Life inside the Syrian city of Idlib, occupied by the Front Nasra الحياة داخل مدينة ادلب السورية المحتلة من قبل جبهة النصرة

Translated to English





by Jonathan Azaziah

Serena Shim (R.A.) was a heroine. Not only in her field but in general. She laid her life on the line for the highest honor anyone could pursue: The truth. As a journalist for Press TV, she exposed Turkey’s premier intelligence agency, MIT, using UN WFP “humanitarian aid” trucks as cover to deliver heavy weaponry to ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria. For her efforts, she was threatened, targeted and killed in a “mysterious” car accident that is such an obvious assassination coupled with a subsequent cover-up, it could’ve been a plot to one of those terrible low-budget spy movies from the 80s that Zionist Hollywood was pumping out every other week.

The culprits, undoubtedly, are Turkey and ‘Israel’–the neo-Ottoman regime in Ankara’s overlord and central partner in keeping the Syrian state destabilized. Verily, the usurping Zionist entity needed the weapons supply line from Turkey to Syria’s north to remain open and unbothered. Not just for arms but oil. Thus, Serena Shim was jeopardizing the entire ‘Israeli’-led regime change scheme. Yet, with her 4th martyrdom anniversary upon us on October 19th, how many American mainstream media outlets are covering the Lebanese-American daughter of Detroit’s murder, asking questions, highlighting her accomplishments, saluting her bravery and demanding justice?


Meanwhile, how many American media outlets are, depending on the tone of the article, all up in arms or waxing lyrical (or both) about how much they love Jamal Khashoggi as well as how upset they are at his grizzly killing at the hands of a Saudi hit team and the laughable story concocted–a fight broke out and Khashoggi got murked outta the frame by accident, Al-Saud says–to bury what really took place?


If you needed an indictment of how the corporate press works in America, you won’t be able to find a more damning one. The lifelong Saudi regime apologist, Takfiri stenographer, Ikhwanji stalwart and US-UK-Zionist intelligence asset is praised and celebrated, mourned and cried about. The young Shi’a Muslim reporter who challenged the status quo and shined an all-beaming light on the criminality of an ‘Israeli’-aligned NATO regime which is arming terrorists that desecrate shrines, dig up bodies, burn churches, execute suicide bombings against civilians and enslave children is ignored–not partially but totally.

Which is why it is imperative to remember her. And her sacrifice. And her heroism. And her steadfastness under tremendous pressure–never wavering as she got down into the grime, the guck and the muck to dig out the truth no matter what rested deep within such immense filth; no matter the danger it put her very person in. And we should bow our heads in respect to everyone like her too.

Trailblazers like Gary Webb, assassinated by the CIA for exposing the Company’s role in cocaine trafficking in Central America as well as the crack epidemic that ravaged African-American communities all over the US, especially in the Los Angeles area; Danny Casolaro, murdered by a Mossad-CIA death squad for digging into what he called “the Octopus”, a Zionist-led international conspiracy tied in with the Inslaw-PROMIS affair, the collapse of BCCI and the Iran-Contra scandal; my dear brother Victor Thorn, murdered by Hillary Clinton’s (likely-Mossad-connected) goons for telling one truth too many about her family’s illicit history; Hamza Hajj Hassan (R.A.), Muhammad Mantash (R.A.) and Halim Allou (R.A.), reporters of Hizbullah’s Military Media Unit who were assassinated by ‘Israeli’-NATO-GCC-backed terrorists whilst covering the Hizbullah-Syrian Arab Army liberation of the ancient, Aramaic-speaking town of Maaloula…

… Robert Friedman, the gallant Jewish-American investigative reporter who took the veil off the Jewishness of the “Russian” mafia (aka Red Mafiya aka Organizatsiya) and also exposed the JDL-ADL-Mossad nexus in two groundbreaking books. He was murdered by the “chosenite” mobsters he unmasked; Khaled al-Khatib (R.A.), a Syrian RT journo murdered by ISIS in Homs; and too many Palestinian journalists to name here, dauntless souls who are routinely targeted by the Zionist enemy for exposing the evil of the ongoing Nakba that has raged since ‘Israel’ criminally came into existence. Ahmed Abou Hussein (R.A.) and Yasser Murtaja (R.A.) were slaughtered by the usurping Jewish entity this year alone. Dozens of others have been wounded, maimed and arrested. We salute them all in humbleness.

Serena Shim (R.A.), who now rests in Bourj al-Barajneh, a municipality of Dahiyeh that has endured and prevailed over both Zionism and Takfirism, is everything Jamal Khashoggi wasn’t–truthful and decent, righteous and principled, Anti-Imperialist and fearless. Because she was striving to expose the evils of the Zio-NATO Empire, instead of serving it like Khashoggi, the American media has rendered her persona non grata. Honestly though, what else do you expect from a bunch of careerist, orientalist hypocrites who work for some of the most powerful Zionist Jews on the planet? Needless to say, may they not only be shamed again and again but punished. For silence is complicity and their willing inability to speak up on her behalf makes them as guilty as the Mossad/MIT assassins who took her away from her husband, her children, her family and her friends. Serena was moved to become a reporter after the July War, which saw her homeland ravaged by an illegal, barbaric ‘Israeli’ aerial campaign. She was in Bourj el-Barajneh at the time and simply put, the savagery of the Zionists changed her life.

And in turn, through her tremendous reporting, she has changed the lives of us all–especially those in Syria–because she decided to report the truth amid the worst fog of lies that modern warfare has ever seen. During her funeral, thousands on top of thousands poured into the streets to greet the Shahida, chanting, “The hero’s here! The hero’s here! The hero’s here!” She still is too. Right here with us. The Martyrs are alive. Guiding us and inspiring us. As for Jamal Khashoggi and all the Zionist, Imperialist and Wahhabi miscreants shrieking about him across the Shlomo-controlled establishment press? They weren’t, aren’t and will never be good enough to even clean the dirt off the bottom of her shoes. Zio-MSM may continue to ignore Serena Shim (R.A.) four years on since her martyrdom. But Moustazafeen the world over recognize her unequivocal valor and will not be deterred from lionizing her forever. Rest deeply o’ truth-teller; o’ tyrant-breaker; o’ heroine. Rest in power and pristineness.

نارام سرجون:جمال الخاشقجي و”الحئيئة” من داخل قلبي .. مع نبوءة بدوي الجبل الرهيبة نارام


نارام سرجون:جمال الخاشقجي و”الحئيئة” من داخل قلبي .. مع نبوءة بدوي الجبل الرهيبة

نارام سرجون

لاأريد التعليق على حادث اختفاء جمال الخاشقجي .. ولكن لفت نظري ان الرجل ينظر اليه على انه ضحية الكلمة الحرة وانه مناضل سعودي يمثل تيار الحرية .. ولاحظت ان القضية يتم استعمالها بطريقة مسرحية .. فعند معارضي السعودية صار الرجل مثل رفيء الحريري ..

Image result for ‫الحريري الحئيئة‬‎

وعلى وزن (بدنا الحئيئة) صار هناك من يردد (نابي الحكيكة) .. ووصلت الحملة الدعائية ان اردوغان صار يعلق قميص جمال الخاشقجي في استانبول كما علق قميص عثمان مكة .. رغم ان اردوغان هو آخر من يهتم لاختفاء المعارضين والسياسيين ونهمه حرية الكلمة وهو الذي زج برئيس حزب كامل مع طاقمه الحزبي كله في السجون .. ومحاهم بالممحاة .. من الوجود .. وكأنهم حضارة سادت ثم بادت ..

وصارت قضية الخاشقجي تتفاعل والاشاعات تتردد وتروي كيف تم قتله واعدامه وتقطيعه وتوزيع أعضائه .. وبدأت حملات التعاطف والضغط باسم الخاشقجي من الدوائر الغربية السياسية .. وصدرت عشرات التحليلات والتخمينات .. حتى صار الامر مشكوكا في نواياه .. فهل هذه خدعة وحركة سياسية .. لتلميع الرجل وتحويله الى بطل وقضية ..؟؟ ففي الاعلام اذا ماتم التركيز المبالغ فيه على شخصية خلافية فلغاية سياسية .. كما حدث مع رفيء الحريري الذي تحول الى اله قتله السوريون المتخصصون في قتل الآلهة فقط ..

وتذكرت على الفور حركة اغتيال خالد مشعل في عمان حيث ان الموساد اختار عمان تحديدا لتنفيذ الاغتيال .. واختار طريقة حقن السم في الاذن .. رغم ان عمان مليئة بالموساد والمخابرات البريطانية والاميريكية ولاتحتاج اسرائيل لاغتيال صاخب ومسرحي في الشارع .. ورغم انها نفذت كل عمليات الاغتيال منذ عام 48 وحتى اليوم بالرصاص والمتفجرات وفرق الاغتيال والكوماندوس .. ففي بيروت ارسلت فريق اغتيال قام بتصفية ثلاثة قادة دفعة واحدة بالرصاص في عملية فردان الشهيرة التي أودت بحياة كمال عدوان وكمال ناصر وأبو يوسف النجار.. وفي اغتيال ابو جهاد في تونس ارسلت فريق اغتيال ثقب جسد ابو جهاد بعشرين رصاصة ..

Image result for ‫مشعل عميل الموساد\‬‎

الا خالد مشعل .. قطر في اذنه سما ناعما .. والغريب ان السم الذي اختير للعملية له ترياق لمعاكسته وكأن الموساد كان يريد ان يبقى “المغدور” حيا الى ان يتصل الملك حسين ويطلب الترياق .. فيضطر ساسة اسرائيل لتقديم الترياق وفوقه حبة مسك وهي اطلاق سراح احمد ياسين .. ولكن اسرائيل أطلقت احمد ياسين وهي تعلم ان تأثيره محدود أمام صناعة بطل جديد للفلسطينيين هو خالد مشعل ..

والله وحده يدري لماذا خالد مشعل لم يتم نسفه وعاش .. والله وحده يعرف ماذا كان دوره في تخريب علاقة حماس بدمشق وطهران .. وتخريب علاقة شعب مصر بفلسطين .. ودوره في تخريب علاقات الفلسطينيين بين بعضهم بتدشين الصراع مع منظمة فتح حيث بدأ الشقاق بين الفلسطينيين يتبلور في زمن خالد مشعل .. وخرّب هذا المشعل ثقة كل الشعوب المحيطة بفلسطين بمقاومة فلسطين ..

Image result for ‫مشعل عميل الموسا\‬‎

ولايمكن اغفال دوره في تقريب حماس من تركيا وقطر – وهما بلدان مخترقان ناتويا واسرائيليا – رغم ان التي ربتها ورعتها وحمتها هي دمشق وطهران .. فتحولت حماس في زمنه الى تنظيم منبوذ شعبيا في دول الجوار قبل ان يكون منبوذا من النخب الحاكمة ..

وبالعودة للخاشقجي .. فأنا لااعرف مصيره .. واتمنى ألا يصيبه مكروه لايماني ان الاخلاق في السياسة أهم من السياسة وطالما انني أرفض سياسة الاغتيالات في بلدي فانني سأرفضها بحق اي كان اختلف معه .. ومع هذا فانني لاأقدر على ان أرغم قلبي على ان يعصر عينيه ويبلل المناديل ويخفق الما على الخاشقجي .. ولم أحس انني أرغب في ان أمارس ضغطا على اعصابي وأجبرها على ان تتوتر من أجله أو ان تقلق حتى من عيار قلق بان كيمون الذي امضى ولايته يقلق علينا في الصباح والمساء .. وفتشت زوايا روحي فلم أجد رطلا من الاسى والتعاطف أحوله لحنا جنائزيا يقف على اسم فقيد الضمير السعودي .. خاشقجي .. وبحثت في كل قلبي عن قطرة حزن فلم أجد .. قلبي كان مثل بيت مونة للفقراء السوريين في شتاءات الحرب السبعة بلا حنطة ولا طحين .. قلبي كان خاويا من حبة ألم أطحنها وأعجنها واصنع منها خبزا وهمّا .. ليس فيه الا الغبار .. ومخزون قلبي من الانشغال كان مثل مدافئ السوريين الفارغة من الوقود لسبع سنوات في هذه الحرب .. بل ان قلبي كان مثل خزانة أمير ثري فقد كل ثروته وأصوله المالية واقطاعاته .. لأن كل ثروتي من أحزاني الهائلة أنفقتها على بلدي .. وأبناء بلدي .. وأحبابي الذين فقدتهم .. أنفقت أحزاني على صور جيراني الذين ذهبوا وراحوا ولم أعرف أين صاروا بسبب هذه الحرب .. وذهبت ثروتي من الدموع والبكاء وخزين الألم على حيطان البيوت التي وقعت وثقبت وتشققت وهوت ..

ولاأدري سبب فقري الشديد بالأحزان رغم انني عصرت عيوني بيدي كي اشارك الحزانى على الخاشقجي بطل الحرية السعودية .. ولم أعرف لماذا ليس في أملاكي اليوم أي مقدار من حزن أو أوقية من أسف أو بضع غرامات من الشهقات أشارك فيه الشاهقين والباكين والغاضبين ..

وفيما أنا أقلب صفحات الذاكرة وملفاتها وقعت عيني على صورة كاني اعرف صاحبها .. وعندما دققت في ملامحها عرفت لماذا رغم أني أرفض سوء المصير لشخص مثل الخاشقجي فانني لاأحس بالتعاطف معه على الاطلاق .. وقلبي خزانة أحزان خاوية .. وارض مهجورة تربتها محروثة بالملح لاينبت فيها الهمّ على جمال الخاشقجي .. ولايهمني كل مايقال عنه وكل الحملات التي تحاول تبييض صفحته ..

لأن صورته في افغانستان يحمل السلاح ويقاتل مع المجاهدين قالت لي انه فقس مع بيوض القاعدة السعودية المنشأ والاميريكية البرمجة والتربية .. وهذا وحده كفيل بأن أحس ان بيني وبينه ألف جدار وعشرات آلاف الجثث من ابناء الشرق الذين قتلتهم القاعدة وسلالاتها الوهابية السعودية .. وهؤلاء لايرأفون لنا ولايحبوننا ولايريدون بنا الا الشر والموت .. وقد قتلوا ابناءنا بالسكاكين حتى تثلمت حوافها من كثرة مانحرت من أعناقنا .. بل ان هذا الخاشقجي كان يرى ان ذبح الجنود السوريين تكتيك لارهاب الجنود السوريين وهو عنف مفهوم القصد برأيه واللبيب من الاشارة يفهم .. اي ترجمة قرآنية لعبارة (ترهبون به عدوكم) ..

الخاشقجي اذا لم يكن اخفاؤه لغاية مسرحية فان موته يمكن ان يلعب دور حريري السعودية .. اللعبة الحريرية التي أجادتها السعودية في لبنان جاء من يلعبها معها من تركيا .. فالبعض قال ان اردوغان قد عمل بنصيحة حقان فيدان في استعمال مثل هذه العمليات لاحراج السعودية وابتزازها نفسيا والضغط عليها في قضايا خليجية .. وأن عملية خاشقجي فخ صنعته المخابرات التركية للسعودية ثم نشرت الفضيحة .. واردوغان شخص نذل يمكن ان يلعب كل انواع السياسات القذرة .. فهو يعلم ان من يقتل الناس في سورية هم مسلحوه ولكنه يبكي على الناس ويتهم الاسد بأنه يقتل شعبه .. فلماذا لايلعب نفس اللعبة مع السعودية ..

وعلى كل حال .. لايهمني من سيلعب بدم الرجل ولا بجسده ولا يهمني من سيستثمر في مصيره .. لأن هناك الكثيرين ممن سيحملون نعشه – اذا كان قد مات – او قضيته ويعصرون جثته أو يقطرون دمه ليصنعوا منه شرابا للسهرات الدموية ووقودا للصراعات مع السعودية .. كما حدث مع الحريري فكل من شنع على سورية وحمل نعشه وصرخ وولول كان من كارهيه ومنتقديه ولكنه وجد دم الحريري يباع كالذهب .. فغرف منه وباع حصته في السوق وانضم الى جوقة (بدنا الحئيئة) الشهيرة .. رغم ان الجميع يعرف الحقيقة والحئيئة والحكيكة من ان سورية بريئة من دمه ..

واذا كان قد تم التخلص من الخاشقجي فليس بسبب مستوى الحرية والانسانية العالي الذي تمتع به بل بسبب مستوى الوحشية والارهاب الذي ارتفع بين مجاهدي زمان ومنظري الذبح في سورية السعوديين والاتراك .. فالعائلة السعودية تنهش بعضها .. ولذلك فان المجاهدين ينهشون بعضهم بلا رحمة واشداقهم تقطر دما وشواربهم ولحاهم مخضلة بالدم القاني كما وجه ضبع بلله الدم وهو يأكل أحشاء وقلب ظبي وهو حي يخفق .. وربما أتذكر قول بدوي الجبل عندما غضب من البعثيين المتصارعين فقال في أقسى واعنف نقد وهجاء لرفاقه:

وغدا يذبح الرفيق رفيق .. ويعض الكلب كلب عقور .. ويبدو ان هذه النبوءة القاسية تنطبق على كل من من يلعب لعبة السياسة ويمزجها بشهوة السلطة في الشرق الأوسط .. ولذلك يبدو أن “رفاق الدرب” الوهابيين القاعديين انطبقت عليهم نبوءة بدوي الجبل حيث صارت الاسرة السعودية وافرعها تشتبك علنا وتتراشق بالذبائح:

وغدا يذبح القعود قعود* .. ويعض الكلب كلب عقور


* القعود هو ابن الجمل .. وفيه من مشتقات لفظ القاعدة .. وثقافة الصحراء .. وجمال كان قعودا في قطيع الابل الذي قاد السعودية حتى الآن ..


ملاحظة: الشخص في الصورة المرفقة هي للخاشقجي عندما كان مجاهدا في أفغانستان في شبابه .. يعني مثل ابو محمد الجولاني في زمنه وأبو قتادة .. وابو بلاطة .. وابو مطاطة .. ومثل زهران علوش وحجي مارع .. اي لو انتصر هؤلاء القتلة علينا لكان واحدهم في موقع الخاشقجي في الدولة السورية .. كاتب ومفكر ومستشار وصحفي “حر” !!!!

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1.5 Million Syrian Refugees Returned to Syria


Syrian Refugees in Lebanon - Horrific Conditions
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon – Horrific Conditions

In spite of the massive campaign by Western powers and their regional stooges, more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees managed to return to Syria already, many more have registered their desire to return and awaiting logistics.

Today, Monday, October 1st, a new group of 4,100 Syrian refugees in Lebanon will be heading back home with the help of the Lebanese General Security apparatus.

The refugees returning today will use three border crossings with Lebanon. The main Masna’a crossing, in addition to Abboudieh crossing and Zamarani crossing which was designated for those returning from the infamous Lebanese Arsal town, once the stronghold of ISIS and Nusra Front terrorists in the tiny country.

Syrian refugees returning from Arsal is a major sign of the failure of the propaganda the Syrian people are constantly bombarded with by NATO and its regional mouthpieces. It also demonstrates the failure of the Saudi policies in Lebanon, where the current PM Hariri and his bloc wasted no effort in pressuring the Syrian refugees to keep them in Lebanon and use them as a bargaining chip against their country.

Lebanese incumbent government, they continue to fail to form one several months after their parliament elections, is split over Syria with the patriotic wing pushing for cooperation with the Syrian government to facilitate the return of the refugees to their country, while the Saudi wing headed by PM Hariri double standards arm terrorist groups in Syria, abuse the humanitarian conditions of the refugees in Lebanon and yet issue political empty statements of their concern over the safety of those refugees.

The horrific conditions the Syrian refugees in Lebanon were forced to live in by the Saudi-owned Lebanese politicians will never be forgotten nor forgiven and will remain a black stain in Lebanese history. Syria has received tens of thousands of Lebanese refugees during Lebanon’s never-ending crises, yet none of them was humiliated or put in a tent, let alone in such miserable tents outside rural towns and under electricity high voltage cables.

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon in Horrible Conditions
Syrian refugees in Lebanon were placed in horrible conditions

During a meeting at the Russian embassy in Lebanon, Russian Major General Yevgeny Ilyin stated that 1,470,000 Syrian refugees have returned to Syria in cooperation with a number of countries and international organizations.

The Russian general added that work is undergoing to rehabilitate the infrastructure facilities in Syria to serve the Syrian refugees upon their return, which includes 138 schools, 116 children playgrounds, 109 bakeries, 113 water pumping stations, 119 electricity sub-stations, 106 health care clinics and 79 colleges and university faculties.


by Jonathan Azaziah – What an absolute horror in Iran’s Ahvaz. As veterans of the Iranian Armed Forces, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Basij and their families were gathered for a parade marking the 38-year anniversary of the start of the Imposed War led by the tyrant Saddam Hussein, gunmen dressed in Iranian military garb opened fire on the attendees with reckless abandon. They didn’t care who they hit. And the total casualty count shows–with at least 29 martyrs, including women, children, disabled vets and journalists, and more than 70 wounded. The whole thing felt very… and we do mean VERY… ‘Israeli’. And it didn’t take long for the usurping Zionist entity and all its regional cronies to rear their ugly heads. The Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) claimed responsibility for the cowardly, murderous attack, as did Al-Ahwaz Arab Popular Democratic Front (APDF), a wing of ASMLA.

The leader of ASMLA is Habib Jabour, who openly and proudly flaunts his relationship with the House of Saud. Al-Arabiya–or as it should be called, Al-Ibriyya–is the literal stenographer of all ASMLA and APDF propaganda and praised the attack both online and on air. So did the hideously sectarian channel Al-Wesal TV–an Arabic-Urdu-Farsi platform infamous for declaring that its main objective is to discuss “the accords and speeches of the turbaned Shi’ites and scholars, exposing them and uncovering their falsehoods”— which covered the Ahvaz horror as a “heroic effort to liberate an ‘occupied’ region from Iran”. Indeed, the delusional terrorists say Iran is another ‘Israel’ and Ahvaz is another Palestine and when they’re done “liberating” Ahvaz from the “occupiers”, they will then offer their support to the Palestinian struggle. A classical Takfiri-esque perspective: Kill anyone and everyone before you wage Jihad against the Zio-Imperialists–who just so happen to be funding, arming and training you. Should also be noted that Fatah and APDF have close ties, which is, in and itself, a damning proof of the ‘Israeli’ nexus as Mahmoud Abbas is of course a ZOGer–a real stooge to end all stooges.

The Zionist hands are further exposed by the fact that nearly all of the leaders of the ASMLA and the APDF are based in Australia, which has played a major role in destabilizing Syria and whose intelligence services are overrun with Mossadniks, as well as the Netherlands, a historic partner of the usurping Zionist entity, home of a massive Judaic-bankrolled Islamophobia industry headed by Zionist Jew hatemonger Geert Wilders, a provider of attack dogs used by IOF against Palestinian civilians, and, up until about two seconds ago, a top funder of the ‘Israeli’-Sorosite-partnered White Helmets. Moreover, the neocon-run Bush regime, through both the CIA and JSOC, ramped up major support to Ahvazi separatist gangs, the ASMLA included, with the specific purpose of attacking, weakening and destabilizing the IRGC. Verily, Iranian Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi said in no uncertain terms that the murderers were trained by ‘Israel’ and Amreeka in two Persian Gulf countries. One is Saudi Arabia. And the other is the UAE’s Abu Dhabi sheikhdom.

In fact, the Emiratis aren’t even trying to hide it. Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, a prominent UAE intellectual routinely quoted in mainstream press outlets and a senior “royal” advisor to the criminal Nahyan clan, blatantly declared on Twitter, “Taking the battle into the depths of Iran is an option that has already been declared and will increase even further in the future.” This is an echo of what Saudi “Crown Prince” and butcher of Yemen Muhammad Bin Salman said last year, “We will work so that the battle is on their side, inside Iran.” The Saudi and Emirati collaborators are so far gone in their services to the Empire that there just isn’t anywhere else to go. They’ve made their beds… With Shlomo… And they enjoy their own stench after coming up from laying down with “chosenite” mutts.

World Zionism operatives, from the artificial Jewish regime as well as its lobbying apparatuses, have been vociferously campaigning for separating Ahvaz from Iran for years. Rape enthusiast, Aman agent and war criminal Mordechai Kedar engaged in some obscene, quintessential Jewish projectionism with his piece, “Iran is an Artificial Country”, praising the ASMLA and salivating over Ahvaz’s oil. Mark Langfan, the head of Americans for a Safe ‘Israel’ (AFSI), picked up on this theme and ran with it in his “Free Arab Shia from their Iranian slavemasters” drivel in Arutz Sheva. It’s essentially become a preeminent talking point of Organized Jewish Interests.

And lest we forget that Ahvaz was a center of Jewish commercial activity throughout the Middle Ages as well as one of the first hotbeds for Zionist activity inside Iran. Simply put, the Ahvazi separatists and the Jews are thick as thieves. Make no mistake, any ethno-nationalism or communal-nationalism expressed inside Iran’s borders is Jewish at the root. Full-stop. Whether it’s in Balochistan with Jundallah and Baloch separatist groups or in Kurdistan with PJAK,Mossad is present. Busting up Iran into statelets has always been a Zionist imperative, from Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s” to the Saban Center’s “Which Path To Persia?”, which, by the way, also salutes Ahvazi terrorists.

Most despicable of all is that the whole of the Zionist media from Reuters to AFP, the Times of ‘Israel’ to BBC, Al-Jazeera (aka Al-Khanzeera) to CBS, CNN to the Wall Street Journal, did not call the Ahvaz carnage a terrorist attack nor refer to the ASMLA and the APDF as terrorists. It’s an unabashed dehumanization technique that has been employed against the Islamic Republic by the US ZOG and ‘Israel’ from the moment that Imam Khomeini (R.A.) brought down the Shah. But ask yourselves this: Wouldn’t a like-similar attack on the CIA be terrorism? Even though the CIA has toppled over 100 governments since its founding between election rigging, assassinations and coups. Even though the CIA backs head-chopping Takfiris, death squads of all types and dictators worldwide. It’s still terrorism, no?

Because what about the secretaries and the janitors, the paper-pushers and the food delivery workers, the receptionists and particularly the analysts opposed to US interventionism. In other words, the innocent people. This is above and beyond the fact that God forbid any such attack occurs, we’d have to look at ‘Israel’ in a false flag scenario. Ultimately, terrorism is terrorism. And a mass shooting that leaves elderly disabled people who had fought for their country in defense of independence as well as 6-year old children liquidated… Can’t be called anything but. The Jewish-controlled corporate press doesn’t want you to see photos of Shouhada like hero Hossein Monjazi (R.A.), who was being honored in the parade, and little Taha (R.A.), that’s why it prevents its usual spheres of (dis)information-dissemination from showing such images and in alternative spheres, such as social media, it blocks, suspends, deletes and shadow-bans to halt counter-narratives from festering. Like the @IranTactical account on Twitter that was 86ed as the Ahvaz chaos was unfolding.


Speaking of ‘Israeli’ false flags, it is telling that Saeed Ghasseminejad, the resident “Iranian” native informant and Shabbos Goy extraordinaire over at the FDD–the Talpiot-linked, ‘Israeli’-infested 3rd incarnation of PNAC–actually had the gall to say that the IRGC, which has lost many a good man to the mercenaries of the ASMLA and the APDF, was working with these groups to slaughter their own and portray the Iranian government as a victim before the upcoming UN General Assembly extravaganza. Fallacious, felonious and filthy! This is reminiscent of Russian-Jewish gazillionaire Boris Berezovsky (L.A.) and the Jewish neocons of the Bush White House accusing Vladimir Putin of plotting the attacks on Buynaksk, Moscow, and Volgodonsk in the infamous “Apartment Bombings”. Zion’s think-tank-industrial-complex has ZERO issue invoking the concept of false flags when it needs to smear enemy states and use their dead as hasbara props for an ongoing soft war campaign. When the REAL perpetrator of false flags comes up however, i.e. ‘Israel’, especially when it comes to the Zionist granddaddy of them all, 9/11, everyone who promotes such truth turns into an “anti-Semite”, a “conspiracy theorist” or a “Nazi”.

It’s more than pornographic and yet another proof of the Empire’s shameless execution of the Ahvaz attack that the House of Rothschild’s errand boy Rudy Giuliani, an anti-Iranian regime change fanatic as well as a key Gentile agent of Zion’s terrorism on September 11th, 2001, was frothing at the mouth about the US leading the overthrow of the Islamic Revolution all before the blood of the Ahvaz martyrs was even dry; before the casualty count had even been tallied up properly. His speech was sponsored by another terrorist group, the Zionist-aligned MEK, which has been bathing in the plasma of Iranian civilians for nearly four decades. And this is, without a doubt, the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-Emirati end goal: Toppling Wilayet al-Faqih and replacing it with a pliable regime led by goons like ASMLA and the MEK that will serve Shlomo ad infinitum.

Sadness aside for a moment over this terrible crime, perhaps it is fitting that it happened in the midst of Sacred Defense Week–a sign that ALLAH (SWT) is the Best Planner of All. Because just as Saddam Hussein failed to put out the candles of Khomeiniism when he began his aggression on the Jewish Imperium’s behalf 38 years ago, so too will Washington, “Tel Aviv”, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. They can drop monies and weapons to whatever gaggle of degenerates they like. The Islamic Revolution has not come this far to crumble at the hands of mere weakling terrorists that target babies, women and men in wheelchairs.


As Imam Khamenei said to a group of foreign cultural activists last month, “Do not worry at all about our situation. Nobody can do a damn thing against the Islamic Revolution. Be certain of that. There isn’t any doubt about it. Inform everyone of this truth!” We recite Al-Fatiha over and over again for the martyrs. We send Striking Star Salutes to the Islamic Republic of Iran, its military-intelligence organs, its people, its leadership and its thinkers during this most blessed time when Iranians commemorate fighting off the whole world to maintain what Imam Khomeini (R.A.) helped bring to fruition. And we pray for the punishment of the perpetrators–both local and global. May they feast on the Zaqqum’s fruit forever.

Minister al-Moallem Speech at 73rd Session of UNGA


29 September 2018 15:58



Highlights from Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid al-Moallem speech  to the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, as simultaneously translated and tweeted by

” We have hopes for more stability and security to every span of the entire world,”

”The Syrians battle is to defend their existence and presence,”

”Our battle against terrorism is about to finish thanks to our Army, People, friends and allies, and we are determined to cleanse all of Syria from terrorism and this is our duty.”

”The international coalition for fighting terrorism has been perpetrating crimes against civilians and it is an alliance for supporting terrorism and for war crimes,”

”The return of every Syrian abroad to Syria is the priority and all are welcome back to their country…”

”An ad hoc committee for the return of the refugees in collaboration with Russia,”

”The priority for rebuilding in Syria is for those countries which have been standing by us against terrorism,”

”The Syrians alone have their own right to the decisions about their  country,”

”The use of chemical weapons is rejected and condemned by Syria which dispose of its chemical weapons.”

”The regime of Turkey is still supporting terrorists in Syria,”

”Any foreign presence on the Syrian territories is illegal threatening peace and security in the region and complicates the fighting against terrorism and they as occupying forces should immediately withdraw,”

”We are determined to restore the Golan in full to the line of June4 1967 and Israel should implement related UNSC resolutions especially 497 and the international community should move as put an end to the oppressive measures of the Israeli occupation in the occupied Golan,”

”Syria condemns the US decision to leave the nuclear 5 plus 1 agreement with Iran,”

”We carry message of peace for the people of the world and have never been aggressors against anyone.”

Minister Al-Moallem Address 73rd UN General Assembly


Minister Al-Moallem Address 72nd UN General Assembly

Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic, Mr. Walid Al-Moallem delivered the following speech at the UNGA 72nd Session in New York:


President of the seventy-second session of the United Nations General Assembly, I would like to congratulate you on your election as President of the current session of the General Assembly and wish you all the success. I would also like to thank your predecessor for his important role at the helm of the General Assembly during the previous session. I congratulate Mr. Antonio Guterres on his appointment as Secretary-General of the United Nations and wish him the best in carrying out his responsibilities in service of the principles and purposes of the UN Charter.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we meet again, our world is facing mounting challenges and dangers on a daily basis, and a persistent standoff between two sets of forces: forces that seek to control and dominate nations and their riches, by turning back the clock, re-establishing a unipolar world order, fueling chaos and war, and violating international and humanitarian laws: and opposite forces that work tirelessly to create a more balanced, secure, and just world, one that respects the sovereignty of the states and the right of peoples to exercise self-determination and build their own future.

As we meet again, many people continue to pay dearly and sacrifice their lives, security, stability and livelihood, as a result of the policies of certain countries. Those countries falsely believe that they could use terrorism as a tool to satisfy their greed and further their ill-conceived agendas, which do not serve the interests of any people, not even their own. No people has suffered at the hands of terrorism more than the Syrian people, who, for six years now, has fought against terrorists pouring from all over the world, supported by parties from the region and beyond.

For more than six years, Syrians have endured the worst and have made great sacrifices to defend their country in the face of a terrorist war of unprecedented brutality, which has spared no one and no-thing, targeting innocent people, services, the infrastructure and cultural heritage. Despite it all, Syria is determined, more than ever, to eradicate terrorism from every part of the country, without exception, thanks to the sacrifices of our army and the steadfastness of our people.

Mr. President, since the beginning of the war, our state policy has followed two main tracks: combating terrorism, and working hard towards a political solution that stems the bloodshed and restores stability.

On the counter-terrorism, the Syrian Arab Army along with its supporting forces and allies are making daily achievements, clearing out territories and uprooting terrorists. However, the threat of this plague persists, claiming the lives of the Syrians on a daily basis, and depleting the country’s resources. We must all understand that terrorism and underlying Takfirist extremist ideology will continue to spread like a tumor throughout the world and haunt all of our people unless every one of us demonstrates a genuine will to cooperate to confront it together. Any such endeavor must respect the sovereignty and of states and the interests of the people, and must let go of the illusion that terrorism can be used as a tool for political gains and narrow interests.

On the political front, the Syrian government has spared no effort since the early months of the crisis to stop the bloodshed. The success of local reconciliations would not have been possible without the leadership’s political support and the numerous amnesty decrees issued by President Bashar al-Assad, which allowed everyone who had taken up arms to lay them down and resume their normal life.

These successful reconciliations have allowed tens of thousands of IDPs and refugees to go back home and helped improve the living conditions of a great number of Syrians who had fallen victim to terrorist crimes. Syria is determined to scale up reconciliation efforts, whenever possible, because it is the best means to alleviate the suffering of Syrians and restore stability and normalcy.

Ladies and gentlemen, since day one, the Syrian government has positively considered all initiatives to put an end to the war. However, these initiatives eventually failed after states that supported and fuelled terrorism decided to persist in their aggressive policies against Syria and its people.

As for the Astana and Geneva tracks, the Syrian government has shown seriousness and commitment and has done its best to provide the necessary conditions for these efforts to succeed and achieve their goals.

We are encouraged by the Astana process and the resulting “de-escalation zones” and hope that it will help us reach and actual cessation of hostilities and separate terrorist groups. Such as ISIL, Al-Nusra and others, from those groups that have agreed to join the Astana process. This will be the real test of how committed and serious these groups and their Turkish sponsors are. So far, Turkey under Erdogan has persisted in its aggressive policies against the Syrian people and continued to labor under the illusion that terrorism will help serve its subversive agendas in Syria and the countries of the region. Turkey’s position stands in stark contrast to the positive and constructive role played by Russia and Iran.

Notwithstanding its commitment to the memorandum on the ‘”de-escalation zones”, Syria reserves the right to respond to any violation by the other party. Syria also stresses that these zones are a temporary arrangement that must not violate the territorial unity of Syria.

The Syrian government reaffirms its commitment to the Geneva process and further progress on that track. This process has yet to bear fruit in the absence of a genuine national opposition that can be a partner in Syria’s future, and as countries with influence over the other party continue to block any meaningful progress.

Mr. President, it is truly unfortunate that these countries that block a solution in Syria are members of this international organization, including members of the Security Council.

The Syrian government has always insisted that any solution in Syria must respect Syria’s non-negotiable principles which are a red line for all Syrians. These include the complete rejection of terrorism, the territorial unity of Syria and its people, and the rejection of any external interference in political decisions regarding Syria’s future. Only Syrians have the right to make such decisions, whether now or in the future.

Ladies and gentlemen, for decades, Israel has continued its unscrupulous thuggish actions with full impunity.

This usurper entity has occupied Arab territories in Palestine and the Golan for more than seventy years and has committed horrific crimes against innocent civilians. Israel did not stop there. It has publicly interfered in the Syrian crisis since its early days. Israel has provided all forms of support to Takfirist terrorist gangs, including funds, weapons, material, and communication equipment. Israel has also bombed Syrian Army positions to serve terrorist agendas. Coordination between the two was at its best when terrorist groups decided to target Syrian air defense assets used to defend Syria against Israeli aggression. The unlimited Israeli support to terrorists in Syria did not come as a surprise. After all, the two share the same interests and goals. However, let me be clear. It is delusional to believe, even for a moment, that the crisis in Syria will take us for our inalienable right to recover the occupied Syrian Golan fully to the lines of June 4, 1967.

For more than six years, states and parties that were behind the war on Syria, have continued to peddle lies and falsely accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons, despite a confirmation by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons that Syria has fully eliminated its chemical program. This is enough proof that there is an ill-conceived intention to tarnish the real image of the Syrian government in the international public eye, and come up with new excuses to continue the aggression against Syria in favor of terrorists and their supporters. This was the case when the United States blatantly attacked the Shayrat airbase, claiming that it contained chemical weapons used in the alleged Khan Shaykhun attack. And as was the case after every accusation of this kind, we confirmed our readiness to receive and cooperate with UN investigation teams.

Ladies and gentlemen, certain countries have boasted about fighting terrorism in Syria and having the interests of Syrians at heart. They have established “coalitions” and held dozens of conferences under deceiving titles, such as “friends of the Syrian people”. It is quite ironic that those are the same countries that are shedding the blood of the Syrians by supporting terrorists, bombing innocent civilians, and destroying their livelihoods.

The so-called “International Coalition” led by the US, which was created three years ago to allegedly fight terrorists groups such as ISIL, has killed much more innocent Syrians, mostly women and children, than terrorists and has destroyed vital infrastructure that the Syrians have worked for years to build. It has also used phosphorus bombs and other internationally-prohibited weapons before the eyes of the whole world.

We cannot understand the silence of the international community in the face of these crimes. The international community has not condemned or sought to stop these crimes, even though the Syrian government has made a number of appeals to the Security Council to assume its main responsibility of maintaining international peace and security. The Syrian government has urged the Council to implement its own resolutions on counter-terrorism, particular resolution 2253, and prevent the Coalition from committing more crimes against the citizens of my country.

Ladies and gentlemen, while the coalition failed to make any meaningful progress against the terrorist group of ISIL, the Syrian Army, along with its allies and friends has been able to secure real and significant gains and drives out terrorists from large parts of the Syrian Desert. In what was considered a strategic achievement, the Army was recently able to break the siege imposed on the city of Deir Ezzor and its people by ISIL more than three years ago. This achievement will significantly improve the humanitarian situation in the city and contribute to fight against terrorism in general.

We have declared more than once that it is impossible to combat terrorism without coordination with the Syrian government. This is the only way to make real gains in the war on terrorism. Any presence of foreign troops on Syrian grounds, without the consent of the government is considered a form of occupation, a wanton aggression, and a flagrant violation of international laws and Charter of the United Nations.

Mr. President, the war that the most powerful countries and terrorist groups are waging against Syria is not only a military war. It has taken other forms, no less brutal or aggressive, to break the will of the Syrian people and punish them for their firm support of the Army in its efforts to defend Syria’s political independence and territorial unity. For this reason, those countries have imposed a suffocating economic blockade on Syria, in blatant violation of international law, to destroy the livelihoods of the Syrians and increase their suffering.

These unilateral coercive measures have been imposed on vital sectors, most notably healthcare services. Syria used to have an advanced healthcare system. Today, however, Syrians are denied access to many types of medicine, even those used to treat life threatening conditions, such as cancer. Such sanctions are a clear sign of the hypocrisy of certain countries that shed tears over Syrians while practicing a different form of terrorism.

The refugee problem is one of the consequences of terrorism. As Syria will need the efforts of every Syrian over the upcoming period, the Syrian government has made the return of Syrians to their homes a top priority. To this end, the Syrian government has embarked on a mission to liberate and secure the areas occupied by terrorists improve the basic living conditions of all Syrians.

Mr. President, given the United Nations’ failure to uphold its own Charter and the principles of the international law, we must all consider reforming this international organization to be able to effectively play its role and to defend the legitimate rights against the law of the jungle that some are trying to impose.

Our nations yearn for a safer and more secure, stable and prosperous world. Such a world will remain a fantast as long as certain countries believe that they can go around, spreading chaos, creating troubles and imposing their will with full impunity.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my country, along with its steadfast people and its brave army, supported by our loyal allies, is marching steadily towards the goal of rooting out terrorism. The liberation of Aleppo and Palmyra, the lifting of the siege of Deir Ezzor and the eradication of terrorism from many parts of Syria prove that victory is now within reach.

I am confident that, when this unjust war on Syria is over, the Syrian army will go down in history as the Army that heroically defeated, along with its supporting forces and its allies, the terrorists that came to Syria from many countries and received large support from the most powerful countries of the world, including arms, funding, training, access and political cover.
Those terrorists have tried and failed to impose their backward ideology on a powerful nation that has been for decades a cradle of civilization.

The annals of history will recall for generations to come that achievements of the Syrian people and steadfastness in the face of a barbaric terrorist campaign and unjust measures, which have compounded their suffering and deprived them of their basic needs. The Syrian people have stood their ground, against all odds, because they knew that this was a war that sought to eliminate their country, and with it, their own existence. They are an example to follow by any people who might face, now or in the future, similar attempts to break their will and deny them their freedom and sovereignty.

Thank you Mr. President.



Minister Al-Moallem Address 72nd UN General Assembly in New York

Al-Moallem Delivers Syria’s Speech at UN General Assembly’s 71 Session

Al-Moallem addresses 70th UN General Assembly in New York

Minister Al-Moallem: fighting terrorism the priority



Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


On the topic of the Russia-Israel-Syria affair

September 29, 2018

On the topic of the Russia-Israel-Syria affair

On the topic of the Russia-Israel-Syria affair, which has culminated in the downing of a Russian Il-20 on September 17th just off the coast of Latakia…

by Ollie Richardson for The Saker Blog

I will first start this article by saying that I have read, both intentionally and unintentionally (stumbled upon), lots and lots of opinions about this specific topic. The main bulk of these opinions recycle the usual blaming of Russia and offer suggestions for how things “should” have been done and “should” now be done. The consensus seems to be that it is Israel that is solely to blame, and it should thus be severely punished. However, even though Russia was lambasted by social media “experts” for the fact that the state of Israel still existed on September 18th (the day after the downing of the Il-20), the criticism of Moscow’s policy vis-a-vis Israel’s general airstrikes in Syria has been unwavering.

Examples of the criticism are:

  • “Russia doesn’t defend Syrian troops against Israeli airstrikes”;
  • “Putin doesn’t verbally threaten Bibi with retaliation should he strike again”;
  • “Russia doesn’t give Syria the S1/2/3/4/500”;
  • and so on and so forth (you get the idea).

So, let’s outline, once again, what Russia’s policy vis-a-vis Israel is in Syria:

  1. Q) Does Israel violate Syrian airspace?
    A) No.
  2. Q) Has Israel directly killed Russian troops?
    A) No.
  3. Q) Does Israel put Hmeymim in any direct danger?
    A) No.

These answers are important. Why?

    1. Israel violates LEBANESE airspace, and we all know that the government in Beirut – or more precisely, Mr Hariri – is very friendly with Riyadh. Where is Lebanon’s deterrent to make Israel think twice about flying over Lebanon? There isn’t one. Also, the core of fourth generation warfare is using simulacra to position a digital hologram over actual ground warfare in order to carve out space to manoeuvre diplomatically. So even though Israel violates its airspace on paper, in reality it can do so with impunity. I.e., Lebanon is not going to down an Israeli jet. Hence Tel Aviv’s impudence in Lebanese skies.

      I seem to recall that in February, 2018 the IDF decided to test the SAA’s air defences and came as close as they would like to violating Syrian airspace. The result? Two F-16’s were downed after dozens of S-200 missiles were fired at them. This incident was the result of Moscow giving the green light to the SAA to hit Tel Aviv on the teeth using the S-200 system. But social media “experts” were adamant that Israel had to be punished long before this. Any Israeli missile being launched towards Syria is a failure, they said.

      And it is here that we recall that Russia and Israel had an agreement in place whereby Russia would not impede Israel’s bombing of “Hezbollah compounds” in Western Syria. Why did Russia agree to this? Because these strikes achieved and still achieve NOTHING. With this non-announced agreement in place, Israel was given some limited space to play out its war against Iran, but the most important thing is that this space was a CONTROLLED environment. I.e., Russia always reserved the right to exercise its options to change the parameters of the playground.

      Now some will say that Israel should be completely shut out of Syria, and Russia is weak since it can’t implement this. Such a statement comes from the deep depths of idealism. The fact is that Russia cannot stop Israel meddling in Syria in one way or another, and doesn’t have an unlimited amount of resources to try to anyway. Not to mention the fundamental fact that Jews live all over the post-Soviet space and in Russia itself, which complicates the situation. How would those who are pro-Israel and pro-Russia react if Russia openly shot down and killed Israeli pilots? This is just one factor out of many.

      Another factor is that the zionist rats that are currently in power in Israel are only a transient phenomenon. Governments and their policies come and go. It’s perfectly possible that a leader will come to power in Israel one day who is in favour of peace with Palestinians/Arabs, in the same way that a Putin can arrive after a Yeltsin. So with this in mind, why on Earth would Russia, for example, bomb Israeli territory and kill/wound Israeli civilians/troops? Why mass punish the Israeli people just because of the actions of a bunch of Zionist crooks in the Knesset? It is idiotic at best and further perpetuates this cycle of aggression that Uncle Sam feeds off.

      Also, why jeopardise the possible emergence of a situation whereby a state of Israel can exist side by side with a Palestinian state in peace? Let’s be honest: in our lifetimes, the two-state solution is the only REALISTIC solution. I will be told that such a statement is unfair or disconnected from reality, but my response to that is: please explain to me how both the Israeli and Palestinian people can be integrated into Eurasia without bloodshed. Again, as I said, Russia isn’t interested in violence, it won’t solve anything and Trump said he’s in favor of two state solution. That’s why I use the word “realistic”. Furthermore, a two state solution can be the result of negotiations between all the major powers of the world, but mainly between US and Russia. Palestinians can be given much more territory than they currently have, but giving everything back, as romantic as it is, is simply not feasible. After all, what will happen to the Israeli people in the process of claiming all the stolen land back? Will they be massacred? If not, where will they go, and who will facilitate it? And who will enforce any return process and how long will it take to implement? Will a resolution in the UNSC be passed? And what happens when Israelis refuse to leave? They will be massacred?

    2. Israel has not, to date, directly killed any Russian troops. What happened on 17.09.18 was indirect, and there is a very big difference. And I am sure that Tel Aviv knows that this line must not be crossed whatsoever, since it will seriously threaten their own statehood, not to mention Gaza or the West Bank.
    3. Israel hasn’t yet, to date, caused any damage to Hmeymim or put the lives of the soldiers stationed there (on the ground) at risk. The incident on 17.09.2018 came very close to this, but it, all the same, did not cross this line. The consequence of this would be the same as the one mentioned in point No. 2.

So now the synthesis:

I won’t discuss the details of what happened on 17.09.18. Why? Because I consider it to be irrelevant (like how people discuss the exact temperature that the steel columns melted on 9/11). What is important is how the parties reacted to the incident. And it is here that things become interesting. In December 2017, I wrote the tweet below (part of a thread):

Take note of the expression “Russia needed as fewer names as possible on the ‘targets that the S-400 should – in the eyes of the media – shoot down’ list”. It is importantLet me explain what this means when inserted into the modern context. The S-400 in Hmeymim represents the Russian state. It represents Russia’s foreign policy. When the SAA fires SAM missiles into the sky, it represents not only the Syrian state (in the borders recognised by the UN), but also Syrian foreign policy. So, when have we really ever seen Russia fire any of its SAM systems in Syria? Yes, at militant drones. Jabhat al Nusra (or whatever it is called nowadays) is recognised by the UN as a terrorist organisation. And Russia affirms that these drones are sent from Nusrats in Idlib. I.e., the use of the SAM system in this context is completely in line with international law. And note how Russia thrusted this very fact into the face of the media in order to prevent any attempts to delegitimise the Idlib operation. This was a key factor that helped to prevent the West from treating us all to another Tomahawk show of weakness.

When the SAA fired its S-200 missiles at the Israeli jets in February of this year, was this in line with international law? Absolutely, since only Russia, Iran (IRGC), and Hezbollah were invited by Assad into Syria to combat terrorism. Hence why Russia okayed the launches. Now as I mentioned at the very beginning of this article, many social media “experts” reprimand the Kremlin because Israeli jets are not blown into pieces when they fire missiles at Syrian territory. It doesn’t enter their mind that there is a substantiated reason for this. But in order to delve into this topic, there is a need to explain what it is exactly that Russia (plus Eurasian friends) is trying to build here on this planet. For too long the West has used its airforce to firstly demolish and then vassalize sovereign states.

Using Yugoslavia as an example, the West stoked a sectarian civil war and then used the NATO airforce to steer the situation in the needed direction. Milosevic was given 2 bad options to choose from (intervene militarily or don’t). As a result, he was trapped. In Afghanistan and Iraq the US enjoyed the fruits of R2P and a crippled Russia (thanks to the CIA + Yeltsin combination!) to bulldoze statehood and install the needed political circle and economic direction. The aircraft carrier plus aircraft was a winning recipe, for now. But during all this time Russia wasn’t just sat twiddling its thumbs and waiting for some miracle to happen so that “superpower” status would arrive again. Serious work was being done to target the projected curve of development of the West’s war machine.

It was understood that the US can only exert its influence on MENA via aircraft carriers, and, where possible, by building military bases on the territory of vassalized failed states. Africa is actually one very large failed “state” that serves as a MIC “testing” terrain. It should be understood that the conception and implementation of the “Kinzhal”missile, for example, was not done on the basis of some whim or to sell weapons to make money. It was done in accordance with a very strict plan, targeting the vital “organs” of the Anglo beast.

The West (puppets of USA) was able to literally bulldoze Middle Eastern nations without facing any real resistance (the Libyan army didn’t even bring the SAM systems out of the warehouses). It is here that we see that “international law” is actually an equilibrium of the energy between “superpowers”. Yes, there is the UN charter and different treaties, but we all saw what happened in 2001/2002. We saw that definitions and concepts were very flexible, and that the US’ scheme of creating proxies, turning on them, and then removing them was almost flawless.

So how to stop this bulldozer from claiming more victims? We know that when it comes to MENA Israel calls the shots, and Uncle Sam and its EU puppets come to heel, and if they don’t, well… look at JFK. Furthermore, we’ve all heard Wesley Clark’s confession – 7 states in 5 years.

Iraq was no problem for the US to bulldoze in 2002 onwards – no other powerful nation had influence there. Somalia and Sudan is in Africa, which was brought to its knees after the USSR’s influence disappeared forever. Libya was easy to squash. But IranYemen, and Syria seemingly didn’t go according to plan. Yemen has strategic ports and access to waters. It’s no secret that Iran enjoyed and still enjoys influence in Yemen, in the same way the Anglos did via their puppet Hadi. Iran developed a nuclear program, albeit a peaceful one. But it is a deterrent all the same. The Houthis are being supported by the members of “Eurasia”, and this is a) not a secret, and b) completely legitimate, since the West staged a coup first (and is feeding Al Qaeda’s presence in the East of the country) and we are now in the era of proxy warfare, since the emergence of nuclear weapons put an end to the traditional colonisation blitzkrieg. And Syria was always going to be problematic for Washington & Co because Russia already has a naval base there – in Tartus. But make no mistake, the West knew this very well, but now was the time to confront Russia in a “neutral”venue, in a “controlled” environment.

Why do I say “controlled” and “neutral”? The actual warfare is taking place thousands of miles away from US territory, and US citizens on that territory are thus not at risk (US troops are a different case). Thus, any blowback that may be incurred will have a delayed action. However, there was a need to activate a process that would gradually attack Russia’s rear. And et voila – the coup in Kiev in 2014 served as exactly this. Even knowing that Russia can potentially enter Syria, they took comfort knowing that they had the Ukraine card in play. If they didn’t do the coup in Ukraine, then Russia could enter Syria and risk very little in the process of reclaiming that “superpower” status by cementing itself in the middle of the globe, with access to important waters. Nusra and ISIS would’ve been crushed in the same way (maybe even quicker since it would be deprived of time to grow and expand).

So, in order to buy time and slow down Russia’s approach to Syria, the war in Donbass was launched. It was designed by the West in such a way that Putin would surely suffer the same fate as Milosevic, entering his troops into Donbass and starting an irreversible bloodbath. A man named Girkin, on the CIA’s payroll, tried his best to drag Russia into Donbass and to start the extermination of the Russian nation. But Putin, of course, isn’t dumb and didn’t bite on it. Instead, he engineered the Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo cauldrons, which were failsafe ways of ensuring that the West’s Ukrainian front was halted in its tracks. This resulted in the signing of the Minsk Agreements. What are they? They are the same as what the US did to Milosevic – they presented the West with 2 bad options: implement the agreements, Russia wins (collapse of statehood); don’t implement them, Russia wins (collapse of statehood).

The West had to sign the Agreements since their proxies had been encircled in Donbass and project Bandera risked being aborted early. And that, in short form, is how Putin negated the parallel process that aimed to prevent Russia from entering Syria with a lower risk level. So coming back to the key problem of the US’ bulldozing machine, the West took a gamble in Syria simply because they knew that a financial crisis is catching up with them with each passing day. Furthermore, Netanyahu doesn’t care about the consequences for the West; he wants to expand Israel in accordance with the Oded Yinon plan.

But for Russia, isn’t not just about saving Syrian statehood (note that I use this word and not Assad) and safeguarding strategic assets, it is also about shaping the next 100 years. De-dollarisation is already ongoing. But this is only one element of the greater picture. In order to counter this Anglo war machine there is a need to think laterally. By this I mean not attacking it head on, but instead flanking it. After all, the West provokes Russia so much because it WANTS a reaction. It wants to control Russia’s actions and reactions, for them to become predictable and for the room for manoeuvre to be like a sardine tin.

And it is here that we can return back to the topic of Israel’s airstrikes in Syria. Since Tel Aviv’s token airstrikes in Syria achieve absolutely nothing and de-rail nothing in the grand Eurasian scheme, this is why Russia didn’t want to completely shut Israel out. Earlier in this article I explained (see the embedded S-400 tweet) that there was a complex game ongoing whereby the West wanted to push Putin into publicly committing to firing the S-400. In the past I explained that the S-400 constitutes a philosophy and not a weapon. The philosophy is based on the notion of DEFENCE, and not pseudo R2P defence, but actual defence, against violators of international law and generally unstable/erratic actors. This actually follows in the footsteps of the very essence of what the Red Army did nearly 80 years ago, when it had the opportunity to exterminate the German nation – having the full moral right to do so, but it refrained from doing so.

The philosophy is also based on RISK. And by this I mean the now well-known expression “skin in the game”. I.e., the very foundation of international law should be based the fact that there will be consequences for one’s actions. And the UN here must be actually impartial. The problem is that the UN has been monopolised by the US (and its bullying) and its vassalized puppets for so long. The process of changing this is long, but people in general are impatient and want to eat their cake now, before they die. In other words, the S-400 embodies the notion that cooperation and diplomacy is a more effective guarantor of mass prosperity than colonisation and violent coercion. Militarily, the S-400 can act as a no-fly zone, but it is its position in the wider picture that really matters here.

This “Eurasian” project unfolding before our eyes embodies this notion of cooperation that in reality Americans have never known, since their country was founded on the back of bloodshed and spitting on the human soul. I hope I don’t offend Americans by stating this, but it’s the truth. Russia and friends want to incorporate as many nations into this project as possible, and not to make big bucks in profit, but to pull us away from this abyss that the Anglo-Saxons so badly want to throw us into.

So back to the main topic here: Israel. It’s true that Israel’s airstrikes were acting like a pest in Syria. They didn’t change anything in even the short-term, but they are a nuisance all the same, least of all because it generates this whining on the internet about “Putin/ Russia being weak”. The situation was such that if Russia downed an Israeli jet (using the tools at Hmeymim to do it), Russia would flush down the toilet all progress it has made since Putin came to power. It would be the most idiotic move imaginable and would warrant harsh criticism. Russia would become just as ugly as the Anglo Saxons are, also elbow-deep in human blood.

So, Russia instead manufactured a neat little trap for Tel Aviv. Remember what happened in December 2015? Yes, Turkey was used as a lab rat by the CIA in order to test Russia’s reactions at that moment in time, not only in Syria but in Ukraine too. We all know what Russia did – it severed the link between Turkey and its proxies in Syria and started the process of implosion. Takfiri groups were merging, disbanding, or just straight up massacring each other. The “FSA” multi-layered pyramid started to crumble. Turkey had been removed from the game. It was invited (forced via leverage of economic sanctions and the threat of ending Turkish Stream project, thus leaving Erdogan to the fate of the Gulenists) by Russia to mop up its mess in the North of Syria and end Tel Aviv’s little Rojava project. Turkey was forced to start the process of rebranding Nusra into “moderate” FSA troops and to transfer them to the “Euphrates Shield” forces. This is still ongoing today, although it’s not simple and Erdogan has problems inside Turkey to deal with at the same time.

In other words, Turkey’s room to manoeuvre was reduced in size, and not voluntarily, but because Turkey (whether it was forced to by NATO or not) tried to raise the stakes but failed to secure the needed chips beforehand. It backfired on the West, big time. Hello S-400. So now Israel has tried the same thing, essentially because it had no choice. I wrote the following on 10.05.18:

Thus, if follows from this that Russia knew that sooner or later Israel would make a mistake. And in order for the mistake to arrive, Russia needed to show patience. Does this mean that Russia waited for 15 troops to die? Certainly not. But to put things into context – 27 million Soviet people died during WW2, and it was the cost for liberation. War is war. People die in war. And troops know the danger they put themselves in when they sign up and are deployed.

Again, I stress, being outside observers who want to stop children being bombed and Anglo Saxon aggression, it is frustrating to see Israel walk all over international law and to sh*t on Syrian soil with impudence, but aggression was never the right response. The two occasions when the SAA did give Israel a little slap (February and May, 2018 – authorised by Moscow) was part of a deliberate plan to keep Israel honest; to show Tel Aviv that it risks losing much more than it gains by remaining in the Syrian “game”. And so Israel gave Russia the perfect pretext to give Syria the S-300. Israeli can’t complain to Russia about this, because of behind the curtain affairs that I will not discuss here. Tel Aviv accepts its punishment, and now pressure has indeed been taken off the S-400. By the way, many social media“experts” were flapping around like headless chickens, demanding Putin to nuke Tel Aviv, then 5 hours later demanding to send every SAM system under the sun. Here is what I said immediately after the IL-20 incident:

So I guess the question that is on people’s minds is: “Why didn’t Russia give the S-300 to Syria earlier, say, in 2011?”. The answer: without the Minsk Agreements, Russia’s actions in Syria simply couldn’t be possible. I.e., the S-300 constitutes a threat to Israel. And in geopolitics the ability to use the threat that something poses as a deterrent, rather than actually using the deterrent itself, is a very powerful mechanism. Knowing that the Syrian war would last approximately 10 years, Russia milked every piece of leverage it had to influence the behaviour of the belligerent parties. One should never ever use an Ace just like that, failing to fully utilise its potential. The S-300’s time came on September, 2018.

By the way, I will say that the story with the IL-20 is extremely bizarre. The only plausible explanation, in my opinion, is that what we are told is just a narrative for public consumption. Russian troops died, and Israel stabbed Russia in the back by using the plane as a human shield, but the exact circumstances we will never know. Now Israel is faced with a choice: if it tries to bomb Syria in the same way that it has been doing, then the SAA will respond in a much stronger way than it did before (and Israel will suffer more embarrassment as a result). This takes pressure off Russia to deliver some big hit to please social media entertainment seekers.

The IDF cannot risk using the F35 and flying it into an ambush, and Lockheed most certainly won’t want the PR disaster. But now Israel will be kept honest, and the token airstrikes on “Hezbollah warehouses” will cost Tel Aviv much more than they did before. Remember  – the “multipolar order” that is so highly spoken about is, in reality, a transition away from “buying” the ability to wage war and prop up one’s economy, to cooperation and the mutual investment in economies, based on a joint vision of the future.

I guess this article can be summarised as: everything the Kremlin does is done for a reason. In the meantime, enjoy Putin’s masterclass. In order to have peace, someone has to stop shooting. Russia is strong enough to take that burden upon itself and to set the example for everyone else.

End of the war 1945 – Advance of the Red Army in the streets of Berlin, April 1945.

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