The ominous Jihadis war; From Tripoli to Tripoli:

The ominous Jihadis war; From Tripoli to Tripoli:

May 23, 2020

By Ghassan Kadi for the Saker Blog

The ‘War on Syria’ is far from being over, and it will continue until all foreign forces illegally present on Syrian soil retreat; either willingly, or defeated.

And even though the American presence in Syria has no clear and realistic political purpose other than wreaking havoc. and making it hard for Russia to help reach a decisive victory, in a twist of fate, the focus of the Russo-American conflict in the region may soon move away from Syria.

In reality, the outcome of the ‘War on Syria’ was never expected by the initial assembly of adversaries when they launched the attack. Furthermore, they had many deep differences and nothing in common other than a shared hatred for Syria, but the unexpected turn of events has intensified their internal conflict and seemingly catapulted the strife between those former allies much further afield to a new hub in Libya.

Whilst the world and its media are busy with COVID-19, a new huge struggle is brewing, and this time, it is drawing new lines and objectives that are in reality going to be fueled, financed and executed by the former once-united enemies of Syria; but this time, it will be against each other.

An array of regional and international issues lies behind the impending conflict; and to call it impending is an under-statement. It is already underway, but hasn’t reached its peak yet, let alone making any significant news coverage.

It is a real mess in Libya now, and the short version of a long story goes like this:

Soon after NATO hijacked the UNSC mandate to enforce a no-fly-zone decision over Libya and manipulated it in a manner that ‘legalised’ bombing Libya culminating in toppling and killing Gadhafi, the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), based in the formal capital Tripoli on the Western side of the coast, was created.

But the ‘revolution’ against Gadhafi was launched in the eastern coastal city of Benghazi. After Gadhafi’s demise, another interim government was formed in Libya’s east under the name of National Transitional Council (NTC).

The NTC, whose flag is the flag of the ‘revolution’, did not recognize the GNA and regarded it as a Western lackey.

After a few years of squabbling, NTC strongman General Haftar decided to militarily disable the GNA.

With little concrete protection on the ground from the West, and under the guise of upholding UNSC mandates, Erdogan jumped into the existing void and the opportunity to grab Libya’s oil, and decided to send troops to support the GNA.

In return, Haftar is getting support from other regional players. Recently, representatives from Egypt, the UAE, Greece, Cyprus and France had a meeting and denounced Turkey’s involvement in Libya. Erdogan perhaps borrowed a term from his American part-ally-part-adversary and referred to the meeting and its decree as an ‘alliance of evil’. Fancy this, a NATO member accusing other NATO members of being in an alliance of evil.

It must be noted that even though Saudi Arabia did not attend the meeting, it was there in spirit, and represented by its proxy-partner the UAE.

The USA took a step further and accused Russia and Syria of working behind the scenes and planning to send fighters to Libya to support Haftar.

But this article is not about the geopolitical hoo-ha. It is about shedding a light on what score-settling is expected to eventuate in Libya, and who is likely to end up doing the fighting against who.

Even though the Afghani Mujahedeen were purportedly the first Jihadi fighters to engage in battle in the 20th Century, their fight was against foreign USSR troops. In terms of an internal force that aimed for fundamentalist Muslim rule, there is little doubt that the first event of such insurgency in the Middle East was the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) revolt that took place in Syria in the early 1980’s and which was quashed by the then President, Hafez Assad. After their smashing defeat, the fundamentalists kept their heads low until they lit the flame again in the Palestinian refugee Naher Al-Bared Camp at the northern outskirts of Tripoli Lebanon in 2007.

There are, for those who are unaware, two cities bearing the name Tripoli on the Mediterranean coast; one is in Northern Lebanon, and it is Lebanon’s second largest city, and the other Tripoli is located on the Western side of the Libyan Coast. They are sometimes called Tripoli of the East and Tripoli of the West, respectively.

Shaker Al-Absi, leader of Fateh Al Islam, a Salafist terror organization, declared jihad and engaged in a bitter fight against the Lebanese Army. He was defeated, remained at large, but any look at Lebanon’s Tripoli after his demise displayed a clear evidence of a huge build-up of Salafist presence in the city.

When the ‘War on Syria’ started only four years later, Tripoli became a major hub for the transport of fighters and munitions from Lebanon into Syria. Nearly a decade later, and with a few Jihadi pockets left in the Idlib province now, their defeat in Syria is imminent.

But who exactly are those murderous head-chopping radical elements that we talking about; past and present?

When the coalition that started the attack on Syria took form, it was comprised virtually of all of Syria’s enemies. Most of them were religious fundamentalists. In an early article, I called them ‘The Anti-Syrian Cocktail’.

Back then, ISIS, did not exist in the form that it became known as. Furthermore, I have always advocated that there was no difference at all between Al-Nusra and ISIS and/or any other Takfiri organizations. They are all terror-based and founded on violent readings of Islam.

In time however, and this didn’t take long, it became apparent that even though the ideologies were identical, there were two major financiers and facilitators to those many different terror organizations. One was primarily funded by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the other by Qatar and facilitated by Turkey.

The former group is affiliated with what is known as Saudi Wahhabi Islam. They are also known as the Salafists. The latter group are the MB’s.

As the war was shifting in favour of Syria, their agendas diverged, the schism grew deeper and strong rivalries emerged; especially as the Wahhabis and their sponsors were sent home defeated. Part of this fallout was the ongoing Saudi-Qatari conflict.

But the rivalry that is least spoken about is personal. It is the one between Erdogan and Al-Saud.

They are both fighting over the leadership of fundamentalist Sunni Islam. But Erdogan also has his nationalist anti-Kurdish agenda, and of course, he is desperate to put his hands on oil supplies that he can call his own. He cannot find oil on Turkish soil or in Turkish waters, but he is prepared to act as a regional pirate and a thug and steal another nation’s oil. If no one is to stop him, he feels that he can and will.

Upon realizing that Turkey could not get in Syria either victory or oil, Erdogan is now turning his face west towards Libya. He finds in Libya a few scores that he hopes to settle after his failure in Syria. He wants a face-saving military victory, he wants to assert his position as THE Sunni leader who can reclaim glory, and he wants free oil. Last but not least, In Libya, he will find himself close to Egypt’s Sisi; the political/religious enemy who toppled his MB friend and ally, President Mursi.

On the other side, defeated but not totally out, Saudi Arabia wants blood; Erdogan’s blood.

The Saudis blame Erdogan (and Qatar) for their loss in Syria because he was more focused on his own agenda and spoils rather than the combined ones of the former alliance they had with him. They blame him for abandoning them and making deals with Russia. They hold him responsible for the breakup of the unity of Muslim fundamentalism. They fear his aspirations for gaining the hearts and minds of Muslims who regard him as a de-facto Caliph. As a matter of fact, it was Saudi Crown Prince MBS who used the borrowed word ‘evil’ first when he stated more than two years ago that Erdogan was a part of a ‘Triangle of Evil’. And how can we forget the Khashoggi debacle and the ensuing standoff between Turkey and Saudi Arabia?

We must stop and remember once again that not long ago at all, Turkey and Saudi Arabia were allies, who together, plotted how to invade Syria and bring her down to her knees. These are the heads of the two major countries that facilitated the war machine with Saudi money injecting fighters and munitions into Syria from the south, and open Turkish borders and Qatari money injecting them from the north.

Back to Libyan General Haftar. In his westerly advance along Libya’s terrain, he cleaned up the ISIS elements who stood in his way and hindered his progress. But ironically, he is now fighting their religious rival; the Turks, the protectors of the MB’s.

The USA may accuse Syria of sending troops into Libya, but where is the proof and why should Syria do this after all? And even though the Saudis and the Emiratis are warming up relationships with Syria, the Syrian Army is still engaged in battle and is not prepared to go and fight in Libya. There is nothing for it to gain. Once the war is over, Syria will be concerned with rebuilding a war-torn nation. Syria has no interests in Libya; none what-so-ever.

The role of Russia is not very clear on the ground even though there are clear indications that Russia supports Haftar ideologically. The support began when Haftar demonstrated to the Russians that he was adamant about fighting ISIS and exterminating its presence in Libya. He lived up to this promise thus far and gained Russian respect.

How will the situation in Libya eventually pan out is anyone’s guess. That said, apart from sending regular Turkish Army units, Erdogan is not short on rounding up fighters; and he has attained much experience in this infamous field of expertise from his vicious attack on Syria. With Qatari money in his pocket, he can recruit as many fighters as Qatar can afford.

Erdogan realizes that the West is not interested in backing him up militarily in Libya. The best deal he can get from America is a tacit support. And with France, a NATO member taking part in the above-mentioned five-nation conference, he will definitely have to stand alone so-to-speak.

He has Qatar behind him, but how powerful is Qatar? A ‘nation’ of 200,000 citizens? How can such a small state play such a big role and why?

Qatar is not really a nation or even a state in the true sense. Qatar is an entity, a ‘corporation’ owned by a ruling dynasty that serves the interests of the USA and Israel. This family will outlay any sum of money to guarantee its own protection and continuity.

And Erdogan, the friend-and-foe of both of America and Israel, knows the vulnerabilities and strengths of Qatar, and he is using his deceptive talents to provide the Qatari ruling family with the securities that the shortfalls that America and Israel do not provide. For example, it was he who sent troops to Qatar after the Saudi threats. And even though Erdogan will never take any serious actions against his NATO masters except in rhetoric, the weak and fearful Qataris will dance to the tune of any protector and will sell their souls to the devil should they need to.

On the other hand in Libya, if Haftar finds himself facing a huge Turkish army, he will need assistance on the ground. Where will he seek it from?  His next-door neighbour Egypt? If so, will it be in the form of regular army units or hired guns?

Sisi is neither a religious nor a fundamentalist zealot, but this is not meant to be a complementary statement. He has not taken any serious black-and-white steps in regional politics. This does not mean he is a man of principles. He is probably waiting for dollar signs, and if he sees financial benefits in supporting Saudi Arabia in a proxy war against Turkey in Libya, he may opt to agree; if the price it right.

Whether or not Saudi Arabia can afford a new war, especially with current crude prices, is another story, but as the war on Yemen winds down, the gung-ho MBS is irrational enough to be persuaded. His regional enemy is no longer Assad. His current enemy is Erdogan.

To be fair to MBS, despite his vile, criminal and megalomaniac attributes, he never claims to be a religious leader, but Erdogan does, and many Sunni Muslims see in Erdogan THE leader they have been waiting for. This alone constitutes a huge challenge for MBS because neither he, nor anyone else in the whole of Saudi Arabia for that matter, is regarded anywhere in the Muslim World as a potential leader of the Sunni Muslims.

In reality, as far as Muslim leadership is concerned, the Saudis can only bank on the location of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, they only have wealth that enables them to buy supporters, but their oil wealth is becoming increasingly vulnerable.

In the uphill fight against Erdogan within the Muslim World, both of the Saudis and the Turks realize that the fight between them in Syria is over. Actually, the Saudis have no loyal ‘troops’ on Syrian soil left to fight anyone with. This begs the question of whether or not the Turks and Saudis are moving the battle ground and the score settling from Syria to Libya.

This time around, such a potential battle between the two lines of Jihadis may have to morph from a fight between terror organizations to a war between regular armies; the Turkish Army against the Egyptian Army. Such a battle will rage over Libyan soil, with the Turks financed by Qatar and Egypt by Saudi Arabia.

Such a war will not necessarily bring in Iran into the fight. If it eventuates, it will be a fundamentalist Sunni-Sunni war, sponsored by fundamentalist Sunni states, each fighting for and against different versions of radical Muslim fundamentalism, under the watchful eyes of the USA and to the glee of Israel.

The jihadi war that was first ignited in Tripoli Lebanon between a rogue terror organization and the Lebanese Army did not end. It kept moving theatres and objectives and changing players. Is the final score going to be settled in Tripoli Libya?

Amb. Jaafari to UNSC COVID Meeting: Stop Terror Virus against Syria

May 16, 2020 Miri Wood

unsc meeting covid 19 - Syria

Syria’s Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari addressed the UNSC ‘humanitarian bastards‘ meeting, 29 April, calling on the NATO P3 al Qaeda supporters to end savage unilateral economic coercion and reminding them that their terror virus needed more attention than their cover story of COVID concern.

Given a lengthy bathetic title, the meeting was held via video conference, reputedly as a precaution against contagion, though anonymous sources have the UN building had been completely sanitized by the numerous time it was flooded with the crocodile tears wept by the countries which have armed the criminally insane terrorists in Syria.

Leading with their bathetically artificial concern for COVID in Syria, the tripartite aggressors added neocolonial demands for compelled reopening of the al Yarubiyah crossing, lamentations over hospitals that do not exist, and ceasefire to their collective howling.

NATO stenography media pretend this is normal.
UN unindicted war criminals lead in coronavirus statistics, 15 May. Syria’s death total remains at 3.
Physician, heal thyself should come to mind.

As every honest diplomat knows, there can be no ceasefire without a formal declaration of war. In the unique situation of Syria — in which the filthiest of the filth, those countries which have dumped their human garbage into Syria, which have armed their human garbage in Syria, and whose media have written odes to the human garbage dumped into Syria and armed — there can only be a cessation of hostilities. Translating their Newspeak into reality-based language, the mobster gang demands that Syria cease protecting its citizens against NATO supported al Qaeda factions and cease to think of liberating up to three million Syrians entrapped in al-Qaeda’s last strong haven in the Idlib province by the Turkish madman Erdogan’s army and terrorists.

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, His Excellency Vasily Nebenzya drolly explained to the NATO klan its collective error in use of “ceasefire.”
UNSC Video meeting on COVID 19 and sanctions against the Syrian people
A partial break from the P3’s Greek Chorus came via the Representative of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines [second from top, right] who called for the removal of unilateral coercive measures imposed on the SAR. She stopped short of reminding her colleagues that these are a breach of the UN Charter because a Security Council Resolution for sanctions is required to starve a member country.

One upon another, all of the P3 NATO klan and their tap-dancing House Servants functioned as hired mourners, in wailing, in gnashing of their teeth, and in rending their garments whilst suffering intractable grief for the Afrin carnage one day earlier, the spread of COVID — including the donning of the white man’s burden garb to rescue the Arab country, while their own are destroyed by the virus — and Syria’s “war-ravaged health care system.”

Reported oil tanker detonation near Afrin market has killed & injured dozens in fire.

The NATO klansmen outed themselves as “the grandsons of Sykes-Picot who want to redo what their grandfathers did and divide further what was already divided and tear apart further what they can tear apart.

Syria before the Roman occupiers began the carving. The last major imperial hacking was by the Sykes-Picot vermin, but their NATO grandsons want more.
The proud, imperial, UN P3 grandsons want to further carve off more chunks of Syria, today. This time they use their fake concern for COVID.

Not one of the P3 klansmen, nor any of their underlings, mentioned that Afrin, Syria, has been under NATO Madman Erdogan’s troops and assorted al Qaeda mercenary occupation, which is a breach of International Law and of the UN Charter; the NATO tribesmen flout both during their every important anti-Syria Security Council event.

Syria News reminds our readers that when the P3 criminals against humanity mention hospitals and health care, they do not include actual hospitals and clinics, They have never held emergency Security Council meetings to condemn the terrorist destruction of al Kindi University Cancer Hospital, nor the FSA bombings of al Watan Hospital, nor the partial destruction of the Jisr al Shughur National Hospital.

US-sponsored terrorists bombed al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo December 2013
US-sponsored terrorists bombed al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo December 2013

When the world leaders in war crimes– France, US, UK — occupying the UNSC say “hospital,” they actually mean unhospitalUnhospitals are any places — stolen homes, tunnels, caves, abandoned buildings, ancient ruins, CGI’s — that al Qaeda savages, illegals (including Mengele-types bragging about practicing medicine without licensure, and surgeries without anesthesia) and assorted human detritus claim to be medical facilities, and it is about these that the UN fake humanitarians criminally identify as “health care” facilities.

Ancient ruin declared a bombed hospital by NATO media.

The US, UK, and French unindicted war criminals did not mention that Syria is war-ravaged because they have dumped their human pathogens into the Levantine republic, and armed them with NATO weapons, and fueled their depraved, joint, psychosis with Captagon. Nor did they mention that they, the humanitarian bastards have also created the humanitarian crisis in Syria, with their illicit, draconian, economic terrorism they call sanctions which actually require a UN Security Council Resolution, which means these criminals are in breach of the UN Charter to which they are signatories.

These terrorists left their flags outside, not wanting to soil them with the blood of the Syrian women they slaughtered.

While flooding the building with crocodile tears under the white man’s burden of protecting Syrian Arabs from COVID, the Axis of Evil P3 Devil’s Ambassadors — and their tap-dancing, Greek Chorus House Servants — renewed their paraphilia-like obsessive demands for the imperialists’ forced opening of the Yarubiyeh crossing from Iraq, under the scam of providing humanitarian aid for Syrians whose country has been destroyed by these same imperial NATO thugs.

As memories have been intentionally shrunk by the onslaught of NATO stenography journalists who got perfect scores their Operation Mockingbird course, we must refresh the human mind with reality dating way back to July 2014, in order to expose the ongoing Goebbels Lie regarding the continuing paraphiliac obsession and fake COVID – related need to crush Syria’s sovereignty by opening its borders to the rat pack.

We offer two screengrabs from the same Reuters writer – the Reuters that was established before the births of most of the great-grandparents of our readership — flouting liarship impunity. On 22 February, Reuters pimped the P3 demand to reopen the al Yaarubiyah crossing from Iraq, and arrogantly lied that “Russia and China blocked the world body from using a crossing point on the Iraqi border to provide help.”

Reuters implementation of the Goebbels Big Lie, 22 February.

UNSCR 2504 was passed on 10 January, in what may be the largest Pontius Pilate abstention votes in the history of the United Nations: The US, UK, Russia, and China all withheld their votes. At the UN, abstentions are counted as “yes” votes.

This vote predated the COVID pandemic in NATO countries.

Reuters re-ran its lie to coincide with the 29 April NATO humanitarian bastards flooding the building with their crocodile tears and their colonial cross-bearing to fraudulently protect Syrians against COVID in the SAR, while their own people suffer under draconian lockdown, food shortages, criminally enforced isolation — which can quickly become desolation — shortages of PPE, destruction of health care infrastructure.

Reuters repeated its lie when reporting on the invisible WHO report that has not been made available to us mere mortals. This service, by the way, appears to occasionally put spies on its payroll.

The Pontius Pilate passage of UNSCR 2504 (2020) was a colonial compromise, both a watered-down version of UNSCR 2165 (2014) and a six-month extension given to NATO supported terrorists in Idlib.

Thought the UN Charter is clear on the inviolability of sovereign rights of member states, UNSCR 2165 (2014) and extensions UNSCR 2393 (2017), UNSCR 2449 (2018) all violated Syria’s territorial integrity.

Beginning with 2165, these resolutions permitting breach of Syrian sovereignty have provided terrorists with weapons — including of a chemical nature — finance, and the ability to smuggle out Syrian oil, artifacts, and property; Jabhat al Nusra terrorists occupying Idlib, have received their life line from Turkey, especially.

Not long after the passage of UNSCR 2165 (2014), Turkey celebrated the breach of Syria’s territorial rights by transporting poisoned measles vaccines to human garbage in Idlib — via the Bab al Hawa fake humanitarian corridor — which were used to murder approximately fifty Syrian children. Bab al Hawa is the Turkish route that Press TV journalist Serena Shim reported used for transporting weapons and terrorists in convoys covered by the World Food ProgrammeShim subsequently was killed in a convenient vehicular accident.

A conspicuous section of UNSCR 2165 (2014) shows the affinity to Yaarubiyah crossing pre-dates the phony COVID concerns by almost six years.

The author provides another four maps to explain that the spawns of Beelzebub paraphilia to Yarubiyah has nothing to do with COVID, but everything to do with Sykes-Picot idolatry.

From the still opened Bab al Hawa crossing, Madman Erdogan can continue to transport weapons and terrorists into Idlib, and into Aleppo countryside. The caliph-wannabe launched aerial and ground bombings of Hasakah governate in early October, all of which were either ignored or cheered by the NATO klan mob at the UN. Similarly, the phony Trump haters have been struck dumb over his ongoing military incursions into Qamishli since 7 August.

The illicit Erdogan regime troops have criminally occupied part of al Hasakah post-October bombings. The illicit Trump regime troops come and go as they please (except when chased by very tall Syrians who tear the criminal flags from the criminal tanks).

These maps are provided to show the malignant intention of the UN NATO club plot to hack off another chunk of the Levantine republic, so that Madman Erdogan might get his criminal annexation. The creative chaos of the phony Trump betrayal of traitor/separatist/Obama-created SDF Kurds and Erdogan’s hatred of the separatist Kurds is more readily grasped in the study of these maps which demonstrate how the two unindicted war criminal regimes are working for the same Sykes-Picot updated for the neo-imperialists.

In the early days of the foreign war of terror against Syria, the Obama State Department gave frequent press conferences in which the criminal attacks against the State by the YPG would be cheered. Given the YPG is ‘military arm’ of the PKK which is actually on the US terror list, United States Special Forces Commander Gen. Raymond A. Thomas declared the name change was required (the various flags of the many armed terrorists against Syria, here. They include photos of US-approved terrorists with US-unapproved terrorists.)

The re-marketed, YPG-cum-SDF Obama regime creation was such a hit with western colonial serfs that they missed the fact that Obama actually put together a NATO wetworker run SDF — advertised as a ‘minority’ fighting against the also the US – created ISIS terrorists.

Bab al Hawi humanitarian bastards corridor.
Note the colonial appropriation of the map-maker: Ain al Arab is the Syrian town in which the German “Kobane” company built a station.
Al Walid crossing used by Trump regime troops to illegally enter the Syrian Arab Republic, in military convoys.
Al Yaarubiyah crossing that every rabid dog of war in the UN has screamed to reopen, since it was closed by UNSCR 2504 (2020). How many foreign PMC’s are in Erbil?
Trump regime illegal American troops have used al Walid crossing for entry into Qamishli since 7 August 2019.
Turkish madman and caliph wannabe Erdogan
Erdogan holding his annexation map at the recent UNGA meeting. There were no complaints from the west on this plan to breach international law.

The audio for the video conference on the phony concern for COVID in Syria was inconsistent in volume, a problem exacerbated by the struggle to understand enough of the non-native English speakers to have wished that French were still the lingua franca of diplomacy.

The involvement of the draconian Treaty of Versailles in diplomatic language was a painfully ironic coincidence, given that Germany has become one of those House Servants against Syria. For those needing a reminder in Germany’s unindicted war crimes against Syria, see here, & here.

There is an expression about being able to trust a thief, but not a liar, which is an appropriate introduction for Mark Lowcock, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, and first to address the most recent cover story of the NATO gang for humanitarian excuses, COVID. As he has been previously exposed before the Council as a liar, there is no need to discuss the liar’s COVID concerns.

Syria UN Jaafari Humanitarian Aid Delivered by SARC Syrian Arab Red Crescent - السفير بشار الجعفري حول المساعدات الإنسانية المقدمة من الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري - مجلس الأمن الدولي
Addressing Mark Lowcock’s “falsified” stats at UNSC, Ambassador Jaafari shows documentation for SARC convoys in 2018. [Archive]

The UN Spec Envoy, Norwegian Geir O. Pedersen, affixed to Syria via some preposition (on? above? around? at?) remained stoic whilst claiming that COVID 19 and its ramifications will become a multiplier of humanitarian needs in Syria. Essentially his speech was the same as the one he gave in March, when the UN held a tutorial on applying the philosophy of Goebbels to re-colonizing Syria. Norway continues its draconian lockdown of its citizenry and of its borders while audaciously declaring its self-appointed right to enter the Syrian Arab Republic.

Syria’s COVID statistics 28 April.

The 29 April anti-Syria Sykes-Picot Award should go to Estonia’s deputy diplomat, Gert Auväärt. Perhaps he should also receive the Aesop’s Fable The Young Crab & His Mother Award for smarmy hypocrisy. Despite Auväärt’s Estonia — population a tiny 1.328 million — not doing too well in the COVID battle, sealing off its borders, and imposing a draconian lockdown on its people, this gentleman did not choke on his demands that Syria opens its borders, and its jails, on account of COVID.

Estonia, by the way, is in the bottom rungs of the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development, which should not come as a shock, given the income disparity in his little forest, where the top 20% of the most affluent make five times more than the bottom 20% of the least affluent. It is not, therefore, a surprise that this deputy diplomat stated his satisfaction with the illicit economic terrorism against Syria.

Those countries that break out from the former eastern block become more radical in their enmity to their former allies in order to submit their papers of acceptance to the new club: NATO, EU, the U.S.F.S.: United States Faithful Servants, and the International Monetary Funds slaves.


UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has officially (and wrongfully) called for a ceasefire in Syria, and has officially complained that the al Yaarubiya crossing was closed. He has not condemned the war crimes against Syria by NATO countries. This photographs show his moral character.

Guterres with Tony Blair at the 1999 Socialist International conference.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, H.E. Bashar al Jaafari addressed the NATO clan’s “pretentious care and lethal affection” regarding the artificial concern for COVID in the SAR, while engaged in a “sinful war against my country.”

— Miri Wood



South Front


On March 15, Syrian opposition supporters and activists intercepted a convoy of the Turkish military that attempted to open the M4 highway in Greater Idlib.

The Turkish convoy, which consisted of several battle tanks, armored vehicles and bulldozers, was tasked with opening the M4 to facilitate a joint Russian-Turkish patrol that was supposed to take place on the highway later.

Opposition protesters blocked the highway by deploying obstacles and even climbing Turkish vehicles. This forced the convoy to withdraw. However, the protesters went on to stone the vehicles of their allies.

Turkey’s failure to open the highway led to the cancellation of the pre-planned joint patrol. Russian and Turkish troops conducted a very limited patrol west of Saraqib city in southeast Idlib instead.

The reopening of the M4 highway, which links the coastal city of Lattakia with Aleppo city, is the keystone of the recent Russian Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib.

In the last few days, opposition activists and militants vowed to keep the highway blocked, threatening Russian forces and placing a bounty for killing Russian journalists.

Turkey don’t appear to have any real influence over Greater Idlib militants, which have been receiving support from it for years now. The chances that the M4 will be reopened by peaceful measures are very low. Ankara’s failure to open the M4 will likely push Damascus and its allies towards another military operation in the region.


أبعاد اعتراف مايك بومبيو بالهزيمة الاستراتيجيّة الأميركيّة في سورية!

محمد صادق الحسينيّ

لم يكد يمرّ إلا القليل من الوقت، على توقيع البروتوكول، الروسي التركي الملحق باتفاق سوتشي، حتى سارع وزير الخارجيه الأميركي للاعتراف بهزيمة مؤامرته، هو وبقية جوقة المحافظين الإنجيليين الجدد التي تحتلّ البيت الأبيض وربيبهم نتن ياهو الى جانبهم، وذلك عندما صرّح صباح يوم الخميس 5/3/2020، للصحافيين “بأنّ طلب انسحاب القوات السورية الى خطوط وقف إطلاق النار لسنة 2018 كان طلباً أميركياً”.

وهذا يعني أنّ مطالبة أردوغان الجيش السوريّ بالانسحاب الى ما بعد نقاط المراقبة التركية، في ريفي حلب وإدلب، كان طلباً أميركياً “إسرائيلياً” بلسان تركي أردوغاني.

ولكن فشل هجوم أردوغان، البري والجوي، الواسع النطاق، والذي شاركت فيه فرقة كاملةً، من القوات الخاصة التركية، تساندها ثلاث كتائب مدفعية ميدان ذاتية الحركة، من عيار 155 ملم، إضافة الى كتيبة دفاع جوي تركية، مزوّدة بصواريخ أرض جو محمولة، تمّ نشرها في محيط القواعد العسكرية التركية في محافظتي إدلب وحلب، إلى جانب ثلاثة آلاف دبابة ومدرعة قتالية، كانت تنتشر في نقاط عدة من محافظتي حلب إدلب، وفي وضع انفتاح قتاليّ (الانفتاح القتالي يعني في العسكرية وجود القوات خارج قواعدها أو ثكناتها وفي نقاط الانطلاق لتنفيذ الهجوم على مواقع العدو)، استعداداً لتنفيذ المؤامرة التي تمّ الاتفاق عليها بين أردوغان ونتن ياهو (والدليل على مشاركة نتن ياهو بشكل مباشر في إعداد المؤامرة والتخطيط لتنفيذها هي تصريحاته يوم الانتخابات الإسرائيلية بأنّ نجاحه سيؤدّي الى خروج إيران من سورية). وبومبيو، نقول إنه وبعد فشل الهجوم وصمود القوات المشتركة في مواقعها ونجاحها في الحفاظ على كلّ مكتسباتها، رغم هذا الحشد الهائل قد قلب السحر على الساحر وجعل أردوغان يذهب صاغراً إلى موسكو بحثاً عن طوق نجاة.

ولا بدّ، عند الحديث عن فشل الهجوم التركي، أن يُصار إلى تسليط ما يكفي من الضوء على عملية الانسحاب التكتيكي للقوات المشتركة من سراقب والعملية العسكرية الليلية الخاطفة لاستعادتها، والتي نفذها لواء الرضوان للقوات الخاصه التابعة لحزب الله. إذ إنّ هذه العملية، التي كان من بين أهدافها، علاوة على استعادة المدينة، تنفيذ عملية هجومية واسعة النطاق والسيطرة على رقعة الهجوم والتثبّت وبناء خطوط دفاعية ليلاً والدخول في عملية الدفاع عنها صباحاً، وبدون غطاء جويّ. أيّ بالاعتماد على كفاءة القوات المقاتلة وعلى الصواريخ المضادة للدروع والصواريخ القصيرة والمتوسطة المدى، التي ستكون مهمتها ضرب نقاط تحشّد العدو ورؤوس جسوره قبل أن يبدأ هجومه المضاد.

لذا فإنّ معركة استعادة سراقب توازي، في قيمتها الاستراتيجية، معركة بنت جبيل او مجزرة الميركافا في وادي الحجير، خلال الحرب “الإسرائيلية” على لبنان عام 2006، ذلك لأنها أسفرت عن تثبيت انتصارات القوات المشتركة ورسمت خريطة الهزيمة الأميركية الإسرائيلية التركية في محافظات حلب وإدلب. وهي بالتالي شكلت الأساس الذي بُنيَ عليه الاتفاق الذي عُقد بين الرئيس بوتين وأردوغان، في موسكو، والذي قيّمه خبراء عسكريون أميركيون، لا زالوا في الخدمة، أيّ من جنرالات البنتاغون الحاليين، على النحو التالي:


ـ إنّ الاتفاق قد كرَّس الانتصارات العسكرية، التي حققتها القوات المشتركة بعد 2018، أيّ بعد سوتشي.


ـ إنّ توقيع اتفاق موسكو، بين الرئيس بوتين وأردوغان، قد أنهى محاولات بومبيو لإقامة حلف تركيّ أميركيّ لإسقاط الرئيس بشار الأسد، خاصة منذ إعلان مستشار الأمن القومي الأميركي السابق، جون بولتون، لهذا الهدف في شهر أيلول 2018، وتزايد الضغوط العسكرية والديبلوماسية، التي تمارس بضغط من الخارجية الأميركية، والتي كانت تهدف الى إسقاط الرئيس السوري وإخراج القوات الإيرانية من سورية. وهذا دليل جديد على التنسيق الوثيق بين الإدارة الأميركية ونتن ياهو في ما يتعلّق بتواجد المستشارين العسكريين الإيرانيين في سورية.

إذن… فإنّ القوات المشتركة، وعبر سلسلة انتصاراتها التي توّجتها بعملية استعادة السيطرة على مدينة سراقب، قد وضعت حداً، أولاً وقبل كلّ شيء، لأحلام أردوغان العثمانية، وأوهام بومبيو وممثله للأزمة السورية، جيمس جيفري، وممثلة واشنطن في الأمم المتحدة كيللي كرافت، الذين كان قد حملهم وزير دفاع أردوغان الى إدلب للاحتفال معه “بالنصر”، عندما ينجح هجوم الجيش التركي، في السيطرة على كامل محافظة إدلب وريفي حلب الغربي والجنوبي الغربي، مما يعني السيطرة على الطرق الاستراتيجيّة، المسماة M 5 و M4، وبالتالي حسم معركة الشمال السوري بأكمله، من كسب غرباً حتى القامشلي شرقاً لصالح الحلف الصهيوأميركي التركي “الإسرائيلي”. وهو الأمر الذي حصل عكسه تماماً، إذ كرّس الاتفاق ليس فقط السيطرة الحكومية على كلّ المناطق التي حرّرتها القوات المشتركة، منذ عام 2018 وحتى الآن، بل وكذلك كلّ ما يسيطر عليه أتباع أردوغان من المسلحين الإرهابيين، جنوب الطريق السريع حلب – اللاذقية. وذلك لأنّ إقامة المنطقة الآمنة، شمال وجنوب هذا الطريق، بعمق ستة كيلومترات من كلّ جهة، يعني فعلياً سقوط كلّ مواقع المسلحين الإرهابيين الواقعة جنوب هذا الخط بسبب قطع خطوط إمدادهم من تركيا.

ومن بين الأحلام المريضة، التي أسقطتها موازين قوى الميدان السوري العسكرية الجديدة، أحلام ممثلة واشنطن في الأمم المتحدة والمطلّقة من زوجين سابقاً والمتزوّجة من الملياردير جو كرافت عام 2016، والذي يعتبر ثالث أكبر منتج للفحم الحجري في الولايات المتحدة، ويملك ثروة تبلغ أربعة مليارات دولار، يستثمرها في شركات عدة في قطاع الطاقة. ايّ انها كانت تصبو الى الاحتفال بسيطرة أردوغان على محافظة إدلب لفتح المجال أمام زوجها الثالث للسيطرة على قطاع الطاقة في إدلب وغيرها.

كذلك الأمر تبخرت أحلام جيمس جفري، المعروف بارتباطاته بالمجمع الصناعي العسكري، والذي كان يحلم بنجاح هجوم الجيش التركي في أرياف حلب وإدلب ما يمهّد الطريق الى تزويد تركيا ببطاريات صواريخ باتريوت. وهو المعروف، في دوائر الإدارة الأميركية، بمطالباته المستمرة بتزويد تركيا بهذه المنظومات، الأمر الذي أحبطه جنرالات البنتاغون بشكل مستمرّ، وخاصة بعد أن طلب أردوغان من الإدارة الأميركية إرسال بطاريات باتريوت لـ “الدفاع عن تركيا”، منتصف الشهر الماضي وفي ذروة استعداداته لتنفيذ مؤامرته مع نتن ياهو وبومبيو في الشمال السوري.

وبكلام أوضح فإنّ جنرالات البنتاغون، الذين يعتبرون “حليفهم” الكردي أكثر كفاءة وأقلّ تكلفة من ثاني أكبر جيش في حلف الناتو، ايّ الجيش التركي، نقول إنّ هؤلاء الجنرالات قد دفنوا أحلام جيمس جيفري، في إطلاق حملة تسويق جديدة لمنظومات الباتريوت. فهم، ايّ الجنرالات، أعلم من غيرهم بعدم فعاليتها، تلك الفعالية التي تهمّهم أكثر من مسألة تسويقها.

وفي ضوء كلّ المعطيات المذكورة أعلاه يتبيّن انّ فرقة الرضوان، وغيرها من التشكيلات العسكرية لحلف المقاومة، ومن ضمنها آلاف المقاتلين اليمنيين، الذين أعربوا عن رغبتهم بالالتحاق بالمقاومة، على الجبهة الشمالية، قد أصبحت جاهزة لتنفيذ المرحلة الأخيرة من الهجوم الاستراتيجي، الذي سينتهي بتحرير القدس وفلسطين كاملة وإنهاء وجود الكيان المحتلّ بشكل كامل. فكلّ ما هو مطلوب لذلك أصبح جاهزاً، من انتشار للقوات الى اكتمال التدريب على تنفيذ الهجوم وانتهاء برفع العلم الفلسطيني على أسوار القدس.

هذا التحرير الذي سيطلق عودة الشعب الفلسطيني، كاملاً الى كامل فلسطين، وهو الأمر الذي يجري وضع اللمسات الأخيرة، على خطط تنفيذه من قبل مجموع محور المقاومة. ايّ انّ محور المقاومة قد انتقل من مرحلة التخطيط لتحرير فلسطين إلى مرحلة ما بعد التحرير والعودة.

أتى أمر الله، فلا تستعجلوه.

بعدنا طيبين، قولوا الله…

سقوط السلطان

شوقي عواضة

منذ ولادة خلافة السلطان سليم الأول تحت عنوان (الفتح) بدأت حكاية الغدر العثماني لفلسطين وشعبها، بل ولكلّ من كان يقف في وجه الكيان الصهيوني منذ بدايات بيع فلسطين واستقدام اليهود إليها، عملت الخلافة العثمانية من خلال كلّ سلاطينها على تسهيل هجرة اليهود إلى فلسطين وتوفير كلّ الدعم لهم في حين كان خلفاؤها يشنّون الحروب والغزوات على المنطقة بأسرها من بلاد الشام إلى مصر واليمن، كانوا يخوضون حروبهم العدوانية تحت عنوان حماية الإسلام والخلافة، وهم أشدّ الناس عداوة للإسلام .

350 عاما والعثمانيون يمعنون في استنزاف مقدرات الأمة وسرقة خيراتها وثرواتها وسفك دماء أهلها، وكان اليهود المستقدمون من العالم شركاءهم في جريمة العصر. إذ من منتصف القرن التاسع عشر بدأ العثمانيون باستقدام اليهود إلى فلسطين تنفيذا لأوامر رئيس الوزراء البريطاني بالمرستون (1840).

وبعد استقدام قطعان المستوطنين إلى فلسطين بدأت الشراكة الحقيقية بين اليهود والخلافة وسلاطينها، طلب هرتزل من السلطان عبد الحميد الثاني أن يصدر فرماناً يقضي بالحصول على حكم ذاتي لليهود في فلسطين، وكان له ذلك.

في تلك الفترة أرسل السلطان العثماني جيوشه لتغزو الشام التي كانت تحت حكم محمد علي الذي كان إسقاط حكمه أولوية لدى السلطان العثماني، ولم يكن منع التوطين في فلسطين من أولويات الخلافة.

اليوم وعلى خطى أجداده يمضي أردوغان إمعاناً في التآمر على فلسطين التي لم تحضر في خطاب أردوغان ولا وجدانه إلا لاستقطاب الناخبين والمؤمنين بخلافته، واسم فلسطين لا يعني لأردوغان سوى المزيد من الاستثمار الفعلي لامبراطوريته المنخورة من الداخل. أما على المستوى العملي فإذا ما أجرينا مقارنة بسيطة حول فلسطين في خطاب وأفعال أردوغان لوجدناها حاضرة في خطاباته للاستثمار السياسي بينما عملياً تغيب كلياً من أجندته ويتضح ذلك من خلال مواقفه الكثيرة وهو يعمل جاهداً على إظهار نفسه بأنه المقاتل الأوحد من أجل فلسطين بينما هو في الحقيقة يعمل على طمس حقيقة دامغة تقول إنه الرئيس الأكثر تطبيعاً مع الكيان الصهيوني، وهو الإسلامي الذي أضرّ أكثر بالقضية الفلسطينية. وما محاولاته اليوم لاستعادة أمجاد الخلافة العثمانية من خلال اعتدائه على سورية حصن المقاومة ودرعها إلا استمرار لذاك النهج الذي يستهدف قوة الأمة وإسقاط كلّ معاني العزة فيها، دون أن يضع في حساباته أنّ مجد خلافته مات بموْت سلاطينها ودفن مشروعهم معهم، وأننا أصبحنا في زمن الانتصارات والمقاومين، زمن السيد حسن نصر الله والرئيس بشار الأسد. هذا الزمن الذي تتهاوى فيه قوى الشر ـ وهو جزء منها ـ والهزيمة التي تلقاها أردوغان في إدلب مقدّمة لسقوطه المدوي الذي لن يكون سقوطاً عادياً يمجده التاريخ كما أسلافه بل سيكون سقوطاً ممهوراً بالهزيمة التي ستسقطه في الداخل والخارج معا وسنشهد ذلك عما قريب…

Terrorist groups were trained inside a textile factory in Aleppo

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 

ALEPPO, (ST)_Terrorist groups had turned one of the textile factories in the town of Kafer Joum in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo into a headquarters for training  and making shells.

Basma Qaddour 

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هل يرتكب أردوغان الحماقة؟

ناصر قنديل

خلال السنوات التي أعقبت إسقاط الطائرة الروسيّة بنيران الجيش التركيّ لا يبدو أن الرئيس التركي رجب أردوغان قد استوعب القواعد التي تحكم مناورته في سورية، فهو مقيّد بحدّين لا يمكن التلاعب بهما ولا تغييرهما سواء بالعناد والتبجح والتهديد أو بالإنبطاح والتزلف، وهما: أن واشنطن غير مستعدّة هي وحلفائها في الناتو لمشاركته حرباً تكون روسيا طرفها الثاني، والثاني أن روسيا مستعدة لخوض غمار المواجهة إذا قرّر أردوغان شنّ هجمات على الجيش السوري. وهذا الحدّان دفعا بأردوغان في معركة حلب الأولى قبل أعوام، للتموضع سياسياً وأمنياً ضمن مسار أستانة، تجنباً لمواجهة يدرك عواقبها ويدرك أنه لا يستطيع الفوز بنتائجها، كما يدرك قبل كل شيء أن الشعب والجيش في تركيا لا يملكان أسباباً لمجاراته في التورّط فيها إن أراد.

حاول أردوغان استنفاد سنوات ما بعد أستانة، بالرهان على استئخار القرار الحاسم، والاحتفاظ بإدلب وأرياف حلب واللاذقية، مرة عبر فرضية صمود داعش طويلاً، ومرة بفرضية تجنب روسيا مساندة الجيش السوري في تحرير الجنوب ومخاطر التصادم مع الأميركي والإسرائيلي. ولما باءت رهاناته بالفشل وبدأت معركة إدلب وتوّجت بالانتصار الكبير الذي تعيشه سورية، كان يدرك سقوط رهان ثالث وهو صمود الجماعات الإرهابيّة التي زوّدها بالسلاح والعتاد، ودفع بجيشه إلى جانبها ليمنحها المعنويات، أملاً بصمود لم يتحقق.

مع تساقط مواقع جماعاته وتحقيق الانتصارات السوريّة، صار وجه أردوغان إلى الجدار، فراهن على ثنائية العناد والانبطاح. العناد بوجه روسيا والانبطاح لواشنطن، أملاً بتغيير الحدّين الثابتين اللذين حكما معركة حلب الأولى، آملاً بأن يردع عناده روسيا عن تقديم الإسناد اللازم للجيش السوري إذا تعرّض لهجوم تركي، وبأن يُغري الانبطاح واشنطن فتعلن استعدادها لمشاركته المعركة، تفادياً لخوضها دفاعاً عن قواتها التي سيأتي موعد مطالبتها بالانسحاب إذا فرض مثله على القوات التركيّة، فذهب يرفع سقوف التهديد والتحدي بوجه روسيا من جهة، ويقدّم التنازلات والإغراءات لواشنطن من جهة موازية. وجاءت الحصيلة واضحة، مزيداً من الثبات الروسي على خيار المواجهة، ومزيداً من التحفظ الأميركي تجاه أي تورط بمغامرة عسكرية.

المعادلة اليوم شديدة الوضوح وعلى أردوغان أن يقرّر، فترجمة التهديد بعملية عسكرية تستهدف الجيش السوري تهدّد بإشعال حرب سيكون الجيش السوري خلالها مستعداً لتقديم التضحيات الجسام دفاعاً عن سيادته الوطنية، وأظهرت التظاهرات العفوية ورشق الجنود الأتراك بالحجارة في مناطق السيطرة التركية حجم التعبئة النفسية التي يعيشها السوريون وصولاً للاستعداد للتضحية لمنع الاحتلال التركي من البقاء فوق أراضيهم، وسيكون حلفاء سورية بصور متنوّعة معها في هذه المواجهة، بين شراكة قوى المقاومة في الميدان، والدعم الإيراني من جهة، والدعم الروسي الناري من جهة مقابلة، وسيكون على أردوغان أن يتحمّل أمام جيشه وشعبه مسؤولية خراب كبير، قد يصل إلى تساقط الصواريخ في العمق التركي إذا تجاوز أردوغان الخطوط الحمراء لموضعيّة الاشتباك المفترض، والتزامه موضعيّة الاشتباك سيعني خسارته المحتّمة، حيث الجو سيكون روسياً، والأرض ستكون سوريّة.

أردوغان يرفع السقوف، ويفتح الباب موارباً للتفاهم آملاً الحصول على بعض المكاسب التي يستطيع تصويرها نصراً، خصوصاً لجهة ربط مصير مدينة إدلب بالحل السياسي، فيتحدث وزير دفاعه عن مناشدة الروس الحياد من المعركة التي يريد خوضها مع الجيش السوري لأنه لا يريد مواجهة معهم، ووزير خارجيّته يتحدّث عن الاتصالات المستمرّة بحثاً عن حل سياسي، والرئاسة تقول إنها لا تزال تدرس مشروع القمة الثلاثيّة التي دعت إليها طهران مع تركيا وروسيا.

أردوغان بين خيارين الآن، أن يرتضي تحوّل كلماته فقاعات، فيتراجع، أو أن يصير هو فقاعة تنفجر في تركيا بحماقة تنتهي بهزيمة محققة، وإن تحوّلت حرباً ستنهي حياته السياسية، وتاريخ أردوغان يقول إنه مراوغ، لكنه جبان.

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