة أن تنتظر في المستقبل خبرا من المعارضة ينسب الجولان الى الملك داود وتكتب لك مثلا خبرا مماثلا عن خطأ في الخرائط السورية في مرتفعات الجولان فتقول :
(( أثارت المناهج الجديدة التي أقرّتها حكومة “النظام” ردود فعلٍ غاضبة بين الموالين خاصةً بخصوص ما ورد في كتاب علم الأحياء والبيئة للصف الأول الثانوي الذي احتوى خارطة لسوريا مقتطعاً منها مرتفعات الجولان الاسرائيلية (التي تتبع ملكيتها لسلالة الملك داود) .. التي تعتبرها حكومة النظام أرضاً سورية تحتلها اسرائيل )) !!

وستكتب تلك المعارضة عن المسجد الأقصى وفلسطين مايلي:
(( أثارت المناهج الجديدة التي أقرّتها حكومة النظام ردود فعلٍ غاضبة بين الموالين خاصةً بخصوص ما ورد في كتاب علم التاريخ والجغرافيا للصف الأول الثانوي الذي احتوى صورة للمسجد الأقصى (أي لمعبد الهيكل الاسرائيلي) مقتطعاً منها قبة الصخرة التي تعتبرها حكومة النظام ملكية اسلامية وتروج قصة مفبركة عن اسراء النبي ومعراجه الى السماء من هناك .. كما أثارت المناهج الجديدة التي أقرّتها حكومة النظام ردود فعلٍ غاضبة بين الموالين بخصوص ما ورد في الكتاب عن اسرائيل التي يسميها اعلام النظام (فلسطين المحتلة) في محاولة سافرة من اعلام النظام الاعتداء على أراضي اسرائيل التاريخية ))) ..

في النهاية كلمتان مختصرتان .. ليس من لايطلق الرصاص على العدو هو من يقتل الخرائط وهو الخائن .. بل ان من يطلق الرصاص على أجساد الخرائط ويسلخ خطوطها عن خطوطها ليبيع لحمها هو العدو وهو الخائن وهو من يطعم العدو من لحمنا كي يعيش هذا العدو ..

الجولان سيعود .. واللواء سيعود كما عادت حلب ودير الزور .. الخرائط في عقولنا ومرسومة على جدران قلوبنا وفي جيناتنا الوراثية .. وسننقلها من جيل الى جيل .. فاذا مر خونة عابرون من هنا أو هناك فلا يهم طالما بقيت الخرائط في الدم .. لأن مايبقى هو الخرائط التي تسكن الدم .. ولاتموت الا خرائط الدم التي توزعها علينا مكاتب الاستخبارات ووزارات الخارجية الغربية .. وأحفاد سايكس وبيكو ..

تذكروا أنه لاشيء يقتل خرائط الدم الاالخرائط التي تسكن الدم .. وأنه لايسفك دم الخرائط الا من يطعنها بصكوك البيع .. ولاتنزف أجساد الخرائط الا عندما تذبحها سكاكين الخيانة والتنازلات ..


   ( الخميس 2017/09/21 SyriaNow)

Russia Emerges As Victor in Syrian War

Russia Emerges As Victor in Syrian War


Russia Emerges As Victor in Syrian War

No matter what was the US initial goal in Syria, the plans have ended up in failure. Two investigative documents have emerged stating that the United States have been supplying arms and ammunitions purchased from several Eastern European countries to terrorist groups in Syria under the guise to fight the Islamic State (IS). The weapons included AK-47 rifles, rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers, mortars, and other weapons and ammunition purchased in the Czech Republic, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. The supplies did not result in victories.

President Trump gave the American field commanders in Syria the authority to launch strikes, raids and campaigns as in an active war zone, loosening restrictions protecting civilians. The measure did not help drastically change the situation in US favor. The Pentagon initiated the ill-fated ‘train and equip” program to have pro-US forces on the ground. It failed and was cancelled. The America-backed rebels tried to launch offensives along the Jordanian border but to no avail.

The United States had to pull out from al-Tanf, one of three official border crossings between Syria and Iraq, to leave the border area to pro-Syrian government forces. The US-led coalition had decided not to enter the eastern city of Deir ez Zor, where Syrian troops recently broke the IS siege that had lasted for three years. No gains were made. Nothing worked. By and large, all the hard efforts have gone down the drain. The American influence on the events in Syria is limited.

The Kurd-dominated Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) led by the United States got stuck in Raqqa. The Kurds have little desire to fight anybody outside the territory they control. Furthermore, reliance on the SDF has greatly deteriorated the US relations with Turkey and that’s a big problem with no solution in sight.

There is nothing left but a slim hope the “green” or “moderate” rebels will unite and do something about it. According to recent reports, they are regrouping to give it another try. Dozens of Syrian rebel factions, including the notorious Islamist group Ahrar al-Sham, have backed a proposed plan to unify the fractured opposition movement and create a single “United National Army” (UNA). The formation of the army was mandated by the Turkey-based Syrian Interim Government (SIG) and is set to be headed by SIG Prime Minister Jawad Abu Hatab. The idea was put forward in August by the opposition’s interim government in exile and by the Syrian Islamic Council (SIC). Many of the groups united now under the national army’s banner suffered defeat from the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group, the former al-Qaeda affiliate, which established control in the province of Idlib in August. Since they were not strong enough to resist the jihadists’ group, one can hardly imagine them winning against the seasoned Syrian pro-government forces supported by Russian aviation.

The formation of the UNA is destined to demonstrate to the world that there were alternatives to the Assad-led Syria’s government and the IS group. Syrian opposition delegates were in Doha on September 7 to meet with the Qatari foreign minister, following the creation of the army. The visit was part of a diplomatic offensive with sympathetic nations ahead of the upcoming UN General Assembly meeting in New York started on September 12. The opposition is expected to form a single delegation that can meet face-to-face with the Damascus government in the next round of negotiations scheduled to take place in Geneva next month.

The effort is taking place as supplies of aid, money and weapons to the Syria’s “moderate” opposition are dwindling along with international support. In late August, the Jordanian government expressed hope for reopening of its border crossing with Syria as it says relations with Damascus are “in the right direction.” This is a very important about-face. Jordan shares a border of more than 370 kilometers with Syria. In August, Saudi Arabia told the Syrian opposition to come to terms with Assad staying in power.

The West appears to have finally dropped its demand for the ouster of President Assad. The US no longer views Assad’s departure as a precondition for peaceful management in Syria. In July, President Trump ordered the CIA to stop aiding anti-Assad rebels. According to the Washington Post, “this decision provided Russia with final confirmation that it owns Syria.”

British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, believes that Assad’s departure is “not a precondition. But part of a transition.” He even believes that Assad could run for election. In June, French President Emmanuel Macron said Paris no longer sees the removal of Assad as a priority in the Syrian conflict.

It has become clear that support for the anti-Assad militias failed to produce significant results. As a result, no major power still backs the Syrian opposition’s demand that Assad’s removal precede any diplomatic process.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is the only big player who openly opposes the initiative of establishing de-escalation zones – the process launched by Russia, Turkey and Iran. But this group is limited to Idlib and its influence beyond the province is insignificant. The Russia-initiated Astana peace process has gained worldwide recognition. And it works. The Russian military police will be responsible for the fourth de-escalation zone in Idlib. The main rebel-held area would be “frozen”. The move will prevent the “United National Army” or anybody else from dividing Syria.

President Assad is in charge of most of the population and most of the important territory. The Syrian government has defeated those who sought to depose it. It controls the country’s main cities and possesses a considerable advantage in terms of firepower. Last month, the Damascus International Fair was organized to symbolize the return to normalcy.

“Bashar Assad’s government has won the war militarily,” said Robert Ford, a former US ambassador to Damascus who witnessed the uprising’s earliest days. “And I can’t see any prospect of the Syrian opposition being able to compel him to make dramatic concessions in a peace negotiation.”

“Will the opposition be able to be unified and realistic enough to realize they did not win the war?” asked UN peace talks mediator Staffan de Mistura on September 6. He suggested the war was almost over and a national ceasefire should follow soon after.

A new UN-brokered round of negotiations on Syria will kick off in October. The participants will have to live with new reality – the West has lost in Syria, Russia and its allies have won. The war is almost over; reconstruction and nation-building are coming to the fore.

من التحريض الغوغائي إلى الندب الميلودرامي

من التحريض الغوغائي إلى الندب الميلودرامي

رشاد أبو شاور

سبتمبر 15, 2017

لن نتقدّم بالتعازي إلى الياس خوري وشركاه ممّن لعلعت أصواتهم مع بدء المؤامرة على سورية، والذين نافسوا برنار هنري ليفي اليهودي الصهيوني،

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فهم نفّسوا تماماً، وما عاد لديهم نفس وقدرة على مواصلة التحريض والادّعاء بـ ثورة سورية بعد الفشل الذريع، والفضائح القاتلة للمموّلين، والمستأجرين، وهزائمهم المُرّة في كلّ الميادين السورية ببطولات الجيش العربي السوري، والقوى الرديفة، والمقاومة الحليفة ممثلة بحزب الله، والقوات الروسية الصديقة.

المرتزقة القتلة من الفصائل المتأسلمة المستأجرة المجلوبة من الخارج تشحنها طائرات الهليكوبتر الأميركية إلى تركيا، ومن هناك ستنقل إلى البلاد التي أحضرت منها، بهدف توظيفها في أماكن أُخرى بعد فشلها في مهمة إسقاط الدولة السورية، وتفكيك سورية الوطن، وتمزيق شعبها، وتغييب دورها، ونشر الفوضى الخنّاقة في ربوعها، وفي لبنان، للقضاء على المقاومة… بعد هزيمتها في معركة دير الزور الكبرى التي لن تقوم لها قائمة بعدها، فهي لم تعد سوى فلول مطاردة.

هذه المجموعات الإرهابية المرتزقة ستوظّف حتماً ضدّ روسيا الاتحادية الصديقة، ولذا في وقت مبكر من فصول المؤامرة عرفنا أنّ روسيا بوتين تخوض في سورية معركة الدفاع عن موسكو… وهكذا التقت المصالح السورية والروسية معاً في مواجهة المؤامرة التي تحرّكها أميركا، وتموّلها السعودية وقطر، وتفتح الحدود لها ومعسكرات التدريب تركيا، ناهيك عن غرفة عمليات الموك في عمّان. انتهى دورها… فالظروف تغيّرت بقوّة السلاح .

لا، لن نتقدّم بالتعازي، لأنّ دموع الياس كاذبة، مفتعلة، ميلودرامية، فضلاً عن أنّ جنازة ثورته تذكرنا بالمثل القائل: الجنازة حامية والميت كلب!

روبرت فورد ـ الياس يحب المسرح، وإن كان بلا بصمات فيه – سفير أميركا، مخرج المشهد الكبير في مدينة حماة ، حيث غمره الغوغاء بأغصان الزيتون، وتدافعوا للتبرّك بالسيارة التي تقله في جوفها، بينما هو يلوّح للجماهير المدفوعة بجهالة لتتحشد حول سيارة القيادة الأميركية المعلنة المفضوحة والتي اختارت حماة لتفجير صراع طائفي كما توهّموا..

تلك كانت سيارة رسم طريق الشرق الأوسط الجديد.. ولكن القائد الأميركي فورد أُحبط تماماً وسبق الياس خوري في الندب والعويل والنعي. انتهى فورد يائساً محزوناً باكي الوجه، وظهر على فضائيات عالمية، وعلى الميادين في لعبة الأمم مع الإعلامي سامي كليب، وقال بالفم الملآن: انتهت اللعبة game is over.

اعتراف أميركي تحت نعال أبطال الجيش السوري المُظفّر وحلفائه، يأتي بعد ست سنوات ونيّف، ويضيف السفير المايسترو : المعارضة كانت بلا برنامج، ولا قيادة، وغير موحدة…

الحقيقة أنّ المعارضات كانت صاحبة برنامج أميركي: تدمير سورية، وتمزيق نسيجها الوطني والاجتماعي، وإخراجها من عملية الصراع في الشرق الأوسط خدمة للكيان الصهيوني والهيمنة الأميركية.

صمدت سورية، وافتضحت فصائل الارتزاق التي دمّرت الكنائس والمساجد، ومواقع التراث والتاريخ، والبنى الاقتصادية، وكلّ ما أنجزته الدولة السورية منذ الاستقلال لتطوير الحياة وتسييرها للشعب السوري.

الياس خوري وبعض الكتاب استغلوا القدس العربي التي بنيناها على امتداد 24 سنة، وسمعتها، بعد أن تمّ تيسير الهيمنة عليها وامتلاكها مع انطلاق المؤامرة على سورية والمقاومة والقضية الفلسطينية، لتبدأ عملية استتباعها لـ«الجزيرة».

في الأشهر الأولى مُنح الياس خوري جائزة فرنسية تقديراً لما يبديه من لوعة وحرص على الديمقراطية في سورية، بل ورشحه زميله صبحي حديدي لجائزة نوبل للآداب.. وترشيح صبحي ليس بالقليل! والياس كما يبدو صدّق، فما هذا على سدنة نوبل بمستبعد، فقد يتكرّمون على الياس بالجائزة العالمية أسوة بأدباء منشقين أمثال سولجنتسين!

انتدب الياس نفسه محامياً للشعب السوري، منطلقاً من أنه أي الشعب السوري- مسكين، لا يستطيع الدفاع عن نفسه، وأنه بحاجة لقدرات الياس الفكرية والثقافية!

يعتبر الياس أنّ ما جرى في سورية ثورة.. تصوّروا: ثورة الياس وصبحي هذه، وبعض مرتزقة الثقافة، جناحها المسلح: جيش الإسلام، أحرار الشام، النصرة، القاعدة… وداعش، وغيرها وغيرها، وكلها تنادي بدولة الإسلام، وتذبح وتستبيح وتبيع النساء، وتفكك مصانع حلب وتنقلها إلى تركيا العثمانية.. تركيا الأردوغانية، مصانع حلب التي يتباكى على أوابدها الياس خوري.. وعلى ضريح أبي الطيب المتنبي!

لم يكتب الياس عن تحرير الجرود اللبنانية، وعن مآثر حزب الله والجيش اللبناني الذي أنقذ لبنان من الإرهابيين، وأعاد الطمأنينة لأهالي عرسال والقاع، لأنّ الكتابة عن هذه الانتصارات محرجة، وهو مختصّ باللطم والصراخ والندب والشتم على سورية!

يوم 13 أيلول الحالي كتب الياس في «القدس العربي» تحت عنوان مأخوذ من عنوان فيلم أميركي: الرقص فوق الخراب.. كال فيه الشتائم لكلّ شيء، لأميركا، ودول النفط، والمموّلين الذين أفسدوا الثورة، والقيادات التي راهنت على الخارج.. فما هي ثورتك إذاً يا الياس؟

سمّ لنا اسم فصيل واحد حمل السلاح ورفع شعارات تقدّمية ديمقراطية يا الياس؟

سمّ لنا قائداً معارضاً واحداً لم يقبض من السعودية وقطر يا الياس؟

ما هذه الثورة التي يفسدها مال النفط والغاز؟ مال النفط موّل المجموعات الإسلاموية الإرهابية المرتزقة… وهؤلاء هم ثورتك وثوار برنار هنري ليفي المُنظّر مثلك لثورة القتلة والذابحين أصدقاء الكيان الصهيوني الذي حدب عليهم وعالجهم، وزوّدهم بأدق المعلومات عن مواقع صورايخ الجيش السوري.. فكان أن خدموه بنسفها وتدميرها لتمرّ طائرات هذا العدو وتستبيح سماء سورية العربية.

أنت يا الياس، مثل كلّ من راهنوا على تدمير سورية في حالة صعبة، فلم تحصدوا سوى الخيبة بعد قرابة سبع سنوات من صمود وبطولات شعب سورية وجيشها وقيادتها.

الياس! أنت وأمثالك من مثقفي عزمي بشارة عار على الثقافة العربية، لأنكم انحرفتم عن سابق قصد، فأنتم تعرفون الحقيقة، ولكنكم تعرفون أنها مُكلفة، وتستدعي التضحية، وأنتم تريدون الجوائز والعائدات المالية، ومواصلة حياة الدعة والراحة، وكسب رضى من لا يليق بالمثقف العربي اللقاء بهم، ووضع اليد في أيديهم.

شعب سورية يرقص فرحاً بانتصارات جيشه، لأنّ سورية هزمت مخططات أميركا والكيان الصهيوني وكلّ أعداء أمتنا، هي ورفاقها في المعركة والميادين، وأنت يا الياس ترقص مع فلول الذئاب التي نهشت لحم السوريين وشربت دماءهم… واأسفاه!!

With ISIL collapsing in Syria, what is Washington’s next move?

August 31, 2017

By Aram Mirzaei

With ISIL collapsing in Syria, what is Washington’s next move?

Since the start of this year, with the Russian brokered “de-escalation” zones imposed on several areas in Syria where Washington’s “moderate” rebel proxies are operating, virtually all other forces in Syria have committed themselves to engaging the self-declared Islamic State.

With these developments, it did not take long for ISIL to feel the effects of this change in priorities. Starting from January/February, the Syrian government forces and its allies have liberated swathes of land from the terrorist group. By early April, ISIL had been kicked out of the Aleppo province while the Syrian Army continued to open multiple new fronts all over central Syria. By early August this year, ISIL had been almost kicked out of the Raqqa, Homs and Damascus provinces as a result of the Syrian Army’s massive push towards the besieged city of Deir Ezzor.

In the meantime, the US backed “moderate” proxies in Idlib and Western Aleppo have been forced to stand idly by as the Syrian Army expands its control over the country. This is a result of Russian diplomacy at its best. Attempts have been made before to reach such lasting ceasefire deals, most notably the one last year between Russia and the Obama regime, it failed miserably after the US “accidentally” bombed Syrian Army troops fighting ISIL in Deir Ezzor.

So why did it work this time? I argue that the major reason for the success of this latest ceasefire is mainly due to Washington being excluded from the deal. When reflecting on previous attempts to establish a lasting ceasefire and the reasons for its failures, compared to this one that is seemingly more successful than its predecessors, its not hard to conclude that Washington, was and has always been the main obstacle for peace in Syria after almost 7 years of fighting and suffering.

Quite recently, Washington also announced it was ending its support for “moderate” rebels in Southern Syria, sparking hopes among some naive observers that the proxy conflict might be coming to an end. These observers however fail to understand Washington’s commitment and dedication to assume control of a situation that has been slipping out of their hands ever since Russia officially entered the conflict in 2015. What they also fail to understand is that Washington did not just abandon its plans for Syria, indeed it is likely that they will have to abandon their illegal base in the Al-Tanf border region in Southern Syria, but that does not mean the end of Washington’s involvement in the conflict, because that would require Washington to admit to defeat, which they hardly are capable of doing.

Instead, Washington is preparing its next move, and it will make use of another long-standing proxy force of theirs- the SDF. The Kurdish-led militia has assumed a larger role as the conflict has been dragging on, with SDF forces occupying large parts of northern Syria after wrestling control of these areas from ISIL. The SDF has since its formation in 2015, acted as the main proxy force fighting for Washington’s interests under the guise of creating a “federative direct democratic union” in northern Syria, also known as Rojava, despite fierce protests from Washington’s NATO ally Turkey.

What is the Rojava?

Kurdish domination in Rojava, on the edge of the violent dissolution of the Syrian state, is hidden behind a thick ideological smokescreen from the good consciences of Western lefties. This area under the control of the nationalists of the PKK from Turkey casually intone the siren songs of ecology, feminism and participatory direct democracy. It’s a music relayed and amplified by all kinds of leftists and by the subsidiaries, established in developed countries, of the cult of adoration of Öcalan, the founder of the PKK imprisoned for more than fifteen years on the island of Imrali. So the claim made by these lefties, one that is confirmed by the Kurdish-led PYD party, is that the Rojava project opposes all kinds of imperialism.

In addition to scoring massive sympathy points among ignorant people in the West, this portrayal of Rojava as “anti-imperialist” and leftist has attracted different far-left violent extremist groups such as Antifa and other anarchists. These groups, often deemed as extremists and even terrorists in their own countries, travel from all over the world with their own agenda, under the guise of being part of an ”International freedom battalion” that fights fascism.

Yet this claim cannot reconcile with the fact that ironically enough, Rojava remains one of Washington’s closest allies in Syria, nor can it reconcile with the fact that these foreign leftists who have traveled to Syria “to fight imperialism and oppression” are playing the role of pawns in Washington’s so called war on terror. As a matter of fact, SDF spokesman Talal Silo made it clear that the SDF does not make a single move until their masters in Washington say so.

You would think that this was already a tragic case, but for some reason these days, it always gets worse.

On July 24 the so called ”International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces” (IRPGF), a group of international fighters and volunteers fighting alongside the SDF announced on their Twitter page the creation of a “subgroup comprised of LGBT comrades and others who seek to smash the gender binary”.

The group calling itself TQILA, was to join the fight against ISIL according to an announcement on Twitter. This announcement was soon picked up by Western media outlets amid gleeful reactions by leftists, progressives and gay celebrities on their social media accounts. We learn, from the founding statements of TQILA and its umbrella group, IRPGF, that their causes of “anarchism”, “smashing gender binary”, and “sexual revolution” are all connected to the most selling hegemonic narrative of the 21st century: the “war on terror”.

Why anarchists would go to a country devastated by war and terrorism for years and spread anarchism is beyond any reasonable person. It is not only ridiculous, but it is also playing into Washington’s plan to sow discord and chaos in the country.

This romantic sketching of a revolutionary path to utopia in a conflict that has shown the world how ”revolutions” can destroy an entire society is nothing short of pathetic.

The Rojava administration in northern Syria, which was founded by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) – YPG’s political arm – in 2013, has been portrayed as a success story of the “struggle against borders and for autonomy” by the international media and self-identified leftists and progressives.

Others applaud “the Kurds” – a common synonym used by leftists to refer to PYD – as “the best hope for left politics in the region”. PYD is also presented as a big champion for “gender equality” as a result of its inclusion of women in its armed forces.

Nevertheless, the PYD, like the rest of the conflicting parties in the region, commits human rights violations, targets its dissidents, including peaceful protesters and forcibly evacuates Arab and Turkman civilians – and some Kurds – from their villages.

There are also those that point to “the Kurds” as deserving of their own territory, because of their fight against ISIL. The last time I checked, no land and territory has ever been “deserved” by any people and given to them as charity, but rather it was conquered. It is also ironic that the same “kurds” that claim Rojava to be a social revolution based on multiethnic co-existence, are the same ones that base their argument for Rojava’s existence on ethno nationalist grounds, citing the century long struggle for “kurdish independence”. Of course, proponents of the Rojava project always seem to be missing the fact that kurds make up less than 10 % of Syria’s population and that they occupy almost a third of the country.

To suggest that “gender and sexual revolutions” are being accomplished by joining a party that fights on behalf of Washington’s is a colonial rewriting of Syria’s struggle. According to these international extremists and their leftist supporters the struggle is ”to fight imperial and state power”, but for the Syrian people, their struggle is one about self-determination, something that the US, its allies and these ”progressive” leftist idiots have been trying to deprive them for years.

What does Washington want with Rojava?

Since most Western leaders seem to have accepted the reality that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is not going anywhere as long as Russia is standing by his side, there must be a new plan. If the regime change agenda in Syria, motivated by a desire to disrupt the Iran-Syria alliance and thereby protecting Israel has failed, then the second best thing next to regime change in Syria would be to isolate Syria from Iraq and Iran. This would be achieved by cutting the Syrian Army off from the Deir Ezzor province, thereby severing any land connection between Syria and Iraq. Interestingly, this is exactly what the US-backed forces, airlifted by the US from the Al-Tanf area to southern Hasakah, have been planning. But this shouldn’t come as news to anybody since Washington and its allies have been quite open with this idea since 2012 already.

Washington has been betting on many horses over the course of the Syrian war, but none of them have ever been as successful as the SDF. Earlier experiments with Syrian proxies yielded little and actually managed to damage Washington’s reputation somewhat, especially when the ”moderate rebels”, trained and armed by the CIA turned to Al-Qaeda the moment they crossed the border from Turkey where they had been trained, into Syria.

In the SDF however, Washington has found a reliable proxy, one that is not shy to offer the US to establish military bases across its territory, one that has garnered a good reputation among people in the West as the only representative of democracy in Syria, and one that is never going to say no to Washington’s biddings.

Despite Washington assuring Turkey that it will not allow “the Kurds” to declare independence and break away from Syria, Washington will not pass up this opportunity to gain a major foothold in what could be considered a Russian and Iranian “zone of influence”. Thus Washington will do everything in its power, including maintaining a permanent military presence in Syria, to try to balance a co-existence between Turkey and “Rojava”. Even SDF spokesman Silo said: “The Americans have strategic interests here after the end of Daesh,” using a pejorative term for Islamic State. As earlier explained, those strategic interests are tightly connected to the original idea of overthrowing the Syrian government in an effort to protect Israel.

Silo also confirmed that Washington is going to be wanting something back for their support over these years:

“They (recently) referred to the possibility of securing an area to prepare for a military airport. These are the beginnings – they’re not giving support just to leave. America is not providing all this support for free,”Silo said.

He suggested northern Syria could become a new base for U.S. forces in the region. “Maybe there could be an alternative to their base in Turkey,” he added, referring to the Incirlik air base.

The head of the YPG said last month that Washington had established seven military bases in areas of northern Syria controlled by the YPG or SDF, including a major air base near Kobani, a town at the border with Turkey.

These moves made by Washington are intended to be long-term. They are in preparation for another conflict as the one against Jihadists and maniac throat cutters is coming to an end. Now, Washington’s true struggle for Syria begins, as the final phase of the Syrian conflict is about to start. With the SDF potentially being ordered to fight the Syrian Army and with the Syrian government rightly declaring the Rojava entity illegal and illegitimate, a confrontation between these two seems inevitable in the future.

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