16 November، 2015
Damascus, SANA

Trust of Damascus International Network “Mediamen against Terrorism” called upon international mass media establishments, publishers, producers, journalists, production managers, and news producers to stop broadcasting or publishing any material issued by the Takfiri terrorist organizations.

In an appeal launched at a press conference at the conclusion of the its founding conference, the Trust called on editors to commit to referring to people by their home country rather than their ethnicities or national affiliations, as well as refraining from using terms that have been subverted to politically legitimize terrorism, mainly the term “armed opposition” as it legitimizes extremism and violence.

Responding the journalists’ questions, the Trust members said a media projects, strategies, and work mechanisms are being formulated to confront pro-terrorism propaganda in mass media, stressing the importance of networking among journalists along the world in a methodical manner to list terrorist organizations on international terrorism lists.

Al-Halaqi meets delegation of Turst of Damascus International Network

Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi affirmed that “if there was a real international coalition to combat terrorism and an honest will to stop its supporters, terrorism wouldn’t spread internationally.”

Al-Halqi, meeting members the network who held their constituent meeting earlier,said that Syria had called, since the first day of the terrorist war waged against it, to the necessity of establishing an international coalition to combat terrorism and dry up its sources.

“Terrorist attacks which took place in France are a result of the French government’s disregard with the importance of fighting terrorism as posing a threat to world peace.” Al-Halaqi said.

He referred to the importance of national, resistant and genuine media in combating beyond borders-terrorism through alarming the international public opinion and states of the danger of terrorism.

“Syrian government is fighting terrorism while putting, at the same time, strategic plans and programs to rebuild Man with the participation of popular organizations, professional associations and local communities.” Al-Halqi affirmed.

For their part, members of the Network expressed their confidence that Syria will come out of the crisis victorious.

The 1st founding meeting of the Trust, which was held in Damascus on Sunday and Monday with the participation of Arab, regional and international countries, follows up the International Media Conference against Terrorism that was held in July in Damascus with the participation of 130 Arab, regional, and international figures.

H. Zain/ Barry / Hazem Sabbagh/Manar/Mazen

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