So Who Wants a Hot War?

So Who Wants a Hot War?

April 17, 2021 

by Pepe Escobar and cross-posted with Strategic Culture Foundation

It’s not by accident that the Hegemon is going no holds barred to harass and try to smash Eurasian integration by all means available.

It’s a scorpion battle inside a vortex of distorted mirrors inside a circus. So let’s start with the mirrors in the circus.

The non-entity that passes for Ukrainian Foreign Minister traveled to Brussels to be courted by US Secretary of State Blinken and NATO secretary-general Stoltenberg.

At best, that’s circus shadowplay. Much more than NATO advisers in a frantic revolving door in Kiev, the real shadowplay is MI6 actually working very close with President Zelensky.

Zelensky’s warmongering script comes directly from MI6’s Richard Moore. Russian intel is very much aware of all the fine print. Glimpses were even carefully leaked to a TV special on the Rossiya 1 channel.

I confirmed it with diplomatic sources in Brussels. British media also got wind of it – but obviously was told to further distort the mirrors, blaming everything on, what else, “Russian aggression”.

German intel is practically non-existent in Kiev. Those NATO advisers remain legion. Yet no one talks about the explosive MI6 connection.

Careless whispers in Brussels corridors swear that MI6 actually believes that in the case of a volcanic but as it stands still preventable hot war with Russia, continental Europe would burn and Brexitland would be spared.

Dream on. Now back to the circus.

Oh, you’re so provocative

Both Little Blinken and NATO straw man Stoltenberg parroted the same script in Brussels after talking to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister.

That was part of a NATO “special meeting” on Ukraine – where some Eurocrat must have told a bunch of extra clueless Eurocrats how they would be carbonized on the spot by Russian TOS-1 Buratino’s terrifying explosive warheads if NATO tried anything funny.

Listen to the sound of Blinken yappin’: Russian actions are “provocative”.

Well, his staff certainly did not hand him a copy of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu examining step by step the deployment of the annual US Army DEFENDER-Europe 21: “The main forces are concentrated in the Black Sea and Baltic region.”

Now listen to the sound of Stoltenberg yappin’: We pledge “unwavering support” to Ukraine.

Woof woof. Now go back to play in your sandboxes.

No, not yet. Little Blinken threatened Moscow with “consequences” whatever happens in Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov’s infinite patience is nearly Daoist. Sun Tzu’s Art of War, by the way, is a Daoist masterpiece. Peskov’s answer to Blinken: “It is simply not necessary for us to go around forever proclaiming: ‘I am the greatest!’ The more one does this sort of thing, in fact, the more people doubt it…”

When in doubt, call the irreplaceable Andrei Martyanov – who always tells it like it is. The Crash Test Dummy gang in D.C. still does not get it – although some Deep State pros do.

Here’s Martyanov:

As I am on record constantly – the United States never fought a war with its Command and Control system under the relentless sustained fire impact and its rear attacked and disorganized. Conventionally, the United States cannot win against Russia in Europe, at least Eastern part of it and Biden Admin better wake up to the reality that it may, indeed, not survive any kind of escalation and, in fact, modern Kalibrs, 3M14Ms, as a matter of fact, have a range of a 4,500 kilometers, as well as 5,000+ kilometer range of X-101 cruise missiles, which will have no issues with penetrating North American airspace when launched by Russia’s strategic bombers without even leaving the safety of Russia’s airspace.

The Patrushev effect

The circus went on with the phone call from “Biden” – that is, Crash Test Dummy with an earpiece and a teleprompter in front of the phone – to President Putin.

Call it the Patrushev effect.

In his stunning interview to Kommersant, Triple Yoda Patrushev mentioned a very civilized late March phone call he had with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Of course there’s no smokin’ gun, but if anyone would come up with the face-saving idea of a Biden-Putin phone call that would have been Sullivan.

The spin from Washington and Moscow is only slightly divergent. The Americans highlight that “Biden” – actually the deciding combo behind him – wants to build “a stable and predictable relationship with Russia, consistent with US interests.”

The Kremlin said that Biden “expressed interest in normalizing bilateral relations.”

Away from all this fog, what really matters is Patrushev-Sullivan. That has to do with Washington telling Turkey that US warships would be transiting the Bosphorus towards the Black Sea. Sullivan must have told Patrushev that no, they won’t be “active” in Donbass. And Patrushev told Sullivan, OK, we won’t incinerate them.

There are absolutely no illusions in Moscow that this putative Biden-Putin summit in a distant future will ever take place. Especially after Daoist Peskov had made it very clear that “no one will allow America to speak with Russia from a position of strength.” If that sounds like a line straight out of Yang Jiechi – who made shark fin’s soup out of Blinken-Sullivan in Alaska – that’s because it does.

Kiev, predictably, remains stuck in circus mode. After getting sharp messages from Mr. Iskander, Mr. Khinzal and Mr. Buratino, they changed their mind, or at least pretend to, and are now saying they don’t want war.

And here comes the intersection between circus and the serious stuff. The “Biden” combo never said, explicitly, on the record, that they don’t want war. On the contrary: they are sending those warships to the Black Sea and – circus again! – designating an envoy, Ministry of Silly Walks-style, whose only job is to derail the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

So the cliffhanger – like a teaser for Snowpiercer – is what happens when Nord Stream 2 is completed.

But before that, there’s something even more momentous: next Wednesday, on his speech to the Russian Security Council, President Putin will lay down the law.

It’s Minsk 2, stupid

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, has struck a much less Daoist note than Peskov: “The United States is our enemy, doing everything to undermine Russia’s position in the international arena, we do not see other elements in their approach to us. These are our conclusions”.

That’s stone to the bone realpolitik. Ryabkov knows the Hegemon’s “non agreement-capable” mindset inside out. So an added dimension to his observation is its direct connection to the only solution for Ukraine: the Minsk 2 agreements.

Putin reiterated Minsk 2 on his live teleconference with Merkel and Macron – and certainly to “Biden” in their phone call. The Beltway, the EU and NATO are all aware of it. Minsk 2 was signed by Ukraine, France and Germany and certified by the UN Security Council. If Kiev violates it, Russia – as a member of the UNSC – must enforce it.

Kiev has been violating Minsk 2 for months now; it refuses to implement it. As a faithful Hegemon satrapy, they are also not “agreement-capable”. Yet now they are seeing the – firepower – writing on the wall if they as much as think of starting a blitzkrieg against Donbass.

The open secret in the whole Ukraine/Donbass wilderness of mirrors under the circus tent is of course China. Yet Ukraine, in a sane world, would not only be part of a Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) corridor, but also part of the Russian Greater Eurasia project. China specialist Nikolai Vavilov recognizes the importance of BRI, but is also certain Russia is above all defending its own interests.

Ideally, Ukraine/Donbass would be inserted in the overall revival of the Silk Roads – as in internal Central Eurasian trade based and developed taking into consideration Eurasia-wide demand. Eurasia integration – in both the Chinese and Russian vision – are all about interconnected economies via inter-regional trade.

So it’s not by accident that the Hegemon – on the verge of becoming an irrelevant player across Eurasia – is going no holds barred to harass and try to smash the continental integration by all means available.

In this context, manipulating a failed state to meet its own doom is just (circus) business.

China updates its ‘Art of (Hybrid) War’

China updates its ‘Art of (Hybrid) War’

May 19, 2020

by Pepe Escobar – posted with permission

Chinese General Qiao Liang argues, ‘If we have to dance with the wolves, we should not dance to the rhythm of the United States’

A Chinese anti-US propaganda poster from the Korean War era. Photo: Facebook

In 1999, Qiao Liang, then a senior air force colonel in the People’s Liberation Army, and Wang Xiangsui, another senior colonel, caused a tremendous uproar with the publication of Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America.

Unrestricted Warfare was essentially the PLA’s manual for asymmetric warfare: an updating of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. At the time of original publication, with China still a long way from its current geopolitical and geo-economic clout, the book was conceived as laying out a defensive approach, far from the sensationalist “destroy America” added to the title for US publication in 2004.

Now the book is available in a new edition and Qiao Liang, as a retired general and director of the Council for Research on National Security, has resurfaced in a quite revealing interview originally published in the current edition of the Hong Kong-based magazine Zijing (Bauhinia).

General Qiao is not a Politburo member entitled to dictate official policy. But some analysts I talked with agree that the key points he makes in a personal capacity are quite revealing of PLA thinking. Let’s review some of the highlights.

Dancing with wolves

The bulk of his argument concentrates on the shortcomings of US manufacturing: “How can the US today want to wage war against the biggest manufacturing power in the world while its own industry is hollowed out?”An example, referring to Covid-19, is the capacity to produce ventilators: “Out of over 1,400 pieces necessary for a ventilator, over 1,100 must be produced in China, including final assembly. That’s the US problem today. They have state of the art technology, but not the methods and production capacity. So they have to rely on Chinese production.”

General Qiao dismisses the possibility that Vietnam, the Philippines, Bangladesh, India and other Asian nations may replace China’s cheap workforce: “Think about which of these countries has more skilled workers than China. What quantity of medium and high level human resources was produced in China in these past 30 years? Which country is educating over 100 million students at secondary and university levels? The energy of all these people is still far from being liberated for China’s economic development.”

He acknowledges US military power even in times of epidemic and economic difficulties is always capable of “interfering directly or indirectly in the Taiwan straits question” and finding an excuse to “block and sanction China and exclude it from the West.” He adds that, “as a producing country, we still cannot satisfy our manufacturing industry with our own resources and rely on our own markets to consume our products.”

In consequence, he argues, it’s a “good thing” for China to engage in the cause of reunification, “but it’s always a bad thing if it’s done at the wrong time. We can only act at the right time. We cannot allow our generation to commit the sin of interrupting the process of the Chinese nation’s renaissance.”

General Qiao counsels, “Don’t think that only territorial sovereignty is linked to the fundamental interests of a nation. Other kinds of sovereignty – economic, financial, defense, food, resources, biological and cultural sovereignty – are all linked to the interests and survival of nations and are components of national sovereignty.”

To arrest movement toward Taiwan’s independence, “apart from war, other options must be taken into consideration. We can think about the means to act in the immense gray zone between war and peace, and we can even think about more particular means, like launching military operations that will not lead to war, but may involve a moderate use of force.”

In a graphic formulation, General Qiao thinks that, “if we have to dance with the wolves, we should not dance to the rhythm of the US. We should have our own rhythm, and even try to break their rhythm, to minimize its influence. If American power is brandishing its stick, it’s because it has fallen into a trap.”

In a nutshell, for General Qiao, “China first of all must show proof of strategic determination to solve the Taiwan question, and then strategic patience. Of course, the premise is that we should develop and maintain our strategic force to solve the Taiwan question by force at any moment.”

Gloves are off

Now compare General Qiao’s analysis with the by now obvious geopolitical and geo-economic fact that Beijing will respond tit for tat to any hybrid war tactics deployed by the United States government. The gloves are definitely off.

The gold standard expression has come in a no-holds barred Global Times editorial: “We must be clear that coping with US suppression will be the key focus of China’s national strategy. We should enhance cooperation with most countries. The US is expected to contain China’s international front lines, and we must knock out this US plot and make China-US rivalry a process of US self-isolation.”

An inevitable corollary is that the all-out offensive to cripple Huawei will be counterpunched in kind, targeting Apple, Qualcom, Cisco and Boeing, even including  “investigations or suspensions of their right to do business in China.”

So for all practical purposes, Beijing has now publicly unveiled its strategy to counteract US President Donald Trump’s “We could cut off the whole relationship” kind of assertions.

A toxic racism-meets-anti-communism matrix is responsible for the predominant anti-Chinese sentiment across the US, encompassing at least 66% of the whole population. Trump instinctively seized it – and repackaged it as his re-election campaign theme, fully approved by Steve Bannon.

The strategic objective is to go after China across the full spectrum. The tactical objective is to forge an anti-China front across the West: another instance of encirclement, hybrid war-style, focused on economic war.

This will imply a concerted offensive, trying to enforce embargoes and trying to block regional markets to Chinese companies. Lawfare will be the norm. Even freezing Chinese assets in the US is not a far-fetched proposition anymore.

Every possible Silk Road branch-out – on the energy front, ports, the Health Silk Road, digital interconnection – will be strategically targeted. Those who were dreaming that Covid-19 could be the ideal pretext for a new Yalta – uniting Trump, Xi and Putin – may rest in peace.

“Containment” will go into overdrive. A neat example is Admiral Philip Davidson – head of the Indo-Pacific Command – asking for $20 billion for a “robust military cordon” from California to Japan and down the Pacific Rim, complete with “highly survivable, precision-strike networks” along the Pacific Rim and “forward-based, rotational joint forces” to counteract the “renewed threat we face from great power competition.”

Davidson argues that, “without a valid and convincing conventional deterrent, China and Russia will be emboldened to take action in the region to supplant US interests.”

Watch People’s Congress

From the point of view of large swathes of the Global South, the current, extremely dangerous incandescence, or New Cold War, is mostly interpreted as the progressive ending of the Western coalition’s hegemony over the whole planet.

Still, scores of nations are being asked, bluntly, by the hegemon to position themselves once again in a “you’re with us or against us” global war on terror imperative.

At the annual session of the National People’s Congress, starting this Friday, we will see how China will be dealing with its top priority: to reorganize domestically after the pandemic.

For the first time in 35 years, Beijing will be forced to relinquish its economic growth targets. This also means that the objective of doubling GDP and per capita income by 2020 compared with 2010 will also be postponed.

What we should expect is absolute emphasis on domestic spending – and social stability – over a struggle to become a global leader, even if that’s not totally overlooked.

After all, President Xi Jinping made it clear earlier this week that a “Covid-19 vaccine development and deployment in China, when available,” won’t be subjected to Big Pharma logic, but “will be made a global public good. This will be China’s contribution to ensuring vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.” The Global South is paying attention.

Internally, Beijing will boost support for state-owned enterprises that are strong in innovation and risk-taking. China always defies predictions by Western “experts.” For instance, exports rose 3.5% in April, when the experts were forecasting a decline of 15.7%. The trade surplus was $45.3 billion, when experts were forecasting only $6.3 billion.

Beijing seems to identify clearly the extending gap between a West, especially the US, that’s plunging into de facto New Great Depression territory with a China that’s about to rekindle economic growth. The center of gravity of global economic power keeps moving, inexorably, toward Asia.

Hybrid war? Bring it on.

Covid-19 Derangement Syndrome: A World Gone Mad

Covid-19 Derangement Syndrome: A World Gone Mad


March 29, 2020

Note by the Saker: today I am posting an article written by a good and trusted friend of mine.  That does *not* mean that I agree with the logic of his argument.  For one thing, I am wholly incompetent to even have much of an opinion on this topic.  The little I do think about what is taking place disagrees with the conclusions of my friend.  But since I don’t want to impose my own limitations on you all, I am posting this in the hope that you will find this point of view of value.  But, as for anything else posted on this blog, caveat emptor!
Kind regards
The Saker

Covid-19 Derangement Syndrome: A World Gone Mad

By Percy Carlton for the Saker Blog

The whole world has gone mad with what I call Covid-19 Derangement Syndrome (CDS). I define it as an acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in response to the Covid-19 Corona Virus pandemic. The infection is particularly prevalent among the media and the government officials of the world. Human beings fear what they do not understand and that fear causes them to behave in irrational and destructive ways. The current Covid-19 pandemic is a perfect example of that. I don’t need to describe the paranoia and economic destruction to you because you can see it with your own two eyes everywhere you look. Both the media and the world’s governments are fueling the panic – the media with their hysterical 24/7 coverage and the governments with their draconian police state actions.

I feel like the man in the following cartoon.

Funny Doom Memes of 2017 on SIZZLE | Church

I am doomed to helplessly stand by and watch the entire world commit economic suicide for no good reason. At first glance this may seem like a shocking and callous statement but do not mistake this as support for the view that the government should stand back and let the private sector take care of the problem. I have no problem with a strong authoritarian central government response as long as it is reasonable and wise. The current government response is neither.

Do Nothing VS Shut Everything Down

The current debate about what governments should do seems to be limited to two options: Do nothing and let the virus run its course or use authoritarian methods to quarantine and restrict the movement of citizens within and across state and national borders. The former will result in many people unnecessarily dying and the latter will save lives but is already resulting in a catastrophic worldwide economic collapse with repercussions that will last for years. It is very narrow thinking to think that those are the only two options that exist. There is always another way. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a solution to the COVID-19 virus problem that would save lives and not result in a worldwide economic Armageddon? Such a solution exists and I will lay it out for you in this article.

First let’s define the problem: A highly contagious virus is spreading around the globe and killing people. Governments should be responsible for protecting their citizens so they must take action. But what actions should they take? That is an important question that must be carefully answered, but only after much research and consideration of all options. If we act rashly and arrive at the wrong answer people will die and/or lives will be destroyed by a global economic depression.

Let’s set aside the fear and hysteria and calmly use the Scientific Method to solve our problem. But I must first make a digression about science.

Three Kinds of Science

Did you know there are three kinds of science? Most folks can’t tell the difference between them and are therefore easily misled. The first two are pseudoscience; the third is real science. There is a significant amount of overlap between the first two although they do have enough of the third mixed in to give them the appearance of credibility.

1) Agenda based science – This type is practiced by people with an agenda. They are blinded by their presuppositions and it results in them twisting, distorting, and sometimes outright lying about their studies, experiments, and data. The people that practice this kind of science are not necessarily evil. They just sincerely but blindly believe something that “just ain’t so.” They think they are helping the world but are instead causing it much harm.

2) Bought and paid for corporate science – This type is practiced by scientific mercenaries who shamelessly produce studies that support the goals of whoever is paying them. Many of these folks are downright evil in my opinion. Much of what passes as “science” these days is of this type.

3) Real science – This type of scientist seeks the truth regardless of what it is. If the scientist has a presupposition they will quickly abandon it if their research does not support it. They will tirelessly search for, support and proclaim the truth even if it results in them being ostracized by the scientific community or persecuted by the government.

The Scientific Method

Scientific Method: Scientific Method

Step One – Purpose – State the Problem

We have already defined our current problem as a virus that is killing people all over the world, but we have not stated our purpose and objectives. Our main purpose and objectives should be to minimize loss of life and damage to the world economy. These objectives are both very important and are not mutually exclusive regardless of what our governments seem to think.

Step Two – Research – Find Out About the Topic

I’m not going to spend much time discussing something you can easily research on the internet. There are plenty of articles in scientific journals and on science websites. Here is one example: How does the new coronavirus compare with the flu? I suggest you conduct your own independent research instead of getting your information from the hysterical media or an armchair doctor.

Although there are some important differences between the seasonal flu and Covid-19, there are enough similarities that I believe we can find a solution to the problem by applying general medical principles relating to viruses. The entire world did not shut down for the many local and worldwide viral outbreaks we have had in the past 20 years such as SARS, Ebola, Zika, MERS, H5N1 (bird) and H1N1 (swine). There was no need to shut it down for this one.

We all know about the infection and death rates that vary widely around the world but you may not know why. Italy is pointed to by the alarmists as justification for the police state shutdown of entire states and countries so let’s take a closer look at it.

The single largest factor that determines the mortality rate is the health of the person at the time they contract the virus. The symptoms are mild for the vast majority of healthy people that become infected. It is well established that the people with the greatest risk of death are those with a weakened or compromised immune system. The death rate increases exponentially with age precisely because of the decrease in immune function that accompanies the aging process. According to an Italian Government Study 99% of their Covid-19 fatalities were already sick and half were diagnosed with 3 or more diseases.

Here are some excerpts from a Bloomberg article on the study:

The median age of the infected is 63 but most of those who die are older. The average age of those who’ve died from the virus in Italy is 79.5. As of March 17, 17 people under 50 had died from the disease. All of Italy’s victims under 40 have been males with serious existing medical conditions.

“While data released Tuesday point to a slowdown in the increase of cases, with a 12.6% rise, a separate study shows Italy could be underestimating the real number of cases by testing only patients presenting symptoms.”

“According to the GIMBE Foundation, about 100,000 Italians have contracted the virus, daily Il Sole 24 Ore reported. That would bring back the country’s death rate closer to the global average of about 2%.”

A huge factor that affects transmission rates is cultural customs. Getting the locals to alter their cultural customs at funerals is one of the four practices that flattened the Ebola epidemic curve in West Africa in 2013-2016. Italy has an aging population that has a cultural tradition of cheek kissing. Is it a great mystery why their death rate is so high?

It is probable that the 2-3% global average of the death rate is wildly over inflated due a high false negative rate for the current tests. And what about the many thousands or maybe even millions of people who may have contracted the virus and were not tested because the symptoms were so mild? Several weeks ago a strange virus ran through my family and a number of my co-workers. We felt horrible for a few days but recovered quickly. My daughter got the worst symptoms but tested negative for the flu. How do we know that it was not Covid-19 or another corona virus? Some of the alarmists such as Imperial College London’s Neil Ferguson are now beginning to back off of their doom and gloom predictions. The phrase “Lies, damned lies and statistics” applies here. The infection rate and death percentage numbers are unreliable. The only statistic that is close to accurate is the number of deaths. Let’s focus our efforts on reducing that number.

Sun Tzu, Firefighters, Preppers, and Floridians

Let’s continue to gather information by getting some advice from Sun Tzu, firefighters, preppers, and Floridians. After that I will tie it all together for you so that it will make sense.

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu famously said in The Art of War “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

The world’s governments are fighting a battle against an “enemy” (the Covid-19 virus) they do not understand. Neither do they understand “themselves,” which in this case I will consider to be the human body. This is a battle they will not win. They rushed into it blindly with little knowledge and preparation and the results so far are not pretty. The current battle should be over in a few months but the enemy will likely be back next year and/or the year after that. Will we know our enemy and know ourselves better before the next battle? I sincerely hope so.

But is treating the Covid-19 virus like an enemy that needs to be destroyed at all costs the right approach?

War on Covid-19

The USA has been at war in one form or another since its inception. There have been countless shooting wars but there has also been The War On Drugs, The War On Cancer, The War On Poverty, The War On Terrorism, The War On Global Warming, etc. Have any of these wars resulted in the eradication of the object on which the war was declared? No. All of these “wars” are foolish and misguided attempts at eradicating something that you cannot eradicate. They will always be with us. We have wasted untold trillions of dollars on these wars and have very little to show for it. The results of the current “War On Covid-19” will not be much different. We need to take a different approach and stop blindly declaring war on something we do not understand.

Trump and other politicians are using the language of war when speaking about their country’s efforts to “fight” Covid-19. That should make us very wary. When the USA declares war on anything we can expect several things to happen:

We will go deeper in debt

Vast amount of money will be wasted and given away to corrupt corporations

The US Constitution will be further trampled and more rights and freedoms will be taken away

The people will suffer

We will lose the war


I am a firefighter/paramedic for a large city in the State of Florida in the USA. Every time something bad happens firefighters are called to mitigate the situation. Heart attacks, Covid-19 patients, car wrecks, and hazardous material leaks/spills are among the situations we respond to, but for this example we will use fire. Firefighters do not treat fire as the enemy. We do not declare war on it and try to stamp out every single flame in our jurisdiction. We understand it to be a naturally occurring phenomenon that can be very destructive and deadly if it is allowed to grow out of control. We do not fear fire because we know it well and we know ourselves well. We do have a healthy respect for it because we frequently see the death and destruction it can cause. When the alarm sounds we calmly but aggressively go about mitigating the fire before it grows out of control and destroys both lives and property. We are well trained and well prepared with the best equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) money can buy. We have several different methods we can use to put out a fire but the simplest and most effective extinguishing agent is plain old cheap and abundant water. If a sufficient amount of water is applied to the fire in its earliest stages, it will be extinguished with minimal damage to the structure. But if we are called too late and the fire grows out of control before we arrive, the building may be completely destroyed.

Firefighters also educate the public on fire safety. We teach them how to prevent fires and what to do if they occur. I will return to this analogy later but for now the general lesson from firefighters is that the key to mitigating a potentially life and property destroying fire is knowledge, training and equipment. This allows us to apply the right extinguishing agent early enough and in sufficient quantities to put out the fire before the building burns down.


I am an amateur prepper, not the “doomsday” type. Maybe it’s because I took the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” seriously or maybe it’s because I love the Biblical story of Joseph saving “the world” from starvation due to famine. In any case, this practice of being prepared has served my family well. When the mob of unprepared citizens began cleaning out the stores recently there was not much I had to run out and buy. (Although I was regrettably almost out of toilet paper.) I already had a freezer full of meat and even a box of N95 masks. Preppers spend time thinking about different scenarios that could happen and then prepare for them. Some do it out of fear but most do it because we know these things will happen to some degree at some point and we want to lessen the impact of these events on our family. We do not want to be dependent on the government to save us. We want to be in the position to help other people and not be a burden on them.


Floridians are accustomed to preparing for hurricanes. It is an annual occurrence. We don’t panic because we know the enemy well and it is usually not as bad as it could be. We have an advantage over the folks who live in the Tornado Belt because we have plenty of advance notice that the storm is coming. Preparing for the Covid-19 virus to hit looked and felt like it does when we are preparing for a hurricane. We know it is coming but we do not know exactly when and where it will strike or how bad it will be. We all go out at the same time right before the storm and buy the supplies we need to weather the storm and get us through the aftermath. It always results in the store shelves being cleaned out of certain items. Our advice to you is to emulate our calm manner of preparation but do not emulate our practice of waiting until the last moment to obtain the supplies we need. The best approach is to stock up before storm season arrives.

Step 3 – Hypothesis – Predict the Outcome to the Problem

The doomsday outcomes predicted by the hysterical media and our clueless government officials are fatally flawed due to linear thinking. This is particularly prevalent in the West because the Western mind thinks in a linear manner – they act as if the trend in motion will continue on in the same direction indefinitely. The trend always changes. It is the Creator’s way. Cycles are the very foundation on which the universe was built. It is how energy moves. All viral outbreaks peak and then subside. This one will not be any different. Because the primary transmission route appears to be aerosolized droplets suspended in the air due to talking, coughing, and sneezing, the infection rate will drop dramatically as the air becomes warmer and moister. Airborne viruses love cool and dry air. Towards the end of the article I will be offering my predictions and proposed solutions.

Steps 4, 5, and 6

The world is in the midst of a huge quarantine experiment right now that we have rushed into without adequately stating our purpose and researching our options. In the aftermath we will be analyzing the results and coming to conclusions. Like the aftermath to any other crisis such as 911, most of the official government analysis will be propagandized and used to further their political agendas. We will be deluged with pseudoscience, lies, damned lies and statistics. Truth seekers must use real science to sift through the B.S. and find the truth just like we had to do with 911. Let us hope that the people of the world do not fall for the propaganda and “give up essential liberty to purchase a little safety.” One of my favorite quotes is by Mark Twain: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” The government officials of the world know a lot that “just ain’t so.” Unfortunately that “knowledge” is what they base their decisions on.

The World in Turmoil

The world is in fear driven turmoil right now because of the following reasons:

  • Ignorance: Our leaders are completely ignorant about how the human body works and are relying on guidance from a conventional medical system that is rife with agenda and corporate driven pseudoscience.
  • Poor or non-existent planning and training: This is self evident and seems to apply to most countries.
  • Narrow thinking: The response is the same all over the world – mass quarantines, isolation, and shutting down of commerce and travel. No country seems to be taking a different approach.
  • Incompletely defining the problem: No government seems to be giving any serious consideration to how they can minimize the economic damage that their solution to the problem is causing. Yes, many governments are throwing vast amounts of money at the problem by creating debt based money but does that ever really work?
  • Treating the Covid-19 pandemic like a war that needs to be waged instead of a recurring problem that needs to be properly mitigated with the right tools and approaches for the job: The USA’s war on Covid-19 will be about as successful as the USA’s War on Cancer has been.

The Cure For Covid-19: Body’s immune system

The cure for Covid-19 already exists so there is no need to look to the pharmaceutical industry to save us. It is your body’s own immune system. Instead of destroying the world economy in knee-jerk reactionary style maybe the world’s governments should be finding ways to improve the health of their citizens. We have already established that this virus kills the elderly and the immune compromised and has mild effects on the healthy. We should be focusing on the death rate, not the infection rate. Many people get sick with a virus a few times a year and the world economy doesn’t shut down.

I could write an entire series of articles on ways you can improve your health and immune system to the point that the Covid-19 virus would be only a minor irritation to you but this is not the forum for that. But I will tell you about the closest thing we have to a “magic bullet” and how the Chinese are using it to mitigate the virus.

After approving several studies of using intravenous vitamin C for the treatment of Covid-19, on March 1st the Chinese Journal of Infectious Diseases (which is hosted by the Shanghai Medical Association) pre-published the “Expert Consensus on Comprehensive Treatment of Coronavirus in Shanghai 2019.” Among its treatment recommendations was the following:

“Prevention and treatment of cytokine storm: It is recommended to use large doses of vitamin C and unfractionated heparin. Large doses of vitamin C are injected intravenously at a dose of 100 to 200 mg / kg per day. The duration of continuous use is to significantly improve the oxygenation index.”

China must be using it very extensively because in February they shipped 50 tons of it to Hubei Province, the capital city of which is Wuhan. No wonder turned things around so quickly at the epicenter of the outbreak.

Vitamin C: The Magic Bullet for Inflammation

Inflammation is the term we use to describe the body’s immune system response to injury or a foreign invader such as a virus or bad bacteria. It is at the root of all medical problems and diseases. When the immune system is overwhelmed, inflammation rages out of control. In the case of Covid-19 there is an overwhelming amount of inflammation in the lungs that leads to pneumonia, sepsis and death if the inflammatory fires are not quenched. This normally only happens in people with compromised immune systems. An optimally functioning immune system in a healthy person will easily mitigate the virus before it progresses to pneumonia. There are exceptions of course, but they are few.

We now return to my firefighter analogy. We can easily extinguish a fire if we arrive on scene while it is still in its incipient stage. A small booster line or even a 2.5 gallon fire extinguisher is all that is needed. If our response is delayed the fire will grow exponentially to the point that is not safe to enter the building. We then apply very large streams of water from the outside and do not enter the building until after the majority of the flames have been extinguished. The sooner we apply the water the less of it that is required to do the job. If we do not apply large streams of water in the late stages of a fire the building will be lost.

Vitamin C works the same way as water in our firefighter analogy. If enough oral vitamin C is taken at an early enough stage of an illness, the inflammation will be quenched and will never get to the exponential growth phase. The longer you wait to take it the more you will need to quench the inflammatory fire growing inside of you. The key to success is to take it at the first sign of symptoms. One you get to the exponential growth phase intravenous vitamin C is needed and it will be effective in a very large percentage of cases. If it is not applied, the result is death in a large percentage of cases.

Doctors in China and even the USA are using intravenous vitamin C on Covid-19 patients with great success. Doctors and researchers all over the world have known for decades about the incredible power of intravenous vitamin C to quench the raging fires of inflammation.

Sepsis is a condition that can be compared to the pneumonia that is killing the immune compromised elderly Covid-19 patients. They are both acute and massive inflammatory responses due to infection. An observational study published in The Lancet found that 100% of the early Covid-19 patients that died in Wuhan had sepsis. And not surprisingly most were older folks with health problems. Sepsis may be responsible for as many as 20% of deaths worldwide. It is one of the top killers of people that die in hospitals. One doctor in the USA has been using intravenous vitamin C in a treatment protocol that has reduced the death rate from sepsis by almost 5 fold – from 40% to 8.5%.

Is It Really That Simple?

Yes it is. “But Percy, then why aren’t governments around the world endorsing it and using it?” That is an almost irrelevant question. Does the scientific evidence and case studies prove it or not? I can give you a very conclusive answer for the USA. We have a corrupt and powerful pharmaceutical industry that exerts a massive amount of influence on our government. They use that power and influence to squash and suppress any medical treatment that cannot be patented and used to make obscene amounts of profit. Vitamin C cannot be patented so therefore it will not be widely used or studied. If it is not being used in your country then maybe your medical system has been corrupted or misled by the West. China is using it extensively, as well as a few renegade doctors in countries all over the world. If you look for them you will find them.

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

I do not subscribe to this view because I believe that claims that can be proved or disproved by science all require the same amount of evidence. What is extraordinary to one may be ordinary to another. A good example is 911. I do not consider it to be an extraordinary claim to say that two planes did not bring down three buildings on 9/11/2001, particularly Building 7. The laws of physics prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. But to the vast majority of the American public that is too fantastic of a claim to even warrant checking into. So if you summarily dismiss my claims without serious investigation it will be similar to someone refusing to watch the excellent documentary 911: Explosive Evidence- Experts Speak Out by Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth because it sounds too fantastic to be true. Here are some links to get you started if you would like to conduct your own research. I highly recommend that you do so.

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

I would be remiss if I did not touch upon the more bizarre aspects of this crisis. I will list a few. This is certainly not an exhaustive list and I have only linked to the things that are facts. No conspiracy theory links here.

I am attempting to apply Occam’s Razor to this crisis but I must admit that the longer this inexplicable and destructive behavior by governments goes on the more difficult it is for me to do so. Are all these things (and more) just amazing coincidences? I will let the reader decide.

Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

When a “crisis” comes along, whether false flag or real, Western leaders always use it as an excuse to pass liberty destroying legislation that would be otherwise politically untenable. In the USA, 911 gave us the Patriot Act, TSA, DHS, etc. I fully expect the Covid-19 pandemic to bring us similar legislation such as the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act. Power grabs are being suggested and attempted all over the world. Here are a few headlines:

I could fill up a page with headlines such as these. It is a very disturbing trend.

Where We Go From Here

I see myself as a realist, not an optimist or a pessimist. My study of history, economics, and politics tells me that the future looks grim. Much of the world is suffering under corrupt and ignorant leaders who cannot possibly successfully lead us out of this mess, particularly in the Western world. The world’s interconnected and dollar dominated financial system is a house of cards that has been waiting on the right flap of a butterfly’s wings to set off a series of events that will cause it to come tumbling down. We are past the point of no return. An economic recession or depression will be ushered in by the response to the Covid-19 virus, not the Covid-19 virus itself. The government response to a crisis always sets up the next crisis. Capital flight to the dollar has already begun en mass. By next year or the year after there will be loan defaults that will set off a worldwide contagion that will make 2008 look like a walk in the park. The Eurozone will implode first. The Covid-19 corona virus will mutate and be back next year and/or the year after that. Lord help us if our leaders shut the world down again next year. China will survive and be the beneficiary of the West’s self destruction. They will suffer, but not nearly as much as the West. The USA dominated Anglo-Zionist Empire will be largely over within 20 years, maybe much sooner. The new financial capital of the world will be China.

Conclusion 1 – What Governments Should Do

After we are on the downside of the infection bell curve governments should begin planning for the next round of this. Instead of being reactive they should be proactive. The primary focus should be to educate their citizens on how to be healthy. Healthy people have little to worry about from Covid-19 or most any other virus. Healthy people do not clog the healthcare system; unhealthy people do. They should also educate their citizens on ways they can support their immune systems and encourage them to do so quickly in the incipient stages of an illness. This will drastically reduce the strain of sick people on overburdened healthcare systems. That leaves only the worst cases to deal with. For these they should follow China’s lead and develop a treatment protocol that incorporates intravenous vitamin C to quench the inflammatory fire in the lungs that leads to death.

The mass quarantines of entire cities, states, and countries must stop. It is not stopping the spread and it is destroying the world economy in the process. If they want to quarantine a population it should be the population with the greatest risk of death – the elderly.

None of this will happen of course. When their approach doesn’t work, Western leaders usually double down on it hoping for a different result. Hopefully there will be some renegade local governments that will defy the unconstitutional decrees of their central government – like what many state governments are doing to the federal government in the USA regarding cannabis laws.

Conclusion 2 – What You Can Do

Since I am not under any illusions that this article will be read and considered by any person in power anywhere on the planet, the advice that follows is the reason I wrote this article. There is little chance that any of our overlords will be cured of the Covid-19 Derangement Syndrome that infects them. But, dear reader, if you are living in fear and hiding in your house or apartment and are afraid of contracting the Covid-19 virus there is hope for you. The antidote for fear is knowledge, training and preparation.

I do not fear fire because I understand it and I am well trained and equipped to extinguish a fire at any stage of development. I always strive to extinguish the fire in its incipient stage before it grows out of control.

I do not fear any virus because I understand them and I understand how my body uses its immune system to defend me from them. If I begin to get sick I know many natural methods to ramp up my immune system’s ability to fight off any infection whether viral or bacterial.

If you are not healthy, begin taking steps to correct that now. This virus will be back, and when it does you want your immune system to be functioning at a high level. Take advantage of this “lockdown” time and gain some knowledge. Instead of watching the 24/7 news cycle repeated over and over again (which can rapidly lead to depression and a loss of hope) redeem the time and study how you can change your diet and lifestyle and get in excellent health. After the current madness subsides and the stores are restocked, begin stocking up on the supplies you will need for the next round of this. Become self sufficient and prepared for any emergency. Whatever you do, do not sit back and wait for the government or pharmaceutical industry to save you.

If you do these things you can join me as I watch in stunned amazement the next time the whole world panics due to a pandemic. You will also be in a position to guide and assist your loved ones and neighbors. An economic storm and additional pandemic storms are coming and like minded people around the world need to pull together and help each other when they hit.


Percy Carlton is a soon to be retired firefighter/paramedic in a large city in the State of Florida in the USA. He has relentlessly studied and pursued truth in the areas of health, economics and geopolitics for the past 10 years.

«كورونا» صناعة أميركيّة وافتتاح جيل جديد من أجيال الحروب الستة

 سماهر الخطيب

ليست صدفة ظهور هذا الفيروس القاتل في ظروف استعرت فيها الحرب التجارية بين الولايات المتحدة الأميركيّة والصين العملاق الناهض والمهدّد بالتنافس الشركاتي والتقني والتكنولوجي والسيبراني الفضائي على مستوى العالم أجمع. فكما أعلنت حالة الطوارئ لمواجهة ذاك الفيروس فكذلك أعلنت الولايات المتحدة حالة الطوارئ والجهوزيّة لمواجهة ذاك العملاق الصينيّ المنافس لها..

وفي العودة إلى ما قبل ظهور الفيروس بشهور قليلة وربما أعوام سنجد ما قامت به الولايات المتحدة اتجاه الصين من سياسات وتوجهات بدءاً من قضية الإيغور المسلمين في إقليم تشينغ يانغ وما حاولت القيام به من تدخّلات حقوقية بحجة حماية الأقلية المسلمة في هذا الإقليم، وصولاً إلى تظاهرات هونغ كونغ ودعمها أميركيّاً للتمرّد ضدّ نظام وضعته الصين تحت مسمّى دولة واحدة في نظامين، مروراً بتسليح تايوان ودعمها ما يشكّل تهديداً للصين وتجاوزاً للسيادة الصينيّة والتي تعتبر تايوان جزءاً من سيادتها، ولم تكن الحرب التجاريّة ببعيدة عن تلك الأحداث والتي أعلنها الرئيس الأميركيّ دونالد ترامب فور تسلّمه زمام الإدارة مع فرضه الرسوم الجمركيّة على البضائع الصينيّة.. ليأتي فيروس كورونا ضمن سلسلة المواجهة الأميركيّة الصينيّة ولستُ هنا أبتدع ما يحاك من خيال وليست نظرية المؤامرة هي الموجّه وليس ما يتمّ تناقله من روايات حول مصدر الفيروس ومردّها إلى نوعية الطعام الذي يتناوله الشعب الصيني منذ مئات السنين دون إفراز ذلك الفيروس القاتل، فقائمة طعامهم ضمن ثقافتهم الممتدّة آلاف السنين..

إنما مع تطور العالم وما رافقه من تطور تقني وعلمي تطورت معه الحروب بأجيالها والتي صنّفها الخبراء العسكريون في أجيال عدّة من الحروب، وبالرّغم من اختلاف المعايير التكتيكية والعسكريّة، وكذلك المفاهيم النظرية التي تستخدم في التعريف أو التحليل، إنما ميّز معظمهم بين ستة أجيال، وهي:

حروب الجيل الأول

وهي حروب تقليديّة عرفتها الحقبة الممتدّة بين العامين 1648 و1860، وفق الخبير العسكري والكاتب الأميركيّ «ويليام ليند» وتدور رحى هذه الحروب بين جيشين نظاميين في ميدان محدد وعلى أرض واحدة، بحيث تكون المواجهات مباشرة بين خصمين أو أكثر وتُستعمل فيها الأسلحة والذخائر والتكتيات التقليديّة على أنواعها. وهذا الجيل من الحروب يتّسم ببروز مقوّمات الفروسيّة والشجاعة والإقدام على مستوى القادة والأفراد. وأفضل ما ذّكر عن استراتيجيتها هو ما كتبه الصيني سن تزو في «فن الحرب» فهذه الحروب لم تنحصر في الفترة التي أسلفنا ذكرها وفق «ليند»، بل عرفتها البشرية مبكراً استُخدم خلالها عدد كبير من العمليات العسكرية، كالمناورة والالتفاف لتطويق الخصم وضربه في أجنحته للقضاء عليه وتدميره، واستمرّت هذه الحروب حتى فترة ما قبل الحرب العالمية الثانية.

حروب الجيل الثاني

وهي شبيهة إلى حد ما بحروب الجيل الأول، وتُعرف بحرب العصابات أو الحرب الثورية، لكون رحاها تدور بين جيش نظاميّ تقليديّ ومجموعات قليلة العدد نسبياً تقاتل لتحقيق هدف واحد. وانتشرت هذه الحروب عقب انتهاء الحرب العالمية الثانية في كثير من دول العالم.

والخلاف عن الجيل الأول من الحروب يكمن في التطور الذي حصل في الحركة وتكتيكات المناورة وتقنيات الأسلحة وطريقة إدارة استخدام الدبابات والنيران والطيران بين الأطراف المتحاربة، الأمر الذي جعلها تتمتع بخاصية أكثر دقّة من ناحية إحداث أكبر قدر من الخسائر لدى الطرفين، وتعتمد على الأسلحة الخفيفة والمتوسطة تبعاً لديناميكيّة الحركة واستمرارية المناورة فيها.

بالإضافة إلى أنها تتمتع بقيادة أحادية تجمع القيادة العسكرية والسياسة معاً، وتعتمد على مساندة الإعلام بشكلٍ رئيسي، لكسب التأييد وحيازة الرأي العام والتأثير فيه.

كما تتميّز «حرب العصابات» باستراتيجيتها الخاصة، إذ تنشأ في الصراع المستمر والطويل مما يحتّم اتّباع أسلوب المفاجأة والمباغتة في القتال ضد الجيوش النظاميّة، واعتماد الضربات الموجعة للعدو في معارك ومواجهات صغيرة ومتعددة، تضعف قدرته وتجعله يتراجع عن أهدافه تحت وطأة الضربات المتلاحقة من قبل خصم يظهر ويختفي وفق الكرّ والفر، فنجده يقاتل وفق استراتيجيةٍ يفرض فيها وجوده وشروطه، كما أنه يحدّد مكان وزمان المواجهة بما يضمن له النجاح.

حروب الجيل الثالث

وتطوّر هذا الجيل من الحروب على يد الألمان خلال الحرب العالمية الثانية باعتمادهم المرونة والسرعة في الهجوم، فضلاً عن المفاجأة والحرب خلف خطوط العدو، وذلك وفق الخبير الأميركيّ «وليام ليند». إلا أنّ معظم زملاءه العسكريين يقولون بأنها انطلقت من نظرية سياسية عسكرية ظهرت في الولايات المتحدة الأميركيّة عقب انهيار الاتحاد السوفياتيّ السابق، وتحديداً عقب أحداث الحادي عشر من أيلول عام 2000 وما نجم عنها من تفجير برجي التجارة في نيويورك، وتسمّى النظرية الأميركيّة بـ»الرّدع بالشّك» فأصبحت تعرف بالحروب «الوقائية» أو «الاستباقية» وهي تعني «الضربة الاستباقية»، وشنّ الحرب ضدّ كل ما من شأنه أن يهدّد الأمن القومي الأميركيّ أو السلم العالمي، وتعتبر الحرب الأميركيّة على العراق عام 2003 نموذجاً عنها، بعد أن اتخذت الولايات المتحدة من أحداث 11 أيلول سبباً للوقاية من «الإرهاب».

حروب الجيل الرابع

وهي امتداد للحروب الوقائيّة، وهي بدعةٌ أميركيّة صرفة، وتسمّى بـ»الحرب اللامتماثلة»، وفق ما اتفق عليه الخبراء العسكريون، إذ تُستخدم فيها وسائل الإعلام الجديد والتقليدي، وكذلك منظمات المجتمع المدني والمعارضة، ويستخدم فيه أيضاً النفوذ الأميركيّ في أيّ بلد عبر العمليّات الاستخباريّة، والشركات الأمنيّة الخاصة، وذلك لخدمة المصالح الأميركيّة، وتنفيذاً لسياساتها الاستراتيجية.

وفي تفاصيل نشوء هذا النوع من الحروب هو أحداث 11 أيلول، حيث وجد الجيش الأميركيّ نفسه في مواجهة تنظيمات محترفة عسكرياً ومدرّبة جيداً منتشرة حول العالم، فتوجهت القوات الأميركيّة نحو استراتيجية جديدة لمواجهة «اللا دولة» والتي تمتلك إمكانات ممتازة تنشّط خلاياها في كل مكان فبات لزاماً وفق الاستراتجية العسكرية الأميركيّة ابتكار نموذج جديد لمواجهتها وإضعافها أمام الرأي العام، وإرغامها على الانسحاب من التدخل في مناطق نفوذها..

وكان البروفسور الأميركيّ «ماكس مايوراينغ» أول من تحدّث عن هذه الحرب في محاضرة علنية في معهد دراسات الأمن القومي في «إسرائيل» بتاريخ 13 آب 2012، واختصر تعريفها بالنقاط الآتية: «هي الحرب بالإكراه، وإفشال الدولة، وزعزعة استقرارها، ثم فرض واقع جديد يراعي مصالح الدولة الأميركيّة»، معتمداً على شخصية هاري بوتر الشهيرة وما أوردته أحداث القصة من بروز شخصية شريرة هو «لورد فولدامورت» هو الخصم الشرير الرهيب الذي لا يجرؤ أحد على النطق باسمه وهو ما أراد تطبيقه في هذا الجيل من الحروب عبر ابتكار أشخاص أشرار داخل نطاق الدولة يمكن الاعتماد عليهم لتمرير سياستهم وتنفيذ مخططاتهم وربما كانت فكرة «داعش» الإرهابية إحدى تلك النماذج الأميركيّة.. وتطرق مايوراينغ في محاضرته إلى «هيوغو شافيز» الذي تحدّث عن حروب الجيل الرابع منذ سنوات عدة حين أمر ضابط الجيش في فنزويلا أن «يتعلموا الجيل الرابع من الحروب غير المتماثلة، وأن يطوروا عقيدة للتعامل معها». وأكد البروفيسور الأميركيّ حينها انخراطهم في هذا النوع من الحروب، ومما قاله في تلك المحاضرة، بأنّه بـ»الاعتماد على طابور خامس سيستيقظ عدوّك ميّتاً» وتابع قائلاً: «لم نعد نرسل قوات نظامية عبر الحدود، على الأقل أغلب الأحوال… والقوات العسكرية ليست نظامية، ليست كلها رجال، فيها نساء، وليسوا كلهم بالغين، بل فيهم حتى أطفال.. الهدف هو الإنهاك والتآكل ببطء.. والهدف هو التحكم أو الوصول إلى نقطة التأثير في عدوك.. نستخدم إقليماً غير محكوم بشكل كافٍ ونؤثر على أفراده للتمرّد على دولتهم..».

حروب الجيل الخامس

وهي هجينة مع ما سُمّي بالحروب «غير المتماثلة» وامتداد لها، يعتمد هذا النوع المتطوّر من الحروب في استراتيجيته، على خلق تناقضات بين السلطة والمجتمع في نطاق الدولة الواحدة، عبر استغلال الوسائل كافة، يستخدم فيها العنف غير المسلح، وتعتمد على جماعات عقائديّة مسلحة، وعصابات تهريب منظمة، وتنظيمات صغيرة مدرّبة من أجل صنع حروب داخلية تتنوّع حسب الغاية منها بين اقتصادية وسياسية واجتماعية بهدف استنزاف مؤسسات الدولة المستهدفة ووضعها في مواجهة صراعات داخلية، بالتوازي مع التهديدات الخارجية العنيفة. ويقول أحد المحللين إنّ «الجيل الخامس يعتمد في استراتيجيته على احتلال العقول لا الأرض، وبعد احتلال العقول يتكفّل المحتل بالباقي». وهنا نذكر مقولة للرئيس الراحل حافظ الأسد حينما قال «الأرض إذا احتلت يمكننا استرجاعها أما الإرادة إذا احتلت من الصعب استرجاعها»، وهذا ما تعتمده حروب الجيل الخامس باحتلالها الإرادة والفكر قبل الأرض..

أما من ناحية الأسلحة المستخدمة في هذه الحروب فتستخدم التقنيات الحديثة، كالصواريخ المضادة للدروع، والطائرات الذكية «بدون طيّار» وغيرها الكثير من الأسلحة المتطورة، وبما أنها تعتمد على استغلال جماعات عقائدية تكون في كيان الدولة الواحدة بالتالي تعتمد على العمليات الانتحارية، والأعمال الإرهابية والتطرف، ونصب الكمائن، واستخدام القوة غير المسلحة، والتي يكون فيها العدو فاعلاً من دون أن يظهر بشكل مباشر كتقنيات الإرهاب الإلكتروني، والغزو السيبراني، واستحداث حالة من الفوضى في مواقع الصراع بين أطراف محلية، وتقسيم الشعب الواحد إلى شعوب عبر إثارة النعرات واجتزاء الانتماءات وتفكيك الهوية الواحدة وتحريكها وفق الأهداف السياسية والمصلحية المرجوّة للدولة الأخرى راعية هذه الجماعات ضدّ دولتهم الواحدة.. وما يسمّى بـ»الربيع العربي» هو أحد تطبيقات هذا الجيل من الحروب الهجينة. كما يرى الخبراء أنّ «إغراق المناطق المستهدفة بالمخدرات هو أحد الأسلحة الفعالة لحروب الجيل الخامس».

كما يرى محللون عسكريون بأنّ «حروب الجيل الخامس تستخدم التقنيات الحديثة بهدف إيجاد حكومة في الظل، كما أنّها تتعامل مع كيانات صغيرة متعددة، وممنهجة تعمل على هدم التعليم في الجامعات، وإشاعة الفوضى، وارتكاب أفعال إجرامية للتشكيك في قدرة الدولة على السيطرة الأمنية، وتُسـتغل هذه التشكيلات الإجرامية في فبركة الأخبار وتبديل الحقائق وترويع المواطنين». وما يحدث في البلدان العربية من مشرقها حتى مغربها وانتقال العدوى إلى دول أميركا اللاتينية ترجمة فعلية لهذا النوع من الحروب..

حروب الجيل السادس

المقصود بهذا النوع من الحروب وفق الخبراء الاستراتيجيين والعسكريين هو «الحرب التي تُدار عن بُعد» عبر استخدام أسلحة ذكية تدخل في صلبها شبكات الإنترنت عبر التجنيد الكامل للمجتمع المستهدف، وتتنوع وسائلها لتشمل استخدام وسائل تجسس جديدة تعتمد على الطيور والحيوانات والأسماك والتي لا يقتصر دورها على التجسس فقط إنما يذهب أبعد من ذلك إلى إلحاق الضرر عن بعد كـ»التفجير عن بعد» وتتبادل الاتهامات ما بين الولايات المتحدة الأميركيّة وروسيا حول مبتكر هذا النوع من الحروب ففي حين يعتقد بعض الخبراء بأن روسيا أول مَن أطلق هذه التسمية وفق ما قاله الجنرال الروسي «فلاديمير سليبتشينك»، حين قال للعالم أجمع «إنّ الحروب التقليدية قد عفا عليها الزمن، وأنّ كل الحروب بعد ذلك ستدار بأنظمة ذكية، وستحصد نتائج ذكية أيضاً». تذهب روسيا إلى رأي منافٍ بحيث ترجعه إلى وكالة «داريا» التابعة لـ»البنتاغون»..

وتستخدم في هذا الجيل من الحروب، الصواريخ القابلة للتوجيه عن بُعد، والقنبلة الذكية المجهّزة للتوجيه الذاتي، وطائرة بدون طيار الصغيرة الحجم لأغراض التجسس على المحادثات بين الأشخاص، والألغام التي يتم تفعيلها أو تعطيلها عن طريق الأقمار الصناعية، وجمع المعلومات الاستخباراتية واستغلال النظام العالمي لسواتل الملاحة (نظام تحديد المواقع العالمي)، وكل ما يمكن استهدافه عن طريق الكمبيوتر أو الأقمار الصناعية.

أسلحة القتل النظيف

كذلك تستخدم أسلحة القتل النظيف، وهي عبارة عن تركيز أمواج راديوية بترددات خاصة وبطاقة عالية جداً إلى أعلى من طبقات الأوزون، بحيث يتم تسخين طبقات الغلاف الجوي بشكل مكثف وتعمل على جعلها كوسادة مطاطية تخزن الطاقة بشكل كبير، وتعمل على ردّة فعل بإطلاق موجات مغناطيسية تخترق الحي والميت نحو منطقة معينة وإطلاق هذه الطاقة وتحريرها من خلال الغلاف الجوي أو الأرض، وتعمل هذه التقنية على إثارة العواصف الماطرة والثلوج العنيفة والفيضانات والجفاف، كما أنها تساعد في كشف بواطن الأرض.

ويضاف إليها نوع جديد من الأسلحة يسمّى بـ»أسلحة الكيمتريل» وهو عبارة عن مركبات كيماوية يمكن نشرها على ارتفاعات جوية محددة لاستحداث ظواهر جوية مستهدفة وتختلف هذه الكيماويات طبقاً للأهداف، فمثلاً عندما يكون الهدف هو «الاستمطار» أي جلب الأمطار يتم استخدام خليط من أيوديد الفضة على بيركلورات البوتاسيم ليتم رشها مباشرة فوق السحب في ثقل وزنها ولا يستطيع الهواء حملها فتسقط أمطاراً، كما تستخدم هذه التقنية مع تغيير المركبات الكيماوية فتؤدي إلى الجفاف والمجاعات والأمراض والأعاصير والزلازل.

وتعتمد أيضاً سلاح «الصوت الصامت» وهي مجموعة من الأسلحة تتمثل في السيطرة الشاملة على العقل باستخدام التقنيات مثل أدوات العرض HD لإرسال هذه التأثيرات لكل بيت وكل أسرة وكل الشعوب المراد السيطرة عليها ضمن حزمة من التقنيات الجديدة والمبتكرة لإحكام السيطرة على العقل.

منظومة الجنّ الفضائيّ

أما أهم ما ابتكرته من أسلحة هذا الجيل فهو «منظومة الجنّ الفضائي» وأطلق هذه التسمية أحد صحافيي الواشنطن بوست منذ أعوام مضت، لأنها اعتمدت على تقنيات عالية التطور تشبه الخيال المحض، فيما أطلق عليها البعض «القرصنة البيولوجيّة». وتشمل هذه المنظومة أقماراً صناعية صغيرة تقدّر بحوالي نصف مليون قمر صناعي في مدارات حول الأرض، بعيداً عن المدارات الاعتيادية متعدّدة الأهداف كالمساعدة في مسح خريطة النشاطات المغناطيسية للعقل والجسم البشري ودراسة إمكانية التحكم في الأفراد بما يعرف شرائح التحكم البشرية، وكذلك التعاون مع سلاح هارب في مزيد من التحكم في الظواهر والكوارث الطبيعية المصنعة، أيضاً تساعد على استهداف الأفراد بموجات مغناطيسية، كذلك التجسس حول العالم وغيرها من مشاريع القرصنة الحديثة بأنواعها المختلفة..

الشعاع الأزرق

وأخيراً استخدام ما سمّي بـ»الشعاع الأزرق» حين تمكنت الأقمار الصناعية من صنع انعكاسات ضوئية على الأرض تشبه كائنات حقيقية مع دمج الريبوتات النانوية مع مادة الكيمتريل الحديثة، وتتحرك تلك الكائنات في عيون من رأوها تحت شمس الظهيرة، وأكدوا أنهم يتعرّضون لغزو كائنات فضائية حقيقية، ولم تظهر حقيقة الأمر إلا بعد أشهر حين كشفتها معلومات استخباراتيّة أميركيّة.

مقارنة عبر الأجيال

وليس إعلان الرئيس الأميركيّ دونالد ترامب بعسكرة الفضاء، وتحديد ميزانية خاصة لمواجهة التفوق الصيني والروسي في الفضاء ببعيدة عن هذا الجيل من الحروب، والذي يتميز بغياب مركز الثقل، وفق الخبراء، ففي الحروب السابقة يبرز الصراع بين كيانات ذات هيكلية مؤسسية سواء أكانت جيوشاً منظمة أم جماعات متمرّدة إلا أنها تتمتع بهيكلية هرمية تسلسلية وروح معنوية وإمدادات لوجستية ودعم سياسي وشعبي وما تحويه من مبررات قتالية سواء أكانت قانونية أو حقوقية أو حتى أخلاقية. وتنتهي تلك الحروب بتدمير مركز الثقل وبالتالي تدمير المؤسسة بكاملها أو جزئياً مع الاعتراف بالهزيمة، وهو ما كان سائداً في الحربين العالميتين وكذلك حروب الخليج وغيرها من الحروب التي عنونت بحروب الجيل الأول والثاني والثالث. ناهيك عن أنّ مجال تلك الحروب كان البر والبحر معاً، لتتطوّر في جيلها الثالث مع التطور الاقتصادي والتكنولوجي في عصر الثورة الصناعية، ما أدّى إلى تطوّر أسلحة الدفاع الجوي والطيران وكذلك الغواصات وبدأ معها ضمّ المجال الجوي والفضاء الإلكتروني والمساحات تحت سطح البحار، إلى نطاق الحروب. لتنتقل في ما بعد حروب الجيل الرابع وما تلاها إلى مدى أبعد من الأرض نحو الإرادة، فشملت بنطاقها المجال السياسي والاقتصادي والثقافي والسيبراني والحضاري، فأضحت الحرب صراع إرادات سياسية، اقتصادية، سيرانية، ثقافية وحضارية وليست مجرد صراع مسلح.

الحرب غير المقيّدة

وبالتالي اتسم الجيل السادس من الحروب بسمة «الحرب غير المقيدة»، يجتمع فيها جميع أنواع الحروب الاقتصادية والسيبرانية والمعلوماتية والنووية والبيئية والجريمة المنظمة والحرب الهجينة والعصابات المدرّبة التي يمكن شنّها حتى في حالة السلم وعدم وجود صراعات عسكرية معلنة، وفيروس «كورونا» ليس ببعيد عن هذا الجيل من الحروب البيولوجية والذي كشفت براءات الاختراع الأميركيّة تسجيله في عام 2018 كبراءة اختراع تحت رقم 10130701، ناهيك عن تدخل شركات الأدوية العملاقة لجني مليارات الدولارات سنوياً عبر ابتكار الفيروسات كالسرطان والإيدز وغيرها من أساليب الحروب البيولوجية والتي تعتمد كل شيء في سبيل تحقيق الغاية المرجوّة. وكيف الحال إذا كانت الغاية الأميركيّة القضاء على العملاق الصيني بلا أيّ تردّد ومهما كانت النتائج ولو كان عدد الضحايا بالملايين فهي مَن أطلقت قنبلتين ذريتين على هيروشيما وناكازاكي.. ولا ننسى التطرّق إلى الثقافة الأميركيّة التي غزت العالم بالوجبات وبالأفلام التي ليست ببعيدة عمّا تطبّقه من سياسات فليس فيلم «نهاية العالم» ببعيد عما يحصل اليوم حين قامت تلك الطبيبة «الإسرائيلية» بإيجاد عُقار ينقذ البشرية من فيروس هتك العالم أجمع، ما يعني أن «إسرائيل» بنت لمواجهته جدار الفصل العنصري، لحماية كيانها من انتشاره، وفق أحداث الفيلم..

وبما أن العالم منقسم إلى عالم الشمال وعالم الجنوب، أو بلدان العالم المتقدم والعالم الثالث، كذلك أجيال الحروب منقسمة. فبينما نحن في الجيل الرابع من الحروب تبعاً للتراجع التقني والعلمي الذي يطغى علينا في حين باتت الحروب بين تلك الدول المتقدمة تقوم على الجيل الخامس والسادس وأحياناً متداخلة بين هذين الجيلين. يبقى علينا تحديد ميزانية خاصة للبحث العلمي وإدراك ما فاتنا من تقدّم عوضاً عن وضع الميزانية في شراء أسلحة باتت تقليدية المستفيد الوحيد منها تلك المجمّعات الصناعية العسكرية..

مقالات متعلقة

Clausewitz, Trump and Soleimani

JANUARY 08, 2020


American politics is a continuation of Israel’s wars by different means

The 19th century military philosopher Carl von Clausewitz observed that war is the continuation of politics by different means. This is an apt description of Iranian military strategy and geo-political affairs. It is consistent with the rationale that guided General Qasem Soleimani for the last two decades.

As a superb military strategist Soleimani grasped that the distance between A to B isn’t necessarily identical to the distance from B to A. Iran and Israel do not share a physical border, Tehran and Tel Aviv are about 1000 miles apart. Despite Israel’s relentless threats to attack Iran, it has never been clear whether Israel has the military capacity to cause significant damage to Iran. It isn’t clear how Israeli pilots are supposed to cover the distance and fly undetected over Jordan, Syria or Iraq. Where, or how would the Israeli plane refuel and so on.  Israel has not managed to solve this logistical military riddle. But it has been clever enough to grasp that pushing America into an all out conflict with the Islamic Republic may provide a solution to the riddle. Despite the competition (with Britain, France and Germany), the USA is Israel’s most subservient colony. It has been happily sacrificing its sons and daughters on the Zionist altar for years. 

General Soleimani devised genius military tactics to counter both American and Israeli plans; although Israel doesn’t share a border with Iran, Iran assuredly shares a border with Israel. Deploying the Iranian Revolutionary Guards alongside local pro Iran militias into areas of conflict allowed Soleimani to encircle the Jewish state within a wall of fierce resistance. Iran’s regional allies are superbly trained, ideologically and religiously motivated and they have the benefit of the rich Iranian ballistic arsenal and technology that can deliver lethal punishment to Israel in a conflict. For some time, Israel’s military elite and analysts  have had to accept that within the context of such an Israel Iran war, Iran together with its regional allies, is capable of raining thousands of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and precision guided missiles on Israel. Such a development could wipe out Israeli cities in a few days.

Similar tactics were put into action by General Soleimani against American military forces in the region. Iran may not share a border with the USA but pro Iranian Iraqi militias have managed to surround and harass American forces in Iraq. Iran also dominates the most strategic passes in the Persian Gulf through its Shia militias in Yemen.

Yesterday’s Iranian attack on American air bases, showed that Iran’s supreme leaders have also internalised Clausewitz’s philosophy. The attack was measured. It was aimed at American military facilities and, according to reports, targeted runways and empty facilities. However, the attack was conducted from Iranian territory and was openly claimed by the Iranian regime. It effectively conveyed Iranian determination and firmness. However, it was measured enough to give Trump’s Administration an opportunity to climb down off the tree it unwisely chose although it also gave the administration enough rope to hang itself if it insists on doing so. 

The USA’s  conflict with Iran is peculiar; it is irrational, it may even border on madness. America is no longer dependent on the Gulf’s oil. Its general strategy in the region has been futile and self-defeating. Iraq wants the American military out. In Syria, American forces were defeated. Russia is now taking care of what in the past America claimed to oversee and, in practice, never did. One wonders, what is it that America is doing in Iraq, or in Syria? Where is all of this leading?

Numerous academic studies have established that American foreign policy is dominated by the Israel Lobby. The devastating truth is that America has been fighting Israel’s wars for decades. Until now this has entailed fighting inferior military forces. But a battle with Iran may prove far more complicated. Decades of sanctions have made Iran into an independent technological superpower. Iranian drone technology is at least as advanced as that of Israel and the USA and it leads in precision guided and cruise missiles. Unlike American soldiers who fight for Israel and are often fed misleading intelligence by Israeli sources,  Iranians and local Shia militias are fighting on their soil. The battle is destined to be a challenge to the USA military and its consequences are unpredictable.

Surrounded by incompetence, Trump has made disastrous decisions that have made America and Israel into the biggest dangers to world peace. The situation is so grim for America that it can’t seem to  find the power within itself to grasp its own self-imposed dark limbo. 

The only way to grasp America’s bizarre operation is to accept a reverse approach to Clausewitz’ insight; American politics is a continuation of Zionist wars by different means. America has given away its world prestige for the Jewish state. American politicians shamelessly pledge allegiance to the Jewish state instead of their own. They go out of their way to appease Jewish lobby groups, whether it is the ultra Zionist AIPAC or the controlled opposition Jstreet. The USA won’t be the first superpower to be destroyed by Zion. The problem is that a regional war involving America and Israel could make Extinction Rebellion irrelevant as these two destructive powers could reduce our planet to dust in order to save their current leaders from their escalating legal complications.  

I have no doubt that many Americans are aware of the danger ahead. However, the matrix of Zionist power in America has dismantled Americans’ ability to call a spade a spade as that is considered ‘anti-Semitic.’    

My battle for truth and freedom involves  some expensive legal services. I hope that you will consider committing to a monthly donation in whatever amount you can give. Regular contributions will enable me to avoid being pushed against a wall and to stay on top of the endless harassment by Zionist operators attempting to silence me.


قوانين الحرب الجديدة تترسّخ


سبتمبر 9, 2019

ناصر قنديل

– ما بين أول أيلول والعاشر منه، وعشية أول أيام عاشوراء وآخر أيامها، وما يعنيه الاهتمام بأمن مجالسها بالنسبة لحزب الله، فرض الحزب معادلات قوة جديدة في توازن الردع وقوانين الحرب بينه وبين كيان الاحتلال. والتاريخان 1 و9 ايلول سيصيران جزءاً من ذاكرة جديدة، تحتلّ مكانة موازية لذاكرة تموز 2006، فالقضية ببعدها الأخلاقي والقيمي إثبات الفرق بين الوعد الصادق والتهديد الكاذب، وتوصيف دقيق لمكانة كل من قادة محور الشر الذي يقوده كيان الاحتلال ومحور المقاومة الذي ينطق بلسانه السيد حسن نصرالله.

– الهدف الذي تمّت إصابته ليس مهماً ، و لا خسائر بشرية تستحق الرد ، و الاحتفاظ بحق الرد ومكانه وزمانه ، و لن ينجح أحد باستدراجنا للحرب ، جمل ومفردات ومصطلحات كانت تلازم الخطاب العربي الرسمي لعقود، تهرباً من المواجهة مع كيان الاحتلال، وصارت في مرحلة انتقالية جزءاً من خطاب محور المقاومة في طور الانتقال من الردع السلبي إلى الردع الإيجابي، وتفادي التورط بمواجهة لم تكتمل شروط خوضها وضمان الفوز بها. وها هي اليوم تصير مفردات ومصطلحات وجمل يتكون منها الخطاب الأميركي، من التعامل الأميركي مع إسقاط إيران لأهم طائرات الحرب الإلكترونية الأميركية في العالم، إلى تعامل كيان وجيش الإحتلال مع عملية أفيفيم التي خرقت خطاً أحمر عمره من عمر الكيان بحرمة الاقتراب من حدود فلسطين المحتلة عام 48. وها هي تتكرّر مع أول إسقاط المقاومة لطائرة مسيّرة للعدو تنتهك الأجواء اللبنانية.

– الفارق بين قواعد الاشتباك وقوانين الحرب ومعادلات الردع كبير، فقوانين الحرب تضع بيد فريق قدرة شنّ حرب، وبيد الآخر القدرة على رسم نتائج التورط فيها بقدرة الدرع. وتأتي قواعد الاشتباك لترسم حدود الفعل العسكري ورد الفعل عليه تحت سقف قوانين الحرب ومعادلات الردع، فتبقى المبادرة بيد القادر على شنّ الحرب ويبقى الردّ بيد القادر على رسم حدود الحرب بقدرة الردع. وهكذا كان الحال قبل أول أيلول، كيان الاحتلال بيده قدرة شنّ الحرب، والمقاومة تملك قدرة ردع تجعله يقيم حساباته قبل التورط فيها، وما بينهما، جيش الاحتلال يشنّ هجماته بما لا يستفز قدرة الردع، والمقاومة تردّ بما لا يستفز الكيان للذهاب إلى حرب.

– منذ أول أيلول تخطّت المقاومة حدود المعادلات السابقة وضربت حيث يستفز العدو ليشن حرباً، ولم يفعل، واعادت الكرة ولم يفعل، فحدود فلسطين الـ 48 وسلاح الجو بالنسبة لكيان الاحتلال أهم الخطوط الحمراء، والتهوين من حجم فعل المقاومة هو إعلان ارتضاء ومساكنة مع سقوط خطوطه الحمراء. ومنذ اليوم لم تعد بيد كيان الاحتلال قدرة شن حرب وتغيرت قوانين المعادلة، وقواعد الاشتباك صارت متحركة بيد المقاومة ترسمها في تثبيت خطوطها الحمراء التراكمية، بدءاً من اعتبار تمركز قوتها في سورية خطاً أحمر، إلى اعتبار الأجواء اللبنانية خطاً أحمر، والتتمة تأتي تباعاً. وكيان الإحتلال سيمتنع تباعاً عن كل ما يستفز ما هو أبعد اليوم من قدرة الردع، وهو قدرة المبادرة لرسم خطوط حمراء، وبالتالي نحن أمام توازن استراتيجي جديد متحرك بسرعة ليرسو على معادلة الردع الإيجابي، وإعلان نهاية مرحلة الدرع السلبية المتحركة سقوفها ما بين 1996 وتفاهم نيسان وحرب تموز 2006.

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اليمن شريك بالقوة في وظيفتين خليجيتين


أغسطس 3, 2019

د. وفيق إبراهيم

الدولة اليمنيّة في صنعاء تزداد قوة مقابل خسارة «الدولة الوهميّة اليمنيّة» في السعودية لآخر إمكاناتها، وهي إمكانات كانت تستمدها من العدوان السعودي ـ الإماراتي على اليمن المستمر منذ سنين خمس.

أما الأسباب فباتت واضحة وهي أن تراجع العدوان الخارجي وحلفه اليمني الداخلي، ليس لخسارة مواقع او معارك، بل لفقدان وظائف استراتيجية لا تزال تشكّل حتى الآن الأسباب الأساسية للاهتمام الغربي بجزيرة العرب والخليج.

للايضاح فإن بلدان الخليج تبيع نفطاً وتشتري كل شيء تقريباً باستثناء البلح، ما أنتج معادلة تقوم على أن الغرب يُنقِّب عن النفط بواسطة شركاته التي تعالجه وتصدره الى العالم الغربي وبعض البلدان الآسيوية والأفريقية المستهلكة، ما أنتج علاقة عميقة بين نظام اقتصادي غربي وسلطات خليجية تأسست على سطو غربي متجذّر ثنائي الحركة: النفط من الخليج وتصدير البضائع الغربية وكل الأنواع الى الخليج، فتطوّر هذه العلاقة بين الطرفين الى نظام حماية متكامل المواصفات والشروط مع دفع البدل والاتاوات والضحية بالطبع هم سكان جزيرة العرب.

لكن الاستثناء على هذه القاعدة كان اليمن. فالسعودية بذلت إمكانات كبيرة منذ ثلاثينيات القرن الماضي لمنعه من الاستقرارين السياسي والاجتماعي، وحرمانه من إمكانية استثمار موارده الاقتصادية. وهذا واضح في السياسات السعودية التي لا تزال مستمرّة في اليمن منذ سبعة عقود وأكثر.

الأمر الذي يكشف أن العدوان السعودي الإماراتي الحالي المدعوم عربياً وغريباً وإسرائيلياً عليه هو استمرار للسياسات السعودية التاريخية ضد هذا البلد بدعم غربي مفتوح.

أما أسباب هذه العدوانيّة السعودية التاريخيّة، المتواصلة، فهو رفض آل سعود ليمنٍ مستقرّ فيه غلبة سكانيّة ويستطيع العيش من موارد غير نفطيّة متحكّماً برأس جزيرة العرب، ولديه علاقات نسب وانتماء مع معظم القبائل في السعودية وعُمان، وأهله مولعون بحب المعرفة والعلم والإحساس العميق بوحدة النسب مع الجوار في المنطقة العربية.

لذلك فالعدوان السعودي الحالي على اليمن، يحمل هذه العدوانية المذكورة، مضافة إليها محاولة منع اليمن من التعاون مع السياسات العربية والإقليمية المعادية للنفوذ الأميركي وبالتالي السعودي ـ الاسرائيلي.

لمزيد من التوضيح فإن الهجوم السعودي ـ الإماراتي بدأ بالدخول الى اليم منذ 2014 مستهدفاً السيطرة على كامل بقاعه وسط حملة إعلامية، بأن أسبوعين فقط كافيان لإسقاط الدولة في صنعاء، وهذا كلام موثق قاله ولي العهد السعودي محمد بن سلمان زاعماً أن قواته تريد تحرير اليمن من أهله.

الآن وبعد خمس سنوات يطأطئ بن سلمان رأسه من دون توضيح أسباب تراجع قواته المدعومة بالمرتزقة والسلاح والحصار وكل شيء تقريباً.

هذا مقابل صورة معاكسة، ليمن أصلي قاتل العدوان باحترافيّة تاريخيّة في إطار خطة يتواصل صعودها لتحقيق الهدف الكامل وهو تحرير البلاد من العدوان. وهذا يؤدي تلقائياً إلى ولادة دور إقليمي لليمن بدأ يتشكّل منذ الآن.

كيف تتبلور جهادية اليمن نحو التحرّر وتطوير الدور؟

عرفت العقلية التاريخية اليمنية أن إمكانات العدوان على بلادها كبيرة جداً بدعم إقليمي ودولي غير مسبوق فطبقت مفهوم حرب «الغوار الشعبية» بتراجع متعمّد أمام السعوديين والإماراتيين حتى صدَّق هؤلاء أنهم قاب قوسين أو أدنى من السيطرة على كل اليمن، وتبين أن دولة صنعاء تراجعت لتفكيك زخم المهاجمين وذلك بتراجع متعمّد ما أدّى إلى انتشارهم على مساحات يمنية واسعة فضعفوا.

هذا ما جرى بالعدوان الذي وزّع جيوشه على مئات آلاف الكيلومترات المربعة لضمان الاستمرار في سيطرتهم عليها.

لكنها حوّلت بذلك مواقعها إلى أهداف لقوات دولة صنعاء التي تجيد فنون الكرّ والفرّ، ما مكّنها من استنزاف حيوية جيوش العدوان وتحالفاتهم البحرية والجوية وحوّلتهم أهدافاً يصطادها المجاهدون بفنون قتال تاريخية.

إن هذا الاستيعاب للقوات الغازية، منح مجاهدي اليمن فرصة من الانتقال الى المرحلة الثانية التي أثارت دهشة المراقبين العسكريين في العالم، فكيف يمكن لبلد متواضع الإمكانات ومحاصَر ويحتلّ العدوان قسماً كبيراً منه أن ينتقل من الدفاع والقتال في الداخل الى اختراق الحدود السعودية المواجهة لأعالي صعدة الجبلية والسيطرة على أراضٍ سعودية، متسبباً بذعر سعودي يطلق أصوات استغاثة طلباً لنجدة من تغطياته الغربية والإقليمية والإسرائيلية.

لم يكتف المجاهدون بهذا القدر فأرسلوا صواريخ باليستية وطائرات مسيرة نحو أهداف نفطية واقتصادية وعسكرية أصابت أهدافها في مناطق مختلفة، وأحدثت رعباً داخلياً وخارجياً.

إن الطريقة التدريجية في قتال غير متكافئ بسبب الدعم الغربي المفتوح للسعودية جعل من الاسلحة العابرة للأجواء وسيلة لوضع الوظيفة النفطية السعودية في موقع صعب، بدليل أنه أصبح بإمكان انصار الله عرقلة إنتاج النفط كلما شعروا بالحاجة إلى إفهام آل سعود أن وجودهم الاحتلالي في اليمن أصبح على مشارف الهاوية، ما يعني أن عليهم الرحيل بسرعة.

يتبين إذاً أن أنصار الله فرضوا بقوة مُسَيّراتِهم الجوية، دوراً أساسياً لهم في النفط وبالقوة، لكنهم لم يكتفوا بهذه الوظيفة الشديدة الأهمية، ملحقين بها وظيفة أخرى، وهي حقهم بالمشاركة في أمن الملاحة في رأس الخليج عند حدود السعودية مع الكويت والعراق وحتى حدوده مع بحر عدن مروراً بمضيق هرمز وصولاً إلى باب المندب، فإذا كان الاميركيون يناشدون دول الغرب والشرق للمشاركة في أمن ملاحة مزعوم أفلا يحق لأهل الخليج والبحر الأحمر المشاركة في هذا الكرنفال؟

ضمن هذه المعادلة، يجب إدراج قصف المجاهدين اليمنيين لمدينة الدمَّام في الشمال الشرقي للسعودية مقابل الخليج، وقصف عرض عسكري في عدن المطلة بدورها على بحرها المرتبط بالخليج، فمن كانت لديه القدرة على إرسال صواريخ لمسافات تتجاوز 1200 كيلومتر وتصيب أهدافها بدقة، هو شريك بقوته العسكرية في أمن الملاحة، إنما على الطريقة اليمنية، وهذا يضع السعودية وحلفاءها في زاوية ضيقة لا فرار منها، فإما الانسحاب من اليمن على طريقة فرار المهزومين أو تقليص عائداتها من النفط واختراق حدودها وإرباك الملاحة في الخليج.

فماذا تختار؟ ربما يصنع أنصار الله مفاجآت جديدة فانتظروها.. وعندها لن ينفع الندم السعودي.

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Fearing Hezbollah, «Israel» Beefs Ups Protection in 20 Key Sites

By Staff, Agencies

Amid concern among military officials of an attack by Hezbollah, the “Israeli” entity’s army plans to provide anti-missile protection to 20 key sites throughout the entity.

According to “Israeli” intelligence assessments, Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah may order strikes on strategic sites in the “Israeli” entity in order to weaken its fighting capability and obtain a propaganda victory.

Because of these assessments, and following a 2016 comptroller report that found flaws in existing protections, the “Israeli” army’s “Home Front Command” has mapped out strategic sites that could be attack targets. According to the command, damage to these sites could bring daily life to a halt for a lengthy period of time during an emergency.

The military has decided to shield several sites in every part of the country. At these sites, the military will construct walls made of reinforced concrete, strengthen ceilings and install blast-proof doors and anti-shrapnel protection.

The “Israeli” entity believes that Hezbollah has been able to improve the precision targeting capabilities of its missiles. Some of the airstrikes attributed to the entity in Syria were reportedly aimed at thwarting the group’s attempts to acquire means to increase its missiles’ precision.

The threat also comes from the besieged Gaza Strip. They also believe that Hezbollah possesses a larger arsenal of missiles, meaning that large-scale fire from the north increases the statistical chance of striking an important site.

“Israeli” media have closely monitored Sayyed Nasrallah’s interview, shedding light on the recently mentioned strategic sites in the entity that are within Hezbollah’s range. In the television interview, Sayyed Nasrallah presented a map of the “Israeli” entity and said that “Hezbollah can cause massive damage.”

According to Sayyed Nasrallah, the coastal area between Netanya and Ashdod is “the most strategic area. This area included sites like the airport, weapons depots, the Tel Aviv and Ashdod ports, and more.” In the interview, held to mark 13 years since the Second Lebanon War, Sayyed Nasrallah said Hezbollah has significantly increased its capabilities. “We have more advanced offensive weapons, in terms of both quality and quantity,” he said. “We have precision missiles and drones.”

The comptroller’s report released three years ago warned that the “Israeli” regime and emergency services needed to address missile fire and natural disasters urgently.

In 2018, “Israel” earmarked a $42 million budget for protecting buildings around the entity from rockets, with the highest priority being non-military buildings and infrastructure.

Besides issuing a tender for work protecting infrastructure sites, the entity’s “Home Front Command” and War Ministry asked private companies to suggest ways to protect units that do not have shelters. Also last year, the “Home Front Command’s” chief said that 2.5 million “Israelis” do not have adequate protection from rockets, with some 700,000 units lacking protection.

Hezbollah Threat Prompts ‘Israel’ to Boost Anti-Missile Protection at 20 Strategic Sites: Haaretz


July 17, 2019


The Israeli army’s ‘Home’ Front Command plans to provide anti-missile protection to 20 key sites throughout the country, amid concern among the military officials that Hezbollah will target them, according to Haaretz paper.

“Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah may order strikes on strategic sites in ‘Israel’ in order to weaken Israel’s fighting capability and obtain a propaganda victory.”

Haaretz recalled the ‘state’ comptroller’s report in 2016 which indicated the flaws in existing protections, adding that the ‘Home’ Front Command has mapped out strategic sites that could be attack targets.

“According to the command, damage to these sites could bring daily life to a halt for a lengthy period of time during an emergency.”

The Zionist military has decided to shield several sites in every part of the entity, according to the paper which added that at these sites, the military will construct walls made of reinforced concrete, strengthen ceilings and install blast-proof doors and anti-shrapnel protection.

(Sayyed) Nasrallah recently mentioned strategic sites in ‘Israel’ that would be targeted by Hezbollah, the Israeli paper added.

“In a television interview, (Sayyed) Nasrallah presented a map of Israel and said that Hezbollah can cause massive damage.”

“According to (Sayyed) Nasrallah, the coastal area between Netanya and Ashdod is ‘the most strategic area. This area included sites like the airport, weapons depots, the Tel Aviv and Ashdod ports, and more.’ In the interview, held to mark 13 years since the Second Lebanon War, Nasrallah said Hezbollah has significantly increased its capabilities. ‘We have more advanced offensive weapons, in terms of both quality and quantity,’ he said. ‘We have precision missiles and drones’.”


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Image result for Twentieth Century Fox



STARRING:  Amal Looney as “Kitten”, Usama Al-‘Absi Al-Waahidi as “The Mixer”, Muhammad ‘Alloosh as “King Rat”, Avigdor Liebermann as “Uncle Judas” and Benjamin Mileikowski as “Benjamin Netanyahu”, Theresa May as “Slag Booty”, Angela Merkel as “Die Schlampe”.  DIRECTOR: James Le Mesurier, SCREENPLAY: Bandar bin Sultan  MUSIC:  Alfred E. Newman conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra LYRICS: Al-Jazeera TV,  EDITING: MSM Productions and Chris Wallace PRODUCER:  George Looney ASSOCIATE PRODUCER:  Robert Ford, SPECIAL EFFECTS: Industrial Blight and Magic, CINEMATOGRAPHY: Igor Abdo of the BBC,  FILMED ON LOCATION IN: Shepperton Studios, Warner Brothers in Burbank, CA, the British RAF Base in Akrotiri and Jisr Al-Shughoor, Syria, MAKE-UP:  Danny the Syrian SOUND: A cast of a thousand children crying after being sprayed pitilessly with garden hoses

Image result for White Helmets history


“I’ve never seen anything like it.  The dead children are really dead or they are the best actors I’ve ever seen.  Each frame seems it was directed from a real script.  But, one of the kids got up and started playing.  I just don’t get it.”  Roger Filbert, Chicago Sun Times

“The cameo scenes are worth the money.  Anderson Cooper’s appearance was uplifting. Using John McCain’s cadaver was a brilliant master stroke.” Vincent Bambi, Los Angeles Times

“Those White Helmets are real show-stoppers.  I thought the scene where they practiced a rescue five times was really precious.  The make-up was fantastic.  The laughter was infectious.  The hosing down of the children with chlorine was especially poignant.”  Pauline Snail, The New Yorker

“You gotta hand it to George Looney.  When it comes to intricate deception, special effects and outright lying, nobody can match his talent.”  Frank Ditch, Newsweek





Brandon’s truly profound study of the psyops methodologies in the war on Syria.  A must-read:


IDLIB:  3 containers of Sarin Gas killed an undisclosed number of White Helmets who were transporting them in order to give them to ISIS or Nusra terrorists near the Aleppo Provincial border.

Also, Sputnik reports that Nusra has given to ISIS and Ansaar Al-Tawheed 6 containers of Sarin Gas.  This report is accurate and my source says the Sarin gas was manufactured in Turkey.

The ’Lust for Murder’ and the Morality of Sayyed

 Sayyed Nasrallah on 2nd Liberation: Lebanon Protected...US-’Israeli’ Scheme Falling Apart

Mohamed Nazzal

01-09-2017 | 08:08

About 2,500 years ago, in China, one of the most famous warlords in history wrote:

“To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”


These were the words of Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War, a book that has become a classic icon taught in military institutes and colleges. Tzu was wise, rational, somewhat moral, and paid for it in the end with the King’s “lust for murder”. He was ousted from his position after a record number of victories. It just so happened that “public opinion” replaced the king.

A collective desire to kill, just to kill, to satisfy the tendency of revenge, away from the major objectives of the war.

Something like this happened a few days ago in Lebanon. Public opinion, and this a problematic term that needs to be fixed. The public opinion is upset asking why the rest of the Daesh militants were allowed to leave instead of being killed. It may be understandable if this comes from the people, from various parties, but to be issued by “opinion leaders”, leaders and dignitaries – this is something else altogether.

They are either ignorant, and this is probably true, or they have a psychological handicap, above all else, that makes them rested when they see blood, all the blood, from the trapped Daesh militants and the Lebanese and Syrian armies, to Hezbollah fighters, whose blood would have been spilt more if the decision had been made to fight Daesh to the last man. Often those theorists have no one sacrificing their flesh and blood in the battlefield for them. They wrong Hezbollah for having succeeded in negotiating the exit of Daesh.

They often do not impede negotiations – in its origins. But their problem is that Hezbollah succeeded in it and they have faced repeated failure in previous negotiations along with their failure in the war. Killing during the war is a means of winning the war, but when its won with less blood spilt than expected, what reason remains for it to continue? Who among us does not wish to see those Daesh militants prosecuted for their actions? But this is war. The field for the heroes’ panting and not the noise of the children.

Blessed be Confucius, the Spirit of Tzu, who wrote:

“The art of war is of vital importance to the state. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin …. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Otherwise, fighting, but on one’s own terms, including: shortening the period of war and easing the pain and human losses.”

This is what Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah did. Sayyed is careful with his fighters and allies, as he was with his own son. His son, who fought on the battlefield twenty years ago, was martyred. Is it personal? Certainly not, especially not to him. But it is also foolish to overlook this aspect. He is the leader who has tried almost everything.

Another issue regarding the characteristic of this leader is his moral authority. Being a Shiite has nothing to do with his identity, or the fact that he is a descendant of a Shiite family. It is due to the maturity of his Alawi “war ethics” within himself. It can be said, or rather asserted, that some orientalists understood Sayyed Nasrallah more than many in this region, even though they share heritage, history and civilization with him.

A few days ago, we saw a Hezbollah fighter kneel in front of a wounded “Daesh” militant lying on the ground and say to him in his Lebanese accent: 

“We will provide you with medical treatment, food and water. We will take care of your family. Your family is our family. We do not attack families, and we do not oppress. He said it to him in his Lebanese dialect. The wounded man, just moments ago, wanted to kill him. If he had caught him, he would’ve cut his throat.

This young man, from Hezbollah, is a moral product of Sayyed Nasrallah in his party; he is the product of Sayyed’s understanding of the ethics of war according to his Alawi system. Anyone can disagree with Hezbollah, in politics and others areas. But not trying to deeply understand it is stupid.

Its beginnings should be understood. You will find in the party those who would deviate from that rule. This is normal. They are just human beings. These violations happen in all wars. This workmanship, in which no one knows pain, remains – by all accounts – the “moral rule” of the party. Sayyed has absolutely read the Alawi “war ethics”, read about delaying the fight for daytime: “It is closer to the night. It is better to kill less. The pursuer returns home and the defeated escapes.” And he certainly read about the river water being prevented from flowing to Ali’s camp. And then when he managed to reach the river, he did not prevent the enemy’s camp from getting water. If we became like them, then why do we fight them? It is true that this morality passed onto him eternal grief. The Iraqi writer Aziz al-Sayyed Jassim writes: “The hero was sad, high in his grief. He did not despise those who fought him, but was sad for them.” They are things near to impossible. It is not new that these things are not understandable. But in general, those who wanted to understand Nasrallah – friends and enemies – should understand Ali (Imam Ali). This is not a sectarian call, and not necessarily a religious one. Let it be an abstract anthropological reading between history and the present; a call for understanding. It is a moral battle for Nasrallah, purely moral, and we are the witnesses.

Source: Al-Akhbar Newspaper


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