The Escalation of israeli (apartheid state) Collective Punishment of Palestinians

The Escalation of Israeli Collective Punishment of Palestinians

by Nada Awad, for Al Shabaka Palestinian Policy Network

The Israeli authorities forcibly transferred Palestinian Nadia Abu Jamal from Jerusalem in 2017, following the demolition of her family home in 2015. Israel’s National Insurance Institute also revoked healthcare and other social security entitlements from Abu Jamal’s three children, two of whom suffer from chronic medical conditions. The orders came as punitive measures after her husband, Ghassan, was killed while allegedly carrying out an attack. They demonstrate Israel’s expansion of policies that punish Palestinian individuals for offenses they did not commit.

Israel has used collective punishment against Palestinians since the military occupation began in 1967 through home demolitions and psychological and economic warfare against the families of alleged attackers – a violation of international law. While implemented across the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), the Israeli authorities have intensified measures on the families and extended families of alleged attackers in East Jerusalem in particular, and especially since 2015.

For example, Israeli lawmakers have proposed legislation over the last few years that would legalize actions such as those taken against Abu Jamal by officially enabling the state to revoke the permanent residency status of family members of alleged attackers. In December 2018 the Israeli Knesset passed the preliminary reading of a bill that would allow the forcible transfer of families of alleged Palestinian attackers from their hometowns to other areas of the West Bank. Netanyahu expressed support for the bill, declaring: “Expulsion of terrorists is an effective tool. To me the benefit exceeds the damage. Jurists say it’s against the law given how it’s defined, and it will surely be a legal challenge, but I have no doubt of its effectiveness.”

This commentary tracks the rise in Israeli collective punishment against alleged attackers’ families through such acts as forcible transfer, home demolitions, and economic warfare, and suggests possibilities for countering Israel’s efforts to inscribe these methods into law to use them to intensify the displacement of Palestinians from Jerusalem.

The Expansion of Forcible Transfer

Forcible transfer has been at the heart of Israeli policy to attain and maintain a Jewish majority in Jerusalem since Israel’s de facto annexation in 1967. 1 To reach this demographic goal, Israel implements discriminatory urban planning to limit the growth of the Palestinian population while Israeli law makes it difficult for Palestinians to either stay in or move to the city.

Palestinians living in Jerusalem following 1967 were ascribed the legal status of permanent resident. The Entry into Israel Law makes it easy for the state to revoke their permanent resident status by providing the Minister of Interior the prerogative to rescind the residencies of Palestinians based on the following criteria: living abroad for more than seven years; obtaining foreign nationality or permanent residency abroad; failing to prove “center of life” in Israel; and, since 2018, “breaching allegiance” to Israel.

Such revocation of residency rights is a direct means of forcible displacement, as Palestinians in this situation are denied even the right to be physically present in Jerusalem. These Jerusalem residency laws also restrict family unification for Palestinian Jerusalem residents with family members who do not hold Jerusalem residency or Israeli citizenship. For Palestinian Jerusalem residents who choose to reunite with family in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, or diaspora, the result is the revocation of their residency rights in Jerusalem, leading to their forcible transfer from the city.

Since the adoption of the 2003 temporary order to the Law of Citizenship and Entry into Israel, family unification applicants are barred from receiving permanent residency status. In other words, a non-Jerusalemite Palestinian who marries a Jerusalemite Palestinian cannot receive permanent residency status but is instead given periodic permits if the Israeli Ministry of Interior accepts the family unification application. The policy places Palestinians in Jerusalem at risk of being separated from their family and often coerces them to move from Jerusalem to live with spouses who are not granted the permits; they subsequently permanently lose their right to live there. There have been 14,500 Palestinian residencies revoked since 1967, with 11,500 of them executed since 1995.

In October 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the government was examining the “abolition of family unification” and the “revocation of residency and citizenship status of assailants’ families.” Such was the case for Nadia Abu Jamal, who hailed from a West Bank village. After she married Ghassan, and following a long family unification procedure, she obtained temporary residency permits to live in Jerusalem that she renewed annually. Following her husband’s alleged attack, the Ministry of Interior ordered Nadia to leave the city and moved to reject issuance of any permits to which she might apply. In January 2017, the police arrested Nadia at her in-laws’ home, where she had been staying since the punitive demolition of her own home, and forcibly transferred her outside of Jerusalem.

The pattern of the Abu Jamal case has since been repeated, and on a larger scale. The Israeli Ministry of Interior declared after an alleged attack in January 2017: “From now on anyone who plots, plans, or considers carrying out an attack will know that his family will pay a heavy price for his deed.” Aryeh Deri, speaking on behalf of the ministry, warned that “consequences will be harsh and far-reaching.”

The “far-reaching” consequences were clear in the case of Fadi Qunbar, who was accused of committing a car attack in July 2017. Deri revoked the permanent residency status of Qunbar’s 61-year-old mother in addition to 11 family unification permits held by his extended family. Among the 11 individuals to lose their right to live in Jerusalem was the husband of the daughter of Qunbar’s half-sister. The expansive scope of Deri’s application of the law marked a clear extension in the reach of punitive residency revocation. All of the Qunbar family members are waiting on a decision on whether they will be forcibly transferred from their homes.

The Qunbar case is just one example of how Israel has stepped up collective punishment measures in certain cases, establishing a precedent that paves the way for laws that allow such practices to be used in a widespread manner. In 2016 and 2017, Israeli lawmakers introduced at least four bills that would give legal basis for the revocation of residency permits of both persons who allegedly commit an attack and their extended families. Three of the four bills were amendments to Article 11 of the Entry into Israel Law.

The first, P/20/2463, allows the Ministry of Interior to revoke permanent residency status from alleged assailants and their relatives, in addition to rights related to the National Insurance Law and other laws. “There is no logic behind granting equal rights to residents who act against the state and giving them the ability to enjoy the social benefits which accompany one’s being a permanent resident in the State of Israel,” the bill stated. Shortly after, bill P/20/2808 stipulates that the Ministry of Interior can cancel a visa or permanent residency status of “family members of a person who commits a terrorist act or has contributed to committing that act through knowledge, help, encouragement, and support before, during, or after committing the terrorist act.” Bill P/20/3994 “gives the Minister of Interior the relevant right to exercise discretion with regard to the committing of terrorist acts.” And, as mentioned above, in December 2018, bill P/20/3458, which would allow for the “expulsion of families of terrorists on nationalistic grounds,” passed the preliminary reading at the Knesset. The bill would grant the Israeli army the authority to “expel the families of assailants who perpetrate or try to perpetrate a terror attack” within seven days. It calls for the forcible transfer of families of alleged Palestinian attackers in any area of the West Bank.

In addition, in March 2018, the Israeli parliament adopted an amendment to the Entry into Israel Law, allowing for the punitive revocation of the residency status of Palestinians based on “breach of allegiance.” Such revocation is prohibited under Article 45 of the Hague Regulations of the Fourth Geneva Convention which explicitly forbids the occupying power from demanding allegiance from the occupied population. Using a criterion as vague as allegiance, Israel can revoke the residency status of any Palestinian in Jerusalem.

Psychological and Economic Warfare

In 2015, the Israeli security cabinet upheld the demolition of an alleged attacker’s home as a legitimate punitive practice and called for the prohibition on new construction at the site of the demolished home and confiscation of the property itself. Since November 2014, Israel’s High Court of Justice overturned 11 cases in which families from Jerusalem appealed demolition orders, confirming the Israeli military’s decision to punitively demolish or seal homes. Out of five houses sealed off and confiscated, three were filled with concrete, making their sealing irreversible. This leaves the families of alleged attackers homeless and leads to their internal displacement.

These moves have come after a decade-long halt in home demolitions. An Israeli military committee in 2005 concluded that punitive house demolitions had counterproductive results, leading Israeli executive authorities to suspend the practice with some exceptions before resuming in 2014.

Israel also withholds the bodies of Palestinians killed during alleged attacks as a form of collective punishment against families. In 2016, the Israeli parliament adopted an amendment to the Israeli Counterterrorism Law of 2016 that grants the Israeli police this authority. Since October 2015, Israel has withheld the bodies of 194 Palestinians, 32 of whom still remain in Israeli morgues. 2 In many cases, bodies have been conditionally returned to the family for burial following a long legal battle. Conditions required by the Israeli authorities for release often include an immediate burial – thus barring autopsy – that also must take place at night and be attended by a limited number of approved people.

New collective punishment measures have also targeted families’ livelihoods. The Israeli Minister of Defense issued several money confiscation orders against families of alleged attackers through the Combating Terror Law of 2016. The minister declared that confiscation is warranted on the basis that the money serves as compensation for the attack. In August 2017, Israeli police forces stormed several houses belonging to families of alleged attackers and confiscated large sums of money. For instance, the Israeli Minister of Defense confiscated $4,000 from the Manasra family after the Israeli army killed Hasan Manasra, 15, in 2015 during an alleged stabbing incident in a Jerusalem settlement. This new collective punishment measure aims at keeping families of alleged attackers in fear of reprisal and targets their basic economic resources.

In another precedent-setting action, the Israeli government filed two civil lawsuits against the wife and four children of Fadi Qunbar as well as the wife and five children of Misbah Abu Sbeih, who allegedly committed attacks in East Jerusalem in October 2016. The lawsuit against the Qunbar family demanded the family pay $2.3 million, while the lawsuit against the Abu Sbeih family imposed a sum that amounted to over one million dollars. The Jerusalem District Prosecutor’s office stated: “This lawsuit, which stems from a terrorist incident in which soldiers were murdered, is designed to recover the expenses incurred in events of this kind to the state’s coffers, as well as sending a clear message that the state will also settle accounts on a civil level with the perpetrators of hostile acts.” The office also stated: “In light of the fact that the [terrorist] caused the damage, his legal heirs are the ones who need to bear it and indemnify the state for it.”

The families of alleged attackers often find themselves isolated from a society that is afraid of retaliation measures. Today, victims of collective punishment by Israel are more and more reluctant to fight or report violations out of fear of further retaliation by the Israeli authorities. Following months and sometimes years of collective punishment, Palestinians often hope that their silence might shelter them from further punitive measures. This fear of retaliation and the attendant erosion of intra-Palestinian solidarity as a result of the expanding arbitrariness of state retaliatory power has deepened Israel’s impunity in regard to its violations of the international prohibitions on collective punishment.

Directives of International Law

International human rights law affirms the prohibition of collective punishment. Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention affirms that “no protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.”

Moreover, the forcible transfer of Palestinians is a violation of international law, as Palestinians are considered a protected population. Indeed, international bodies have repeatedly affirmed the status of Jerusalem as an occupied city, designating the Palestinian people as “protected persons.” Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits the forcible transfer of the protected Palestinian population and considers it a war crime. If used in a systematic and widespread manner, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court considers it a crime against humanity. 3 Israel’s collective punishment measures also violate the prohibition against the destruction and appropriation of property of protected persons.

Further, the UN General Assembly declared in 2016 that “in addition to amounting to collective punishment, the withholding of bodies is inconsistent with Israel’s obligations as an occupying Power pursuant to the Fourth Geneva Convention (articles 27 and 30) and violates the prohibition of torture and ill-treatment.”

Israel is also forbidden from attempting to use state of emergency or security rationales to justify the violation of legal norms established by international human rights law. The UN Human Rights Committee has noted that the prohibition against collective punishment is non-derogable, even in states of emergency. Yet Israel consistently uses the security rationale to escalate punitive policies against the Palestinian population with the aim of forcible transfer.

Within the principles of international customary law, third states are responsible for preventing ongoing violations of humanitarian law by investigating, prosecuting, withholding aid or recognition, and cooperating to end the grave breach, including through retaliation measures against the violating states. However, the international community’s opposition to Israel’s use of collective punishment has rarely risen above the level of verbal condemnation. It is up to Palestinians and the Palestinian solidarity movement to pressure the international community and Israel to discontinue these violations.

Countering Collective Punishment

1. It is imperative for Palestinians and their allies to raise awareness in the media and civil society of Israel’s use of collective punishment as a means of forcible transfer, and to highlight this as a war crime and crime against humanity. This can help prioritize the topic on the UN’s agenda.

2. Palestinians should also pressure the International Criminal Court (ICC) to add collective punishment to its list of prosecutable crimes. The ongoing ICC preliminary investigation into potential breaches of international law throughout the OPT should be monitored, as it is a test case for international law regarding collective punishment. The naming of collective punishment as a criminal act by the ICC would be a step toward ending Israeli impunity, allowing for prosecution of this violation of basic human rights.

3. It is thus imperative to assist victims in submitting their cases of collective punishment to the ICC section that is dedicated to facilitating the participation of victims.

It is through holding Israeli war criminals to account that policies of collective punishment against Palestinians, leading to their forcible transfer from Jerusalem, will cease.


  1. According to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, deportation or forcible transfer of population means“forced displacement of the persons concerned by expulsion or other coercive acts from the area in which they are lawfully present, without grounds permitted under international law.”
  2. Data from Al-Haq monitoring unit, January 12, 2018.
  3. Although the imposition of collective punishment was considered a war crime in the Report of the Commission on Responsibility set up after the First World War and in the Statutes of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, it was not included as such in the Rome Statute.




Saudi/Bahraini FM’s dodge reporters after first-ever public meeting with Israeli PM – English subs

February 22, 2019

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Syrian War Report – Feb. 21-22, 2019: Iran Took Control Of Several US Drones Flying Over Syria, Iraq

South Front


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have finished their combing operation in the central Syrian desert, the NDF media center said in a statement.

According to the released statement, the SAA and the NDF eliminated several ISIS members and seized loads of weapons and equipment in the framework of the operation, which covered desert areas of Homs, Rif Dimashq, Deir Ezzor and Raqqa provinces. Despite this, ISIS cells still control a large chunk of the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert.

On February 21, a car bomb exploded near the Deir Rasm hospital in the center of the Turkish-occupied city of Afrin injuring up to 10 people. The attack took place a few hours after a military parade held  by Turkish-backed militants in the city. Opposition activists accused YPG-linked rebels of carrying out the attack. Since early 2018, YPG-linked cells had conducted multiple IED attacks and ambushes on positions of Turkey-led forces in the region.

A car bomb hit a bus currying workers returning from the Omar oil fields. At least 15 people were killed and multiple others were injured. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but local sources say that it was likely conducted by ISIS cells.

Multiple convoys carrying men, women and children, mostly ISIS members and their families, left the ISIS-held pocket in the Euphrates Valley in the last 2 days. These persons are being transferred to filtration camps controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). According to reports, about 250 ISIS fighters remained besieged in the area because they refuse to surrender.

It is interesting to note that pro-SDF sources pretend that the group allows civilians only to leave the pocket. However, evidence from the ground contradicts to these claims. On February 21, it appeared that the US-backed group had handed over 500 ISIS members to the Iraqi military.

On February 19, Russian forces opened two humanitarian corridors allowing refugees to leave the camp. Members of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent were stationed at the checkpoints to provide medical aid to refugees leaving the camp.

However, according to the Russian Reconciliation Centre, militants have blocked the exit from the camp by building an earth berm. They also threatened the refugees with “jail and death” on the territory under the control of the Damascus government.

Head of the Centre Sergei Solomatin added that at the same time, “the possibility of exit of foreign fighters from the 55-kilometer zone to Jordan and Iraq is not limited” and ISIS militants and their families are being moved to the camp from the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. From its side, US-backed militants continue to repeat that the Damascus government is persecuting and punishing refugees returning to their homes.

The Iranian Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) have got control of 7-8 US unnamed aerial vehicles operating in Syria and Iraq, IRGC Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said adding that the IRGC extorted intelligence data from the aircraft. The IRGC media also released videos confirming its claims.

While ISIS is de-facto defeated in Syria and Iraq, a possible escalation of the long-standing conflict between the US-Israeli-led bloc and Iran continues to pose a threat to regional security.

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القرار الأميركي ببقاء 200 جندي… لماذا؟

القرار الأميركي ببقاء 200 جندي… لماذا؟

فبراير 23, 2019

ناصر قنديل

– خلال سنة لم يعّد الأميركيون يتحدثون عن دور لقواتهم في سورية، ولم يعُد يسمع لهم حديث عن شروط وتهديدات وخطوط حمراء، ونجح الرئيس الأميركي دونالد ترامب بالتهرب من المحاسبة عن الفشل في رسم خطوط حمراء ادعى أن سلفه باراك أوباما كان عاجزاً عن فرضها، وبالتغطية على متابعته التلاعب بقضية وجود داعش التي كشف أن الرئيس أوباما هو مَن فبركها مع وزيرة خارجيته هيلاري كلينتون. وصارت القضية الموضوعة في التداول هي قرار ترامب بالانسحاب من سورية، وصار السؤال، هل ينسحب أم لا ينسحب؟ ومتى ينسحب؟ وماذا سيحدث بعد أن ينسحب؟

– يعرف صناع القرار الأميركي أن السذج وحدهم يفسرون قرار الانسحاب بالبروباغندا أو بالارتجال، وهو يأتي منسجماً مع مناخ تراجع عام في القدرة الأميركية على رسم السياسة في آسيا، ونيات بتخفيف الحضور العسكري والتورّط في المواجهات على مساحة ساحات الحرب، من سورية إلى أفغانستان واليمن، ويعرفون أن قرار الانسحاب من سورية كما الانسحاب من أفغانستان كما وقف الحرب في اليمن، رسمت كمسارات يجب توظيف تطبيقها بما يتيح إرباك الساحات والخصوم، واستدراج التفاوض.

– يهتم الأميركيون بإثبات أن انسحابهم سيسبّب إرباكاً وفوضى، وأن لا بديل متفق عليه يخلفهم، وأن تنسيق الانسحاب بات ضرورة يطلبها الجميع منهم، ليفاوضوا على ثمن التنسيق، طالما أنهم فشلوا في استدراج التفاوض على ثمن الانسحاب، بعدما حددوا السعر بمقايضته بالانسحاب الإيراني. والأميركي عموماً كتاجر والرئيس الأميركي خصوصاً كتاجر، جاهزان للبيع والشراء، لكنهما يكتشفان أنهما جاهزان للبيع لكن ليس هناك مَن يشتري. فبعد الإعلان عن انسحاب سريع لم تأت دعوات التأجيل إلا من «إسرائيل» وداعميها في الكونغرس، لكن من يريدهم الأميركي للتفاوض رحبوا بالقرار وشككوا في صدقيته، وهذا ما قاله الروس والإيرانيون والسوريون، بينما تسابقت القيادات التركية والكردية على البحث عن صيغ ما بعد الانسحاب ودورها فيها، وليس هذا ما يهم الأميركي، بل استعداد روسيا وإيران وسورية للتفاوض، ولما لم يصل إليه الصدى بوجود أي استعداد، تحدث عن بقاء مئتي جندي أملاً بأن يسمع هذا الصدى.

– الأميركي جاهز ليقبض ثمن التنسيق في غير سورية، هذه المرّة وهو يتحدث عن أفغانستان ويضع ورقة البقاء المؤقت والجزئي على الطاولة، لكنه لا يسمع الصدى. وهو يدرك أن ما لم تنجح بفعله وحدات بالآلاف لن تنجح فيه بالتأكيد وحدة رمزية من المئات، بل ستكون كلفتها البحث سياسياً عن حماية عليه أن يسدد ثمنها لمن يملكون القدرة على تهديد أمنها، كما كان الحال في العراق، وكما سيعود، ولذلك سيبقى الأميركي يحدّث نفسه، فيقول مرة إنه منسحب كلياً وفوراً، ولا يسمع صدى، ممن ينتظر سماعهم، فيقول إنه غير مستعجل، فلا يسمع الصدى، فيقول إنه لن ينسحب لأن الحرب مع داعش لم تنته، فلا يسمع الصدى، فيغيّر ويقول إن الحرب انتهت فلا يسمع، فيقول إنه سينسحب بالتدريج فلا يسمع، فيقول إنه يطلق اليد التركية فلا يسمع، فيقول إنه يهدّد الأكراد إذا تعاونوا مع الدولة السورية فلا يسمع شيئاً، وها هو اليوم يقول إنه سيبقي مئتي جندي ويحتفظ بوجود عسكري في التنف كي يسمع.. ولن يسمع.

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More from my January 2019 re-visit to Aleppo, Syria.
Again in the old city of Aleppo, and around the Citadel, I speak with civilians about life, take footage from a city ravaged by terrorism but rebuilding, and add a bit of footage from November 2016 where the person I was with told me terrorists burned the old souq before leaving.
Shop owner:
“This is not my work. My work, I have a factory for bottling olive oil, in Idlib.” [When was the last time you saw it?] “Before 8 years.”
See previous clips from Aleppo:
Memory Lane, Old Aleppo: November 2016 Terrorist Snipers Vs Today’s Peace

Reconstruction in Aleppo

Signs of Reconstruction Among the Destruction in Old Aleppo

*Thanks to R&U Videos for compiling some of my clips into a video:

Shops Re-Opened in Old Aleppo

Aleppo Taxi Driver and Singer 🙂

From A Main Square in Aleppo That Was Sniped & Bombed By “Moderate” Terrorists

Ibrahim, an Aleppo Resident, Speaks About Experiences as Syrian Army Volunteer

Lively Clothes Market, Aleppo–The City That Did NOT Fall


by Jonathan Azaziah

There aren’t enough salutes in the WORLD… No… Hell no… The whole of the UNIVERSE… Which can adequately pay homage to our teacher, our preacher, our leader, our hero, our inspiration, our rock and our Anti-Parasitic guiding starlight, Malcolm X aka El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (R.A.) Even if such salutes were executed by Earth’s Most Righteous straight in the hideous, scaled faces of Earth’s Most Evil, it simply wouldn’t be sufficient. True indeed, nothing would be. That’s how monumental Malcolm X (R.A.) was and is; that’s how gigantic he was and is; that’s how vital he was and is, not to mention how much he was hated by the Anglo-Zionist Imperium. He was special, simple and plain, in the classic sense of the word. The Michiganian-turned-New-Yorker, son of a Georgian Garveyite father and a Grenadian Garveyite mother, was a personality so unique that there hasn’t been anyone like him since, nor will there be ever again–although a handful, like the remarkable Nashid Abdul Khaaliq (R.A), do come close. Today marks 54 years since he was martyred in a multi-dimensional conspiracy involving the heaviest hitters of Empire Zionica. And his life, his blistering oratory, his sagacious and perspicacious autobiography, his revolutionary actions, his Anti-Imperialist linkage with the Global South and of course, his Husseini sacrifice, have all never been more relevant.

From his early days as a top-ranking Minister and rising star within the Nation of Islam (NOI), Malcolm X (R.A.) was spied on by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), an organization with a rabid and murderous anti-Black history, and went as far to make note of it to NOI founder Elijah Muhammad and describe the surveillance as “malicious spying operations”. And the ADL was right in the heart of his murder, partnering up with the FBI, which has in fact gloated and taken credit for laying the groundwork for his death, and the NYPD’s Bureau of Special Services aka the Red Squad, to eliminate the greatest grassroots threat to Zio-Imperialism. For the record, ADL spying on Black Muslims goes as far back as at least 1942, so this shouldn’t be anywhere near surprising.

Furthermore, it was John Ali, a Fed-Rat, who triggered the rift between Hajj Malik (R.A.) and the NOI to begin with, and, even more ominously, the FBI appears to be linked to the violent and gruesome death of Black historian Louis Lomax, who was working on a film about FBI involvement in Malcolm X’s assassination when his brakes mysteriously gave out before being ejected from his station wagon after a crash and three turnovers. The CIA’s fingerprints, typically, can also be found on Hajj Malik’s killing, as it was immensely apprehensive of the man formerly known as Malcolm Little attending the Bandung Conference on March 3rd, 1965 and forging ties with the Global South Leadership. Ahmed Ben Bella (R.A.), Nkrumah (rip), Che Guevara (rip), Sukarno (R.A.) and many other freedom fighters were going to be present.

Do consider as well that ‘Israel’ attempted to take out the leader of the Algerian Revolution, successfully overthrew the Heart of Ghana, colluded with the CIA in murdering Cuba’s beloved guerrilla genius and operated as arguably the biggest link in the chain that strangled the Father of Indonesia. Now factor in the ADL’s status as an out-and-out fifth column of the usurping Zionist entity’s Mossad and its penetration of the FBI, along with Malcolm’s (R.A.) militant Anti-Zionism, and 1+1=Jew. ‘Israel’ UNDOUBTEDLY was in on his death like it was a mover and shaker in asset-turned-resistor MLK Jr’s murder too.

Verily, Malcolm’s aforementioned opposition to the ADL isn’t as widely known as his despisal of the usurping Zionist entity. It was in the September 17th, 1964 edition of the Egyptian Gazette in which he succinctly summed up the illegality of the fake Jewish “state” and the need for it to be dismantled. “Did the Zionists have the legal or moral right to invade Arab Palestine, uproot its Arab citizens from their homes and seize all Arab property for themselves just based on the ‘religious’ claim that their [alleged] forefathers lived there thousands of years ago? Only a thousand years ago the Moors lived in Spain. Would this give the Moors of today the legal and moral right to invade the Iberian Peninsula, drive out its Spanish citizens, and then set up a new Moroccan nation … where Spain used to be, as the European Zionists have done to our Arab brothers and sisters in Palestine? In short, the Zionist argument to justify ‘Israel’s’ present occupation of Arab Palestine has no intelligent or legal basis in history … not even in their own religion.”

Brilliant, beautiful and the exact stance all principled humans should take. All throughout his rebuke of Zionism, he tore Jewish supremacism limb from limb, castigating the Zionist land-thieves for absurdly and viciously believing that they “must fulfill [their] ‘divine’ mission to rule all other nations with a rod of iron.” With certitude, that open, eloquent, gratuitous and unrelenting criticism of Jewish supremacism, particularism and especially, exploitation of the Black community is what sets Hajj Malik (R.A.) apart from all other revolutionary figures. In 1963, he was asked whether the Nation of Islam, and Black Muslims generally, were “anti-Semitic”. Malcolm responded with razor-sharp wit, “Many Jews have guilt feelings when people talk about ‘exploitation.’ This is because they know that they control 90% of the businesses in Black communities, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. And they benefit more from Black buying power than Blacks do from other parts of the White community. So they feel guilty about it.” He also obliterated the idea that Jews can be on the board of groups like the NAACP, but, “the[ese] same Jews won’t let you become president of B’nai B’rith, or any of their other organizations.”

As revealed on page 162 of his autobiography, thanks to the eye-opening positions of a brother and ex-hustling partner of his who had just joined the NOI, Malcolm (R.A.) came to realize that the Ashkenazi Jew bootlegger that he once held in such high regards for being the only “White” to have given him a job, Hymie, was in fact a parasitic exploiter who was using him to line his pockets en masse. From then on, he was able to see through the Jews, their lies, their stratagems, their artificial support for Black civil rights and their overall agenda like one standing in a glass-bottom boat who could pick up on all the wonders of the ocean. On page 289, he discusses the hyper-sensitivity and ultra-subjectivity of the Jew, declaring, “I mean, you can’t even say ‘Jew’ without him accusing you of ‘anti-Semitism’.” Truer and more cutting words were never spoken on the matter. He noted in greater depth that it was Jewishness and Jewishness alone, in a blunt case of radical ethnic chauvinism, that drove the Jew in all he/she did, “I don’t care what a Jew is professionally, doctor, merchant, housewife, student, or whatever–first he, or she, thinks Jew.”

On the same page, Malcolm lambastes the Jews for profiting off anti-Black bigotry, “All of the bigotry and hatred focused upon the Black man keeps off the Jew a lot of heat that would be on him otherwise.” And then he drops the bomb that lays waste to the very foundation of so-called “anti-Semitism”, especially when anti-Jewish sentiments come from Blacks and other people of color living in projects, slums and ghettos across America, “For an example of what I am talking about–in every Black ghetto, Jews own the major businesses. Every night the owners of those businesses go home with that Black community’s money, which helps the ghetto to stay poor. But I doubt that I have ever uttered this absolute truth before an audience without being hotly challenged, and accused by a Jew of ‘anti-Semitism’. Why? I will bet that I have told five hundred such challengers that Jews as a group would never watch some other minority systematically siphoning out their community’s resources without doing something about it. I have told them that if I tell the simple truth, it doesn’t mean that I am ‘anti-Semitic’; it means merely that I am anti-exploitation.” Anti-exploitation. And Anti-Parasitic. Not… And NEVER… “anti-Semitic”–a completely fallacious ideological construct to begin with ANYWAY. Ameen.

There is a severely fascinating exchange as the historic, epic and irreplaceable autobiography, a work that, I can say personally, saved my life, comes to a close. It starts on page 378 where he discusses how he was under constant surveillance following his 18-week trip to the Arab world and Africa. He reveals an exchange with one operative specifically from an unknown agency, who he mockingly called “super-sleuth”. On page 379, Malcolm (R.A.) describes how he confronted the agent directly and told him curtly that if he had any questions, he didn’t need to lurk around. He only had to ask. Almost immediately, the intelligence emissary took a defensive, hyper-sensitive posture and started hammering Hajj Malik (R.A.) about his Black nationalism and Islamic beliefs. The revolutionary giant knew what he was dealing with instantly and instinctively. “From the consistent subjectivity in just about everything he asked and said, I had deduced something, and I told him, ‘You know, I think you’re a Jew with an Anglicized name.’ His involuntary expression told me I’d hit the button. He asked me how I knew. I told him I’d had so much experience with how Jews would attack me that I usually could identify them.”

From page 379, it rages on magnificently right into page 380, “I told him all I held against the Jew was that so many Jews actually were hypocrites in their claim to be friends of the American Black man, and it burned me up to be so often called ‘anti- Semitic’ when I spoke things I knew to be the absolute truth about Jews. I told him that, yes, I gave the Jew credit for being among all other Whites the most active, and the most vocal, financier, ‘leader’ and ‘liberal’ in the Negro civil rights movement. But I said at the same time I knew that the Jew played these roles for a very careful strategic reason: the more prejudice in America could be focused upon the Negro, then the more the White Gentiles’ prejudice would keep diverted off the Jew. I said that to me, one proof that all the civil rights posturing of so many Jews wasn’t sincere was that so often in the North the quickest segregationists were Jews themselves. Look at practically everything the Black man is trying to ‘integrate’ into for instance; if Jews are not the actual owners, or are not in controlling positions, then they have major stockholdings or they are otherwise in powerful leverage positions-and do they really sincerely exert these influences? No!”

Malcolm (R.A.) concludes his destruction of the “super-sleuth” by stating, “And an even clearer proof for me of how Jews truly regard Negroes, I said, was what invariably happened wherever a Negro moved into any white residential neighborhood that was thickly Jewish. Who would always lead the Whites’ exodus? The Jews! Generally in these situations, some Whites stay put–you just notice who they are: they’re Irish Catholics, they’re Italians; they’re rarely ever any Jews. And, ironically, the Jews themselves often still have trouble being ‘accepted.’ Saying this, I know I’ll hear ‘anti-Semitic’ from every direction again. Oh, yes! But truth is truth.” Again, we say, loudly and proudly as ever, AMEEN.

In a Paris Q&A session printed under the title “The Black Struggle In The United States” in Presence Africaine, No. 2, 1965, and as usual, he spoke with power and passion about Jewish manipulations, machinations and hypocrisy, “Now in regards to what is my opinion of the Jews. I don’t think that a man can be intelligent when he’s in the frying pan and he becomes wrapped up or involved in trying to solve someone else’s problems or cry for someone else. The American Negroes especially have been maneuvered into doing more crying for the Jews than they cry for themselves. In America the Jews used to be segregated. They never were ‘Freedom Riders’. They didn’t use this tactic to solve their problem–begging in, walking in, wading in. Whenever they were barred from a neighborhood they pooled their economic power and purchased that neighborhood. If they were barred from hotels, they bought the hotel. But when they join us, they don’t show us how to solve our problem that way. They show us how to wade in and crawl in and beg in. So I’m for the Jew when he shows me how to solve my problem like he has solved his problem.”

These are but a few excerpts. Read “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”, Volumes 1-3. Read and watch Dr. Tony Martin (rip). Listen to Fire-Breathing Mega-Man Dr. Khaled Abdul Muhammad (R.A.) Pay heavy attention to Minister Farrakhan. Read and listen to the previously invoked Nashid Abdul Khaaliq (R.A.) Check the work of the ever-vigilant and exceptional research extraordinaire Steve Cokely (rip). Dig into the Jewish character of Christopher Columbus (L.A.) and the Puritans, the Jewish exploitation of boxing great (and friend of Malcolm X) Muhammad Ali (R.A.), the Jewish-Zionist takedown of Marcus Garvey (rip), the Jewish origins of disgusting, racist “blackface” and the Jewish money behind the ungodly Tuskegee experiment. Delve into the terrible, continent-wide scheme World Zionism has imposed on Africa. Malcolm X (R.A.) was right. The Jew exploits, manipulates and oppresses the Black Man whilst pretending to be the Black Man’s best friend. This knowledge should be applied to the Muslim/Arab struggle of today in which we are seeing Jews infiltrate our ranks and dictate how our discourse should run all so their interests are protected. We should adopt a Malcolmite stance and declare that this unacceptable.

Today, the “Woketivists” who claim Malcolm X (R.A.) don’t and won’t touch his staunch, erudite and ruthless critique of Jewish supremacism, not even with a 6-million-foot pole. This is evidence of their disingenuousness as well as who is signing their checks. It’s also, quite ironically and rather hilariously, the proof of EVERYTHING that Hajj Malik (R.A.) EVER uttered in EVERY circumstance vis-a-vis the interactions between African-Americans and the Yahoud on the political, historical, social and financial levels. It is always a scenario of slave and master, controlled and controller, oppressed and oppressor, dictated-to and dictator. Never an actual partnership.

And if the “Woketivists” don’t have the guts to call a spade a spade and a Jew a Jew, they don’t belong talking about Malcolm X (R.A.) in any capacity. Such people are hypocrites and we know how much that el-Shabazz (R.A.) hated hypocrites. It doesn’t require any courage to call out White supremacy when it’s a commonly discussed topic on the likes of Zionist-owned CNN and MSNBC; when its perfidy is taught in universities and it is a frequent PHD target across academia. It requires a gargantuan amount of dauntlessness however to tackle the Jew and his current status as the world’s wealthiest, most influential and most “untouchable” globe-holder. Hence why whoever does it, whether criticizing Zionism or Judaism, comes under the most maleficent assault–especially when they’re Black, like Marzieh Hashemi, Marc Lamont Hill, Angela Davis and Alice Walker.

Now five and a half decades since his brutal murder, we see that a war on Malcolm X (R.A.) has continued. His second daughter, Qubilah Bahiyah Shabazz, was framed for a plot to kill Farakhan by a JDL terrorist who later became a Fed-Rat, Michael Fitzpatrick. His grandson, Malcolm Latif Shabazz (R.A.), who, like him, endured many struggles early on in his life, found a way back to the Nour of the Deen, adopted the Shi’a Islamic school of thought, and launched his own revolutionary struggle before being murdered under shady circumstances by Zionist-American assassins.

And anyone who espouses what he espoused, opposes what he opposed, embodies what he embodied, and fights for what he fought for, disregarding all Jewish supremacist onslaughts that may come their way, this writer included, gets a Blue-and-White label on their dome-piece and then marked for destruction, figuratively and literally. Yet… Despite all the plots by Organized Jewish Interests, they have failed miserably to stomp him out. They have failed miserably, to use a Judaic idiom, to “blot out” his “Amalekite” legacy. El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (R.A.) lives on not in infamy… But in INFINITY, beating and screaming in the hearts of Anti-Parasitic youth and elders, men and women, Muslims and Christians, Blacks and Browns, Whites and Reds and Yellows and ALLAH (SWT) knows who else worldwide.

And for the record, he lives on not as a secular liberal. Not a peacenik. Not a Marxist-Leninist. Not a communist, a socialist or a leftist of any persuasion. Not some godless militant being militant for militancy’s sake. Not an LGBTQIA+ sympathizer nor an advocate or “stan” of any sort of degeneracy. But an Islamic Liberationist guided by the Qur’an, the Sunnah, Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) and the righteous Sahaba (R.A.) He was an Anti-Parasitic Mouqawamist who had Striking Star Solidarity with the Moustazafeen the world over. Hence his saying, “Time is on the side of the oppressed today, it’s against the oppressor. Truth is on the side of the oppressed today, it’s against the oppressor. You don’t need anything else.”

He was a Pan-Africanist and a Garvey-influenced Black nationalist that believed in Black independence from Whites and ESPECIALLY Jews. If he was alive today in the physical form, the “Woketivists” would cast him out as an “anti-Semite”, a “homophobe”, a “transphobe”, a “misogynist” for opposing abortion and promoting strong family values particularly when it concerned the Black family unit, a “fascist”, a “reactionary”, a “capitalist” for championing Black businesses and autonomous Black economies–his outspoken anti-capitalism aside–and probably even a “Nazi” too. Why do you think that when they utter his name to show off their “wokeness”, they pretend his Anti-Parasitism, as it is documented in quite a large quantity in this essay, is a figment of our imaginations?

Moreover, to conclude, when we recall Hajj Malik’s (R.A.) brotherhood with Iraqi-American Shi’a Muslim revolutionary Dr. Mohammad Taki Mehdi (R.A.), the figure who brought him to traditional Islam and helped him make Hajj, we know that Imam Hussein (A.S.) had a profound and sublime impact on his life. The sacrifice of Aba Abdallah (A.S.) is what led Malcolm (R.A.) to fearlessly… Even LOVINGLY… Run towards martyrdom. If he was alive long enough to witness the Islamic Revolution, perhaps he, like his grandson, not to mention another African titan, Sheikh Zakzaky, would have adopted the Jaafari Shi’a tradition. Maybe it would have been the Zaydi Shi’a path that appealed to him after witnessing the glory of Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.) and his own unfiltered dismantlement of Judaic malevolence. Or perhaps, like martyred Sunni Palestinian revolutionary Dr. Fathi Shaqaqi (R.A.), he would have just modeled a movement in Imam Khomeini’s (R.A.) likeness. What isn’t necessary to ponder on is whether or not he’d be a champion of Islam. No doubt that he would be. One of its most prolific.

Capitalism, Communism, Wahhabism, Shiraziism, Zionism, both its Jewish and its Untemeyer-birthed “Christian” forms, Imperialism, Hindutva and all the other tentacles of the Judaic-Dajjalic system would feel his furious and pious wrath. International Jewry wouldn’t be able to breathe. That’s why International Jewry and its devilish collaborators snuffed him out. But no Shahid, let alone a Shahid of the treasure-like quality of Malcolm X (R.A.), truly dies. The Monsters on the other hand die a little bit inside on each individual occasion that we provide insight into the legend’s actual/factual stances. In his sanctified name, his revered memory and unprofane, resistant example, we’ll be doing a whole lot more of THAT until we too achieve martyrdom. Case in point… And meanwhile, as we await our reunion with our teacher, our preacher, our leader, our hero, our inspiration, our rock and our Anti-Parasitic guiding starlight El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (R.A.) in Jannah insha’ALLAH… If you don’t oppose Jewish supremacism, bigotry, deceitfulness and planet-spanning exploitation the way that he did, then keep his blessed name the hell out your mouths.

As ‘Israel’ Attacks, Teargases Palestinians during the 47th Great Return March, Palestinians Open Al-Aqsa Gate Sealed since 2003

‘Israel’ Attacks, Teargases Palestinians during the 47th Great Return March

By Staff, Agencies

Dozens of Palestinians were martyred or suffocated as peaceful demonstrators were participating in the 47th Great Return March on Friday.

According to a local source, tens of thousands of citizens gathered in the five Al-Awda Camps along the separation fence in the eastern part of Gaza Strip, in a peaceful march to affirm the right of return and the need to break the siege imposed on Gaza.

The source added that ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers gathered along the separation barrier, fired gas bombs and live bullets, which led to the injury of 7 citizens by live bullets, and dozens others suffocated.

Among the wounded, a paramedic was hit by a bullet in the foot east Gaza, the source confirmed.

By Staff

After more than 16 years of being sealed by the apartheid “Israeli” entity, Palestinian worshipers were able to break al-Rahma Gate [Gate of Mercy] in the eastern part of the Al-Aqsa Holy Mosque on Friday.

Palestinians raised the Palestinian flag as they called slogans in support of Occupied Al-Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Hundreds of Palestinians performed Friday prayers inside the al-Rahma Gate building and in the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Earlier this week, “Israeli” occupation forces had previously assaulted Palestinian worshipers performing prayers at the gate in protest of the seal off.

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