Too Much Exceptionalism Hath Made the US Elites Mad


 What kind of person really wants to see relations between the world’s biggest nuclear armed countries deteriorate? Who wants to see the situation between the US and Russia, which has become at least as dangerous as the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, get even worse? Or to put it another way, who would not welcome a genuine dialogue between the leaders of these two great countries? The answer to these questions is of course those who have completely lost their ability to reason.

Given the unprecedented propaganda and irrational absurdities coming out of the US over the past year or so, not even the most optimistic of people could have had very high hopes for the Trump-Putin meeting at the G20 Summit on Friday. The toxic atmosphere in the US, plus the fact that Donald Trump seemed to have capitulated to the Deep State within weeks of his inauguration, meant that any real thawing in relations was highly unlikely.

Yet as it turned out, the meeting was far better than even the biggest pessimist could have imagined. Scheduled to speak for just 30 minutes — which itself was a bad joke, given the urgent need for the leaders of these two nations to have serious and constant communication — they actually went on for over two hours and apparently cordially discussed a broad range of issues.

For any normal person, this would be seen as A VERY GOOD THING. But of course there are many who regard it as A VERY BAD THING.

For instance, on the idea of forming a joint Cyber Security unit so that each country could have a guarantee that the other would not “hack” the others’ election, the plan was met with derision in the US. Senator Marco Rubio, for instance, suggested that such an initiative would be like partnering with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on chemical weapons.

This is a particularly funny retort for a number of reasons. Firstly, the Syrian government’s stockpile of chemical weapons was destroyed by a team of US Army civilians and contractors aboard a US vessel, the Cape Ray, in 2013-14. Secondly, the US still has a stockpile of around 3,000 tons of chemical weapons, despite being a signatory to the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, which committed it to the destruction of their entire stockpile of chemical weapons within ten years. The complete destruction of the entire arsenal is now due to be completed around the year 2023. And thirdly, the country that leads the world in cyber-spying, monitoring, election interference and regime change by a wide margin is … none other than the country in which Mr Rubio is a senator. Let’s file his remarks in that fat ‘ole bin marked “Hypocrisy”.

Yet Mr Rubio’s remarks pale into insignificance to those uttered by Nikki Haley, the country’s second most important “diplomat”. Here’s what this “diplomat” had to say after her boss’s boss’s apparently cordial and constructive meeting with Mr Putin:

“We can’t trust Russia, and we won’t ever trust Russia. But you keep those that you don’t trust closer so that you can always keep an eye on them and keep them in check.”

Think about that. Let it sink in. After a period of the worst relations between the two countries since — well since ever — the US President finally got to sit down and talk to his Russian counterpart, and by all accounts it went well. Which would be a cause for any normal person to be thankful. And yet just hours after it finished, the US’s second highest “diplomat” blabs her mouth off that the US will never trust Russia! I shudder to think that when looking for a diplomat, Mr Trump saw Mrs Haley as the best person to represent his country.

It would be pointless to go through all the inanities uttered by the stenographers in the so-called free media. Suffice it to say that predictably, rather than welcoming the potential for a relaxation of tensions, they spent their time chiding Mr Trump for “being soft”, for apparently “being played”, and of Mr Putin “winning”. What is WRONG with these people? Why does everything have to be about winning and losing? Can they not envisage discussions where grown-up people discuss differences and try to work towards resolution without it being about ‘who comes out on top’? Apparently they cannot, for reasons I’ll come to in a moment.

And of course they continued to display the effects of the debilitating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder they’ve been suffering from for almost a year, which compels them to talk incessantly about “hacking” and “meddling”, but without ever asking a single challenging question, such as:

  • Did the 17 intelligence agencies really all agree with a high level of certainty that Russia hacked the election? (Answer: no)
  • Did the FBI actually examine the DNC servers? (Answer: no)
  • Who actually did examine the DNC servers (Crowdstrike) and do they have a reliable track record of such things? (Answer: no)
  • Was there any hard evidence presented of Russian hacking in the January 6th DIA report? (Answer: no)
  • Has the US ever interfered in the elections of other countries, including Russia’s? (Answer: yes — multiple times)

Words almost fail me. Faced with a choice between the two leaders striking up a rapport and finding some common ground, or the two of them squaring up to each other in a confrontation that would only increase tensions and push us closer to a potential nuclear confrontation, many (if not most) leading US politicians, plus their media lackeys, preferred the second option.

Last year, as the United States for the second time broke an agreement that they had signed with Russia to separate the so-called moderate rebels from groups like al-Nusra, the Russian Foreign Minister described the US administration using a word meaning “not agreement capable”. But it now looks far worse than that. It is not just that the US administration is “not capable” of agreement, it appears to be “not rational-thought capable”. Almost the entirety of Congress and the media seem to think that any détente between Mr Trump and Mr Putin, between the US and Russia, between the two biggest nuclear armed countries on the planet is tantamount to treason.

It is abundantly clear that the political and media elites in the United States are out of control. They have long since left the land of rationality, and have driven over the cliff where they are now floundering in the air of unreason before going splat on the rock of total insanity. They have so imbibed the heresy that the United States is “Exceptional” and “Indispensable” that they are now “not rational-thought capable”. They are incapable of conceiving of an agreement which does not either maintain or increase US hegemony. They are incapable of conceiving of talks with another country where their opposite numbers are treated as anything other than subservient. They are incapable of welcoming a thawing of relations between the leaders of two countries that have enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the lives of millions.

And because of their madness, they are driving the US and Russia towards confrontation. Don’t believe it? The Russians do. Here’s what one of their top generals, Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir, said back in April:

“The [US] missile defense system considerably shifts the balance of offensive weapons, allowing the planning of a more efficient pre-emptive strike. Russian military experts believe that the US hopes to gain the capability to strike any region of the world, including Russia and China, with nuclear-tipped missiles with impunity.”

Do you understand what he’s saying and how serious this all is? Unless the leaders of these countries talk to each other, as equals, with a view to reaching tangible agreements, and without their own bureaucracies and media back at home doing all they can to prevent this from happening, then the Russians will continue to view US plans as heading inexorably towards having the capability to launch a pre-emptive strike, with any response neutralised. Only someone that has let the ideology of exceptionalism blind them to what this really means, could fail to welcome the baby steps towards détente that were seen in Hamburg.

In short, too much exceptionalism hath made the US elites mad. They must be stopped.

The Fraud of the White Helmets

Hollywood buys into yet another lie

By Philip Giraldi

July 09, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – I actually forced myself to watch the documentary The White Helmets, which is available on Netflix. It is 40 minutes long, is of high quality cinematographically speaking, and tells a very convincing tale that was promoted as “the story of real-life heroes and impossible hope.” It is overall a very impressive piece of propaganda, so much so that it has won numerous awards including the Oscar for Best Documentary Short this year and the White Helmets themselves were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. More to the point, however, is the undeniable fact that the documentary has helped shape the public understanding of what is going on in Syria, delivering a Manichean tale that depicts the “rebels” as always good and Bashar al-Assad and his government as un-redeemably evil.

It has been reliably reported that celebrities like George Clooney, Justin Timberlake and Hillary Clinton really like the White Helmets documentary and have promoted it with the understanding that it represents the truth about Syria, but it is, of course, not the whole story. The film, which was made by the White Helmets themselves without any external verification of what it depicts, portrays the group as “heroic,” an “impartial, life-saving rescue organization” of first responders. Excluded from the scenes of heroism under fire is the White Helmets’ relationship with the al-Qaeda affiliated group Jabhat al-Nusra and its participation in the torture and execution of “rebel” opponents. Indeed, the White Helmets only operate in rebel held territory, which enables them to shape the narrative both regarding who they are and what is occurring on the ground. Because of increasing awareness of the back story, there is now a growing movement to petition the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to revoke the Oscar based on the complete and deliberate misrepresentation of what the White Helmets are all about.

Exploiting their access to the western media, the White Helmets have de facto become a major source of “eyewitness” news regarding what has been going on in those many parts of Syria where European and American journalists are quite rightly afraid to go. It is all part of a broader largely successful “rebel” effort to manufacture fake news that depicts the Damascus government as engaging in war crimes directed against civilians.

The White Helmets have certainly saved some lives under dangerous circumstances but they have also exaggerated their humanitarian role as they travel to bombing sites with their film crews trailing behind them. Once at the sites, with no independent observers, they are able to arrange or even stage what is filmed to conform to their selected narrative. They have consistently promoted tales of government atrocities against civilians to encourage outside military intervention in Syria and bring about regime change in Damascus. The White Helmets were, for example, the propagators of the totally false but propagandistically effective claims regarding the government use of so-called “barrel bombs” against civilians.

The White Helmets were a largely foreign creation that came into prominence in the aftermath of the unrest in Syria that developed as a result of the Arab Spring in 2012. They are currently largely funded by a number of non-government organizations (NGOs) as well as governments, including Britain and some European Union member states. The United States has directly provided $23 million through the USAID (US Agency for International Development) as of 2016 and almost certainly considerably more indirectly. Max Blumenthal has explored in some detail the various funding resources and relationships that the organization draws on, mostly in Europe and the United States.

Former weapons inspector Scott Ritter has described how the White Helmets are not actually trained to do the complicated rescue work that they depict in their self-made videos, which have established their reputation by ostensibly showing them in action inside Syria, rescuing civilians from bombed out structures, and providing life-saving emergency medical care. As an expert in Hazardous Materials handling with New York Task Force 2 USAR team, Ritter reports that “these videos represent de facto evidence of dangerous incompetence or, worse, fraud… The bread and butter of the White Helmet’s self-made reputation is the rescue of a victim—usually a small child—from beneath a pile of rubble, usually heavy reinforced concrete… The techniques used by the White Helmets are not only technically wrong, but dangerous to anyone who might actually be trapped… In my opinion, the videos are pure theater, either staged to impress an unwitting audience, or actually conducted with total disregard for the wellbeing of any real victims.”

Ritter also cites the lack of training in hazardous chemicals, best observed in the videos provided by the White Helmets regarding their activity at Khan Sheikhun on April 4th. He notes “As was the case with their ‘rescues’ of victims in collapsed structures, I believe the rescue efforts of the White Helmets at Khan Sheikhun were a theatrical performance designed to impress the ignorant and ill-informed… Through their actions…the White Helmets were able to breathe life into the overall narrative of a chemical weapons attack, distracting from the fact that no actual weapon existed….”

But perhaps the most serious charge against the White Helmets consists of the evidence that they actively participated in the atrocities, to include torture and murder, carried out by their al-Nusra hosts. There have been numerous photos of the White Helmets operating directly with armed terrorists and also celebrating over the bodies of execution victims and murdered Iraqi soldiers. The group has an excellent working relationship with a number of jihadi affiliates and is regarded by them as fellow “mujahideen” and “soldiers of the revolution.”

So by all means let’s organize to revoke the White Helmets’ Oscar due to misrepresentation and fraud. It might even serve as a wake-up call to George Clooney and his fellow Hollywood snowflakes. But the bigger take-away from the tale of the White Helmets would appear to be how it is an unfortunate repeat of the bumbling by a gullible U.S. government that has wrecked the Middle East while making Americans poorer and less safe. A group of “moderates,” in this case their propagandists, is supported with weapons and money to overthrow a government with which Washington has no real quarrel but it turns out the moderates are really extremists. If they succeed in changing regime in Damascus, that is when the real nightmare will begin for minorities within Syria and for the entire region, including both Israel and Saudi Arabia, both of which seem intent on bringing Bashar al-Assad down. And the truly unfortunate fact is that the Israelis and Saudis apparently have convinced an ignorant Donald Trump that that is the way to go so the situation in Syria will only get worse and, unless there is a course correction, Washington will again richly deserve most of the blame.

Phil Giraldi is a former CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer who spent twenty years overseas in Europe and the Middle East working terrorism cases. He holds a BA with honors from the University of Chicago and an MA and PhD in Modern History from the University of London

This article was first published by Unz Review 

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Information Clearing House.


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The Fight Against Media Terrorism

“Blatant lies, which used to be the prerogative of tabloid outlets, have now been adopted by well respected media outlets.” — Margarita Simonyan

Yesterday I put up a post about a speech given on July 4 by RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan before the visiting Chinese delegation in Moscow. Here is a video of her talk. The full speech, as you will see, included a few key comments that didn’t make it into yesterday’s report, including the quote above.

As you can also see, Simonyan urged her Chinese colleagues to join her in the fight against “media terrorism.” She has chosen a good way of describing it. By reporting lies, the mainstream media are essentially committing acts of terror. Information is a weapon–no different from tanks, missiles, or artillery–and when weapons are misused (just as when information is turned into misinformation) innocent people can die as a result.

Hopefully the Chinese will soon launch their own equivalent to RT and Press TV. I have a feeling they will, and I also have a feeling it won’t stop with China. I think we’ll also see more and more citizen journalism. Project Veritas is a good example of the latter.

It is not surprising that a producer at CNN thinks the American people are “stupid as sh*t.” The American people aren’t stupid. But they are misinformed. And who is mainly responsible for that? The mainstream media. And this is what makes a comment like this, from a young punk working at CNN, so utterly loathsome.

In case you missed it, RT has a report out today about the response to threats made by CNN against the maker of a video posted recently by Donald Trump. The article includes a quote from a Reddit moderator who expresses the view that the entire Internet basically is turning against CNN.

 photo harmfulorfatal_zpsg5pvcm0t.jpg

“CNN has all of the Internet against them right now, and when organizations attack freedom of speech, it never ends up well for them,” he said.

He may not be far off the mark. You can go here to read about a recent poll which found that 65 percent of Americans believe the mainstream media regularly publish fake news.

I’m not usually optimistic by nature, but I can visualize a future in which sentiments like these among the public continue to build until eventually the mainstream media succeed in neutralizing themselves–that is until they essentially become extinct like dinosaurs. The only way, in fact, I think they are going to be able to stop this is by shutting down the Internet or effectively shutting it down through excessive regulation, and by blocking out websites like RT and Press TV. But I don’t think this will ultimately be successful.

Just as there are black markets, I think we would see “black Internets” spring up which would offer access to the blocked out sites. The days in which six corporate media conglomerates are able to control everything people see on TV, hear on radio, or read in books, newspapers, and magazines–those days are actually numbered, I believe. Which is not to say that our future is going to be rosy, but at least in this one respect it will be better than the situation which exists at present.

The media’s capacity for committing acts of terrorism, in other words, will, I think, be greatly diminished. The fight against media terrorism will ultimately be successful.

RT Editor, in Speech Before Leaders, Discusses Role Played By ‘Powerful Press Artillery’ in West’s Wars

[ Ed. note – During Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Moscow, RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan delivered a speech in which she discussed the role of the Western media in fomenting wars. Specifically, the media serve as a “press artillery,” effectively engaging in “precision bombing,” she said, remarking also that “not a single war in recent years started” without propagandistic barrages of this sort.

The media not only can change people’s attitudes toward a leader or a country, but they can even alter “the values of entire societies.” My own comment here is that this has certainly been the case in the United States–a country which has seen a dramatic evolution of its values over the past three, four, and five decades.

Simonyan’s speech is good as far as it goes, although sadly she makes no mention of the fact that media owners in the west are predominantly Jewish, nor either does she allow for the possibility that a Jewish tribal agenda may be (and most likely is) a driving factor behind the deceitful reporting. Both Presidents Putin and Jinping were present during her speech, however, and she invited the Chinese to join Russia in its efforts to “fight information terrorism.”  ]



There has not been a war in recent times that began without “a powerful press artillery” and “precision bombing” by media, RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan said, speaking in front of President Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Simonyan expressed her concern over the media’s growing, and often boundless, influence and the way it changes the world around us, during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Moscow.

“We live in unique times, when media – the so-called fourth estate – in many countries is trying to become, and sometimes becomes, the first: sets the rules of the game, controls public opinion, doesn’t just change people’s attitude towards a leader or a state, but alters the values of entire societies,” RT’s editor-in-chief said.

The media has become a weapon and a life-changing tool at the same time, Simonyan said.

“Not a single war in recent years started without a powerful world press ‘artillery,’ not a single battle happened without previous precision bombing by TV, radio, newspapers, and online resources,” she said.

 photo medialies_zpsefpioihs.gif

The media can also change people’s perceptions of public figures, like “making an unheard-of, ordinary person, like, for instance, Barack Obama, the hero of a generation overnight; or vice versa, making a generation’s hero, like Julian Assange, into an outcast and a misfit.”

Even more than that, “the media can change the fates of entire nations, their leaders, and sometimes even shift the borders: for instance, Kosovo wouldn’t ever have been possible without one-sided and biased coverage by all the world media, by the so-called mainstream, with no exception,” Simonyan added.

The media’s impact can be, and often is, purposefully damaging and detrimental, she said.

“This power of the press, sometimes boundless, can be used for the good – when we save the innocent, fight injustice, tyranny, corruption – or to do damage, when the media provides for the aggressive foreign policy of a country, illustrating it with convenient pictures.”

Simonyan also provided a striking example of media adjusting the narrative to fit in with their agenda.

“Everyone remembers the boy Omran, who became a symbol of Assad’s so-called ‘atrocities.’ This photo was on the front covers of all world media, spread by all of the mainstream. Of course, who wouldn’t feel sorry for a boy dug up from under the rubble, covered in blood and soot? We found the boy’s family a month ago. His father supports Assad, and he told us this really scary story about how an infamous humanitarian organization basically snatched the boy out of his father’s hands, not letting him perform first aid, to take the photos and give them to the journalists. And he is not being heard.”

Sometimes it seems that some media may resort to any means to ensure their agenda stays in place, and here’s where fake news comes in handy, Simonyan said. When it comes to that, few countries are under attack as often and as consistently as China and Russia, she added.

“Fake news has become a trap, snaring millions of people used to trusting major media names, who shouldn’t be trusted for a long time now. Blatant lies that used to be reserved for tabloids are now doing the rounds in the world media, and from their pages, those lies are put into the mouths of the newly-minted leaders.”

Continued here

3 videos to better understand the false chemical weapons accusations made by western powers against Syrian government

The Debate: “Syria Chemical Claims”

Journalist Alaa Ibrahim: “US claim that Assad preparing chemical attack is inventing excuse to go against Syrian Army”

Maria Zakharova, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “US is preparing fake chemical attack in order to bomb the legitimate Syrian government forces”


Nikki Haley: Warmonger Extraordinaire!

South Front

Written by Antonius Aquinas; Originally appeared at

It must now be a prerequisite of those who become an American ambassador to the UN to possess certain characteristics and traits, the most important of which are rabid warmonger, child killer, and outright liar.

Remember it was Madeleine Albright when asked about the US blockading Iraq which prevented medicine and medical equipment from entering the country that resulted in the estimated death of a half a million children who coldly responded: “I think that is a very hard choice, but the price, we think, the price is worth it.”  Then there is Colin “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Powell who told a bald-face lie about Iraq’s nuclear capabilities which paved the way for the US destruction of the country.

Nikki Haley: Warmonger Extraordinaire!

In her brief tenure as UN ambassador, Nikki Haley is fulfilling these requirements quite nicely.  Her latest crazed outburst came on the heels of the bizarre White House press release about another supposed Syrian government gas attack which warned President Assad that he would “pay a heavy price” if carried out.*

While the State and Defense Departments were apparently caught off guard by the White House action, Ambassador Haley was not (probably given advanced notice) and issued an even more provocative tweet:

Any further attacks done to the people

of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but

also on Russia & Iran who support him

killing his own people.**

Not only has Haley appointed herself judge, jury and executioner of the Assad regime, but her wild accusation includes reprisals to the neocons’ ultimate targets of Russia and Iran.  Her ridiculous statement has now given Syria’s enemies the green light to conduct another gas attack which will be blamed on Assad and his allies, Russia and Iran.  Nice work, Nikki!

From a diplomatic perspective, the entire affair was bungled and amateurish, confirming once again that the Trump Administration is out of its league in conducting foreign policy.

That Haley was even chosen to become part of the Trump Administration has been odd from the beginning, but as things have unfolded quite telling.  Haley was a vociferous critic of the future president.  She, and the likes of another war-monger and Russophobe, Lindsey Graham, were consistently attacking candidate Trump for being “soft” on Russia and his immigration stance especially his wildly popular border wall proposal.  To Haley and Graham, Donald Trump was out of step with the Republican Party’s values such as diversity as represented by Haley who, herself, is of Indian heritage.

Yet, despite all of the vitriol heaped at candidate Trump, the newly elected president, in a surprising and ominous move, decided to make the South Carolina governor, UN ambassador.  This, and a number of other selections to foreign policy posts, signaled that President Trump would abandon his promises and vote-garnering campaign talk of peaceful coexistence with Russia, a reduction of US presence in the Middle East, and in other hot spots across the globe.

While Haley has been an ardent warmonger from the start, President Trump did not have to select her for the post.  There were other more competent and surely less belligerent candidates available.  More than likely, the choice was probably a nod to his “advisor” daughter Ivanka, to curry favor among feminists.

While President Trump’s pick of Haley was an implicit betrayal of a large segment of his base, his foreign policy actions since becoming chief executive have been an explicit rejection of putting America first which he spoke of at his inaugural.  From escalating tensions with puny North Korea, dropping the mother-of-all-bombs on Afghanistan for no apparent reason, to making multi-billion dollar armament deals with the despots of Saudi Arabia among other troubling endeavors, Trump’s foreign policy is little different than his infamous predecessors.

While it looks like President Trump may have won the war, at least temporary, over the press and the anti-Trump Congressional forces about the fake Russian election involvement, he and his bellicose UN ambassador are now using the same underhanded methods to instigate a conflict to depose President Assad.  While the alternative media rightly showed how the mainstream press and politicos made up and manipulated stories to undermine President Trump, it should now be intellectually honest and call out the president and his UN ambassador for what they are doing in Syria.  In doing so, it may prevent the outbreak of WWIII.

Putin and the big decision بوتين والقرار الكبير

Putin and the big decision

Written by Nasser Kandil,

يوليو 2, 2017

The information exchanged by phone between the Russian Minister Sergei Lavrov and the Secretary of State Rex Tilerson for four times during two days concerning the US threats to Syria reveals that the Russian President Vladimir Putin has notified in the first message the US President Donald Trump that there is no justification for Hamburg Meeting unless Moscow receives what approves the US accusations to Syria and which turned into a threat of a unilateral military strike, he showed Moscow’s readiness upon receiving documented serious information that worth the investigation to accompany US investigators to Syria in a joint delegation with Russian investigators to inspect the places mentioned in the reports and to verify them jointly and taking a unified position. Moscow ensures its readiness to go in this investigation without conditions if Washington committed to that also, if the investigation requires the condemnation of Syria then Moscow will not hesitate, provided that Washington will not hesitate if the matter requires absolving Syria, its president, and its army and the apology from them.

The dull answer of the White House is that there are no documents but intelligence estimates that based on similar comparisons of previous movements, so the Russian message was a warning message, its content is that Russia is present in Syria for non-tourist goals and the military movement with missiles and aircrafts on areas in which the Russian forces are present means insulting them and undermining their prestige and this cannot be tolerated. The Russian-American phone-conversations continued at the level of the two Ministers Lavrov and Tilerson according to the given information till the moment of taking the big decision. The question is what if the US strike occurs on the basis of information gained by Russia about preparations in Daraa for a similar incident to Khan Sheikhoun incident. The decision taken by the President Putin was to notify Washington that any chemical attack after these warnings will be considered as a fabricated action to justify a strike against Syria in order to prevent the progress of its forces at the expense of ISIS. Russia will react and will consider that it was exposed to deliberate aggression and that America is no longer considered a part of the war on ISIS. This means the abolition of the dialogues and the coordination at the presidential level and below, and means the operation of early warning stations to monitor the ballistic missiles and the advanced aircraft in Siberia and linking them with the Russian forces in Syria, and the operation of SS-400 networks in full readiness to counter any strange flying object in the Syrian airspaces.

The announcement of the US Defense Minister was ridiculous about the compliance of Syria with the threat and the end of the danger of using the chemicals. This recalls the eve on which the US fleets came at the era of the former US President Barack Obama and the insistence of the President Putin to give orders to drop the two test missiles launched by the US warships, so the President Obama took the decision to withdraw his fleets searching for a political settlement. Today the Russian deterrent messages come in conjunction with the victories of the Syrian army and its wide progress in the Syrian geography in the north, south, and east, along with the liberation of Mosul and the starting of the countdown for the presence of ISIS, so the Americans will feel the dangers of the failure of their plea, while the Russians will feel the victory of winning of their project.

The Western of Asia which stretches from the Mediterranean Sea towards China proves as geography that Russia has imposed its position as a force that draws the equations not mere a partner of the main player that was represented by America before and after its two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It draws the features of the new world system as the President Putin said one day from the gate of the Syrian war.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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بوتين والقرار الكبير

ناصر قنديل

يوليو 1, 2017

– تكشف المعلومات الخاصة بالرسائل المتبادلة هاتفياً بين وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف والأميركي ريكس تيلرسون لأربع مرات خلال يومين على خلفية التهديدات الأميركية لسورية، بأنّ الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين أبلغ في الرسالة الأولى الرئيس دونالد ترامب أن لا مبرّر للقاء هامبورغ ما لم تتلقّ موسكو ما يؤكد الاتهامات الأميركية لسورية والتي تحوّلت تهديداً بضربة عسكرية أحادية، مبدياً استعداد موسكو في حال تلقي معلومات جدّية موثقة تستحق التحقيق اصطحاب محققين أميركيين إلى سورية ضمن وفد مشترك مع محققين روس لمعاينة الأمكنة الواردة في التقارير والتحقق منها بصورة مشتركة واتخاذ موقف موحّد تؤكد موسكو استعدادها للذهاب إليه بلا شروط إذا التزمت واشنطن بالمثل. فإنْ استدعى إدانة سورية فلن تتردّد موسكو، مقابل ألا تتردّد واشنطن إنْ استدعى الأمر تبرئة سورية ورئيسها وجيشها والاعتذار منهم.

– الجواب الباهت للبيت الأبيض بأن لا وثائق، لكن تقديرات استخبارية مبنية على مقارنات لتشابه تحركات سابقة دفع الأمور سلباً، فكانت الرسالة الروسية تحذيرية، مضمونها أنّ روسيا موجودة في سورية لغير أهداف السياحة وأنّ الحركة العسكرية بصواريخ وطائرات تخدم فيها قوات روسية يعني إهانتها والنيل من مهابتها وهو ما لا يمكن التساهل معه. وتتالت الحوارات الهاتفية الروسية الأميركية على مستوى الوزيرين لافروف وتيلرسون، وفقاً للمعلومات، حتى بلغت لحظة اتخاذ القرار الكبير، والسؤال هو ماذا لو تمّت الضربة الأميركية على خلفية معلومات لدى روسيا عن تحضيرات في درعا لحادثة تشبه خان شيخون؟ فكان القرار الذي اتخذه الرئيس بويتن بإبلاغ واشنطن أنّ أيّ عمل كيميائي بعد هذه التحذيرات سينظر إليه كعمل مفبرك لتبرير ضربة لسورية، منعاً لتقدّم قواتها على حساب داعش، وستتصرّف روسيا على اعتبار أنها تعرّضت لعدوان مقصود، وأنّ أميركا لم تعُد بنظرها جزءاً من الحرب على داعش، وهذا يعني إلغاء لقاءات الحوار والتنسيق من المستوى الرئاسي وما دون، ويعني تشغيل محطات الإنذار المبكر لمراقبة الصواريخ البالستية والطائرات المتطوّرة في سيبيريا وربطه بالقوات الروسية في سورية، وتشغيل شبكات الـ «أس 400» بجهوزية تامة للتصدّي لأيّ جسم طائر غريب في الأجواء السورية.

– جاء إعلان وزير الدفاع الأميركي مثيراً للسخرية عن امتثال سورية للتهديد وزوال خطر استعمال الكيميائي، ليستعيد ليلة مجيء الأساطيل الأميركية في عهد الرئيبس الأميركي السابق باراك أوباما، وإصرار الرئيس بوتين على إصدار الأوامر لإسقاط صاروخين اختباريين أطلقتهما البوارج الأميركية، ليتّخذ الرئيس أوباما قرار العودة بأساطيله طالباً البحث عن تسوية سياسية. واليوم تأتي رسائل الردع الروسية بالتزامن مع انتصارات الجيش السوري وتقدّمه الواسع في الجغرافيا السورية شمالاً وجنوباً وشرقاً، ومع تحرير الموصل وبدء العدّ التنازلي لوجود داعش، ليستشعر الأميركيون مخاطر زوال ذريعتهم ويشعر الروس بانتصار مشروعهم.

– غرب آسيا الممتدّ من البحر المتوسط وصولاً إلى الصين يثبت كجغرافيا فرضت روسيا موقعها فيها كقوة ترسم المعادلات، وليست كشريك للاعب الرئيسي الذي كانت تمثله أميركا قبل حربيها في العراق وأفغانستان وبعدهما، لترتسم معالم النظام العالمي الجديد، كما قال الرئيس بوتين ذات يوم، من بوابة الحرب السورية.- تكشف المعلومات الخاصة بالرسائل المتبادلة هاتفياً بين وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف والأميركي ريكس تيلرسون لأربع مرات خلال يومين على خلفية التهديدات الأميركية لسورية، بأنّ الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين أبلغ في الرسالة الأولى الرئيس دونالد ترامب أن لا مبرّر للقاء هامبورغ ما لم تتلقّ موسكو ما يؤكد الاتهامات الأميركية لسورية والتي تحوّلت تهديداً بضربة عسكرية أحادية، مبدياً استعداد موسكو في حال تلقي معلومات جدّية موثقة تستحق التحقيق اصطحاب محققين أميركيين إلى سورية ضمن وفد مشترك مع محققين روس لمعاينة الأمكنة الواردة في التقارير والتحقق منها بصورة مشتركة واتخاذ موقف موحّد تؤكد موسكو استعدادها للذهاب إليه بلا شروط إذا التزمت واشنطن بالمثل. فإنْ استدعى إدانة سورية فلن تتردّد موسكو، مقابل ألا تتردّد واشنطن إنْ استدعى الأمر تبرئة سورية ورئيسها وجيشها والاعتذار منهم.

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