Bahrain …. toward the resistance البحرين… الى المقاومة

Bahrain …. toward the resistance

يناير 27, 2017

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Six years ago, the people of Bahrain were facing all the provocations of Al-Jazeera shield led by Saudi Arabia, but they remained sticking to the peaceful path. The people of Bahrain who are led today by Islamic movement have sacrificed a lot in all stages, under the banners of Liberalism in the forties, when they were demanding of elections, under the banner of Gamal Abdul Nasser in the fifties, when they were demanding of liberation, and under the banner of the Left, when they were leading the struggle of the trade union which is the most avant -grade in the Arab world. The people of Bahrain did not leave the arenas and no one can call their revolution as the sectarian awakening.

The people of Bahrain insist on the peaceful path despite the cascade of blood that is shed by the Saudi intervention and despite the semi-complete negligence of what is so-called the International Community, comparing with the allegations of the defense for the human rights where the West has interests, so the killers of Al-Qaeda organization become martyrs and its fighters become the heroes of freedom as described by Laurent Fabius the Former French Foreign Minister on the Turkish-Syrian borders. Here the insistence is more than a historic patience; it is a strategic choice and may be it reaches its final stages.

What has happened in Bahrain as a remorseless killing, a felony that did not get an investigation or a trial of youths who were arrested in the movement of the Bahraini street; they were accused of bombing a vehicle of Al-Jazeera Shield’s vehicles, and a summary execution  without an actual trial said that Saudi Arabia which has ordered of killing is drawing a red line for accepting the settlements in the region, it is the recognition of making the people of the Gulf countries slaves for the family of Saud as a precondition for settlements outside the Gulf, otherwise there is no objection by Saudi Arabia from keeping the agitating wars and spending all the money to bring the extremists and the mercenaries to wage them. This means the transformation of Saudi Arabia to a greater opportunity for the dominance of ISIS practically and gradually.

The dominance of ISIS on Saudi Arabia geographically, demographically and militarily as well as the rootedness of its project in it seems as a salvation of ISIS in the light of the defeats which affected it in Iraq, and the difficulty of resilience in the war of Syria, and in the light of the European Russian race to prevent ISIS from the stability in Libya as an expected substitute for ISIS after Iraq and Syria. So it is logical that ISIS will aspire to Saudi Arabia for the next two years. It seems that the rulers of Saudi Arabia do not mind that or they are not aware of it, on the contrary they say to the world; you have to choose between our dominance with our savagery on oil and ISIS’ dominance on it with its brutality.

Saudi Arabia puts the region and the world between the two options of the recognition of humiliated bondage for the people of the Gulf or giving the sources of oil to ISIS. The comparison between what has happened in Iraq and what might happen in Saudi Arabia makes the matter logical, since the background is ready popularly and the devotions to extremism, atonement, and the blood according to the sheikhs of Wahhabism are shown through their public fatawas.

Between the two parts of this duality, it is no longer possible for anyone to address the people of Bahrain by asking them to be patience and to endure. The resistance has become an option that no one can denounce it or considered it a haste or emotion. If the Saudis want to weaken the influence of Iran in the Gulf, they are succeeding because they make the people rebel against the advices of Iran to be calm and sticking to the peaceful path because they kill every call for wisdom.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

البحرين… الى المقاومة

ناصر قنديل

– منذ ست سنوات يقف شعب البحرين في الشوارع يواجه كل استفزازات درع الجزيرة بقيادة السعودية، متمسكاً بالمسار السلمي. وشعب البحرين الذي تقوده اليوم حركة إسلامية لم يبخل على النضال العربي بالتضحيات في المراحل كلها. فكان تحت شعارات الليبرالية في الأربعينيات يطالب بالانتخابات، وتحت لواء جمال عبد الناصر في الخمسينيات يطالب بالتحرر، وتحت لواء اليسار يقود النضال النقابي الأشدّ طليعية في العالم العربي، فشعب البحرين لم يغادر الساحات ولا يمكن لأحد تسمية ثورته بالصحوة الطائفية.

– بقي إصرار شعب البحرين على المسار السلمي، رغم شلال الدم المسال بتدخّل سعودي، ورغم التجاهل شبه التام لما يُسمّى بالمجتمع الدولي قياساً بمزاعم الدفاع عن حقوق الإنسان حيث للغرب مصالح، فيصير قتلى تنظيم القاعدة شهداء ويصير مقاتلوها أبطال حرية، كما وصفهم لوران فابيوس وزير خارجية فرنسا الأسبق على الحدود التركية السورية. وهذا الإصرار أكثر من صبر تاريخي، بل هو خيار استراتيجي، ربما يكون قد بلغ مراحله النهائية.

– ما جرى في البحرين من قتل بدم بارد بجرم لم ينل تحقيقاً ولا محاكمة لشبان اعتقلوا من حراك الشارع البحراني، ووجّهت لهم الاتهامات بتفجير آلية من آليات درع الجزيرة، وتنفيذ حكم الإعدام بهم من دون محاكمة فعلية، يقول إن السعودية التي أمرت بالقتل ترسم خطاً أحمر لقبولها بالتسويات في المنطقة. وهو التسليم بجعل شعوب بلاد الخليج عبيدا لآل سعود كشرط مسبق لتسويات خارج الخليج، وإلا فلا مانع لدى السعودية من بقاء الحروب مشتعلة وإنفاق كل المال والمجيء بكل المتطرفين والمرتزقة لخوضها. وهذا يعني تحويل السعودية عملياً وتدريجياً إلى أكبر فرصة لسيطرة داعش.

– سيطرة داعش على السعودية جغرافياً وسكانياً وعسكرياً، وتجذُّر مشروعه فيها يبدو خشبة خلاص داعش في ضوء الهزائم التي يُمنَى بها التنظيم في العراق، وصعوبة الصمود عندما تدور آلة الحرب عليه في سورية، وفي ضوء التسابق الأوروبي الروسي على منع داعش من الاستقرار في ليبيا، كبديل متوقع لداعش بعد العراق وسورية، فيصير المنطقي أن يبني التنظيم خطته نحو السعودية للسنتين المقبلتين، ولا يبدو أن حكام السعودية يمانعون بذلك أو لا يدركونه، بل يقولون للعالم عليكم أن تختاروا بين سيطرتنا بهمجيتنا على النفط، أو تسليمه لداعش بوحشيته.

– السعودية تضع المنطقة والعالم بين خيارَيْ التسليم بعبودية ذليلة لشعوب الخليج أو تسليم منابع النفط لداعش. والمقارنة بين ما جرى في العراق، وما قد يجري في السعودية يصير الأمر منطقياً. فالبيئة جاهزة شعبياً والولاءات للتطرف والتكفير والدم لدى مشايخ الوهابية تُظهرها فتاوى علنية.

– بين حدَّيْ هذه الثنائية لم يعد ممكناً لأحد مخاطبة شعب البحرين بطلب الصبر والتحمّل. فالمقاومة صارت خياراً لا يمكن لأحد استهجانه واعتباره تسرّعاً أو انفعالاً، وإذا كان السعوديون يريدون إضعاف نفوذ إيران في الخليج فهم ينجحون، بأن يجعلوا الشعوب تتمرّد على نصائح إيران بالتهدئة والتمسك بالسلمية، لأنهم يغتالون كل نداء للحكمة.


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Obama signs bill making alternative media illegal

President Obama has just quietly signed into law a bill that makes it illegal to run an alternative media website in the U.S.

On Friday, just two days before Christmas, Obama signed the “Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017” bill into law. reports:

This bill will “Criminalize ‘Fake News, Propaganda’ on the Web,” a key piece of legislation meant to crack down on free speech and independent media. In Layman’s terms, the act will allow the government to crack down with impunity against any media outlet it deems “propaganda.” The next piece of the legislation will provide substantial amounts of money to fund “counter propaganda,” to make sure the government’s approved stories drown out alternative media and journalists who question the status quo.

The “right to free speech and freedom of the press,” is guaranteed by the First Amendment to The U.S. Constitution. It is a foundation of American values, put in place by our Founding Fathers to protect our liberties, is now being endangered by this new law.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The liberty of the press is essential to the security of freedom in a state: it ought not, therefore, to be restrained in this commonwealth.” – John Adams, Samuel Adams, James Bowdoin (1780). Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This is not the first time that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was used to disguise a piece of legislation. Back in 2012, Obama signed a law that allowed for the “indefinite detention of American citizens” without a judge or jury. Then in 2013, Obama signed an NDAA bill that packaged an end to the Smith-Mundit act that prevented the government from using propaganda against its own citizens enabling the government again to legally produce propaganda.

What does that mean for you if you are an independent journalist or blogger? You can read more here, but it means that for simply writing this and asking questions and pointing out that Obama always signs these bills around the holidays like I did in this poem, if I am accused of “fake news” or propaganda, I could face criminal charges.

In other words the stage is now set for the U.S. government to legally crack down on every media outlet that the they deem to be “foreign propaganda.” The ministry of truth is setup. Welcome to 1984.

In a statement, Obama said that:

Today, I have signed into law S. 2943, the “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017.” This Act authorizes fiscal year 2017 appropriations principally for the Department of Defense and for Department of Energy national security programs, provides vital benefits for military personnel and their families, and includes authorities to facilitate ongoing operations around the globe. It continues many critical authorizations necessary to ensure that we are able to sustain our momentum in countering the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and to reassure our European allies, as well as many new authorizations that, among other things, provide the Departments of Defense and Energy more flexibility in countering cyber-attacks and our adversaries’ use of unmanned aerial vehicles.”

Turkey’s Attempted Coup – Cui Bono? An [Organized] Gift From Allah?

Global Research, August 02, 2016

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

(J. Edgar Hoover, Elks Magazine, August 1956.)

On 23rd May Sean Adl-Tabatabai wrote what now surely seems a prophetic article: “Erdogan Is Preparing For Military Coup In Turkey.” 

The writer warned that:

“President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to be out of control. He is cracking down on opposition, imprisoning opponents and seizing media outlets … the Turkish leader has threatened to dissolve the Constitutional Court.” This at a time when: “ …the security problems have deteriorated amidst a wave of terrorism.”


“The events make the Turkish military emerge on political landscape again after many years of marginalization during ‘Sultan’ Erdogan’s rule. The divisions between the Turkish military and Erdogan have a long history, but today it is amplified by tumultuous events in and outside the country. For instance, the plans to create a buffer zone in Northern Syria and send the Turkish troops to Syria and Iraq are opposed by military brass.” (Emphasis added.)

“The Turkish military has long seen itself as the ‘guardian of Turkish democracy’ of the staunchly secular state, created by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the modern Turkish Republic.”

“Related Events”: Preparing a Military Coup Leading up to a  ”Failed Coup”? 

On 5th May, Erdogan had sacked his Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu leading to Murat Yetkin, writing in the daily Hurriyet: “As long as Erdogan is President, it will not be important who the Prime Minister is.”

Davutoglu had seemingly been reluctant to endorse Erdogan’s plan to change Turkey’s constitution, creating a US style Presidential system but without the constitutional safeguards pertaining to the US (inadequate as some may think they are) and other Presidential democracies.

On 24th May Erdogan appointed close ally and former Transport Minister Binali Yildrim in Davutoglu’s place. Yildrim had also been responsible for government censorship and expanded state surveillance. Crackdowns on thousands of websites led to Cyber-Rights.Org stating that: “the current Turkish law on controlling internet content, through its procedural and substantive deficiencies, is designed to censor and silence political speech.”

Apart from being dogged by claims of questionable financial dealing, Yildrim has also been accused of being a segregationist, his wife reportedly sitting apart at an official dinner. He is also quoted as declining to go to a particular university after he saw students mixing together in the gardens which, he reflected, would lead him down the wrong path.

Two days after Yildrim became Prime Minister the Speaker of the Turkish parliament, Ismail Kahraman, sparked demonstrations when he talked of the new constitution President Erdogan hoped to achieve:“For one thing, the new constitution should not have secularism”, he said, according to the Turkish media.

“It needs to discuss religion … It should not be irreligious, this new constitution, it should be a religious constitution.” 

Erdogan’s AK Party has roots in political Islam thus pushing to replace the existing constitution toward Sharia law. As Speaker, Kahraman is overseeing efforts to draft the new constitutional text. His comments were widely believed to be a testing of the political waters on behalf of the President.

In context, in the most recent (April 2013) comprehensive survey of attitudes to Sharia law in majority Muslim countries, Pew Research Center found a mere 12% of Turks were in favour of making it the country’s official law.

All in all NATO ally Turkey and would be EU Member was sailing in choppy political waters before the coup and the numerous question marks surrounding it.

President Erdogan was vacationing in the breathtakingly picturesque port town of Marmaris on the Mediterranean coast of south west Turkey when he was alerted to the crisis on Friday, 15 July. He escaped just minutes before a gang rushed the hotel to kill him, we are told.

Marmaris, incidentally, is historically no stranger to drama – and there has been plenty of fleeing from there. The region of it’s location was invaded by Alexander the Great in 334 BC, conquered by Mehmed the Conquerer in the mid-fifteenth century and in 1798 Admiral Lord Nelson “and his entire fleet sheltered in the harbor … en route to Egypt to defeat Napoleon’s armada during the Mediterranean campaign.” In 1958 the town was almost entirely destroyed by an actual earthquake, not a political one. (Wikipedia.)

Minutes after Erdogan left the hotel: “Around twenty five soldiers in helicopters descended (on it) shooting … in an apparent attempt to seize him”, according to CNN Turk.

Not finding him there, oddly the helicopter-facilitated soldiers apparently never thought to seek his vehicle on the road to the nearest airport, Dalaman, a one and a half hour’s drive away.

Further, once in the air: ‘A former military officer with knowledge of the events claimed:

“At least two F-16s harassed Erdogan’s plane while it was in the air en route to Istanbul.

“They locked their radars on his plane and on two other F-16s protecting him.

“Why they didn’t fire is a mystery.” ‘ Indeed.

Back in the severely damaged Presidential palace, with Parliament also ravaged and debris strewn and with, already 265 dead and 1,440 injured, President Erdogan was quoted as announcing the attempted coup: “A gift from Allah.”

Arrested immediately were 2,839 army personnel with 2,745 Judges and Prosecutors ordered detained, as the purge the of accused conspirators began.

In under a week 60,000 people had been fired or detained and 2,300 institutions closed on Erdogan’s orders.Latest figures stand at 70,000 including media, health, education and judiciary purged or interned according to the State sponsored Anadolu news agency – which may be the only news outlet standing since: “at least 131 newspapers, television and radio stations, magazines, publishers and news agencies” have been ordered closed this week alone.” (Independent, 31st July 2016.)

The NATO ally President and would-be European Union Member is clearly not a freedom of the press enthusiast. Reports claim that even prior to the coup attempt – since 2014 – 1,845 journalists, critics and writers have faced accusations of insulting the President – which carries a potential jail sentence.

Of the latest crack down, states Tyler Durden (2) in Zero Hedge, staggeringly:

“In his first ‘emergency powers’ decree … Erdogan authorised the closure of 1,043 private schools, 1,229 charities and foundations, 19 trade unions, 15 universities and 35 hospitals … The government also announced it would seize the properties of all these schools, universities and private institutions.”

A “nice little earner” as the saying goes, in fact surely one of the largest real estate grabs in history. Interestingly the seizures took place just two days after Standard and Poor’s Global Ratings: “ … cut Turkey’s credit rating deeper into junk territory, saying (the) failed coup has undermined the country’s economy and investment environment.”

“The rating now stands at double-B, with a negative outlook, which indicates additional downgrades could follow.” (Wall Street Journal, 20th July.)

Nothing like some prime real estate to fall back on in hard times.

The legality of the real estate grab? Perhaps, as human rights, the law itself is on hold, since Judges have become an endangered species.

Further purge figures are chilling. According to The Independent, by 21st July 2016:

·      9,000 police officers were sacked

·      6,000 military personnel arrested

·      15,200 teachers and education staff sacked

·      6,500 education ministry staff suspended

·      1,577 university Deans ordered to resign

·      8,777 Interior Ministry workers dismissed

·      1,500 Finance Ministry staff fired

Two hundred and fifty staff, including administrative and management have been fired from Turkish Airlines, Europe’s fourth largest carrier

Landline operator Turk Telekom, thirty percent State-owned, has fired employees in “cooperation with the security forces” with some managers reportedly summoned by prosecutors.

Additionally, 50,000 passports have been cancelled.

Amnesty International has already issued an alarming Report (3) claiming:

“ … credible reports that Turkish police in Ankara and Istanbul are holding detainees in stress positions for up to 48 hours, denying them food, water and medical treatment … In the worst cases some have been subjected to severe beatings and torture, including rape.

“… The grim details that we have documented are just a snapshot of the abuses that might be happening in places of detention,” said Amnesty International’s Europe director John Dalhuisen.


(There are) “multiple reports of detainees being held in unofficial locations such as sports centres and a stable. Some detainees, including at least three Judges, were held in the corridors of courthouses.”


“ … 650-800 male soldiers were being held in the Ankara police headquarters sports hall. At least 300 of the detainees showed signs of having been beaten. Some detainees had visible bruises, cuts, or broken bones. Around 40 were so badly injured they could not walk. Two were unable to stand. One woman who was also detained in a separate facility there had bruising on her face and torso.”

“Lawyers described how people were brought before prosecutors for interrogation with their shirts covered in blood.” The full Report on a NATO ally and EU aspirant Member is a shocking read – as is the near silence of NATO Member nations and those of the EU. The West is remarkably selective over those deemed despots who “torture and kill their own people.”

In another alleged atrocity:

“The top counter-terrorism official responsible for Turkey’s campaign against Islamic State (went to) a ‘meeting’ at the Presidential palace in Ankara. He was later found with his hands tied behind his back, shot in the neck, according to a senior official.” (4)

Ironically, Turkey is a member of the Council of Europe and is bound by the European Convention on Human Rights. It is also signatory to the United Nations Convention Against Torture.

Mr Erdogan is also reported as seeking to introduce constitutional changes bringing the Turkish intelligence agency and military Chief of Staff directly under his control. Just four days after the alleged coup he talked of bringing back the death penalty for a horrifying 8,777 people who have not even been charged or tried yet.

“Why should I keep them and feed them in prisons, for years to come?” he is quoted as saying. (5)

It has to be asked, how did the President and his loyalists, taken by surprise by an attempted coup,organize the logistics of the arresting, rounding up, firing of 70,000 people in such a short space of time?

List names, addresses, places of work, organize teams to apprehend them, write letters or visit them to fire them. An operation of such magnitude would surely take weeks, if not months to organize. 

Discussing the all with a canny, politically savvy Turkish businessman, his view: “No, he didn’t plan it but he got everything he wanted from it – again – so who did to put him in to such a driving seat …?

Incidentally, the dictionary definition of “cui bono” is: “a principle that probable responsibility for an act or event lies with one having something to gain.” (Merriam Webster.)







Kuwaiti MP Dashti Sentenced to 14 Years for criticizing Saudi terror Acts


Local Editor

MP DashtiThe Criminal Court on Wednesday convicted Kuwaiti MP Abdulhamid Dashti in absentia and sentenced him to 14 years in prison for “defaming Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.”

The Public Prosecution had charged him with “discrediting Saudi Arabia” and filed three lawsuits against him, reported local Arabic daily Al-Qabas.

It is worth noting that MP Dashti harshly has criticized the Saudi role in supporting the terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria and in launching the destructive war on Yemen.

He also lashed out the Bahraini regime for oppressing the citizens, insisting on publicizing the issue.

Source: Agencies

27-07-2016 – 18:47 Last updated 27-07-2016 – 18:47


Bahraini Regime Court Raises List of Alleged Charges against Sheikh Qassem

Local Editor

Sheikh Issa QassemThe Bahraini Public Prosecution Raised a list of charges against Bahrain’s Shia spiritual leader Sheikh Issa Qassem, related to his religious duty concerning the Khums (alms) obligatory ritual practiced by the Shia, who represent the majority of the Bahraini population, Bahrain Mirror reported.

The charges raised against Ayatollah Qassem and two others include raising sums of money whose source they concealed while aware that they were illegally collected without a license.

The prosecution claims that the defendants made deposits and withdrawals, purchases, allocations and distributions, to show that the sums of money were collected lawfully contrary to reality.

Bahrainis religious scholars issued a statement in which they condemned the regime’s action against the leader of the Shiites in the country, noting that the charges violate one of their basic creeds.

The statement also considered that targeting Sheikh Qassem harms all the Shiites in Bahrain.

Source: Agencies

26-07-2016 – 16:02 Last updated 26-07-2016 – 16:02

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CrossTalk: Erdogan’s Turkey

Turkey’s Fake Coup: Erdogan’s Tendency to Continue Dictatorship?

Zeinab Daher

Amid the military coup attempt that flared up in Turkey on the night of July 15, 2016, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s crackdown on those participating in or supporting it was heavy enough to shadow repercussions on the entire country.

But who was behind it? And why was it dead soon after?

The latest developments storming the Turkish political scene were briefly discussed by journalist Yiğit Günay in an exclusive interview with al-Ahed news.

Commenting on who is behind the coup attempt that was conducted by a portion of the army, Günay estimated that according to the government, it was the Fethullah Gülen network, the religious and political sects that were allies with Erdogan’s party, the AKP, for many years up until 2013.

“In 2013, the alliance between Erdogan and Gülen sect was broken, and since then, the government was calling them Fethullah Gülen “terrorist organization”, persecuting many state officials under the pretext that they are part of the network. So the government claims that they are the ones behind the coup,” Günay said.

He further explained that

“In reality, who is behind the coup? We don’t know. Now we started to learn the physical names of which officials were involved in the attempt. But the motivations and the means of organization and political goals are kind of obscure.

However, he considered that if Gülen was behind the coup, the most reasonable thing that they would do is to reject any ties to it because it has failed.

“Now they are taking measures to protect themselves. It is very predictable that they would reject.”

False Operation?

“We, the Turkish people, are kind of experienced about military coups, and how it goes on practically on the ground. The latest coup was totally weird. Most of the important institutions were left out, but almost not a single political official leader was detained. Everybody was speaking on the televisions. Because of this, there is right now a kind of a theory that claims it may be a false operation by Erdogan to strengthen his position enough right now because it is certain that in the upcoming days and weeks and months we will see real surge of the Islamic thought. Erdogan’s government was in that shape, it was politically in a very bad position.”

Whether it is reasonable or not, Günay mentioned that he had some basic knowledge that the number of soldiers of the armed forces participating in the coup attempt was not really enough to take the control of 8 million people.

“It was mainly centered in Istanbul and Ankara. For example, in the proper coup, you would expect the army to go to the parliament with hundreds of soldiers and then they just keep on the politicians there and keep the parliament building under their control. However, shooting fire from helicopters to the building doesn’t make sense. It is not how coups were staged before in Turkey.”

“It gives us the idea that it was not the majority of the army that participated in the coup. And after Erdogan’s appearance, when he began to speak over the phone to televisions, we witnessed senior generals also calling the televisions and condemning the attempt. So the question was: is it under the chain of command of the army or not?”

If it is under the chain of command, then it is practically possible for the army to really take over control. But then, with the appearance of Erdogan, the government had the psychological upper hand, and then they called the people on the streets, Günay added.

Whether any other similar incidents are likely to take place in the country, Günay said he doesn’t think that other flare ups would be possible in the coming days, but of course, it is a coup, and you cannot predict it. When you can predict it, then it is different.

“Right now, my estimation about what we will see in the upcoming days is a counter-coup by the AKP government because Erdogan’s dictatorial eagerness did not really have legitimacy. The main missing part of Erdogan’s political goals was legitimacy.”

Günay further expressed that despite the fact that Erdogan’s ruling won the majority of the votes, he still didn’t win the legitimacy in the country. The coup attempt has given him a very strong card to play to increase that legitimacy, and it will be much harder for the opposition to continue their struggle ideologically and politically, and probably also physically, because the coup was also an explosion in the decisiveness of the “Islamist” groups in Turkey.

However, in the meantime, Günay thinks that we will see quite the opposite. Erdogan’s rein will increase, and one of the main problems that Erdogan wouldn’t be able to solve is the issue of presidency.

In Turkey it is not like the American type of presidency.

The president here is the leader of the political party and has the authority over the government and the parliament. Erdogan has been trying to change the political regime for quite some time, and he could not really find the support and legitimacy to do it.

In all, Günay considered that the coup attempt increased Erdogan’s hopes to continue the dictatorial tendencies he has, “we will see, but it is still a little bit early to comment on this.”

Journalist Yiğit Günay

* Yiğit Günay is a freelance journalist based in Turkey. He has a master degree in art history, abachelor degree in political science and international relations, and he has also studied Spanish language and Literature.

Source: al-Ahed News

21-07-2016 | 13:36

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Ignorant-fanatics terrorist’s supporters went crazy with the failed coup against the Turkish bloodthirsty dictator [photos]

Syrian Free Press


“when the mother of the jerks is always pregnant”




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İdlip’te Darbe Girişimine Protesto

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