Palestinian Rights Are Not Negotiable

According to Ariadna Theokopoulos the below piece is an exercise in “khalidism” that summarizes some of the main characteristics of a piece of writing whose goal is to promote the Israel-NATO agenda using sectarian hatred as a method.

Yes, despite intentions, “Khalidism” serves Israel-NATO agenda, but I would like to add that “Khalidism” represents the opportionism of the brotherhood who would deal with the devil to achieve its goals.

by Ariadna Theokopoulos

Ariadna TheokopoulosThursday, August 9th, 2012
While many are wrapping themselves in the Palestinian rights flag, most of them represent in fact different agendas they are pursuing, which have one thing in common: they are anti-Islamic.
Whom can we, Palestinians, trust? We see our brothers and sisters in Syria being butchered by a murderous tyrant who orders his army of thugs to rape women, kill children, and massacre civilians.

Israel and NATO may or may not truly wish to see the tyrant go but that should not blind us to the Truth: we should accept support from whomever helps the freedom fighters liberate Syria and bring back true Islam to its people.

Khalid Amayreh
Palestinian Journalist Thug : Khaled Amayreh
I am a Palestinian activist and a respected writer, as can be seen here, and here, and here (links pending), who has suffered in Israeli jails for my activities, but I say this:

I would rather live under Israeli occupation than under the power of Hezbollah and its anti-Islam, false Islam deviationists, sectarian rapists and murderers who call themselves shias.

Those who keep talking about “Israel” and “jews” — whether they are deluded muslims, anti-semites or self-obsessed jews, are trying to divert our attention from the real danger: the war on Islam going on in the world, waged by deviationists.

Palestinians are muslims first, sunnis — and therefore true muslims — and last. “Palestine” denotes just a meaningless geographical division of Islam.

‘*               *               *               *               *               *

“Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” comes with lots of exceptions: persiflage, satire, irony, sarcasm, all turn imitation on its head.

The above piece is an exercise in “khalidism” that summarizes some of the main characteristics of a piece of writing whose goal is to promote the Israel-NATO agenda using sectarian hatred as a method. The main features are:

1. A deceiving title: the subject is most definitely not Palestinian rights, yet the piece might register in many places as “pro-Palestinian.”
2. False information about the nature of the bloodshed in Syria and its perpetrators, using the handy model of the propaganda disseminated on Libya.
3. Support for NATO’s aggression on Syria under the guise of humanitarian concern.
4. Sectarian hate used to create a poisoned split between sunnis and shias.
5. Deflection of criticism of Israel.
6. Last, and most important, a covert but unmistakable denial of Palestinian rights, deceptively called for in the title.

The bullet points are easy enough to master even for a barely articulate writer.

Add to the mix a vitriolic, invective-filled attack on any critics, masquerading as righteous indignation.
Above all, remember this, “respected Palestinian activists”:  Nothing about Palestine!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!


by Daniel Mabsout

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Go over this article full of lies written by the so called Palestinian journalist called Khaled Amayreh . See how readers are being served by the dubious press . See what kind of propaganda is being disseminated by Zionists . The syndrome of al Jazeera of lying publicly and openly is not restricted to Al Jazeera or Al ‘Arabiyya . Just read the headline and watch what kind of dubious message is being conveyed.

The headline says : “They are slaughtering Palestinians” . It is supposed to be catchy . When you read :”They are slaughtering Palestinians” , you normally expect that this is done by Israel , but the headline says that the slaughter is done “in the Name of Palestine”. 

This is supposed to draw your attention that these slaughters are not committed by the usual expected slaughterer ie: Israel but from someone else..

So much for the Headline. In Arabic we say that the content of a speech is all in the title which is true because the rest of the article is not less catchy in speaking- extensively- about how Palestinians are being slaughtered .What Amayreh has probably learned from his masters must be the usual Zionist trick to use the plight of their people as a political tool to achieve political goals . The story goes on , and the pill that we have to swallow is -of course- that Palestinians are being massacred by President Assad.

The first story is a lie , the al Yarmouk Palestinian Camp was not shelled by the Syrian Army.
If we tend to believe journalist Ghassan Ben Jeddu and we tend to do so , the camp was shelled by the so called opposition and the Democratic Front of Liberation of Ahmed Jibril -that is pro Syrian- was hit and other locations in the camp as well.
After this statement, the flow of lies will not stop and this is due definitely to the Zionist instructions to replace the Israeli / Palestinian struggle by the fictitious Syrian /Palestinian struggle and to replace simultaneously in our own minds Israel by Syria. Very smart trick indeed that goes very well with the pack of lies that we have to swallow because -hardly are we done with the first lie- that we bump into the next one .
The liar journalist said that 20 Palestinians of the Palestinian Liberation Army were slaughtered by what he calls the Shabbiha of the regime which is- of course- another lie because the Commander in chief of the PLA in Syria : General Tarek al Khadraa said to the press that the seventeen PLA soldiers that were slaughtered were on a leave and were heading home -weaponless- when the thugs of the opposition abducted them and slaughtered them in the ugliest way .
The dubious article of the dubious Amayreh does not stop here but adds that” Palestinians and third party sources affirm the responsibility of the regime”. And who are the third party sources only God knows . They must be some fictitious stories told by grand ma Israel.. And this is not all , because as the Arab saying goes : If you feel no shame then do as you please .And this is what our shameless journalist does , not what pleases him but what pleases his masters. And this is how- from lie to lie- we can go over the whole article .
What comes next after all this delirium is the derogatory fictitious conversation between the dubious journalist and some person called Ahmed that we are supposed to trust because he is the friend of Amayreh, Palestinian like him with a PhD from a Western University ,probably similar to that from which our liar graduated . Big deal .

The conversation shows how credulous our journalist is or how naïve he thinks we are . Because- when asked why the Syrian regime would slaughter the PLA soldiers and what kind of interest the regime finds in acting thus – PhD Ahmed -who asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons – gave us a PhD answer saying that the Alawite regime knows that Palestinians are sympathetic to the opposition and against it , so -for this reason -the regime slaughtered the PLA soldiers by abducting them on their way home and cutting their throats .Wonderful answer .

Still our journalist wanted to show us more of his professional skills by asking more questions to his PhD anonymous about the Palestinians’ positions regarding the actual events to which PhD answered –thoroughly- that it is of neutrality adding : not only the position of Palestinian refugees in Syria but that of all Palestinian factions for the purpose of protecting Syria’s refugees .
By saying this our journalist seems to forget the anti Assad demonstrations that roam Gaza almost daily and Haniyya ‘s statements delivered in Turkey where he addressed the Syrian opposition saying that his heart was with them and that HAMAS leadership stood by them . Big deal !.We ask our dubious author of dubious affiliations how are Palestinian Refugees in Syria being protected when Palestinians have joined in big numbers the armed thugs to the point that they form the largest Arab group in the gangs active on the ground ?

Finally -after all these delicatessen offered by the dubious author to our delight –comes in the main dish that is non less delicious , and you can guess that it is made of pure sectarianism cooked with the utmost care by the greatest Zionist Chefs to be enjoyed by all . This is where the creativity of our writer comes to full blossom and you can swallow his words letter by letter that say :

It the Shi’as who kill in Iraq and everywhere , they kill Syrians and Iraqis and Palestinians mercilessly , the Shi’as are the great killers of all times and the great criminals ever witnessed who have been engaged in killing Arabs for a decade now !

Zionists –of course – couldn’t be served better .There comes a whole sect that can strip them of their bloody reputation as slaughterers and exterminators- by excellence- thanks to some dubious Palestinian journalist who has sold his soul to the devil!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Palestinian Reconciliation: Cocking aggregates

From Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem:

Dweik: Reconciliation must come before elections.

According to Abbas, Elections must come before Reconciliation.

Palestinian are facing a puzzle similar to the egg and chicken puzzle: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Since the last elections Fateh and Hamas never stopped taking about Palestinian reconciliation. Hamas never stopped telling us that reconciliation is a strategic goal.

After storming his one brain Khalid Amayreh wrote: Palestinians must rearrange their priorities?

“The Palestinian Authority (PA) is trying desperately these days to maintain its precarious survival under the Israeli occupation.
With empty coffers and no political breakthrough in sight, the Ramallah leadership is busy fabricating short-term “solutions,” rather than tackling and solving real problems.” he wrote without telling us what are the real problems, or how to tackle them.

“Last week, an Israeli cabinet minister was quoted as saying that the PA had only one and only reason for its existence, namely to serve Israeli security interests…If the PA failed to carry out this task to the letter, then it would lose its reason for existence as far as Israel is concerned.” he added.

If so, and it’s so, why Hamas don’t deal with PA as an occupation sub-contractor, the same way Hezbollah dealt with the Southern Lebanese army?

The majority of Palestinians are aware that “that the PA is an authority without authority, a police state without a state, an entity unlike any other under the sun.”

It is him, Khalid Amayreh, who promoted, after the famous meeting of Mishaal and Abbas in Qatar, the illusion of reconciliation with the Ramallah Traitor. He said that History will remember Abbas as a sincere man who tried but failed.

“But how can the Palestinian people hold real elections under the current circumstances?” asked Amayreh.

“Hamas shouldn’t be carried away by PA harrowing toward organizing elections that could only allow Israel to claim that the Palestinian problem is nearly over and that most Palestinians live under the rule of the PA, not Israel.” he added “”Elections can be an acceptable option if proper guarantees are obtained from the international community to the effect that the occupying power wouldn’t interfere or intervene in the polls in any manner.”

So the real issue is not the “security coordination”, not the occupation. it is the election and the “grand names, such as President, Prime Minister, parliament, etc.”

“Since the military solution in Gaza in 2007…In the process of avenging the ousting of Fatah militias from Gaza, the PA arrested thousands, tortured hundreds, sacked many from their jobs and launched a witch-hunt campaign against the supporters of Hamas….This reign of fear and terror, which is yet to come to an end, must be desensitized first and foremost before any election can even be contemplated. And this takes time.”

So, Abbas won’t election first, without giving Hamas “minimal degree of freedom of speech and expression and freedom to campaign and hold election rallies.” And Hamas won’t reconciliation first to guarantee its share in the PA cake.

I understood and supported Hamas going to Cairo for reconciliation during Mubarak era. At that time Hamas had no other choice.

I used to defend Hamas against those who wanted Hamas to be a Hezbollah saying that Hezbollah’s neighbor is a Lion, while Hamas neighbor is a traitor.

Now, after the so-called Arab spring Palestinians has the right to ask why Hamas don’t break with Ramallah, declare that west bank is occupied and declare a Palestinian state in ” liberated” Gaza?

Unfortunately, Hamas can’t do that and should comply with Mama’s priorities (Changing the regime in Syris), and Mama’s international comittments (Shalom for Israel)

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

deLiberation: Khalid "Ibn Sabaa" faning Sunni-Shae Fitna

I never imagined the Chief Anal-sist of PIC would be so low.

But why not. After reading his latest sectairian articles at deLiberation against shea, I recalled the story of the SON of Hamas.

Who could have imagined that Mosab Ibn Omair, sorry, I mean Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef woud serv for over a decade as the Shin Bet security service’s most valuable source in Hamas?.

Who could have imagined that Mosab Ibn Al-zubair, sorry I mean Mosab Hassan Yousef, would convert to Evangelical Christianity?.

The Son of Hamas is now working on a movie about the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Mosab announced the project at a press conference in Jerusalem in his first visit to Israel since he left in 2007.


Back to Khalid ibn Sabaa’ secterian trash whose ‘mission is to expose the criminal heretics, otherwise known as the Shiites of Iblis’. He wrote:
“I don’t consider killers of children, rapists of women and liars like you Muslim. If Bashar Assad and his supporters and thugs represent Islam, then sorry I don’t want to have anything with this Islam of yours.” Khalid Amayereh

As to the shiites I don’t consider them Muslim, no matter how much you would fret and rave.The Shiites don’t believe in the Quran. The think the true Quran is hidden in the cave with the hidden god-imam Mahdi.The Shiites curse other Muslims as often as they drink water.

“I have lived under the Israeli occupation for 45 years, and I can claim honestly and candidly that Israeli violence against us is nothing compared to Assad’s genocidal extermination of the people of Syria.
“Israel had one Dir Yasin, but the Shiite regime in Damascus has transformed every Syrian village and hamlet into a new Dir Yasin!!!!”

===== Bad news for the sectarian Khalid Amayereh, “Former Gaddafists Win in Libyan Democracy”   Yes very bad new for Amayereh Who wrote: “In the final analysis (ANAL-YSIS), the Libyan revolution has an Arab-Islamic face, heart and mind. It will not betray or disappoint Muslims anywhere in the world. Just give them a grace period, and they won’t disappoint you.” Khalid Amayereh. Unfortunately, they only disappointed their stupid brother. They, after destroying Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Algeria (250,000 Victims), Libya (150,000), they got a new contract, destroying Syria. In case the regime in Syria is changed as Khalid predicted (God forbid) It’s not difficult to imagine who would be the next Syrian president. 

The well-paid Syrian exile community
(clockwise from top left):
Malik Al Abdah, Ammar Abdulhamid,
Radwan Ziadeh, Anas Al Abdah,
Ausama Monajed, and Najib Ghadbian.

However, Khalid is right, he don’t belong to real Islam that was revealed and completed before the Death of Prophet Mohammad PUH, before Sunni and Shiite. He belong to British, then American version of “Islam”, where:   

  • Nasser (Must see), not Israel, was the enemy.
  • Soviet Union, not America, was the enemy.
  • And now Syria, Iran, Hezbollah are the enemies.

In his final anal-ysis Usrael are the people of the book. Nasser was a Soviet agent, and now out of sudden, he and his stupid brothers, after all what Assads done to their Hamas, they discovered that “Success will never come from deviant  It will come from Sunni Hashemite Abdullah, and Hamad.  Khalid don’t want to rock the brotherhood boat, he a is waiting another Eisenhower, not another  Khrushchev and his famous shoes, to set the record straight with Usrael. Meanwhile, Palestinian should seek an alternative strategy, which nothing but the Jordan option. In doing that they the brotherhood is repeating 1976 Arafat’s Lebanese option. “Is it a pre-condition to recognize Israel in order to govern?” asked Asked Muslim Brotherhood’s leader, Rashad Bayoumy. Yes was the American answer, and to my best knowledge Hillary the, Queen of Hearts is now in Cairo, to say Mabrouk to Morsi after performing his Ummra, and to thak him for reassuring Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies he has no plans to ‘export’ Egypt’s revolution. According to Syrian opposition circles in Cairo, Hamad bin Jassem, in a meeting with members of the Syrian National Council in the Egyptian capital, presented an analysis stressing that Hamas ended as the movement of armed resistance. Hamas exit from Damascus, which has become confirmed will put an end to hamas as a resistance movement.The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will not be able to protect Hamas as an armed resistance movement because of the Camp David and Egyptian army presence and the large economic vulnerability in Egypt as well as the Egyptian society is not psychological ready for going to war on the border with Palestine, moreover the Jordan brothers can’t embrace Hamas because Jordan cannot bear this burden.  

Finally, opportunist Khalid claims, He “took part” in the Iranian revolution, learned Farsi and wrote numerous articles defending Iran and Hezbollah”. May Allah help Iran and Hezbollah, without Khalid and his brothers help Usrael could have crushed, and would crush Iran and Hezbollah. For those who don’t know Khalid and his brothers are the sons of Jewish spies Ka’ab Al-ahbar, Wahb bin Munabeh, and Abdullah Ibn Salam, who penetrated and divided Muslims, after murdering Omar Bin Al-khatab, thus paving the way for the Great Fitna.  According to Muslims yellow books, Ka’ab Al-ahbar warned Omar Bin Al-khatab, three days before his assasination, he repeated the warning next day, and Omar was killed on the third day. When asked how he knows, he told Omar: Without this Verses:

يَمْحُو اللَّهُ مَا يَشَاءُ وَيُثْبِتُ وَعِنْدَهُ أُمُّ الْكِتَابِ

“Allah doth blot out or confirm what He pleaseth: with Him is the Mother of the Book.”

I could tell you the past, the present and the future. Offcourse Kaab’s source is the Torah and Talmud. Nobody thought that ka’ab was involved in Killing Omar, and to my best knowledge, this Jew, “SAYEDNA Kaab” is burried in Homs in Syria, he have another grave covered with a big dome in a great mosque in Naseriya in Cairo.

فهذا اليهودي – كما هو معلوم – مدفون بمدينة حمص بالشام، ولكن له قبرا آخر فوقه قبة كبيرة تقع بأحد المساجد الكبيرة بحي الناصرية المشهور بالقاهرة.
“But I won’t sell my soul to the devil.” Khalid claimed.
You did Khalid, you and your Quradawi sold your soul to the American devil.
You are not a Zionist, you are worse. You belong to “Chosen Muslims” === “If you think that anyone objecting to or rejecting Shiite savagery and Nazi-like criminality must be Jewish, then I will be proud to be Jewish… Besides, what is wrong with being Jewish? Aren’t Jews human-beings who may be good or bad likwe the rest of mankind? Shiism itself is wedly thought to have been founded by Abdullah ibn Sabaa, a Jew. ” Khalid Amayereh   I would agree with Khalid “In the final analysis, wisemen have their mouths in their hearts whereas fools have their hearts in their mouths.” I would add Khalid has a very big mouth, and one cell brain. He is using his sectarian Islam in debaiting non-muslims, who don’t know that shiism started imediately after the death of Prophet Mohammad, who don’t know that Shea means party. So Shiism started as a the Political Party of Ali.   I challange Khalid to appear here to debate me about his claim that Shiism “been founded by Abdullah ibn Sabaa, a Jew.” According to Taha Hussain in his book: The BIG FITNA, Abdullah ibn Sabaa never existed, its a Sunni creation, who don’t have the courage to tell who was right and who was wrong in the fitna, is it Ali, or aysha and sahaba Talha and Zubair bin al-awwam? Who was right and who was wrong in the Famous Cammel battle. For stupids like Khalid, sahaba (comrades), are somehow like angles, not like other humans. Therefore, they created the myth of the Jew, Abdullah ibn Sabaa, and blaimed him for  dividing Muslims. Shiism (Immama Theory), and Sunni (Caliph theory) as theology existed after three hundred years and has nothing to do with Islam.
Religion, the holly text is something, and history of religion is somthing else.   River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Khalid Amayereh asking: Is the PA an Israeli protectorate?

Few months ago, the same “Great” anal-ysis claimed that history will remember Abbas as a sincere man who tried but failed.

“The PA was supposed to be the first step toward the realization of Palestinian statehood. None the less, it now seems that the biggest obstacle impeding Palestinian statehood is the PA itself ”  He said.
Therefore, “PA should either dismantle itself because its continued survival is a paramount Israeli interest or refuse Israeli dictates and bullying.”  he added.

Consequently, the PA should give way to HA who after the Muslim brothers spring can refuse Israeli dictates and bullying and be the first step toward the realization of Palestinian statehood

Is the PA an Israeli protectorate?

[ 03/07/2012 – 10:25 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh

As nearly always, the Palestinian Authority (PA) behavior is visibly pathetic. Unfortunately, there is no other way to relate to this behavior.

According to recent reports, Israel sought to obtain a loan a $1 b. from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on behalf of the PA. However, the global body turns down the Israeli request, arguing that it doesn’t want to set a precedent of a state taking loans for non-state body.

Predictably, embarrassed PA officials refused to confirm reports to this effect, insisting they had no knowledge of the matter. The Palestinian economy minister Jawas Naji was quoted by the pro-authority news agency Maan as saying that he only heard about it from the media. Similarly, the PA finance minister Nabil Qissis refused to return phone calls enquiring about the issue.

It is really hard to believe PA denials in this regard. In the final analysis, we can only invoke the Arab proverb: “If they knew, it would be a calamity, and if they didn’t, it would be even a greater calamity.” This is because in case they knew, which is the most likely scenario, and still wouldn’t let the Palestinian masses know what was going on, they would be breaching their trust and hiding vital information from the people. And in case they didn’t, it means they failed to honestly shoulder their responsibility by allowing “anonymous operatives” to call the shots from their behind.

It is not really hard to determine the identity of these operatives. According to the Israeli media (you see Palestinians have always to know about their government from the Israel media!!!), it was Prime Minister Salam Fayyad who asked the governor of the Bank Israel Stanley Fischer to seek the loan on the PA behalf in order to rescue the autonomous authority from solvency and bankruptcy.

If so, Mr. Fayyad must be held accountable for this demeaning behavior which gives the impression that Israel and the PA are cordial friends, not enemies. But what happened to the fact that Israel is the occupier of our homeland, thief of our land, murderer of our people, killer of our children, and usurper of our rights? Has all of this been swept under the carpet as if the hard facts pertaining to the Israeli occupation of our country and unrelenting repression of our people were of a secondary and unimportant nature.

Of course, the issue here is not the loan itself, but rather groveling at Israel’s feet, thus injuring whatever has remained of our national dignity. The PA could have asked a third party to request the loan. However, the umbilical relation between the Palestinian Judenrat and the Israeli masters must always assert itself, even though PA officials do their best to deceive and mislead the very people they claim to serve.

The ramifications of this stupid, if not treacherous, feat can not be confined to the moral or ethical sphere. The political significance of asking Israel for help at the international arena is overwhelming. It shows that the PA is no more than an Israeli protectorate that is totally subservient to the occupying power.

Besides, how can we as Palestinians convince the world that the occupation must end and a viable Palestinian state must be established sooner than later when even our quasi autonomous authority, which is less than a state, can not survive without Israeli goodwill and backing?

Indeed, when a people’s survival and prosperity depend on the goodwill of its enemy, it means the journey to freedom and independence is going to be long and arduous.

No one can deny that the PA is undergoing one crisis after the other. It is also true that Israel is the ultimate root cause of most if not all these problems. However, the PA can not be absolved from responsibility.

The PA was supposed to be the first step toward the realization of Palestinian statehood. None the less, it now seems that the biggest obstacle impeding Palestinian statehood is the PA itself , this is unless the sought-after entity is a “township” or a “Bantustan” or a Judenrat belonging and subservient to Israel.

The PA claims rather correctly that it is not free to build a prosperous economy due to the Israeli occupation which still controls every nook and cranny in the occupied territories. Well, if so, the PA is effectively allowing Israel to eat the cake of the occupation and still have it whereby the Zionist entity keeps all the assets for itself while all the liabilities go to the Palestinians through the PA.

In light, the PA should either dismantle itself because its continued survival is a paramount Israeli interest or refuse Israeli dictates and bullying.

We say the continued survival of the PA is an Israeli interest because, at least as far a Israel is concerned, nothing does more damage to the prospects of establishing a true Palestinian state worthy of the name than a fragile, aid-dependent and subservient entity. Indeed, the PA is now facing a real dilemma: either to seek continued survival by being at Israel beck and call, or behaving independently and losing Israeli backing and risking a financial meltdown.

Another disgraceful behavior by the PA security agencies is the recent brutal suppression of a Ramallah demonstration protesting a planned visit by Israel’s deputy prime minister Shaul Mofaz. Mofaz is a notorious certified war criminal who carries on his dirty hands tons of innocent Palestinian blood, including that of hundreds of children.

Many conscientious youngsters thought it was improper and demeaning to receive the evil child killer in Ramallah after all he did to our people. Hence, the peaceful demonstration.

But the PA security ganged up on the protesters, beating them rather savagely, drawing angry reactions and a lot of consternation from the public.

The PA leadership claimed that the purpose of the visit, which was eventually cancelled under public pressure, had nothing to do with any planned resumption of the moribund peace talks with Zionist state. So, were Abu Mazen and Mofaz going to talk about the unusually hot weather or perhaps Europ-2012?

It is really sad and lamentable to see the Palestinian leadership betray the Palestinian people. The Palestinians who have made huge sacrifices for freedom really deserve a better leadership.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Netanyahu Congratulates Mursi, Urges Him to Uphold “Peace” Treaty

“The majority of those who are cheering the electoral results are not necessarily happy about Morsi’s victory, as much as they are relieved that Shafiq, the representative of the SCAF-backed counterrevolution is not in office.” 

Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

The MBs are not a unified block. While the organization is in effect run and controlled by multi millionaires like Khairat el-Shatter, seeking compromise and reconciliation with the regime, their base cadres who hail from middle, lower middle and section of the working class are a different story. Across its history and with every twist and turn the Brotherhood were subject to splits.”
“while at the same time Saad el-Katatni (the parliament speaker) and el-Shatter were conducting negotiations and talks behind closed doors with SCAF….The MB leaders were and are sandwiched between the pressure coming from above (from SCAF), and that coming from below from the streets and from their own base cadres whose expectations are being skyrocketed.

“The revolution hasn’t ended and will not be diffused by Morsi’s victory. Morsi and the MBs have opened the pandora’s box, and the coming days will only exacerbate their contradictions. And it’s a process the left cannot be separate from. While continuing to build its base independently, and building alliances with other forces who seek an alternative different from what SCAF and the MBs could provide, the revolutionary left must continue to tactically intervene in any confrontation between SCAF and the MBs.”

Let us remmember that Khairat el-Shatter was the MB’s horse, and Mursi was the spare.
In his speech at cairo university, Mursi send “LOVE” messages to all concerned, starting with the junta, the great people of Egypt  and the Revolution’s Martyrs. He came in peace and promosed to  preserve all international treaties and charters” and Vowed to Back Palestinians until Getting Rights, and to support the Syrian people

Many Arab readers may remember the Syrian Comedian Hosni El-Barazan famous say:

“If you want to know whats goining on in Italy, you should know whats going on in Brazil”

إذا أردت أن تعرف ماذا يحدث في ايطاليا .. فعليك أن تعرف ماذا يحدث في البرازيل”!

For MBs “If you want to Liberate Jerusalem, you should liberate Damascus first”

I recommend watching this Vedio “Teshrein Village

Written after 1973 war, more than three decades before the so-called Arab spring. Watch Husni Elbarazan as if playing Hosni Mubarak / Tantawi / Shafiq/ Mursi.
The people wants to change the Mukhtar (Mayer)

Now Read Khalid Amayereh:

Don’t blame Mursi, his Palestinian brothers are not asking too much, they are seeking different strategy to restore Palestinian rights.
However, Netanyahu answered Muri’s message of peace.

Netanyahu Sends Letter to Mursi, Urges Him to Uphold “Peace” Treaty

Local Editor

netabyahuZionist entity’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a letter to Egypt’s Mohammad Mursi, urging the new president to uphold a “peace” treaty between Cairo and Tel Aviv.
The letter “stressed Israel’s desire to continue cooperation and to strengthen the peace,” Israeli daily Haaretz and AFP news agency quoted an Israeli source as saying in condition of anonymity.
The letter was sent “in the last few days,” the source added, with Haaretz reporting that it was delivered to Mursi, via the Israeli embassy in Cairo.
The newspaper said the message “congratulated Mursi on his election, offered to cooperate with the new government in Cairo and expressed… hope that both parties will observe the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.”
Netanyahu “emphasized that honoring the agreement is in the interest of both countries,” the newspaper added, saying the Israeli premier had also “wished Mursi good luck” in his new role.
Haaretz said Israeli officials, after consulting with Washington, had decided to put off attempts to organize a phone call between Mursi and Netanyahu, but said the Israeli PM had dispatched an envoy for meetings with Egyptian security officials.
Netanyahu’s letter repeated much of the content of the statement he made publicly after Mursi was officially declared the winner of Egypt’s first post-uprising presidential election.
“Israel values the democratic process in Egypt and respects the results of the presidential election,” he said in a statement at the time.
“Israel hopes to continue cooperation with the Egyptian government on the basis of the peace treaty,” which the two countries signed in 1979.

Source: AFP
01-07-2012 – 11:27 Last updated 01-07-2012 – 11:27


Mursi Vows to Back Palestinians until Getting Rights

Local Editor

Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi delivers his first presidential addressEgypt’s President Mohamed Mursi announced on Saturday his support for the Palestinians until “they regain all their rights” and called for an end to bloodshed in Syria, in his first presidential address.
“I announce from here that Egypt, its people and presidential institution stand with the Palestinian people until they regain all their rights,” said Mursi.
He repeated as well that Egypt would respect its international treaties.

“We carry a message of peace to the world, accompanied and preceded by a message of right and justice,” Mursi said.

“We support the Syrian people. We want the bloodshed to stop.” he added.

Mohamed Mursi took his oath of office on Saturday in the University of Cairo, where Egypt’s military held national ceremonies celebrating the new president.

Mursi became Egypt’s fifth president and its first civilian and Islamist leader.

His predecessors were all from the ranks of the military which overthrew King Farouk in 1952.

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It is unclear why Israel is escalating its terror and violence against the Palestinians,

As Israel, Settler and pro-settler groups murders more Palestinians, ” It is unclear why Israel is escalating its terror and violence against the Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip.” Khalid Amayreh claimed, off course after storming his one cell Islamist bag above his shoulders.

“Israeli sources claimed some of the victims were involved in attempts to attack Israeli targets or trying to lay landmines along the Israel-Gaza borders, which is disputed by Palestinians who argue that Israel is killing Palestinians for the sake of it.” Neutral khalid added “The killing in northern Gaza came after suspected resistance fighters killed a Jewish settler along Israel’s border with Egypt. Two of the fighters were subsequently killed by Israeli troops.”

Meanwhile, Jewish settlers attacked an desecrated a mosque in the Palestinian village of Jabaa near Ramallah, torching the entrance of the mosque and scrawling anti-Palestinian slogans on its walls.
The slogans scribbled read: “The war has begun” and “You will pay the price.”

The Palestinian Authority (PA) blamed Israel, and Hamas..accused the PA of adopting “a cowardly stance vis-³-vis Israeli aggression”. Fawzi Barhoum said that while Israel was murdering Palestinians non-stop, the PA was still pandering to the murderers’ government, in the hope of resuming a peace process that everyone knows leads will nowhere.

If everyone knows that peace process why are you waisting your time talking to Ramallah Traitors?
I would say, hoping that I am wrong, some day Hamas would follow the steps of its motherhood and say we respect Oslo, being like Camp David an International treaty.

Back to Mr. Khalid Amayreh and Fawzi Barhoum accusing Ramallah Traitors of adopting “a cowardly stance vis-³-vis Israeli aggression”.
What do you expect from traitors?
Why you are cowardly silent on the cowardly stance of your brothers in Libya, Turkey, Tunis and Egypt?

The settler’s slogans scribbled read “The war has begun” and “You will pay the price.”

Meanwhile, the American Brothers are busy with Nato secret War on Syria, and Khalid  (Ibn Al-walid) Amayereh massing his forces to defend Mecca from the deviant

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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"Palestinians polarised by Egyptian scene"

Elliott Abrams’ Plan For Syria

Mubarak’s Egypt backed Fatah against Hamas. Now, the shoe is on the other foot as Egypt goes to the polls to choose a president, claimed Khaled Amayreh.
In fact the shoe is still on the same foot and nothing will change with the election. The so-called Egyption revolution, is 50% revolution and 50% military coup. Mubarak regime is intact.
In Egypt election Elliot Abrams assured that the loser will pity the winner.  “Two cheers for Mursi! Now let’s get to work.” he said.

He is working in both Egypt and Syria

The trial and conviction of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his interior minister, Habib El-Adli, earlier this week have reverberated through the Palestinian political street, drawing conflicting reactions from Palestinian factions, each according to its ideological and political orientation.
Palestinians have been following up rather closely on developments in Egypt ever since the start of the 25 January Revolution that toppled the Mubarak regime, which was widely considered at Israel and America’s beck and call.
A clear polarisation is noticed between the Islamist and secular nationalist camps, particularly Hamas and Fatah.
Other smaller Palestinian factions, such as the leftists and liberals, are displaying marked ambivalence, having to choose between erstwhile historical and ideological foes on the one hand and a resurgent regime in the style of ex- president Mubarak on the other.
Hamas, the Islamic liberation movement, is the ideological daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mubarak’s long- standing foe that now stands at the forefront of post-Mubarak forces and effectively controls the first parliament after the revolution.
Moreover, Hamas doesn’t hide its preference for Mohamed Mursi, the presidential candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood who will contest a run-off election with Mubarak’s last prime minister, Ahmed Shafik, on 16-17 June.
Hamas and most Palestinians view as a gigantic disaster the possible success of Shafik, “snatching” the presidency in Cairo from revolutionary hands.
“God forbid this would send us backward to the Mubarak era; it would be depressing to even entertain the idea. The election of Shafik would be good news for Israel and the Jews, and bad, I would say very bad news to every patriotic Arab and Muslim, not only in Palestine and the Middle East but all over the world,” said Fathi Imran, a prominent Islamist leader in the Bethlehem region.
Imran, who spent over 10 years in Israeli jails for his political activities against the Israeli occupation, said the rectification of the revolution’s course in Egypt is not only a matter of concern only for Egyptians, but for the entire Arab and Muslim world.
“When Egypt is down, we are all down and we will all suffer, but when Egypt is prosperous and strong, so will we be. The fact that Israel has been visibly disappointed by the dramatic collapse of the Mubarak regime speaks volumes. In a nutshell, Mubarak was an ally and servant of Israel and the United States.”
This is not how Fatah, the ruling party in the West Bank, views the former Egyptian regime and the man who was at its helm for over 30 years.
Officially, Fatah stands neutral between Shafik and Mursi. However, it is clear that Fatah’s heart lies with anti- Ikhwan (Brotherhood) forces. The reason for this somewhat strange attitude has nothing to do with any special infatuation on Fatah’s part with the symbols of the former Egyptian regime.
“Fatah and the Palestinian Authority [PA] leadership are calculating that Mursi might well win the upcoming elections and do not want to alienate in earnest the Muslim Brotherhood, as this would harm Fatah,” argued Talal Okal, a prominent political analyst.
“On the other hand, most Fatah leaders believe that if Mursi became president of Egypt, that would not auger well for Fatah, especially its power struggle with Hamas.
“Hamas is highly likely to benefit, politically and psychologically, from the presence of its ideological colleagues at the helm of power in the most important Arab capital.”
A MAJORITY FOR MURSI: Despite the sharp polarisation between Fatah and Hamas, it seems that a comfortable majority of Palestinians favour Mursi over Shafik.
An Internet poll of some 17,500 web- surfers by the Maan News Agency showed that 53.5 per cent would vote for Mursi while 39.5 per cent would cast their votes for Shafik. About seven per cent said they were undecided.
The informal but probably indicative poll shows that most Palestinians are hopeful that the Palestinian cause would stand to benefit from an Islamist or quasi-Islamist government in Egypt.
It is likely though that a united front against Shafik, including Mursi, the Nasserist candidate Hamdeen Sabahi and the moderate Islamist candidate Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh, would significantly reduce support for Shafik and could put an end to his election chances.
Meanwhile, reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas is effectively awaiting the outcome of the run-off round between Shafik and Mursi on 16 June. The two parties are not saying so openly, but scrutiny of the Palestinian political scene reveals that the elections will certainly impact the reconciliation process between the secular Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and Islamist Hamas.
The two groups reached a series of agreements and understandings of late, creating a general impression that a final reconciliation was in the offing, if not readily at hand.
However, mutual suspicions, and even accusations and recriminations, continue to prevail over the Palestinian political arena.
What is more is that a solid majority of Palestinians no longer believe optimistic statements about the nearness of reconciliation from Hamas and Fatah leaders.
Some Palestinian analysts believe that the next Egyptian president will not be able to do much in terms of reuniting Fatah and Hamas or delivering the Palestinians and their just cause from the tentacles of the Israeli occupation. Such analysts argue that the president-to-be will be too busy dealing with complex domestic issues in Egypt.
However, there are those who think that no Egyptian leadership — especially in revolutionary Egypt — can afford to treat the Palestinian issue as secondary. One of the factors that tainted Mubarak’s rule and hastened its demise was its obsequious stance vis-à-vis Israel during the Zionist state’s all-out blitzkrieg against the Gaza Strip in 2008-09.
Many Egyptians, Arabs and Muslims link wanton Israeli massacres of Palestinian civilians, using the latest weapons of death, such as white phosphorus to the times of the Mubarak regime, not criminalising Israeli violence.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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Comment: The Naive and the Palestinian "naivety"

In case you missed it:

[This carton tells the story of “Father Palestine”, the story of turning Palestine Liberation Organization into Palestine Liquidation Oraganization, Both are PLO.
Six weeks ago,Khalid Amayreh, hailed “The good news from Cairo” The latest agreement between Fatah and Hamas to translate national reconciliation efforts into facts on the ground is a perfect Ramadan gift for the Palestinian people. ““the Palestinian Authority (PA) decision to move against Muhammed Dahlan, the perpetual trouble-maker, will erase a major cause of the collision between Hamas and Fatah.” he claimed. ]

Palestinian naivety
[The Arab, regional and international situation appears to be more adequate than ever for pursuing Palestinian statehood even without sacrificing or compromising other legitimate rights, including the right of return, the soul and heart of the Palestinian cause. ]
Khalid Amayreh,

In case you missed the naive:

[“There are those who show a certain propensity to cast a thick shadow of doubt on the authenticity of the Libyan revolution…..the Libyan people will never allow a foreign power to arrogate or hijack their hard-earned sovereignty, independence and free will….we advise those who don’t stop making all sorts of silly insinuations about the Libyan revolutionaries to wait and see and reserve their final judgment for sometime, instead of trying to create confusion and spreading false propaganda.

“Just give them a grace period”

A final note. There are some pro-Palestinian activists who are, either sincerely or maliciously, worried about a “less than complete commitment” by the new rulers of Libya to the Palestinian cause.
Tyrants and their murderous thugs may kill and spill untold blood of their own people. However, they too will face their ultimate hour of truth because those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

I say to those; assuming their sincerity, don’t worry.

In the final analysis, the Libyan revolution has an Arab-Islamic face, heart and mind. It will not betray or disappoint Muslims anywhere in the world. Just give them a grace period, and they won’t disappoint you.”]

Now read the smart taking about Palestinian naivety, Is it naivity??

[ 03/06/2012 – 11:29 PM ]
By Khalid Amayreh

The recent agreement between Fatah and Hamas to patch up their differences is raising many eyebrows in Occupied Palestine and beyond. Discouraged by the numerous fiascos of the past, many Palestinians think the agreement will eventually evaporate into another disappointment.

Others prefer to look at the proverbial half-full glass. They argue that the rift between the two largest Palestinian political camps has lingered for too long and cost the Palestinian people and their just cause irreparable damage, so much so that the two groups have now learned the required lessons and are willing to coexist peacefully. If not amicably.
As part of the agreement, the two sides agreed to form a national unity government, prepare for elections and begin a process of normalization and national reconciliation.
However, it is amply clear that reality on the ground doesn’t leave much room for optimism even for those who want to give the parties the benefit of the doubt.
Let us cite some of these facts on the ground that will make the realization of a genuine and durable reconciliation unlikely.
First, the Israeli occupation army, not the Palestinian Authority (PA), controls every nook and cranny in the West Bank, hence it is the apartheid Zionist state that has and will have the final say with regard to matters such as holding elections, especially in East Jerusalem.
Second, it is inconceivable that the Islamic liberation group, Hamas, would consent to continued security coordination between Israel and the PLO. Such consent would eviscerate Hamas of all its Islamic and nationalist credentials and project the movement as just another Fatah, or another political group vying for “power” under the heels of Israeli military occupation. This scenario amounts to political suicide for Hamas and could consign the movement to the museum of history.
This issue is very crucial for reaching national reconciliation. The so-called security coordination between Israel and the PA is a matter of survival for the Ramallah regime. Indeed, for Israel, security coordination with the PA (against Hamas and other opponents of the scandalously bankrupt peace process) constitutes the ultimate Raison d’être of the PA.
Hence, it is highly unlikely that Israel will tolerate any serious reduction in the level of security coordination and collaboration with the PA. It is true that Hamas would probably opt for political and popular resistance against the Israeli occupation. But this is no guarantee that Israel will allow Hamas to reestablish itself in the West Bank, even through reincorporation into the PA apparatus.
In the final analysis, the Israeli witch-hunt policy against Hamas has very little to do with resistance to the occupation or “terror” as Israeli propaganda refers to every act of resistance or opposition to the Nazi-like occupation.
Israel is simply against Hamas because Hamas refuses to lower the ceiling of Palestinian national aspirations, especially those pertaining to such core issues as Jerusalem, the paramount Right of Return for the refugees, recognition of Israel and settlements.
It is true that Fatah publicly adopts more or less similar positions on these issues. However, it is clear that Israel believes or at least hopes that Fatah could be bullied or cajoled into making far-reaching compromises that would enable Israel to clinch a significantly better deal than anything involving Hamas.
Hamas refuses to recognize Israel, let alone recognize it as a Jewish state for ideological reasons. The group argues rather convincingly that it is grossly unfair to demand a Palestinian recognition of Israel at a time when Israel continues to refuse to acknowledge the very existence of the Palestinian people.
Moreover, Hamas argues convincingly that Israel never has peace with the Palestinians on the top of its priority list as the apartheid state continues to build settlements on occupied land and transfers hundreds of thousands of its Jewish citizens to live on land that belongs to another people.
Third, the continued rounding-up of Hamas’ supporters in the West Bank underscores the utter ill-will of the Fatah movement which apparently prefers to appease Israel and its guardian-ally, the United States, rather than respond positively and sincerely to reconciliation efforts with Hamas.
Hundreds of Hamas supporters, including college students, are still being detained in PA lockups in the West Bank. This fact means that mistrust and mutual suspicions will continue to shape the manner in which the two groups relate to each other.
More to the point, it is well known that hundreds of Islamist institutions, including schools, clinics, youth clubs, cultural centers, charities and social centers have been taken over by Fatah, which refuses to return them to rightful owners. This, too, shows that Fatah doesn’t have much faith in the reconciliation process with Hamas and wants to keep its bargaining cards close to its chest.
Notwithstanding, it is widely expected that the election issue will prove to be the most difficult obstacle impeding the realization of genuine reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas. Since the last Palestinian general elections were held in 2006, Israel has been rounding up Hamas or pro-Hamas politicians, serving them with prolonged prison terms for “association with a terrorist organization.” In fact, even today, five years later, as many as 26 Palestinian lawmakers are still languishing in Israeli dungeons and detention camps on purely frivolous charges. The captives include the Speaker of the Palestinian parliament Aziz Dweik, a professor of Urban Planning.
A lawyer representing some of these lawmakers told this writer that in any other country; his clients wouldn’t spend a single day in prison.
“They are held in Israeli jails because Jewish officials want to satiate their sadistic urges. This is the reason my clients and others are not brought before a genuine court of law…because they have done absolutely nothing wrong.”
In light, Hamas must seek real guarantees that its candidates and supporters will be granted full freedom to campaign unhindered by the Israeli occupation army. Similarly, Hamas must obtain guarantees against the arrest of its candidates, before or after the elections.
But Neither Fatah nor the PA, not even the EU and the US, can give such guarantees, given the lawless and insolent nature of the Israeli state.
Hence, it is imperative that Hamas make every effort in order not to fall into the trap that is being set up for it, especially in the West Bank.
This is because a genuine election that is worthy of the name must at the very least ensure that all participating parties and groups are treated on equal footing and given equal opportunities.
Otherwise, the rift will be consolidated and the current agreement will vanish into oblivion.
In conclusion, it is futile to conduct genuine elections, let alone pretend we are free and sovereign, while the Israeli occupation authorities continue to occupy our country, torment our people, strangle our will to freedom and dignity, and try to force us into succumbing to a status of water carriers and wood hewers in the service of the master race, the so-called chosen people.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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Khalid Amayereh calling for "UNITY"??

Worried that Shea may take “his Sunni” Mecca, amayereh call gulf states to unite before its too late.  Source

Khalid Amayereh
on hair-raising massacre in Houleh
He ment hair-razing

 Amayereh is talking about the “ill-will that keeps coming from the Iranian and Shiite religious establishment, which gives rise to and justify Sunni fears and suspicions”.. and “The genocidal Shiite drive against the Sunni majority in Syria”

For him: Sunni = His brothers, the Brothers of America ,
Pro Assad Sunnis in Syria (who, according to Assad saved Syria) such as Mufti Hassoun, Buti… are not Sunnis, the same applies to Sham’s (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon) clerics front.

His enemy is Syria the cave of Arab resistance movements. “The Syrian regime must change, or it will be changed” he wrote one year ago.

The required change is not democracy, elections, new constitution, freedom of speech, nor lifting emergency law, its nothing but handing over Syria to his Brothers of America, to break the so-called Shea cresent, and form a Sunni one, consequently, Sunni Hamas should leave Damascus.

Iran, not “Israel”, is his enemy. “Iran has no right to threaten and intimidate its Muslim neighbors”, but, Iran’s neighbors has the full right to host Nato in their waters and their land.

Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

 In order not to rock his brothers boat, sailing in Nato waters, he have no proplem with Camp David “peace treaty”, all he wants from Egypt is to tell Israel, straight in the eyes, our commitment to the Camp David Peace Treaty depends on your behavior toward the Palestinians

In his previous article Khalid Amayereh said:The PA ought to press the new rulers of Egypt to make the Egyptian commitment to honor and uphold the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty subject to Israeli treatment of the Palestinian people. The same thing applies to all new governments and regimes in the Arab world. This is what everyone would call smart politics.”
“He will be remembered as a sincere man who tried but failed”
Moreover, to start of a ”real” Palestinian partnership” Amayereh has no problem in Reconciliation with the traitor. For Amayereh Abbas is a traitor, he was naive, then out of sudden a sincere man who tried but failed” 
Palestinians should never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, he said 
The rift is not about the PLO ten points plan, not about selling 78% of Palestine in OSLO, and the alliance with the Zionists is a “de facto alliance”.

“The rift …..turned brother against brother, with some Palestinian groups effectively entering into a de facto alliance with the Zionists, the killers of our children and tormentors of our people.”

“There is still much to be done in this regard. We must start immediately to minimize security coordination with Israel to the point of ending this shameful chapter in our political life.”

He also has no problem with the with the de facto alliance” of his “brother” Erdugan with the Zionists, and Nato.

His only problem is with Syrian regime, His priority is to fullfill His London’s Facebook brother:

The above quotes are the core of all recent comments written by Amayereh in PIC

“We promised them with every revolution to rejoice their defeat and our next gloat will be soon from free Damascus, God willing, that’s a promise!”
Worried that Shea may take “his Sunni” Mecca, amayereh call gulf states to unite before its too late.
Al-quds could wait 20-50 years.
Why not, “Where is the Roman Empire, where is the British Empire? Where is Napoleon Bonaparte? Where is the Soviet Union? Where is Adolph Hitler?” he wrote few weeks ago.

So whats on “Muslim’s” Brotherhood table is,dismantling and termination of the Syrian regime, “the totalitarian police-state apparatus which has been ruling Syria since the early sixties once and for all, is aware about whats on the table. The Baath party is inherently undemocratic; it can’t be reformed, it must be ended.”
“Arab spring” is a great asset for Palestinian cause Amayereh wote. Bahrain Spring is not, it’s an asset for Iran and Sheaa.

When talking about Bahrain, and the uprising in Arabia, he ignored the peacful nature of the uprising, and quoted one Bahraini Shiite advocates as saying. “We will slaughter you all once we reach power”
No word is said about his Al-qaeda brothers slaughtering Shea in Iraq, bombing Shea mosques in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

For him, the “hair-raising massacre in Houleh speaks volume as the criminal intentions of some Shiite circles and those abetting and supporting their murderousness”, not the criminal actions of his Syrian nato brothers, designed to call a nato intervention to stop the civil war in Syria.

Horrific Massacre in Houla, Syrian Authorities Deny Responsibility
Initial Report of Judicial Investigation Committee on al-Houla Massacre:
Victims belonged to Peaceful Families who Refused to Stand up against State

“Iranians, and Shiites in general, decidedly and doggedly sided with the “Yazid of Damascus”, whose Shabbiha or thugs are carrying out pornographic, Nazi-like atrocities against the Sunni people of Syria for daring to demand freedom and dignity from one of the most evil tyrannies under the sun” he claimed hinting to both Iran and Hezbollah.

On 10-05-2008 members of Future Movement massacred
eleven defenseless SSNP members in Halba.
NO word is said about the Hariri, the Sunni PALAYBOY, the Sunni real “Yazid of Beirut” and His massacre is Halba,
lebanese visitors abducted in syriaNo word is said about daily massacres in Iraq or about Lebanese Visitors Martyred in Iraq Attack or about the 11 Lebanese visitors who were abducted in Syria ten days ago.
The real kidnaper are the so-called “friends of Syrian”, in particular, Erdugan, who wants an apology from Sayyed Nasralah to destroy his image. However, today the real kidnapers got the message:
Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah addressing the audience on Imam Khomeini's departure ceremony in Beirut; June 1, 2012 e are ready to resolve it the way you want,  whether through war or through love and peace.”

“If your problem was with me, there are a lot of means and ways to resolve it. W

No word about Sunni rulling Yazids.
Instead he asked them to unite before its to late, not against Usrael, but against Iran, Shea in General, and Sunnis opposing Mulslim Brotherhood.
In short Amayereh, like his sister, Laura Stuart, learned that Success will never come from deviant“.
However, Khalid was right in saying: “History can be especially harsh for those who fail to learn from its lessons.”
Non-Islamic democracy is impossible in the Arab world, Amayereh wrote reflecting the real MB’s stand towards democracy.
Islam is inherently superior to democracy. “The reason is simple; democracy in its simplest form means the rule of the majority. Right and wrong, morality and immorality, and other values are determined by the people whose views are often subject to all sorts of manipulations by special interest groups, media brainwashing and political money”.
His opportionist brothers failed to learn from 1950’s lessons in Egypt, and 1980’s lesson in Syria. After parliament elections they “took people’s support for granted”, to face the hard facts in both countries.

According to Esam Al-Amin, “MB candidates received almost 11 million votes during the parliamentary elections, their presidential candidate gained only 5.7 million votes, a stunning loss of over five million votes.


“there are clearly three major political forces within society, namely SCAF, the Islamic political parties led by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and the mostly secular revolutionary forces including youth groups, nationalists, liberals and leftists. Whenever two of these distinct groups come together it is usually at the expense of the third party.
  • During the decisive revolutionary days all Egyptians were united and SCAF had to abandon Mubarak and side with the people. But during most of last year the MB backed SCAF on many occasions while the revolutionary groups were crushed and their demands ignored.
  • When SCAF tried to impose supra-constitutional principles on all political parties to protect its interests, the MB sided with the revolutionary groups forcing SCAF to withdraw the document, retreat, and set a date for handing over power to a civilian president.
  • When the MB tried to impose a constitutional-writing committee dominated by Islamists, SCAF sided with the secular revolutionary groups against the Islamists compelling them to change course.

The Egypt brotherhood performance reminded of story of the Shepherd (MB)and the wolf (Tantawi).

The Brotherhood lied when they promised first promised they would not seek more than 30% of the seats in Egypt’s new parliament, and they have won more than 50% of the seats.

The Brotherhood lied again when they promised for the past year that it would not run a candidate for the presidency, and they run two candidates

And now MB’s candidate Mursi promises broad coalition, presidency would no longer be about one person; it would be an institution.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Israel celebrates Jerusalem occupation, America brothers waiting Damascus "liberation"

“In recent weeks, the PA expressed a certain willingness to resume peace negotiations with Israel if the Netanyahu government agreed to suspend settlement expansion activities. The Palestinian gesture, which came as a result of financial and political pressure from donor countries, especially the US, was rejected by Israel as the Israeli government insisted on continuing settlement expansion.”
Khalid Amayereh


In case you missed it Ibrahim Hamai “Sincerely” Promised the pro-revolutionary regimes trading in everything, especially when the Syrian regime start “shaking” that with every revolution to rejoice their defeat and our next gloat will be soon from free Damascus, God willing, that’s a promise!”

Israel celebrates Jerusalem occupation 

by Khalid Amayreh
Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Israel continues to extend its control over Arab East Jerusalem, killing all chances of reviving the peace process,

With vows to keep Jerusalem “united”, under Jewish domination, Israel this week marked the 45th anniversary of its occupation of Arab East Jerusalem.

The city is home to some of Islam and Christianity’s holiest places. However, ever since the Israeli army seized the town from Jordan during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, Israel has been carrying out an unmitigated campaign of Judaisation and de- Arabisation that many observers say has profoundly altered the face and demographic makeup of the city.

The annexation of Arab East Jerusalem by Israel is not recognised by the international community, including Israel’s guardian-ally, the United States, which refuses to transfer its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Earlier in the week, the Israeli government, perhaps the most rightwing in Israel’s history, held a special meeting to celebrate “Jerusalem Day”. During the celebratory meeting, the government decided to allocate $91 million to confiscating more Arab land in order to build parks and other facilities for the benefit of Jewish settlers.

Israel has transferred hundreds of thousands of Jews to live in East Jerusalem, mainly at the expense of the town’s native Arab inhabitants. The bulk of the town’s resources are also utilised to benefit Jewish settlers, not the town’s inhabitants as a whole.

Nonetheless, Israel has failed achieve its goal of reducing Arabs in the city into a negligible minority. Today, Palestinians constitute between 40-42 per cent of Greater Jerusalem, which includes East and West Jerusalem as well as adjacent and contiguous suburbs and neighbourhoods, such as Abu Dis and Eizariya.

This failure frustrated successive Israeli governments, forcing them to take stringent and draconian measures aimed at besieging Arab communities in the hope of forcing more Arabs to leave the city.

Dubious Israeli figures put the population of Jerusalem, East and West, at 800,000, of which only 35 per cent are Arabs. However, these figures deliberately overlook tens of thousands of Jerusalemite Palestinians who live in the peripheries of the city or those whose residency status has been cancelled.

Several insidious tactics are used by Israel to achieve its goals, including the demolition of Arab homes, denying building permits to Arabs, confiscation of residency cards from Arab citizens and cutting off East Jerusalem from its natural economic and demographic space in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. For example, while non- Palestinian Arabs and Muslims can visit the city, Palestinians who only live a few blocks away from Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest shrine, cannot even hope to be allowed to reach the shrine, even for a five-minute prayer there. Israel, nonetheless, continues to claim to provide religious freedom for adherents of all religions, a claim that looks absurd in light of objective facts.
Marking the event, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu defended continued Israeli occupation of the city. He reiterated the sound bites that successive Israeli and Zionist leaders repeat to justify the illegal Israeli seizure of the town. “Israel without Jerusalem is like a body without a heart,” he said as thousands of religious Zionist youth marched through the Arab town, sparking off clashes with local Palestinian youths.

I know there are people who say there will be peace if we only divide the city; I don’t believe so, we will continue to build Jerusalem,
Netanyahu said.

Palestinians scoffed at his remarks, ridiculing his claims that Jerusalem is Israel’s heart. “He should seek his heart in Eastern Europe and Russia and Khazaria where he and the bulk of these lying Zionists came from to this Arab land as invaders,” said Yousuf Al-Khatib, a local Jerusalemite leader.

Netanyahu and ilk don’t belong here, they belong to Warsaw, Carrow, Riga, Vilnius and the Khazarr region, among other places. Look at their faces, they are Europeans, they are not Semitic, they are simply not part of this region’s anthropology. The fact that they have succeeded in seizing our land is a historical aberration that must be rectified sooner or later.

The Zionist Scenario: Now And In The Future
The same feelings were echoed by Ahmed Qurei, a former Palestinian Authority (PA) prime minister who lives in Jerusalem. He called on Arabs and Muslims everywhere to help the people of Jerusalem be steadfast and withstand Israel’s sinister tactics to empty the city of its Arab inhabitants.

Every day there is a confiscation drive; they simply don’t want peace. They tell the world they want peace, but everything they do here on the ground proves beyond doubt that peace is the last thing on their agenda.

The former PA official said there could be no peace and stability in the region and beyond as long as Jerusalem remained in Zionist hands.

Look, Jerusalem is not only a Palestinian issue. It is an Arab issue, a Muslim issue, and a Christian issue as well. We have to remember that hundreds of the Prophet Mohamed’s companions are buried in Jerusalem. Yes, we may not be in a position to militarily recover the city now, but things will change, and 60 or 70 years are nothing in the annals of history.

Meanwhile, the deputy head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, Kamal Al-Khatib, has warned that Israel is planning to build a massive synagogue underneath Al-Aqsa Mosque, with its main entrance located near the Buraq Wall. A few weeks ago, the Israeli government organised a tour to the site for construction contractors to inspect the area where the $20 million structure is slated to be built.
Al-Khatib said Israeli plans would effectively end remaining efforts aimed at reviving the peace process.
I think it is futile and delusional to pin any hope on peace efforts. Israel simply doesn’t want peace. Anyone doing what Israel is doing doesn’t want peace.
In recent weeks, the PA expressed a certain willingness to resume peace negotiations with Israel if the Netanyahu government agreed to suspend settlement expansion activities. The Palestinian gesture, which came as a result of financial and political pressure from donor countries, especially the US, was rejected by Israel as the Israeli government insisted on continuing settlement expansion.
The unrelenting expansion of Jewish-only colonies is widely thought to have rendered the goal of establishing a viable and territorially contiguous Palestinian state unrealistic if not impossible.
Source: Ahram Weekly
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Israel is a crime against humanity

by Khalid Amayreh

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Thanks to the fact that much of the western media deliberately avoids exposing Israeli criminality, probably for fear of being accused of anti-Semitism, much of the brutal ugliness of the Jewish state remains unknown to millions of Europeans and North Americans.

This is the reason that many people in the west are still buying the big, obscene lie that Israel is a western democracy which upholds basic human rights and civil liberties. But the facts on the ground are much uglier than many people think, irrespective of how vociferous and dogged Israeli hasbara operatives get when defending and justifying Israeli misdeeds and crimes.

The truth of the matter is that institutionalized oppression, racism and terror against the native Palestinians have always constituted and continue to constitute Israel’s modus operandi.

Yes, the shipyard dogs of Israeli propaganda will concoct a thousand lies and point to a thousand red herrings to divert attention from the subject. They would invoke the holocaust, Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Treblinka, the Jewish origin of Christianity and many other impertinent issues in an effort to justify or more correctly distract attention from the real issue, namely the brazen evil fact of Jewish Nazism.

They would fornicate with the truth and with language in order to convince misinformed and often gullible westerners that Israel has to behave the way it does because otherwise its very survival would be in danger.

But the truth remains sufficiently plain for anyone willing to call the spade a spade. The task is certainly not easy, but not quite impossible, provided one maintains a respectable degree of rectitude and honesty.

I am saying this because the bulk of Israel’s supporters are malicious liars, e.g, know well they are supporting oppression and evil, or ignoramuses, like most Israel’s supporters on the American arena.

We don’t deny the obvious fact that there are in the region other nefarious regimes which savage, torment and murder their own people in order to remain in power. However, violence in the neighborhood, however pornographic it may be, should never make Israel look good.

After all, Israel itself remains a crime against humanity, if only because it uprooted, supplanted and is seeking the national obliteration of millions of Palestinians whose main “guilt” is their being non-members of the holy tribe.
Israel stole their land, demolished their homes, destroyed their villages, burned their fields and then expelled them to the four winds, while filling the ether with endless mendacious hasbara about Jewish democracy, morality and genius.

This week, the London-based human rights organization, Amnesty International, published its 2012 report about the status of human rights all over the world.
The group accused Israel of a long list of violations, including torture, restricting movement, limiting freedom of speech, detaining people without charge or trial for prolonged periods as well as maintaining a siege that strangles 1.6 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The truth of the matter, however, is that quasi-academic reports of Israeli human rights violation, even those published by respectable human rights groups, remain quite insufficient to fully communicate the ugly reality of the Israeli state. In the final analysis, Israel is sinking in a sea of racism, fascism (it doesn’t matter if it is blunt or insidious racism), oppression and terror. One Israeli cabinet minister declared a few months ago that “we are already a fascist state.”

When I was studying at the University of Oklahoma in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Jewish circles, such as the Bnai Brith organization left no stone unturned, protesting a local Baptist minister who claimed that God didn’t hear prayers of Jews since Jews didn’t recognize Jesus as their personal lord and Savior. After an avalanche of protests, the priest apologized.

Today in Israel, there are prominent politicians and religious leaders who shamelessly claim that non-Jews are donkeys in human shape, whose lives have no sanctity and who are not entitled to human dignity. There are rabbis who issue fatwas or edicts allowing Jewish doctors to let non-Jews injured in a car accident on Saturday die of their wounds rather than give them medical treatment.

There are even rabbis who would permit Jews to murder non-Jews in order to harvest their organs if the Jews needed one.

Unfortunately, such scandalous abominations raise very few eyebrows in Israel. This happens at a time when Jewish leaders routinely, even innately, hurl the charges of hate and immorality at anyone and everyone who mentions Israeli criminality.

But so what? Israel and Jews have nothing to fear or worry about as long the US, its government, congress, and media, are in the Jewish pocket. The fact that the powerful and intimidating Jewish lobbies have succeeded in morphing most American politicians into absolutely docile political whores readily at Israel’s beck and call.

Interestingly, this had a profound insolent effect on Israel. It was rumored a few years ago that former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon sought to silence Shimon Peres, then foreign minister, telling him “don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We control the American people and the stupid Americans know it.”

Besides, the ruling elite in Israel seems to have discovered that the more extremist and the more criminal and murderous Israel becomes, the more support and backing it receives from a disgracefully pliant Washington.

It is difficult to explain this strange phenomenon from the point of view the political sociology or political psychology. The only plausible explanation is that Jewish money and power have thoroughly corrupted American political culture so much that the U.S. is sinking down the drain, definitely though no dramatically.

I have no doubt that the Palestinian people will never be able to deliver themselves from the clutches of Zio-Nazism as long as America remains thoroughly enslaved, beguiled and manipulated by world Zionism.

Zionism might soon switch alliance to China the moment China’s ascendancy to the helm of the world and America’s demotion to the status of second or third-class global power is asserted.

In any case, the peace and stability of the world depends to a large extent on the world community’s willingness and ability to check the cancerous growth and lebensraum of Zionism.

To be sure, Zionists will not raise the white flag upon the first clash with a determined world community that is serious about justice and peace; they are too powerful and too arrogant to do that.
However, a meaningful transformation in the willingness of the international community to check the Nazi-like Zionist hegemony and supremacy will definitely make Zionism think twice before pursuing it genocidal drive toward world domination.

I have no doubt that Israel will disappear one day. I don’t know when that day will come, but I feel it will come sooner than many people think. Israel is based on evil and oppression. It carries the seeds of its own destruction.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Jews must clean their own house first

by Khalid Amayreh
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012


Israeli and Jewish hypocrisy is so brazen that it probably has no match under the sun. Jewish and Zionist circles never stop accusing other countries of harboring “hate” against Jews.
Jewish propaganda arms, such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Simon Wiesenthal Center as well as the Israeli foreign ministry recently criticized several countries, including Greece, for allowing nationalist parties to function.

We are told that the appearance of these parties in Europe should sound an alarm note because certain red lines are being crossed.

It is always good and auspicious to stand against and be vigilant about fascist and extreme nationalist parties which advocate xenophobia, bigotry and racism, such as Islamophbia and anti-Semitism.
But this is not the point here. The point is that Israel is inherently and absolutely unfit to lecture other countries and other peoples on the evils of racism as Israel itself is probably the ugliest and most brazen of embodiment of racism on earth.

For example, Israel and Jewish circles protest rather vociferously, usually with a great degree of sanctimony, the alleged hatred existing in Palestinian and other Arab textbooks when every Jewish school child is taught that Jews are the master race and that non-Jews are either lesser or sub-humans.
Just try to thoroughly examine the text-books used in hundreds of Talmudic schools across Israel and the occupied territories and you will see strange wonders. You will see text-books teaching that the Almighty created the entire universe solely for the sake of the Jew. You will see books teaching that the Almighty created all the nations “Goyem” (people like you and me) solely in order to serve the master race or Chosen People. According to some Talmudic texts, the lives of non-Jews have no sanctity.

Indeed, according to some rabbis affiliated with the Nazi-like Chabad sect, a Jew may murder a non-Jew, without any compunction, in order to extricate an organ from his or her body if the Jew needs one.

I really thought that this was a far-fetched canard until I ascertained its veracity.

Now, how Jews and Zionists could have the Chutzpah to criticize others of harboring “hate” toward Jews when Jews don’t even recognize those people’s very humanity? This is undoubtedly an uncomfortable question for the Israeli hasbara apparatus, which refuses to be honest in tackling such questions.

For example, when Zionist propagandists, such as Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson and Elie Wiesel are confronted with irrefutable facts pertaining to brash Jewish racism and there is no point denying the obvious, they try to prevaricate or evade the issue. Some, like Wiesel, have the audacity to claim that the rest of mankind has no right to criticize Jews even when Jews indulge in war crimes against humanity.

Unfortunately, many westerners, who are either scared to death by the Jewish Golem or scandalously brainwashed by a pliant media that is at Zionism’s beck and call, readily listen to and even dignify these morbid Zionist vagaries which go beyond the pale. After all, it would be foolish to challenge the self-righteousness of people like Wiesel especially when his Jewish supremacist sickness is accorded solemn and ample media attention from Sydney to California .

Another point. When any writer or intellectual thoughtfully and sincerely criticizes the Talmudic edicts that keep resurfacing in Israel, edicts which dehumanize and demonize non-Jews, or question Israeli regional hegemony and bellicosity, as did the German poet Guenter Grass recently, we see the shipyard dogs of Zionism fire a round after round of the anti-Semitism bombs at the “emulators of Hitler.”

Well, some short-sighted Zionists may still think that this is the right way to go but this is wrong because the Zionists are playing on borrowed time and invoking anti-Semitism every time Israel’s vile behavior is criticized serves only to cheapen anti-Semitism in the eyes of the non-Jewish world.

Still, many Zionist supremacists just don’t care, even if they know in the bottom of their hearts that the once effective weapon of anti-Semitism is becoming stale and losing its effectiveness. This is how arrogant and sick minds think. It is the same minds that expect Palestinian children who have just watched their fathers and mothers and relatives mercilessly and brutally killed by Israeli soldiers or Gestapo-like Jewish settlers to love Jews and sing hatikva (the Israeli national anthem) and not harbor a sliver of hate toward Zionism and Jews. Can a Palestinian school child, who has just returned home from school, seeing his home being bulldozed by a Jewish bulldozer, driven by a Jewish soldier, with a helmet bearing the Star of David, harbor love for his and his people’s tormentors? Of course, I am not speaking metaphorically as I witnessed hundreds of house demolitions ever since I was a little kid in the village of Kharsa south west of Hebron.

A final point. Everyone knows too well that most if not all the political parties represented in the Israeli Knesset can be judged as manifestly fascist. Just read the ideological and political platforms of the Habayt ha-Yehudi (the Jewish home,” the Ehud ha-Leumi (the national Union), Shas, whose spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef shamelessly teaches that all non-Jews are donkeys or beasts of burden, and even the Likud, and you will know what I am talking about.

Now, with clearly Nazi-like parties represented in the Israeli Knesset, do Zionists have a moral right to complain about some political parties in Greece or the Ukraine or Norway?

I hope that this and similar articles will provide some food for thought to Jews who might be prompted to think that life itself is hasbara and that if you succeed in this field you get it done.
No, life is not Hazbara, and if Jews succeed in obliterating the truth for sometime, they won’t be successful for ever.

Jews have much to do in terms of getting their own house clean. They’d better get busy putting their house in order rather than hurling baseless charges and accusations here and there.
People living in glass houses don’t throw stones at people’s houses.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Israel, Hamas and their ‘Kabuki politics’

Last month, Israeli political pundits were so excited by the departure of Hamas leader Khalid Mashaal from Damascus that British Jewish Chronicle published an article on March 15, 2012 with headline: 

Hamami from London
Leave Damascus now

It’s Clear: Hamas has left Iran’s axis of madness“. The Jewish pundit claimed that “Hamas has made a decision to focus on a political course instead of arm resistance. But, its two other partners in crime – two smaller organizations in the Strip, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committee (PRC), which still maintain their headquarters in Damascus and are supported by Tehran – are the ones behind the current rocket attacks against Israeli soldiers“.

On April 20, Hamas leader Moussa Abu Marzouk’s interview with America’s oldest Jewish newspaper, daily Forward, shocked the entire Zionist world. The Zionist media quoted Moussa Abu Marzouk saying that Hamas will not be committed to any deal or treaty signed between the Zionist regime and Mahmoud Abbas’ Fattah group.
The statement makes sense – because how could the Zionist regime expect Hamas to abide by a deal or treaty to which it was not a party? But, then how one could expect some rational thinking from one-track minded Zionists!
The Zionist regime has refused to hold direct negotiations with Hamas leadership even though Hamas won a landslide victory in 2006 elections which former US president Jimmy Carter claimed ‘very democratic and fair’.
Abu Marzouk in a long interview said emphatically: “We will not recognize Israel as a state. It will be like the relationship between Lebanon and Israel or Syria and Israel“. He also said that “as long as there is occupation on our ancestral land, we have the right to defend our land under international law by all means including military resistance“.
In fact, Abu Marzouk was just repeating the statement made by Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh in Tehran while attending Iran’s 33rd anniversary of Islamic Revolution.
Abu Marzouk denied Israeli propaganda lies that Hamas targets Israeli civilians and use children as shields. He claimed that when Israeli soldiers take cover behind civilians – it’s impossible to avoid collateral damage. The Israeli myth of suicide bombing is in fact mostly Mossad false flag operations.
Hamas constitution doesn’t recognize the Jewish occupation of historic Palestine.
It’s reported that like Jew-hating Hollywood director and actor, Mel Gibson, Abu Marzouk also believe that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are genuine. According to Canadian Jewish academic and blogger, Henry Makow, PhD – Lionel Nathan Rothschild was, most probably, the author of The Protocols.
It seems Moussa Abu Marzouk’s interview with US Jewish daily Forward proves that some of Hamas leaders may have distant themselves from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for Qatari $250 million bribe – but they’re still part of “Iran’s axis of madness“.

Rats desert a sinking ship

Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

I would say Hamas is making a U-turn and preparing to distant itself from “Arab Spring” axis of madness. Its Egptian “Mama” after being sucked (*ucked) by the Americans and Puppet military councel, is trying to do the same, join the axis of revolution. 

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Khalid Amayereh: The "sincere" Man is behaving in a theatrical manner these days- just these day!!

“Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas is behaving in a theatrical manner these days. It is very much like “now you see it, now you don’t,”  Khalid Amayereh.

He believes “a great majority of our people, both at home and in the Diaspora, are fed up with Abbas’s whimsical rituals. Some unctuous hangers-on and hypocrites would portray the huge disillusionment of the people as support for Abbas. But this is the task of these sycophants, namely to falsify facts to make their boss feel that all’s right.”

When the PA moved against Dahlan, the same Khalid thought “the Palestinian Authority (PA) decision to move against Muhammed Dahlan, the perpetual trouble-maker, will erase a major cause of the collision between Hamas and Fatah.” and cosequentely he “thought that the Dayton era was well behind us.” and Abbas will be remembered as a a sincere man who tried but failed to make peace with Israel, even at a terrible price, namely giving up more than 78% of historical Palestine”.
After harassment and abuse at the hands of Palestinian Authority (PA) security operatives.Khalidthought the Arab Spring would convince the PA security apparatus to abandon or at least alleviate their police-state tactics against dissent and show more respect for human rights and civil liberties. However, it seems that that the PA, as far as its treatment of its people, remains largely unchanged. Old habits die hard, after all.”

“On some occasions, Abbas alluded to the possible dissolution of the PA regime if the world community failed to force Israel to end the occupation that started in 1967. But neither the US nor Israel took this warning seriously. It also seems that many Palestinians as well, perhaps a sizeable majority, don’t believe the PA leadership” Khalid claimed, and he is right the maximum Obama “would do, especially at this juncture, is to give the PA some extra money and tell it to shut up
I agree with Khalid Abbas told the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam.

“There are many reasons which have contributed to the weakening of the Palestinian Authority, but its dissolution is out of the question,” 

English Al-Akhbar

Though Khalid has no “doubt that the very existence of the PA is an Israeli achievement and vital interest”, he is still optimisic Well, it is time these people sought an alternative strategy to put our people on a definitive track that would lead to freedom and liberation. He said without explaing the definitive track that would lead to freedom and liberation, freedom and liberation of what Mr. Khalid??
As you said, Oslo is dead and your Brothers fell into the trap and pushed Hamas to burn its ships with Syria and to start the so called  “Real” Palestinian Partnership with Oslo Engineer.

Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

So, again, what freedom and liberation you are talking about, after your Brothers put armed resistance on the self and turned west to  strictly monitor Gaza borders with Egypt, in particular, “monitor the tunnels,… permitting the entrance of all essential commodities that the Gaza Strip needs but prevent entry of citizens to or from Egypt….”

In other words, prevent freedom fighters from smuggling arms to Gaza, or attack Israel from Sinai. 


In order not to rock the boat of American Brothers in Egypt who paid full respect to Camp david treaty. I wonder if this has relation with Abass saying NATO could fill security gaps after Israel peace deal

Khalid ended his article saying:

“We certainly are not demanding miracles from President Abbas and his partners. We only would like to see them think right for the future.”

Khalid, you are demanding Miracles from Abass and his partners (Hamas), Abbas said it “dissolution is out of the question,” After the “Islamists Spring” I doubt that the very existence of the PA is  vital not only for Israel but for Neo-Hamas.
Hamas is not talking about dissolution of PA. According to Khalid:
“The hard political realities in the occupied territories and (within Hamas) seem to have dashed all hopes for organising Palestinian general elections next month…according to an agreement reached in Doha between Fatah and Hamas a few months ago….
Mahmoud Zahar..referred to the Doha agreement as dead. Zahar said organising elections would have to be preceded by a number of prerequisite measures, including forming an agreed-on government, releasing political prisoners, securing civil liberties, and guaranteeing a positive electioneering atmosphere….. “But none of these conditions has been met,” Zahar said….
The veteran Hamas leader, who is widely believed to wield considerable influence over the movement’s decision-making process, especially in the Gaza Strip, said Hamas will not take part in a sham election. “Do we have the freedom to campaign in the West Bank? The answer is ‘No.’ Do we have the freedom to campaign in East Jerusalem? The answer is ‘No.’ Do we have assurances and guarantees against arbitrary arrest by the Israeli occupation army? The answer is again ‘No.'”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Iran, Syria, "Brotherhood Spring" and the ongoinig war on Gaza

Iran, Syria, “Brotherhood Spring” and the ongoinig war on Gaza

“The armed wing asked those mediating for calm to address their mediation to Israel and not the resistance that was defending the people.” Quds Brigades

I am not mediating for calm, who is doing that, let us read “Brother” Khalid Amayereh

“It is the responsibility of Arab and Muslim states, such Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Iran to provide these oppressed people with the most elementary means of defense and protection against a brutal enemy that is armed with most advanced machine of death in the world.” He said.

“Brother” Khalid, ignored Syria, the historical cave of Palestinian resistance, the state, which according to Hamas leaders has given Hamas what their Brother Baynouni admitted can’t afford if he is in Assad’s shoes.

Muslim brothers having lost Jersulem and its Aqsa, the first Muslim’s qibla, and the second Haram, decided to use the Amawiyade mosque (until aqsa is liberated). Their Nato Mufti wants to lead a praying at Damascus. His London’s Facebook brother wrote:
“We promised them with every revolution to rejoice their defeat and our next gloat will be soon from free Damascus, God willing, that’s a promise!”
He also ingnored to include his Libyan brothers, fighting, arming and training his “Syrian” brothers

Instead, Khalid is requesting Iran’s support, ignoring its continued support for the Palestinian cause since day one of the Islamic revolution, Ignoring, that it is Hezbullah cells in Egypt who were smuggling Iranian arms to besieged Gaza.

In his latest speech Sayyed Nasrallah said: Arabs, Muslims, Christians All Entitled to Defend al-Quds, and off course defend Gaza the focal point of Palestinian cause.

PLS. stop the attacks against the Palestinians
and the “systematic murder against Syrians”


Laura StuartI wonder, If “brother” like his “Sister” Laura Stuart, is taught that, “success will never come for the Muslims by expecting a solution from a deviant sect like the Shia”, and that “Murdering Assad more Noble than Killing an Israeli”

“In the final analysis, what was acceptable from the Husni Mubarak regime, can’t be acceptable from the revolutionary government.” he added “Well, hell with the Camp David peace treaty with Israel if maintaining it must mean having Palestinian civilians getting killed, maimed and incinerated every hour, every day and every night at the hands of the Nazis of our time.” Khalid, indirectly, addressed his Egypt “brothers” who failed to meet his expectations.

Earlier, Khalid Amayereh, driven by fear that his Egyption brothers may lose by their left hand what they got by their right hand (Hamas), “All we want from Egypt is to tell Israel, straight in the eyes, our commitment to the Camp David Peace Treaty depends on your behavior toward the Palestinians,” he pegged

“….The Muslim Brotherhood is not going to be at Hamas’s beck and call…. relations between Islamic movements and countries (Except Syria) are not conducted in this way…Egypt is suffering from immense social and economic problems at the home front, which means that the country can’t devote all or most of its energies to the Palestinian issue…Egypt, and that is very important, should create a real linkage between its own commitment to the Camp David Peace Treaty with Israel on the one hand and Israeli behavior toward the Palestinians on the other… Israeli policies and behaviors …..killing of the two-state- solution possibility….. In short, an Islamist-led Egypt would have to tell Israel, straight in the eyes, that there cannot be “business as usual” with the Jewish state (Amayreh said Jewish state, not the zionist entity, not even Israel) if the Palestinians continue to be savaged and brutalized and pushed to the corner…..”

In case you missed it “Arab Affairs Committee at the Islamists Egyptian Parliamentrecommended making a legal study into the border crossings between Egypt and the Gaza Strip and how to run them in a way that allows entry of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people including supplying them with fuel and electricity if the Israeli occupation continues to refuse to allow humanitarian supplies into the Gaza Strip.”

Meawhile, Cadres of Hamas in Syria asking their leadership: Have you decided to sacrifice us?

This is rough translation, however, the letter could be a Fateh fabrication

‘What is really happening? Why this confusion in your statements on Syria? And you haven’t talked here? Have you have decided sacrifice us? Have you decided sacrifice the Palestinian presence here? And why this harshl treatment – cancelling membership of those who speak against the regime while Leaders and their son are doing the same?

What’s going on in Qatar? Is it an honor for us as a movement to be under the umbrella we heard repeatedly from you, and Khaled Mashaal – that it is a US puppet? And how you upbringing us on something and then find you do the contrary? (Is America our friend or foe, frankly because of you and because of the Muslim Brotherhood we are in a mess )?, And why you are not honest with us and with the people. You said that you want stand against Syria will not forget its support, and then few days after leaving Syria you fell into the arms of its enemy (Qatar)? And smear Syria, and support a revolution we don’t even know secular, hostile to Islam and collaborating with the West? Frankly, we do not know what your standards are? is it double? Didn’t you know what the Syria when you come here? ‘.”

“O brothers, we denounce your stand, and feel a lot of anxiety and fear from you, what is happening in Syria is far more than by death or blood you can’t justify your stand by saying we tried to avise them but they refused to listen ..”

We are scattered in Homs, Deraa, Aleppo and in Damascus, and we know exactly what’s going on on the ground and meet everyone and see that there are significant errors and crimes from both parties (the regime and his supporters and the rebels and their supporters), and we see that there is a bloody conspiracy already on the ground and in the media against Syria, the opposition at home and abroad, is involved in it, and it will damage everyone, however, we only hear you speak against the regime!, you are its silent on the plot (the Western crusade against Syria with the help of Arab States, which conspired against us and still )”


“We feel that there is real confusion in your positions during the recent period, whether on the Palestinian level (Abu Mazen, who you have told us over and over again that he is a traitor involved in the killing and the arrest of our brothers), and suddenly without warning, we see what we have seen in Qatar, as well as with the Jordanian regime, is Hamas an organization? Or company for so and so? This confusion is reflected on us here so that some of us support one side and some support the other..”

We are afraid that you are pushe towards settlement box! And leaving the jihad ,martyrdom, resistance, and Islam square , and we want to hear from you a final say on this (on reconciliation and on Abu Mazen and on Syria), we hear your talk, and we see the reverse, we hope you haven’t changed your principles. Do not forget your religion and do not let present life deceive you

we have heard of you, behind closed doors, talking too much about them (Itan ans Syria), their sincere positions and courage, and their role on what Hamas have reached and the volume of arms and money flowing into Gaza from Iran and Syria, and special training and rocket industry, and solid political media positions of Hezbullah”

then we see you bed fellows with those who conspired against us against Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. You sould have stayed silent. What happened at Al-Azhar does not make sense we beg you to tell us is Iran, Hezbollah and Syria Israeli puppets as we hear from some of the cadres and officials of the movement? Why this disparity we hear from the war officials of the movement, Looks like we are the only party not collabrating with Israel??”

A final world: The majority of palestinian supported, and elected Hamas, as a leading resistance movement, not as a Muslim brothers offspring. The moment Hamas cease to be a resistance movement, Palestinians will support an alternative who raise high the resistance flag. They don’t have to wait, its their fighting, shoulder to shoulder with other Palestinian freedom fighters, while Khalid Amayereh brother are waiting the “effective anti-aircraft weapons as well anti-tank missiles.” from their American Brothers

Quds Brigades: Calm only at resistance’s conditions

[ PIC 12/03/2012 – 02:56 PM ]
GAZA, (PIC)– The armed wing of Islamic Jihad movement, the Quds Brigades, has affirmed that calm would be only restored according to Palestinian resistance’s conditions.

Addressing a press conference in Gaza on Monday, the Brigades said that rockets would continue to fall on Israeli targets as long as the Israeli military escalation did not stop, reminding that Israel was the one that breeched the calm.

The armed wing asked those mediating for calm to address their mediation to Israel and not the resistance that was defending the people.

It lashed out at the Israeli occupation forces for blasting indiscriminate targets in Gaza killing civilians and schoolchildren and shelling houses.

“The Gazans need effective anti-aircraft weapons as well anti-tank missiles. These are defensive weapons which can be provided easily to those who are at the forefront of fighting for Muslim sanctuaries and Muslim dignity.” Khalid continued. Egypt, given its territorial contiguity to Gaza, has a special duty to see to it that defenseless Gazans possess the means to defend themselves.” he admitted, and expressed his disappoiments with his “Revolutionary” brothers in Egypt and the “Arab Spring”, thegreat asset for Palestinian cause.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

The "True" Story ………

If you want the ‘true” Story Behind Damascus ‘False Flag’ Bombing Caught on Camera, Egypt NGO’s check Dr. Ashraf Izat.
Mainstream Media keeps al-Qaeda Myth Alive. he wrote, consequently Al-qaeda, the CIA creation, never exisited, after liberation of Afghanistan, niether in Iraq, nor in Syria and Yeman.

Also if you want the truth about Egypt NGO’s check Dr. Ashraf Izat, they are freedom fighters, and not a CIA, NED, creations, funded to spread democracy.

Laura StuartOn the opposite side, if you want the ‘true” Story Behind Syria unrest, don’t hesitste, go to “Sister” Laura Stuart, at deLiberation and watch her God”brother” Sheikh Arifi, and Al-Qurni.

Her Palestinian friend told her tha Assad helped palestinians, but he is deviant and her God told here Success will never come from deviant“,  so “Murdering Assad more Noble than Killing an Israeli”

And if you want to know about the justice in  ‘Qatar“, the cave of the champion “Islam”, “democracy” and “Arab Spring” who has lived in exile in Qatar for many years and spoke out during the revolutions, Egypt, Libya and has issued a warning to stop the injustice action towards Syrian nationals who staged a protest against the ongoing “Massacre” in Homs, (but some wish to deny) and listen Syrian “Propaganda” exposing CNN and Al-Jazeerah “TRUTH”

If you want the truth about most “peacfull spring”, go to VT, in particullar to Gordon Duff, and his Sabr Nourideen of redress, however, in case you want to know about the still ongoing libyan “spring” never, ever visit both sites, the Libyan file is closed since Sabr left the scene after the capture of Kadafi, leaving the stage for hilary, to Come, and see

To sum up, in case you want to know about good news for Palestinians, and the great impact of the “Arab Spring”, the great asset for Palestinian cause, never, ever miss “Brother” Khalid Amayereh, in particular this one: 
“The Syrian regime must change, or it will b e changed”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Lieberman wants to help the Syrians!

Lieberman wants to help the Syrians!

By Khalid Amayreh

The criminally eccentric Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has apparently undergone an altruistic metamorphosis. This week, he was quoted as saying the Nazi-like state would help Syrian refugees who might be fleeing government repression.

This is really beyond Chutzpah. I am not going to say “charity begins at home” or invoke similar clichés, lest I inadvertently accord his remarks a dignity they don’t deserve.

But Zionist charity is an existential oxymoron. Indeed, for a country that was established on a foundation of oppression, genocide and ethnic cleansing, and continues to torment and persecute millions of people whose only “guilt” is their being non-members in the exclusive Jewish club, it is beyond chutzpah to cynically use the Syrian tragedy to score some public relation points. It is true that images of pornographic violence keep coming out from Syria . But this doesn’t exonerate or vindicate the Zionist entity, whose very existence is the mother of all evils in the region.

Israel is simply too ugly, too filthy and too criminal to be given the benefit of any doubt, and no amount of public relations cosmetics could an inherently ugly face look pretty.

To put it simply, Israel can not fool the world by this game of make believe where by the Jewish state behaves like the Gestapo and SS and wehrmacht in Gaza while trying to mimic Mother Teresa, depending on PR considerations.”


Unfortunatly, Mr. Amayereh, your “smart” brothers, who followed the steps of Lebanese forces and Lebanon’s southern army, are helping and colaborating with Israel and Israeli puppets. Having lost their “Fort” in Bab Amro, their only save heaven would be nowhere other than the nazi-like Israel, and may be the puppet regime in Turkey.   


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Global march to challenge ‘Judaisation’ of Jerusalem

Finally Khalid Amayereh got it

“Some Jewish circles are trying to ignite the flames of war in our region so that Israel will reap strategic benefits. Israel strives day and night to incite the West, particularly its guardian-ally the United States, to wage war on Iran. The draconian sanctions against Iran must be understood in the context of the overall Zionist entity to Muslim peoples.” He finally admitted, but failed to tell his reader why the Jewish circles ignite the flames of war in our region and why against Iran?

I have to remind him that the Zionist global war is already waged against Iran, Hezbollah and Syria and in Syria using him and his brothers in Turkey and Islamists in every Arab country.

“Pro-Israeli circles are also instigating Washington against the Arab Spring, including recently-elected Islamic movements in Egypt and Tunisia.” he claimed, while his Islamists “Spring” are preparing to meet tomorrow in Tunis not for Jerusalem but to conspire against Iran and Syria.

“The same Zionist circles have been communicating a virulent and vindictive message to Western governments that as far as Israel is concerned, maintaining secular but tyrannical governments in the region in power, even if they fill the ether with anti-Israeli rhetoric (HE MENT SYRIA) is much preferable to Islamic democratic movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood” he added
“This is why Israel , not Iran or any other country, should be viewed as Islam’s and Muslim’s ultimate enemy.” he said “I am not saying that Iran is perfect, but at the very least the Iranians are not trying to demolish the Aqsa Mosque and ethnically cleans the Palestinians from their ancestral homeland.”

Iran is not perfect, not trying to demolish the Aqsa Mosque,

Should I remind this Islamist shitty head that the first thing Iran did after the revolution? The Israeli Embassy in Tehran, who launched Alquds day…..

Turkey is perfect, his Brothers are perfect, at the very they are keeping Palestinians under siege and in the dark to prevent Israel from ethnically cleansing them from their ancestral homeland

“Having said that, I believe that the protection of Islam’s holy places in Jerusalem is the direct responsibility of every Muslim under the sun. Muslims, governments and individuals, must always do their part in shouldering this immense responsibility”

“Key Muslim governments must put this issue at the forefront of their foreign policy priorities. Muslim governments, especially those having diplomatic relations with the apartheid Israeli regime, such as Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and others are urged to seriously raise the matter with Israeli ambassadors.”

LOL, Khalid Amayerh, is not uring his Muslim government having diplomatic relations with the apartheid Israeli regime to raise the matter with Israeli ambassadors and if they don’t, Burhan Ghalyoun and his Syrian Brothers will do it, they will establish diplomatic relations with Israel and will raise the Matter with the Israel Ambassador.

Mr Amayereh is not “talking about mere chummy chats and diplomatic pleasantries that would take us nowhere. We rather expect serious and strongly-worded protests against the recurrent Zionist provocations against one of Islam’s most important holy places. Zionist ambassadors must be given the impression that Muslim countries can’t and won’t maintain diplomatic relations with the apartheid entity while aggressions of various forms continue unabated against Muslim holy places.”

Mr. Amayereh is not so optimistic “Unfortunately, the Muslims’ record in this regard is not very encouraging. This is why Israel never really got the impression that Muslim governments,” He admitted “especially secular” Muslim” governments, don’t really accord paramount attention to the issue.”

Khalid Ameyereh is talking about Secular “Muslim” Syria, who in fact consider that evey square centimeter of Arabic land is holy as Al-aqsa.

However, Amayereh, still “hope that “the new Islamist-dominated parliaments in both Tunisia and Egypt would at least devote a special session to discuss Jewish threats to the Aqsa mosque.”

The Islamist-dominated parliament in Egypt will devote a session to discuss (What?) the American threat to cut the USAID, the bribe given to Sadat for Egypt independence and Palestinian rights.

MR. Ameyereh “still hope that Islamist or quasi-Islamist governments in the region will display real vigilance in this regard.”

They, the congress of Syria ENEMIES, will. What? Display tomorrow real vigilance in regime change in Syria.

Amayereh, ended is piece of shit saying: “We have to raise our voices because the world doesn’t hear let alone listen to those who are silent or have feeble voices”

The world never heard and will never hear your prey whether strong or feeble.
The world only listens to resistance. YES, “we have to be strong because our world has been transformed into a virtual jungle” using you and your brothers to crush the respected resistance axis and last Arab fort.

While your brothers are meeting to arrange a global march to Damascus, descent people, Muslims and no-Muslims are calling for a Global march to challenge ‘Judaisation’ of Jerusalem.

Global march to challenge ‘Judaisation’ of Jerusalem

by The Editor

from Paul Larudee

Today, the world has a chance to stop an ethnic cleansing project in Jerusalem that has been under way since at least 1967, and, in the larger context, for more than a century. The fact that the city is sacred to 4 billion Christians, Muslims and Jews seems to have made little difference. In fact, the West – and especially the U.S. – have been accomplices in this crime.

It is called “Judaisation,” which apparently does not carry the same stigma as “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” “segregation,” and other terms that have been used to describe the elimination of one people in favour of another. It should. Racist policies by any name are equally despicable.

Unfortunately, racism against Palestinians is protected by law and even encouraged in Jerusalem today. Most of the city’s housing is off limits to them, and the remaining Palestinian property is routinely denied building permits and adequate public services. Many of the existing homes are under demolition orders.

Israel makes no secret of its definition of “Judaisation.” Its stated goal is to reduce the percentage of Palestinians in Jerusalem from 37% to 30%, and preferably even less.

Population reduction? Ethnic cleansing? The difference isn’t even semantic, and there’s no way to do it that respects human decency.

Thus, when “archaeological digs” undermine the foundations of Palestinian homes in the Silwan section of the city, demolition orders are issued, rather than building permits to shore up the houses. No need to reflect on where the inhabitants will go, as long as the Palestinian presence is diminished.
Besides, Israel considers Palestinian inhabitants merely “residents” and not citizens, whether the families have lived in the city a hundred or a thousand years, while Jewish immigrants are welcome if they came only yesterday. It then expels thousands of these unwanted “residents” every year by denying them work and education and then finding that their work and education outside the area no longer entitles them to live in the city.

Israel also builds illegal subsidized Jewish-only housing on Palestinian land by first confiscating the land, then offering it to Jews on attractive terms, while denying it to Palestinians. Next, a wall is built, effectively separating the preexisting Palestinian communities from the rest of the city, and making it difficult or impossible for them to go to the jobs, schools and family members that used to be only a few steps away.

Finally, the mayor of the city, Nir Barakat, announced on Dec. 26, 2011 that he was effectively disenfranchising 70,000 Palestinians living on the “wrong” side of the wall, by revoking their Jerusalem “residency” with the stroke of a pen. Such is the creativity of Israel’s ethnic cleansing techniques (and of the choice of date for such announcements).

In this case, however, the world has decided not to look the other way. Hundreds of community organizations in dozens of countries spanning the globe have decided to participate in a massive Global March to Jerusalem on March 30, 2012. The march is being organized by Palestinians and their supporters representing communities throughout all of Palestine, the surrounding countries and the diaspora, with participation by solidarity organizations around the world. It commemorates Palestinian Land Day, when Israeli forces killed six Palestinians, wounded more than 100, and arrested hundreds more in 1976, while they were peacefully protesting the confiscation of thousands of dunams of Palestinian land from Palestinian citizens of Israel.

The intention is to march from many starting points and converge on Jerusalem, either reaching that destination or getting as close to it as possible. Although nonviolent resistance has a long history in Palestine, this is the first time the entire Palestinian community has mobilized in a massive nonviolent action since the Palestinian general strike of 1936.

Is this the equivalent of a Palestinian Tahrir Square? Or a civil rights March on Washington? History will be the judge, but a key element will be the support and participation of solidarity groups throughout the world. Accordingly, regional associations have been formed in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and other regions. These associations are helping to form delegations that will participate side by side with the marchers in Palestine and neighboring countries, and will facilitate marches and demonstrations in the major cities of their home countries. Many of them have established regional websites and social media to coordinate these functions.

The dream of the Palestinian nonviolent resistance movement has been an irresistible sea of humanity exercising its rights in defiance of all efforts to stop it. Neither the organizers nor the participants expect that all of the participants will reach Jerusalem on the first try, nor that Palestinian rights will suddenly be realized on the day following the march. However, we are hopeful that it will mark a major shift toward an inexorable popular demand to restore all human rights for all Palestinians and to put an end to the “Judaisation” ethnic cleansing project in Palestine that has stained human history for more than a century.

About Paul Larudee

Dr. Paul Larudee is a co-founder of the movement to break the siege of Gaza by sea and a founding member of the Global March to Jerusalem. For more information, go to or
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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Hamas: The Growing Distance from Damascus
I translated part of the Arabic Version of following article yesterday. Its posted here
The full article is now available at Alakhar English site.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal (2nd L) speaks during a joint news conference following his meeting in Cairo with Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi on 6 January 2012. (Photo: AFP – Mohammed Abed)
Published Friday, January 20, 2012
The possible exit of Khaled Meshal from Hamas’ leadership may be the official sign that the Palestinian movement has moved away from Damascus and cast its lot with the Islamic movements rising to power across the Arab world.

The nature of Hamas and the hostile environment it operates in have kept much of the movement’s internal workings secretive. The election of its leadership has always been done discreetly without any media fanfare. However, this time around the secret is out. Campaign tactics, including smears and rumors, are being employed ahead of the upcoming leadership elections, reportedly scheduled for the spring.

Khaled Meshal, current head of the Islamic Palestinian movement’s politburo, has been at the helm of the organization, and leads its external wing, since the mid 1990’s. During that period, he survived a botched assassination attempt by Mossad in Amman, moved the politburo’s main office from Doha to Damascus, and witnessed the Israeli pullout from Gaza, which would become the stronghold of Hamas.

Sources in Hamas say that the previous extension of Meshal’s tenure as politburo chief of the movement beyond the party’s term limits came in the midst of Israel’s Cast Lead campaign on Gaza in 2008/09. The movement was not about to change its leadership at such a critical time.

The situation today seems different in light of the changes taking place in the Arab world and the accompanying rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Changes in Hamas, which is part of the regional Brotherhood, seem more likely, especially after news about Meshal’s intention not to seek another term spread.

Much was made of this news but Hamas neither confirmed nor denied the reports. Sources close to the movement did not agree on a clear interpretation of this news, or whether it was actually true. Instead, these sources provided different scenarios, some of them having to do with internal differences within the movement, while others have to do with regional pressure, specifically in relation to the crisis in Syria. One source however insisted on saying that the news is “just a rumor.”

Sources close to Hamas asserted that Meshal will not be running for another term, saying the decision was taken unanimously at the politburo meeting in Sudan two weeks ago.

This source did not deny that the decision was the result of pressure and differences, without elaborating. He did say, however, that the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation and some of Meshal’s latest positions (regarding the armed struggle, for example), which instigated unfavorable reactions from Hamas leaders in Palestine, have nothing to do with the issue.

Hamami from London
Leave Damascus now

The source connected the issue to the uprising in Syria, saying that choosing not to nominate Meshal stems from the movement’s desire to transfer the politburo from Damascus without having to resort to an official announcement. Electing another politburo chief will automatically transfer the body to a different location, where the new chief resides.As for nominees and potential new locations, the source pointed to two possibilities. One is Mousa Abu Marzouk, who was succeeded by Meshal when the former was imprisoned in the US. If Abu Marzouk is elected, the politiburo will be moved to Cairo, which became his semi-permanent home.

The second person is the head of the Palestinian government in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, who enjoys great influence inside the movement. If he is elected, the politburo will move to Gaza.

The same source, however, says the second possibility is unlikely, because the presence of the politburo in Gaza would limit its chief’s ability to move about freely, and would make him an easy target for Israel.

He also adds that Hamas is counting on changes in Egyptian politics with regards to Gaza in general and the Rafah crossing in particular. Haniyeh was reassured about such changes taking place during his last tour of the region.

The source does not rule out the possibility that the decision not to nominate Meshal stems from pressure regarding Hamas’ position towards Syria, which is controversial within the movement.
He points out that Meshal recently received a message from a major regional political party that supports Hamas, asking him to take a clear stand on the Syrian issue.

Meshal tried to find a way out by initiating a dialogue between the Syrian regime, Muslim scholars, and Muslim preachers known to oppose the regime while also being opposed to the rise of Salafists.

The source adds that this attempt was not met with approval from leaders in Hamas, who see the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab world as an ideal opportunity to open a dialogue with the US, which has been increasingly engaging the Brotherhood in the region.

News about not nominating Meshal caused a rift in Gaza too. A source from Hamas, who did not want to be named, insisted that the news is just a rumor with the aim of dividing the movement between “inside and outside Palestine, like Fatah, which is in a state of decline.”

He said that “those spreading these rumors have an interest in seeing the reconciliation with Fatah fail because they benefit from Palestinian divisions. They may be from Fatah or Hamas, and are not happy with Meshal’s serious effort to achieve national reconciliation.”

Another source close to Hamas confirmed that “there is no consensus on Meshal’s candidacy for another term, especially among the hardliners in Hamas, because he violated the movement’s modus operandi in dealing with internal issues.”

He added that this lack of consensus “has become clear lately, especially after the events in Syria, which upset the movement’s balance internally and externally, thus allowing differences to surface.” The same source argues that “the hardliners in the movement are trying to undermine Meshal through spreading news about his intention not to run again.”

He said that it might be an attempt on their part to put pressure on him in order to back away from what they perceive as the concessions he made to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestinian sources agreed with this view saying that Meshal’s candidacy for another term is facing opposition led by Mahmoud al-Zahhar, a member of the politburo, who enjoys a great deal of influence in the Gaza Strip. But at the same time, a strong current both outside and inside Palestine supports extending Meshal’s tenure.

Differences between Meshal and al-Zahhar surfaced following the reconciliation deal with Fatah, which was signed in the presence of Abbas in Cairo after Meshal granted the Palestine Authority a year to negotiate with Israel without consulting the politburo, according to informed sources.

These sources said that al-Zahhar did not hide his anger and his opposition to Meshal’s speech during the signing ceremony. Al-Zahhar also announced both privately and publicly his opposition to Meshal’s candidacy for another term.

The same sources say that talk about Meshal’s intention not to run again might also be a test to gauge the Hamas leadership, and test its strength in the various areas where it has a presence.

He ruled out the possibility of having internal elections before this division is addressed, particularly between Meshal and al-Zahhar, and before knowing what will become of efforts to reconcile with Fatah.

Hamas’ internal elections were supposed to take place in June of last year, but they were postponed to December, before they were put off once again until next April or May. The secret procedures within Hamas make these dates tentative at best.

The only candid commentary regarding Meshal’s candidacy came from Salah al-Bardawil, a member of the politburo. He told Al-Akhbar: “The rumors are baseless, changes in leadership are decided based on a system of shura or consultation and not based on individual decisions regardless of the position of the individual.”

He added: “Hamas leaders are not known to compete for leadership positions, which are considered mandates and not honors bestowed on them. When any change in leadership does occur, there will be an official announcement.”

Al-Bardawil, however, did not deny that Meshal will be passed up as a candidate in the upcoming elections, leaving the matter in the hands of the shura system, which sources say, does not want to nominate him for another term.

Regardless of whether the Meshal controversy stems from regional pressure, internal differences, or organizational regulations, indications are that Hamas is about to enter a new political stage where its future is far from clear.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.

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