Lebanon’s political showdown… will it be confined to electoral competition?

Jan 09 2022

Source: Al Mayadeen Net

By Al Mayadeen Net

After the Lebanese Forces Party announced general “electoral rallying”, a multitude of questions arise on why its discourse is in harmony with the Saudi mobilization and US embargo against Lebanon.

The confrontation comes out by escalating the internal and regional fronts

The Lebanese Forces Party (LF) in Lebanon announced general “electoral mobilization” on Saturday amid attempts to finalize control over constitutional institutions and escalate the political confrontation.
The confrontation itself would take place by escalating the internal and regional fronts, which raises questions on whether Lebanon’s crisis is limited only to economic and social issues. 

Some factions are attempting to portray Lebanon’s electoral battle as a critical juncture. The LF’s announcement of general “electoral mobilization” is understandable as far as electoral races go, but the timing, the tools, and the discourse itself raise a multitude of questions. Why is their campaign primarily based on mobilizing people against Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and throwing accusations against them? And why are these voices pushing toward further tension, division, and incitement?

It is under these circumstances that a call for national dialogue was launched from the presidential palace in Baabda by Lebanese President Michel Aoun in order to agree on three issues and work on their application in government institutions: administrative and financial decentralization, a defense strategy to protect Lebanon, and a financial and economic recovery plan.

The invitation was met with an apology by former PM Saad Hariri, whereas PM Najib Mikati told Aoun that now is not the time to hold a dialogue.

Saoud: Likely that Geagea would attempt to start security issues

In this context, journalist Ghassan Saoud stressed to Al Mayadeen that the campaign against Hezbollah and the President is derived from their renowned position regarding the “deal of the century” and the naturalization of refugees, adding that the one responsible for the crisis is the one that prevented Lebanon’s oil from being extracted: the United States.

Saoud also considered that it was the US’ policies that forced the Lebanese into migration. 
The Lebanese journalist also noted that the US axis was the one behind the displacement of Iraq’s Christians, whereas the Resistance axis protected Syria’s Christians against ISIS. He considered that whoever wishes to speak about sovereignty should go to extract oil from the sea [meaning in defiance of US interference], emphasizing that the real sovereign is the one that stands against all foreign parties interfering in Lebanon.

He clarified that it is likely that LF Executive Chairman Samir Geagea would resort to inciting security issues

Saad: Everyone counting on the upcoming elections

For his part, Professor of International Law Antoine Saad said that Lebanon has lost the makings of a state, and everyone is counting on the next elections, adding that there is a will to do away with the bankruptcy that has plagued all the elements of state-building.

He highlighted that Lebanon currently has no sovereign authority at its land, naval, and aerial borders.

Bazzi: The Lebanese Forces is the only party receiving a monthly payment from Saudi Arabia

Political affairs expert, Wassim Bazzi, saw that the concept of mobilization is usually employed in wars and considered that Geagea is fighting an electoral battle with a military legacy, stressing that the LF chief is the Saudi spearhead in the upcoming electoral project.

Bazzi also said that the Resistance’s weapons were the only means by which Lebanon’s presence and national pride were restored, further clarifying that the LF is the only party that is receiving monthly payments from Saudi Arabia.

Lebanese Forces Executive Chairman Samir Geagea had announced yesterday his party’s complete general mobilization for the electoral battle, calling on turning all of his party’s institutions into electoral centers that would serve the party in the upcoming elections.

The Lebanese Presidency had announced a week ago that President Michel Aoun signed a decree to hold the elections in May 2022.

Hezbollah MP Hits back at Geagea, Says Feels ‘Pity’ for Him

December 1, 2021

Member of Hezbollah’s Loyalty to Resistance bloc MP Ibrahim Mousawi hit back at accusations made by Head of Lebanese Forces party Samir Geagea that Hezbollah is seeking to delay parliamentary elections.

In a statement late Tuesday, MP Mousawi stressed that Hezbollah’s stance towards date of elections in Lebanon is clear and doubtless, noting that any accusation in this regard is fabricated and baseless.

“Such claims aim at instigation and elector mobilization in a bid to gain more votes,” MP Mousawi said in remarks carried by Al-Manar.

“Hezbollah, who has set his strategy based on great national and solid principles, sees in the election a chance for the Lebanese people to renew the political life and to freely choose their representatives at the Parliament as part of the democratic system ensured by the Constitution,” the Lebanese lawmaker stated.

“On the contrary, others’ policies don’t adopt national and solid principles, and deal temporarily with the issues and according to their interests. Those wait for the elections, hoping to turn the tables,” Mousawi said, stressing that those will “sooner or later discover that they are deluded.”

“We feel pity for those people, as we pray for them to be on the right way in order to preserve our country from collapse,” the Hezbollah MP concluded his statement.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

Saudi Arabia Started Its Aggression against Lebanon; Twisting Hezbollah’s Arm is Impossible – Deputy SG

Nov 4, 2021

Saudi Arabia Started Its Aggression against Lebanon; Twisting Hezbollah’s Arm is Impossible - Deputy SG

By Staff

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem asserted that Saudi Arabia is disturbed because it couldn’t dominate the political decision in Lebanon despite the cash it had spent on its allies in Lebanon, pointing out that Saudi Arabia couldn’t put up with its casualties in the region, so its aggression on Lebanon was just a reaction, and that is one of the reasons behind the current crisis in Lebanon.

Sheikh Qassem asserted that the timing of the Saudi aggression on Lebanon is linked to Marib and Riyadh’s terrible loss in Yemen, so that it’s trying to divert attention from the battles there by exercising pressure on Lebanon.

The Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General said that Riyadh should apologize for its unjustified aggression on Lebanon, noting that the kingdom is not doing the right thing because nobody can twist the arm of Hezbollah and the Lebanese people.

“Lebanon is not a scapegoat and it’s challenging Saudi Arabia as an independent country. We won’t accept Saudi Arabia’s interference in the government after all the achievements it has accomplished,” Sheikh Qassem added.

His Eminence also said, “We will not surrender or give up on our dignity to please Saudi Arabia, even if it had practiced aggression on us, and we don’t hold responsibility for anything that happened”, pointing out that “Saudi Arabia might continue its aggression against Lebanon, as it doesn’t have any disciplines. It wants to take revenge, and it has to apologize. If it wants to continue its aggression, it will have more casualties.”

Regarding the Tayouneh Massacre, Sheikh Qassem said that “the US couldn’t achieve its goals in Lebanon despite all its attempts, and it had tried with all the possible means to turn the Lebanese public on Hezbollah but it couldn’t make it.”

He asserted that the discord that was sought in Tayyouneh massacre is an American-Saudi act executed by the Lebanese Forces party, but Hezbollah and Amal Movement have aborted it for the sake of Lebanon, pointing out that the Lebanese Forces is the sole party that receives allocations from Saudi Arabia, and the Americans have tried to integrate the Lebanese Forces members into the “NGO” groups to enhance their image.

Sheikh Qassem also talked about the maritime borders, saying that the Lebanese government is the one who says where our borders are, and Hezbollah doesn’t interfere in that, adding that “we are waiting for the government to finish the demarcation process and the disputed areas.”

He also stressed that “If the government says that the “Israeli” enemy is assaulting a disputed area, we, as a resistance, will do our duty.”

Regarding the relationship with Syria, Sheikh Qassem noted that the relationship between Hezbollah and Syria is very good, especially with Bashar al-Assad as a president, and the relations with the Syrian Arab Army is very good as well, adding that such relations are unshakable, and that there is a high level of coordination on the mutual ties.

He said that the Hezbollah-Syrian relationship is one that became deep by blood, resistance, and liberation, and that such relationship was never this good in any past period.

His Eminence also said that “many of our Resistance fighters have come back to Lebanon, and the number of fighters that stayed there is related to the situation on the ground”, asserting that “we are ready for any larger or lower presence there depending on the developments.”

الثقب الأسود في ذاكرة الحاسوب السعودي

نوفمبر 2 2021

 ناصر قنديل

حسناً فعل وزير الخارجية السعودي فيصل بن فرحان بالكشف عن الأسباب الحقيقية للخطوة السعودية التصعيدية ضد لبنان، لنقل النقاش من المكان السخيف الذي وضعه البعض فيه في الأيام الأولى إلى السياسة، أي حيث هو فعلاً، وحيث يجب أن يكون، فالقضية ليست قضية تصريح وزير الإعلام، بل قضية موقف الدولة ومؤسساتها من حزب الله، باعتبار أنه وفقاً للوزير السعودي، يكفي أن لا تقوم الدولة بإعلان الحرب على حزب الله ليستنتج بأن حزب الله يهيمن على الدولة، ومفهوم ألا يستطيع الوزير أن يتخيل للبنان مصلحة بحجم استرضاء السعودية، وصندوق مالها، وهو في أزمة خطيرة، وعلى شفا انهيار شامل، والثمن لفتح صندوق المال أمامه هو مواجهة حزب الله، فماذا تنتظرون إن لم يكن حزب الله مهميناً عليكم، هكذا ببساطة هي النظرية السعودية، وهي بجوهرها تقول إنه ما دامت الدولة اللبنانية تتلكأ في القيام بالمهمة فقد قررت السعودية معاقبة لبنان وصولاً لإسقاطه، حتى يرضخ ويلبي الطلب.

ليس موضوعنا مناقشة تهافت نظرية هيمنة حزب الله على دولة، صاحب القرار المالي فيها حاكم المصرف المركزي صديق الرياض وواشنطن وصاحب القرار الأمني فيها مدير عام قوى الأمن الداخلي وفرع المعلومات، وصاحب القرار العسكري فيها قائد الجيش، وكلهم أصدقاء للرياض وواشنطن، وحزب الله يخوض مواجهة مع مسار قضائي ويعجز قضائياً وحكومياً، حيث يفترض أنه الحاكم، ووفقاً لوصف رئيس حزب القوات اللبنانية، أن حزب الله وصل إلى طريق مسدود قضائياً وحكومياً، ونعم الهيمنة إذا كانت كذلك، لكن بعيداً من هذا التهافت، السؤال هو هل أن المواجهة مع حزب الله هي أمر جديد يحدث الآن من دون تاريخ ومن دون ذاكرة، حتى ندخل في تحليل الفرضيات ونتساءل عن المسارات؟

في اجتماع وزراء المالية لدول قمة العشرين، في كانون الثاني 2020 وقف وزير المالية الفرنسية برونو لومير كاشفاً أن ما يتعرض له لبنان هو خطر انهيار مالي اقتصادي، داعياً إلى عدم استسهال دفع لبنان نحو السقوط لأن النتائج ستكون أشد قسوة من مساعدة لبنان على التعافي، مطالباً واشنطن والرياض بفك الارتباط بين مساعي مساعدة لبنان على التعافي، ومعاركهما مع طهران وحزب الله، وأسقط بيد فرنسا يومها وانضمت صاغرة إلى الصف الأميركي السعودي في الدفاع عن سياسة الإسقاط، تحت شعار، فليسقط لبنان على رأس حزب الله، وعندما وقع انفجار مرفأ بيروت أعادت فرنسا الكرة بمبادرة الرئيس إيمانويل ماكرون، لإقناع شريكيها السعودي والأميركي بنظرية فك الاشتباك وفشلت على مدار سنة ونيف، حتى اختبر الأميركي منهج التصعيد ومحاذيره ومخاطره، عندما أطلق حزب الله مسار سفن كسر الحصار، واستدار الأميركي تفادياً للتصعيد، وقرر الإفراج عن فرص لبنان بتشكيل الحكومة، وقرر الانتقال إلى منافسة حزب الله في تخفيف حدة الأزمة، فاستثنى استجرار الغاز المصري والكهرباء الأردنية عبر سورية من عقوبات قانون قيصر، وبقيت السعودية وحدها ترفض فك الاشتباك، تواكب النصف الثاني من السياسة الأميركية القائم على محاصرة حزب الله تحت سقف عدم الدفع بالأمور نحو الانفجار، كحال المسار القضائي للقاضي بيطار، والاشتغال لتحضير صيغ مناسبة للتأثير في مسار الانتخابات المقبلة، لكنها تستثمر على ما تعتقد أنه تعبير عن خيار المواجهة المفتوحة، وهذا هو مكان الرهان على حزب القوات اللبنانية، الذي فشل في تقديم ما كان يتوقعه منه السعوديون قبل أن يقرروا الدخول مباشرة على الخط، والسؤال هنا، أي ثقب أسود في ذاكرة الحاسوب السعودي لتراهن على أن تحقق منفردة ما عجزت عن تحقيقه وهي شريك في حلف تقوده واشنطن ويضم باريس معهما، وكيف ستتمكن من المضي بمواجهتها من دون أن تصطدم بالسقوف الأميركية الفرنسية للحفاظ على الحكومة وعلى الاستقرار من خلالها، بعدما كانت طليقة اليدين في الماضي ومعها كل زخم الشراكات الكبرى وفشلت؟

بعد عام 2006 وحرب تموز، التي لم تخف السعودية تغطيتها بشعار، مغامرون سيدفعون ثمن مغامرتهم، في توصيفها لحزب الله، لم تسلم السعودية بأن خسارة الحرب نهاية المطاف، فدفعت بالتناقضات اللبنانية التي كانت تتحكم بإدارتها عبر سيطرتها على حكومة الرئيس فؤاد السنيورة، نحو خطوات متسارعة للمواجهة، بدأت بتفجير الحكومة، مع إحراج وزراء ثنائي حركة أمل وحزب الله لإخراجهم، ثم استصدار قرارات عن الحكومة تترجم ما تريده السعودية من حكومة الرئيس نجيب ميقاتي اليوم، وهي تنسى أن هذا حصل سابقاً، واستجابت حكومة السنيورة التي قررت تفكيك شبكة الاتصالات العائدة للمقاومة في 5 أيار 2008، واتصل الملك السعودي بالحكومة متحدثاً مع أعضائها فرداً فرداً شاحذاً هممهم للمواجهة مؤكداً دعم السعودية لهم، وكانت أميركا والغرب كله مع الموقف السعودي، ويومها كانت العلاقات السعودية -السورية مقطوعة بالمناسبة، على خلفية الغضب السعودي من معادلة الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد في توصيف مواقف الحكام العرب من الحرب بأشباه الرجال، ولم تكن هناك حرب تغرق فيها السعودية كحرب اليمن اليوم، وتورطت أحزاب بتمويل سعودي لتنظيم مواجهة مسلحة مع حزب الله، فماذا كانت النتيجة، الفشل ثم الفشل، والانتقال لأول مرة إلى الدوحة بدلاً من الطائف أو الرياض لتحقيق المصالحة، واضطرار السعودية بعدها لمصالحة سورية، وإرسال الرئيس سعد الحريري إليها، ليعتذر عن اتهامها بقتل والده، فأي ثقب أسود في ذاكرة الحاسوب السعودي لتراهن أن دعوتها اليوم ستلقى أذناً تسمعها، ولسان حال الحكومة من جرب المجرب كان عقله مخرب، وقد تمت التجربة في ظروف أفضل بكثير وانتهت بالفشل الذريع، فكيف لعاقل أن يتوقع لها النجاح في ظروف زادت سوءاً وتعقيداً؟

الثقوب السوداء كثيرة، لكن ثمة ثقوباً بدأت تصيب الحملة السعودية، فسقف أميركي لحماية الاستقرار من جنون قد يتسبب بنتائج كارثية، كانت إشاراتها الأولى كافية لاستدارة الأميركي إلى منتصف الطريق، والأميركي يقول اليوم إنه لن يتدخل بالخلاف واضعاً الحكومتين اللبنانية والسعودية على مسافة واحدة، مؤكداً تمسكه بالاستقرار وبالحكومة اللبنانية بخطوط حمراء أمام المغامرة السعودية، فتبدأ وساطة قطرية، وأخرى فرنسية، وقد تورط السعوديون في مغامرة رسمها لهم بوم شؤم، والمثل يقول الحق البوم يدلك على الخراب!

Hezbollah Cementing Lebanon’s Deterrence against Enemies: 100k Fighters Announcement Based on Solid Facts


Hezbollah Cementing Lebanon’s Deterrence against Enemies: 100k Fighters Announcement Based on Solid Facts

By Mohammad Youssef

Hezbollah Secretary General last speech about Tayyouneh bloody ambush by Samir Geagea’s criminal militia has continued to send resounding messages in Lebanon and all over the region, and especially within the ranks of the ‘Israeli’ enemy in occupied Palestine.

The content of the speech was very direct in accusing Geagea militia, which is formally called the ‘Lebanese Forces’ party, of being responsible for the bloody massacre they perpetrated against the civilian protesters passing through the area.

The speech has equally exposed the head of this criminal militia Samir Geagea and his long history of war crimes, assassinations, massacres, and aggression against the Lebanese people.

It also exposed his mindset and sick mentality which is always preoccupied and obsessed with violence, power thirst and bloodshed.

The speech exposed the history of this militia and its real agenda of partitioning the country and turning it into closed antagonistic cantons fighting against each other throughout a civil war.

Sayyed Nasrallah made it very clear that the Resistance will never be dragged into this war, and announced for the first time that this Resistance has 100000 fighters who are ready to defend Lebanon and the Lebanese people.

This announcement was the center of interest and deeply examined by many parties inside and outside Lebanon.

Although Sayyed Nasrallah was very clear in explaining that the fighters are to secure a guarantee of protection and safety for Lebanon and the Lebanese, against any inside or outside threat, some of the ill-intentioned tried to use his announcement as an example about Hezbollah threat to the Lebanese.

But aside from the internal Lebanese affairs, the message was read carefully in the circles of the ‘Israeli’ enemy; the ‘Israeli’ media outlets and military research centers had intensive focus on this announcement.

The enemy knows for a fact that Sayyed Nasrallah’s announcement about the resistance’s 100,000 trained and fully-equipped fighters is neither a media joke nor a propaganda. And even if it is part of a psychological war against the enemy, it is built on solid facts.

Thus, it will definitely act as a further deterrence against any ‘Israeli’ aggression and will solidify the Lebanese equation of protection and safety, furthermore, it will send a strong Lebanese message to the ‘Israelis’ that they cannot dig and extract gas and oil from the Lebanese territories and properties in land and sea without taking into account that Lebanon is capable of defending its resources.

This is a very important message at this time as the negotiations over the issue are taking place.

By doing this, Hezbollah is cementing the Lebanese points of strength and showing friends and enemies that Lebanon is not weak or pressured to accept any dictation from outside countries especially the US.

Additionally, this message would definitely help insure the security and protection of the strategic Lebanese natural resources not only for now but also for the coming generations.

In all, the speech has been successfully able to bring more immune stability into the Lebanese fragile political and economic system at a time when it needed it the most! This opens a window of hope and optimism amid all the catastrophic factors surrounding the country and its people from all sides and on all levels!

Geagea Summoned by Military Court over Tayouneh Ambush, Refuses to Testify

October 22, 2021

Samir Geagea

Head of Lebanese Forces militia Samir Geagea was summoned by Lebanon’s military court for questioning over the deadly ambush which killed seven civilians earlier last week in Tayouneh.

Both Reuters news agency and local media reported the move late Thursday, noting that it was based on confessions made by militants who were arrested on the day of the deadly shooting.

“The government commissioner to the military court Judge Fadi Akiki gave a signal to listen to the testimony of the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, in the Tayouneh file,” Reuters news agency quoted informed sources as saying.

“Confessions made by the detainees in this file… Judge Akiki’s reference requires that Geagea be heard before him in the military court,” the sources added.

Commenting on the summoning, Geagea said he has not yet received a request to listen to his statement, but noted that if this happens he will not appear before the Military Court if Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is not also summoned.

“The commissioner should listen first to Sayyed Nasrallah,” he said in an interview with MTV local channel.

The head of the notorious militia who committed massacres during the 15-year civil war claimed that his party “has a license,” while Hezbollah has not, without referring to the deadly shooting in this regard.

On October 14, seven Lebanese civilians were martyred as Lebanese Forces (LF) militants and snipers opened fire at peaceful demonstrators protesting against politicization of investigation into last year’s powerful Beirut Port blast.

Among the victims were a passerby and a woman who were shot in their heads by (LF) snipers.

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah lashed out at the LF, saying that its project is to ignite a civil war in the country. In a speech on Monday (October 18), Sayyed Nasrallah hit back at Geagea threat that the LF has 15,000 militants, warning him against miscalculation with the powerful Lebanese Resistance movement.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

Beirut Shootings: How Western Media Manipulation Hides the Murky Hand of US Imperialism

See the source image

Posted by INTERNATIONALIST 360° on 

Steve Sweeney

The attack bore all the hallmarks of a US-backed intervention, and it doesn’t take much digging to find the links between the murky hand of Washington and the dark forces behind the bloodshed on the streets and a cover-up by a compliant western media.

Last week’s killing of seven people in the Lebanese capital Beirut, widely believed to be carried out by a far-right Christian fascist militia, is a worrying sign that the US wants to provoke a new civil war to destabilize the country in a change in its Middle East strategy.

The attack bore all the hallmarks of a US-backed intervention, and it doesn’t take much digging to find the links between the murky hand of Washington and the dark forces behind the bloodshed on the streets and a cover-up by a compliant western media.

Supporters of the Shi’ite Amal and Hezbollah movements were fired upon as they made their way to the Palace of Justice for a peaceful demonstration against what they perceive as the politicization of a probe into last year’s devastating port explosion.

The judge heading up the investigations, Tarek Bitar, is being directed by the US Embassy they claim, accusing him of unfairly and disproportionately targeting their allies while ignoring those close to Washington.

They may have a point. But the debate over the fairness and transparency of the judicial report is a side issue to the events that took place in the Tayouneh district of Beirut last week.

A peaceful march that had been approved by the authorities was fired upon by snipers placed on buildings along its route. It was an ambush by US-backed fascists who are hell-bent on plunging Lebanon into chaos.

None of the seven people killed in the protest were armed. Among the dead was Meryem Farhat, a mother shot through the head as she was getting ready to collect her child from kindergarten. Delivery driver Ali Ibrahim was also killed by sniper fire.

Not that you would know any of this judging by how the incident was reported by the western press. Readers would be forgiven for thinking that it was a Hezbollah march that turned violent, with the movement seemingly responsible for the deaths of its own supporters.

Liberal British mouthpiece The Guardian explained to its readers: “The trigger for the clashes in neighborhoods near the justice courts, which left dozens more injured, was a protest by members of Amal and Hezbollah, two predominantly Shia political parties, against a judicial probe into the massive blast in the port last year.”

“…eyewitnesses said they heard at least two explosions near the site where a protest was supposed to be held by Iran-backed Shia militia Hezbollah against a judge who is investigating last year’s devastating blast at Beirut’s port. Thursday’s shootings mark the deadliest civil violence in Beirut since 2008,” reported the part Saudi-owned Independent.

It concluded in carefully chosen language: “The heavily armed Hezbollah has accused Mr. Bitar of conducting a politicized probe.”

The Independent failed to mention the Lebanese Forces at all. Instead, it opted to make vague references to ‘unidentified gunmen.’ The Guardian mentioned their name once, but only to say that Hezbollah ‘claimed’ to have been shot at by the Christian militia.

The rest of the article followed a similar pattern to that of The Independent, containing snippets such as ‘chants of “Shia, Shia, Shia’ were heard on the streets.

“Large numbers of men brandishing weapons took to the streets throughout the day, and gun trucks flying Hezbollah and Amal flags paraded through the Bekaa Valley in a show of strength not seen since Hezbollah overran west Beirut in May 2008…” it added, failing to mention that Bekaa is nowhere near the Lebanese capital. This was the crowning glory of The Guardian hatchet job, evoking images of violent Muslims seeking to overthrow Lebanon, no doubt to impose an Islamist caliphate.

France 24 went with: “Last week, Hezbollah led a protest to demand his dismissal. It sparked a gun battle in the heart of Beirut that left seven people dead and reignited fears of new sectarian violence.”

It continued with a paragraph about “hostage diplomacy and what it means for those imprisoned by Tehran” in an exceptionally tenuous attempt to link the shootings to Iran.

That they let the Lebanese Forces, a US-backed right-wing militia led by a war criminal, off the hook is no mere accident.

Nor is the reporting down to lazy journalism. This would be to deny the role of the media as a propaganda tool used and manipulated by western imperialism to manufacture a consensus among the public.

That is that Hezbollah and Amal are the bad guys and it is up to the west, always the good guys in any situation, to step in and save the people of Lebanon from their evil clutches.

The use of descriptions such as ‘Iran-backed Shia militia Hezbollah’ is a not particularly subtle, but deliberate attempt to paint the movement – which is a legitimate political force with representatives in the Lebanese parliament – as a foreign-controlled entity.

The irony of this is, that it is, in fact, the very group responsible for the attack that is in hock to external forces, namely the US, “Israel” and Saudi Arabia who see the Lebanese Forces as its proxy inside the country.

It is perhaps best known in the west for its role in the brutal massacre of thousands of Palestinian men, women, and children on behalf of “Israel” at the Sabra and Chatila camps during the Lebanese civil war.

I visited the camps and met survivors of the three-day pogrom in Beirut earlier this year and they described how the Christian militia raped and executed more than three thousand defenseless people, as the camps were surrounded by Israeli soldiers.

The leader of the Lebanese Forces, Samir Geagea, has been convicted of war crimes, sentenced to life in prison for ordering four political assassinations, including that of former prime minister Rashid Karami in 1988.

For many, he will always be associated with the massacre of scores of people, including the bombing of Sayidat al-Najat church in Jounieh killing 10 people and wounding 54, with Christians also targeted by the bloodthirsty Geagea.

But he was released under an amnesty in 2005 following Lebanon’s so-called Cedar Revolution which took place after the assassination of prime minister Rafik Hariri, the perpetrators of which have never been brought to justice.

Geagea’s propulsion into the limelight once more comes with the US suffering a series of defeats across the Middle East, including its humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan and its failure to dislodge Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

His reelection in May has led many Arab and European nations to restore diplomatic relations with Damascus, with border crossings reopening along with the return of ambassadors and consulates as they recognize political reality.

But Assad could not have held on to power without the explicit support of the Syrian people. No leader could have withstood the pressure exerted on him without it.

Not only has he defeated Washington’s regime-change operations – he has come out the other side stronger, having faced down five US presidents; Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and now Joe Biden.

The US now appears to be strengthening its relations with Kurds in the north of the country once more where its soldiers are based as an occupying force. The Biden administration recently announced there would be no troop withdrawal, reassuring Kurdish officials after the debacle in Afghanistan.

Despite Assad’s plans for decentralization announced in April, the Kurdish administration there is pursuing a policy that seeks political recognition from the US. It is a move that has alienated many of its supporters and undermines its dismissal of claims it acts as a “proxy force” in the region.

Having lost the military and now the political war on Syria, it seems logical that the US would change its strategy to foment further instability in Lebanon, with a return to civil war only serving to benefit Washington and Tel Aviv as they hope for the sectarian division of the country.

The hands of the US were all over the Tayouneh attack, which came straight out of the Washington/CIA copybook, mirroring its interventions and use of proxy forces to oust governments or prop up its client states in Latin America and across the world.

Geagea’s militia – many of whom have been trained by “Israel” – would be an obvious choice for the US given his previous overtures to Washington, confirmed in a 2008 Wikileaks cable.

He claimed that the Lebanese Forces had as many as 10,000 well-trained soldiers, telling the US embassy: “We can fight against Hezbollah. We just need your support to get arms for these fighters.”

But, speaking in a public address on Monday, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah explained that the Shi’ite movement commands a 100,000 fighters-strong military structure, dwarfing that of the Lebanese Forces. The difference between the two, he pointed out, is that Hezbollah’s forces protect the Lebanese people.

It may be enough to concentrate the minds of the more pragmatic US officials, but the links between Washington and the Lebanese Forces run much deeper than that of Geagea who, despite his delusions of grandeur, remains a marginal figure and is unlikely to be trusted with a leading political role.

Walid Phares, a former leading light in the Lebanese Forces, now acts as a national security advisor and consultant on Middle Eastern politics in the US. Fleeing the country in 1990, he went on to advise the presidential election campaigns of Mitt Romney and then Donald Trump.

During the Lebanese Civil War, Phares told Christian militiamen that they were the vanguard of a war between the West and Islam. He justified the fight against Muslims by saying “we must have our own country, our own state, our own entity, and we have to be separate.”

Despite his peddling of far-right, Islamophobic conspiracy theories, he has rebranded himself as an academic and has testified to international bodies including the European Parliament and UN Security Council on international security matters and the Middle East.

He does not appear to have held any official government post, but his closeness to a former president and his movement in elite circles is clearly a cause for alarm.

The links do not end there. Soon after the shootings, journalist Hosein Mortada claimed to have identified one of the snipers as Shukri Abu Saab – who he said works as a security official at the US embassy.

Perhaps unsurprisingly there has been a blanket media silence over the revelations, while the embassy itself has not responded to the allegations, raising suspicions further.

US ambassador Dorothy Shea has long been accused of using the embassy as an outpost for the imperialist carve-up of Lebanon and opening the country up to the mercy of the World Bank and the IMF.

It may be passed off as a mere coincidence that under secretary of state Victoria Nuland was in the Lebanese capital at the time the ambush took place, pledging an additional $67 million to the country’s armed forces as she demanded economic reform and the need to hold elections as a prerequisite for continued US support.

It also may be a mere coincidence that the Lebanese army changed its narrative of events soon after the US cash boost to appear to blame Hezbollah for its own supporters being shot at. This is despite footage circulating that appears to show a Lebanese soldier shooting at protesters.

But the attempts to destabilize Lebanon came soon after the formation of a new government, ending 13-months of political deadlock, along with the US failure to disarm Hezbollah despite sanctions and other external pressure.

The US is also angered after Hezbollah smashed sanctions imposed by Washington on Iran and Syria, by importing oil to alleviate Lebanon’s fuel crisis. This slap in the face for imperialism was a humiliating defeat, breaking the siege of Lebanon with ease and at the same time rendering the restrictive measures meaningless.

It also exposed the declining power of the US on a global stage, with the dollar at risk of losing its position as the world currency and with it Washington’s ability to control global financial markets.

Solidarity among nations has proved vital in defeating the US, and it is solidarity among the Lebanese people that will help the country rise up once more and consign the likes of Geagea and the Lebanese Forces along with all those who seek to destroy Lebanon to the dustbin of history.

Lebanese Military Court Summons ’LF’ Leader over Tayyouneh Massacre 


Lebanese Military Court Summons ’LF’ Leader over Tayyouneh Massacre 

By Staff, Agencies 

Lebanon’s military court summoned Thursday the Leader of the Lebanese Forces [LF] political party Samir Geagea, over the slaughtering of seven civilians in Beirut last week.

Lebanese media outlets on Thursday reported that the court summoned Geagea to hear his testimony on the October 14 violence in light of the confessions of those detained over the massacre that was committed in Tayyouneh area, a region close to Beirut’s southern suburb.

At least seven people were martyred and 60 others injured in an attack on October 14, during which Hezbollah and Amal Movement supporters were shot from rooftops while they were gathering to peacefully protest against a judge investigating last year’s Beirut Port explosion as they accused him of bias.

In a statement, Hezbollah and Amal Movement said armed groups affiliated with the LF party, a former militia group during the 1975-1990 civil war, fired at the protesters from rooftops, aiming at their heads, in an attempt to drag Lebanon into new sectarian strife.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Monday said that “the  Lebanese Forces’ true agenda for Lebanon is civil war.”

He further added: “The biggest existential threat to the Christians in Lebanon and the security of the Christian community is the Lebanese Forces party.”

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This is Hezbollah!

 October 19, 2021

Hezbollah fighter Saidnaya

This image shows a Hezbollah fighter saluting the Statue of Jesus in the Syrian town of Saidnaya. The picture was taken in 2017, when Hezbollah fighters were engaged in fierce clashes aimed at cleansing Syria from Takfiri terrorists.

It was said that this fighter was martyred several months after this photo was captured.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on Monday (October 18, 2021) lashed out at Lebanese Forces party and its leader for portraying the Lebanese Resistance movement as an enemy and a threat to the Christians.

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah has been for years defending the people in Lebanon and Syria, including the Christians, citing fierce battles with Takfiri terrorists in the two countries.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

واشنطن ونصرالله: حرب بالنقاط لا الضربة القاضية ترسيم الحدود البحرية والغاز والنفط ساحة المنازلة

  ناصر قنديل

عندما يكون الصراع على زعامة أميركا للعالم من الطبيعي أن يكون القطب المقابل في الصراع كلاً من روسيا والصين، وعندما يتحوّل الصراع إلى عنوان مستقبل الهيمنة الأميركية على آسيا من الطبيعي أن تبرز إيران كقطب مقابل، لكن عندما تقرر واشنطن الانسحاب من المنطقة وتتعثر بعقدة الأمن الإسرائيلي، وتتركز عندها كل خيوط الحركة الأميركية في آسيا واستطراداً بوجه روسيا والصين، يتحول التجاذب إلى قطبين متقابلين، واشنطن في ضفة ويقف حزب الله على الضفة المقابلة، بصفته القوة الممسكة بالتهديد الأكبر على أمن “إسرائيل”، ويتعقد كل المشهد الإقليمي والدولي عند هذه النقطة، وتصير كل قراءة سياسية مدعوة للتوقف أمام المفردات التي يتشكل منها مشهد التجاذب والصراع بين واشنطن وحزب الله، وتصر التفاصيل اللبنانية التي لا تقدم ولا تؤخر في الحسابات الدولية، ذات أهمية استثنائية في هذه الحسابات، فتقرر واشنطن تجميد مفاعيل قانون قيصر للعقوبات على سورية، لتسجيل نقطة في السباق التنافسي الذي أطلقه حزب الله مع سفن كسر الحصار.

ينطلق الفريقان في هذا الصراع من مسلمة استحالة حسمه بالضربة القاضية خصوصاً من الجانب الأميركي، طالما أن حزب الله لا يتطلع إلى الضربة القاضية في المواجهة مع السياسات الأميركية ولا يزعم قدرته على ذلك، لكن المهم أن واشنطن كقوة عاملية عظمى تلاقي الحزب على التسليم بنتيجة مشابهة في ما يخص مواجهتها معه، فكثيرة هي الدراسات والتحليلات التي تتحدث عن استحالة إلحاق هزيمة ساحقة بالحزب، سواء عبر الحرب أو عبر المسارات البديلة، لحروب جانبية، فسقف الرهان الأميركي على تجييش اللبنانيين بنتيجة الدفع نحو الانهيار الاقتصادي هو إضعاف الحليف المسيحي لحزب الله الذي يمثله التيار الوطني الحر في الانتخابات النيابية كما قال جيفري فيلتمان في قراءته لانتفاضة 17 تشرين التي تحولت إلى برنامج عمل أميركي منذ ذلك التاريخ، والرهان الذي ترجمه الاعتماد على تشكيلات المجتمع المدني وحزبي الكتائب والقوات اللبنانية للاستثمار بهذا الاتجاه، وهو ما يسميه حزب القوات بنقل الغالبية النيابية من ضفة إلى ضفة، وهذا إن حصل لا يغير كثيراً في التوازنات الحاكمة، فالكل يعترف أن أكبر إنجازات حزب الله في فرض إرادته في مؤسسات الدولة كان الفوز بالمجيء بالعماد ميشال عون رئيساً للجمهورية، وهذا حدث عندما كانت الغالبية النيابية عند حلف مناوئ لحزب الله.

الحدثان الكبيران المحيطان بالتجاذبات اللبنانية الداخلية لا يصلح أي منهما لتشكيل المنصة التي سيظهر عليها حاصل التوازنات المتنازع على ترسميها بالنقاط، بعد التسليم بسقوط فرضية الضربة القاضية، فقضية التحقيق التي يقودها المحقق العدلي قاضي بيطار وتشكل محور اشتباك كبير بين واشنطن وحزب الله، واستحضار مخاطرة دفع البلد نحو الحرب الأهلية، التي أطلت بقرنيها من بوابة مجزرة الطيونة، منصتان خطيرتان لكنهما لا تصلان إلى حد تمثيل إحداهما المنصة الرئيسية لتسييل التوازنات، فالذي يعرفه الأميركيون أن سقف كل من هاتين المنصتين مشاغلة حزب الله، من دون القدرة على فرض أي تنازلات عليه، والتحقيق القضائي لو بلغ ذروته بتوجيه الاتهام لحزب الله، وهو أمر إشكالي كبير يبطل كل منهج القاضي القائم على استبعاد جرم تفجير وتركيز الملاحقة على التقصير والإهمال، وليس لحزب الله مسؤول حكومي معني بالمرفأ يمكن ملاحقة الحزب من خلاله، وفتح ملف النترات ومن جلبها ومن استعملها سيسقط قيمة الملاحقات الحالية ويظهر كيديتها، ويمنح حزب الله فرصة الخوض في ملفات موثقة لديه حول مصدر النترات ووجهتها ومن استفاد منها، وفي أسوأ الأحوال إن سار القاضي نحو الاتهام، فلن يكون أشد خطورة من حكم صادر عن محكمة دولية يتهم الحزب باغتيال الرئيس رفيق الحريري، لم يغير شيئاً في التوازنات ولم يفتح باباً لتفاوض وتنازلات، أما الحرب الأهلية فهي ليست قراراً يتخذه طرف، ما دام الآخرون غير مستعدين للاستجابة، وسقف الممكن هو المخاطرة بميني حرب أهلية قابلة للتكرار، وهذا يسغل بال حزب الله، لكنه ليس منصة الربح بالنقاط على حزب الله لفتح باب المساومات المفترض أميركياً، فهو لن يكون أشد خطورة في إشغال واستنزاف حزب الله مما مثلته الحرب على سورية بسعتها وامتدادها وجدية ما أتاحته من فرص حشد مقدرات يمكن الرهان عليها لقلب الموازين بوجه حزب الله.

المنصة الوحيدة التي تصلح لتشكيل محور التجاذب، والتي لا تغيب عن خطابات السيد نصرالله هي منصة ثروات النفط والغاز، وهي التي تشكل المحور الأشد أهمية لدى الأميركي، والتي يعتقد الأميركيون أن صرف أي توازنات داخلية لبنانية يتم على منصتها، فعلى هذه المنصة يراهن الأميركيون أن يتم التوصل بشأنها إلى تسوية تتيح استثمار ثروات النفط والغاز على طرفي الحدود، وخلق مناخ اقتصادي يخلق ظروفاً ضاغطة تحول دون التورط في الحروب، التي تخشى واشنطن منها على أمن إسرائيل بعد الانسحاب من المنطقة، طالما أن تحصيل أي تنازلات من حزب الله لضمان أمن إسرائيل صار أعلى مرتبة من المستحيلات، وهذا معنى وصول المبعوث الأميركي لتهيئة ظروف العودة للتفاوض حول ترسيم الحدود البحرية، فما شهدناه ونشهده في قضيتي التحقيق ومجزرة الطيونة، بالونات اختبار لقياس مدى قدرة حزب الله على تجاوز المطبات الخطيرة، وقياس مدى توافر فرص لخلق مناخ داخلي لتمرير تسوية بخصوص الترسيم، لا تحمل إسرائيل أكلافاً باهظة، بعدما قرر الأميركي السير بخيار السعي لفكفكة العقد التي صنعها أملاً بإضعاف حزب الله، وباتت اليوم عبئاً يجب التراجع عنه، لكن بأقل الأكلاف، تماماً كما جرى في الملف الحكومي، فجرى فك الحظر عن ولادتها، لكن لم يفك الحظر عن شروط نجاحها.

قرأ الأميركيون جيداً سلوك حزب الله تجاه ملفي التحقيق ومجزرة الطيونة، وتمعنوا في كلام السيد نصرالله وما بين السطور، وسيحاول موفدهم حول ترسيم الحدود إنعاش التفاوض، وسيحاولون الوصول إلى تسوية يقبلها لبنان، وضمناً حزب الله، وربما يحمل المبعوث الأميركي مسعى القبول بخط الـ860 كلم الذي رفضه سلفه فريديريك هوف وعرض على لبنان نصف المساحة، ويبقى تقدير ما يراه لبنان بتوازناته وحساباته مقبولاً أمراً معلقاً لحين سماع العرض الأميركي، وحتى لو تم التوصل إلى تفاهم فهذا لا يعني أن الأميركي سيترك لبنان سيرتاح، فسيعاود العرقلة في مسار التنقيب، وستبقى المواجهة سجال، ولذلك لا يبدو حزب الله مستعجلاً على حسم الترسيم قبل الرحيل الأميركي من المنطقة، من دون أن يشترك بالسجال حول خطوط الترسيم، أو المراسيم.

فيديوات متعلقة

مقالات متعلقة

Ghubeiri Municipality Files Lawsuit Against Geagea رئيس بلدية الغبيري في بيروت للميادين نت: دعوى قضائية ضد جعجع بأحداث الطيونة


Source: Al Mayadeen

By Al Mayadeen

Ghubeiri municipality in Beirut files a lawsuit against the Head of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, in light of the Tayouneh ambush events.

Visual search query image
Ghubeiri municipality in Beirut has filed a lawsuit against the Head of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea.

The Ghubeiri municipality in Beirut has filed a lawsuit against the Head of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, and against those arrested by the Lebanese army in light of the Tayouneh ambush events last Thursday.

Maan Al-Khalil, Head of Ghubeiri’s Municipality told Al Mayadeen that the lawsuit is the municipality’s right since one of its policemen, Mohammad Al-Sayed, was martyred during the incident and so was the wife of the police commissioner, referring to martyr Maryam Farhat. One other municipality employee was also injured.

Al-Khalil stressed that the lawsuit comes in the context of preserving the right of citizens to receive compensation, knowing that the incident caused huge harm and some people were forced to evacuate their houses.

The ambush left 7 martyrs and several injured after snipers opened fire on peaceful protesters against the politicization of the Beirut Blast investigation.

In a statement, the Lebanese Army announced arresting several members of the Lebanese Forces.

The number of detainees has reached 20, as some of the detained confessed to preparing for the Tayouneh ambush.

رئيس بلدية الغبيري في بيروت للميادين نت: دعوى قضائية ضد جعجع بأحداث الطيونة

المصدر: الميادين نت

رئيس بلدية الغبيري في بيروت يعلن رفع دعوى قضائية ضد رئيس حزب القوات اللبنانية سمير جعجع والموقوفين ومن يظهرهم التحقيق متورطين في حادثة الطيونة.

Visual search query image
رجل يسير بالقرب من الدماء في منطقة الطيونة بضاحية العاصمة بيروت الجنوبية في 14 تشرين الأول 2021  (أ ف ب)

 تقدّمت بلدية الغبيري في بيروت بدعوى قضائيّة ضد رئيس حزب “القوات” اللبنانية، سمير جعجع، في أحداث الطيونة التي جرت الخميس الماضي، والموقوفين لدى الجيش اللبناني ومن يظهرهم التحقيق متورطين في الجريمة.

رئيس البلدية معن الخليل قال للميادين نت إن “الدعوى هي حقّ شخصي من قبلنا بسبب استشهاد الشرطي في البلدية محمد السيّد، وزوجة مفوّض الشرطة مريم فرحات، وجرح موظف آخر”. فضلاً عن الأضرار المادية التي لحقت بالمباني السكنية إثر إطلاق الرصاص من قبل القناصين وإغلاق عدد من المؤسسات في المنطقة.

وأكد أن الدعوى تأتي في سياق الدفاع عن الحق العام وحقوق المواطنين حفاظاً على الأمن الاجتماعي والاقتصادي، “لأن الحادثة تسببت بأذى معنوي كبير للأهالي بعد اضطرار بعضهم إلى إخلاء بيوتهم إثر عمليات القنص وتضررها نتيجة ذلك”، مشيراً إلى أن الدعوى هي لحفظ حق البلدية والحق العام وضمان الحصول على تعويضات للمواطنين.

وكان ارتفعت حصيلة الشهداء إلى 7 إثر إطلاق قنّاصين النار على محتجِّين سلميين ضدّ تسييس التحقيق في انفجار مرفأ بيروت.

وأعلن مصدر رفيع في الجيش اللبناني للميادين عن توقيف عدد من عناصر حزب القوات اللبنانية، فيما وصل عدد الموقوفين اليوم إلى 20، لافتاً إلى أن منهم من اعترف بالتحضير لأحداث الطيونة.

The First and Final Surprise in Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech

October 20, 2021

By Ihab Zaky

In a surprise move marking a departure from Hezbollah’s traditional policy, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah revealed a figure related to the group’s military body. It was an exclusive and specific number that excluded the organization’s broader structural bodies which consist of military and paramilitary units. The figure of 100,000 represents the group’s backbone.

“If we merly signaled to them rather than ordering them to move mountains, they would move them,” Sayyed Nasrallah said. This announcement was the first surprise.

Sayyed Nasrallah mentioned this figure in the context of a warning to those who think they can defeat Hezbollah with 15,000 fighters.

However, this may not have the desired effect on Lebanese Forces Party leader Samir Geagea, who is too foolish and ignorant to realize and appreciate the level danger. Therefore, this number is much more of a message for the real enemies who see Geagea as a mere tool – the United States and “Israel.”

The content of this message is that insisting on pushing fools towards creating a civil war will be the final nail in the coffin of American influence in Lebanon. As Sayyed Hashem Safi al-Din, head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, said, “We have not yet fought the battle to end American influence over the institutions of the Lebanese state.” Therefore, insisting on this move may be the zero hour to start that battle, faster and easier.

On the other hand, the “Israeli” enemy will interpret this number in the framework of its strategy for its upcoming confrontation with Hezbollah, a strategy dominated by the certainty of defeat, but one that harbors an element of doubt about its actual demise. Therefore, this number seems to motivate concerns and misgivings, especially if the “Israeli” mind takes into account Sayyed’s many exceptions in determining the number.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah spoke at length about the common national interest, about Hezbollah’s relationship with the Christians and its national creed that moves it, and the extreme keenness – to very sensitive degrees – of preventing even civilians – not military or armed men – from entering Christian villages in 2000 after the defeat of the Zionist enemy and raising Hezbollah or Amal flags. If a party is so concerned about the feelings of the Christians, can it be accused of seeking to invade their land, honor, and money, and be viewed as an enemy that demands vigilance?

The one person who understands the importance of civil peace in Lebanon and the importance of the Christian presence in the East in general and not only in Lebanon, is Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. The colonial West seeks to empty the East of its Christians to consolidate the idea of conflict between an Islamic East and a Christian West, which is the basis and starting point of the Crusades. In addition, the strategy of displacing Christians is a colonial strategy, and it’s confirmed by the number of Christians in the region half a century ago compared to the numbers today. This strategy also serves the “Israeli” presence.

The evidence presented by Sayyed Nasrallah about Hezbollah’s protection of Christians wherever it they may be, are just some of the examples. This is contrast to the displacement, destruction, and killing of Christians wherever Geagea and his party are. These examples should be more than enough to ostracize and isolate this party as Christian, as well as isolate it nationally. While Sayyed Nasrallah seeks to preserve Christian blood, Geagea considers it a mere investment card and a bargaining chip with his international and regional operators.

Sayyed Nasrallah refrained from going too far back in history, to shed light on the crimes of Geagea and his party, which are detailed and proven in a court of law – crimes that are bloody and characterized by treachery. The Christian blood that Geagea claims to protect was spilled by his hands and stained his forehead, but the worst thing is that despite that barbarism in bloodshed, his history remains tainted with defeat. It’s almost as if this person is synonymous with defeat. Hence, defeat should be given the name Geagea.

Sayyed also refrained from mentioning Samir Geagea’s name. Even the “Israeli” media noticed this, and certainly this was not an absurd remark. By not mentioning his name, the Hezbollah leader sent another message that reflects Sayyed’s principles in his positions on the one hand and belittling the former [Geagea] on the other.

Sayyed Nasrallah insisted on the sanctity of the Lebanese army, as it is the last resort for the unity of Lebanon’s land and people, and as the unifying institution. But this does not mean turning a blind eye to some transgressions, which must be subject to investigation and accountability. This means that Sayyed Nasrallah wants to preserve this institution, even from the verbal scratching of some excited or angry enthusiasts.

This offers conclusive evidence that Hezbollah is the most committed to the state and its institutions, as well as to the file of the Tayouneh crime and previous crimes that are being handled by these state institutions. Meanwhile, it continues to call on the state to live up to its duties and is warning against complacency.

In the end of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah sent a message to the supporters of the resistance which was the last surprise – “the American attempts to provoke a civil war are the last mine.” Sayyed Nasrallah was declaring that the American bag of tricks was empty, and the “Israeli” bag of tricks was even emptier.

But the most important message relates to what he said about the end of the path of patience and insight.

“Patience and insight will bring you relief and victory that you do not expect.”

In fact, supporters of the resistance do not expect anything from it except victories and surprises. They stand in the trenches with insight. The only thing that will surprise these supporters is not to see it patient, feared, insightful, and victorious.

The Vampire

The Vampire

By Al-Ahed News Staff

An infographics detailing the long history of brutality of Samir Geagea, head of the Lebanese Forces Party.

The Vampire

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Hezbollah Has 100k Lebanese Fighters Who Will Uproot Mountains If They Are Signaled to Do So

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‘US/Israel seek Lebanese civil war to derail a Hezbollah in its prime’: Kandil

October 18, 2021

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In light of the recent massacre of seven protesters and the wounding of dozens of others in a highly sensitive district of Beirut, senior political analyst Nasser Qandil argues that the US and Israel are seeking to drag Hezbollah into a new Lebanese civil war that would rob the movement from engaging in a decisive war with Israel while in its military prime.

Days ago, on the 14th of October, at least seven people were killed and 60 others injured after unknown gunmen attacked Hezbollah and Amal supporters as they passed through Beirut’s sensitive Tayyouneh district as part of an organised peaceful protest.

In a joint statement, Hezbollah and Amal said armed groups belonging to Samir Geagea’s Christian Lebanese Forces (LF) Party fired at the protesters from rooftops, aiming at their heads, in an attempt to drag Lebanon into a sectarian civil war.

The Tayyouneh district is historically an area of political and sectarian sensitivity, as a key site in the outbreak and development of Lebanon’s Civil War (1975-1990).

Source: NBN via Kalam Siyasi (YouTube)

Date: October 17, 2021

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Nasser Qandil, Senior Lebanese Political Analyst:

I hear those that (say) ‘they believe Lebanon is a priority (for the US to target)’. Indeed (it is), from the very first day that a resistance (movement in Lebanon) was born, (a resistance) that defeated and humiliated Israel, Lebanon became an American priority, because Israel was – and will always remain – an American priority. (It is only if) the resistance (in Lebanon) is defeated, only then will Lebanon no longer be an American priority.
Back in 2007, I saw an image of (former PM) President Fouad Saniora with (former) President George W. Bush on the White House lawn, and the news said that the Prime Minister of Japan was (meanwhile) waiting in the hotel; Lebanon is not more important than Japan (for the US), and (former) President Fouad Saniora is not more important than the Prime Minister of Japan either, but the resistance (in Lebanon) is indeed more important than the US interests in Japan, because it threatens Israel’s security and poses an existential threat to Israel’s future. (Therefore,) as long as this reality (i.e. resistance being an existential threat to Israel) increases and grows, and the American concern about it grows (in light of the) idea of (a US) withdrawal from the (Middle East) region, (the US worries) how (it) will leave Israel (behind with the threat of) this reality. Consequently, (US) activity for creating security belts for Israel is accelerating.

(Yet) from whom (does the US want to protect Israel)? Iran will not start a war (against Israel) – let’s say things as they are – Syria will not start a war (on the level of) states. The spearhead that can turn any confrontation in (this) region (between it and) Israel into a war –


– (is) the resistance in Lebanon (Hezbollah) –


– is the resistance in Lebanon, which the Israelis say (about it) – and that’s not me saying it – the Israelis say, and the Americans (themselves) say that the surplus power that Hezbollah now has at the level of the expertise of its fighters (gained) from the Syrian war, (these fighters) who are more than 50,000 and that possess contemporary (and advanced) combat experience, and (at the level of) the kinds of weapons that it has, (this powerful position of Hezbollah) may not be seen again. (They believe that) five years later, Hezbollah may not have this readiness (for war) which they have today –


– Why (is that)?


Because five years later, the resistance (in Lebanon) might not possess weapons more advanced than the precision-guided missiles (it currently has), while the Americans and Israelis might possess a more developed (weapon by then), at least this (current favourable position for Hezbollah) is not guaranteed (in the future), (while) now it is guaranteed that (Hezbollah) is the superior (force today), and (their weapons) are the more powerful/effective weapons. (Hezbollah’s) elite fighters that have just came out of a war still have the same vitality, readiness, and (required) experience to enter a new war. Five years later (however, according to US calculations), this (elite force) would be out of the battlefield, and a new generation that does not have the experience of the (previous elite) would be on (front lines instead) –


– For this reason, they are working on suppressing this (generation of elites) and producing a new generation; the fifth-generation (perhaps)?


No, they consider – the Israelis consider – that Hezbollah is ready for a war (against them) now, for that, we must pass up (Hezbollah’s) opportunity of dragging us into a war which they have the legitimacy (to start). They believe that Hezbollah is on full readiness (to start) a war. I’m not adopting (these views), I’m describing the American-Israeli view; they say that the issue of (intercepting) the fuel ships (coming from Iran to Lebanon) gives Hezbollah the legitimacy to start a war if we intercept them –


– (This would) justify (starting a war against Israel).


–  (Hezbollah) would obtain the legitimacy (to start a war) but they –


– The (Israelis) don’t want to go to a war against (Hezbollah) because (Hezbollah) enjoys full readiness –


– Yes, (that’s the point), in their opinion (Hezbollah) is now (fully ready for a war) –


– five years later, will (Hezbollah) no longer be ready for a war (against Israel)?


That’s (the US and Israel’s) reading of the matter, that they must avoid (going to a war against Hezbollah) during the (next) five years –


– So, for the next five years, the (preferred US-Israeli war is the war –


– a Lebanese civil war –


– that (seems to be) brewing today. They would distract (Hezbollah) with internal (affairs and issues) –


– Exactly!


– They’re betting (their hopes on Hezbollah’s loss of) this readiness five years later –


– Exactly! (Hezbollah, according to their perception,) will be drained and have lost the moral high ground (that it enjoys today), and that’s a very significant matter; Hezbollah (is) a pure force (i.e. committed to morals/ethics etc) no matter how hard they try to slander it –


– The balance of power will change too.


– (but) when (Hezbollah) takes part in the civil war ‘game’, it’ll no longer be the same (party) it was, it will turn into a local militia (fighting) with (other) local militias. Even the majesty of (Hezbollah’s) power will erode by (its very participation in) the civil war, as it is different from wars that we’re familiar with, (such as) wars against Israel and other (enemies threatening Lebanon). Consequently, (dragging Hezbollah into a civil war) is necessary for the erosion of its moral and material strength. Therefore, the American-Israeli decision, after their failure in turning the October 17 (2019 protests) into a revolution against Hezbollah (under the false pretext that it is the party) responsible for the (Lebanese) economic crisis and the prohibition of cash flow into Lebanon – after this failure – the alternative (plan) is (exploiting) the (Beirut) Port (explosion) investigation case and triggering the Christian street with militia formations to lure Hezbollah into a civil war –


–  And (Hezbollah) will not be tempted (by this incitement).


Until now…


Those are dangerous words! What (do you mean by) ‘until now’?


Let me explain to you –


Why (would they be lured into a civil war)?


(In) my opinion, there is always a limit to which leaderships can control the (rage) of the public, and those who know the history of wars would understand this idea; we are currently before – there are opinions that have begun to emerge among the Shias –


– ‘Why didn’t we continue (the fight in Tayyouneh), we would’ve beat them up…’


(Yes, and talk such as) ‘we always adopt stances of chivalry, we get slaughtered and killed, and you (leaderships) tell us (to be) patient and endure (the harm that is targeting us); they did (the same) to us in Khaldeh, and Badaro as well, and tomorrow they’ll (attack us for the) third and fourth time’ –


– And (they attacked Shias) in…I forgot what’s the name of the town, near the Lebanese borders…


Yes, in southern (Lebanon), in Chouaya.


Yes, (I meant) Chouaya.


If we reach a moment where – God forbid – the focal point that is supposed to deal with (a certain attack) is one of the (Shia) tribes (in Lebanon), and the Amal and Hezbollah leaderships fail to control them, and (if the events take place) in an area in which control is not organized (by certain political leaderships); an area in which, if a tribe was attacked, and the people respond (to the attack) – I’m giving scenarios (as an example) –


– So, the scheme to create a civil will remain (a major threat today) –


In 1975, Imam Musa al-Sadr (may God reveal his whereabouts), why did he go to the town of al-Qaa? Because the problem was made up there (in al-Qaa) such that the people of the (Shia) tribes would attack al-Qaa; a problem was made up (to drag Shia) tribes ( in a war against Christians), so (Imam al-Sadr) had to go and sit in the church and say ‘I would defend this church with my ‘amāmah (turban) and jubbah (gown)’, because he felt that the target (of the made up events) was to trigger a response (from Shia tribes in that region).

Okay, so Mr (Nabih) Berri would do it once (i.e. call people to control their rage and follow the orders of the leadership), his eminence Sayyed (Hassan Nasrallah) would do it too, (but) if the scheme (of dragging Lebanese people into a civil war) is ongoing, if there’s no general national climate that would react to this threat (with wisdom) and (take the necessary) steps at that level, if (we keep acting upon) the prevailing mentality in security, judiciary, and political (affairs in Lebanon) that is the mentality of ‘Abu Melhem’ (i.e. a TV character that’s referred to in Lebanese culture to denote a person who proposes reconciliation and peaceful solutions in all dispute) to (resolve issues) with courtesy, using (words like) ‘disputes’  (to describe severe problems), and (calling for) controlling a situation (whenever an issue arises) –


– (falling into a civil war) would be inevitable (in that case)? –


(We) will then be in (grave) danger (of falling into a civil war) – in my opinion – we will be in (grave) danger.


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Sayyed Nasrallah: ’LF’ The Biggest Existential Threat to Christians; Hezbollah Has 100k Fighters to Defend Lebanon


Sayyed Nasrallah: ’LF’ The Biggest Existential Threat to Christians; Hezbollah Has 100k Fighters to Defend Lebanon

By Al-Ahed News

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech on Monday evening in which he touched on the latest political developments in Lebanon and the region.

Starting with a message marking Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]’s birth anniversary, Sayyed Nasrallah congratulated all Muslims around the world and the Lebanese people, and stressed that the festival will be held to celebrate the occasion on Friday despite the pain resulting from the Tayyouneh massacre.

His Eminence praised the masses in Yemen who celebrated today the holy occasion of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]’s birth anniversary despite the war and the siege against their country.

Moving to Afghanistan, the Hezbollah leader mourned the martyrs of the Kandahar mosque blast who have been massacred by the Wahhabi terrorist Daesh [Arabic for ‘ISIS/ISIL’] organization.

His Eminence then extended condolences to the Syrian leadership and people on the martyrdom of the liberated detainee Medhat Saleh who had been assassinated by the ‘Israeli’ enemy in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The Tayyouneh Massacre

Moving to the main subject behind his appearance, Sayyed Nasrallah extended condolences to the families of the martyrs of the Tayyouneh massacre that was committed on Thursday by the “Lebanese Forces” [LF] party, led by Samid Geagea.

Noting that the latest events are critical, dangerous, and require identifying the stance, Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the families of the martyrs as saying: “Your sorrow was ours and your pain was ours in this dangerous crime.”

The Hezbollah leader lashed out at the perpetrators of the Tayyouneh massacre, in which seven Shia protesters were sniped, and many others sustained injuries. “There is a party that wants to make our people in Ain Remmeneh and Furn Shebbak feel as if the people living in Dahiyeh are their enemies

Some “LF” leaders referred to opening fire at the protesters as “resistance”, and the leader of this party wants to fake an enemy and keep the Christians worried about their existence, Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding that the goal behind provoking such concerns is to present this party as the main defender of the Christians.

“The goals belong to leadership as well as to the roles offered by Gulf countries that have interests in our country,” His Eminence warned, naming the party as the “Lebanese Forces” and its leader, whom Hezbollah didn’t name before, as it didn’t want to create tension with anybody.

“We didn’t respond to this party despite all the insults it has been addressing us with,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, pointing to that “What happened is critical in a new phase for us to deal with the internal Lebanese affairs.”

“This party has long been attempting to fake an enemy for passing its scheme and chose the foreign-targeted Hezbollah for this purpose, and although the martyrs of the Thursday massacre are from Hezbollah and Amal Movement, the “LF” leader focused on Hezbollah,” Sayyed Nasrallah made clear.

In reference to the weapons, training, and structure, the Resistance leader underscored that everything prove that there have been militias fighting in the event: “This party doesn’t care if a military confrontation or a civil war would erupt as this serves its foreign [agendas].”

Sayyed Nasrallah told the Christian people that the ‘LF’ main agenda was to create a civil war that would lead to a demographic transformation. “The ‘LF’ party doesn’t quit using the language of the old war and division, which prepared for their latest crime.”

“The ‘LF’ offered former Saudi minister al-Sabhan in 2017 to start a civil war in Lebanon, its leader stabbed his ally Saad Hariri in his back while he was arrested in Saudi Arabia, and provoked some old allies some months ago to confront Hezbollah,” Sayyed Nasrallah outlined.

Regarding Thursday’s massacre, Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed that: “We’ve been assured by the Lebanese Army which we requested to be deployed heavily in the area [of the protest]. And Geagea’s talking about a “mini Christian May 7th incident” condemns the leader of the ‘LF’ himself as it represents a complete claim of responsibility for the massacre.”

Regarding the Army’s assuring that everything was ok, Sayyed Nasrallah explained: “We [thought] we’ve been protected by the Lebanese Army and the Lebanese state on Thursday. We didn’t take any security or precautionary measures due to the area’s sensitivity.”

However, the Resistance leader stressed that “this mine that we were able to contain on Thursday requires a solution and a treatment.”

Sayyed Nasrallah told the Lebanese people in general and the Christians in particular that portraying Hezbollah as an enemy is an illusion and unfairness, and it is the ‘LF’ party that covered the Nusra Front and the Takfiris in Lebanon and Syria

Sayyed Nasrallah urged the Christians in Lebanon to ask the Christian areas in Syria how Hezbollah defended them, and asked them: “Who supported the people of Arsal outskirts villages and who supported the “rebels” who have been backed by the ‘LF’?”

His Eminence then answered: “It is Hezbollah that defended the Christians back then before the Lebanese Army was allowed to interfere. Hezbollah eliminated the danger that was threatening the Christians there and sacrificed the elite of its youths in these battles.”

“We are not bragging about our achievements, but facts and truth shall be conveyed,” Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out, recalling that after the ‘Israeli’ withdrawal from south Lebanon, every Hezbollah or Amal member was banned from entering Christian areas.

We consider that we’ve done the right thing in 2000, and we didn’t attack the collaborators who tortured and killed us, however, in every area where the ‘LF’ party has been, a battle or war has occurred, the Hezbollah leader said.

“All of those whom we arrested were handed to the Lebanese Army and we didn’t prosecute even those who killed us. We had a historic chance to apply the charges against us but this is not what our religious teaches us,” Sayyed Nasrallah added.

In a continued address to the Christian Lebanese, His Eminence noted that even the supporters of the ‘LF’ party live in our areas and Hezbollah didn’t harm any of them. “All the accusations against us are unfair and represent a big mine in the country.”

Meanwhile, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that “The biggest existential threat to the Christians in Lebanon and the security of the Christian society is the ‘LF’ party whose scheme to establish cantons still exists. This party is a threat because it allied with Daesh and the Nusra Front, whom it called “opposition”.”

Drawing the Christians’ attention to possible scenarios from the past, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “Had Daesh and Nusra achieved victory, no Christian would have been left in Syria, and the ‘LF’ leader’s alliance with those groups exposed a major threat to Syria.”

“Those who forced the Christians to flee Iraq are the Saudi-run Wahhabi terrorist groups; we don’t pose any threat or danger to the Christians, it is rather from the side of the ‘LF’ and its leader,” His Eminence added.

Hezbollah has been positive to all dialogue proposals in Lebanon and made the understanding with the Free Patriotic Movement in 2005, and the first to oppose it was the ‘LF’ party, which didn’t spare any effort to cancel this understanding, Sayyed Nasrallah recalled.

“Our main concern was to prevent the Sunni-Shia sedition the ‘LF’ party has been seeking and the state is the guarantor for all the Lebanese people, whether Christian or Muslims,” His Eminence added.

“Although the ‘60’ electoral law doesn’t serve Hezbollah’s interest, we accepted it as it serves the Christians’, and the side that negated the Orthodox electoral law is the ‘LF’ party,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

Hezbollah has done its duty, but we are displaying the facts, Sayyed Nasrallah added. “Hezbollah is a very important positive factor and doesn’t represent any threat. It didn’t set any condition on the President of the Republic in the elections, and Minister Suleiman Franjieh was loyal and made a very ethical stance during the elections.”

When the ‘LF’ attacked us and we gathered our martyrs and our wounds, it is because we avoided a civil war in the country, Sayyed Nasrallah said.

To the “Lebanese Forces”!

Sayyed Nasrallah advised the ‘LF’ leader to give up on fighting and internal wars; referring to him as a person who definitely miscalculates his schemes.

“The “Lebanese Forces” officials admitted in their statements that they are an armed militia,” His Eminence said.

The Hezbollah leader then addressed their leader, Geagea, urging him to bear in mind that Hezbollah hadn’t been stronger in the region than it is today; “you are wrong” as you claim that Hezbollah is weaker than the Palestine Liberation Organization.

“Bear in mind that Hezbollah’s only military body is formed of 100,000 fighters who are not trained for civil wars but to defend our country against the enemies. Our calculations are right; we have constants, ethics, and values; so, don’t miscalculate, better stay polite, and take lessons from your wars and our wars,” Sayyed Nasrallah told Geagea.

His Eminence then urged the state and all the Lebanese people to stand against this vampire and criminal to prevent a civil war: “For the first time we announce the number of our combatants not to threaten with war but to prevent a civil war.”

Sayyed Nasrallah then dared the ‘LF’ party to answer: “In case of war, would the frightened ‘Israel’ support you, or would the US and Saudi Arabia support you?”

Right to Peaceful Assembly

“It is our right to peaceful protesting as any other side, and we formed a committee of 2000 members instead of a popular invitation. We didn’t intend to breakthrough or attack; it was just a peaceful protest,” Sayyed Nasrallah described the Thursday rally.

“Provocative slogans were voiced, which is wrong, and after that the shooting started and martyrs were killed. After opening fire towards the protests, and after the death of the martyrs, some youths got weapons to deter the attackers,” he added.

Sayyed Nasrallah then announced that Hezbollah has been informed by the security apparatuses that the martyrs have been killed by the “Lebanese Forces” fire.

However, Sayyed Nasrallah noted, “We, the ones killed unjustly, want a serious and quick investigation about how the massacre took place, and we want to hold those responsible accountable. We also need to know whether the soldier who opened fire at civilian protests had done this individually or had he been given an order to do this.”

But despite all the previous incidents, we are keen on the Lebanese Army establishment, which is the sole guarantor of the Lebanese unity, the Hezbollah leader underscored.

As for the Khaldeh incident, Sayyed Nasrallah uncovered that the Lebanese Army is investigating and the prosecution of 18 of the arrestees will be done within days.

“The Lebanese Army personnel are our brothers and they are part of the golden equation to which we adhere,” His Eminence said, urging that: “The right track is to investigate the Tayyouneh massacre and hold the killers accountable,” noting that had the investigation been politicized, Hezbollah won’t abandon the issue of the blood of its martyrs.

Beirut Port Blast Cause

Elsewhere in his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah clearly noted that “We are concerned about the Beirut Port blast cause, in which we sacrificed martyrs, and we are very keen to learn the truth,” and “Once the track of justice turns into political targeting, we have no right to remain silent.”

“The ‘LF’ party is the first abuser of the Beirut Port blast cause, and we won’t abandon this issue. Hezbollah was the most daring to tackle this issue are there has been intimidation for those willing to tackle it,” His Eminence added.

“Hezbollah took it upon itself for the families of the martyrs to learn the truth and the reasons why the technical report regarding the investigations has not been issue yet.”

He then dared those who are accusing Hezbollah of being behind the blast to bring their evidence, asking whether Hezbollah’s demand to change the judge is considered threatening while the US intimidation is not?

“Those who mostly bear the responsibility of the Beirut Port blast are the judges that permitted the entry of the nitrates to the port,” the Resistance leader underlined.

Addressing the state of law and institutions, Sayyed Nasrallah told them to do something and shoulder their responsibility, as it is the time for treatment.

To the Families of Tayyouneh Martyrs

At the end of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the families of the seven martyrs of Tayyouneh massacre, praising their level of responsibility and belonging, and patience despite the incitement.

“Punishing the killers is a path we will continue, and your martyrs are in the same level of that of the martyrs of Resistance. We have to preserve the goal for which thousand of martyrs have been sacrificed; it is a secure and stable Lebanon,” His Eminence underscored.

“The US wants a civil war as it has done in other countries; it wants us to lose our civil peace. What is needed is patience and insight, awareness and openness, and overcoming the wounds to spare another mine or any other choice the enemy wants for us,” Sayyed Nasrallah concluded.

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Sayyed Nasrallah to Lebanese Forces: Don’t Miscalculate, Hezbollah Has 100,000 Fighters

October 19, 2021

Sayyed Nasrallah
Hezbollah S.G. Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah during a televised speech via Al-Manar (Monday, October 18, 2021).

Marwa Haidar

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on Monday lashed out at the Lebanese Forces militia, advising its chief to abandon attempts to ignite a civil war in Lebanon.

In a speech that basically tackled the latest massacre by the notorious militia in Tayouneh last Thursday, Sayyed Nasrallah warned the head of Lebanese Forces party (LF), even without mentioning his name, against any miscalculation regarding the civil war in Lebanon.

Sayyed Nasrallah in this context, revealed the number of Hezbollah fighters who are ready to defend their country.

“Don’t miscalculate and behave,” Sayyed Nasrallah addressed LF, adding: “Hezbollah has 100,000 fighters who are fully ready to act in case we just point to them to do so.”

The Hezbollah S.G. said the Lebanese security apparatus confirmed that LF militants and snipers were responsible for Tayouneh massacre which killed seven Lebanese civilians during a protest against the politicization of an investigation into Beirut Port.

Sayyed Nasrallah said that the LF has been for long time instigating the Christians in the country, especially residents of Ain Al-Rimaneh and Al-Hadat, against Hezbollah through creating fake enemy of residents in Dahiyeh.

His eminence stressed that Hezbollah, Amal Movement, the entire Shiite sect and Muslims don’t pose a threat to the Christians in Lebanon, but rather the LF poses an existential threat to them.

Sayyed Nasrallah called on state institutions to hold a serious probe into the massacre in Tayouneh, stressing importance of staging another investigation by the Lebanese Army in order to look into the videos circulated by social media showing Lebanese soldier firing at a peaceful protester during October 14 massacre.

On the issue of Beirut Port blast investigation, his eminence stressed that Hezbollah has been keen to reveal the truth in this issue, slamming judges who gave permission to the ship carrying ammonium nitrate to enter Beirut Port several years ago.

Meanwhile, Sayyed Nasrallah praised families of the martyrs who fell in Tayouneh massacre, hailing their patience and wisdom. In this context, his eminence vowed that Hezbollah won’t abandon the martyrs and will go ahead with legal course in a bid to hold the perpetrators accountable.

Lebanese Forces Trying to Ignite Civil War

Sayyed Nasrallah started his speech by congratulating Muslims on the birthday anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), announcing that despite pain and grief, Hezbollah will hold a ceremony to mark the occasion next Friday in Dahiyeh.

His eminence praised celebrations held by the Yemeni people on the occasion, as well as stances announced by Ansarullah leader Sayyed Abdul Malek Al-Houthi.

Sayyed Nasrallah, meanwhile, offered condolences over martyrdom of a number of Afghan people in a terrorist attack staged by ISIL terrorists on a mosque in the city of Kandahar.

He also offered condolences over martyrdom of freed prisoner Medhat Saleh, who was killed by Israeli occupation forces few days ago.

The Hezbollah S.G. then get into the main issue of his speech, the massacre committed by Lebanese Forces militants in Tayouneh last Thursday.

Sayyed Nasrallah said that the LF has been instigating against Hezbollah for long time, trying to create a fake enemy to the Christians in Lebanon.

“The Lebanese Forces party wanted to make our people in Ain Al-Rimaneh, Forn Al-Chebbak and Al-Hadat feel concerned and afraid of people of other regions especially in Dahiyeh.”

“This party and its leader (Samir Geagea) aim at presenting themselves as defenders of Christians in Lebanon in order to serve their goals related to political leadership,” he said, noting that the LF leader has been convicted by the Lebanese judiciary over war crimes.

“In the latest years, the Lebanese Forces, and with the support of regional and international powers, has been working to create an enemy to the Christians in Lebanon and to present himself as the defender of this community against this so-called enemy, which is Hezbollah,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, citing schemes to target Hezbollah by the US, ‘Israel’ and some Gulf states.

And to confirm that Hezbollah is being targeted by the LF along with regional and international powers, Sayyed Nasrallah said that the Lebanese Forces chief focused in his remarks following the massacre in Tayouneh on Hezbollah, despite that fact that three of the seven martyrs are supporters of Amal Movement.

“The real program of the LF is to the civil war, for this scheme leads to the displacement of the Christians and then creating a Christian canton which LF chief aims to rule.”

Sayyed Nasrallah noted that the massacre in Tayouneh opens a new chapter of Hezbollah’s way to deal with the local issue.

He said that both Hezbollah and Amal Movement were reassured by the Lebanese Army a night before the massacre over the security situation in the region of the protest near Justice Palace, where the shooting took place.

Commenting on LF leader’s remarks that the Tayouneh massacre was a “mini May 7 events” Sayyed Nasrallah said that such remarks is a clear claim of responsibility of the shooting.

Hezbollah Defended Christians, LF Existential Threat

Sayyed Nasrallah then elaborated on the idea that Hezbollah is not an enemy to the Christians in Lebanon and Syria. He stressed that Hezbollah’s behavior with Christian in Lebanon and Syria throughout years confirm that the Lebanese Resistance party look at the Christians in the country as political partners and not enemies.

“For those who say that Hezbollah is the enemy of Christians, you can ask the churches which Hezbollah defended in Syria against Takfiri terrorists.”

“When Hezbollah defended its people of the Christians in Syria and the Lebanese border towns against ISIL and Nusra terrorists, the Lebanese Forces party was offering all forms of support to the Takfiris.”

He addressed the Christians in Lebanon by saying: “All those who tell you that Shia and Muslims are an enemy they are fabricating such accusations. The greatest existential threat for you is the Lebanese Forces since this party had allied with the terrorists in Syria.”

Sayyed Nasrallah then pointed to Hezbollah’s behavior towards Christians following the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000.

“Hezbollah prevented any of its fighters or fighters belonging to Amal Movement from entering the Christian towns in south Lebanon upon the Liberation in 2000. We even did not harm collaborators with Israeli enemy in that towns, rather we handed them over to the Lebanese Army. This was in a bid to avoid any Muslim-Christian sedition.”

Sayyed Nasrallah then said that Hezbollah, throughout years adopted a policy of openness with political parties, including the Christian powers.

“In February 6, 2006 we held a MoU with the largest Christian party, which is the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM),” Sayyed Nasralah said, noting that the LF was the first side who stand against the MoU between Hezbollah and the FPM.

S. Nasrallah Advises LF Not to Miscalculate

Sayyed Nasrallah then advised the LF and its leader to abandon the idea of suing discord in a bid to ignite a civil war in Lebanon.

“If you want to prepare for a civil war then have not to miscalculate. Take a note that Hezbollah is made up of at least 100,00 well-trained and experienced fighters whom can act in case Hezbollah’s leadership points to do so,” Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the LF and its chief.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that the Resistance is not weak, but rather is keen to preserve security and avoid sedition.

“Hence, I say to LF and its leader: Don’t miscalculate, behave and take lesson from the wars you had been engaged in.”

Sayyed Nasrallah said that the Lebanese state institution along with religious figures, especially the Christians, “must bear responsibility and stand against this criminal butcher in a bid to avoid civil war and preserve national peace.”

He then stressed importance of launching a serious investigation into the massacre in Tayouneh, noting that the Lebanese Army must also do so regarding a video circulated on social media and shows a Lebanese soldier firing at a peaceful protester during Tayouneh shooting.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah warned against any dispute between Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army, stressing that the national army is part of the golden formula aimed at defending Lebanon: Army-People-Resistance.

Beirut Port Blast Probe

On the issue of Beirut Port blast probe, Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed that Hezbollah is keen to know the truth behind the tragedy which killed more than 200 Lebanese people and injured thousands on August 4, 2020.

“We won’t take back on this case. It’s a political responsibility to know those who were responsible for this tragedy.”

Several sides contacted Hezbollah and reassured the party that it would not be accused, Sayyed Nasrallah said, noting that those sides also acknowledged that the probe is discretionary.

“The way the probe is going on won’t lead to reveal truth. The judges who gave permission to the ship carrying the ammonium nitrate to enter Beirut Port bears responsibility of the tragedy in the port.”

Meanwhile, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed patience and wisdom of Tayouneh massacre’s martyrs, vowing that the blood of those martyrs won’t go in vain.

His eminence also equated Tayouneh martyrs to those of the Resistance who were martyred in defending Lebanon.

“We have to preserve goals achieved by the Resistance and its martyrs, on top of which are security and national peace,” Sayyed Nasrallah addressed martyrs’ families as saying.

Addressing the Resistance supporters, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that this stage prompts more patience and insight in a bid to avoid any form of infighting in the country. In this context, his eminence noted that igniting a civil war is the “last card played by our enemies.”

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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The Lebanese Forces: A Long Bloody History

17 Oct, 2021

Source: Al Mayadeen

By Ali Jezzini

The LF started as a military wing of the Lebanese Front and committed horrible atrocities during the Lebanese Civil War. However, this did not prevent it, openly and discreetly, from attempting to stir up a second one.

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Thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian nationals lost their lives in the Sabra and Shatila, and Karantina massacres.

On Thursday, hundreds of citizens were marching towards the Palace of Justice in Beirut. Protesters desired to object to the politicization of what was supposed to be a uniquely juridical process regarding the Beirut Port explosion that rocked the city almost a year and a half ago. 

The demonstration was supposed to be a peaceful act but the reaction the protesters received was not – some did not make it back home to their families. According to security reports cited by various Lebanese media outlets, it is almost certain that at some point in the march, the latter came under fire from snipers belonging to the Lebanese Forces Party (LF). The ambush left 7 people dead including Maryam, a mother of 5, who was deliberately sniped while attempting to get her children to safety after hearing gunfire.

Some hours after the ambush, the Lebanese army issued a statement saying that the rooftops that the snipers were firing from were clear and that arrests were made, without disclosing details about the conducted operation. Amal Movement and Hezbollah issued a statement regarding the armed attack on the peaceful demonstration that took place today in Tayouneh. Both parties blamed the incident on the LF party.

According to a Hezbollah official, Hashim Safi Al-Din, both parties never made the call to the streets and that the organization did not oppose the protests since the Lebanese security forces had it under control. “What was unforeseen was for a certain party to decide to commit murder using military tactics,” Safi Al-Din added. 

How peaceful protesters were shot brought back dark days to the residents of the area – days where innocent people were shot across what was called the Green Line separating Beirut, east and west. Many residents could recall the story of a friend or a relative who was shot by Lebanese Forces snipers during the 1975 Civil War that devastated the country for 15 years: Civilians could be buying groceries, taking kids to school, taking a shower, or just making a living like Ali Ibrahim, a motorbike delivery worker that was killed by the same snipers on Thursday.

A history of massacres

The Lebanese Forces were the armed wing of what was called the Lebanese Front that was formed in 1976 during the eve of the Lebanese Civil War. The armed militia is infamously known for numerous notorious mass murder events against Palestinian and Lebanese Civilians. The Karantina Massacre was not the first one committed by the LF, but the scale was horrendous. One of the poorest areas in Beirut, inhabited by Palestinian, Lebanese, and Syrian nationals was invaded and its inhabitants were massacred mercilessly. Reports indicate that about 1500 people lost their lives, while the survivors were forcefully evicted from their homes.

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Karantina Massacre, 1976 (Françoise Demulder)

The Sabra and Shatila refugees camp that was inhabited by Palestinian refugees alongside their Lebanese neighbors experienced tragedy on a larger scale. The crimes took another toll, as they were perpetrated with the help and assistance of the Israeli Invasion forces in 1982. Numbers are still contested to this day, but the toll of the victims surely surpasses a thousand and could amount to 3500. Women and children were not spared, as bone-chilling images and testimonies still conjure the horror of the massacre.

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Sabra and Shatila Massacre, 1982 (Institute for Palestine Studies)

Although the Lebanese Forces (1976), as a military wing of the Lebanese Front, and the Lebanese Forces Party (1990) are not the same thing theoretically, however, they bond on the same ideological grounds. The latter is derived from the former, demonstrating the long rift between factions of what was called the Lebanese Front, which was mainly comprised of Phalengists.

Samir Geagea, the head of the current LF party, has a long history of massacres as well. As a demonstration of the formerly mentioned rift, in 1978, Geagea headed an assassination squad that broke into Tony Frangieh’s premises, the head of a rival faction named Al-Marda, and assassinated Frangie with his family, including his wife and his 3-year-old child.

Nahr al-Mawt massacre in 1990 was the last episode of a long series of massacres. In that incident, the LF shot at protesters just before the war ended. The shooting took the lives of 23 unarmed civilians after they marched to an LF checkpoint demanding the removal of barricades that were blocking the Nahr al-Kalb tunnel. Geagea was convicted later on in 1994 for killing former PM Rashid Karami in 1988, in addition to the bombing of Sayidat al-Najat church in Jounieh killing 10 people and wounding 54.

Post-2005 release

Following Geagea’s release from his incarceration amid political turmoil following the assassination of PM Rafik Hariri, it would seem that he and his party would choose to drop arms and wear neckties, but that was never an option. Geagea claimed that he meditated and reviewed his actions during the Civil War, not to repent, but only to conclude that what he did was right.

Without getting into the details of the public Lebanese political debate, what Geagea and his party tell in private suggests more solid evidence of their intentions in continuously destabilizing the country to serve his sectarian goals.

A WikiLeaks document dating back to May 2008 reveals that Geagea was keen to inform the US embassy in Lebanon of his possession of about 7,000 to 10,000 combatants that are ready to fight Hezbollah. In said document, he urged the embassy to send arms and munition. Geagea never changed his stance; al-Akhbar, a Lebanese newspaper, reported in October 2020 that the LF leader urged Walid Jumblatt, a Lebanese PM, to resign with his parliamentary group, and promised to follow suit. He told Jumblatt that he is ready to fight Hezbollah, raising his combatants’ number to 15,000. Jumblatt responded by describing any attempt to open a military conflict as madness.

In another leak, this time from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs archive, the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon sent a cable back home asking the Kingdom to support the LF since Geagea “is the closest to the Kingdom among the Christian leaders and has a firm stance against the Syrian regime; on top of that, he is willing to do what the Kingdom demands of him.” In a second leak, Geagea proceeds to ask for Saudi funding – the ambassador comments in the cable, describing the LF as “the real force that he relies on to deter Hezbollah and those behind it in Lebanon.”

A warlord pushing for a civil war

In an interview with SBI on Friday, Geagea reiterated his ‘no regrets’ stance regarding the ambush and killings of unarmed protesters, blaming the incident on the victims, despite all reports indicating that the perpetrators were LF members. With LF being the weaker faction in this cauldron, it is difficult to find a logical reason as to why they would add more massacres to their long list. It might be that Geagea hopes to start a civil war, as he already hinted on various occasions mentioned before.

The ‘ex-warlord’ probably bets on entangling foreign powers into a hypothetical civil war, namely the US and “Israel”, against his number one rival in Lebanon – Hezbollah. This has been also sustained by Safi Al-Din in his friday’s speech during the victims’ funeral. Safi Al-Din blamed the United States for being behind the incident, saying they are pushing LF to spark a civil war in Lebanon. He also accused the Lebanese Forces of executing US orders in exchange for a payroll.

Two things seem to be certain. The first is, despite the horrors that could face Lebanese society, particularly the LF society, with a second episode of a civil war, Geagea doesn’t seem to hold any regard for that. The second is that the Lebanese faction that desires civil war is incapable of starting one – while the capable tries to avoid it at any cost. For that, another civil war may be far-fetched for the time being. 

Hezbollah: Lebanese Forces Militia’s Attempt to Drag Resistance into Civil War Foiled

October 17, 2021

MP Hasan Fadlallah and Sayyed Hashem Safieddine

Hezbollah officials stressed on Sunday that attempt by Lebanese Forces militia to drag the Lebanese Resistance movement into a civil war has been foiled.

Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Sayyed Hashem Safieddine, said that the Lebanese Forces militia attempted through Tayouneh ambush to drag Hezbollah into a civil war, stressing that such scenario won’t be implemented.

“Neither Lebanese Forces party, nor their masters will be able to drag Hezbollah into civil war,” Sayyed Safieddine was quoted by AL-Manar as saying in a local ceremony in Mount Lebanon.

“Hezbollah was not born for street wars. Hezbollah was established and its power has been build up in order to defeat the hegemonic powers in this region, on top of which are the US and the Zionist entity.”

For his part, member of Hezbollah’s loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Hasan Fadlallah stressed that perpetrators of Tayouneh ambush must be held accountable.

In a local ceremony in south Lebanon, MP Fadlallah described as ‘massacre’ the deadly ambush in which 7 civilians were martyred in Tayouneh on Thursday (October 14), urging the Lebanese authorities to punish those responsible.

“What the criminals did is a massacre and it will have important ramifications”, he said.

“Those who incited, planned, … and opened fire should be held to account all the way up to the top.”

Seven civilians were martyred on Thursday in a deadly ambush staged by Lebanese Forces militia. The notorious party’s militants and snipers opened fire on peaceful demonstrators who were protesting the politicization of a probe into Beirut Port blast near the Justice Palace in Tayouneh-Badaro area. Among the martyrs was a woman who was fatally shot by a sniper in her head while being in her house.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

Hezbollah MP: Lebanese Forces Militia’s ‘Treachery’ Won’t Go Unanswered

 October 17, 2021

Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raad

Head of Hezbollah’s Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Mohammad Raad stressed that the perpetrators of the deadly ambush in Tayouneh will be held accountable.

In a local ceremony in south Lebanon on Sunday, MP Raad described Lebanese Forces militia’s ambush in Tayouneh last Thursday (October 14), especially the sniper fire, as a “treachery that won’t go unanswered”

“The Lebanese Forces’ treachery which has committed a massacre on Thursday has its own account that will be settled. However, we won’t be dragged into a civil war. We won’t accept that this blood would go in vain. The Lebanese state must stage a probe and hold those who are responsible accountable.”

The lawmaker stressed that the “blood of our martyrs won’t go in vain.”

“Their blood is not an ink. We know the value of this blood very well. If it had not been for this blood, the Lebanese people would have not been dignified, and the Israeli occupation would have ruled this country.”

The lawmaker said Hezbollah has been for long months, keen for national peace and exerting efforts to guard the country against any form of civil war.

MP Raad lashed out the Lebanese Forces militia without mentioning them.

“Their historical record is full of massacres that threatens the national security. They are racist who take the side of the Zionists. They are the foreigners’ mercenaries.”

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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المسيحية المشرقية تتعرض لآخر كمين في بيروت الشرقية .. ولكن لكل سمير .. حبيب

نُشرت بتاريخ 2021/10/17 



يقال ان تاريخ الحياة على الارض هو تاريخ للموت .. فعملية الانقراض والتلاشي أصابت 90% من مخلوقات الارض .. وأخشى ان هذه النبوءة ستنطبق على الوجود المسيحي المشرقي .. الذي يتآكل ويتلاشى .. ويبدو أن طلقة الرحمة ستنطلق من أيد مسيحية .. ولكن في نفس الوقت لن ينقذ المسيحية المشرقية الا يد مسيحية ..
أكتب هذه الكلمات وقلمي يرتعش .. وقلبي يرتجف من البرد .. وهاأنذا اكتب نبوءة كأنها الرؤيا ورؤيا كأنها النبوءة .. ونبوءتي ورؤياي تنظران الى الشرق الذي تغير كثيرا فصار فيه اليهود أكثر من المسيحيين في أقل من خمسين عاما .. وتمكن المشروع الصهيوني من اقتلاع المسيحية من الشرق باقتلاع مساميرها التي كانت مغروزة كالأوتاد في كل الشرق .. أتلفت حولي فلاأرى الا نزفا ديموغرافيا للمسيحيين المشرقيين .. وهذا النزيف المشرقي للمسيحيين ليس صدفة .. وليس بريئا .. وكأن هناك من يريد ان يقول ان الشرق هو اسلام صرف وان الغرب هو مسيحية طاغية .. وان الصراع بين الشرق والغرب هو صراع بين المسيحية والاسلام .. واسرائيل هي التي ستمثل بقايا المسيحية من خلال العهد القديم .. وان علاقة الشرق بالمسيحية ستقتصر على اسرائيل اليهودية ..

في القرن العشرين كان أكبر الخاسرين من الاحتكاك مع الاستعمار الغربي الاوروبي هو المسيحية المشرقية .. فانطاكية وكنيستها الحقت بتركيا .. وصار مسيحيو انطاكية معزولين كأقلية ضعيفة في بحر اسلامي تركي .. وظل الوجود المسيحي المعزول عن المسيحية المنتشرة في بلاد الشام يتقلص ويتأكل حتى انقرض الوجود المسيحي في انطاكية تقريبا وهو نتيجة طبيعية لعزل جيب انطاكية المسيحي وفصله عن الجسم المسيحي الطبيعي الكبير في بلاد الشام ..

والمشروع الفرانكفوني خلق دويلة لبنان الكبير وخصصها لتكون دولة مسيحية بأكثرية مسيحية .. ولكن هذا الكيان المسمى لبنان المسيحي سلخ مسيحيي لبنان عن مسيحيي سورية وفلسطين والعراق والاردن .. والحق مسيحيي لبنان بالمسيحية الاوروبية لأن هذا الكيان المسيحي الفرنسي التصميم صار يحس انه مهدد بمحيطه الاسلامي وأن لاسبيل للحفاظ عليه الا الحماية الاوربية .. وهذا جعل العلاقة مع محيطه العربي والاسلامي متوترة تسببت بحروب اهلية دخل المسيحييون فيها جميعها .. وخسروا شبابهم في حروب عبثية دينية تسببت في هجرة كثيرين منهم وتحول لبنان المسيحي الى محمية اوروبية متناحرة مع محيطها وتتوجس منه دوما ..

وعندما قام الغرب باجتياح العراق وأطلق مشروع الربيع العربي في سورية واعتنى بنمو داعش وجبهة النصرة وسمى جيش الاسلام وجيش الجولاني وأحرار الشام والسلطان مراد بأنها جيوش للاحرار والحرية .. فانه كان يدرك ان اول من سيدفع الثمن هو الوجود المسيحي في الشرق .. ومع ذلك فانه كان يغض الطرف عن العنف الذي يدفع بالمسيحيين للهجرة والفرار .. كما فعل الصهاينة في يهود العراق عندما فجروا الكنس والاحياء اليهودية لارغام اليهود العراقيين للفرار الى فلسطين المحتلة .. وبالفعل تلاشى المسيحيون من سهل نينوى ومن الجزيرة السورية وتبخر المسيحيون من بقاع كانت مسيحية منذ الفي سنة .. وعلمت من شخصيات مسيحية سورية وازنة ومحترمة جدا ان مسيحيي سورية نالهم من الاتقراض نصيب وأن أعدادهم تناقصت وأن هناك من كان يعمل على تهجيرهم وتسهيل هجرتهم بحجة حمايتهم .. وكأن الحماية تكون في اقتلاعهم ونشرهم في اوروبة وليس بتمكينهم من البقاء في أرضهم .. فقد دمر الغرب الجيش العراقي الذي كان الغطاء لجميع العراقيين المسيحيين والمسلمين لكن المسيحيين استهدفوا بالعنف السري بشكل خاص لارغامهم على الهرب ..

وكذلك أخرج الغرب بدعمه لما يسمى الثورة السورية الجيش والسلطة السورية من الجزيرة السورية ومن المناطق المسيحية .. بل ان الغرب كان يرى ان داعش وجبهة النصرة كانتا تتمددان في لبنان انطلاقا من الحدود السورية .. ومع هذا فقد فعل المستحيل لايقاف الجيش السوري وحزب الله ومنعه من مواجهة داعش والنصرة في لبنان .. رغم ان القاصي والداني كان يعرف ان هذه الموجة الارهابية الاسلامية كانت ستجتث المسيحيين اما بارهابهم وترويعهم او باطلاق الوصاية الدينية عليهم لاكراههم على الرحيل .. وصعب جدا ان يقنعني أحد ان الغرب لم ير هذا المصير وهذا الاتجاه .. فالغرب ليس ساذجا ليصدق ان الاسلاميين سيتركون المسيحيين يعيشون بأمان ..
لاشك ان الموجة الاسلامية قد قضمت كثيرا من الديموغرافية المسيحية وأبعدتها عن المشهد والخارطة الديموغرافية .. ولكن بقي المشهد الاخير الباقي فيمن بقي من مسيحيي الشرق الذين يتم دفعهم الى محرقة جديدة هذه المرة على يد مسيحي مجنون ومتطرف .. هو سمير جعجع .. الذي يتباهى أن لديه آلاف المقاتلين المتمرسين للدفاع عن المسيحية وبيروت الشرقية .. رغم ان هؤلاء المسلحين وقفوا يتفرجون على تقدم داعش والنصرة في لبنان وانتشارهم ولم يحركوا ساكنا لحماية اي مسيحي بل كان جهد جعحع هو الدفاع عن جبهة النصرة ..

الغريب أن جعجع يدرك ان اي معركة مع اي طرف في لبنان ستنتهي بسحقه تماما .. ولن تتدخل الدول الغربية لحمايته لأنه لن يكون أغلى من مسيحيي القدس وفلسطين والعراق وشرق سورية الذين رآهم الغرب بأم عينه يتفرقون وينكمشون وينقرضون .. ولم يحرك ساكنا ..

سمير جعجع يريد شيئا واحدا وهو ان يستدرج حزب الله الى معركة معه وان كانت خاسرة .. وان خسر سمير جعجع المعركة فان هذا سيحدث تعاطفا طبيعيا وانحيازا مسيحيا نحوه ويميل جزء من مسيحيي التيار العوني اليه .. وهذا سيشق المسيحيين أكثر ويفتح صراعا مسيحيا مسيحيا .. وان ظهر انه ينتصر فانه سيكون عامل جذب لعناصر مسيحية في المعسكر الاخر العوني ايضا لأن للانتصار جاذبية … كما حدث مع الاسلاميين الذين انتصروا في بداية معارك الربيع العربي والحرب السورية مما شجع كثيرين للالتحاق بهم للتمتع بالنصر والتعلق بالمجد الجديد ..

المهم ان المسيحيين يتم استدراجهم اما لحرب مسيحية مسيحية او لحرب مسيحية اسلامية او مسيحية شيعية .. ومهما كانت النتائج فانها ستكون كارثية على مسيحيي الشرق .. وسينتهي وجودهم الباقي والكثيف في لبنان مهما كانت نتيجة الصراع … لأن الحرب لن ترحم أحدا وستكون الهجرة أكثر سهولة على الشباب المسيحي .. لأن هذا الانخراط العنيف في الصراعات الداخلية المجانية لن تكون له الا نتائج سيئة على المسيحيين لأنهم سيجدون انفسهم في خضم معركة اهلية طويلة ستنتنزف اموالهم وشبابهم .. وسيجد كثيرون منهم باب الهجرة مفتوحا ومرحبا بهم .. وهذه الهجرة الكثيفة ستكون طلقة الرحمة على الوجود المسيحي في لبنان ..

ربما لايدرك مسيحيو الشرق ولبنان تحديدا اي فخ وكمين يساقون اليه في تهور سمير جعجع الذي يضع مسيحيي لبنان رغما عنهم في مواجهة حزب الله ومحور المقاومة الذي تحدى اميريكا نفسها وتحدى الغرب ولن يسمح لجعجع بأن ينال من حزب الله .. وسيكون سمير جعجع في منتهى السذاجة ان ظن ان اسرائيل ستدخل حربا من أجله .. بل سيكون منتهى طموح اسرائيل هو ان تشق التحالف بين ميشيل عون وحزب الله وان يريحها جعجع من دفع دم المواجهة مع حزب الله .. كما فعلت مع الشباب الاسلاميين الذين دفعوا دمهم وتركتهم اسرائيل يموتون نيابة عنها .. ولكن هذه الحرب ان اندلعت فانها ستعزل المسيحيين المشرقيين وتحولهم الى كيان موتور خائف على وجوده سينتهي بالتقلص والانكماش الطبيعي .. وان انتهى الوجود المسيحي القوي في لبنان فان هذا سيعني رسالة الى من بقي من مسيحيي الشرق بأن الشرق لم يعد لهم وعليهم أن يشدوا الرحيل .. لأن اية تغير في الانظمة السياسية واتجاهاتها وصراعاتها سيكونون مرغمين على الدخول في تحالفات لايرغبون بها وسيكونون فيها أقلية ضعيفة تجرفها الاهواء السياسية ..

للأسف ان تمنع حزب الله عن معاقبة سمير جعجع لادراكه بحساسية الوضع واللعبة التي تستهدف المسيحيين حلفاءه الرئيسيين في لبنان .. ستشجع سمير جعجع على ارتكاب المزيد من الحماقات والرعونات .. وربما لن يكون هناك من معادلة بأقل الخسائر الا ان تعود معادلة مسيحية قالت سابقا (لكل عميل حبيب .. ولكل بشير حبيب) .. وهي المعادلة التي ارساها البطل حبيب الشرتوني المسيحي الوطني اللبناني ابن البطل الشهيد أنطون سعادة ..

مثل البطل جول جمال المسيحي السوري الذي نفذ حكم الاعدام بالمدمرة الفرنسية (المسيحية) جان بار في بورسعيد .. فان حبيب الشرتوني كان مسيحيا لبنانيا نفذ حكم الاعدام بمسيحي لبناني خائن دفاعا عن اسم المسيحية المشرقية الوطنية .. وكان هذا العمل البطولي سببا في ان تستيقظ القوى المسيحية الوطنية اللبنانية وتأخذ المبادرة من المتهورين والمغامرين المسيحيين وتعيد مسيحيي لبنان الى قلب المشهد الوطني الذي صنع سقوط 17 أيار .. والذي صنع ظاهرة حزب الله الذي كان مدعوما ظهره بالوطنية المسيحية .. ولولاهم لكان انجازه ليس سهلا في تحرير الجنوب والحاق الهزيمة باسرائيل عام 2005 ..

عمل حبيب الشرتوني كان رسالة فهمها الجميع .. وبطولة وفرت الكثير من دماء المسيحيين واللبنانيين .. فهل يفعلها شباب لبنان المسيحي .. ويخرج لنا بطلا يوفر علينا عناء معاقبة سمير جعجع .. ويطلق معادلة: (لكل سمير حبيب) .. وثقوا تماما ان هذه المعادلة ستوقظ المجانين في القوات اللبنانية من هذيانهم وأحلامهم .. وطيشهم .. وتعيد الكثيرين منهم الى صوابهم ورشدهم الذي تتلاعب به مكاتب الدعاية الاسرائيلية التي تنشر مشاهد عنف باسم القوات اللبنانية كمن يوجه دعوة للجهاد المسيحي المقدس ..

Lebanese fascist group fires on peaceful protest, sparks wider conflict

Oct 15, 2021

Interview with Rania Khalek from Breakthrough News

Martyrs of ’Lebanese Forces’ Ambush Laid to Rest, It’s Now the State’s Responsibility to Punish the Killers

October 16, 2021

Martyrs of ’Lebanese Forces’ Ambush Laid to Rest, It’s Now the State’s Responsibility to Punish the Killers

By Mohammad Youssef

The Lebanese Forces party led by Samir Geagea has cold-bloodedly perpetrated a criminal massacre Thursday at Tayyouneh roundabout; when its snipers, located on rooftops, and on purpose, targeted unarmed civilians who were peacefully marching in a demonstration to the palace of justice in Mathaf area.

The horrendous crime took place as the assistant US Secretary of State, Victoria Neuland, has started its visit to Lebanon. The scenes of premeditated killing were being seen as cameras lenses of many TV channels were covering the events. The assassin killers are known by their names.

As such, the judiciary should give its directives to arrest them and bring them before the judiciary to sue them and enact justice.

Given the nature of the crime and its perpetrators from the Lebanese Forces; it is no surprise to anyone whether enemy or friend, as the group is notorious for its recorded and documented history of unending crimes.

Whenever Geagea and his thugs are mentioned there abruptly jumps a litany of massacres against the Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians.

Geagea thugs have assassinated Tony Franjiyeh and his family, Danny Shamoun and his family, and former Prime Minister Rashid Karami. They killed scores of Lebanese army officers. They are also responsible for the massacre of Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camp, which resulted in the killing of three thousands of Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. 

All of the aforementioned facts represent a segment of what this party did and continues to do.

The perpetrated crime could have led simply to a civil war; but the wise leadership of both Amal Movement and Hezbollah contained the tragedy and exercised a high level of self-restraint and discipline. The followers and partisans of the two parties followed their leadership directives and exercised patience and awareness to avoid any exacerbation of the situation.

All of this happened against the backdrop of political escalation due to the legal violations of Judge Tareq Bitar who is being used as a tool in the hands of a foreign conspiracy.

The aforementioned judge who lacks wisdom or any sense of sound evaluation is working in complete detachment from reality and serving an agenda that could lead to a catastrophe as has been warned by many Lebanese leaders.

Several alarming warnings have been issued about the judge’s violations and his sinister agenda, yet the judiciary has never done anything or taken any measure to correct the situation. Had this been done, it would have saved the many dear lives and the blood that have been lost.

Now as we have reached here, the whole country is at a very sensitive political and security juncture!

The right thing to be done could be envisaged as the following:

– The issue should be forwarded and handled by the highest judiciary authority represented by the Council of Justice.

– The security forces should arrest the criminals as their names are well known to many of the official security apparatuses, where they should be questioned and sued to enact the justice.

– If the Lebanese Forces party leadership, namely Samir Geagea, was proven involved, then he should be equally arrested, questioned and once he is proven guilty he should be sent back to prison, and the party should be put into embargo.

This is what the Lebanese expect from the official bodies, be it Mikati government, the Lebanese army intelligence, or the judiciary.

Dictations and warnings by the US embassy should not be a hindrance or an obstacle to do this.

Our Lebanese domestic interests and our civil peace should be a priority that supersedes any other priority.

Let us hope this is going to be translated soon in reality, because if it was not, then the whole country is going to witness a new political chapter that could be worse than all expectations!

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