Wikileaks publishes documents showing how Google helped Al-Qaeda in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:12 P.M.) – Google has helped Al-Qaeda and other Salafist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood gain new members at the dawn of the Syrian conflict, secret documents and e-mails published by Wikileaks show.

The then director of Google Ideas, Jared Cohen coordinated actions to support the groups often dubbed as rebels with then U.S. Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton and Deputy U.S. State Secretary William Burns. Google employed it’s expertise in the IT sector to help the conflict in Syria gain traction.

In July 2012 Google provided a software tool, with which defections in Syria were to be tracked and the thereby gained informations spread in Syria with the help of Al-Jazeera. According to the plotting of U.S. officials and Google, this should encourage more people to take up arms and join the ranks of the rebels. Then Director of Policy Planning for Obama, Jake Sullivan let Hillary Clinton, for which he served as an advisor in the last presidential election, know that, “this is a pretty cool idea.”

The U.S. administration back in 2012 was already aware of the fact, that the opposition in the Syrian conflict mainly consists of Al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups. In a then secret, now publicly available internal report of the U.S. administration on the Syrian conflict is stated, that “the salafist, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria.”

Furthermore the rise of the Islamic State was anticipated to result out of an empowered Al-Qaeda along the Syrian-Iraqi border: “If the situation there unravels, there is the possibilty of establishing a declared or undeclared salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasakah and Deir Ezzor) and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want.”

Supporting Al-Qaeda it seems, was already feasible for the U.S. administration in 2012, just 11 years and 2 wars after the Twin Towers in New York were hit by planes. Sullivan wrote in another mail reporting to Clinton about the Syrian conflict in 2012 that “Al-Qaeda is on our side in Syria.”

Google which tries to gain users trust with it’s slogan -Don’t be evil- since year 2000, has also evolved. In 2015 the company was restructured, with Alphabet now being the parent organisation of the subbranches like Google, Verily and Google Ideas. It has also become part of the U.S. military industrial complex, which provides products and services essential for the deployment and sustenance of military operations, as NSA director Keith Alexander assessed.

Alphabet’s head Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen envisioned this new status for Google: “What Lockheed Martin was for the twentieth century, technology and cyber-security companies will be for the twenty-first.”

Staged Videos Shot in Syria to Show Shelling Aftermath — Russian Reconciliation Renter

Created on Saturday, 06 May 2017 23:40

HMEIMIM- Camera operators working for the Al-Jazeera television broadcaster were shooting ‘staged videos’ of the aftermath of shelling and airstrikes in Syria last week, the Russian center for reconciliation of warring sides in Syria said on Saturday, according to Itar Tass.

“According to some sources among local civilians and from opposition units, special ‘video teams’ were shooting ‘staged’ films in the populated localities of Serakab and Jisr-al-Shuqur over the past week about the aftermath of purported shelling and airstrikes, including with the use of ‘toxic substances’,” the statement said. “Moreover, local people recognized TV camera men, known for shooting news for the Al-Jazeera TV channel in the area, among ‘advisers to ‘video teams’.”

Russian officials “maintain contacts needed to exclude any provocations by terrorists,” aimed at derailing the memorandum, the statement says.

Sputnik news agency reported that it is not the first time such reports emerge. On May 2, Al Mayadeen broadcaster reported, citing local sources and eyewitnesses, that a group of the so-called White Helmets’ activists accompanied by one of the Arab satellite channels arrived in the area near Idlib in Syria to shoot staged videos allegedly depicting consequences of a chemical attack.

White Helmets is an organization that claims to have saved tens of thousands of lives. However, the Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) non-governemntal issued a report earlier in the year, stating that the “lifesaving” procedures shown in the videos published by the White Helmets are incorrect, fake and “ultimately performed on dead children.”


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Al-Jazeera Films False Flag Fake Chemical Attack against Civilians in Syria

Local Editor

A false flag fake chemical attack has recently been filmed by Al-Jazeera stringers in Syria, a military-diplomatic source said on Thursday.

Al-Jazeera Films False Flag Fake Chemical Attack against Civilians in Syria

“The “effectiveness” of the White Helmets’ TV-spectacle of accusing Syrian authorities of attacking civilians in Khan-Shaykhun with sarin inspired terrorists to continue filming the fake ‘series’.

According to info confirmed via several channels, Al-Jazeera television channel stringers have recently filmed a staged, fake scene of an alleged chemical attack against civilians by the Syrian Army,” the source told Sputnik.

Al-Jazeera Films False Flag Fake Chemical Attack against Civilians in Syria

The source said around 30 fire engines and ambulances, as well as 70 local residents with children transported from a refugee camp were used in the filming across three locations in Idlib province, including Jisr Shughur.

“A multiple simultaneous uploading of filmed fake footage with ‘screaming’ social media comments was due to take place in the next few days [by Sunday] at the separate command of a mastermind and sponsor of the film in one of the European countries,” he added.

This filming appears to be ordered from a European country, the source said.The revelation comes in the wake of a chemical incident in the Idlib province which was followed by a US missile attack against Syria.

On April 4, the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces claimed that 80 people were killed and 200 injured in a suspected chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun, blaming the Syrian government. Damascus vehemently rejected the accusations and said militants and their allies were responsible.

Early April 7, the United States launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syrian military airfield in Ash Sha’irat, located about 40 kilometers [25 miles] from the city of Homs. US President Donald Trump said the attack was a response to the alleged chemical weapon use in Syria’s Idlib, which Washington blames on the Syrian government. Russia described the attack as an aggression against a sovereign state.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry reminded the Trump administration that all chemical weapons had been taken out of Syria in mid-2014 with the help of the previous administration of ex-president Barack Obama.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview with Sputnik that Western states are blocking attempts to investigate the Idlib chemical incident because in the event of a probe it will be established that the “attack” was a false flag and lie.

The OPCW announced in January 2016 that Syria’s weapons arsenal had been destroyed in accordance with an agreement reached after the 2013 Ghouta attack.

Source: Sputnik, Edited by website team

04-05-2017 | 15:19

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Is there any Russian-Iranian-Syrian dispute in Astana? خلاف روسي إيراني سوري في أستانة؟

Is there any Russian-Iranian-Syrian dispute in Astana?

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The Saudi and the Qatari media are waging a campaign since the end of Aleppo’s battles, Moscow’s Meetings which brought together the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense in Russia, Iran, and Turkey, and the announcement of a truce and Astana process for dialogue, its center is the indication to Russian contradiction with Iran and the Syrian government, and the Russian Turkish rapprochement that disturbs Tehran and Damascus. The symbols of the Syrian factions that are involved with Turkey in the truce and Astana, in addition to the rest of writers and analysts who are affiliated to the axis of Riyadh and Ankara repeat the same speech. In the eve of Astana the voices are raised foreshadowing the aggravation of the dispute between Moscow and each of Damascus and Tehran, and the convergence of each of Moscow and Ankara in return.

If we imagine our position as observers in Tehran and we want to write a perfect scenario for Astana Talks it will be like that. First, the previous political attempts for the dialogue about Syria have been made under the US Russian auspices, and a dominant American preponderance, and because America is an opponent of Iran so the ideal choice is the proving of the success of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue under mono Russian auspices. This requires showing Russia as an honest acceptable mediator by all on one hand, and on the other hand it requires the acceptance of the opposite bank represented by Turkey of that mono role of the mediation of Russia without   demanding an active US partnership, as well as restricting the regional partnership with Turkey, preventing the demand of an active Saudi partnership. Because Washington and Riyadh are two direct rivals of Tehran, and because it was said a lot about the alliance of Ankara and Tehran, so it is useful to focus on the dispute with Ankara this time and retaliate upon Washington and Riyadh which have put veto once on the participation of Iran in Geneva Conference dedicated to Syria, towards excluding Saudi Arabia completely, so this restricts the regional sponsor of the opposition with Turkey and grants Washington which is necessary to attend the weakest level of the representation that does not affect the single Russian auspices.

From Tehran we will see that this scenario gets the interest of Damascus for similar reasons which make it the perfect scenario for Tehran, as in the agenda, it will be important for Tehran and Damascus to prevent making Astana an opportunity that is restricted with the political troublemaking under the slogan of the future of the presidency in Syria as many delegations of the opposition have done it before, as well as frustrating the attempt of Turkey and the armed groups to get a long truce waiting the crystallization of the new US position, without resolving the position toward Al Nusra front, and the recognition of considering the ceiling of the political dialogue the attempt to unify the efforts in the war on terrorism. This requires the fall of the slogan of overthrowing the regime and replacing the talk about a political solution for a transitional phase with the seek to have consensus on the frameworks of the national reconciliation from within the institutions of the constitutional state and under their presidency, in addition to the Turkish commitment of closing the borders, stopping the supply of Al Nusra front and the  participation of its siege, as well as ending the illegal presence of its troops in Syria through the withdrawal or through linking this presence with an agreement with the Syrian government that determines its tasks and its duration within the alliance with Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah within the context of the war on terrorism.

Russia will be grateful for this scenario, because it states what it has said repeatedly that it anticipated to it, and it makes it avoid  Turkey’s making use of the relationship with it to raise its negotiating price with Washington as happened repeatedly, moreover it will enlist the groups which are still within the gray area between Al Nusra and the opposition in front of critical moment, thus the position toward Al Nusra will be a condition to ensure cease-fire instead of applying ceasing-fire which Al Nusra will benefit from it as happened before.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

يناير 23, 2017

خلاف روسي إيراني سوري في أستانة؟

ناصر قنديل

– يخوض الإعلام السعودي والقطري حملة منذ نهاية معارك حلب واجتماعات موسكو التي جمعت وزراء الخارجية والدفاع في روسيا وإيران وتركيا والإعلان عن الهدنة وعملية أستانة للحوار، محورها الإشارة لتناقض روسي مع إيران والحكومة السورية وعن تقارب روسي تركي مزعج لطهران ودمشق، ويتوالى رموز الفصائل السورية المنخرطة مع تركيا في الهدنة وأستانة وسائر الكتاب والمحللين المحسوبين على محور الرياض أنقرة على ترداد ذات الكلام، وعشية انعقاد أستانة ترتفع الأصوات مبشرة بتفاقم الخلاف بين موسكو وكل من دمشق وطهران وتقارب موسكو وأنقرة بالمقابل.

– إذا تخيّلنا موقعنا كمراقبين في طهران وأردنا رسم سيناريو مثالي لمحادثات أستانة فسيكون على الشكل التالي، أولاً إن المحاولات السياسية السابقة للحوار حول سورية تمّت برعاية ثنائية أميركية روسية وبأرجحية أميركية طاغية، ولأن أميركا هي خصم إيران، فالخيار المثالي هو إثبات نجاح حوار سوري سوري برعاية روسية أحادية. وهذا يستدعي تظهير روسيا وسيطاً نزيهاً ومقبولاً من الجميع من جهة، وما يستدعيه من قبول الضفة الموازية التي تمثلها تركيا بهذا الدور الأحادي للوساطة لروسيا من دون المطالبة بشراكة أميركية فاعلة، وحصر الشراكة الإقليمية بتركيا وقطع الطريق على المطالبة بشراكة سعودية فاعلة. ولأن واشنطن والرياض خصمان مباشران لطهران، ولأن أنقرة قيل الكثير عن حلفها مع طهران، فمن المفيد التركيز على الخلاف مع أنقرة هذه المرة، وردّ الصاع صاعين لواشنطن والرياض اللتين وضعتا فيتو ذات مرة على مشاركة إيران في مؤتمر جنيف الخاص بسورية، وصولاً لاستبعاد تام للسعودية يحصر الراعي الإقليمي للمعارضة بتركيا، ويمنح واشنطن التي لا غنى عن وجودها أضعف مستوى للتمثيل لا يمسّ أحادية الرعاية الروسية.

– من طهران أيضاً سنرى أن هذا السيناريو يُعجب دمشق جداً لأسباب مشابهة للأسباب التي تجعله السيناريو النموذجي لطهران، وكذلك في جدول الأعمال، سيكون مهماً لطهران ودمشق قطع الطريق على جعل أستانة فرصة محصورة بالمشاغبة السياسية، تحت شعار مستقبل الرئاسة في سورية، كما درجت وفود المعارضة من قبل، ومنع محاولة تركيا والجماعات المسلحة الحصول على هدنة مديدة، بانتظار تبلور الوضع الأميركي الجديد، من دون حسم الموقف من جبهة النصرة والتسليم باعتبار سقف الحوار السياسي البحث عن توحيد الجهود في الحرب على الإرهاب، وما يستدعيه ذلك من سقوط لشعار إسقاط النظام واستبدال الحديث عن حل سياسي لمرحلة انتقالية بالسعي للتوافق على أطر للمصالحة الوطنية من ضمن مؤسسات الدولة السورية وفي ظل رئاستها، وما يوجبه من التزام تركي بإقفال الحدود وقطع الإمداد عن جبهة النصرة والتشارك في محاصرتها، وإنهاء الوجود غير الشرعي لقواتها في سورية عبر الانسحاب أو عبر ربط هذا الوجود باتفاق مع الحكومة السورية يحدد مهماته ومدته ضمن التحالف مع روسيا وإيران وحزب الله، في إطار الحرب على الإرهاب.

– ستكون روسيا ممتنة لهذا السيناريو، فهو ينطق بما قالت دائماً أنها تتطلع إليه، ويجنبها استعمال تركيا العلاقة معها، لرفع سعرها التفاوضي مع واشنطن كما حدث مراراً، وسيضع الجماعات التي لا تزال ضمن منطقة رمادية بين النصرة والمعارضة أمام لحظة فاصلة، فيصير الموقف من النصرة شرطاً لتثبيت وقف النار بدلاً من وقف للنار تستفيد منه النصرة، كما حدث سابقاً.

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Why Did the Al-Jazeera Expose Fail?

January 14, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

“The Lobby”, the Al-Jazeerah expose of the Israeli Embassy and the Jewish Lobby infiltration into British politics is a landmark in journalism. It seems that Qatari TV outsmarted Israeli intelligence in the UK and beyond.

In the program, an undercover journalist named ‘Robin’ managed to infiltrate into the corridors of the Jewish lobby in Britain, secured the trust of a senior Israeli intelligence officer and, most importantly, managed to reveal the depths of Israeli interference in British politics.

We learned how Israel and its lobby plot against Britain and the Brits. In the program, Shai Masot, an Israeli official was caught on camera conspiring to “bring down” a British minister.

We learned how our own treacherous MPs shamelessly serve a foreign power and foreign interests. In Episode 3 we witness British politicians and Israeli lobbyists such as MP Joan Ryan  caught on camera smearing a Labour voter as an ‘anti-Semite’, and practically conspiring against her own party. Ms Ryan does it all for the Jewish state, a state with a horrid record on human rights and war crimes.  I wonder what is it that motivates MP Ryan? Is it  greed, or is it just power seeking?

The Brits should certainly ask themselves how come it is left to a Qatari TV network  to reveal the shocking news about their democracy being taken over by a foreign Lobby. Should this not be the concern  for the BBC or the Guardian? And even after the Al-Jazeera expose, the British media remained silent and the question must be asked: would it have stayed as silent had Shai Masot been a Russian? Would it have stayed as silent if MP Joan Ryan was exposed as an Iranian lobbyist?

But Al-Jazeera fell into an all-too-common trap. Troubled by its own findings, it tried to soften them with the usual politically correct fluff.  Instead of concentrating on the British aspect of this saga and allowing the Brits to speak for themselves, Al-Jazeera allowed an Israeli – academic Ilan Pappe to speak for us. Similarly, Jackie Walker, certainly a victim of the Israeli campaign was also asked, “as a Jew” (as well as a Black person), to spell out for us her own identitarian philosophy. All other commentators on the Israeli espionage operation came from recognised Palestinian solidarity perspectives. Despite the fact that the dirty dealings of the Israeli Embassy and the treason of members of the Israeli lobby groups in Britain is a clear offence against British sovereignty and the British people, only one Brit, journalist Peter Oborne, addressed the offence from a clear British perspective.

This is wrong. “The Lobby” exposed, above all, a gross interference with British sovereignty, a crude intrusion into the British democratic process and government.  Al-Jazeera failed because it turned this British national tragedy into an internal Jewish dispute.

For obvious reasons, Al Jazeera chose not to delve into the deep, cultural meaning of the Israeli operation. Israel is, above all, the Jewish state and, as I have mentioned many times before, plotting against other people’s regimes is deeply embedded in Judaic teaching and Jewish culture. It is in practice the message of The Book of Esther, which teach the Jews how toconspire against their rulers and, by proxy, to win over their enemies.  You can read The Book Of Esther for yourselves (it’s pretty short and very entertaining):

Shai Masot was no junior embassy employee as claimed. He was a senior intelligence officer operating from the safety and immunity of its embassy on behalf of the Jewish state. He was working alongside Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev and the two are seen together in the film, sitting side by side, addressing various Jewish lobby groups. Shai Masot has been recalled and, I understand, is currently seeking other employment. Mark Regev should now be expelled and the matter must be investigated by MI5.

Five Years ago, Nasser Kandil Reading the Future

ناصر قنديل في مقابلة ممتعة جدا على قناة الدنيا عام 2011 – كانها تبث اليوم


«الميادين» قناة الحق والحقيقة… تتفوّق وتتألّق

ديسمبر 17, 2016

ناصر قنديل
– مع الإعلامي غسان بن جدو عرف اللبنانيون وكلّ من ساند خيار المقاومة ضدّ احتلال جنوبه عام 2000 صعود نجم قناة «الجزيرة»، التي كانت تنافسها قناة أبو ظبي آنذاك بقوة حضور الإعلامي رفيق نصرالله في مواكبة المقاومة وخياراتها ومعاركها وانتصاراتها، عبر جهود وأداء بن جدو ونصرالله، فتح القطريون والإماراتيون قنوات اتصالاتهم مع المقاومة والحكم في لبنان يحصدون ما زرعه إعلاميون أخلصوا لخيار المقاومة، وأملوا أن يفهم القيّمون على القنوات التي يعملون لها حجم الناتج الإيجابي لما فعلوه بلا مقابل، وحجم المردود المتوقع إنْ أحسنوا التصرف، ولم يكن غسان بن جدو ولا كان رفيق نصرالله مجرد مراسلين أو مديرين لمكتبين يخصان القناتين.

– في حرب تموز العام 2006 كانت قناة أبو ظبي بقرار رعاتها تغادر الخيار الذي استثمر عليه مدير مكتبها رفيق نصرالله وتذهب لخيار وصف المقاومين بالمغامرين، فكانت مغادرة نصرالله للقناة، لكن حسابات رعاة «الجزيرة» كانت مختلفة فكان لغسان بن جدو ما أراد، قناة تحقق حلمه بمواكبة أهمّ حروب الشرق الأوسط، تنتهي بانتصار المقاومة حيث هُزمت كلّ جيوش العرب، ولم يخسر القطريون عندما أزدانت شوارع الضاحية الجنوبية بشعارات شكراً قطر، وقطفت الدوحة دوراً سياسياً في الوساطة لحلّ سياسي للأزمة اللبنانية حمل اسمها بقوة ما فعله بن جدو ورفاقه في حرب تموز، وصارت كلمة الرئيس نبيه بري معادلة في السياسة عنوانها «أول الغيث قطر».

– مع اندفاع مشروع الفوضى الهادفة لتغيير الجغرافيا السياسية العربية بالاستثمار على غضب الناس، وتحييد الجيوش تمهيداً لضربها، وتصعيد مشروع الإخوان المسلمين، من تونس إلى مصر وليبيا واليمن وصولاً إلى سورية كانت قطر تنتقل إلى الصف الأول في قوى الحرب على خيار المقاومة، مستثمرة عطفاً وثقة نالتهما بقوة نفوذ قناة «الجزيرة»، المستقوية بدورها بحب الناس وثقتها بمصداقيتها التي صنع أغلبها في مناخ حروب المقاومة، حيث كان غسان بن جدو ورفاقه، فغادر بن جدو قناته، ليعلن البراءة مما تفعل ويقول لمن أحبوا المقاومة ومنحوا ثقتهم للقناة معه، أنّ زمن الوصل انتهى، ولهم أن يحكموا بأنفسهم ويحدّدوا خياراتهم.

– خلال خمس سنوات نجح غسان بن جدو في بناء ميادينه الجديدة عبر قناة «الميادين»، وخاض مغامرة الجمع الدقيق بين الإخلاص للحقيقة والوفاء للحق، فناله بعض سهام أهل الحق عندما كان البحث عن الحقيقة يستدعي عدم التعتيم على موقف الخصم وحضوره، وتناولته ألسنة السوء بادّعاء الدفاع عن الحقيقة عندما أشهر سلاح الحق وانحاز إلى صفه بلا لبس أو اشتباه،
وجاء تحرير حلب عام 2016 ليقول الناس، ما اشبه اليوم بالأمس عندما تذكّروا مشهد غسان بن جدو في جنوب لبنان، وبين النصرين في حلب وجنوب لبنان كثير من عناصر الشبه، وقد وجد بن جدو من يجلس في الميادين على المقعد الذي شغله في «الجزيرة»، فأبدع كمال خلف متابعاً ومحققاً ومحاوراً، مستعيداً صورة بن جدو قبل ستة عشر عاماً، وتألقت ديما ناصيف بثقافتها وتدفقها وحضورها في الميادين، وبرزت موهبة رضا الباشا المراسل الميداني الواعد، ولكن بقيت بصمة بن جدو ترتقي بـ«الميادين».

– خلال خمس سنوات، وبعيداً عن كلّ الكلام الفاقد للمعنى عن كيف وبأيّ مال وبدعم من أيّ جهة، نجح غسان بن جدو في «الميادين» بهزيمة الإعلام المموّل بمليارات الدولارات، برهانه على معادلة الجمع بين الحق والحقيقة، فقال لزملائه في إعلام الحق الذي تجسده المقاومة، بالحق وحده لا يحيا الإعلام، وظيفة الإعلام هي البحث عن الحقيقة ولهذا البحث جاذبية يحتاجها أهل الحق، ويقول للذين حشدوا مالهم ومعداتهم تحت عنوان البحث عن الحقيقة وهم يناصبون الحق العداء ويدسّون السمّ في عسل الحقيقة، لقد جاءكم من يكشف لعبتكم، ويقول لكم بدون الحق حقيقتكم بلا روح، والناس أذكى من أن تبتلع طعمكم، وحقيقتنا الحية بأقلّ المقدرات والإمكانات تملك ما لا تملكون، المصداقية.

– بالمصداقية نجح بن جدو ونجحت «الميادين» وفازت المقاومة وحلفاؤها بآلة جبارة في الحرب الإعلامية التي ثبت أنّ أداء أهل محور المقاومة فيها رغم كثرة ووفرة القنوات الناطقة باسمهم، لا زال دون المستوى المطلوب بكثير، فملأت «الميادين» فراغاً في جبهة حرب دون أن يكلفها أحد أو تنتظر من أحد جزاء أو شكورا.

– تستحق «الميادين» تحية النصر في حلب كما كلّ صنّاع النصر الذي كانت جزءاً لا يتجزأ منه، ولصنّاعه و«الميادين» منهم تُرفع القبعة تحية تقدير.

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