Sheikh Qassem to Al-Ahed: Berri Taking Steps to Form Government; the Syrian Elections Are a Success Story



Sheikh Qassem to Al-Ahed: Berri Taking Steps to Form Government; the Syrian Elections Are a Success Story

By Mayssaa Moukaddem

Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri is taking steps to form a new government. That’s according to Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary General, His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem, who said that “hopes for solution” are resting on these steps.

“We need the results to appear directly this week,” Sheikh Qassem said in an exclusive interview with the Al-Ahed News.

“The country carrying on without a government means the continuation of economic and social chaos and a continuous deterioration,” he added. “Forming the government is the natural, necessary, and exclusive approach to the beginning of the solution in Lebanon.”

Sheikh Qassem also responded to the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salameh, in relation to the Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association. Hezbollah’s  deputy chief explained that “Al-Qard Al-Hassan Association is a charitable social institution that does not deal with banking matters and is not part of the banking system in Lebanon. Therefore, any observation that may be made by any party that considers itself to have the authority can follow it through the normal, legal channels and will find that this institution is a charitable institution, to which the accusation claimed by some does not apply.”

Regarding the elections in Syria, Sheikh Qassem asserted that “the massive turnout is proof of Syria’s recovery, and that the regime has a well-established position. This scene completely contradicts all previous bets on displaced Syrians serving as a tool to vote for someone other than President Assad, and having the president removed in a democratic and constitutional manner.”

Regarding the restoration of the relationship between Hamas and Syria and the role of Hezbollah in this regard, Sheikh Qassem noted that “the relationship was a subject of follow-up in recent months.”

“There has also been progress towards the possibility of restoring relations between them. But the honorable battle of Al-Quds Sword accelerated these steps. God willing, we will soon see a normal return of relations and repair the rifts.”

Sheikh Qassem affirmed that “the work of the resistance against ‘Israel’ does not belong to a sect, but rather belongs to the honorable Islamic, patriotic, national, and humanitarian resistance.”

“Anyone who is trying to drive a wedge between the resistance movements is acting in an absurd manner.”

Below is the full text of the interview:

1- First, all the supporters of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah are asking about the health of His Eminence, especially after his recent speech. Did you have contact with him after the speech? How can you reassure his supporters?

The Secretary-General of Hezbollah, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, is fine, praise be to God Almighty. He was diagnosed with a mild condition in recent days that required him to rest for two to three days. But since his supporters have been waiting for his speech on May 25, failure to appear would have raised unnecessary questions. It was better for him to make an appearance, despite not fully recovering, to be on the side of his supporters who were waiting for his speech at this important and sensitive stage. And the Secretary-General is fine, God willing.

2- The head of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, Yahya al-Sinwar, stated that “the rockets and planes deployed during the battle were sent in complete coordination between the resistance in Lebanon and Gaza.” What do you have to add regarding details of coordination between the resistance in Lebanon and Gaza?

It has become known that the level of cooperation between the Islamic Republic, Hezbollah, and the resistance in Palestine is high at the level of preparation, capabilities, training, and manufacturing. Therefore, any other details related to the coordination mechanisms remain a security matter, and we cannot disclose their details. However, it is clear that the battle that took place unfolded with close follow-up and permanent cooperation, thank God.

3- How did you read yesterday’s press conference where Al-Sinwar challenged the “Israeli” enemy to assassinate him, and then he publicly walked through the streets of Gaza despite the declared “Israeli” threats?

The “Israelis” usually make many threats in order to leave a psychological effect on their enemies, but it seems that they have not yet understood what the resistance and the resistance fighters are. They are confident in the victory of God Almighty and stand in the front row during confrontations alongside the honorable mujahideen. Hence, the public appearance of Al-Sinwar is a clear challenge to the “Israeli” enemy that their threats could not affect the resistance and its leadership.

4- To what extent can the equation referred to by the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, “Al-Quds versus a regional war,” be enforceable in the foreseeable future?

It is not possible to define anticipated times for wars that “Israel” might initiate or for developments that could lead to a comprehensive regional war. This matter has to do with field data that are not currently available, and the conditions are not favorable to them, but it must remain clear that we, as Hezbollah, are in a state of constant readiness for any calculated or unpredictable development.

5- Did the Al-Quds Sword battle contribute to repairing rifts that appeared between some Palestinian resistance movements and Syria? Does Hezbollah have a role in this?

The relationship between the Hamas movement and Syria has been the subject of follow-up in recent months, and there has also been progress towards the possibility of restoring relations between them. But the honorable battle Al-Quds Sword accelerated these steps. This was highlighted by the announcement of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to receive all the resistance fighters in Damascus, as well as the response of the Hamas leadership about expecting this from Syria, which has always been on the side of the resistance. God willing, we will soon see a normal return of relations and repair the rifts that have risen as a result of developments in Syria in the last stage.

6- What is your response to those who are trying to play on the sectarian chord to divide the resistance factions in the area?

The work of the resistance against “Israel” does not belong to a sect, but rather belongs to the honorable Islamic, patriotic, national, and humanitarian resistance. Therefore, whoever tries to drive a wedge within the relations of the resistance movements is acting in an absurd manner because the level of interaction and integration in the resistance work has been evident at various stages, especially at the last stage, where the level of interaction between the resistance fighters throughout the region is extensive without any sectarian dismissions.

7- After 21 years since the liberation of Lebanon, to what extent can it be said that the resistance is able to deter “Israeli” aggression and attacks?

Talking about Hezbollah’s resistance deterring “Israel” doesn’t need any further verification. “Israel” committed an aggression in 2006 with the expectation that it would crush the resistance in Lebanon, but it failed miserably. For the last 15 years (from 2006 to 2021), “Israel” is still deterred in every sense of the word. This is evidence of the effects that the liberation and the victory in the 2006 aggression left on “Israel”; it does not dare to launch an aggression in any way or form because it is fully aware that the resistance’s response will be very harsh, especially since its capabilities and methods developed extraordinarily in recent years. It is now in a much better position than it was during the liberation or following the 2006 aggression.

8- In the last two years, Lebanon entered an unprecedented phase of economic and monetary deterioration. In your view, does the path of salvation begin from the formation of the government? Do you bet on this matter, especially since there are those who doubt that a government will be born under the current circumstances? Following the disagreement between President Aoun and Hariri, [the government] will not be productive but tensions and mutual obstacles will move to the cabinet table.

There are two options in Lebanon, and there is no third. There is the option of the country carrying on without a government, and this means the continuation of economic and social chaos and a continuous deterioration without reaching any solution. The second option is to form a government so that there is an official body responsible in the country. Even if this government does not achieve everything that the Lebanese people aspire for, at least it introduces the first rescue steps on the path to a solution and begins with efforts to stop the deterioration we are in. Therefore, the formation of the government is the natural, necessary, and exclusive entry point for the beginning of the solution in Lebanon. Then, we must follow up so that the solution is effective. We must also address the gaps that slow the solution down or affect it. There are no other options in Lebanon.

9- After the Secretary-General of Hezbollah confirmed that Speaker Nabih Berri is the only party capable of solving disagreements between President Aoun and Hariri, do you know what he is preparing in this regard?

There are steps that Speaker Berri is now taking, which he hopes will create an opportunity for a solution, and we are helping and cooperating so are other parties. We need the results to appear directly this week.

10- While waiting for the formation of the government, who will the citizens that are looking for fuel, medicine, and basic needs turn to? Does Hezbollah have an alternative plan to protect societal security in Lebanon? Is there anyone who can guarantee that the street will not explode again in light of the continuous deterioration?

Social security is the responsibility of the state and not the responsibility of a particular party. No matter what any party does, it will not be able to achieve social security for the people. It may fill some gaps and address some problems, but there must be a responsible government that the Parliament will hold accountable and follow up with in order to take us to steps for social security and resolve chaos. Any betting outside the framework of forming a government is futile and a waste of time and unrealizable hopes.

11- Does Hezbollah have a project to benefit in a way from the continuous Iranian offers to Lebanon to help in several areas, including electricity, in case Lebanese officials continue to refuse or escape from it?

It is better to wait for the formation of the government, and we will try to help the state cooperate with Iranian, Russian, Chinese, and Western offers, which can speed up dealing with the electricity problem or other problems.

12- In an interview with Al-Hadath channel a few days ago, the Governor of Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salameh, said, “We learned from Washington about Al-Qard Al-Hasan’s connections, and we will investigate this, and the activity of this institution harms the banking system.” What is your response?

Al-Qard Al-Hassan Association is a charitable social institution that does not deal with banking matters and is not part of the banking system in Lebanon. Therefore, any observation that may be made by any party that considers itself to have the authority can follow it through the normal, legal channels and will find that this institution is a charitable institution, to which the accusation claimed by some does not apply.

13- Does Hezbollah support the removal of Riad Salameh from his position?

Any matter related to the governor of the Bank of Lebanon, remaining [in his post] or being ousted, requires a government to make this decision. Discussing this subject is a mere form of entertainment if it is not translated into a discussion within the government, which must take the right position on this issue according to the data presented to it.

14- How is Hezbollah’s relationship with Bkerke today?

The liaison committee between Hezbollah and Bkerke continues its regular and periodic meetings, and there is nothing new in this regard.

15- The Saudi media maintains that Hezbollah is part of the drug trade, and these allegations intensified among Gulf countries preventing Lebanese trucks from passing through their territories. Some Lebanese parties recommended accusing Hezbollah of harming Lebanon’s image and Lebanese production, what is your response?

The link between Hezbollah, drugs, the Gulf states, accusations, and evidence must be dismantled. First, Hezbollah does not trade in drugs and has nothing to do with it, neither from near nor from afar, and it prohibits drug trade and consumption. And the Lebanese security services are fully aware of the extent of Hezbollah’s contribution in providing aid and support when it comes to arresting people or raiding groups in different regions, where we have the ability to help the security services to do so.

As for Western allegations that talk about drug trafficking at the international level, they lack evidence. All the reports they announce say, “This person is close to Hezbollah, “it was leaked to us that Hezbollah may have a relationship,” and “here is an analysis saying that Hezbollah is the one benefiting.” No report dares to accuse Hezbollah directly because it has not been proven to anyone. But they are trying, in a twisted way, to pin it on Hezbollah, and so far, internationally and locally, this matter has not been proven and will not be proven because we are against drugs, drug trade, and anything related to drugs.

Secondly, the drugs seized in pomegranate shipments belongs to one or some drug traffickers, and it has absolutely no connection to Hezbollah. The measures taken by Saudi Arabia, or some Gulf countries are measures related to the shipment of drugs or other shipments. What does this have to do with Hezbollah and the position of the Gulf states with Hezbollah? Linking the matter to Hezbollah is part of the political rivalry and an attempt to tarnish the party’s image. We no longer comment on such accusations because we considered them both frivolous and degrading at the same time and based on unjustified hostility and accusations that do not have the slightest basis. So, if this matter is mentioned repeatedly and Hezbollah did not respond, it is because it has become one of the issues that do not concern us, and the people concerned know very well that we are outside the circle of drugs or the likes.

Does Hezbollah intend to file lawsuits against the media that deliberately insist on placing Hezbollah’s name in this file?

We may need to activate the entire judiciary in Lebanon if we wish to prosecute for every accusation because some throw around accusations a lot without evidence. We do not have the conviction to pursue every matter through the judiciary. We may pursue very specific and very restricted matters if we find that there is a benefit, but this is not our approach.

16- What is your reading of the high turnout in the presidential elections in Syria? And how did you interpret the tension between Lebanese factions over the turnout of the Syrians in Lebanon?

The massive turnout is proof of Syria’s recovery, and that the regime has a well-established position and that people, contrary to what they say about them in the West and some Gulf countries, are supporters of the structure and continuation of the regime. They are opposed to chaos and the fragmentation of Syria. This scene completely contradicts all previous bets on displaced Syrians serving as a tool to vote for someone other than President Assad, and having the president removed in a democratic and constitutional manner.

It became clear to all of them that this bet was unrealistic because even in the centers outside Syria where people have been displaced, the huge turnout was in favor of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. I consider this a success and a victory at the same time for Syria’s continuity and stability in the future. Anyone looking for a solution in Syria must deal with the regime and not with America, “Israel,” and those on their side, including Daesh and others who destroyed Syria.

As for those who tried to attack some voters in Lebanon, Hezbollah issued a statement and made it clear that these people attacked others who have the right to express their opinion. Therefore, this attack is unacceptable and rejected, regardless of their arguments. Unfortunately, some feel that the aggressor has a justification because the voter passed in front of him. This justification is illogical and unreasonable. In any case, they have offended themselves with this attack and highlighted the ugly racist image that no one embraces.

الفرصة الذهبيّة لوليد جنبلاط

ناصر قنديل

لم يفاجئ وليد جنبلاط أحداً من اللبنانيين برسمه معادلة جديدة لتخيير حزب الله بين اثنتين، فهو دائم الحركة على هذا الخط ذهاباً وإياباً، ويملك قدرة الاستدارة التي لا ينافسه عليها أحد، ويفسّرها بالتأقلم مع المتغيرات، او بالقفز من المراكب الغارقة، كما وصف انقلابه على سورية عشية الحرب الأميركيّة على العراق، ثم عاد فوصف بالتعبير ذاته نعيَه للحركة التي قادها وأسماها بثورة الأرز، متجاوزاً حساسيته المفرطة ضد الرموز التي تختصر لبنان بعناوين يعتبرها خاصة بالمسيحيين، قبل أن يسارع إلى شرعنة محميّة أرز الباروك مانحاً الأرز صفة العبور بين الطوائف والرمزيّة الجامعة، لكن جنبلاط شديد الانتباه الى أنه تهرّب من استعمال معادلته السابقة التي كان يعرضها على حزب الله بدلاً من معادلة اليوم «الحياد أو قاعدة الصواريخ»، فهو لا يريد لأحد أن ينتبه أنه خلع معادلته السابقة «هانوي أم هونغ كونغ»، لأن فضيحة نموذج هونغ كونغ التي كان من دعاتها وروّادها والمبشّرين بها تتجسّد بصورة مأساويّة في يوميات اللبنانيين الذين سرقت مصارف «هونغ كونغ» ودائعَهم، ونهبت الفوائد المرتفعة لفلسفة هونغ كونغ مقدراتهم تحت شعار تثبيت سعر الليرة، التي صارت اليوم بلا سعر، وطارت معها مداخيل اللبنانيون الذين دعاهم جنبلاط لتجنّب نموذج الإفقار الذي تمثله هانوي ووعدهم إن فعلوا وسمعوا نصيحته بالحصول على نموذج هونغ كونغ، وهو يريد أن ينسحب خلسة من نموذجه المتداعي الذي لم يسقط لأن اللبنانيين خالفوا جنبلاط وساروا وراء نموذج هانوي، واقتصاد المقاومة والتوجّه شرقاً، بل لأن اللبنانيين صدّقوا وصفة جنبلاط بنبوءة هونغ كونغ وسلّموا أمرهم لعرّابيها في المال والسياسة والمصارف، فقرّر التسلل هرباً من الذاكرة، والقفز مجدداً من مركب غارق جديد.

يعود جنبلاط لدعوة الحياد، لأن ليس فيها شبهة هونغ كونغ، متمنياً أن يُصيب اللبنانيين نسيان آخر وفقد ذاكرة ثانٍ ،غير نسيانهم لترويجه لكذبة هونغ كونغ، بأن لا ينتبهوا إلى أنه صاحب معادلة أخرى، بعد الخروج السوري من لبنان وليس قبله، وبعد انقسام 14 و8 آذار وليس قبله، والمعادلة كانت الإصرار ثم الإصرار على صناعة تفاهم وطني مع حزب الله يقوم على حفظ السلاح كمصدر قوة لا بديل عنه في مواجهة خطر العدوان، ويضيف محذراً من دعوات الحياد التي كان يرفعها بعض حلفائه في 14 آذار، ويقول من موقع المختلف مع حزب الله محذراً من خطورة وصفة الحياد، «يحيد لبنان ولاحقاً كما أراكم وكما ترونني يطلب من لبنان مجدداً الالتحاق بحلف مشابه للسابع عشر من أيار»، وجنبلاط يعلم أكثر من سواه أن المناخ العربي الذي يدعو الى التلاقي معه اليوم من موقع دعوته المستجدّة للحياد هو الفلك السائر في مسارات أقل ما ستطلبه من لبنان هو نموذج مشابه لاتفاق 17 أيار.

يعرف جنبلاط أن الحياد كذبة لا تقلّ آثامها عن كذبة هونغ كونغ، والكذبة الجديدة كالقديمة لا تملك أجوبة عن أسئلة اللبنانيين، ماذا عن مصير اللاجئين الفلسطينيين ومشروع التوطين؟ وماذا عن دور لبنان الاقتصادي في ظل التطبيع الخليجي الإسرائيلي، والتفاهمات التي تطال المرافئ والمصارف؟ ولبنان كما وصفه ميشال شيحا مرفأ ومصارف، كما يعلم جنبلاط علم اليقين بأن وصفة الحياد هذه لن تتحقق كما لم تتحقق وصفة هونغ كونغ فلكلتيهما مهمة واحدة هي ذرّ الرماد في عيون اللبنانيين لاستعدائهم على سلاح المقاومة، لكن لا إمكانات واقعية لأصحاب هذه النماذج الوهمية على خلق معادلات تحاصر السلاح، وقد زاد جنبلاط علماً بذلك بعد التطورات التي قالت إنه فقد دور بيضة القبان المستندة الى إمساكه بموقع الجبل الجغرافي في ربط بيروت بالبقاع والبقاع بالجنوب وبيروت بالجنوب، والممسك بخيوط منع أو تمرير الفتنة بين السنة والشيعة، وهذه كلها قد اختبرت وتبخّرت، لذلك قرر ذات يوم ان يخفض سقف طموحاته ويرتضي رسم سياساته على خطوط نقل وتسويق الترابة الى سورية، ولما اصطدم بأن حزب الله لا يتاجر، نام واستيقظ على حملة منظمة قادها ضد مؤسسة القرض الحسن ليقول متوهماً لحزب الله لقد ضبطتك متلبساً بالجرم المشهود، قبل أن يخرج السيد حسن نصرالله، ويطمئنه أن لا مرابحة في مؤسسة القرض الحسن، وبالتالي لا مصلحة للباحثين عن مرابح بالدخول على خطها، وجنبلاط يعلم أيضاً أن الأيام المقبلة حبلى بالكثير من التطورات، وها هم الذين يثق براداراتهم يبشرونه بالانشغال الأميركي عن المواجهة مع إيران وحزب الله، بل من بينهم اليوم كثر هم الذين يحذرونه من أن رفع العقوبات الأميركية عن إيران قد لا يكون بعيداً، كما بشّروه قبل خمسة أعوام بقرب توقيع الاتفاق النووي مع إيران، فلماذا يجازف جنبلاط وهو لاعب على حافة الهاوية محاولاً تقليد نموذجها الأصلي في سورية، وفقاً لوصف هنري كيسنجر للسياسة السورية، لكن جنبلاط عندما يلعبها يفعل من دون مجازفة، فلماذا تغيير العادات السليمة في الزمن الخطأ؟

الناصحون يقولون، إن هذا الأسلوب في التخاطب مع حزب الله لا يُجدي، وإن من يقدم أوراق اعتماده للخليج في زمن تخبط حاكم الخليج في ظل الشعور بوحشة التخلي الأميركي، يصحّ فيه القول «يطعمو الحج والناس راجعة»، ويقول هؤلاء ربما يكون سوق المشتقات النفطية الذي يملك فيه جنبلاط خبرة لا تقلّ عن خبرته في سوق الترابة، هو الفرصة الذهبيّة لجنبلاط، فالعرض الإيراني ببيع لبنان المشتقات النفطية بالليرة اللبنانية لا يزال قائماً، والخشية من العقوبات الأميركية يجب الا تخيف جنبلاط، وهي في طريق الزوال، وربما «تنقش معه» ويستطيع إضافة لتجارة المشتقات في لبنان أن يشرعن بيع المشتقات الى سورية بدلاً من التنديد بالتهريب، فهل يفاوض جنبلاط على الوكالة الحصرية للمشتقات النفطية الإيرانية؟ ولكن هل ينبّهه المستشارون الى انه لا يحتاج في هذه الحالة لرفع السقوف، ويمكن له دقّ الباب ليسمع الجواب؟

البعض يظنّ أن رقصة جنبلاط الأخيرة ليست تجارية بل أمنية، وتتصل بمشاغباته حول التحقيقات في تفجير مرفأ بيروت، وحملته الهوائية التي لم يهتم لها أحد بتوجيه الاتهامات لسورية بالوقوف وراء صفقة النترات الى لبنان، فهل يعلم جنبلاط ما لا يعلمه الآخرون عن أدوار لبنانية متورطة في شراء النترات وتخزينها لحساب الجماعات المسلحة في سورية التي سماها ذات يوم بالممثل الشرعيّ الوحيد للشعب السوري داعياً لشرعنة سيطرة جبهة النصرة على جرود عرسال، متحدثاً عن نصرة لاند اسوة بفتح لاند التي قامت في منطقة العرقوب أواخر الستينيات من القرن الماضي؟ وهل كان طريق النترات هو من نصرة لاند إلى الداخل السوري؟

Israeli Media Joins Lebanese-Arab Campaign against Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association, Mossad Detecting Depositors’ Accounts

 January 15, 2021


The Zionist media outlets joined the Lebanese-Arab campaign against Al-Qard Al-Hassan Association, highlighting the importance of the anti-Hezbollah propaganda with respect to the Zionist enemy.

The Israeli media considered that Hezbollah had built a parallel economy, adding that Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association attempts to be an alternative for the banking system in Lebanon.

A Mossad officer was quoted by the Zionist media as reporting plans to detect the depositors’ accounts at the association and betting on the Lebanese campaign on its role in the context of pressing Hezbollah.

The Lebanese media’s role in portraying Hezbollah as the main culprit involved the Lebanese economic collapse as well as accusing the party of causing Beirut port blast would instigate more Lebanese citizens against it, according to the Mossad officer.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

Economic war on Lebanon, into 2021: Dr Marwa Osman

Dr Marwa Osman’s Press TV program, 13 January 2021

Sayyed Nasrallah Warns: Nuclear Button with Crazy Fool Trump, Port Blast Investigation must Be Revealed

Sayyed Nasrallah Warns: Nuclear Button with Crazy Fool Trump, Port Blast Investigation must Be Revealed 
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Zeinab Essa

Beiru – Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Friday a speech in which he tackled various internal Lebanese files.

However, Sayyed Nasrallah commented at the beginning of his speech on the recent events that the US has witnessed, particulary storming the congress by US President Donald Trump’s supporters.

Nuclear Button with Crazy Fool Trump

“What the US witnessed is a scene that the Americans used to apply in other countries, but Trump implemented it on his people,” he said, pointing out that “What happened in America is a very huge matter with very great repercussions. This event can’t be underestimated.The events that happened in the US recently will have repercussions in the US, the region, and the world.”

Meanwhile, His Eminence underscored that “The incident in America must be studied and delved into, because it reveals the facts in the US.”

“Lessons should be learnt from what happened in the Congress, it reveals the truth behind claiming democracy in the US. The Americans closely witnessed Trump’s policy and willingness to kill even Americans for remaining in power,” Sayyed Nasrallah stated.

According to the Resistance Leader, “What the Americans witnessed in one night resembles a little of what Trump did in terms of crimes over the past 4 years in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, particularly the assassination of leaders Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis.”

“We’ve long warned of Trump’s policy, and what happened is a little sample of what he has committed in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and blockading Iran and Venezuela,” he added, noting that “Trump is a bold model of the American political and military arrogance that has long been imposed on peoples and undermines their sovereignties. The US democracy is sterile and Trump’s being in power is an example of this democracy.”

Confirming that “Trump’s criminal nature has been exposed to his own people,” Sayyed Nasrallah underscored that “Trump incited the demonstrators against the senators and representatives.”

“What happened in the US might lead to Trump’s impeachment,” he predicted, pointing out that “Al-Mighty God has protected the world for 4 years as the nuclear button is in the hands of an arrogant and crazy person like Trump. Trump, his partners and allies are examples of the dictator rulers who are thirsty for power even at the expense of their peoples. We should pray for Allah during his remaining days in power as the nuclear button portfolio is in the hands of a mad man.”

His Eminence went on to say: “Trump’s stances after the Congress events reminded me of the verse: ‘They’re like Satan when he lures someone to disbelieve.Then after they have done so, he will say on Judgment Day,“I have absolutely nothing to do with you. I truly fear Allah – the Lord of all worlds.”

“Israel” Main Interest of US, West

Moving to the internal Lebanese files, Sayyed Nasrallah reminded that “Since 2005, the Americans and the West have only cared about Lebanon due to the presence of the resistance and its weapons.”

“If Lebanon means anything to the Americans or the Europeans, they wouldn’t have imposed sanctions, banned aid, or besieged it. What concerns the Americans in Lebanon is how to support the ‘Israeli’ existence.The thing that concerns the West is how to protect ‘Israel’ from the Lebanese resistance. The American and international interest in Lebanon since 2005 has focused on the weapons of the resistance in the interest of ‘Israel’,” His Eminence stressed.

Lebanese must Know Who is behind Beirut Post Blast

On the port blast, Hezbollah Secretary General highlighted that “The issue of the blast at the port should remain a national cause and should not be turned into a regional, sectarian or political cause. This is unethical and its harm targeted everyone.”

“We- in Hezbollah- will pursue the investigation and the judicial process regarding the port blast until the end,” Sayyed Nasrallah announced, pledging to the Lebanese that “This file must reach its fair and honest end.”

As His Eminence underscored that “The port’s destruction affected the entire Lebanese economy,” he reminded that “Since the very 1st moment, the port blast file was used against Hezbollah and President Michel Aoun.This drives us to pursuing this issue more, revealing the truth, and holding those officials responsible.”

“The investigation by the Lebanese Army [LA], as well as the Internal Security Foces [ISF] has ended. A copy was handed to the judicial investigator. Here, we ask don’t the Lebanese have the right to view this investigation?” His Eminence wondered.

In response, Sayyed Nasrallah urged the army and the ISF to announce the probe’s results and to uncover who brought the ammonium nitrate. “The judicial authorities must be honest with the Lebanese people about this truth. The judicial investigator should inform the Lebanese about what happened in the port blast.”

“The judicial investigator tends in his investigation to assume administrative responsibilities without clarifying the truth about the issue of the port blast,” he added, calling the judicial investigator  to tell the Lebanese what happened at the port and the way things are being addressed calls for suspicion.

He also mentioned that “It’s required to correct the the course of the judicial investigation.”

Al-Qard Hassan Will Remain Strong 

Commenting on the US campaign against Al-Qards Al-Hassan Association, Sayyed Nasrallah underlined that “Some time ago, a negative spotlight was placed on Al-Qard Al-Hassan Association.”

However, he viewed that “The campaign against Al-Qard Al-Hassan gives the opportunity to make it known so that the Lebanese benefit from it. Al-Qard Al-Hassan was founded from the people’s contributions, and in 1987 the corporation got a legal license.”

“Al-Qard al-Hassan Association was established via an initiative by some brothers and clerics, and its work is a social, humanitarian, ethical, honorable, rewarded, and one of the most honorable forms of worship,” His Eminence recalled, noting that “Al-Qard Al-Hassan Foundation does not fund Hezbollah because it does not have private funds and does not do business.”

In parallel, Sayyed Nasrallah stated: “Al-Qard Al-Hassan Foundation is not a bank. It neither pays nor takes interest. It has no profit to pay taxes. The experience has proven security in the Qard Al-Hassan, even during the July 2006 war, nobody lost their money. And recently, the numbers of contributions and loans have increased by individuals and sides thanks to the increasing confidence.”

Meanwhile, His Eminence lamented the fact that “After the dollar and banks crisis, the talk and hatred from these people began, as there are some Lebanese who are more hostile to Hezbollah than the Americans themselves.”

“The US sanctions targeting Hezbollah, its institutions, and people close to it, and the Lebanese banks that were tougher than the Americans contributed to people’s flocking towards Qard al-Hassan services,” he said.

On the same level, Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed that “Al-Qard Al-Hassan Association aims to serve the people. And whoever wants to complete, let him do, and whoever is afraid let him withdraw. Al-Qard Al-Hassan Association is strong and solid. It will not collapse.”

“Since its inception until today, the total number of beneficiaries of Al-Qard Al-Hassan is one million and 800000 beneficiaries.The total number of contributions and loans is more than $3 billion,” he said, noting that “The uproar over Al-Qard Al-Hassan Foundation is aimed at intimidating shareholders.”

In response, Sayyed Nasrallah urged people who keep money in their houses to put it in Al-Qard Al-Hassan in face of the American campaign and some Lebanese hatred. “The US sanctions targeting Hezbollah, its institutions, and people close to it, and the Lebanese banks that were tougher than the Americans contributed to people’s flocking towards Qard al-Hassan services.”

“Al-Qard al-Hassan Association was from the beginning open to people of all sects and political affiliations, and all those who want to take a loan or contribute to it. Al-Qard Al-Hassan Association is not a bank, it doesn’t pay or take interests, and doesn’t make revenues to pay taxes,” he said.

“Al-Qard al-Hassan Association is strong, firm, and will not collapse, and “live with it!”

We’ll Face Media Fabrications 

Moving to the media fabrications targeting Hezbollah under the allegations of Captagon shipment, Sayyed Nasrallah underscored that “There is not any official Italian source that accused Hezbollah of the so-called Captagon shipment.”

“The issue of drugs is forbidden [by religion] and Hezbollah holds accountable any member who is proven to have dealt with this issue. Hezbollah immediately fires him/her,” he clarified.

In addition, His Eminence warned that “The issue of media should be dealt with. And if it was required to be dealt with by people, via a protest or a sit-in, then the day would come for this to happen.”

More on Gov’t, Corruption 

On the government’s file, Sayyed Nasrallah underlined that “It is clear that things are complicated regarding the government’s file.
“Regarding fighting corruption, we support the investigation through the judiciary for all state institutions.We support the criminal investigation,” he moved on to say, ” In the battle for corruption, we should not feel desperate, and we should continue working for better outcome.” 

According to His Eminence, “Accusing Hezbollah of hindering the formation of the Cabinet is baseless and meaningless. It is clear that the formation is complicated but this is not related to American-Iranian negotiations.”

“If some believe that the government in Lebanon is hinging on US-Iranian negotiations, I tell them that this is out of the question,” he said 

To some Lebanese, Sayyed Nasrallah sent a clear message: “Do not wait for the US-Iranian negotiations. There are no US-Iranian negotiations on any of the region’s files. If some want to await Biden’s administration, the formation of the government will take several months as the Americans are preoccupied with themselves.”

“It is not fair to blame a single party for the government’s delay and several parties have demands and concerns,” His Eminence reiterated.

Stick to Covid-19 Measures

Sayyed Nasrallah further commented on the Covid-19 measures. “The numbers of Covid-19-related deaths is a very huge number for a country like Lebanon.”

He urged people to adhere to health measures as they should shoulder the major part of responsibility. 

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