Brotherhood, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, Zionized western countries, are against Assad. What does this tell us?

Fatah, Israel, US, Sisi are against Hamas. What does this tell us?
[ 18/10/2013 – 08:19 PM ]
By Khalid Amayreh (Hamayereh) in Occupied Palestine

“A mere fleeting glance at the identities of Hamas’s enemies these days should be sufficient to vindicate the Palestinian Islamist movement, whose leaders paid the ultimate price in the course of the long and bitter struggle against the Zionist enemy….”

“Hence, the mere existence of Israel at the top of the list of Hamas’s enemies should really be enough to Judge Hamas as the proverbial “good guy” while dismissing its foes as the true villains….”

“Indeed, not a day passes without an Egyptian army post is targeted or Egyptian army personnel is killed by Egyptian rebels, embittered by the massacre of thousands of Egyptian protesters at the hands of the fascist coup makers.
Since the coup against the only democratically-elected president in Egypt’s entire history began on July 3, Israel has been quietly allowing Egyptian helicopter gunship to terrorize Gaza and launch attacks on suspected Islamist fighters. The coup makers, especially the puppet government of Adly Mansour, have been claiming that Palestinians from Gaza are involved in the insurrection against the junta.”


At the outset, I admit that the thug was right when he warned his Motherhood:

In less than a year we have seen a free fall to the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The sectarian Hamayereh, instead of lashing Brothers, casts blame on the tens of millions of Egyptians who took to the fields to bring down the ruling Al murshid

In case you missed it:

Those living by the sword shall die by the sword Thus wrote Khalid Amayereh, a Sectarian anti-Shiite, Islamist big mouth, hailing the so-called ‘martyrdom”operation against the“National Security headquarters’ building in the heart of Damascus Wednesday morning, killing the Regime’s Defense Minister Daoud Abdullah Rajha and Intelligence Chief Asef Shawkat as well as 50 other soldiers.”

In case you missed it:

According to Hamayreh, Palestine belongs to Mursihood, “representing” 1.5 billion Muslims, But as “the Zionist entity is powerful militarily, thanks to its domination of the American government.” and whereasthere is no verse in the Holy Quran stating that the Palestinian problem must be resolved during Haniya’s life time, and whereas the ”Umma Leader” the rights of the Palestinian people will restored by“diplomatic action”.

In case you missed it:

In case you missed it:

“I would rather live under Israeli occupation than under the power of Hezbollah and its anti-Islam, false Islam deviationists, sectarian rapists and murderers who call themselves shias.”  Hamayreh

Read his sectarian poison.

“In recent weeks, some ignorant Shiite extremists have been attacking and vilifying me personally for my principled stance in support of the Syrian revolution against the cultic, murderous and sectarian regime of Bashar el-Assad.” he claimed.The media thugs, who are likely to be hired and paid by Hizbullah and/or the Iranian intelligence, have also been bad-mouthing prominent Muslim scholars, such as Sheikh Yousef al Qaradawi, as well as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, calling Sunni Islamic groups “the Ikhwan of America.” Qaradawi has been called the “NATO sheikh” and the Syrian freedom-fighters called “America’s fighters.” he added.

The Pig hopes and prays “that these media thugs don’t represent Shiites everywhere” 

The pig after his endless lies and smear campain against Shiites all Shiites at deLibration, is drawing ”a line of distinction between the Shiites of Muhammed and the Shiites of Iblis (the devil.),
In fact the sectarian Pig is drawing a line of distinction between Sunnis (Shiites of Muhammad) and Shiites, because every Muslim knows that Muslims after the death of Muhammed divided into Shiites (Party) of Ali and Shiites of Abu Baker.
The truth of the matter is that Brothers of America fanatics are trying to destroy all bridges with their Shiites, Alwaites, Druz and Christian brothers, which means that they only have themselves to harm. Needless to say, those who decapitate toddlers and children and rape women in Syria and then shout rather hysterically Allah Akbar have lost not only their Islam, but their humanity as well.
Yesterday we have seen (ABU DAAN– wearing beard) ”elected President” MURSI, forgetting that he is President “of the most important Arab country”, the president of all Egyptian, after destoying Gaza’s and Resistance lifelines, hiding  behind Gamal Abd Al-Naser and “behind the thin façade of the Palestine cause as well as…anti-Zionism” acting as the President of American brothers, calling for changinig the regime in Syria.  

I would tell the sectarian Pig that with or without visiting Jerusalem the damage of the catastrophic acts of American brothers would keep them busy for half a century to fix the damage. They will only have themselves to blame.
Being one of the “media thugs, who are likely to be hired and paid by Hizbullah and/or the Iranian intelligence,”, the one who called the International Brotherhood “the Ikhwan of America.” Qaradawi the “NATO sheikh” and the FSA, ”America’s fighters.” and called him Khalid “Hamayreh” and proved that Hamayeh is his real family name, and after reading the Story of a donkey an true son of Donkey’s tribe I would apologize for humilating all donkey on the earth  by calling the PIG a donkey.

The Zionist’s “Muslim” war on Resistance

“Is it a pre-condition to recognize Israel in order to govern?” asked Rashad Bayoumy, a Muslim Brotherhood’s leader,before highjacking the Egypt’s poular revolution.On that I wrote:“Thirty years ago, Khomeini, faced a similar situation, without storming……he turned the Zionist embassy into a Palestinian Embassy…..He did it because, the vision was clear, the enemy was clear, and because he was after power to put Iran on the right track, and he did.

Iran now, despite the 8 years war launched by Arabs (almost all Arabs except Syria, Islamists, and nationalists except Syrian) and 30 years of sanction, is super power who dared to say to US: get out of Gulf.”
Though the Iblis-Brotherhood declared “that they will respect Egypt’s international obligations” and thhoug “Camp David treaty was not really a treaty of peace, but rather a treaty of submission and capitulation to Zionist regional hegemony, arrogance and military supremacy” as described by their sectatiam mouth piece, Amayereh, they failed to deliver in Syria, they failed to govern in Tunis, Egypt and Libya, and they may lose power even in Turkey.

Finally, on behalf of International Zionist’s Brotherhood Mursi declares the war on Syrian Arab Repuplic and the Arab resistance.

Egypt’s Mursi Cuts Ties with Syrian Arab Republic
Local Editor
Egyptian President Mohammad MursiEgyptian President Mohammad Mursi announced on Saturday evening cutting ties with Syria, shutting down the Syrian embassy in Cairo and withdrawing the Egyptian charge d’ affaires from Damascus, at a popular conference aired on state TV.He called on the international community not to allow the “reproduction of repressive regimes,” urging a UN Security Council resolution for imposing a no-fly zone on Syria.Mursi also urged Arab and Islamic states for an emergency summit to discuss the latest developments in the Syrian conflict.He slammed “regional and international powers” for their military support of the Syrian government that led to the continued bloodshed in the country.

“We reject any military or political interference in Syria whether by states or militants,” he said.
Moving to internal affairs, Mursi criticized the intended anti- president protests on June 30 urged by activists and opposition who call for ousting Mursi and holding an early presidential election.

He said such protests “seek to ruin the state without knowing how to rebuild it afterwards,” insisting they are urged mostly by “residuals of the ex-regime.”

Mursi called such acts, ruining Egypt through such protests, as “illusions,” yet he stressed respect for the right of peaceful protests without riot, damage or weapons.

“We should rather save our energy for work and production,” Morsi added, warning against acts of violence during such protests and calling on the opposition to unite with the leadership to meet the challenges of the country.

Mursi’s warnings come as youth movements emerge, especially the “Rebillion” movement which announced itself about a month ago and called for mass demonstrations in June 30 being the occasion of the first anniversary of the Mursi’s presidency.

Egyptian press stated that Rebellion has so far succeeded in collecting nearly 15 million signatures of citizens demanding early presidential elections. Recently, the National Salvation Front announced its support for the call to demonstrate and demands of Rebellion.

Source: Agencies
16-06-2013 – 12:10 Last updated 16-06-2013 – 12:10

Erdogan is Correct; Zionism is a Crime Against Humanity

ED Note:

Erdogan, and the author are nothing but stooges and tooles for that crime against humanity, real Palestinians should not be fooled with what Erdoghan, Mursi, and Ghanoushi say, and should care for what they did during the last two years, especially in Libya and Syria, the cave of the Arab – Islamic resistance.

Yes zionism is a crime against humanity, but they, I mean the brothers of america are a crime against Islam and Muslims.


Erdogan is Correct; Zionism is a Crime Against Humanity

by Khalid Amayreh

Israeli leaders have been infuriated by the fleeting remarks made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the opening session of the Fifth UN Alliance of Civilizations held in Vienna last week.

Erdogan“Just like Zionism, anti-Semitism, and fascism, it becomes unavoidable that Islamophobia must be regarded as a crime against humanity,” Erdogan said.

To the people who are familiar with Israel, especially Palestinians, Lebanese and other Arabs who have been on the receiving end of Zionist criminality; Erdogan’s remarks are a statement of the obvious.

After all, Zionism is about the dispossession and usurpation of Palestine from its rightful native people, the Palestinians. It is the biggest act of theft and falsification since Adam and Eve. It was a crime against humanity then, it will always be a crime against humanity, no matter how many Congressmen and women praise the Jewish Golem.

In all honesty, I can’t find an iota of untruth in Erdogan’s words.

What else can be said about those gangs of Zionist Jews who came from Eastern Europe to arrogate, by way of terror and violence, a land that never belonged to them?

These criminal invaders didn’t come to Palestine in order to live and let live. They rather came to Palestine in order to slaughter the indigenous Arabs, Christians and Muslims alike, and dispossess them of their homes and lands in order to establish a racist Jewish state free of non-Jews.

They wanted and still want to do to the Palestinians what the White man did to native Americans in the Americas and Australia. The white colonialists annihilated millions of native Americans and called the genocide “manifest destiny.” Likewise, the Zionist murdered untold numbers of Palestinians, massacred Arab villagers at will and drove the bulk of our people to the four winds, and then had the audacity to call the genocidal ethnic cleansing “war of liberation.” Indeed, the Zionists and much of the Western world don’t even hesitate to commit an act of fornication with truth and history by calling their victims “terrorists.”

Even today, 65 years after Israel’s misbegotten birth, its leaders are shamelessly demanding that the victims recognize Israel as a Jewish state, where non-Jews, including native Palestinians, have no right to live except as wood hewers and water carriers.

In truth, there are a thousand observations justifying Erdogan’s remarks. In the final analysis, Zionism is too nefarious and too ugly to be described in words. It is a movement that combines ethnic cleansing, genocide, racism, mendacity, barbarianism and fanaticism.

In fact, it is extremely hard to find a similar movement in the history of mankind that would parallel Zionism in its brutal ugliness and nefariousness, both at the theoretical and practical levels.
Today, in 2013, we continue to be affronted with Jewish Zionist leaders who continue to argue amongst themselves if non-Jews are genuine human beings. The most prevailing opinion within Orthodox Judaism is that non-Jews, that are more than 7,090.000.000, are actually sub-humans or actually animals in human shape.

This is not merely an anecdotal remark. There are millions of Jews around the world who are fully convinced of the veracity and correctness of this belief. Two years ago, Ovadia Yosef, one of the most respected rabbis in Israel told a Sabbath homily in West Jerusalem that non-Jews were very much like donkeys whom the Almighty created in order to serve Jews.

Yosef is not a marginal or satirical figure in Israel. He was Israel’s Chief Rabbi and he now has hundreds of thousands of loyal followers. Unfortunately, his manifestly racist remarks raised no eye-brows in Israel, neither among politicians, nor intellectuals, not even amongst the media, which is very telling, indeed.

It would still be somewhat innocuous if Zionist criminality and racism were confined to the theoretical sphere. But Zionism, especially religious Zionism, which views non-Jews as animals or infra-human beings, also believes that the life of a goy, a non-Jew, has no sanctity and can be expended without any compunction. This is what prompts Jewish interrogators and prison wardens to torture innocent Palestinians to death, as happened with Arafat Jaradat last week.

Today, innocent Palestinians are routinely murdered in cold blood at the hands of Gestapo-like Zionist Jews, and when the murderers are apprehended and prosecuted, every conceivable legal trick is used to exonerate them.

Even when the indicting evidence is overwhelming, all sorts of extenuating circumstances are concocted in order to acquit the killers.

In 1953, Zionist Jews murdered my three uncles in one incident near the armistice line west of Hebron. Moreover, they seized our property, livestock and everything else, condemning us to 30 years of abject poverty.

Until this very moment, my family is yet to receive a simple Mea Culpa let alone any compensation from Israel for this crime. Compare this to rabid Zionist efforts to squeeze Europe to the last penny for stolen Jewish property and other grievances.!!

John Kerry has been dismayed by Erdogan’s remarks. But I want to ask the honorable Secretary of State “what do you know about Zionism?”

Would you forgive Zionism if it did to you even a small fraction of what it has been doing to us since 1948?

I know it is difficult for you and your boss, Obama, to be honest and spell out your conscience regarding Israel. But forget you are Secretary of State for a moment and try doing some soul-searching as a moral human being. I have no doubt whatsoever that you will find yourself face to face with the ugliest and most evil entity under the sun.

Yes, the Jewish stranglehold over American politics and policies will silence your conscience and the conscience of your boss. This is exactly what happened to most of your predecessors since time immemorial, which explains America’s shameless and unrestricted backing of the most Nazi-like state since Adolph Hitler’s Germany.

Today, Israel adopts the policy of lebensraum that Germany practiced at the expense of her European neighbors. True, Israel calls the policy settlement expansion but the substance is the same.
Israel, like Nazi Germany, is carrying out an aggressive policy of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank by banishing Palestinians from their homes in order to settle Jews in their places.

And you are watching passively while reiterating the same platitudinous jargon that you have been babbling for many decades.

Remember, Mr. Kerry, the holocaust didn’t really start with Auschwitz or Treblinka or Bergen Belsen. It started much earlier in the early and mid-1930s when the Nazi authorities were indulging in the same harsh discriminatory and repressive practices that Israeli Jews are now practicing against the Palestinians, with government approval and encouragement.

I don’t expect you or your government to take Israel to task over its manifestly criminal behavior toward the Palestinians. After all, you are Israel’s protector and guardian. You are part of the problem, and you can’t be part of the solution.

But at the very least, don’t expect the victims to suppress their feelings by pretending that Israel is actually a charitable entity that has gone astray.

No, Mr. Secretary of State. Israel was evil from the very inception. At least for the Muslims and many Christians of this world as well as millions of other honest people, Israel is and will always be evil.

As for Erdogan, we must salute him for his honesty and rectitude.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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All Syrian weapons available for Hezbollah since 2007

On the Day of the Martyr Leaders Sayyed Hassan revealed that  
  • · “For 30 years the resistance was one of the strongest realities that changed regional strategies.”
  • · “The Lebanese resistance has helped the Palestinian resistance by all means to become strong. The resistance succeeded when the Lebanese stood by its side and the people were the ones to achieve the liberation,”
  • · “The martyr Haj Imad had many major roles in communicating, and transferring experience between Lebanon and Palestine.” 
We know now that Hamas Hezbullah experience gained in thirty years to Islamist’ thugs fighting in Syria.

Responding to the zionist threats, His Eminence revealed
  • “The resistance is ready and possesses all armaments and weapons required and needed to face any “Israeli” aggression without the need of Iranian or Syrian aid.”


The following report puplished at Syria truth (A secular opposition site) claim that after July war the Syrian Leadership, taking into consideration the strategic achievement of Hebollah in protecting Damascus from falling under the Israeli blockade, and preventing the Israeli army from penetrating the eastern Bekaa, and thus preventing the actual or militarily fall of Damuscus, an achievement accomplished by the Syrian army during the Israeli 1982, but with a heavy price (loss of two thousand tanks and about six thousand martyrs), the Syrian leadership has taken a stratigic decision: 

There should not be any type of weapon in the Syrian army not availabe to Hezbollah as long as the party could absorb technically and logistically and geographically.

Martyr Imad

The resolution was the first practical breach of the strategic equationset by Hafez al-Assad early eighties, and that made the supply of weapons to Hezbollah under Syrian control.
It was implemented in 2007 after the restoration of Hezbollah weapons stocks consumed during the July war in less than six months, when Imad Mughniyeh requested the development of the party weapons with types, such as air defense and non-conventional weapons. At this point there was an argument between the Syrain political level and the military level, some of it was technical” and the other was political”… However, the decision was taken in the end specifically by the Office of National Security, in coordination with Iran…

At this point there was an argument between the Syrain political level and the military level, some of it was technical” and the other was political”… However, the decision was taken in the end specifically by the Office of National Security, in coordination with Iran…

This explain why the members of the Office of National Security were assasinated,

Those living by the sword shall die by the sword Thus wrote Khalid Amayereh, a Sectarian anti-Shiite, Islamist big mouth, hailing the so-called ‘martyrdom”operation against the “National Security headquarters’ building in the heart of Damascus Wednesday morning, killing the Regime’s Defense Minister Daoud Abdullah Rajha and Intelligence Chief Asef Shawkat as well as 50 other soldiers.”

Terrorist Saqr al-Qassam (a Hamas leader)
killed while fighting in Nusra front ranks in Idleb

Rejoicing the death of Shawkat Amayereh wrote “Shawkat lived by the sword all his life. He carries on his criminal hands the blood of thousands of his innocent victims. Hence, no tears ought to be shed for his death.”

“It’s a shame Assad himself was not in the same room when the bomb went off”. Thus said the ex-Jewish Ambassador marc ginsberg.

Here is a part of the comment I wrote at that time.

“No Surprise, to find the Jewish State, the American Jewish, Islamists, librals and leftists on the same page rejoicing killing Assad’s aids,

On the other side the Icon of RESISTANCE mouned the marytres and revealed their great help for the resistanse in Lebanon and Palestine. In His speech, Nasrallah, as usual, sent multiple messages to all concerned and promised Israel big surprises in the next war.

Most likely, with Syria absorbing the attack and launching an open war on Nato Syrian Army and Islamists terrorisr groups. America, to avoid a regional war, may push Israel to attack Syria or Hezbollah or both to do what it failed to do in Jully 2006.

Yes Shawkat, like Imad Mughniyeh and Mabhouh, lived all his life by sword, the resistance sword, and by sword, a zionist sword, he died.

I used to say: Blood will defeat the sword, and here I repeat the Syrian Blood shed by Nato and Nato brothers shall unite Syrians and defeat all the swords.”

I am happy to see my prediction realized. I am sure Syria will not give in the political battle the they failed to take by force.

On the 6th Anniversary of Divine Victory, Sayyed Nasrallah said

·“If the resistance was to be crushed, the war was aimed then at Syria on the pretext that Syria helped the resistance. The second goal was to overthrow the Assad regime and subject it to the American-Israeli scheme.”
·“Syria is a big problem for the Americans and Israelis because Syria is the real supporter for the resistance and especially at the military level. Syria was not only a passageway for the Resistance, but also a real military supporter of the Resistance. For example, the most important missiles that fell on Haifa and central Israel were Syrian-made missiles,”
Assef Shawkat’s rockets hit Tel Aviv.

·“The most important weapons we fought with during the July war were from Syria, not only in Lebanon but also in the Gaza Strip. The missiles delivered to Gaza managed to force more than a million settlers to stay in bunkers and frightened Tel Aviv. When the Arab regimes were barring bread and money from entering Gaza, Syria was sending weapons along with food for Gaza and risked for that.”

·This is Syria, the Syria of Bashar Assad and martyr Leaders Assef Shawkat, Dawoud Rajiha and Hassan Turkmani,” His eminence said, while condemning the deadly suicide attack at the Syrian National Security headquarter in Damascus that killed and injured ministers and high ranking security officials.
·“We reiterate our call for preserving Syria and the only solution is accepting dialogue. As we feel the loss of today’s martyrs, we extend our condolences to their families and to the Syrian leadership. These martyr leaders were comrades-in-arms in the conflict with the Israeli enemy and we are confident that the Arab Syrian Army, which overcame the unbearable, will be able persist and crush the hopes of the enemies.”
·“They sought after the July war to destroy the Syrian army and the U.S. took advantage of rightful demands of the Syrian people, prevented dialogue and turned Syria into a war zone because the objective is destroying and fragmenting Syria, like they did in Iraq,” Hezbollah S.G. stressed.
·Who gave [Gaza fighters] rockets? The Saudi regime? The Egyptian regime? No. They were rockets from Syria and transferred through Syria.
·All Arab countires know very well what it means for Syria to give Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islam Jihad Movement weapons at a time when Arab regimes prevented food and money from being transferred to Gaza!”

‘Hizbullah got Scud D missiles from Syria with 700 km range’

“… TEL AVIV — Israel has determined that the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah acquired the extended-range Scud D ballistic missile from Syria.

A senior Israeli official asserted that Hizbullah obtained an unspecified number of Scud Ds from Syrian military arsenals.

A senior Israeli official asserted that Hizbullah obtained an unspecified number of Scud Ds from Syrian military arsenals.
“It can strike Israel from anywhere in Lebanon,” Gilad said.Amos Gilad, head of the Defense Ministry’s Political-Military Directorate, said the Scud D contained a warhead of 150 kilograms and could fly 700 kilometers.
In an address to the Israel Missile Defense Association on Feb. 26, Gilad said Hizbullah recently acquired the Scud Ds. He did not elaborate.
This marked the first Israeli report that Syria transferred its top missile to Hizbullah in Lebanon. Officials said Scud D, produced in Syria with North Korean assistance, could be fitted with a biological or chemical warhead.
“We are not discussing the older missiles deployed by the Syrian Army, but a missile with a range of 700 kilometers and a warhead of 150 kilograms or more,” Gilad said.
On Jan. 30, Israel was said to have struck Syrian military facilities as well as a convoy of advanced weapons headed for Hizbullah in Lebanon. At the time, Israel was warning of Hizbullah’s attempts to acquire the Buk-M air
defense system, deemed one of the most advanced in the Syrian arsenal.…”

قيادة النظام السوري اتخذت قرارا بعد “حرب تموز” بكسر الأوامر التقليدية لحافظ الأسد للمرة الأولى: كل ما لدى الجيش السوري يجب أن يكون لدى حزب الله مثله!؟
دمشق، الحقيقة(خاص من : حسين كردي): فيما لا تزال إسرائيل في حيرة من أمرها بشأن ما إذا كان حزب الله حصل على رؤوس حربية غير تقليدية، وتهدد بأن حصوله على هذا النوع من السلاح يشكل “تجاوزا للخط الأحمر الذي لا يمكنها السماح به”، أكد مصدران متطابقان ، ومنفصلان، في الجيش السوري أن لدى حزب الله هذا النوع من السلاح منذ أربع سنوات على الأقل! وقال مصدر في “إدارة الحرب الكيميائية” في حديث خاص مع “الحقيقة” إن لدى حزب الله “أكثر من مئة رأس كيميائي يمكن استخدامها بطرق مختلفة تترواح ما بين مدافع الهاون (المورتر) و المدفعية الصاروخية (الراجمات) و الألغام الأرضية والصواريخ بعيدة المدى ومتوسطة المدى”، وهو ما أكده مصدر مطلع في “إدارة التسليح” كان نفسه في عداد الفريق اللوجستي العسكري السوري الذي أشرف على تسليم الحزب هذه الرؤوس منذ العام 2008، لافتا إلى أن بعض هذه الرؤوس مصدره إيران، لكن أغلبيتها من إنتاج مؤسسة معامل الدفاع السورية.
وقال المصدر الأول”بعد حرب تموز/ يوليو 2006، وعلى خلفية الإنجاز الاستراتيجي الذي حققه الحزب في حماية دمشق من الوقوع تحت الحصار الإسرائيلي، وبالتالي سقوطها فعليا أو عسكريا، حيث منع الجيش الإسرائيلي من اختراق منطقة البقاع الشرقي ، وهو ما احتاج الجيش السوري إلى خسارة ألفي دبابة وحوالي ستة آلاف شهيد تقريبا لإنجازه خلال الغزو الإسرائيلي العام 1982، اتخذت القيادة قرارا يقول : يجب أن لا يكون في الجيش السوري نوع من السلاح لا يوجد مثله لدى حزب الله ، طالما كان بإمكان الحزب استيعابه تقنيا و لوجستيا وجغرافيا. وكان هذا القرار أول خرق عملي للمعادلة الاستراتيجية الثابتة التي وضعها حافظ الأسد مطلع الثمانينيات، والتي جعلت إمدادات السلاح لحزب الله تحت الرقابة السورية ، وجعلت حنفيتها بيد دمشق ، بحيث لا تغير في المعادلات السياسية المحلية والإقليمية التي حرص الأسد الأب دوما على اللعب ضمن حدودها”. ويؤكد المصدر أن ترجمة هذا القرار بكسر معادلة حافظ الأسد بدأت عمليا في العام 2007 عند إعادة ترميم مخزونات السلاح لدى حزب الله التي استهلكت خلال الحرب، حيث جرى تعويضه عنها خلال أقل من ستة أشهر. وبعد ذلك بدأ الحديث بين القائد العسكري للحزب، عماد مغنية، والجهات المعنية في الجيش السوري، عن تطوير ترسانة الحزب وتطعميها بأسلحة لم تكن موجودة لدى الحزب أصلا، مثل وسائط الدفاع الجوي والأسلحة غير التقليدية. وعند هذه النقطة حصل خلاف بين المستوى السياسي والمستوى العسكري ، بعضه كان “تقنيا” وبعضه الآخر كان من طبيعة “سياسية”. فقد دفع المعارضون سياسيا لتزويد الحزب بأسلحة “كاسرة للتوازن”، حسب التعبير الإسرائيلي، بالقول إن خطوة من هذا القبيل يمكن أن تضع سوريا في مواجهة مع العالم، بما في ذلك بعض الأصدقاء كالروس، وهذا ما لا قبل لسورية بمواجهته، ويمكن أن يجر عليها نتائج سياسية وخيمة بما في ذلك التدخل العسكري. أما الذين رفضوا الخطوة لأسباب “تقنية”، فدافعوا عن موقفهم بأن الحزب لا يستطيع تأمين هذا النوع من السلاح في بيئة جغرافية وديمغرافية مثل لبنان الذي ينشط فيه الآلاف من العملاء المحليين والأجانب، لصالح إسرائيل والولايات المتحدة ودول غربية أخرى. إلا أن القرار اتخذ في نهاية المطاف من أعلى المستويات، وتحديدا من مكتب الأمن القومي، وبالتنسيق مع إيران ، وأمر بتلبية قائمة السلاح التي طلبها مغنية وفريقه العسكري دون أي تحفظ على أي بند فيها، بما في ذلك وسائط الدفاع الجوي و الأسلحة غير القليدية التي أحدثت لها شعبة خاصة في “المجلس الجهادي” في حزب الله مرتبطة شخصيا بالأمين للحزب حسن نصر الله، وبحيث يكون قرار استخدامها محصورا به شخصيا.
ويتابع المصدر القول” بالنسبة لوسائط الدفاع الجوي، تولت مصانع السلاح الإيرانية تطوير وتعديل نظام OSA (سام 8) بحيث يمكن حمله على عربة شاحنة بدلا من عربته الروسية الأصلية ، بينما تولت سوريا ـ ومعها إيران في بعض الجزئيات التقنية ـ أمر السلاح غير التقليدي. وخلال تلك الفترة بدأ حزب الله تجهيز الأنفاق النوعية الخاصة بهذه الأسلحة في جبال و وديان لبنان من الجنوب حتى الشمال، بما في ذلك سلسلة جبال لبنان الشرقية. ومع اغتيال عماد مغنية في شباط / فبراير 2008 ، كان الحزب قد تسلم فعلا أكثر من خمسين رأسا وعبوة غير تقليدية، ولم يتوقف الأمر بعد اغتياله.
وعن تفصيل ذلك تقنيا، يقول مصدر في “إدارة التسليح” لـ”الحقيقة” إن لدى حزب الله الآن أكثر من عشرين رأسا غير تقليدي يمكن استخدامها عبر صواريخ بعيدة المدى من طراز ” فاتح 110 / زلزال2″ الذي يبلغ مداه 200 كم ، ويحمل رأسا تقليديا وزنه 500 كغ أو رأسا كيميائيا . وقد جرى تطويره لاحقا من خلال إضافة نظام Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) من أجل دقة الإصابة. وهو ما عناه حسن نصر الله مؤخرا حين تحدث عن إمكانية إصابة “أي بناية ” أو هدف في إسرائيل. وبحسب المصدر ، فإن الرؤوس غير التقليدية جرى تركيبها فقط على الصواريخ متوسطة المدى، بالنظر لأن الحاجة إلى استخدامها لا تتجاوز منطقة “غوش دان” وسط إسرائيل ( تل أبيب وما حولها)، التي تعتبر أكبر تجمع بشري وصناعي في إسرائيل، فضلا عن كونها مركز مختلف الإدارات المدنية والعسكرية والأمنية.
أما النوع الثاني من الرؤوس غير التقليدية لدى الحزب، فهي ما يمكن وصفه بـ”السلاح التكتيكي” الذي يستخدم في ساحات المعركة عند اشتباك القوى البرية ، ويتراوح ما بين الألغام الأرضية و مدافع الهاون و المدفعية الصاروخية ( راجمات) والصواريخ متوسطة المدى التي لا يتجاوز مداها الـ120 كم ، والتي طورت استنادا إلى تقنيات صواريخ ” توشكا” Точка أو “فروغ” الروسية الأصل. وبحسب المصدر، فإن لدى حزب الله الآن قرابة خمسين رأسا من هذا النوع ، بينما تتوزع الرؤوس الأخرى على الألغام و قذائف “المورتر” و المدفعية الصاروخية (ذات المديات التي لا تتجاوز 40 كم). وهذه الأنواع من الرؤوس والألغام غالبا ما يقتصر استخدامها على التجمعات والتحشدات العسكرية من وحدات المشاة والمدرعات ذات الكثافة البشرية العالية نسبيا في وحدة جغرافية معينة، والتي غالبا ما تكون مساحة صغيرة.
ولكن ماذا بشأن نوعية السلاح الكيميائي المستخدم في هذه الرؤوس ؟ يؤكد مصدر”هيئة التسليح” أن لدى حزب الله الآن نوعين على الأقل من الأسلحة غير التقليدية هي ” غاز الأعصاب VX” و “السارين Sarin” المعروف أيضا بـ GB.
هذه المعلومات تتقاطع مع محتويات تقرير أعده العميد وسام الحسن ، رئيس “فرع المعلومات” في الأمن اللبناني، في العام2010، لصالح وكالة المخابرات المركزية والمخابرات الفرنسية، حول البعثات الدراسية الداخلية لطلاب حزب الله في الجامعات اللبنانية. وطبقا لمصدر فرنسي اطلع على التقرير، فإن الحسن لاحظ في تقريره أن طلاب حزب الله الذين يدرسون تخصصات علمية في الكيمياء بفروعها المختلفة،لاسيما الكيمياء العضوية، ارتفع خلال العامين الدراسيين 2008 ـ 2009، و2009 ـ 2010، بنسبة تفوق الـ 200 بالمئة. وهو ما لا يمكن تفسيره ـ حسب وسام الحسن ـ إلا بأن حزب الله”بدأ برنامجا لاقتناء الأسلحة الكيميائية في ترسانته، وبات يحتاج إلى كوادر تقنية لتشغيله”!!؟
يشار أخيرا إلى أن رئيس الأركان الإسرائيلي ، بني غانتس، كان صرح يوم أمس بأنه ليس لدى إسرائيل أي معلومات عن أن حزب الله بات يملك سلاحاً كيميائياً، لكنه لم ينف هذا الاحتمال . وقال غانتس في كلمة له في منطقة”روش هاعين” وسط فلسطين المحتلة”ليس لدينا معلومات عن عبور سلاح كيميائي من سوريا أو غيرها إلى الى لبنان، لكننا لا نريد أن نستبعد احتمالاً من هذا النوع “، مشيراً الى أنه “في حال نجح حزب الله في امتلاك سلاح كيميائي، فإن هذا يعني أنه ارتقى درجة أخرى في معادلة الردع” ضد إسرائيل.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Updated:Terrorist Saqr al-Qassam (a Hamas leader) killed while fighting in Nusrae front ranks in Idleb

I ask .. Did Hamas completed the liberation of the occupied Palestinian territories to direct its attention towards Syria, and send its most prominent military leaders to support the Free Syrian Army, and the Nusra victory in battles against the Syrian army to die on the ground which embraced Hamas and its leaders abandoned by most Arab and Islamic countries.?

تشييع قيادي “حماس” الارهابي محمد قنيطة الذي قتل في سوريا… by syriatruth


Raed Salah indirectly admits what “the truth” reveal about his dubious role and confirms killing of an important Hamas leader in Syria

رائد صالح يعترف ضمنا بما كشفته “الحقيقة”عن دوره المشبوه ويؤكد مقتل قيادي”حمساوي” في سوريا
مصرع القيادي “الحمساوي” محمد قنيطة من عصابات العميل القطري خالد مشعل في مواجهة مع الجيش السوري بعد أن ترك “الجهاد” في فلسطين وجاء ليجاهد طائفيا في سوريا!؟
فلسطين المحتلة، الحقيقة (خاص): اعترف الشيخ الأخواني الفلسطيني المجرم رائد صالح ، ضمنا، بما كشفته “الحقيقة” عن أنشطته العسكرية المشبوهة في سوريا الأسبوع الماضي، وكشف في الآن نفسه عن مقتل قيادي “حمساوي” من “كتائب عز الدين القسام” وعصابات العميل القطري خالد مشعل على الأراضي السورية بعدما ترك الجهاد في فلسطين وجاء هذا السافل القذر ليجاهد في سوريا … مذهبيا!
رائد صلاح، زعيم “الحركة الإسلامية في إسرائيل”(فلسطين 1948)، كشف على صفحته الخاصة مساء اليوم عن مقتل قيادي من من عصابات العميل القطري خالد مشعل على الأراضي السورية ، هو محمد قنيطة، خلال مواجهات مع الجيش السوري. وقال صلاح في نعيه للمجرم قنيطة “استشهاد القائد القسامي محمد قنيطة في سوريا بعد ان سافر من مخيم الشاطئ في غزة لبلده الثاني سوريا واستشهد فيها. القسام كان سورياً وها هم كتائب القسام يردون الجميل . فلسطيني وسوري واحد”، في إشارة إلى أن هذا الكلب الذي نفق على الأراضي السورية جاء “ليرد جميل” الشيخ عز الدين القسام ، ابن جبلة البار، الذي أشعل ثورة العام 1936 في فلسطين المحتلة ضد الغزاة البريطانيين و الصهاينة! وهو ما يعني أن الشيخ الفاجر رائد صلاح يعتبر الجيش السوري بمثابة الجيش البريطاني والجيش الصهيوني!
وكانت “الحقيقة” كشفت الأسبوع الماضي عن قيام رائد صلاح ، وبالتفاهم مع جهاز “الشاباك” ( المخابرات الإسرائيلية الداخلية) بإرسال متطوعين من فلسطين للقتال في سوريا . كما وكانت “الحقيقة” سباقة إلى الكشف عن تورط “حماس” في القتال الدائر في سوريا منذ أول تقرير نشرته بهذا الخصوص في 11 أيلول / سبتمبر الماضي ، حين كشفت عن أن القيادي “الحمساوي” كمال حسني غناجة، الذي اغتيل في دمشق، إنما كان ينقل الأموال من قطر إلى المسلحين السوريين، وكان يقود عمليات إرهابية على الأراضي السورية، بما في ذلك اغتيال ضباط وعناصر جيش التحرير الفلسطيني وسرقة مستودعات أسلحته!!.

مقتل الإرهابي صقر القسام القيادي في حماس أثناء قتاله في صفوف جبهة النصرة بادلب

علم دام برس أن “صقر القسام” القيادي في كتائب القسام الجناح العسكري لحركة حماس قد قتل في سورية يوم الجمعة أثناء مشاركته في هجوم شنه المسلحون على مطار في مدينة ادلب شمال سورية.
وصقر القسام هو “محمد أحمد قنيطة” البالغ من العمر ثلاثين عاماً وقد أتى إلى سورية قبل حوالي /4/ أشهر ورغم الحرب التي شنت على قطاع غزة مؤخراً إلا أنه لم يعد الى فلسطين المحتلة وبقي يقاتل في سورية بدل أن يعود ليدافع عن إخوانه في فلسطين المحتلة.
الفلسطيني المحسوب على حركة حماس التي نشأت وترعرعت في حضن النظام السوري قتل أثناء قتاله في صفوف جبهة النصرة التي ارتكبت عشرات العمليات الانتحارية وفجرت سيارات مفخخة راح ضحيتها مئات المدنيين والأبرياء في سورية، وفي المعلومات التي حصل عليها دام برس فان الإرهابي القتيل أصيب في رأسه عندما استهدفه الجيش السوري مع عشرات المسلحين في محيط المطار وقد قتل مباشرةُ.
مصدر فلسطين من داخل قطاع غزة أكد لدام برس مقتل “قنيطة” وأشار إلى أن المساجد في مخيم الشاطئ حيث كان يسكن نعته عبر مكبرات الصوت وقالت أنه (شهيد) سقط في سورية، وقد علق المصدر قائلاً باستغراب “استشهد في سورية في وقت لا يبعد عنه العدو الصهيوني الذي اغتصب فلسطين وشرد أهلها مئات الأمتار!!!!!!!!!!”.
المصدر ذاته أكد أن حركة حماس في قطاع غزة نعت قتيلها وأعلنت عن إقامة صلاة غائب لأجله.
الجدير بالذكر أن إسرائيل تحتل فلسطين منذ العام /1948/ ومع ذلك فان هناك فلسطينيين يفضلون القتال ضد سورية على أن يقاتلوا في فلسطين لتحريرها من العدو الصهيوني
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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Netanyahu and Meshaal: Honeymoon in 2 Adjoining Bed Rooms

“Hamas Palestinian Independent national decision”

Under this slogan, Arafat Deserted Syria to handle the the Palestinian decision to Saudia. Nahid Hatter is confirming what I wrore here about the third birthdays of Mishal and Arafat and here about celibrating Palestinian Victories in Hamastan  (Gaza) and Abbastan (Ramalla) and here about Brotherhood Complicity in Israeli aggression on Gaza regime to impose new security arrangements, and, in general, what I wrote/ posted during the last two years confirming that the Fall off Syria and its Assad, the last Arab fort and the first and Last cave of Arab resistance, is a USA/ISRAEL prerequisit for governance.

One year ago, Muslim Brotherhood’s leader, Rashad Bayoumy, asked “Is it a pre-condition to recognize Israel in order to govern?” I answered:

The answer is clear, Mr. Bayoumy, and its up to you and your party. The shortest way govern is Pleasing the USA, Via pleasing its Tool Israel, and its Zionist Lobby. Ask your brother Ghanushi. But it’s also the shortest way to lose power, morals, and political future.

I am sure that worries you and you brothers. You can’t stay on the fence, and should come down to this side or that.”

“Thirty years ago, Khomeini, faced a similar situation, without storming his brain and thinking about the “spasmodic and uncalculated statements (ACTIONS) may do more harm than good…that could invite uncalculated reactions from the United States and its western allies, and its tool the Zionist entity, he turned the Zionist embassy into a Palestinian Embassy. I am sure you know the Story of the American Embassy. He did it because, the vision was clear, the enemy was clear, and because he was after power to put Iran on the right track, and he did. Iran now, despite the 8 years war launched by Arabs (almost all Arabs except Syria, Islamists, and nationalists except Syrian) and 30 years of sanction, is super power who dared to say to US: get out of Gulf.”

You could have done the same thirty years before Khomeini, you could have done it last year (2011), but you didn’t, because:

  • you are looking for power, just power, and would deal with the devil for power.
  • You dealt with Sadat, with Mubarak for 30% of the Parlament seats, with Tantawi, and with the USA,
  • Like Sadat (No 20 years before Sadat), believed and still believe that the USA holds 99% of the cards, that the shortest way to govern is to please the USA,
  • You believed and still believe that you may please the USA, without pleasing its “Chosen” tool.


On October war, the USA, the real enemy rushed to save its tool, and changed the course. Both Sadat and Hafez Assad faced the same question: What’s next?

The first “Invaded” Jerusalem,

The second was not in hurry, and decided to resist, and accumulate power.

The first was killed on 6 October by a MB’s offspring,

The second died on his bed days before the liberation of South Lebanon without conditions.

“After, the fall of Baghdad (your Iraqi brothers were among those who returned on American Tanks), Collin POWWEL, arrived to Damascus, “We are your neighbor now” he told Bashar and handed to him the known list of American requirements to let him govern,

Mr Powell started in Damascus with
a strong and clear message to Syria’s
President Bashar al-Assad that
Washington expected change
including an end to Syria’s support for
militant Palestinian and Lebanese
groups classified as terrorists.

8 years passed and Bashar still govern and shall govern for many, many years. Do you know why?

Because he is on the right political track, he knew the shortest way to lose power is a peace treaty with Israel.

 “A stupid may think Assad, who stood tall after Bush declared” Mission acomplished, would bow while deteated Obama declaing declairing: Defeat accomplished. ” (in Iraq) 

“Hamas is entiltled to be your “Hezbollah”, you crane, all it needs is a MB Assad in Cairo, to destroy all walls with Gaza Hashim, Gaza Al-izza.
Don’t kill your best offsping.”

 Brotherhood, killed its own offspring, and Obama is about to say: Defeat  accomplished in Syria.

One year later, instead of destoying the walls with Gaza, Mursi destoyed the Tunnels, and the hoped “Palestinian Hezbollah” did the same on the other side of the borders.

The sectarian mouth piece, Khalid Hamayreh hit the nail when he warned: “We can’t take people’s support for granted.” 
The secterian thug, though witnessing the peoples support melting swallowed his filthy tongue.   
Back to Mr. Hattar and the so-called “Palestinian Independent national decision”
One does not need a lot of intelligence, to discover the negotiating context Meshaal’s visit to Gaza; its enough to note that the visit has the consent of Israel, which has refused, in turn, give security to  Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, the leader of «Islamic Jihad», who is still half openly ally to Iran.
Yes Shallah may feel, I would say he felt, now bitter; he has been used to legitimize the truce deal in Gaza, then was ruled out of getting any of the fruit; even Israel denied his right to stand with Mashaal and Haniyeh, in front of the masses.
“Did Ramadan learned the lesson”, asked Hattar,  “both in terms of perception impossibility skip Israeli condition to sever ties with the Iranian axis, or in terms of recall the well known Muslim Brotherhood established tradition of denial of the allies and lust for sole power?”
Hatter hit the nail on saying: “This (Hamas Independent national decision) is the password in the whole scene; does not matter what Khaled Meshal said on Palestine and the sea and the river, etc., in the context of ambiguous words, Mishaal set accurately and clearlythe so called “independence of Hamas”. He confirmed that hamas was not an agent for Syria and Iran in the past, and claimed that Hamas, today, is not an agent for Egypt, Qatar and Turkey. But they are with Hamas and Hamas with them, fullstop. Hamas was independent in resistance camp, and will be independent after moving to the opposite camp.
To the naive leave Mishaal’s dramatic wet with tears and desire Meshaal to martyre on the land of Gaza” Hatter said, Meshaal walking towards Oslo 2, and the mysterious clash  between Israel and the resistance factions, last month, was an introduction smoke for the start of the blessed march towards peace formula appropriate to the time of the Arab Spring; and consolidation Gaza as a Brotherhood entity and a focal point for the Palestinian political and understandings, construction and prosperity, while Israel, siezing 44 percent of the West Bank, leaving the rest as the subject of negotiations between the two brides in the two adjoining bed rooms, but without mutual recognition, without a treaty, and without “giving up an inch of the land of Palestine”
One final word, unfortunatly for Mishaal, the marrage is on hold Shaikh Mursi is busy, very busy, and finally betrayed Shallah got it, his man in Gaza, said it: Islamic Jihad shall not respect the Truce as long as Ramadan is denied his right to enter Gaza. So, I would tell Jihad what I told Hamas one year ago,  you can’t stay on the fence, and should come down to this side or that.” 

بهدوء | نتنياهو ومشعل: شهر عسل في غرفتين

يجلس وفد حماس في غرفة («الأخبار»، 7 كانون الأول 2012، نقلاً عن يديعوت أحرونوت). في الغرفة المجاورة، وفد حكومة بنيامين نتنياهو؛ يتنقّل الوسيط المصري بين الغرفتين، ناقلاً الملفات والاتفاقات التفصيلية لفك الحصار عن القطاع. هكذا، يستطيع الطرفان التأكيد أنهما لا يعترفان ببعضهما؛ ستعتبر حماس أن «انتصار حجارة السجّيل» أجبر الإسرائيليين على منحها تسهيلات في عمليات الاستيراد والتصدير وتصاريح العمل وتوسيع رقعة شريط الصيد والتخلي عن الشريط الفاصل بين إسرائيل والقطاع، من بين تسهيلات عديدة أخرى. أما حكومة نتنياهو، فتتفاوض وفق رؤية سياسية جديدة؛ فهي «لم تعد تسعى إلى إسقاط حماس، بل صارت معنية بمنح سلطة الحركة قوة كي تحافظ على الهدوء، وكي تدفعها إلى التحالف السني المعادي لإيران، المؤلف من مصر وقطر وتركيا».
وهذه هي كلمة السر في المشهد كله؛ ليس مهماً ما قاله خالد مشعل حول فلسطين والبحر والنهر، الخ، بل ما حدّده بدقة ووضوح، في سياق كلام ملتبس عن استقلالية حماس، أكّد «لم نكن تبعاً لسوريا وإيران في الماضي، ولسنا اليوم تبعاً لمصر وقطر وتركيا. ولكن هم معنا ونحن معهم». انتهى. هذا هو المطلوب؛ حماس مستقلة دائماً، كانت كذلك حين كانت في معسكر المقاومة، وما زالت كذلك، حين انتقلت إلى المعسكر المضاد!
مع هذا الموقف الاستراتيجي ــــ مشفوعاً بالتعهد بوقف «الأعمال العدائية» ضد إسرائيل ــــ بإمكان مشعل وإسماعيل هنية أن يشرّقا ويغرّبا، أمام الجماهير، كما يشاءان، في تأكيد «ثوابت» التحرير الشامل والعودة الكاملة، والشروع في رسم خطة إزالة إسرائيل من الوجود بالرعاية الشخصية لشيخ النعاج العربية، حمد بن جاسم، وأسد الحلف الأطلسي، رجب أردوغان، وبطل احترام المعاهدات وراعي الضمانات الأمنية للإسرائيليين، محمد مرسي.
لا يحتاج المرء إلى الكثير من الذكاء، لكي يكتشف السياق التفاوضي لزيارة مشعل لغزة؛ تكفي ملاحظة أن الزيارة تمت برضى إسرائيل التي رفضت، بالمقابل، منح الأمان لزعيم «الجهاد الإسلامي»، رمضان عبد الله شلّح، الذي لا يزال حليفاً نصف علني لإيران. الأخيرة لم تحظ بتحقيق رغبتها في إرسال مندوب عنها للمشاركة في احتفالات حماس بالعيد الخامس والعشرين لتأسيسها. ربما يشعر شلّح الآن بالمرارة؛ فقد استُخدم لإضفاء شرعية مضاعفة على صفقة التهدئة في غزة، ثم جرى استبعاده من نيل أي من ثمارها؛ حتى الوقفة مع مشعل وهنية، أمام الجماهير، حرمه الإسرائيليون منها، ولا أظن أن الأخيرَين انزعجا لذلك. هل يتعلّم الدرس، سواء لجهة إدراك استحالة تخطّي الشرط الإسرائيلي بقطع الصلات مع المحور الإيراني، أم لجهة استذكار التقليد الراسخ من التنكّر للحلفاء، المعروف عن الإخوان المسلمين، المشغوفين بالانفراد بالسلطة؟
للسذّج نترك التصريحات الدرامية المبللة بالدموع عن رغبة مشعل في الاستشهاد على أرض غزة؛ فمشعل يسير نحو أوسلو 2، وكان الاشتباك الغامض بين إسرائيل وفصائل المقاومة، الشهر الماضي، مقدمة دخانية لانطلاق المسيرة المباركة نحو صيغة السلام الملائمة لزمن الربيع العربي؛ توطيد غزة الإخوانية ككيان ذي كينونة ومركز للعملية السياسية الفلسطينية وللتفاهمات والبناء والازدهار، بينما تضمّ إسرائيل 44 في المئة من الضفة الغربية التي سيتحول الباقي منها إلى موضوع مفاوضات «بين غرفتين»؛ ولكن بلا اعتراف متبادل، ولا معاهدة، و«لا تنازل عن شبر من أرض فلسطين»!
ولاكتمال المشهد السوريالي، نلاحظ أنه، في مقابل شهر العسل الليكودي ــــ الحمساوي، تواصل حكومة نتنياهو، التنمّر على السلطة الفلسطينية في رام الله، وتجميد أموال الضرائب الفلسطينية التي يجبيها الإسرائيليون، وتشن حملة على الرئيس محمود عباس بسبب إقدامه على الذهاب إلى الأمم المتحدة ونيله اعترافاً بالدولة الفلسطينية على أراضي الـ 67. ويبدو أن هذه الخطوة الرمزية الصغيرة، تُغضب إسرائيل أكثر مما تغضبها صواريخ حماس وشعارات التحرير الحمساوية! لماذا؟ ألأنها أطلقت ــــ كما لاحظ الإسرائيليون ــــ «طاقة وطنية مستجدة» لدى مواطني الضفة؟ وهل ستعزز هذه «الطاقة» سلطة انتهت فعاليتها، وربما دورها، في ظل الاصطفافات الإقليمية التي أنتجها «الربيع العربي»؟ بالنسبة إلى إسرائيل، هناك هدفان تسعى إلى تحقيقهما، الأول تأمين تحالف إقليمي ضد إيران، والثاني ضمان عدم اضطرارها للتفاوض حول مغتصباتها في الضفة الغربية. ويتحقق هذان الهدفان من خلال تعزيز وضع حماس في «المعسكر السنّي»، وتحويل غزة إلى عنوان للدولة الفلسطينية.
على هذه الخلفية الأخيرة بالذات، قام الملك الأردني بخطوة اعتراضية؛ «زيارة دولة» لرام الله: للأردن مصلحة استراتيجية في مشروع دولة فلسطينية مستقلة مركزها الضفة، وعاصمتها القدس. وفي المواقف: لا كونفدرالية ولا فدرالية، ولا حكومة إخوانية ـــ حمساوية في عمان، تفضي إلى وطن بديل إسلامي.

Only for an hour .. Jihad Marriage to overthrow the Syrian regime

I read the below fatwa in Arabic at the Syrian site DAM PRESS, I just saved it, because some readers would think its a Syrian propaganda. Today, being tweeted by Shaikh Mohamad Al-Arifi, I decided to puplish it, and remind the readers of UP, here and of deLiberation, that this wahabi shaikh and his likes are the reference for the British “Muslim” Activist, Laura Stuart,

“What do I want to see happen there? I want to see Islam rise there exactly as Sheik Arifi says in his talk on the video.” Laura said

Laura StuartWhen I read the Fatwa, I immediately remembered Laura, and her brother, Khalid Hamayreh, and their propaganda war on Syria, Iran and what Hamayreh called  ‘Shiits of Iblis”. Hamayerh described the Shae temporary marriage a kind of  prostitution. 

Back to the wahabi fatwa:  

The fatwa states that Syria ‘freedom’ fighters against the regime, unmarried or married but can not meet their wives, may mary girls , 14 years and above, or widows and divorced women  for short periods not exceeding few hours to give the opportunity to another fighter to do the same with the same girl/woman. The aim of the fatwa is to enable the fighters to get theirlegitimate right” and thus raise their morale of combat. Moreover, the Syria’s Jihadis girls/women who follow the fatwa are entitled to go to Paradise.

Back to the Shea temporary marrage, the marrage is allowed in certain case, provided, the girl, woman, can remarry only after making sure that she is not pregnant, if pregnant her son/daughter is entitled to get his/her share in the father‘s legacy.

I will leave it to the readers to decide which one is prostitution?


For better ‘Jihad’: Wed a 14 years old, have sex with her for hours & then let another Jihadi wed her …

Good for Syria’s Jihadis morale, says Dr. Alarefe!


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