Indian-Jewish ‘Lost Tribe’ Members to Settle in Occupied Palestine

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[ Ed. note -We now have a new group of “Jewish settlers” coming to lay claim to Palestinian land–only in this case they are coming all the way from India. I received the link to the following article by email sent from a friend of mine who comments as follows:

“Been to Nazareth…and Nazarene Illit is a duplicate suburb that bisects the Palestinian community of Nazareth…a beautiful small hilly small city w/lovely Palestinian churches and mosques in the older part but the govt will use these newly “chosen” to upset the ongoing struggles. The Naz.Illit is strictly jewish SETTLER….pushing them into a traditional Christian city of Nazareth….having already installed a BAPTIST EVANGELICAL COLLEGE from central Texas to play divide and conquer there with young people. A total absolute mess. Chaos reigns. Wish you could see the postcard beauty of Nazareth from every angle as it used to be….with a gigantic church at the very top of the mountain there….huge tourist draw… with the influx of these 3000 Beni Menashe Indians followed by another 7000 waiting to travel there thus 10,000 new immigrants influx should drive all sorts of wedges between many different groups….an incidious plan crafted to cause the most chaos possible no doubt.”

The new arrivals will be settled in the town of Nazareth Illit, also called Upper Nazareth, whose former mayor, Shimon Gapso, once issued a ban on Christmas trees. This putative “lost tribe” of Jews, who are being transplanted from northern India, is referred to as the Bnei Menashe. Wikipedia is not the best source of information on Middle East issues, but here is what they say about them:

The Bnei Menashe are made up of Mizo, Kuki and Chin peoples, who all speak Tibeto-Burman languages, and whose ancestors migrated into northeast India from Burma mostly in the 17th and 18th centuries…Prior to conversion in the 19th century to Christianity by Welsh Baptist missionaries, the Chin, Kuki, and Mizo peoples were animists; among their practices were ritual headhunting.[5] Since the late 20th century, some of these peoples have begun following Messianic Judaism. The Bnei Menashe are a small group who started studying and practicing Judaism since the 1970s in a desire to return to what they believe is the religion of their ancestors. The total population of Manipur and Mizoram is more than 3.7 million.

The Bnei Menashe number below 9,000; several hundred have emigrated to Israel. In 2003–2004 DNA testing showed that several hundred men of this group had no evidence of Middle Eastern ancestry.

Sounds very much like another case of those who “claim to be Jews, but are not.” Meanwhile, Palestinians who have been exiled from their homeland still are denied the right of return. The author of the JTA article below, however, seems to think that’s fine and dandy.


By Josefin Dolsten

(JTA) — One hundred and two members of the Jewish community in India, who trace their heritage to one of Israel’s lost tribes, are moving to Israel this week.

The immigrants, who hail from the northeastern Indian state of Mizoram — home to the second largest concentration of the country’s Bnei Menashe community, as they are called — will arrive in Israel on Tuesday and Thursday. The move is being facilitated by Shavei Israel, a nonprofit that seeks to connect “lost” and “hidden” Jews to the Jewish state.

The group plans to live in the city of Nazareth Illit, where other members of their community have already settled. Some 3,000 Bnei Menashe have immigrated to Israel in recent years, with another 7,000 remaining in India.

Their move represents the first time in three years that members of the Bnei Menashe community from Mizoram have moved to Israel, according to a statement by Shavei Israel.

“After 27 centuries of exile, this lost tribe of Israel is truly coming home,” said Shavei Israel founder Michael Freund. “But we will not rest until all the remaining Bnei Menashe still in India are able to make aliyah as well.”

Freund, a conservative writer and former aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said his organization was hoping to bring more than 700 Jews from India to Israel this year.

In December, as they have in years past, thousands of members of the Bnei Menashe community gathered to celebrate Hanukkah in the town of Churachandpur, in the northeastern state of Manipur.

Shadow play: the New Great Game in Eurasia

January 11, 2017

Shadow play: the New Great Game in Eurasia

by Pepe Escobar for the Asia Times

So right in the heart of Bali, spellbound after a serious conversation with a dukun – a spiritual master – it struck me: this should be the new Yalta, the perfect setting for a Trump-Xi-Putin summit setting the parameters ahead in the ever-evolving New Great Game in Eurasia.

Balinese culture makes no distinction between the secular and the supernatural – sekala and niskala. Sekala is what our senses may discern. Niskala is what cannot be sensed directly and can only be “suggested”. Massive geopolitical shifts ahead could not be more shrouded by niskala.

Captive of the vertiginous velocity of the here and now, the West still has much to learn from a highly evolved culture that prospered 5000 years ago along the banks or the river Sindhu – now Indus – in what is currently Pakistan, and then migrated from the Majapahit empire in Java to Bali in the 14thcentury under the pressure of advancing Islam.

In the Hindu-Balinese conception of cosmic structure, Man is a kind of scale model of the universe – with exactly the same structure – as much as in Bali interlocking related structures provide balance to the whole island. Order is personified by Gods, disorder personified by earth demons. It’s all about dharma and adharma. As for the West, adharma rules, unchecked.

In Hindu-Balinese religious philosophy, for every positive force there is a counterbalance; a destructive force. The two are inseparable – coexisting in dynamic equilibrium. Western dualism is so unsophisticated compared to it.

In the Suthasoma – a great Mahayana Buddhist epic poem composed in central Java at the time when Buddhism was merrily mixing up with Shivaist Hinduism – we find an outstanding verse: Bhineka tunggal ika – meaning “it is different but it is one”.

That also happens to be the motto of Indonesia, emblazoned in the coat of arms, below the golden Garuda mythical bird. It’s a message of unity like the American e pluribus unum. Now it looks more like a message presaging Eurasia integration via the New Silk Roads; it’s not by accident that Xi Jinping officially launched the Maritime Silk Road in 2013 in Indonesia.

As the Trump era is about to begin, our current geopolitical juncture looks and feels like a massive Wayang kulit – the Balinese shadow play.

The historical origin of the shadow play lies most possibly in India, although it has been performed all across Asia. Good and evil do coexist in shadow play – but Hinduism seeks to depict the clash as a sort of quirky partnership.

Kulit means skin, covering. Wayang is the puppet made out of cow hide, painted and braced with sticks that the dalang – the puppet master – manipulates at will.

Every Wayang kulit performance is a story told by a dalang through voices (which he must impersonate); shadows on a screen; and atmospheric music. The dalang – a sort of priest – incarnates all characters and must know the stories he tells by heart.

Only a selected few in the West qualify as a dalang – especially in the geopolitical sphere. The real dalangs are in fact totally invisible – deep down in niskala. But then we have their emissaries, the visible, media-savvy, media-worshipped dalangs. Back to them in a New York minute.

The white bull and the Asian girl

Now compare the Balinese shadow play – acting out sekala and most of all niskala – with the made in the West approach; the Ariadne’s thread that might, just might, extricate us from the current geopolitical labyrinth by applying an exceedingly overhyped commodity: logic.

First, a rewind; let’s go back to the birth of the West, as in Europe. Legend tells us that one fine day Zeus happened to pose his roving eye on a girl with big, bright eyes: Europa. A while later, on a beach in the Phoenician coast, an extraordinary white bull showed up. Europa, intrigued, got closer and started to caress the bull; of course, that was Zeus in disguise. The bull then annexed Europa and darted towards the sea.

Zeus had three sons with Europa – and left her a spear that never missed its target. One of these sons, as we all know, was Minos, who built a labyrinth. But most of all what legend taught us was that the West was born out of a girl – Europa – who came from the East.

The question now is who will find the Ariadne’s thread to extricate us from the labyrinth, which five centuries after the Western-led Age of Discovery could be configured as The Decline of the West, with its leader, the United States, in the forefront.

The whole EU project is facing utter collapse. The myth of European/Western cultural and political superiority – cultivated over the past five centuries – lies in the dust, as far as “all Asiatic vague immensities”, as Yeats wrote in The Statues, are concerned. This is bound to be the Eurasian century.

A sound way forward would have been what Putin proposed way back in 2007; a unified continental trade emporium from Lisbon to Vladivostok, later picked up and expanded by the Chinese via the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) concept.

Instead, the Obama administration, leading the West “from behind”, counter-attacked with pivot to Asia (containment of China) and Cold War 2.0 (demonization of Russia).

Enter the Western dalangs

And that leads us, on the eve of a possible, new geopolitical era, to what the foremost, visible Western dalangs may be concocting across niskala.

Sekala displays out of control 24/7 hysteria by sectors of the US deep state over “evil” Russian deeds, with neocon/neoliberalcon Obama administration remnants pushing Cold War 2.0 to its limits. Yet niskala, where Henry Kissinger and Dr. Zbigniew “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski operate, is where the real (conceptual) action is.

It’s no secret that “urbane”, “cerebral”, “legendary” Kissinger is now advising Trump. The long-term strategy could be characterized as classic Divide and Rule, but slightly remixed; in this case an attempt to break the Russia-China strategic partnership by allying with the – theoretically – weaker node, Russia, to better contain the stronger node, China.

From a “Nixon in China” moment to a “Trump in Moscow” moment.

It’s a no-brainer that vain sycophants of the Niall Ferguson variety will bathe Kissinger’s cunning in rivers of hagiography – oblivious to the fact that Kissinger might be entertaining a way more profitable sideshow, in the form of booming business for his star-studded consulting firm Kissinger Associates Inc., which happens to be a member of the US-Russia Business Council, side by side with ExxonMobil, JP Morgan Chase and Big Pharma anchor Pfizer.

So, in a nutshell: exit regime change, enters benign containment. Here’s Kissinger at his Primakov lecture, almost a year ago, already sketching how Washington should deal with Moscow; “The long-term interests of both countries call for a world that transforms the contemporary turbulence and flux into a new equilibrium which is increasingly multipolar and globalized… Russia should be perceived as an essential element of any global equilibrium, not primarily as a threat to the United States.”

Multipolar Kissinger extolling “no threat” Russia; one wonders why the Clinton machine back then did not expose the old man as yet another Putin bromance hostage.

Also months before Trump’s victory, but in marked contrast with Kissinger, Brzezinski was in deep red alert territory, alarmed by the “erosion of US military-technical advantages”, as detailed for instance in this CNAS report.

Brzezinski gloomily asserted the obvious; a militarily inferior US “would spell the end of America’s global role” and the result would “most probably” be “global chaos”.

His solution then was for the US to “fashion a policy in which at least one of the two potentially threatening states becomes a partner in the quest for regional and then wider global stability, and thus in containing the least predictable but potentially the most likely rival to overreach. Currently, the more likely to overreach is Russia, but in the longer run it could be China.”

There it was; Divide and Rule, over and over again, to counteract the unruly “threats”.

Brzezinski, after the Clinton machine/Obama debacle, is now no more than a sore loser. So he was forced to slightly shuffle the cards. Unlike Kissinger, and faithful to his rabid Russophobia, his Divide and Rule is centered on seducing China away from Russia; thus “American influence is maximized”.

In a predictable Western navel-gazing way, Brzezinski assumes China may not choose to go against the US, as it is “in their interest to belong to the dominant pack”. Yet the “dominant pack” is not the US anymore; it is Eurasia integration.

OBOR, or The New Silk Roads, is the only wide-ranging geoeconomic/ geopolitical integration project in the market. While Kissinger may remain, arguably, the ultimate realpolitik dalang, Obama mentor Brzezinski is still a hostage of Mackinder. The Chinese leadership, for their part, is already way ahead of both Mackinder and Alfred Mahan; the New Silk Roads aim to integrate, via trade and communications, not only the Heartland (One Belt) but also the Rimland (the Maritime Silk Road).

And a partnership with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) will be essential to the whole project. Few will remember that as Cold War 2.0 was running amok back in September, the Eastern Economic Forum was doing business in Vladivostok, with Putin proposing a “digital economy space” all over Asia-Pacific and China pledging further involvement in the development of the Russian Far East.

So what we have now is arguably both top Western dalangs trying hard to adapt to the new normal – Eurasian integration via OBOR/EEU – by proposing conflicting, benign versions of Divide and Rule, as US intel keeps hangin’ on, in far from quiet desperation, to the old confrontational paradigm.

As the key nodes – the Triple Entente? – of Eurasia integration, Moscow, Beijing and Tehran are very much aware of a stranger bearing gifts shrouded in niskala, aiming at Moscow selling out Tehran in Syria, as well as with the nuclear deal; Moscow parting ways with Beijing; Beijing selling out Tehran; and all sorts of wayang containment/plunder permutations in between.

That will be the key story to follow further on down the (New Silk) roads. Yeats memorably wrote that, “mirror on mirror mirrored is all the show.” Yet the show always must go on – dalangs East and West let loose in deep niskala. Welcome to the 21st century Tournament of Shadows.

Pepe Escobar wrote his The Roving Eye column for Asia Times from 2000-2015. His books include Globalistan (2007), Red Zone Blues (2007), Obama does Globalistan (2009), Empire of Chaos (2014) and 2030 (2015).

Death of Geneva format, new format for the Syrian conflict resolution, facts in the murder of Russia’s Ambassador, by Scott Humor and Baaz

Via The Saker

December 21, 2016

Death of Geneva format, new format for resolving the Syrian conflict, more facts in the murder of Russia’s Ambassador.

Russia, Iran, Turkey: countries who are deciding the future of Syria. New format for resolving the Syrian conflict has been established on Tuesday.

The US has been pushed out of the Middle East and has lost most of its influence despite of its military presence in Iraq.

Ankara took the role of the mediator with the “opposition”  per the Russian government’s request. This completely puts Washington and the EU format out of business. On December 16, the president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev issued a statement: “The Russian and Turkish leaders expressed interest in holding peace negotiations in Astana of the conflicting parties in Syria. Nursultan Nazarbayev supported that initiative and announced his preparedness to provide a platform for such talks in the Kazakh capital.”

The US State Department spokesperson John Kirby during his daily press briefing on December 20th stated that also the US wasn’t a party to the talks on Syria the Secretary of State’s John Kerry was briefed by the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and by the Foreign Minister of Turkey,  there also was a press briefing after the meeting which the US was allowed to attend.

Listen to the first ten minutes of the Kirby trying to calm down the hysterical American journalists who were asking him if the US has lost its influence around the world. He tried to smooth it out and downplayed the simple fact that the US has become irrelevant in the Middle East, despite of its military and secret services operations there.

“The secretary doesn’t see this as a snub at all. He sees it as another multilateral effort to try to get a lasting peace in Syria and he welcomes any progress towards that.”

We would obviously refute any notion that … the fact that we weren’t at this one meeting is somehow a harbinger or a litmus test for U.S. influence and leadership there or anywhere else around the world.”

We are not excluded, we are not being sidelined.”

Normally, I wouldn’t post the State department press briefing video, but this one is just too good to miss.


During the meetings on Tuesday  the Moscow Declaration to end the Syrian War was adopted without any presence of the US. Russia, Turkey & Iran stated that they are ready to be guarantors in resolving Syrian crisis – Russian defense minister.

It’s clearly reflects Russia’s growing links with Iran and Turkey, despite of the attempt to undermine the process by murdering  on Monday the Russia’s ambassador to Turkey.

At this point, the terror attacks on Russia and its allies before major diplomatic events have become routine.  However, instead of sidelining those events, these terror attacks bring the major powers in Eurasia, Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Kazakhstan, India and everyone else together. Essentially we see in real time how terror attacks serve as catalysis to speed up the process of unification of Eurasia in the process of pushing the US and EU out of the continent, and curbing Israel’s and Saudis’ lust for blood in the region.

Like a wounded monster, the US tries to bring as much harm to Russia as it can. On December 20, Washington announced more political and economic sanctions of Russia this time on gas producer Novatek. Also on the list Crimean Ports, Crimean Railways, Stroiproekt Institute, Transflot, and two vessels bearing the Russian flag “Marshal Zhukov” and “Stalingrad.”  Also more sanctions are imposed on the Glavgosexpertiza Rossii, the leading Russian institution dealing with expert reviews of design documents and findings of engineering surveys.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov made a statement saying that:

“We will be expanding our lists, we will see how we can respond asymmetrically. We reserve the right to choose the timing, the venue and form of counter-moves the way that will suit us, and the way it will be relevant to our own priorities in the American direction.”

Russian, Turkish, Iranian FMs speak after Moscow meeting on Syria (Streamed live)by RT


Some new facts in the murder of the Russian Ambassador

Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on this assassination. A working group went to Ankara to take part in the probe into this crime together with the Turkish investigation.

President Putin said that “Karlov died as a soldier. He was an illustrious diplomat, enjoying a very good reputation in the country of his mission, he had good relations with the leadership of Turkey as well as with other political forces that respected him.”

On December 20th, Ergodan confirmed that a joint team has started probing into Russian ambassador’s murder

One of the Turkey’s pro-government daily Yeni Safak had published materials that points at the CIA being behind the assassination of Russian ambassador.

Hamza Sulyman, a retired Syrian army sniper tweeted some interesting photos:

During the Moscow meeting bodyguard of the Iranian Foreign Minister watching the bodyguard of the Turkish Foreign Minister

Bodyguard Iranian Foreign Minister watching bodyguard Turkish Foreign Minister

 Photo of the killer while still in the police force
 Also a touching footage of people in liberated Aleppo, reminds me of similar footage of people in liberated Warsaw and Berlin.

Syrian soldier is feeding children from the dangerous area of Aleppo.

 Someone from the German AfD lamented that “thanks to Assad, in Syria you can now celebrate Christmas safer than in Germany. Merkel must go!

The celebrate of Christmas In is safer than in Germany ..

Thanks to Assad

One of Germany party said …

 Don’t say that he had too many beers.

Peskov disclosed a bit of information on the Russian investigative group. It includes eighteen officers of special services, doctors and psychiatrists. They have been in Turkey from the second part of Tuesday.

The Russian Ambassador, as we know, had no Russian security detail. In essence, Russian security has not being allowed to operate and to carry arms outside of the mission according to the international practices, it’s the hosting country responsibility to provide the security for the foreign diplomats.

After being wounded, the Ambassador was without medical attention for 25 minutes.

A week ago, the assassin took part in the  “protection” of the Russian Embassy, when an anti-Russian meeting in the protest against the liberation of Aleppo was organized near the mission’ building.

The shooting occurred at the Contemporary Arts Gallery in Ankara’s central Cankaya district,  the Turkish state-run media agency.

On the day of the attack, the assassin stayed in a hotel near the art center. 

While Altintas was not on duty, he used his police identification badge to enter the gallery with a gun, per Hurriyet Daily News.

The metal detectors were used at the entrance to the gallery, but there was no increased security because of the ambassador’s presence.

This attack is a provocation aimed at disrupting our relations. I condemn it vehemently.” Erdogan

Altintas has not been tied to any Islamic terror organizations, on the contrary there are facts pointing that he was a part of the pro-Washington anti-government putsch, and that he was working  with the US and Israel intelligence.

Mert Altintas was later killed during a gunfight with security forces, authorities told Anadolu, the Turkish state-run media agency. The operation to stop Altintas was led by special forces, Anadolu reports. He was shot about 15 minutes after the initial attack.

Russia’s intelligence expressed the dissatisfaction that he was killed, instead of being taken alive.

There are witness accounts, don’t know how credible, saying that he was surrendering when he was killed.

Someone pointed out the terrorist’s last name was Altintas, that could be translated as “gold stone” or Goldstein. Also, there was information that Altintas was actively involved with Turkish neo-liberal organizations in the US like “Young Turks.

In November the Duran posted the following: “To watching the entire Young Turks team meltdown live on air as they insult all of America, call people “f***in dumb”, and then go on a bizarre rant threatening the DNC with all out war.”

On December 19th, in the wake of assassination President Putin had an emergency meeting with the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the head of foreign intelligence services Sergei Naryshkin  and Alexander Bortnikov, the Director of the FSB.


“We have to know who gave orders to the assassin.” said Putin


Slain ambassador’s body arrives in Moscow, met by Russian & Turkish FMs

FM Lavrov speaks on assassinated ambassador to Turkey

The spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Russia’s Ambassador Andrei Karlov was working to establish contacts with the Syrian opposition.   He was talking to all sides of the Syrian conflict and was facilitating the dialogue between Syrian government and the opposition. “Consider this, this tragedy takes a completely new dimension.”

Apparently, Karlov’s work with the Syrian opposition somehow was leaked out to the West. On December 1, 2016 the Financial Times reported that  Syrian rebels in secret talks with Moscow to end Aleppo fighting. “Turkey-facilitated negotiations without US show how Washington could become sidelined”

The way Erica Solomon phrases it for FT makes Kirby’s statements that the US only wants peace in the region regardless of an authorship of this peace sound like bold-faced lie. This also completely debasing one of the all time favorite Washington’s meme that Russia wants to destroy the “democratic Syrian opposition.”

” Syrian rebels are in secret talks with Russia to end the fighting in Aleppo, according to opposition figures, a development that shows how the US could become sidelined in some of the Middle East’s most pivotal conflicts.”

“The Russians and Turks are talking without the US now. It [Washington] is completely shut out of these talks, and doesn’t even know what’s going on in Ankara,” said one opposition figure, who asked not to be identified.”

This kind of situation couldn’t be tolerated by the Obama’s regime. No wonder that according to the Russia’s officials an assassination of the Ambassador was carried out by the CIA.


I want to use this SITREP to address a couple of issues that I believe are being misunderstood  in terms of Russia and Turkey relations.

Turkey has a powerful and very active pro-Washington, pro-Israel and pro-EU opposition. On the top of this, Turkey is heavily infected with NATO and other foreign intelligence operatives, including those who operate as jihadists. The 5th columnists, accompanied by the motley crew of murderers for hire are doing everything, including the demolition of the Turkish economy and the assassination attempts on  Erdogan. Those who scream that Russia has to instantly cut off all the relations with ” Turkey the Backstabber” are only helping those neo-liberal interests.

Frankly, if Russia were to cut the diplomatic ties with Turkey today, tomorrow every Russian ambassador would be killed in every country. We are in the middle of the 1st World War in the twenty first century: the American and European war on Russia.

Only, unable to burn down Russian villages, and to hang Russian women and children in their town squares, democrats take down Russian passenger planes and kill ambassadors.

We have been dealing with this European sustained hatred towards Russians for centuries. When it comes to the emotional competency, the long-term hatred is delegated to those parts of human brain that deals with the most  primitive skills. For me, this is representative of any average European.

In the US, the large part of the population doesn’t have this hatred and wants to have better relations with Russia, but until recently these people had no voice. The majority of those who have the political power and the media are those with the Brutish, Eastern European, and Israeli roots.

Long story short, the last war with Turkey was over 100 years ago, while we had two major wars with Europe in between. Turkey didn’t attack the Soviet Union during the last Europe’s war on Russia, despite  of the Germany’s insistence and the covert British terror attacks on the Turks. Sounds familiar, right?

So, we were able to sustain good relations with Turkey. It’s our ally in the Middle East now, and it has its own very important mission. Only with Turkey, Russia and Iran can lock Europeans and Americans out of the ME, lock Israel and Saudis in, and with this to stabilize the region.

Turkey is developing better relations with the Syrian government, with Iran, and even with China, despite some bitter terror problems. Ergodan is now our guy. He is very smart, he is a patriot, and he wants what the best for his country. He has understood recently that Turkey will be peaceful and prosperous only as a part of a greater Eurasian union.

About Turkish troops in Northern Syria: Turks entered Syria per agreement between them, Russia, Iran and Syrian governments. The issue is very transparent. The US, Israel and EU want to divide Syria, and to create the Northern Syrian land corridor called Kurdistan. Washington was looking to have a complete control over this puppet territory, to control oil and gas routes to Europe, and to set up dry land routes for the military to move closer to the Iran’s, Russia’s, Afghanistan’s, Kazakhstan’s, China’s borders. This corridor would give the Western allies power to interrupt the trade routes, including the Silk Road and the North-South corridor from Russia to India via Iran.

If the north of Syria would be made into a land corridor and was occupied by the Western allies this would eventfully bring complete devastation to the entirety of Eurasia, not just the Middle East.

One after another nations that are still standing would be pushed back into stone age. Kurds, as the agents provocateurs,  had already played their parts in the devastation of Iraq and Syria. It was them who went to the UN and cried crocodile tears and demanded the “international community” to punish Saddam for some made up crimes against them. See how Egypt just arrested a group producing videos of “injured children of Aleppo” with fake blood and teddy bears, just to get a glimpse into the industrial production of fake video evidences of nonexistent war crimes.

For the past two centuries, the Kurdish elite has been serving the British crown, and with the same passion and devotion they have laid themselves under Washington.

I have to admit that there are healthy groups of Kurds who want to cooperate with the Syrian and Turkish governments, and who just want to be the normal citizens of their countries.

Those, however, who dream the impossible dream that Washington would create for them a heaven on earth, end up terrorizing Turkey with at least 300 people killed and over thousand of injured, in a course of one year. They have turned a prosperous, peaceful, tourist oriented country into a terror hellhole.

Knowing all this and more, the Syrian government could not start fighting with the Syrian Kurds for obvious reasons, since they are citizens and fight with ISIS. Russia and Iran couldn’t do anything either. The only other country that has the legitimate reason to use military force to bring Kurds to heel is Turkey. That’s why the Turkish troops are in Syria. They are acting as place-holders  o make sure that Western troops can’t get there.


Thank you for your time,

Scott and Baaz

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Washington Post reports 251 women were killed by men in India, failing to note 1,600 were killed in the USA

The murder of women by men in the US and Washington Post’s sick obsession with women in India

The Washington Post exhibits the typical signs of colonial feminism: it obsesses about the plight of women in India and yet exhibits no such concern for the plight of women in the US. In fact, to write about women, the Washington Post recruited years ago anti-feminist Kathy Young.  Here is a story by the Post about “honor crimes” in India. It says that 251 women were killed by men in India. The story appeared on the front page.  But India is a nation of 1.29 billion people, and in the US (a nation of 320 million) some 23 women are killed by husbands or boyfriend in ONE WEEK.  And one study talks about “More than 1,600 Women Murdered by Men in One Year [in the US], New Study Finds“.  
Why there is no outrage about that? Why is it easy for colonial-minded Westerners to identify with female victims in faraway lands than with women in their own lands?

Who is Behind “Fake News”? Mainstream Media Use Fake Videos and Images

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, November 24, 2016

The mainstream corporate media is desperate.

They want to suppress independent and alternative online media, which it categorizes as “fake news”. CNNvideo1b1

Readers on social media are warned not to go onto certain sites. 

The intent of this initiative is to smear honest reporting and Truth in Media.

Our analysis confirms that the mainstream media are routinely involved in distorting the facts and turning realities upside down. 

They are the unspoken architects of “Fake News”.  

One area of routine distortion is the use of fake videos and images by the mainstream media. 

Four Notorious Cases of  Media Distortion

These are four examples and there are many more. The manipulation of videos and images is routine. In some cases, they revealed by readers, independent media and social media. In most cases they go undetected. and when they are revealed, the media will say “sorry” we apologize: they will then point to technical errors. “we got the wrong video”

What is important to emphasize that these media distortions are invariably deliberate.

1. Coverage of CNN 2008 Riots in Tibet

Chinese Cops with khaki uniforms and Indian Style Moustaches

The video footage, which accompanied CNN’s John Vause’s report, had nothing to do with China. The police were not Chinese, but Indian cops in khaki uniforms from the Northeastern State of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Viewers were led to believe that demonstrations inside China were peaceful and that people were being arrested by Chinese cops.

Chinese Cops in Khaki Uniforms?

1′.27-1′.44″ video footage of “Chinese cops” and demonstrators including Buddhist monks. Chinese cops are shown next to Tibetan monks

Are these Chinese Cops from Gansu Province or Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, as suggested by CNN’s John Vause’s Report?


Alleged Chinese cops in khaki uniforms repressing Tibet demonstrators in China, CNN, March 14, 2008  1’38″, 1’40″ (images above)

Their khaki uniforms with berets seem to bear the imprint of the British colonial period.

Khaki colored uniforms were first introduced in the British cavalry in India in 1846.

Khaki means “dust” in Hindi and Persian.

Moreover, the cops with khaki uniforms and mustache do not look Chinese.

Look carefully.

They are Indian cops.

The videotape shown on March 14, 2008 by CNN is not from China (Gansu Province or Lhasa, Tibet’s Capital). The video was taken in the State of Himachal Pradesh, India. The videotape of the Tibet protest movement in India was used in the CNN report on the Tibet protest movement within China. CNN got its countries screwed up.

For the full report on Global Research click Here

2. BBC Coverage of the War on Libya, 2011

Green Square Tripoli. Libyans Celebrating “Liberation” and the Victory of Rebel forces over Gadaffi waving Indian Flags

Examine the footage: It’s not Green Square and it’s not the King Idris Flag (red, black green) of the Rebels.  

Its the Indian flag (orange, white and green) and the people at the rally are Indians.

Perhaps you did not even notice it.

And if you did notice, ”it was probably a mistake”.

Sloppy journalism at the BBC or outright Lies and Fabrications? Recognize the flags?

Indian Flag  (see right)

Libya’s Rebel Flag (King Idris)


Terrorists “celebrating” in Green Square

There is no celebration. It is a NATO sponsored massacre which has resulted in several thousand deaths.

But the truth cannot be shown on network television. The impacts of NATO bombings have been obfuscated.

The rebels are heralded as ”liberators”.

NATO bombing is intended to save civilian lives under The Alliance’s R2P mandate.  But the realities are otherwise: the civilian population is being terrorized by the NATO sponsored Rebels.

The images must be switched to conform to the “NATO consensus”.

Death and destruction is replaced by fabricated images of celebration and liberation.

See the full report on Global Research

3. CNN and BBC on 9/11.

The Report on the Collapse of WTC Building Seven Occurred Prior to the Collapse

Fake News regarding the Collapse of WTC Building Seven

The most grotesque lie pertains to the BBC and CNN announcement in the afternoon of September 11, that WTC Building Seven (The Solomon Building) had collapsed.

The BBC report went live at 5.00pm, 21 minutes before the actual occurrence of the collapse, indelibly pointing to foreknowledge of the collapse of WTC 7.

CNN anchor Aaron Brown announced that the building “has either collapsed or is collapsing” about an hour before the event.

See the images below: WTC Building Seven is still standing.

(See the hidden story of Building 7: Foreknowledge of WTC 7′s Collapse)

The Collapse of WTC Building Seven.

“CNN anchor Aaron Brown seems to struggle to make sense of what he is seeing one minute after announcing that WTC Building 7, whose erect facade is clearly visible in his view towards the Trade Center, has or is collapsing.” (see below)

4. The March 2016 Brussels Terrorist Attacks.

Belgian Media Used Video of a 2011 Moscow Airport Terrorist Attack

Brussels News media Dernière Heure at as well as La Libre reported on the terror attacks by providing a CC Camera Airport Surveillance Video of the terror attacks. 

The published video footage was fake as documented by a blog posting on Media Part

The video pertains to a terror attack at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on 24 January 2011 (posted on youtube in November 2013).

The  report of on the Brussels airport attack used the video of the Moscow 2011 attack with the date of the Brussels attack: (22/03/2016) pasted onto the Russian video.

Below is the screenshot of DH’s report.

And the screenshot of  La Libre at,

And here is a screenshot of the January 2011 terror attack at Moscow’s Domodedova International Airport published on youtube in November 2013 followed by the full youtube video of the Moscow attack:


According to the BBC (January 24, 2011) report (which includes the video), the Moscow 2011 airport attack  resulted in 35 dead.

Read Complete article on Brussels Fake Videos

Concluding Remarks

The lies and fabrications of the MSM are not the result of “sloppy journalism”.

They are deliberate and are intended to mislead the public.

The mainstream media routinely uses fake images and videos in its coverage of the war on Syria.

The campaign against alternative and independent media seeks to limit freedom of expression.

World SITREP October 23rd, 2016, by Baaz

Via the saker


The Russian anti-terrorist operation in Syria is about to get more ‘patriotic’. On Friday, the Defense Ministry confirmed that it has deployed a group of UAZ Patriot pickups equipped with Kord 12.7 mm heavy machine guns and AGS-17 grenade launchers to the war-torn country. The vehicles are likely to be assigned to protect humanitarian convoys.

  • Russia: Four-year-old girl who speaks seven languages stuns RT’s Moscow studio

She has four lessons every day, each lasts for 1.5 hours.

niña de 4 añitos habla en 7 idiomas



[How to understand the sheer insanity of NATO junta in Kiev mishandling radioactive materials.

In simple terms, Ukrainian population is living under the occupation by the US and the European NATO members. The US regularly uses radioactive materials, like depleted uranium against civilian populations of Europe, in Serbia, and the Middle East, in Iraq and Syria. Scott]

After months of denials, CENTCOM admitted  yesterday that US is using depleted uranium against ISIS in Syria.

Ukraine to stop paying Russia for nuclear waste disposal. Next year Ukraine is not going to pay Russia $200 million annually to remove spent nuclear fuel from the country, according to Ukrainian Energy Minister Igor Nasalik. The country will build its own spent nuclear fuel storage facility, the minister announced.

The storage site chosen is in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power, but it is not designed to store nuclear waste for a long time.

In August, the former director of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Mikhail Umanets warned of the rising number of emergency situations in Ukraine’s nuclear energy sector, stressing the country would face a “collapse” in the sector within seven years.

“The nuclear power industry today provides security for the whole country. Energy security, economic security, social and political security as well. If it collapses, we face slavery. Totally and forever,” he said.

Ukraine’s nuclear sector has faced several high-profile incidents recently. In July, a power unit at the Khmelnitsky plant in western Ukraine was disconnected from the grid due to a leak in its steam generator. A month earlier, the second reactor in a plant in the Nikolaev region of southern Ukraine went into forced shut down after workers tripped the station’s safety systems.

Earlier this year, Kiev and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed a memorandum on €40 million of funding for the construction of a nuclear storage facility in Chernobyl.”


Donetsk and Lugansk republics

Ukrainian crisis has been frozen, because the main battle goes on in Syria. Who wins in Syria, will win in Ukraine.

A listener on air asks about the possible ways to to stop daily shelling of Donbass by the armed forces of Ukraine.  Against my expectations, Ichenko has not mentioned the possibility to deploy the armed OSCE police how it was offered by President Putin twice, in 2015 and now.  Important to mention that Russia is the member of OSCE, along with Kazakhstan,  Armenia, Azerbaijan; Belarus; Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Armed police forces from these OSCE members would stand like a shield between the NATO foreign legion in Ukraine and the civilian population. The fact that Donetsk republic officials are opposing to the President of Russia’s plan to separate the militants and the civilians with the use of the OSCE police, demonstrate that Russia doesn’t have an absolute control over the Donetsk republic’s government. Scott

  • Vladimir Zhoga (Voha), Motorola’s second, is the new commander of Sparta Battalion.

[Foreign troops fighting with the population is an indication that the war in Ukraine is not s “civil war” but a colonial occupation war conducted by the governments of the US, Canada, Poland, and the Baltic States. Scott]

Hundreds of foreign mercenaries have arrived to the contact line in Donbass, Chief of the Staff of the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), Oleg Anaschenko, said, citing reconnaissance units of the republic. Reportedly, the fighters come from such countries as Poland, the Baltic States, Canada and the US.

Anaschenko also noted that the Ukrainian side has created three training camps in the Ukrainian-controlled settlements of Bobrovo and Bobrovskoye, located near Severodonetsk. According to the LPR People’s Militia, Ukrainian soldiers are being trained there in urban combat, as well as in reconnaissance by foreign instructors.

Anaschenko also said that an arrival of about 150 foreign mercenaries, armed with US-made assault rifles, as well as of off-road vehicles, infantry combat vehicles, armored fighting vehicles has been spotted in the settlement of Polovinkino in Starobelsk. According to Sputnik news agency, LPR intelligence sources reported that foreign mercenaries, armed with NATO-standard light weapons, have also been noticed in Trekhizbenka village in Slavyanoserbsk.

This information was confirmed by Eduard Basurin, a speaker of the Donetsk republic.  Hospitals in Mariupol treat wounded mercenaries that talk to each other in Polish and English languages. Also, Basurin pointed out that the Nazi battalion “Azov” has started recruitment efforts via Social media, which confirms that this irregular armed formation participates in attacks on Donetsk.


The EU

  • German media started carefully talking about the possible Hillary Clinton’s presidency as an outright expansion of wars across the globe.

Falkin im Weißen Haus? Die aggressive Außenpolitik von Hillary Clinton, Monitor, Das Erste, WDR

the same, only in Russian translation here


Eurasia and India

Russia is eying the multi-billion dollar deal for P75-I project of India under which six conventional submarines are to be built with Air Independent Propulsion systems and the next aircraft carrier project besides the deal to jointly develop a fifth generation fighter aircraft.

A good question:If Pakistan is causing problems for India, why rush to the UK or the US? It seems like children fighting and one child runs to nanny and says, ‘Look he hit me. Punish him’. Do people think that the British disapproval of Pakistan would make a jot of difference to Pakistan’s behaviour? It is 70 years since Independence. Why do people run to the old Empire for redress? Can America make any difference?”


SYRIA and the Middle East


  • “Fall of Assad causes terror attacks in Europe”

Oct 22, 2016 – The Kremlin spokesman says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must remain in power to prevent the country from falling into the lap of terrorists. Dmitry Peskov said any attempt for the removal of Assad is “thoughtless”, adding that the fall of the Syrian government would lead to a new influx of refugees and more terror attacks in Europe. He also noted that Russia remains committed to the removal of all terrorist organizations in Syria. Pescov further noted that Moscow makes every effort to prevent the disintegration of the war-torn country. Syria has been gripped by over five years of war due to foreign-sponsored militancy and terrorism. Over 200,000 have lost their lives during the crisis, and millions have been displaced. An interview with the editor of “Veterans Today,” who agrees with the Peskov’s statement.


The US

  • Russia-US relations must be reset – Budowsky to RT

Oct 23, 2016 – One of WikiLeaks’ releases contains a conversation between Brent Budowsky, columnist for The Hill & Huffington Post, and John Podesta, chairman for Clinton’s presidential campaign, in which Budowsky recommends that Hillary ‘slaughter’ the Donald. RT talked to Budowsky to find out more.

The author suggests that the hacking was done by the “computer hacker community: those who hope to discover the “mother lode” of secret files allegedly held by the U.S. government on alien visitations and UFOs.”

Washington, in response, called Russia’s interest in observing the elections a PR stunt. “The fact that they [Russia] have chosen to not join the OSCE observation mission makes clear that this issue is nothing more than a PR stunt,” Kirby said.

The Russian Embassy countered in its statement that any such monitoring is part of the normal “functions of a diplomatic mission” according to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961. The body also voiced its frustration over Washington’s “unfriendly way” of blocking Russia’s “desire to pursue normal diplomatic work.”

“The US did not invite any international mission to monitor their elections for a long time. Generally and principally did not invite,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov



  • On Contact: The Perversion of Islam with Hamza Yusuf

Who are the “new fascists”? A  definition by Chris Hedges

Oct 22, 2016 – On this week’s episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges explores Islam and the Muslim world with Hamza Yusuf, President of Zaytuna College. Yusuf, one of the most prominent Islamic scholars in the U.S., discusses the disenfranchisement of Muslim youths and the perversion of Islam by terror groups. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil examines the wave of Islamophobia in the U.S. after 9/11.


The Fourth Estate

The Western journalists invent stories, with the Western politicians and military reacting to those invented stories as if they are real.

  • We’re seeing the death of journalism in America, opinionism instead – GOP strategist

An upbeat account of the UK media reaction to the Russian fleet

Nature and Environment

An amazing flower(Diphylleia) , growing in Russian Far East, turns transparent when it rains

Thank you for your time,


“Remember The USS Mason!” Attacked by Yemen? Or Was it a False Flag?

US Attacks Houthis In Yemen

By Kit
Global Research, October 16, 2016

Four days ago, after reports that Saudi Arabia had bombed a funeral in Yemen killing 140 mourners, America announced it would “review its support” for the Saudi-led coalition.

Three days ago the USS Mason, an American destroyer patrolling the Red Sea, was apparently fired upon from Yemen. It has gone unquestioned in the Western MSM that the Houthis were behind this attack, despite strong denials from the Houthis themselves.

Yesterday, all thoughts of “reviewing support” put aside, the Americans bombed three “radar sites” that they claim were a threat to their assets in the Red Sea.

Just like that, America is now an active player in the war on Yemen, when before they were simply selling weapons to the Saudis et al.


You might consider it strange that the Houthis, who have not fired on American ships ever before in the nearly 2 years of warfare in Yemen, suddenly decided – just as American support for Saudi Arabia was in question – to launch missiles at an American destroyer.

You might be asking yourself, “Why would the Houthis, who struggle to get any coverage in the Western press at all, let alone sympathetic coverage, launch an attack on America?”

You might consider it strange that the Houthis, already fighting a losing battle against a richer and better equipped enemy, might try and drag America into the war.

It’s not strange. Not in the least. It fits so well with the history of American military entanglements that one might even call it predictable, at this point.

There was the USS Maine, for example. In 1898 the Cuban War for Independence was three years old, the revolutionaries (supplied and trained in America) were fighting to free Cuba from Spanish rule. The American press was full of exaggerated or made up stories of Spanish “atrocities”, and many in Washington were calling for war. However, President McKinley favored diplomacy. Then the USS Maine was (allegedly) maliciously and deliberately blown up by the Spanish, killing 258 American sailors. “Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain!” became a battle cry, and America declared war.

There has never been any evidence the Maine was attacked deliberately by the Spanish, and all historical investigations have pointed to an accidental sinking as a result of fire.

Or there was the Gulf of Tonkin incident – the casus belli behind the Vietnam war. When North Vietnamese torpedo boats engaged and attacked American destroyers. This act of aggression from North Vietnam pulled America into a war they would not leave for 10 long years.

Except of course, it literally never happened.

The pattern is set. There are enough articles about “false flags” on the internet to fill a whole library of books, there’s nothing more to add. This is quite clearly another to file in the historical annals between the Reichstag Fire and Operation Northwoods.

That this should happen just as the Western press is waking up to what they now uniformly calling “the forgotten war”, is no coincidence.

In the Telegraph, Con Coughlin – a rather red-faced bombast, unfettered by petty reality, and in favor of starting a war with Russia – writes that the “forgotten war” is all Iran’s fault, and while Saudia Arabia might be killing practically every civilian that has died in the conflict, really it’s all down to Iran’s meddling.

The Guardian takes the tone that we (the West) should “do more”, and again references the mythic American reluctance to get involved. (yes, they are so totally without irony that they can actually claim America doesn’t want to be involved THE SAME DAY they launched missiles into Yemen). Despite some vague chastising of the UK/US, the Guardian agrees that Yemen is almost entirely Iran’s fault, that the Iranians are “exploiting and manipulating” Yemen to their own ends.

The Washington Post echoed that the US “must act” to pull Yemen back from collapse.

The focus, currently, is on the “humanitarian catastrophe”, and all decry the lack of negotiations…but that’s always the way it starts. Emotive language and made up statistics, the declaration that “something must be done”. Then, when the negotiations start the Houthis will either be presented with terms to which they simply cannot agree, or the Saudis will break the truce and the MSM will blame the Houthis and Iran anyway. At that point the “something” which “must be done” becomes a military intervention…in order to stop the war and protect civilians.

The question becomes: Why? Why is the US suddenly committing more resources to a war in Yemen? Why are the press suddenly waking up to their “forgotten war”?

The Houthi rebels in Yemen are reportedly backed by Iran and Hezbollah (there’s no direct evidence this is true, but given the political make up of Yemen, it does seem likely). It’s possible that America sees increased assistance to the Arab coalition, and actual low-key interventions of their own, to be – in effect – the opening of a second front of their proxy war with Iran in Syria. It’s possible they want to encourage Iran and Hezbollah to expend more of their resources in Yemen, and thus weaken their presence in Syria.

Does the Clinton administration want to undo the Obama-backed Iran deal? Will the new President undermine and verbally attack Iran in the hopes of scuppering the treaty? The vague possibility of a Nuclear-armed Iran has been America’s excuse for building missile defense shields in Eastern Europe, being able to refresh this brazenly false alibi would make life a little easier at the Pentagon.

It’s possible that America is seeking to build itself a little hill of highground, having taken a lot of flak recently for their preposterously hypocritical stance of at once denouncing Russia and Syria as “war criminal”, and supporting Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen (including selling them bombs to drop on funerals).

It’s possible that they feel the need to insert themselves into Yemen to head off any Russian involvement there. Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh made general overtures to Russia in a television interview six weeks ago. The last thing America would want is Russia to have access to naval bases on the Red Sea, and a Russian presence in Yemen would hinder any possibility of America putting boots on the ground there (hopefully, anyway).

Of course, it’s also possible that they need to fire off a few bombs so that they have an excuse to buy more. Fifth homes for ex-senators-turned-arms industry lobbyists don’t buy themselves.

When you’re a power-mad, institutionalised sociopath there doesn’t have to be a grand plan, or a big reason. That’s what makes them so dangerous.

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