Egypt Court Votes against Transfer of Islands to Saudi Arabia

June 21, 2017



An Egyptian court has overruled a previous verdict authorizing the transfer of two strategic Egyptian islands to Saudi Arabia, something President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has agreed to in a controversial deal with Riyadh.

The administrative court ruled on Tuesday that all judicial decisions taken to date by the Urgent Matters Court would be considered invalid. The latter had previously ruled in favor of the bilateral deal enabling the transfer in 2016.

Tiran and Sanafir, as the islands are named, can be used to control access to the Israeli port of Eilat. Recent reports have indicated that Riyadh and Tel Aviv are mulling over establishing economic relations.

“The ruling (on Tuesday) signifies that the land is Egyptian,” said Khaled Ali, a lawyer who argued at the administrative court that the islands belonged to Egypt.

The verdict would affirm that any attempt to transfer the islands to Saudi Arabia would be considered unconstitutional “even if the president ratified the agreement,” he added.

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How and Why U.S. Honors and Aids Al Qaeda

June 20, 2017

by Eric Zuesse

How and Why U.S. Honors and Aids Al Qaeda

This will present a typical example in which the U.S. promotes Al Qaeda and other jihadists, and then honors that promotion by calling this PR not “propaganda” as it really is, but instead outstanding “news reporting,” and then honors that “news reporting,” with prestigious ‘journalism’ awards from the Overseas Press Club, and The Peabody. Throughout, the jihadists in Syria are being referred to in these ‘news’-reports as ‘the rebels’ and they are backed by the U.S. government, and (obviously) also by the aristocracy that own (and advertise in) the ‘news’ media, and whose lobbies also apparently control the President, and the Congress. Deception of the American public, by the American press, is that blatant and that egregious, as will here be documented (but will continue to be suppressed by the ‘free press’ in this ‘democracy’ where the press never exposes its own systematic lying — as will here be shown).

Documentation for everything here will consist of excerpts from the relevant news-reports themselves (so the story will be told by the evidence itself), and will close with excerpts from an AlterNet news report by Ben Norton, which was vastly more worthy of winning journalism awards than anything from CNN (or any of the others) has been, but is suppressed instead of pumped, by the U.S. press. I have added boldface in some places, in order to make easier a reader’s quickly noticing things which will become more important subsequently, in this presentation of excerpts. The excerpts are arranged so as to tell a narrative that makes sense and has continuity.

Excerpts are used here instead of paraphrases, because otherwise an intelligent reader might think that the paraphrases are overstating how appalling the U.S. ‘news’ media are. It’s better for the perpetrators to display their wares, than for someone else to do it for them. So, I let them do it.

Here are those excerpts; here is their story, told by the participants themselves:


The truth about Syria

Undercover behind rebel lines

By Clarissa Ward with Salma Abdelaziz, CNN

[Salma Abdelaziz covers the Middle East for CNN, based in London.]

Updated 1:40 PM ET, Fri March 18, 2016

Rebel-held Syria (CNN) There’s a sickening moment between hearing the planes and waiting for them to drop their payload. A pit forms in your stomach. You know you could die, but you also know there’s no way to divine where the strike will hit.

On a hill overlooking Ariha, our guard Abu Youssef seems to have located the jet in the sky and is following it with his eyes. “Russian planes,” he says. …

Monitoring groups say nearly 2,000 civilians have been killed since the Russian intervention began. …

Syria is hell. But standing in the warm sun, watching the silver green olive leaves shiver in the breeze, it is also paradise. A ceasefire has been in place for a couple of days, though based on what we saw and heard, it’s difficult to have much faith that it will hold.

We are preparing to leave, saying our goodbyes. We hand over a bag full of British chocolates to our security guards. Abu Youssef thanks us and quietly hands each of us a folded piece of white paper with our initials on it.

“Promise me you won’t read these until you get back home to London,” he says.

Two flights and 72 hours later, we open the letters.

“I hope you have a good idea of us,” they read. “Please tell the world the truth about Syria.”




18 Years old Freedom Activist from Germany. Visited the YPG in Syria. MENA Analyst, Focusing on Terrorism and Jihadist Groups in Middle east and E Asia




#ISIS Fighter from #Gaza, Abu Youssef Al-Ghazawhi killed recently in #Aleppo while fighting the Syrian army near #DeirHafer in #Aleppo Prov.

11:58 PM – 22 Mar 2017


[NOTE: It’s bad enough that the reporter, Ward, in Aleppo, was emotionally close to and was being protected by someone, “Abu Youssef,” who was clearly partisan — in his case, against Syria’s government and also against Russia, which means on the ‘rebel’ side, which in Aleppo meant being on Al Qaeda’s side there. Wikipedia’s article Battle of Aleppo (2012–2016)” says: “Rebel groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Shamia Front and the Ahrar al-Sham established Sharia system in areas they control, imposing torture or other ill-treatment as punishment. Human rights activists, lawyers and journalists have been subjected to kidnappings.” These ‘rebels’ were religious fanatics. But if that person was also the “#ISIS Fighter from #Gaza, Abu Youssef Al-Ghazawhi killed recently in #Aleppo while fighting the Syrian army near #DeirHafer in #Aleppo Prov,” then this places the reporter as being under the protection of an “ISIS fighter,” and ISIS is supposed to be so fanatical that even the U.S. government condemn them — but maybe not CNN, nor the Overseas Press Club, nor The Peabody.]


Aleppo ‘hell’ prevents Syria peace talks, say diplomats

With 2 million terrified citizens trapped and brutal fighting continuing, UN-backed talks in August seem impossible

Patrick Wintour, diplomatic editor Tuesday 9 August 2016 16.53 EDT

… In a bid to restart the talks US secretary of state John Kerry met Vladimir Putin in mid-July to propose a deal whereby the Syrian air force ended its lethal bombing campaign in return for American agreement that one of the leading rebel forces – the al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front – be designated a terrorist group, and so no longer party to a new ceasefire [Wintour is using code here, for: allowed to be bombed during the ceasefire — Obama refused to accept that condition, and he insisted that Russia discontinue bombing them but bomb only ISIS during a ceasefire, and he stuck with that stance until the very end, when he sabotaged Kerry’s deal with Lavrov]. American sponsored rebel forces have long been entangled with al-Nusra, and many Washington-backed forces would regard an attack on al-Nusra as an attack on the Syrian revolution itself.

The US proposal has been made more complex by the announcement last week that al-Nusra had “broken” with al-Qaida, and was now forming a new group, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. Western diplomats doubt the sincerity of this change in ideology [he’s using code for: change in name].

But Washington seems reluctant to denounce this new group as a bogus rebranding, partly because it knows so many of the already weak rebel groups it does support are willing, or even eager, to work with the effective and disciplined al-Nusra forces. Many of these moderate forces [as if there were ‘moderates’ when jihadists were waging war to replace a secular government] feel abandoned by the west.

At the UN session on Monday, Clarissa Ward, a celebrated CNN war correspondent, also warned Russia was playing into the hands of jihadists. She told the Russian envoy: “From my experience on the ground – which is considerable – bombing hospitals, court houses, bakeries and fruit markets does not eliminate terrorism. If anything it is the oxygen which terrorists breathe and it spreads like wildfire.”


[NOTE: For a “celebrated CNN war correspondent” to be so partisan against Russia, as to have charged that “Russia was playing into the hands of jihadists,” when she herself was blatantly and actually in the hands of jihadists — and being protected by them, while those jihadists were trying to kill and were being bombed by Russia — is stupid. Was this person that stupid? Or, perhaps, was she instead so closed-minded to the fact that in order to slaughter the jihadists, it was necessary that some of the people whom the jihadists were using as human shields would also die? Does Clarissa Ward possess even a modicum of the objectivity that’s required of any authentic journalist — especially when covering a war — or is she receiving ‘journalism’ awards because in the United States, ‘journalism’ has sunk to the level of sheer propaganda? But the British Guardian’s reporter is no better, referring to jihadists as ‘rebels’, and referring to the Syrian government’s war against them as a ‘lethal bombing campaign’ as if there were any other type than ‘lethal’. And he referred to the jihadists’ war against the Syrian government as ‘the Syrian revolution’ even though most of those jihadists were foreigners recruited into Syria from around the world and financed by the royal Sauds and armed and trained by the U.S. government.]


CNN Journalist Clarissa Ward Snuck Behind the Front Lines in Syria then Briefed the Security Council About What She Saw

Mark Leon Goldberg  August 29, 2016

Clarissa Ward is an award winning journalist who has covered conflict for over a decade, mostly in the Middle East. She is now with CNN and earlier this year she and a small crew snuck into rebel held territory in Syria, including the city of Aleppo from where she filed several intense and harrowing stories.

In August, Clarissa was invited to a special meeting of the [U.N.] Security Council about the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo. We kick off discussing her Security Council briefing and latest reporting trip to Syria. …


‘There are no winners in Aleppo’

Updated 0906 GMT (1706 HKT) August 15, 2016

Source: CNN

‘This is Hell’: Clarissa Ward addresses U.N. on Syria 09:11

Editor’s note: On August 8, 2016 CNN’s Senior International Correspondent Clarissa Ward spoke at a UN Security Council meeting on the situation in the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo. The following are her full remarks. …

The thing that has been killed in Syria that is much more difficult to rebuild than a bombed out building, is trust.

There is no trust.

No trust in the Assad regime.

No trust in ceasefires or the cessation of hostilities or humanitarian corridors.

No trust in the Russians, and no trust in you by the way, in us in the international community, who have been wringing their hands on the side lines while hospitals and bakeries and schools have been bombed, while phosphorus and cluster bombs have killed countless civilians.

The only ones who have emerged as heroes on the ground — alongside brave doctors like Dr Attar and Dr Sahloul, alongside the White Helmets [link there added by E.Z., not by Ward]are the Islamist factions, even to those who hate fundamentalism.

Even to those who see that the rebels themselves are carrying out atrocities.

And not because the people there are all terrorists but because the Islamists are the ones who have stepped in to fill the void.


[NOTE: Ward has “No trust in the Assad regime” but has loads of trust in the jihadists, the ‘heroes’, “because the Islamists are the ones who have stepped in to fill the void” that they’ve created by trying to turn Syria’s multi-ethnic, multi-religious, secular, non-sectarian government — the only secular government in the Middle East — over to the head-choppers, who will serve the aristocracies of the U.S. and of Saudi Arabia.] 



21 March 2017, 10:33 AM ET

Overseas Press Club Honors CNN for ‘Undercover in Syria’ Series

The Overseas Press Club of America has honored CNN’s ‘Undercover in Syria’ series with the David Kaplan Award for Best TV or video spot news reporting from abroad. They will present the award, which honors the finest international reporting, at its annual ceremony on Thursday, April 27 in New York. CNN President Jeff Zucker will be on hand to deliver the keynote address.

Reported by senior international correspondent Clarissa Ward and produced by Salma Abdelaziz, ‘Undercover in Syria’ took viewers inside rebel-held territory for an exclusive series of reports on what life was like under the bombs. CNN was the only Western media to witness the effects of Russian bombardment first hand and go inside the devastation of rebel-held Aleppo. …



CNN: ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Undercover in Syria, Battle for Mosul (CNN)

Winner 2016 | CNN

… Clarissa Ward went undercover into northern Syria to document Russian influence on the fighting and to navigate the ongoing devastation. Graphic images of the wounded and the bloodied brings the senselessness of the fighting to the foreground, as do haunting images of young children who’ve only seen and experienced a world of airstrikes, fear, pain, and loss. … For its steadfast commitment to intrepid reporting from the battlefield and for detailing the costs and damages of a war that continues to pose a moral challenge to the rest of the world, a Peabody Award goes to CNN.


Even as Election Dominates Cable, Bravo CNN for Critical Reporting From Syria

by J.D. Durkin | 1:38 pm, March 18th, 2016

… Major kudos are due to CNN for its recent coverage of the harrowing Syrian Civil War and the work of Clarissa Ward, the network’s Senior International Correspondent. CNN has given significant airtime and clearly devoted resources to Ward’s most recent trip to, quite literally, the frontlines of terror.  … Ward believes that this most recent trip along with her producer Salma Abdelaziz marked the first time in a year-and-a-half that any Western journalist had covered the calamitous developments on the ground. … All elements of the CNN enterprise have championed Ward’s work with prime placement, including digital and social media platforms. Ward’s Facebook Live discussion this week reached 1.7 million viewers alone.

It’s a bold and admirable programming move. … As Ward told me, the devastation for the Syrian people is far from over, and her role covering the crisis will likely continue until a specific, clear objective is reached:

“Really it comes down to one key demand,” Ward told me. “President Bashar al-Assad must step down. For the people on the ground, it’s a dealbreaker.” [My note: repeated polling throughout Syria by U.S.-and-allied polling organizations shows that over 50% of Syrians want Bashar al-Assad to remain as the President and that 82% of Syrians blame the U.S. for the tens of thousands of foreign jihadists who have invaded Syria to oust and replace him. However, those same polls also show that some areas in Syria support the jihadists and want Assad ousted. But, in any case, Ward’s assertion is rabidly false, that: “President Bashar al-Assad must step down. For the people on the ground, it’s a dealbreaker.” Furthermore, twice in one day, the Secretary General of the U.N., Ban ki-Moon, rebuked this U.S. position and he said The future of Assad must be determined by the Syrian people” and not by the U.S. or any other foreign government dictating Assad be removed from power.]


Why CNN’s Clarissa Ward May Be the Biggest Badass in Cable News

“Your body responds with this surge of adrenaline, shock and fear,” the war correspondent says of getting caught in an airstrike

Brian Flood | April 10, 2016 @ 1:43 PM

CNN’s Clarissa Ward recently traveled undercover to a rebel-held area of Syria, where she witnessed 11 people die in an airstrike, but she didn’t miss a beat and reported on the chaos as it unfolded. …

Ward, filmmaker Bilal Abdul Kareem and producer Salma Abdelaziz were filming at the top of a hill when the airstrikes hit and the plume of smoke was visible in the background of her video. Instead of taking shelter, they immediately jumped in a car and headed toward the devastation. …

“It’s so shocking on a physical level. Your body responds with this surge of adrenaline, shock and fear. It all kind of collides in one,” Ward said.

For that kind of reporting, the 36-year-old Yale graduate has already won just about every journalism award out there — Peabody, Emmy, DuPont, Murrow and a Royal Television Society award with CNN’s coverage of the Paris attacks last November. In November, she will be honored with the International Center for Journalists’ Excellence in International Reporting Award. …

As Maddox said, “One of the reasons CNN hired Clarissa is because she’s an incredibly talented journalist who is committed to telling stories the world needs to know.”


Bilal Abdul Kareem

June 16 [2017] at 12:33pm ·

Piece I filmed w/CNN (Undercover in Syria) won the prestigious Overseas Press Club & Peabody awards but CNN “forgot” to mention me. High respects to CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward for mentioning me even if CNN didn’t! Alhamdo lilaah I got another award from some good hearted Syrians that’s worth more than those put together. Check it out!



“You know, there was a piece that I did, along with other members of OG and staff, called Undercover in Syria. This was with CNN, and their correspondent Clarissa Ward, which I have big-time respect for, big-time respect, as a journalist, and as a person. Now, this Undercover in Syria — you can google it — won the prestigious Peabody Award, and it won the prestigious Overseas Press Club award, which are basically the highest awards in journalism!”


[NOTE: The following excerpts, from AlterNet, cut down a 4,366-word news-report about Bilal Abdul Kareem, to a still lengthy 1,669 words. Though that’s long, this is a sensationally good news-report; and, even including here these 1,669 words from it, all of the 3,847 words of excerpts taken together are still significantly shorter than the entirety of that single AlterNet news-report, which is far the best and most truthful of the articles that are excerpted here:]


Bilal Abdul Kareem, Prominent U.S. ‘Journalist’ in Syria, Serves as Mouthpiece for Violent Extremists

A closer look at Bilal Abdul Kareem’s body of work reveals an established record of creating sectarian propaganda for extremist Syrian rebels.

By Ben Norton / AlterNet December 29, 2016, 4:54 PM GMT

During the final days of rebel control over the eastern areas of Aleppo, the Western media depended almost entirely on a handful of English-speaking, self-described activists to relay news of the situation to a captivated public. These figures served a dual purpose, acting as spokespeople for the beleaguered Syrian opposition while deflecting attention from armed insurgents dominated by extreme Islamists. Nestled among them was an American, Bilal Abdul Kareem, who may be one of the most remarkable characters of the Syrian civil war. The uncritical promotion and reflexive praise this character has received from a variety of U.S. media outlets raises serious questions about the coverage of a conflict that is often presented as a one-sided slaughter at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies. …

Abdul Kareem has helped produce a series for CNN, and has also produced reports with the U.K.’s Channel 4, the BBC and Skynews. He has written for Al Jazeera and has been featured in segments on an array of major media outlets. He even participated in a panel discussion at the [neoconservative, pro-invade-anywhere] Brookings Doha Center alongside the extremely hawkishSyria analyst Charles Lister, titled “Syria and Iraq: The Future Prospects of Jihadism.”

Yet what these media outlets and institutions have not disclosed about Abdul Kareem is that he has a long and established record of creating what is essentially propaganda for extremist groups in Syria. Abdul Kareem has conducted dozens of glowing interviews with militants from extremist groups, including Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate and its hardline allies. Worse, he appears to have expressed support for Anwar Al-Awlaki, the extremist preacher credited with inspiring multiple attacks, including the mass shooting at the Fort Hood military base. (Abdul Kareem did not respond to multiple requests for comment from AlterNet for this article.)

AlterNet reviewed scores of Abdul Kareem’s videos, and in not one did he address the atrocities any of the ultra-sectarian Islamist groups have carried out against civilians, minorities in particular. …

Not only has Abdul Kareem consistently facilitated the dissemination of his guests’ extreme views, he even gives them opportunities to call on viewers around the world to join them in their fight in Syria. …

Abdul Kareem makes it clear that he opposes democracy in Syria, claiming such a system is “alien” to the Syrian people whereas “a governing style of Islam is something that is familiar to them.” …

Abdul Kareem defends the extremist rebel group Ahrar al-Sham. … On his website, Abdul Kareem laments that the hard-line Islamist group “has been getting a bit of a bad reputation as of late for some of their political stances,” and stresses, “this Islamic revolution would not be where it is today without Ahrar Asham.”

Ahrar al-Sham has collaborated with and fought alongside Syrian al-Qaeda. It has engaged in sectarian attacks on civilians, such as the killing and kidnapping of Alawite [Shia] women and children in the village of Zara. Amnesty International also documented how Ahrar al-Sham and the Syrian franchise of al-Qaeda have destroyed churches and confiscated the homes and stolen the belongings of Christian Syrians. Christians in the major rebel-held city of Idlib reported being told they must convert or leave. …

One of the first videos Abdul Kareem released on his Facebook page is an interview with a fighter from Jabhat al-Nusra, Syria’s arm of al-Qaeda. It was filmed in early August 2015 at the frontline of fighting between the extremist group and secular, leftist Kurdish fighters. …

The first long-form interview Abdul Kareem published to his Facebook page is an August 2015 discussion with Abu Firas al-Suri, a leader of Jabhat al-Nusra. …

“Our mission is guiding the people, taking them by the hand and helping them so we all are able to achieve the supremacy of the sharia of Allah on Earth. And our mission in Syria is a part of that mission,” Abu Firas proclaimed. He added, “Our goals are not limited only to Syria, however our current battle is in Syria.”

The only criticisms Abdul Kareem levied at the al-Qaeda leader in his interview were from the perspective of those who were even more radical. “Your group now controls large territories,” Abdul Kareem noted, “but some criticize you saying that you don’t apply the Islamic Sharia.” …

Abdul Kareem also invited Abu Firas to talk about the social services al-Nusra provides to people in Syria. Abu Firas, who associated himself with al-Qaeda in the interview, said they offer medical services, education, road repair, water delivery, houses and electricity.

Although Jabhat al-Nusra is an enemy of ISIS, Abu Firas stressed on Abdul Kareem’s video program, “We didn’t initiate fighting or criticising ISIS.” He continued, “As for fighting them, we’re not keen to fight them; we’re not keen to fight anyone who’s not an obstacle facing Islam.”

“We didn’t choose to oppose ISIS militarily or even politically,” Abu Firas explained. …

Demonizing Shia Muslims

On June 17, Bilal Abdul Kareem published a high-quality animated trailer for an upcoming episode of “Face the Truth” that promised to reveal who Shia Muslims truly are. “The Syrian crisis has quickly become a sectarian war between Sunnis-Shiite-Alawites,” he claimed in his Facebook post. Abdul Kareem implied that Shia might not actually be Muslims, writing, “Are they all just Muslims fighting one another? Or do their beliefs say otherwise?”

Three days later, Abdul Kareem published a lengthy interview with the ultra-sectarian Sunni preacher Abdur Razaaq Mahdi, in a video combatively titled “Sunnis vs Shia’.” …

Mahdi deplores Alawites as “Nusayri” unbelievers. “Oh Allah, destroy the Alawites and those who ally with them from the thugs, the Shia, the Russians, the Iranians!” he proclaims in the video. “Kill them all! …

Recruiting foreign fighters

Abdul Kareem’s interview with the Syria-based Saudi warlord Abdallah al-Muhaysini might be the most disturbing instance of promoting violent extremism. …

Al-Muhaysini continued claiming, “The war in Syria or jihad in Syria, today we’re in jihad against Shia, Alawites and Khawarij.” …

“Does that mean I should leave my family and everything I studied at university?” Naturally, al-Muhaysini replied in the affirmative, insisting it is a true believer’s duty, and they will be rewarded for it.

“Read the six rewards Allah gives to the martyr and you will forget everything,” al-Muhaysini countered. …

Opposing democracy

… In an interview posted in May, Abdul Kareem gave an Islamist rebel a platform to condemn democracy and instead argue for the importance of creating a theocratic society in Syria.

“Jihad is our way and pride,” Abu Osama al-Shawkani insisted in the video. “Democracy is ungratefulness.” He added, “Secularism is not our way.”

Abdul Kareem’s guest argued that experiments at implementing democracy in Algeria and Egypt “just failed.” He even went out of his way to pit Islam, the religion of 1.7 billion people, against such a form of governance.

They “will never accept applying Islam through democracy, and the one who says that he wants democracy doesn’t understand,” al-Shawkani insisted. Democracy “is a method against Allah’s method.” Abdul Kareem concluded the interview telling al-Shawkani, “May Allah reward you, brother.”

Abdul Kareem does not hide this extreme sectarianism and opposition to democracy; these views pervade his videos and are visible on his Facebook page. But in their apparent zeal to cultivate a pro-rebel narrative, major media outlets have consistently failed to acknowledge this fact.

Media coverage

Despite his ties to extremist groups, a vast array of influential media outlets have relied on Bilal Abdul Kareem’s reporting from Aleppo, and have treated it as reputable.

CNN, for which Abdul Kareem helped produce a series of reports alongside the international correspondent Clarissa Ward, interviewed Abdul Kareem on Dec. 13 for a segment on the Syrian government’s recapture of rebel-held eastern Aleppo. CNN’s Hala Gorani described him simply as an “independent journalist,” without any other background information or context.

Abdul Kareem told Gorani, “I don’t think that anybody here is happy with the way things have turned out.” He also claimed civilians do not want to go to government-held western Aleppo. In reality, manyinterviews with former residents of eastern Aleppo who escaped to the government-controlled western side revealed that rebels shot at them. The U.N. has also said rebels obstructed civilians from leaving. …

Even left-leaning websites that traditionally criticize corporate media outlets for toeing the party line have been derelict. Truthout ran an article that cited Abdul Kareem’s castigation of Turkey and Gulf regimes, simply identifying him as a “journalist.”

The Intercept’s Murtaza Hussain likewise gave a substantial platform to Abdul Kareem back in June, applauding him for providing “a unique perspective on the conflict in Syria.” …

On the Ground News and helpers

In 2015, Abdul Kareem supplemented his interview program “Face the Truth” by launching On the Ground News, an outlet that features more traditional journalistic reports from inside rebel-held areas in Syria.

On the Ground News saw a marked increase in production quality, with videos accompanied by slick animations and graphic design. In some, Abdul Kareem could be seen seated in front of a green screen, declaring that he was broadcasting from “our studios.” Where On the Ground News gets its funding from is not clear and, as mentioned, Abdul Kareem did not respond to AlterNet’s requests. …

Applauding the Fort Hood shooter

In 2009, two years before the Syrian civil war erupted, Abdul Kareem composed a post in a Google group for expats in Dubai that endorsed an article by an extremist preacher who heroized the gunman who had just carried out a mass shooting at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. …


In closing:

A series of three articles that I did for the Strategic Culture Foundation, and which was subsequently published together in one article at the Signs of Our Times website, describes the U.S. government’s support for Al Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria) ever since at least 2012, America’s assisting Al Qaeda, and working with Al Qaeda’s royal Saudi, Qatari and UAE funders, to overthrow Syria’s government — using U.S.-Saudi-backed jihadists to topple and replace yet another Russia-allied head-of-state. The U.S. government is pro-jihadist because those jihadists are ‘our’ boots-on-the-ground, waging war, as ‘our’ proxies, against Russia. And, America’s ‘news’ media cheer this rampant butchery on, and even award ‘journalism’ prizes to its slickest propagandists, who pour forth on TV and at ‘journalism’ awards ceremonies, jerking tears from the gulls. This also explains how it can be that, as Gallup headlined on 19 June 2017, “George W. Bush and Barack Obama Both Popular in Retirement”. Democracy is impossible in such a country, just as it was in the novel 1984.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

US $110 Billion Weapons List for Saudi Arabia

Designed by: Nour Fakih

US $110 Billion Weapons List for Saudi Arabia

Syrian Army, Iraqi forces meet for first time at border


BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:30 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd Al-Sha’abi) met for the first time at a border-crossing for the first time in several years.

Footage released by Al-‘Alam on Sunday shows the Syrian Arab Army and Popular Mobilization Units meeting at an Iraqi border-crossing near the town of Al-Rutbah.


The Syrian and Iraqi governments enjoy a direct supply route between Damascus and Baghdad.

Iraqi Army Controls Al-Walid Border Crossing On The Syrian-Iraqi Border


Iraqi Army Controls Al-Walid Border Crossing On The Syrian-Iraqi Border

On Satuday, the Iraqi Army liberated the Al-Walid crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border linking up the government-held area north of At Tanf with the area controlled by the Iraqi military.

The Iraqi Army announced that it carried out a rapid operation supported by fighters of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU). By controlling the al-Walid border crossing, Iraqi forces have liberated the entire Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi border triangle.

Iraqi Army Controls Al-Walid Border Crossing On The Syrian-Iraqi Border

Click to see the full-size map

From its side, the PMU announced that it managed to repel an ISIS attack on its positions at the Tal Safouk crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border. The PMU also said it repelled another ISIS attack in Tal Zalat west of Mosul, killing 30 ISIS fighters.

According to local sources, local residents in Al-Qariah town south of Mosul attacked relatives of ISIS fighters and ISIS sympathizers and expelled them outside the town yesterday.

View image on Twitter
View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
Local in Qayyarah south have taken matters in their on hands in forcing family members to leave the district.
 Al-Qariah town was liberated from ISIS almost a year ago and ISIS had committed many crimes against the town’s inhabitants.

It’s not yet conformed that the Iraqi and Syrian armies met on the Syrian-Iraqi border. The Iraqi Army and PMU are expected to advance soon south of Tal Safouk and north of Al-Walid to liberate Al-Qaim, the last official crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border, which is still under the control of ISIS.

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الوهابية حصان طروادة لتطويق روسيا والصين واستعداء إيران

يونيو 17, 2017

محمد صادق الحسيني

لن يطول الوقت كثيراً حتى يُكشف الغطاء ويُبان المستور من الفيلم الأميركي الجديد، بأن ما وراء «حفلة» قطر إنما هو تهيئة الأجواء لمواجهة أكبر تتحضّر لها إدارة ترامب بهدف استعادة زمام المبادرة الاستراتيجية المنفلت من يدها…!

وكلما يمرّ يوم جديد على العاصفة الرعدية الخليجية المنبعثة من صحراء الربع الخالي يتأكد للمتابع الفطن بأن ما يُسمى أزمة قطر ليست سوى حصان طروادة لتتويج «إسرائيل» إلهاً بديلاً في شبه الجزيرة العربية…!

وإليكم ما تقوله عيون الراصد:

أولاً: يجب أن لا يختلف عاقلان حول حقيقة أن ما يُطلق عليه اسم «الأزمة القطرية السعودية « ليست أكثر من «حلقة من مسلسل هوليودي مضبوط السيطرة» تم التخطيط له وتنفيذه من قبل صناع القرار في الولايات المتحدة، آخذين بعين الاعتبار حيثيات صراع الادوار والنفوذ بين الأداتين المحليتين المتنافستين على قيادة الوهابية والمختلفتين على شكل توظيف الحركات الإخوانية…!

ونعني هنا بصناع القرار الأميركي دوائر الدولة العميقة هناك مثل البنتاغون ووكالة الاستخبارات المركزية الاميركية، وذلك لتحقيق أهداف عدة مجملها يرمي الى تعزيز الوجود الأميركي العسكري وترسيخه في غرب آسيا المسماة غربياً بـ «الشرق الأوسط» مع عدم تحمل التكلفة المالية لهذا الحضور العسكري الاستراتيجي من قبل الحكومة الأميركية…!

هل نسينا أن واضعي مخطط هذه «الأزمة» هم أنفسهم من كان كلّف ولا زال كلاً من السعودية وقطر بدعم التنظيمات الإرهابية في العالم بأسره وليس في سورية والعراق وليبيا والصومال واليمن فحسب…!؟

وعليه فإن السيد الأميركي هو الذي يقوم بتوزيع الأدوار في إطار خدمة استراتيجيته العالمية الثابتة والوحيدة ألا وهي الهيمنة على العالم ونهب خيرات شعوبه…!

وضمن خطوات هذه الاستراتيجية جاء تنفيذ هذه الخطوة بهدف تبرئة مملكة آل سعود من تهمة الإرهاب تمهيداً لدمجها السعودية في ما يُطلق عليه حلف الناتو العربي ومن خلال تسهيل إعلان خيانتها السرية للمبادئ العربية والإسلامية والاعتراف بالكيان الصهيوني والتنازل عن الحق العربي المسيحي الإسلامي في فلسطين…

وها هم عبيد السيد الأميركي في الرياض، وبأمر من سيدهم في واشنطن، يتفاوضون سراً وعلانية مع المحتل الصهيوني وبشكل مباشر، جنباً الى جنب مع رموز السلطه الفلسطينية والحكومه الأردنية، على تسيير رحلات جوية مباشره من مطار اللد الفلسطيني المحتل مطار تل أبيب إلى الديار المقدسة في الحجاز. ولا يُستبعد أن يتم إنجاز الترتيبات التقنية المتعلقة بتسيير هذه الرحلات قبل موسم الحج المقبل، مما يجعل مواصلة مسيرة الخيانة مع الكيان الصهيوني تتسارع وبشكل كبير.

ثانياً: وهذا يعني بالإضافة الى ما ذكر أعلاه أن المخططين الأميركيين قد اتهموا قطر بدعم الإرهاب ولكنهم لم يُبرئوا السعودية من التهمة نفسها، بل على العكس من ذلك تماماً، حيث انهم كانوا قد وجهوا لها هذه التهمة وبشكل اكثر جدية وقانونية عندما سنوا قانون «جاستا» الذي يخوّل متضرري تدمير برجي التجارة العالمية في نيويورك سنة 2001 مقاضاة السعودية امام المحاكم الأميركية وطلب تعويضات باهظة منها. حيث قام فريق محامي أهالي القتلى، الذي يتابع القضية، بتقدير المبالغ التي ستطالب حكومة آل سعود بدفعها بستة ترليونات دولار 6000,000,000,000 أي ستة آلاف مليار دولار وهو مبلغ يعادل ثلث قيمة الديون الأميركية.

لذا فإن الساحر الأميركي المسمّى ترامب لم يحل أزمة مملكة آل سعود بل إنه وظفها لجني المزيد من مليارات الدولارات العربية والتي ستوظف تمويل مشاريع توسعة قواعده العسكرية وتمويل زيادة إنفاقه العسكري الهائل ضمن عمليات الحشد العسكري الاستراتيجي ضد كلّ من روسيا والصين.

بمعنى أن ابتزازه قطر، بعد افتعال أكذوبة الأزمة وإرغامها على تنفيذ الجزء الأول من صفقة طائرات ف 15 والتي تشمل 72 طائرة من هذا الطراز تبلغ قيمتها الإجمالية اثنين وعشرين مليار دولار، حيث وقع وزير الدفاع القطري خالد العطيظة اتفاقيظة توريد نصف هذه الصفقة بقيمة 12 مليار دولار يوم 14/6/2017 في البنتاغون، نقول إن ابتزازه للقطري بعد إتمام ابتزازه للسعودي الذي سلّم الدفعة الاولى من الاتاوة المفروضة عليه أي أن القطري قد شرع في دفع الإتاوة المطلوبة منه لسيده الأميركي كما سبقته الى ذلك مملكة آل سعود وبالتالي بدأت مشاركته الفعلية في تمويل وتجهيز البنى العسكرية الأميركية الجديدة في الشرق الأوسط، والتي سيكون «الإسرائيلي» جزءاً أساسياً منها، بل وله دور قيادي فيها، والموجّهة ضد روسيا والصين وحلفائهم الإيرانيين والسوريين والعراقيين.

ثالثاً: كما تجب الإشارة إلى أن ما يقوم به البهلوان التركي، أردوغان، في اللعب على الحبال في إطار الموضوع القطري ليس إلا جزءاً من المخطط الأميركي لتعزيز الوجود العسكري الأميركي وأداته الشمال أطلسية، حلف الناتو، في المنطقة العربية إمعاناً منه في عمليات التطويق الاستراتيجي المباشر للجمهورية الاسلامية الإيرانية، حيث قواعده الكبرى في العديد والسيليه في مشيخة قطر، بالاضافة الى قواعده الاخرى في مملكة آل سعود وفي مشيخة البحرين، حيث توجد قيادة الأسطول الأميركي الخامس والذي صرّح قائده قبل يومين بأنه أرسل سفينتين حربيتين أميركيتين في زيارة لميناء الدوحة… فلماذا لا تقاطعون الدولة الراعية للإرهاب بدلاً من زيارتها، إذا كنتم صادقين…!؟

نقول إن الدور التركي ما هو إلا جزء من التحشدات الاستراتيجية ضد إيران وكلٍّ من روسيا والصين. وإلا فكيف يسمح السيد الأميركي لذنبه العثماني الجديد بإقامة قاعدة عسكرية وإرسال خمسة آلاف جندي تركي الى دولة تتهمها الولايات المتحدة بدعم الإرهاب!؟

وما هي حجة ترامب في تبريره فرض العقوبات الجديدة على إيران؟ بحجة تهمهم الباطلة لإيران بتمويل ودعم الاٍرهاب وهي الدولة الأكثر تضرراً من الإرهاب والأكثر تصدّياً لمحاربته في العالم كله!؟

إن السماح للسلطان العثماني بإرسال لواءي قوات بحرية خاصة إلى قاعدته في قطر إلى جانب قرار البنتاغون الصادر يوم أمس بإرسال أربعة آلاف جندي أميركي جديد الى أفغانستان لا يتساوق إلا مع خطط العدوان الأميركية ضد القوى الدولية والإقليمية المعادية لهيمنة القطب الواحد…!

ولا تنسوا هنا تصريحات الثعلب التركي المراوغ الجديدة ضد إيران واتهامها بالتوسعية والطائفية…!!

رابعاً: ثم كيف لنا أن نفسر الوجود الكثيف للغواصات الأميركية في شمال النرويج؟ ذلك الحشد البحري الذي تطرّق إليه الرئيس بوتين في حواره التلفزيوني يوم أمس الأول مع الشعب الروسي!؟

هل تريد الولايات المتحدة محاربة كوريا الشمالية انطلاقظاً من القطب المتجمّد الشمالي!؟ أم هي خطوة ضمن مسلسل الاستعدادات الجارية تحضيراً لعدوان واسع على روسيا بسبب فشل سياسة العقوبات الأميركية ضدها والتي ألحقت الضرر بأذناب أميركا الأوروبيين الذين انصاعوا لتنفيذ أوامر سيدهم الأميركي مما كلّفهم خسائر اقتصادية فاقت المئة مليار دولار، بينما تمكنت السياسة الروسية الحكيمة من الحدّ من خسائر روسيا الاقتصادية نتيجة ذلك الحصار وإبقائها في حدود الخمسين مليار دولار.

وما يعزز نظريتنا حول الاستعدادات العسكرية الأميركية الجارية في إطار تطوير ومراكمة الحشد الاستراتيجي المعادي لقوى ومكونات التحالف الصيني الروسي هي تصريحات الأدميرال هاري هاريس، قائد الأساطيل البحرية الاميركية في المحيط الهادئ والتي اتهم فيها روسيا بخرق اتفاقيات الحدّ من انتشار الصواريخ الاستراتيجية. هذا الاتهام الذي لا يمت الى الواقع بصلة وإنما هو تمهيد لنشر المزيد من الأسلحة الصاروخية الاميركية سواء في دول البلطيق او دول أوروبا الشرقية او دول «الشرق الاوسط»…

وما قيام الولايات المتحدة بتحريك بطاريات صواريخ HIMRAS البعيدة المدى من قواعدها في الأردن الى داخل الاراضي السورية وبحجة حفظ أمن قواتها هناك إلا جزء من الإجراءات العدوانية المشار اليها أعلاه. إذ ما هي حاجتهم لصواريخ يبلغ مداها 300 كم؟ خاصة أنهم يقولون بأنهم موجودون هناك لمحاربة داعش في معاقله في الرقة والموصل..!؟

إنها إذن صواريخ العدوان التي يريدون من ورائها التلويح بالقوة للجيش العربي السوري وحلفائه في الميدان السوري في محاولة لوقف او إبطاء سير الهجوم الاستراتيجي النهائي الذي ينفّذه السوري بمساعدة الحلفاء الروس، وتحت قيادة مباشرة للعمليات القتالية من قبل الجنرال قاسم سليماني إلى جانب إخوانه جنرالات الأركان في الجيش العربي السوري وقوات الرضوان اللبنانية وسائر القوات الرديفة…

إنها قاعدة جديدة او تعزيز وتوسيع لقاعدة أميركية موجودة على الأرض السورية أصلاً والتي لن يطول الزمن حتى يتم تدميرها وإبادة من فيها من جنود أميركيين ومرتزقة بمسمّياتهم المختلفة…

إن أرض سورية وبلاد الشام لن تكون لا ممراً ولا مقراً لكم، أيها الحمقى..

إنها معراجنا إلى السماء ومقبرة للغزاة كانت لنا وستبقى لنا..

لذلك ننصحكم أن احملوا أمتعتكم وارحلوا عن ديارنا سريعاً، قبل أن تصلكم عواصف أسودنا التي ستجعلكم كعصف مأكول فيما أموال وعديد عبيدكم الإقليميين هشيمٌ تذروه الرياح..!

ساعتئذ ستترحّمون على ما حصل لكم في بيروت في العام 1983م…!

هل تتذكّرون…!؟

بعدنا طيّبين قولوا الله.

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The open war: Tehran and Ankara or Riyadh and Tel Aviv? الحرب المفتوحة: طهران وأنقرة أم الرياض وتل أبيب؟

The open war: Tehran and Ankara or Riyadh and Tel Aviv?

يونيو 15, 2017

Written by Nasser Kandil,

الحرب المفتوحة: طهران وأنقرة أم الرياض وتل أبيب؟

Everything witnessed can be included in the title of the Saudi war on Iran. The summits which were held in Riyadh and in which the US President Donald Trump participated as a guest of honor with a cost of his attending card of five billion dollars are just an interpretation of the US joining to the Saudi war, even they can be considered as a US decision to humiliate the Arabs and a new occupation by taking the money of Saudi Arabia and then departing. The facts say that the Saudi funding laundering for terrorism and showing Saudi Arabia by the US Presidential tweets on Twitter as a leader of the war on terrorism have been put in Trump’s pockets. Saudi Arabia has substituted the international and the US accusations that are documented by the Congress and the courts about its responsibility of sponsoring the terrorism and financing it with agreed scapegoat which is Qatar that can be considered as a compensation for the money paid to the US President, so with a green light from him the campaign against Qatar can be considered as the beginning of the end of terrorism.

According to Iran there is no American issue worth the war in the logic of the direct interests, the interest of Israel and the interest of Saudi Arabia have become the high US interest, one by the force of command, and one by the force of money. The outcome is recruiting Washington in serving the Saudi-Israeli war on Iran. The battle of Qatar is just what the Americans call it militarily the closeness to the castle and cleaning the house from the problems. Some of the punishment of Qatar is because it stood in the middle in the relationship with Iran, even as a political opportunism, as the crisis with Turkey in Washington nothing can explained it but the logic of the war with Iran, which Ankara does not  pay attention to it after the defeat of the joint alliance with Riyadh, Washington , and Tel Aviv on Syria, so it accepted the partnership with Iran from Astana gate, even the Syrian Iraqi Kurdish file towards the separation is an interpretation of disabling the formation of a strong state in Syria and Iraq from within the concept of the Saudi Israeli war, and the far goal which is Iran.

When Washington appoints the professional killer who has arranged the assassination of the leader in the resistance the martyr Imad Mughniyah as a responsible for the file of Iran  directly after the summits of Riyadh, then it is an announcement of a war, and when ISIS takes the responsibility of implementing major security operations  in the Iranian capital Tehran that were not possible before forming the US-Gulf operations room that puts all the information, agents, eavesdropping devices, money,  geography , the relation with the terrorist groups, and the ability to move and to follow-up closely on one table, then it is exactly as the process of the assassination of the martyr Imad Mughniyah with the same operations room. It is formal detail to behold ISIS the task and to facilitate the access of its groups to the goals and to supply its leaders with information, details, money, weapons, and explosives. The history of the US intelligence is full of similar examples about how these actions implemented by proxy, they call it “sleeping with the devil”.

Michael Diandria is the direct responsible for the implementation of Tehran’s military operations, while Mohammed Bin Salman is the responsible for the provision of ammunition and money, and many others in the Gulf who have a long history of security in the process of the martyr Mughniyah have the responsivity of supplying with information and the logistical details, while ISIS which announced its responsibility is just a tool, it says in its statements that all their claims about the war on terrorism are false because they are the operators and the financers and we are still the victims.

The US raids on the Syrian Badia near Al Tanf were the field message which says to Tehran about the desired goal to stop the targeting, as the Kurdish announcement in Iraq about the referendum on the separation, it says to Ankara what is required from the message of Qatar. Tehran has to accept to hand over the borders between Syria and Iraq to militias run by the US intelligence, otherwise the destabilization will continue in Iran. Ankara has to accept the recognition of a Kurdish privacy on its borders with Syria otherwise it will surrender and Qatar will fall.

The response was not delay in Tehran, but at least it resolved the matter. In Ankara there are preliminary indicators that worth observing after the ratification of the joint defense treaty with Qatar by the Turkish parliament, it allows the deployment of Turkish troops in military bases in Qatar, but the matter in Tehran is unambiguous. The announcement of beholding the responsibility to Washington and Riyadh about the terrorist operations and the promise to respond, and the statement of the allies in Syria to respond to the US raids near Al Tanf towards targeting the US gatherings in Syria and the region.

The conflict is open between two bilateral to form the new regional system in the Middle East. The bilateral of Astana which is sponsored by Russia between Tehran and Ankara, and the bilateral of Riyadh and Tel Aviv after offering Qatar depending on the Saudi-Israeli understanding and under US sponsorship, while the Saudi-Israeli bilateral is weaker, but it is more cohesive and resolute. The Iranian-Turkish bilateral is stronger but it needs Turkish’s resolving of the options. The Turks must pay attention that the war does not want to overthrow Iran from the new system but to legitimatize Saudi Arabia instead of Turkey as a partner of Iran, and to improve the conditions of Israel.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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الحرب المفتوحة: طهران وأنقرة أم الرياض وتل أبيب؟

الحرب المفتوحة: طهران وأنقرة أم الرياض وتل أبيب؟ناصر قنديل

– كل ما نشهده يمكن إدراجه تحت عنوان الحرب السعودية على إيران، فالقمم التي عُقدت في الرياض وشارك فيها الرئيس الأميركي دونالد ترامب بصفة ضيف شرف ثمن بطاقة حضوره خمسمئة مليار دولار، ليست إلا ترجمة لانضمام أميركي إلى حرب سعودية ولو أحبّ البعض اعتبار القمة استحماراً أميركياً للعرب واستعماراً جديداً أخذ أموال السعودية ورحل. فالوقائع تقول إن غسيل التمويل السعودي للإرهاب وتظهير السعودية بتغريدات تويتر أميركية رئاسية قائداً للحرب على الإرهاب قد تمّ في جيوب ترامب شخصياً، واستبدلت السعودية اتهامات دولية وأميركية موثقة في الكونغرس والمحاكم بمسؤوليتها عن رعاية الإرهاب وتمويله بكبش فداء متفق عليه هو قطر، يصلح لأن يكون تعويضاً عن المال المدفوع للرئيس الأميركي بضوء أخضر منه حمله على اعتباره الحملة على قطر بداية نهاية الإرهاب.

– لا قضية أميركية عند إيران تستحق الحرب بمنطق المصالح المباشرة. مصلحة «إسرائيل» ومصلحة السعودية الحليفتين هي التي صارت مصلحة أميركية عليا، واحدة بقوة الإمرة وثانية بقوة المال، والحصيلة تجنيد واشنطن في خدمة الحرب السعودية «الإسرائيلية» على إيران، وليست معركة قطر إلا ما يسمّيه الأميركيون عسكرياً بالتقرّب من القلعة وتنظيف البيت من المشاكل، فبعض عقاب قطر لوقوفها في منتصف الطريق في العلاقة مع إيران، ولو من باب الانتهازية السياسية، ومثلها الأزمة مع تركيا. في واشنطن لا شيء يفسرها إلا منطق الحرب مع إيران، التي لم تقم لها أنقرة حساباً في استدارتها بعد هزيمة الحلف المشترك مع الرياض وواشنطن وتل أبيب على سورية، فارتضت شراكة مع إيران من بوابة أستانة. وحتى الملف الكردي السوري والعراقي والنفخ بهما نحو الانفصال بعض من ترجمة تعطيل قيام دولة قوية في سورية والعراق، ضمن مفهوم الحرب «الإسرائيلية» السعودية، والهدف الأبعد إيران.

– عندما تُعيّن واشنطن القاتل المحترف الذي دبّر اغتيال القيادي في المقاومة الشهيد عماد مغنية مسؤولاً لملف إيران في المخابرات الأميركية، بعد قمم الرياض مباشرة، فهي تترجم ما تقرّر بإعلان الحرب، وعندما يتولى تنظيم داعش تنفيذ عمليات أمنية كبرى في العاصمة الإيرانية طهران، ما كانت ممكنة قبل تشكيل غرفة عمليات أميركية خليجية تضع كل المعلومات والعملاء وأجهزة التنصّت والأموال والجغرافيا والعلاقة بالمجموعات الإرهابية والقدرة على تحريكها والمتابعة عن قرب، على طاولة واحدة، فإن الأمر يشبه تماماً عملية اغتيال الشهيد مغنية بعد غرفة عمليات مشابهة، ويصبح تفصيلاً شكلياً إسناد المهمة لداعش وتسهيل وصول جماعتها للأهداف وتزويد المعنيين بقيادتها بالمعلومات والتفاصيل والأموال والسلاح والمتفجرات، وتاريخ المخابرات الأميركية حافل بالأمثلة المشابهة عن كيف يحدث مثل هذا النوع من العمليات بالواسطة، ويسمّونه بالنوم مع الشيطان.

– مايكل دياندريا بتوقيع مباشر وراء تنفيذ عمليات طهران، وتوقيع محمد بن سلمان على توفير الذخائر والأموال، ومعهما آخرون في الخليج باعهم الأمني طويل في عملية الشهيد مغنية، بالتزويد بالمعلومات والتفاصيل اللوجستية، وداعش الذي أعلن مسؤوليته أداة تنفيذ يقول في بيانه إن كل إدعاءاتهم بالحرب على الإرهاب كاذبة، فهم المشغّلون والمموّلون ولا زلنا نحن الضحايا.

– الغارات الأميركية في البادية السورية قرب التنف هي الرسالة الميدانية التي تقول لطهران عن الهدف المطلوب ليتوقف الاستهداف، كما الإعلان الكردي في العراق عن الاستفتاء على الانفصال يقول لأنقرة عن المطلوب من وحي رسالة قطر فعلى طهران ارتضاء تسليم الحدود بين سورية والعراق لميليشيات تديرها المخابرات الأميركية، وإلا سيستمرّ مسلسل زعزعة الاستقرار في إيران، وعلى أنقرة ارتضاء التسليم بخصوصية كردية على حدودها مع سورية وإلا ستستسلم أو تسقط قطر.

– الردّ لم يتأخر في طهران. على الأقل حُسم الأمر، وفي أنقرة مؤشرات أولية تستحق المتابعة بعد تصديق معاهدة الدفاع المشترك مع قطر في البرلمان التركي وما تتيحه من نشر قوات تركية في قواعد عسكرية في قطر، لكن في طهران الأمر لا لبس فيه، الإعلان عن تحميل المسؤولية لواشنطن والرياض عن العمليات الإرهابية والتعهّد بالرد، وبيان الحلفاء في سورية بالتوعّد بالردّ على الغارات الأميركية قرب التنف، وصولاً لاستهداف التجمّعات الأميركية في سورية والمنطقة.

– الصراع مفتوح بين ثنائيتين لصياغة النظام الإقليمي الجديد في الشرق الأوسط: ثنائية استانة ترعاها روسيا بين طهران وأنقرة، وثنائية الرياض وتل أبيب بعد تقديم قطر قرباناً على مذبح التفاهم السعودي «الإسرائيلي»، برعاية أميركية. وبينما الثنائي السعودي «الإسرائيلي» أضعف، لكنه أشدّ تماسكاً وحسماً، يبدو الثنائي الإيراني التركي أقوى، لكنه يحتاج حسماً تركياً للخيارات، وأن ينتبه الأتراك أن الحرب لا تريد إسقاط إيران من النظام الجديد، بل إحلال السعودية بدلاً من تركيا كشريك لإيران وتحسين شروط «إسرائيل».

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Qatar’s crisis is more dangerous than the war of Yemen to Saudi Arabia أزمة قطر أخطر على السعودية من حرب اليمن

Qatar’s crisis is more dangerous than the war of Yemen to Saudi Arabia

يونيو 15, 2017

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Due to the crisis caused by the Saudi decision of imposing the siege on Qatar in order to bring it down by either a coup or an occupation or both of them the signs of marking time began to emerge. Qatar succeeded in absorbing the first consequences of the war and succeeded in securing the elements of marking time, and mobilizing positions that protect it against the military invasion with a formal coup or without it. The title became the form of a settlement and the negotiation to reach it, this title was in favor of Qatar by making the siege a daily event to coexist with the crisis normally inside Qatar or outside it.

Many people think that what Mohammed Bin Salman thought when he took the decision of the war on Qatar that the US and the Israeli coverage are enough to say that the war has ended and what is left are executive steps for sequent days, but those forget what Bin Salman forgot that such of this coverage was available in his war on Yemen according to the same scenario and for days and weeks, but now after two years and a half the war has not ended and it seems that it has no end.

All the differences between Yemen and Qatar are in favor of the turning of Qatar’s crisis into what is more dangerous than the war of Yemen to Saudi Arabia, because the Saudi enemy in Yemen is a poor party that cannot buy the officials of the West and does not belong to the same system of connections and interest to which Saudi Arabia belongs, so the dealing with it concerning the major interests is frightening as the dealing with the resistant team as Ansar Allah, while Qatar is a source of temptation. In both cases the issue is not the danger of an Iranian intervention which the Saudis know that it is not possible, but in case of Qatar the danger becomes present through the Turkish intervention on the basis that Turkey considers that overthrowing Qatar is a way to alienate it away from the race with Saudi Arabia for reserving the first seat versus Iran in the regional system.

In the case of Yemen, the coexistence with the war without horizon is an achievement of victory that is related to military, financial, human, and moral attrition, but the coexistence with the Qatari crisis without horizon is a resolving in favor of Saudi Arabia, which means the preparation for a formal settlement where the two teams know that it is a truce for a declared Cold War in which money, media, terrorism, and diplomacy will be used. Both of them have enough balance to wage this war in order to cause the fall of the other from the inside, after the attempt of besieging it and affecting it from outside. The Gulf will witness a mobility that was not known before in the quest to attract the opponents of the other, financing, recruiting, organizing, and activating them. There will be rounds and rounds. Therefore, although the Saudis wanted from disciplining Qatar to make it an example for others, but the example of Qatar will turn to be an encouraging example for disobedience.

The coexistence with the Qatari crisis will be a continuous fire, where the forces which have hostility with Saudi Arabia and Qatar will benefit from it as Iran, Syria, the national forces in Yemen and Bahrain, moreover the Qatari and the Saudi groups will fight in Syria, and the money will be paid to attract the European and the American media towards the Lebanese one in this war. It seems that it is the time for the wars which exhausted the Orient to calm down because the Gulf arena has become chaff that is ready to be ignited.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

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أزمة قطر أخطر على السعودية من حرب اليمن

يونيو 13, 2017

ناصر قنديل

– بدأت علامات المراوحة في الأزمة الناشئة بقرار سعودي بفرض الحصار على قطر تميهداً لإسقاطها سواء بالانقلاب أو بالاحتلال أو بكليهما، فقد نجحت قطر بامتصاص الوجبة الأولى من الحرب، ونجحت بتأمين عناصر المراوحة، وحشد مواقف تحصنها ضد الغزو العسكري بانقلاب صوري أو بدونه. وصار العنوان هو شكل التسوية والتفاوض وصولاً لها، وهو عنوان لصالح قطر في جعل الحصار من يوميات الأحداث، وجعل التعايش مع خبر الأزمة أمراً اعتيادياً داخل قطر وخارجها.

– للوهلة الأولى يظنّ كثيرون أن ما ظنه محمد بن سلمان عندما اتخذ قرار الحرب على قطر أن التغطية الأميركية و»الإسرائيلية» كافية للقول إن الحرب انتهت، والباقي خطوات تنفيذية لأيام متسلسلة مرسومة في ذهن بن سلمان. ويتناسى هؤلاء ما نسيه بن سلمان وهو أن مثل هذه التغطية توافرت له في حربه على اليمن، وفقاً للسيناريو ذاته في مخيّلته لأيام وأسابيع وها هي تنهي سنتين ونصفاً ولم تنته، ولا يبدو في الأفق أن لها نهاية.

– كل الفوارق بين حالتي اليمن وقطر لصالح تحول أزمة قطر إلى ما هو أخطر من حرب اليمن على السعودية، فعدو السعودية في اليمن طرف فقير لا يستطيع شراء ذمم المسؤولين في الغرب، ولا ينتمي لمنظومة الارتباطات والمصالح ذاتها التي تنتمي إليها السعودية، فيخيف التعامل معه على المصالح الكبرى بمثل ما يفعل التفكير بالتعامل مع فريق مقاوم كأنصار الله، بينما في المجالين قطر مصدر إغراء، وفي الحالين ليست القضية خطر تدخل إيراني يعرف السعوديون أنه غير وارد، بل في حال قطر خطر صار حاضراً بالتدخل التركي على خلفية اعتبار تركيا إسقاط قطر إحكاماً للطوق على عنقها في ماراتون المسافات الطويلة من السباق بينها وبين السعودية على حجز المقعد الأول مقابل إيران في النظام الإقليمي.

– في حالة اليمن التعايش مع الحرب بلا أفق تحقيق نصر استنزاف عسكري ومالي وبشري ومعنوي، لكن التعايش مع الأزمة القطرية من دون أفق حسم لصالح السعودية يعني التهيئة لتسوية شكلية يعرف الفريقان أنها هدنة لحرب باردة معلنة سيستعمل فيها المال والإعلام والإرهاب والدبلوماسية. ولكل منهما رصيد كافٍ لخوض هذه الحرب لمحاولة إسقاط الآخر من الداخل بعد محاولة حصاره وشيطنته في الخارج. وسيشهد الخليج حراكاً لم يعرفه من قبل في السعي لاستقطاب كل طرف لكل خصوم الآخر وتمويلهم وتجنيدهم وتنظيمهم وتفعيلهم، وستكون جولات وجولات، وما كان يريده السعوديون تأديباً لغير قطر بالعبرة مما حلّ بها سيتحوّل نموذج قطر تشجيعاً لتكرار شق عصا الطاعة.

– المساكنة مع جمر الأزمة القطرية حريق متواصل، ستستفيد منه قوى تقف على طرف الخصومة مع السعودية وقطر معاً، ستستفيد إيران وسورية وتستفيد القوى الوطنية في اليمن والبحرين وستتناحر حتى الموت الجماعات القطرية والسعودية في سورية، وسيبذل المال على استقطاب الإعلام الأوروبي والأميركي وصولاً للبناني في هذه الحرب هنا وهناك. وسيبدو أن نار الحروب التي أنهكت المشرق قد آن لها أن ترتاح لأن ساحة الخليج قد صارت هشيماً مستعداً لتقف كرة النار.

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