Can you imagine if someone said “jews aren’t wanted here”. Why do we let them get away with it?

‘They Aren’t Wanted Here’: Israeli Defense Minister Calls for Boycott of Arabs

Sputnik – 10.12.2017

According to the Israeli defense minister, residents of the Jewish state’s area populated mostly by Arabs “have no connection with this country.”

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has stated that the Arabs residing in the Wadi Ara region “do not belong” to the Jewish state and called for a boycott.

They should understand that they are not wanted here, they are not part of us,” the minister told the Army Radio.

Commenting on Saturday’s protests in the region over US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Jewish state’s capital, Lieberman said that Wadi Ara residents “have no connection with this country,” adding that the riots are “intolerable.”

“So I am calling for a boycott of Wadi Ara. Don’t go there and don’t buy there. They need to understand that it is impossible to demonstrate with Hezbollah flags, Palestinian flags and pictures of [Hezbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah. To accept billions from the National Insurance [Institute] and to also destroy us from within,” he said.

Echoing Lieberman’s statement, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett has stated that “Israeli Arabs should not test our patience.”

The statements referred to protests along Route 65, when demonstrators threw rocks at car and a bus, injuring three, while about 200 people blocked the main highway in the Wadi Ara, an area in Israel populated mainly by Arab citizens of Israel.

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Saturday also saw protests in eastern Jerusalem, Bethlehem and areas on the Israeli-Palestinian border, with at least 140 Palestinians being injured in clashes with Israeli police, according to the Red Crescent.The protests followed the so-called “day of rage” mass rallies on Friday that have resulted in two deaths and injured over 1,000 others.

Following Trump’s controversial announcement generally criticized by the international community, a number of protests were held in Muslim countries that have slammed the move as destabilizing the situation in the Middle East.


israel’s Rogue Arms Trade

by Jonathan Cook

Israel has not divulged details of its ties to Myanmar's military government, but public records show that it has sold the military there armed patrol boats, guns and surveillance equipment [File: Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters]

Israel has not divulged details of its ties to Myanmar’s military government, but public records show that it has sold the military there armed patrol boats, guns and surveillance equipment [File: Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters]

Human rights activists are stepping up efforts to expose Israel’s long and covert history of supplying weapons and military training to regimes while they actively commit massacres, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

The issue of Israel’s trade with rogue regimes has been thrust into the spotlight again after revelations that it is sending weapons to Myanmar, in defiance of a US and European arms embargo.

Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar was condemned last month by the United Nations for conducting what it called a “textbook ethnic cleansing” of the Rohingya, a Muslim minority. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya are reported to have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh in recent weeks, after evidence of the torching of entire villages, massacres and systematic rapes.

Israel has not divulged details of its ties to Myanmar’s military government, but public records show that it has sold the military there armed patrol boats, guns and surveillance equipment. Myanmar’s special forces have also been trained by Israelis.

Human rights groups are set to stage a protest outside Israel’s parliament on October 30, calling for an immediate halt to the weapons sales to Myanmar.

Israeli firms have also broken with the United States and Europe by supplying weapons and surveillance equipment to militias in South Sudan, where a civil war has raged since late 2013. Some 300,000 Sudanese are believed to have been killed in the fighting.

Eitay Mack, a human rights lawyer, has submitted a spate of petitions to the Israeli courts in an attempt to bring to light details of Israel’s trade with such regimes. He said the cases were designed to hasten war crimes investigations of the officials and contractors involved.

“Many Western states sell arms, but what’s unique about Israel is that, wherever war crimes and crimes against humanity are being committed, you find Israel is present,” Mack told Al Jazeera.

“The companies selling the weapons, and the officials who quietly approve the trade, must be held accountable. Otherwise, why would this ever stop?”

Clandestine practice

Mack said that Israel’s collusion with Myanmar’s military was part of a pattern of aiding rogue regimes that went back decades and reflected the importance of the arms trade to Israel’s economy.

Over the summer, it was revealed that Israeli defence officials approve 99.8 percent of all requests for arms export licences.

As well as fuelling the current violence in Myanmar and South Sudan, Israel has been accused of clandestinely providing arms used in notorious past episodes of genocide and ethnic cleansing in places such as Rwanda, the Balkans, Chile, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Haiti, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Israel also cultivated close ties to apartheid South Africa, Mack noted.

Yair Auron, a genocide researcher at Israel’s Open University, said that Israel’s supply of weapons to regimes such as Myanmar should be compared to the sending of arms to Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.

“These sales turn me and all Israelis into criminals, because they are sent in our name,” he told Al Jazeera. “We are abetting genocide.”

Efforts by human rights groups to shed light on Israel’s collusion with Myanmar have so far been frustrated by Israeli authorities and the courts.

The Haaretz daily accused Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman of “lying” when he claimed in parliament last month that Israel’s policy in Myanmar accorded with that of the “enlightened world”.

Officials refused to disclose information of arms exports to the military government during a hearing at Israel’s Supreme Court last month on a petition to halt the sales. Lawyers for the state insisted on closed-door sessions when discussing relations with Myanmar.

The three judges hearing the case issued a gag order to prevent publication of their decision, widely assumed to have approved the continuation of arms sales. They justified the blackout on the grounds that publicity risked damaging Israel’s foreign relations.

Late last year, the same court rejected a petition demanding that officials release documents showing Israel’s role in arming Serbian forces that carried out massacres of Bosnians in the 1990s.

Campaigners are waiting on hearings in a host of other cases concerning South Sudan, Rwanda, Chile, Haiti and Argentina.

In August, Israeli officials argued before the Supreme Court that its exports to militias in South Sudan were “lawful”.

Evidence suggests that Israel sold rifles and surveillance equipment to militias and the army in South Sudan. A UN report found that the Israeli-made Ace and Galil rifles were in widespread use there. 

‘No oversight’

Next week, the Supreme Court is due to hear a petition on Israel’s involvement in Rwanda, where it reportedly armed Hutus who carried out genocidal attacks against Tutsis.

Mack noted that there were a handful of officials in the Israeli Defence Ministry overseeing some 400,000 annual permits issued for weapons sales. “That means in practice, there is no oversight at all,” he said.

Israeli companies, meanwhile, are authorised to sell arms to some 130 countries, though activists say there are other states with which Israel deals covertly.

Israel is the only major weapons exporter that has consistently bucked the global trend of a downturn in arms sales. In March, it was reported that Israel’s weapons trade in 2016 was worth some $6.5bn, up from $5.7bn the year before. That included a 70 percent jump in sales to Africa.

If countries want the best arms, then they probably go to the US and Europe. But when no one else will sell to you, then you turn to Israel.

John Brown, investigative journalist

African states accused of widespread human rights abuses were among more than 100 countries that attended the annual Israel Defence Exhibition, a weapons trade fair, in June.

Despite its tiny size, Israel is believed to be the sixth biggest arms exporter in the world – and the largest one per capita.

That has made arms sales integral to the Israeli economy, accounting for possibly as much as 8 percent of gross domestic product. As many as 100,000 Israeli households are reported to be dependent on the arms industry.

John Brown, an investigative journalist with the Haaretz newspaper who writes under a pseudonym, said there was a long history of what he called “Uzi diplomacy” – referring to the Israeli sub-machine gun that became a favourite with security forces around the world from the 1960s onwards.

“If countries want the best arms, then they probably go to the US and Europe. But when no one else will sell to you, then you turn to Israel,” he told Al Jazeera.

“The benefits for Israel are not just measured in money. Often even more important are the diplomatic and strategic alliances Israel can gain from this arms trade.”

A conduit for drones

Mack said that mounting international outrage over the plight of Myanmar’s Muslim minority provided an opportunity to shine a light on Israel’s long role in supporting regimes in the midst of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

In what sounded like a rare rebuke to Israel, Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, said last month: “Any country that is currently providing weapons to the Burmese military should suspend these activities until sufficient accountability measures are in place.”

Although the Israeli courts have blocked access to documents that could shed light on what arms have gone to Myanmar, activists have been able to identify some dealings from open sources

In September 2015, Min Aung Hlaing, the commander of Myanmar’s army, posted on social media details of a “shopping trip” to Israel that included visits to leading Israeli weapons manufacturers and a meeting with the Israeli military’s chief of staff, Gadi Eisenkott.

A year later, Michael Ben Baruch, an Israeli defence ministry official in charge of exports, visited Myanmar to meet its army’s top brass to sign a deal for patrol boats.

Shortly afterwards, the website of TAR Ideal Concepts, an Israeli company, posted images of its staff training Myanmar special forces and teaching them how to handle Israeli-made Corner-Shot guns.

Other analysts have suggested that Israel has also been acting as a conduit for Chinese weapons, including drones, to Myanmar, allowing Beijing to bypass the embargo.

“There is no statute of limitations on war crimes and crimes against humanity, so we will keep putting Israeli officials under pressure till the trade stops,” Mack said. “They will have to endure a regular ‘walk of shame’ in the courts, forcing them to explain their policies and why the documents remain secret.”

He noted that Israel’s success in arms dealing was intimately tied to five decades of its control over the occupied Palestinian territories.

“Israeli companies exploit Israel’s long experience there to sell arms, arguing that the weapons and training have been tested in real-world conditions.”

Brown said that Israel appeared to be indifferent towards the victims of the violence it helped to stoke. This was especially evident during the so-called “Dirty War” in Argentina, through much of the 1970s, when 30,000 left-wing activists were “disappeared”, he said. Israel is believed to have supplied the military government there with some $700m in weapons. 

“Of those killed, probably some 2,000 were Argentinian Jews,” he said. “Israel knew that the weapons it was selling were being turned on Jews, but that did not stop it selling arms. It simply didn’t care.”


بن سلمان في تل أبيب لتمويل حرب «إسرائيلية» فهل حانت ساعة نهاية الكيان!؟

أكتوبر 23, 2017

محمد صادق الحسيني

أفادت مصادر صحافية استقصائية على ارتباط وثيق جداً بدوائر صنع القرار في دول عظمى وأخرى «شرق أوسطية» مهمة وفاعلة حول التوتر المتزايد الذي تشهده المناطق الحدودية في الجولان السوري وجنوب سورية بما يلي:

أولاً: توصّل القادة العسكريون والسياسيون «الإسرائيليون»، بعد سلسلة اللقاءات التي أجروها في كلّ من واشنطن وموسكو سوتشي مع المعنيين في البلدين، الى قناعة راسخة بأنّ كلتا الدولتين لا تعيران اهتماماً لمصالح واحتياجات «إسرائيل» الأمنية في سورية..

ثانياً: تكرّست هذه القناعة بشكل خاص بعد زيارة وزير الدفاع الروسي إلى تل أبيب والاتصال الهاتفي الذي أجراه نتن ياهو مع الرئيس بوتين قبل أيام، والذي ألحّ فيه على ضرورة عمل الدول العظمى على منع الحرس الثوري الإيراني وحزب الله من تثبيت وتعزيز القواعد التي أقاموها، ومعهم حركة النجباء العراقية، على طول حدود الجولان، خاصة في منطقة التلول… الشعار / الأحمر / اللواء 90 / إلى جانب تلك القواعد المقامة في منطقة درعا.

ثالثاً: قامت هيئة الأركان «الإسرائيلية»، بإعداد خطة يقوم بموجبها الجيش الإسرائيلي «بالقضاء على هذا الخطر» بنفسه، بعد لقاء رئيس الوزراء «الإسرائيلي» مع الرئيس ترامب وعدم حصوله على ضمانات أميركية بإبعاد قواعد قوات حزب الله والحرس الثوري الإيراني مسافة أربعين كيلومتراً عن الحدود مع الجولان.

وترى الخطة البدء بإجراء تصعيد الضغط العسكري جواً وبراً مدفعية على مواقع الجيش السوري وحلفائه في المناطق ذات العلاقة بهدف إيصال رسالة الى مَن يهمّه الأمر بضرورة الاستجابة إلى مطالب «إسرائيل»، ثم الانتقال إلى مرحلة دمج العمليات الأمنية الاغتيالات جواً وبراً، أيّ تفجيرات أو قصف جوي، بحسب ما تقتضيه طبيعة الهدف. نقول دمج العمليات الأمنية مع زيادة الضغط الجوي على المواقع المذكورة أعلاه وصولاً الى سعسع / الكسوة / ولمدة شهرين الى ثلاثة أشهر.

رابعاً: أما إذا لم تحقق هذه الحملة الأهداف المرجوة من ورائها، ألا وهي إقامة منطقه عازلة بعمق أربعين كلم خلف الحدود مع الجولان، فإنّ على «إسرائيل» أن تبادر للقيام بتحقيق ذلك عن طريق تنفيذ عملية عسكرية تتمّ من خلالها السيطرة على شريط يمتدّ من:

جبل الشيخ / سعسع / انخل / نوى / طفس.

خامساً: إنّ عمليات الإغارة المحدودة التي تقوم بها «إسرائيل» داخل الاراضي السورية تعتبر جزءاً من هذه الخطة والتي تمّت مناقشتها بشكل مستفيض مع محمد بن سلمان، ولي عهد السعودية، خلال زيارات ثلاث قام بها لـ»إسرائيل» وكانت آخرها قبل أيام عندما عاد والده من زيارته الى موسكو ولم يكن في استقباله في مطار الرياض وهو ما يؤكده شهود عيان فلسطينيون و«إسرائيليون» معروفون شاهدوه بالعين المجردة في أحد شوارع تل أبيب.

سادساً: عقد محمد بن سلمان لقاء مع رئيس الوزراء «الإسرائيلي» إلى جانب ثلاثة لقاءات عقدها مع وزير «الدفاع» «الاسرائيلي»، أفيغدور ليبرمان ورئيس أركانه غابي إيزنكوت، وذلك في وزارة الدفاع «الاسرائيلية» في تل أبيب.

وكان أهمّ ما طرح للنقاش في هذه الاجتماعات:

– أهمية قيام «اسرائيل» بتنفيذ العملية المذكوره أعلاه وما سيترتب عليها من لجم إيران في المنطقة ووقف تمدّدها الخطير.

– تمويل هذه الحملة العسكرية ضدّ سورية وحلفائها من قبل السعودية، بما في ذلك تمويل إعادة إعمار ما قد يتمّ تدميره في «إسرائيل» خلال الحرب المقبلة.

– قيام «إسرائيل» بالعمل، من خلال قوى الضغط اليهودية في الولايات المتحدة، على رفع أسعار النفط في العام المقبل بين خمسة إلى عشرة دولارات للبرميل، وذلك لمساعدة السعودية على تمويل تكاليف الحرب «الإسرائيلية» المقبلة والتي قال ليبرمان لضيفه «أنّ كلفتها ستكون على السعودية أقلّ بكثير عما لو أنها وقعت بين إيران والسعودية مباشرة».

سابعاً: تمّ الاتفاق على مواصلة اللقاءات والمتابعة الحثيثة من أجل تنسيق المواقف بين الطرفين لضمان أفضل النتائج، باتجاه الهدف، ألا وهو ضرب قوات حزب الله والحرس الثوري والجيش السوري للحدّ من نفوذ إيران من دون الانزلاق الى حرب «شمالية» قد تتحوّل حرباً إقليمية، حسب عبارات ليبرمان.

وهنا ثمّة مَن يقول بأنّ تل ابيب ربما تكون بعملياتها هذه تُفضي أو تنزلق أو بوعي أو دون أن تريد إلى حرب نهايتها..!

والسبب في ذلك هو أنّ الدوائر الضيقة المحيطة بنتن ياهو في تل أبيب باتت لا تملك خيارات كثيرة أمام لامبالاة المجتمع الدولي نحوها من جهة، ووجود عمى بصر وبصيرة لما يحصل في تشكيلات محور المقاومة الذي بات ممتداً من مضيق هرمز إلى باب المندب، ومن طهران إلى غزة مدعوماً بتفاهمات روسية أميركية مصلحية عالية السقف مكرهة لواشنطن بسبب ضيق خيارات الأخيرة…

ويأتون بمثل لافت على ذلك وهو تخلّي واشنطن وأذنابها في المنطقة عن البرزاني رغم تشجيعهم وتمويلهم خطوته الأخيرة الاستفتاء ، ولكن التخلي عنه بمجرد خسارته للمواجهة مع بغداد جعل البرزاني يفقد سيطرته في كردستان ويفقد أعصابه بسبب الهزيمة التي شبّهها البعض بهزيمة والده في نهاية الحرب العالمية الثانية جمهورية مهاباد .

فجاءت عملية القنصلية الإيرانية في أربيل بأمر من غرفة عمليات الموساد في أربيل مثلاً، الأمر الذي رأى فيه المراقبون دليلاً على إفلاس «إسرائيل» نهائياً في مواجهة محور المقاومة إلا بوسائل مشاغبة ومشاغلة…!

أيّ أنها أصبحت تتصرّف بنزق شديد سواء في كردستان أو في سورية ولبنان، ذلك لانعدام قدرة «إسرائيل» على قراءة المتغيّرات العميقة التي أصابت الصفائح التكتونية الصفائح الجيولوجية لقشرة الأرض لجغرافيا الشرق الأوسط السياسية.

وهنا يكمن بيت القصيد، إذ يجزم المراقبون اصحاب الاختصاص بأن هذا النمط لسلوك صانعي القرار في «إسرائيل» تجاه محور المقاومة في قضية كردستان ينسجم تماماً مع خططهم لتنفيذ العملية البرية اليائسة في جنوب غرب سورية، والتي قد تدفعهم في لحظة «مقامرة» بتوسيع الحزام ليصل إلى طريق دمشق بيروت عند نقطة المصنع اللبناني، كما تتحدّث دوائر تل ابيب القريبة من نتن ياهو في غرفها المغلقة، وذلك بهدف إقامة منطقه عازلة على طول خط وقف إطلاق النار في الجولان وصولاً الى غرب درعا…

في الساعات القليلة الماضية عادت تل أبيب لتأكيد أنها ستصعّد ردها على أي إطلاق للنيران من سورية بهدف تأمين منطقة الشمال من أي مفاجآت غير محسوبة…!

السؤال الذي يطرح نفسه الآن، هل ستقدم تل أبيب على لعب القمار مع مصيرها بخطوة عالية التوتر مع سورية، لأنها أدركت بأنها خسرت كل الاوراق هناك ولم يبق لها الا الحرب وبتمويل سعودي وضوء أخضر أميركي بذريعة وقف الزحف الإيراني الحزب اللهي الذي يستعدّ لاستعادة غزة أيضاً..!؟

أم أنها تتخوّف من خطة مشتركة إيرانية سورية حزب اللهية صارت جاهزة للانطلاق من لبنان، كما من سورية في آن معاً، للسيطرة على الجليل والجولان، إذا تمادت «إسرائيل» كثيراً باستفزازاتها فستفاجأ بها، إذا تراخت، ولو للحظة واحدة…!؟

في الحالتين، ما يسمى بالمجتمع الدولي وبينه اميركا لم يعد بقادر على السيطرة على حرب من هذا النوع ستشترك فيها عشرات الألوف من قوى المجتمع العربي والإسلامي الحية، ومعها دول ذات وزن لا يعرف أحد كيف وأين ستتدخل، وبأي نوع من أنواع السلاح والتكتيكات القاتلة هذه المرة مع ما يُشاع عن امتلاك محور المقاومة «سلاحاً سرياً يُعمي بصر إسرائيل» أي يعطل القوة الجوية فيها هذه المرّة..!

فهل حانت ساعة نهاية «إسرائيل» أمام أعين المجتمع الغربي العاجز..!؟

ننتظر ونرى،

بعدنا طيّبين، قولوا الله…

Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians becomes official israel policy

‘Transferring’ Palestinian Citizens of Israel Become Policy

Transferring’ Palestinian citizens of Israel to a Palestinian state goes from outrage to Netanyahu policy


The Israeli press reports that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now adopted an idea that had been beyond the pale: transfer– stripping Israeli Palestinians of citizenship without their OK and making them citizens of another country, all of course on a religious-ethnic basis.

A Palestinian lawmaker in Israel’s parliament accused Netanyahu of endorsing a “war crime.”

The news is that in talks with Trump administration officials, Netanyahu has reportedly endorsed the idea of swapping portions of Israeli land containing Palestinian communities for portions of occupied land in the West Bank containing Jewish settlers as a means to establish a Palestinian state.

This idea has long been advocated by Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s Defense Minister, who promptly tweeted his pleasure over Netanyahu’s shift.

The idea is shocking to liberals, including liberal Zionists. Lara Friedman of the Foundation for Middle East Peace writes:

Message of Bibi’s endorsement of populated land swaps: citizenship of Jews is inalienable right; citizenship of Arabs is revocable privilege

Marian Houk explains the “Jewish state” angle on this policy:

For this precise reason Palest Arab Israeli MKs insisted that Palestinian leadership reject Bibi’s demand for recognition of *Jewish* state

Haaretz reports the news:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed with Washington in recent weeks the idea of redrawing the borders in any future agreement with the Palestinians, incorporating the major settlement blocs into Israel, while drawing out the heavily populated Israeli-Arab area of Wadi Ara and making it part of a future Palestinian state… The discussions, first reported by Channel 2, mean that Netanyahu – in conversations with US President Donald Trump’s advisers Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt – has adopted a proposal put forward years ago by Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who has been advocating for several years to hand over Wadi Ara to the Palestinians in a future peace agreement, tweeted on Thursday night: “Mr. prime minister, welcome to the club.”

Wadi Ara is an area in Israel southwest of Afula, and west of Jenin across the old Green Line, that has several Palestinian towns.

Palestinian Israelis are of course enraged by this idea. Again from Haaretz:

[Member of Knesset] Aida Touma-Suliman responded on Thursday to the report about Netanyahu’s proposal. “The cat is out of the bag and Netanyahu has shown his true colors regarding the Arab population,” she said. “Lieberman’s plan has been adopted by the prime minister,” she said.

“The Ara residents are not only Israeli citizens, they’re also indigenous people who dwell on their land, and are not to be compared with settlers dwelling on another nation’s land. We the Arab citizens aren’t part of any such equation and aren’t willing to pay the price again for Israel’s policy of occupation and settlements

Another Palestinian official in Knesset with the Joint List, Yousef Jabareen, said in a statement this morning:

“Netanyahu actually calls to commit war crimes!”

“Netanyahu does not miss any opportunity to continue with his campaign of incitement and de-legitimacy against the Arab population and its leadership. He also exhibits a lot of ignorance when he compares between Arab citizens of Israel and settlers. Arab citizens of Israel were not granted citizenship by grace, but were granted citizenship by the fact that they live in their historical homeland. This is in a stark contrast to the settlers of the West Bank who are illegally occupying the lands they stole by force from their Palestinian owners.”

Jabareen added, “Practically speaking, Netanyahu calls to carry out two war crimes: transfer for Arab citizens, and annexation of illegal settlements. The fate of the war criminals will be at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.”

When Lieberman gave a speech advocating this policy at the U.N. 7 years ago, the Netanyahu government distanced itself from the idea and American Jews condemned it. From Haaretz:

Netanyahu’s advisers tried to downplay the embarrassment caused by Lieberman’s speech, saying a coalition government would be impossible without Lieberman and that ministers can express their personal opinions even in international arenas.

“The international community is aware that this is not the position of the government,” one of the advisers said…

Lieberman’s speech also outraged many American Jews, and some Jewish leaders demanded his resignation.

“If Lieberman can’t keep his personal opinions to himself, he ought to resign from the cabinet,” said Seymour Reich, a former president of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.

Let’s see how many U.S. Jewish groups condemn the idea now. As Israel keeps heading to the right, more and more U.S. Jewish leaders have accommodated themselves to the shift. Even veteran liberal Zionists like Aaron David Miller have accepted the idea of Israel defining itself as “the nation state of the Jewish people.”

Thanks to Ofer Neiman and Allison Deger.

These are the israeli leaders who want to destroy al-Aqsa


Temple Institute head Yisrael Ariel, who has called for the destruction of churches and mosques and the mass slaughter of those who refuse to accept his extreme version of Judaism, at the al-Aqsa mosque compound in June. (via Facebook)

Since the gun battle at the al-Aqsa compound on 14 July that ended in the deaths of three Palestinian citizens of Israel and two Israeli police, Israeli media have largely focused on outrage that anyone would carry out an attack at a holy site, while praising Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s collective punishment against the Palestinian population.

“They are the strife mongers,” Yedioth Ahronot columnist Ben-Dror Yemini wrote. “They are harming the justified struggle for equality. They are spreading lies and nurturing incitement. For our sake, for their sake, Israel’s Arabs should also get rid of this nuisance.”

“Netanyahu and [PA leader Mahmoud] Abbas both acted responsibly to prevent a holy war; but the Arab world’s condemnation of Israel is a reason for concern,” read the subheading of an analysis by Haaretz’s Barak Ravid.

Missing from commentaries across the board has been any acknowledgment of the role played by fanatical settlers intent on wresting control of the al-Aqsa compound in occupied East Jerusalem and eventually destroying it as part of an apocalyptic vision.

The compound, known to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif and to Jews as Temple Mount, includes the al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock. It is one of the holiest shrines for Muslims all over the world, as well as a touchstone of Palestinian identity.

Game changer”

Temple movement leader Yehuda Glick, right, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (via Facebook)

Israelis who seek to take over al-Aqsa see the 14 July attack and subsequent violence as an opportunity to advance this agenda. Immediately after the incident, the Temple movement’s official body released a statement calling to expel Palestinians from the compound: “We must liberate the Temple Mount from the murderous Islam and return it to the people of Israel.”

“Looking forward to building the Temple this year and hope that you will soon see the face of our righteous Messiah,” Baruch Marzel one of the most extreme leaders among Israel’s West Bank settlers, wrote last week in an open letter to the mufti of Jerusalem – the top Muslim official in the city.

Bezalel Smotrich, a Jewish Home party lawmaker, does not want to wait that long. “I would set up a synagogue on the Temple Mount today, this morning,” he said on Monday.

Under Israeli military protection, these settlers and extremists tour the grounds on a daily basis, hoping to provoke violent reactions from Palestinian worshippers by shouting and singing nationalistic anthems.

This then provides occupation forces with the necessary pretext to enact harsh measures, with the eventual goal of cleansing non-Jews and replacing the Muslim holy sites there with a Jewish temple, thus triggering a civilizational clash with Islam.

Yehuda Glick, a longtime leader of the Temple movement, now a Likud Party lawmaker, last week welcomed Israel’s ban on Muslims entering the al-Aqsa compound in the days following the shootings.

“This is an enormous game changer,” he said. “Everything is part of the redemption process but the things that happen on the Temple Mount are especially so.”

“Radical Muslims who desecrate with blood the holiness of the Temple Mount, the holiest place to the Jewish people, have no right to be there,” Glick and the Jewish Home party’s Shuli Moalem-Refaeli said.

Last week, Glick held a Temple movement emergency session in the Knesset building, Israel’s parliament. Attendees included genocide advocate Rabbi Yisrael Ariel and Bentzi Gopstein, leader of the anti-miscegenation youth movement Lehava.

Genocidal ideology

Yisrael Ariel, the chief rabbi of the Temple movement, articulated an apocalyptic end times scenario in 2015.

“[God] is the one who commanded us to go from city to city conquering them, and to impose the seven laws [of the Sons of Noah] throughout the world,” Ariel said.

Ariel added that if Muslims and Christians “raise the flag of [surrender] and say, ‘From now on, there is no more Christianity and no more Islam,’ and the mosques and Christian spires come down,” then they would be allowed to live. “If not,” he warned, “you kill all of their males by sword. You leave only the women.”

“We will conquer Iraq, Turkey [and] we will get to Iran too,” Ariel proclaimed.

Ariel is the founder and head of the Temple Institute, the government-funded group that has published detailed blueprints and a computer animation of what the Temple, to be built over the ruins of al-Aqsa, will look like.

The Temple Institute has received funding from Israel’s education ministry to develop a curriculum to instill “longing for the Temple” in children as young as those attending kindergarten. In 2013, Israel’s mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, presented Ariel with an award for his organization’s work.

This genocidal ideology is rooted in religious Zionism and its political wing is represented by the Jewish Home party.

In 2012, Zevulun Orlev, one of the party’s lawmakers in the Knesset, called for the construction of a temple at the compound, saying that removing the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosque would mean that the “billion-strong Muslim world would surely launch a world war.”

This messianic extremism has taken hold in the Likud Party of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well.

In 2014, Likud’s Moshe Feiglin, then deputy speaker of the Knesset, explained the fanatical worldview. “We are in the major front of the fight for the free world against the evil forces of the most extreme Islam,” Feiglin asserted. “Behind the violence, there is a spiritual battle, and the core of that battle is that place – the Temple Mount.”

Pretext of “religious freedom”

Many other Israeli politicians are following the Temple movement’s lead.

A Likud Party website has launched a petition to “raise the Israeli flag on the Temple Mount.”

“The Temple Mount is not in our hands,” the petition declares. “We must change this absurdity.”

Transport minister Yisrael Katz has vowed that Israel “will not cede sovereignty” over al-Aqsa.

“We need to close the Temple Mount to Muslims for an extended period of time,” Jewish Home lawmaker Moti Yogev said.

Incitement from Israeli officials has become commonplace in recent years. Dozens of Knesset members have given verbal, and even material, support to the Temple movement.

While their statements occasionally elicit a headline, they are rarely taken into consideration in analysis of the explosive situation at the al-Aqsa compound.

This incitement is often couched in calls for Israel to unilaterally change the status quo and allow Jewish prayer at al-Aqsa, citing a lack of religious freedom at the occupied holy site.

But Israel’s official chief rabbis have long formally prohibited prayer by Jews at the compound for theological reasons – out of concern that Jews could inadvertently desecrate places that must remain ritually pure.

In keeping with this tradition, leaders in Israel’s Orthodox Jewish community blame those who insist on going to the al-Aqsa compound for the resulting bloodshed. The prohibition on visiting the Temple Mount is firmly upheld by leading Orthodox rabbis.

“Those who visit the Temple Mount are turning the Israeli-Arab conflict into a religious conflict,” the Eidah Chareidis, a major anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish organization in Jerusalem, has warned.

“The true story”

However, as Feiglin revealed at a Knesset session in 2013, the call for Jews to be allowed to pray at the compound is a pretext for an Israeli seizure of the site.

“Let’s be truthful. The struggle here in not about prayer,” Feiglin admitted. “Arabs don’t mind that Jews pray to God. Why should they care? We all believe in God. The struggle is about sovereignty. That’s the true story here. The story is about one thing only: sovereignty.”

To make the job of journalists covering events at the al-Aqsa compound easier, I have compiled below this article a list of current and former Knesset members and ministers who have supported the Temple movement’s apocalyptic goals in varying degrees.

Some of the Israeli politicians identify with the movement themselves, while others understand it is politically expedient to make public statements in support of Israeli sovereignty at al-Aqsa.

Likud lawmaker Avi Dichter, for example, is a former head of Israel’s Shin Bet secret police. Dichter appeared in the 2012 documentary The Gatekeepers, which marketed him and five other former Shin Bet chiefs as tough but pragmatic security types who have become “doves.”

Israeli lawmaker and former Shin Bet head Avi Dichter posted this photo of himself at the al-Aqsa compound with a call to open it to Jewish prayer. (via Facebook

But last week, Dichter posted on Facebook a photo of himself in front of the Dome of the Rock with text reading, “Open the Temple Mount for Jews.”

Provocation and bloodshed

Given the level of incitement regarding the most sensitive site in the country – on top of the climate of desperation created by Israel’s deadly siege of Gaza, expanding colonies in the occupied West Bank including Jerusalem and the erosion of rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel – attacks like the one on 14 July should come as no surprise to informed observers.

As Dichter said in 2013 when he was public security minister – before embracing the Temple movement’s agenda – Jewish prayer at al-Aqsa, “will serve as a provocation, resulting in disorder, with a near certain likelihood of subsequent bloodshed.”

That may be precisely what many Israelis hope for. Following a stabbing attack by a Palestinian on Friday that left three Israelis in the illegal settlement of Halamish dead, Tzachi Hanegbi, a senior Likud minister and close ally of Netanyahu, threatened Palestinians with a “third Nakba” – a reference to Israel’s mass expulsions and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in 1948 and 1967.

Another former public security minister, Hanegbi promised back in 2003 that Jews “soon, very soon” would be able to pray at the al-Aqsa compound.

Israeli leaders and politicians who support the Temple movement

Eli Ben-Dahan

Deputy defense minister Eli Ben-Dahan of Jewish Home personally donated $12,000 to the Temple Institute, which spearheads efforts to replace the Muslim holy sites with a Jewish temple.

“We have to call upon the government and Knesset to permit Jewish prayer, to make Jewish prayer something normal and permitted,” Ben-Dahan told a conference in the Knesset last November.

Ben-Dahan has previously described Palestinians as “beasts” who “aren’t human.”

Tzipi Hotovely

In a recent speech to supporters of the Temple movement, deputy foreign minister Tzipi Hotovely of Likud called on Jews to go to the al-Aqsa compound.

In 2015, Hotovely made headlines when she said her dream was to see an Israeli flag over the Temple Mount and insisted Jews be able to pray there.

Zeev Elkin

Jerusalem affairs minister Zeev Elkin of Likud has said that a full takeover of the compound should be Israel’s national goal.

“It is important to remove it [the Temple Mount] from the purview of the wild-eyed religious,” Elkin stated. “We must explain to broad swathes of the people that without this place, our national liberty is incomplete.”

Oren Hazan

Likud lawmaker Oren Hazan told the “Students for the Temple Mount” group that he would build the temple if he became prime minister.

When asked by this reporter how he would carry out the demolitions, he responded, “It would not be responsible at this point in time to tell you how we would do it, but I will say it clear and loud: when I have the opportunity to do it, I will.”

Yuli Edelstein

Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein of Likud said in 2012, “My job is to deal with the daily process, connecting and building the people of Israel, which leads to the Temple.”

Miri Regev

Culture minister Miri Regev of Likud proposed a bill to implement something similar at Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa compound to what Israel has imposed in Hebron.

Following the 1994 massacre by an American Jewish settler of 29 Palestinian worshippers at Hebron’s Ibrahimi mosque – another site sacred to Muslims and Jews – Israeli forces partitioned the mosque and turned the Old City into a ghost town.

Regev again called for a new arrangement immediately following the 14 July attack.

Ayelet Shaked

Justice minister Ayelet Shaked of Jewish Home, who published a genocidal call to kill Palestinian mothers just before the 2014 offensive on Gaza, has also called for unilaterally changing the status quo to allow Jews to pray at the al-Aqsa compound.

Uri Ariel

Agriculture minister Uri Ariel of Jewish Home is a leading figure in the Temple movement and has repeatedly called for the construction of a Jewish temple.

“We’ve built many little, little temples,” Ariel has said, “but we need to build a real temple on the Temple Mount.”

Gilad Erdan

Public security minister Gilad Erdan of Likud has also lent his support to this effort. “In my opinion, our right to the Temple Mount is unshakeable,” Erdan said at the Seekers of Zion conference in the Knesset in November.

Erdan is also in charge of Israel’s effort to fight the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

Danny Danon

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, former deputy defense minister Danny Danon of Likud, has called to allow Jewish prayer at al-Aqsa.

Yitzhak Aharonovitch

A former public security minister, Yitzhak Aharonovitch of the Yisrael Beitenu party also came out in support in 2014. “It is important to open the [Temple Mount] to Jews, tens of thousands of worshippers come here,” he said.

Yehiel Hilik Bar

Deputy Knesset speaker and a former secretary-general of the nominally leftist Labor Party Yehiel Hilik Bar initially co-sponsored a bill with Miri Regev altering the status quo at al-Aqsa, however he pulled his backing after receiving criticism.

Bar said that he and the Labor party “are part of the Zionist center-left that sees our holy sites as the basis of our existence and the essence of our history.”

David Tzur, a former lawmaker for the ostensibly “dovish” Hatnua party, led by Tzipi Livni, has also called for Jewish prayer at the al-Aqsa compound.

Michael Ben-Ari

Among those who have led Israeli incursions into the compound is former lawmaker Michael Ben-Ari, a leading inciter against Africans and Palestinians who once destroyed a copy of the New Testament on video.

Build Temple “as soon as possible”

Other lawmakers who have demanded that Jews be able to pray at the al-Aqsa compound include former Knesset member Zvulun Kalfa of Jewish Home and Likud’s Ofir Akunis, who serves as science minister.

Smotrich, Shuli Muallem-Refaeli and Nissan Slomiansky of Jewish Home, and Miki Zohar, Avraham Neguise and Hazan of Likud signed a bill supporting Jewish prayer at al-Aqsa.

Yinon Magal of Jewish Home told the Knesset that Jews must be able to pray at the al-Aqsa compound and that a temple must be built as soon as possible.

Tourism minister Yariv Levin of Likud said, “It seems to me that when Jews for so many years sat in exile and prayed for a return to Zion, they did not mean Tel Aviv, but Jerusalem. They did not dream of returning to the Knesset building and the Prime Minister’s office, but to someplace else – to the Temple Mount.”

Minister for social equality Gila Gamliel of Likud has said, “the Temple is the ID card of the people of Israel.”

Lawmaker Arieh Eldad has gone up to al-Aqsa in demonstration of Israeli control.

A host of other lawmakers, including Amir Ohana and Anat Berko of Likud, have participated in conferences in support of the Temple Movement.

Dan Cohen is an independent journalist and filmmaker.

israel is mad and sad because World War III hasn’t started in Syria

Israel is mad and sad because World War III hasn’t started in Syria

Avigdor Lieberman’s own father, Lev, “was a writer, who had served in the Red Army and spent seven years in a Siberian exile under Joseph Stalin’s rule, where he met Evet’s mother Esther (2 July 1923 – 4 December 2014).”

Avigdor Lieberman

…by Jonas E. Alexis


The Israel regime isn’t happy about the new implementation of the ceasefire in Syria at all. They never thought that the United States could strike a truce again in the region. As Jim W. Dean has recently reported, right after the deal, minister of military affairs Avigdor Lieberman declared,

“Israel reserves its complete freedom of action, regardless of any understandings or developments.”

How anyone can believe this crazy idea and still believe that Israel is “democracy” is beyond comprehension. Lieberman just shows that the Israeli regime does not want to be bound by any rationality whatsoever. Lieberman was born in the Soviet Union, and it seems that he has been infected by the Bolshevik ideology which his brethren like Trotsky were propounding at the dawn of the twentieth century.

Lieberman’s own father, Lev, “was a writer, who had served in the Red Army and spent seven years in a Siberian exile under Joseph Stalin’s rule, where he met Evet’s mother Esther (2 July 1923 – 4 December 2014).” Remember what the Red Army did to German civilians after World War II? Remember how they literally raped and tortured those civilians?

Obviously Lieberman is aware of all the role his brethren have played in the Bolshevik Revolution and the destruction of Germany after World War II, for his parents “imbued him with a strong secular Jewish identity and consciously taught him only Yiddish up to the age of three.” This “secular Jewish identity” seems to have had a strong effect on Lieberman, who later put it to practice:

From 1983 to 1988, Lieberman helped found the Zionist Forum for Soviet Jewry, and was a member of the Board of the Jerusalem Economic Corporation and the Secretary of the Jerusalem branch of the Histadrut Ovdim Le’umit (‘National Workers’ Union’).”

When the United States and even Israel attempted to pardon 350 Palestinian prisoners in 2003, Lieberman responded: “It would be better to drown these prisoners in the Dead Sea if possible, since that’s the lowest point in the world.” It was reported that “Lieberman continued, according to Galei Tzahal (‘Israel Army Radio’), by stating his willingness, as Minister of Transport, to supply buses to take the prisoners there.”

Lieberman meant it when he said in 2014: “I will not support any peace deal that will allow the return of even one Palestinian refugee to Israel.” In 2015, he said this: “Whoever is with us should get everything. Whoever is against us, there’s nothing else to do. We have to lift up an axe and remove his head, otherwise we won’t survive here.”

So, if you are against the torture and brutalization of the Israeli regime, if you resist the Israeli settlements, then Lieberman would love to see your head on a silver platter. Lieberman again shows that Israel is not interested in peace at all. Israel is interested in plundering and pillaging its neighbors, namely, the Palestinians. This is one reason why they still want to sabotage the recent ceasefire in Syria. Peace frightens Israeli officials. As the Israeli newspaper Haaretz has recently reported, “Israel Tells U.S. It Doesn’t Want Russia Policing Safe Zones in Southern Syria.” Listen to this:

“A senior Israeli official said Russia has proposed that its army handle the job in southern Syria. But Israel vehemently opposes this idea and has made that clear to the Americans, he said. Israel would prefer to have American troops enforce the cease-fire in southern Syria.”[1]

Israel would love to see American troops in southern Syria because US troops are Israel’s puppets. As Henry Kissinger himself said: “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”[2] US military men have been used and are being used as “dumb, stupid animals” to fight for ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria. Those military men must start disobeying their orders precisely because fighting for ISIS is in total contradiction with the Constitution.

[1] Barak Ravid, “Israel Tells U.S. It Doesn’t Want Russia Policing Safe Zones in Southern Syria,” Haaretz, July 9, 2017.

[2] Quoted in Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, The Final Days (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1976), 194.


israel intends to continue to support Syrian terrorists despite US-Russian agreement

Israel not bound by US-Russian ceasefire deal in Syria: Liberman

Israeli soldiers gather next to their tanks near the Syrian border in the occupied Golan Heights, November 28, 2016. (Photo by AP)
Israeli soldiers gather next to their tanks near the Syrian border in the occupied Golan Heights, November 28, 2016. (Photo by AP)

Israel has refused to abide by a ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russia which went into force in southwestern Syria on Sunday, saying it would act to protect its interests.

“Israel reserves its complete freedom of action, regardless of any understandings or developments,” minister of military affairs Avigdor Liberman said on Sunday.

Russia, the US and Jordan have agreed to back a ceasefire in southwestern Syria and to establish a de-escalation zone in Syrian provinces of Dara’a, Suwayda and Quneitra, which borders the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

The truce came into force at noon Damascus time (0900 GMT) on Sunday.

The trilateral agreement on cessation of hostilities was announced on Friday after a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart, Donald Trump, on the sidelines of the G20 summit in the German city of Hamburg.

Liberman said Tel Aviv is mulling the understandings reached between Trump and Putin regarding the truce.

Israel has cited errant fire to launch several attacks on the Syrian territory, targeting civilians and military positions. Many observers believe militants backed by Israel are behind the fire, giving a pretext to Tel Aviv to attack Syrian military positions. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also commented on the ceasefire on Sunday, saying Israel will carefully monitor the developments in Syria, “while strongly upholding our red lines.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) attends a weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem al-Quds on June 25, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

He cited alleged fears of Iranian or Hezbollah presence in Syria, particularly in the Golan Heights. Netanyahu said the truce must not “enable the establishment of a military presence by Iran and its proxies in Syria in general and in southern Syria in particular.”

Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed militancy since March 2011. The Syrian government says Tel Aviv and its Western and regional allies are aiding Takfiri militant groups wreaking havoc in the country.

Israel regularly hits positions held by the Syrian army in the Golan Heights, describing the attacks as retaliatory. Syria says the raids aim to help Takfiri militants fighting against government forces.

On several occasions, the Syrian army has confiscated Israeli-made arms and military equipment from terrorists fighting the government forces. There are also reports that Israel has been providing medical treatment to the extremists wounded in Syria.

Last month, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres expressed concerns about a spike in contacts between Israeli armed forces and Syria militants in recent months, saying it could lead to escalation and cause harm to UN observers deployed to the Golan Heights.

The Wall Street Journal recently said Israel has been providing Takfiri terrorists in Syria’s Golan Heights with a steady flow of funds and medical supplies.

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