The Farewell Visit, Hours before the Execution…

Zeinab Daher

A few hours before the execution of three Bahraini activists, Ali al-Singace, Abbas al-Sami’ and Sami Mushaima, the Bahraini prison’s administration summoned the families of the martyrs in an unexpected call to visit their sons.

The regime in Manama carried out the death verdicts on Sunday [January 15, 2017], triggering angry demonstrations across the kingdom mainly in the villages of Diraz, Bani Jamra and Sanabis.

The youngest among them is Martyr Ali al-Singace who was under the legal age, only 15, when he was first arrested before the Bahraini revolution. He was allegedly accused of attacking an officer, and was later released after the breakout of the Bahraini revolution.

Ali was later kidnapped at the age of 16 and was threatened with being killed unless he operates as a secret agent for armed militias. The young martyr, who was still a student back then, was soon after sentenced to 5 years in prison for the case of February 14, for which he remained on the run, away from his family.

Finally, on the day of the alleged murder of Emirati officer Tariq al-Shihi and two policemen in al-Daih blast [March, 2014], Bahraini authorities stormed Ali’s house. He was detained about a year later and was sentenced to death, along with martyrs Abbas al-Sami’ and Sami Mushaima, for fabricated accusations.

However, it is worth mentioning that Ali, his family and all evidences confirm he had not been interrogated regarding the case of al-Shihi’s death.

So how could he be sentenced to death in a case he wasn’t even investigated for?

Speaking to al-Ahed News website, mother of 22 year-old Martyr Ali al-Singace described the procedure they went through one day ahead of the crime against the Bahraini activists: “The day before the execution, on Saturday, we were informed that we are allowed to visit our sons.”

They asked the martyrs on Saturday morning to give them the numbers of their families, the mother noted. “They wanted to give us their personal stuff, their clothes, food, shampoo, toothpaste… they wanted them to hand in all their personal stuff.”

The prison’s administration called Ali’s father, they informed him that at 16:00 they have to visit their son.

The family was suspicious of the news since no visits are allowed on Saturdays: “We called the family of martyr Abbas al-Sami’, they also said they have a visit at 14:30, then I called the family of martyr Sami Mushaima, they still hadn’t received any phone call at the time. But they were later informed that their visit is scheduled to be at 13:00,” the mother added.

“Our sons didn’t know that we will visit them. They learned about the visit half an hour before the first meeting of the Mushaima family. Each one of them was in solitary confinement, yet they could hear each other’s voices. All of them learned at 12:30 that they will be visited by their families.”

According to the bereaved mom, the martyrs themselves were cautious about the news: “Everybody knows that there are no visits on Saturdays. This, itself, represented an execution.”

“The visit wasn’t like any other… we underwent very careful inspection. Before we entered the prison, we were inspected in an outside cabin, then we were inspected again before we entered a car accompanied with 4 policewomen and 2 policemen,” the mother explained. She further noted that “after we got out of the vehicle, we were inspected again. The moment we entered the place, we saw many police officers on both sides. Between 50 or 60 police personnel, males and females, were deployed in the place.”

“Some four or five policewomen were standing next to us. They kept wearing their sunglasses, observing us during the one-hour visit.”

Martyr Ali al-Singace’s mother told us that the same strict inspection was applied on them as they exited the place… “We were surprised, we were only thinking of the entire procedure we went through.”

The mother explained the treatment they went through as “brutal inspection.”

“I told myself that the moment was a goodbye moment. I told my son to expect that this is the final visit… I told him this might be the last time we see each other although we didn’t know before. I had that feeling… I felt it is the time to say goodbye…”

On the next day, Ali’s father received a call at 09:00 in the morning informing him to come take his son’s corpse from a very far area, not in the region where they live.

“We wanted to bury him an al-Sanabis but they didn’t accept. We feared that they would bury them some place without knowing anything regarding their whereabouts,” the mom said.

Although our sons were executed, people here in Bahrain won’t be silenced and won’t stop their protests.

Ali, just like many other ‘opinion detainees’ in Bahrain, received his judgement in absentia. Also like many other innocent detainees, he was subjected to electric shocks, torture and insults to confess committing ‘crimes’ he actually didn’t.

Ever since the peaceful popular protests started in early 2011, Manama has provided a heavy-handed security response. The clampdown has cost scores of lives.

Later during the popular uprising, the regime called in Saudi and Emirati reinforcements to help it muffle dissent.

1,300 Bahrainis have been arrested and those still in detention have been tortured and denied access to medical care. Hospitals have been militarized as doctors and nurses are harassed for treating victims of the protests. Thousands of workers have been dismissed or suspended from their jobs for taking part in the demonstrations.

Meanwhile, as the international community – particularly in the West – has been quite vocal in condemning atrocities committed against protesters in some Middle Eastern countries, things in Bahrain go the other way. When it comes to the injustice practiced against people there, calls from the West for an end to the authorities’ human rights abuses have been rather muted.

People who demand freedom would definitely offer big sacrifices, and so is the case of the families of Bahraini martyrs. They well accept the martyrdom of their loved ones. They believe that their sons are in heaven, and that justice would spread some day, when the tyrant would receive his due punishment.

Al-Ahed News


حلف وارسو الجديد… لكن ضدّ إيران

يناير 14, 2019

ناصر قنديل

– في استعارة للمكان يريد وزير الخارجية الأميركية أن يلعب على الذاكرة باستعادة صورة حلف شديد القوة كان يحمل اسم حلف وارسو عاصمة بولندا أيام الاتحاد السوفياتي السابق، بالإعلان عن حلف يستهدف مواجهة إيران من العاصمة نفسها ليحمل الاسم نفسه، حلف وارسو، متوجاً بالدعوة للاجتماع المفترض منتصف الشهر المقبل زيارته للمنطقة التي ملأها كلاماً عن حزم وعزم إدارة الرئيس دونالد ترامب على منع تحول اليمن وسورية إلى لبنان آخر بالنسبة لكل من السعودية و«إسرائيل»، مخفياً المهمة التي تحدث عنها بالتلميح بقوله إنه يجب توحيد جهود الجميع في الشرق الأوسط بوجه إيران، دون أن يلفظ الكلمة السحرية التي ستظلل مؤتمر وارسو، وهي الحلف السعودي الإسرائيلي.

– بالنظر للدعوات التي وجهت والتي ستوجه، والتي طالت مصر والسعودية والبحرين والإمارات والمغرب، وما قد يعقبها من دعوات لبعض دول أميركا اللاتينية، والمقارنة مع مؤتمر أصدقاء سورية الذي رعته واشنطن عام 2012، لتنسيق الجهود لإسقاط الدولة السورية، والذي ضم كل الدول الأوروبية وأغلب الدول العربية، وغابت عنه إسرائيل لضمان نجاحه، ودول إسلامية وازنة كأندونيسيا وتركيا وباكستان، سيبدو مؤتمر وارسو هزيلاً، وتعبيراً عن حجم التراجع في النفوذ الأميركي ليس في المنطقة فقط، بل وفي العالم، حيث سيكون كافياً غياب حلفاء أميركا الأوروبيين، وشركائها الكبار في حلف الأطلسي وفي مقدمتهم مع الدول الأوروبية تركيا، وسيكون الحضور لدول هامشية في القدرة على خوض المواجهات المؤثرة على إيران، ويصبح للمؤتمر وظيفة واحدة، أن يكون الشكل الوحيد المتاح لحشد يضم حلفاء واشنطن من العرب مع «إسرائيل» لمهمة مشتركة عنوانها مواجهة إيران وقوى المقاومة.

– علّق وزير الخارجية الإيرانية محمد جواد ظريف على المؤتمر بنشر صورة تظهر المشاركين في القمة الدولية بشأن التسوية الشرق الأوسطية ومحاربة الإرهاب والتي عقدت في شرم الشيخ المصرية عام 1996، بمن فيهم الرؤساء السابقون للولايات المتحدة بيل كلينتون وروسيا بوريس يلتسين ومصر حسني مبارك و«إسرائيل» شيمون بيريز، والتي خصصت يومها لمواجهة إيران وقوى المقاومة، وكتب ظريف تحت تلك الصورة: «أذكّر مَن سيستضيف وسيشارك في المؤتمر ضد إيران: هؤلاء الذين حضروا العرض الأميركي الأخير الموجّه ضد إيران إما ماتوا أو وُصموا بالعار أو هُمّشوا، في وقت أصبحت فيه إيران أقوى من أي وقت مضى».

– لم ينتبه بومبيو ربما إلى أنها ليست المرة التي يجتمع فيها الحكام العرب المعادون للمقاومة في مؤتمر واحد مع قادة كيان الاحتلال، بل لم ينتبه ربما إلى أن اجتماع العام 1996 كان قمة رئاسية، لن تتاح لمؤتمر وارسو، الذي سيعقد على مستوى وزراء خارجية، وأن ما تغير من يومها إلى يومنا هذا من ضعف وتراجع في حال أميركا وحال الحكام العرب وحال «إسرائيل»، كافٍ لتفسير التوقعات كيف سيكون الفشل مضاعفاً قياساً بالفشل السابق، خصوصاً أن أهم ما تكشفه الدعوة للمؤتمر هو خلافاً لكل كلام آخر، العجز عن السير قدماً بجدية في مسار ينتهي بحل القضية الفلسطينية التي راهن الأميركيون على صفقة القرن لإنهائها بشراكة فلسطينية يؤمنها عرب أميركا، لينتج عن المشهد الجديد تغيير جذري في توازنات المنطقة، فيأتي المؤتمر عودة للصيغ التقليدية اعترافاً باليأس من نجاح الصيغ الجديدة التي بقيت أهدافاً بلا خريطة طريق واقعية لتحقيقها.

– سينتهي مؤتمر وارسو، ولن يحصد نتائج أفضل من قمة شرم الشيخ عام 1996 ولا من مؤتمر أصدقاء سورية 2012، وهو أشد هزالاً من كل منهما على مستوى الحضور، وحال أميركا والمشاركين أشد هزالاً مما كانت في الحالتين.

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The Saudi Regime, Murderous Wahhabism Failing on All Front

The savage Saudi regime and its murderous Wahhabi ideology failing on all fronts. The international posture of this bloodthirsty Wahhabi regime is in tatters after the Khashoggi Murder. Even their closest Western allies are keeping a distance from them. Only the US President Trump remain embracing them. The Khashoggi affair solidify the evilness of this bloodthirsty Wahhabi regime that is presently occupying the two most Holy sites of Islam.

In Yemen, they are being disgraced and humiliated by the brave and courageous Yemeni Resistance. The Sudanese are threatening to withdraw their soldiers from the Saudi coalition. The Yemeni Resistance is stronger than ever before. They now manufacture all kinds of arms and weapons. The US and UK regimes are hypocritically showing concern for the mass starvation in Yemen. Without Saudi bombings and blockade this catastrophe will not occur.

In Nigeria, though Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his injured wife and hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement are still in illegal detention but the Islamic Movement is waxing stronger with more membership and popular acceptance by Nigerians.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and his gang of wicked mass murderers are on the retreat. They are confused and are now spending sleepless nights that if they lose power in the February 2019 elections they will end up in ICC jail for the heinous crimes against humanity they perpetrated in Zaria. Their mass graves has failed to bury the brutal and inhuman Zaria Genocide.

In Bahrain, the Saudi-backed tyrannical regime is on the defensive. The resistance of the oppressed people of Bahrain is consistent. Though with most of it leaders in the dungeons of the Western-backed regime, the opposition is stronger today with more international acceptance. The fall of this tyrannical regime is just a matter of time. Victory is with the oppressed.

In Syria, US President Trump surprisingly announced the withdrawal of all US troops from Syria. He did this due to the successes of the Syrian government and its allies against the murderous terrorists created by the West. The US imperialism is on the retreat in the Middle East. The Evil Empire is breathing it last days. No Empire last forever.

In Iraq, the Daesh [Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group] terrorism is totally defeated in Iraq and the US – Saudi regime plot to sow discord and distance the Iraqi government from Iran has woefully failed. Iraq is rebuilding and terrorist attacks has drastically reduce. The people of Iraq should unite and build a strong and prosperous Iraq. The “Israeli”-backed plot of Kurdish independence in Iraq is now history. Dead and buried!

In occupied Palestine, the weekly Friday peaceful Great Return Protest continue despite “Israeli” attacks on the peaceful protesters. The Palestinian Resistance forces are stronger today and united. The fraudulent “Deal of the century” of US President Trump is dead on arrival and will not even be considered by the Palestinians. Al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine and one million Trumps cannot change this. The Zionist regime is a Cancerous tumor that is the source of all conflicts in the Middle East.

On a final note, we oppose Western imperialism as we will not accept that a few people control the world and it resources. All humanity have the right for a decent living and right to control their destiny. The notion that some lives are more superior to some is a fraudulent Imperialism creation to facilitate their looting of the resources of other nation. They also induce inferiority complex to facilitate looting and plunder of resources. We reject inferiority complex as much as we reject superiority complex.

Source:, Edited by website team

Bahraini FM Defends Australia’s Decision on Al-Quds, Slams AL Statement

December 16, 2018

Bahrain FM Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa

The foreign minister of Bahrain has defended Australia’s formal recognition of the so-called “West Al-Quds” (Jerusalem) as Israeli capital, saying the move would not affect a future Palestinian state with “East Al-Quds” as its capital.

Australia’s government announced the decision on Saturday, reversing decades of Middle East policy, but said it would not immediately move its embassy there.

The United States in May opened its embassy in Al-Quds.

The Arab League (AL) had issued a statement criticizing the Australian decision as “blatantly biased towards the positions and policies of the Israeli occupation”.

But Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa described the statement as “mere rhetoric and irresponsible”.

“Australia’s stance does not impact the legitimate Palestinian demands, first among them being East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, and it does not contradict the Arab Peace Initiative,” he tweeted on Saturday.

Source: Reuters

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The function and goals of Netanyahu’s visit to Muscat وظيفة وأهداف زيارة نتنياهو لمسقط؟

The function and goals of Netanyahu’s visit to Muscat

ديسمبر 12, 2018

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The reception of the Prime Minster of the occupation entity by the Sultanate of Oman is an unacceptable and condemned normalization, no matter what were the pretexts and justifications. Israel is the only winner of the ongoing normalization process in the Gulf whether in sports, culture, security, or politics. These are fixed facts, but the question is about the significance and the goals of this visit; is it a preparation for a military act against Iran as some think?  Is it a preparation for a similar visit to Saudi Arabia? Is it just an outcome of the relationship with Oman and Netanyahu wanted to make use of it due to the regression of the image of Saudi Arabia which he presented as a reliable ally? Or is if some of which?

Certainly, now it is not the time of the American-Israeli thinking about the war on Iran in the light of the Saudi weakness. Saudi Arabia is the central country in the Gulf and in the Arab official system and without its restoration of its strength it will not be able to make fateful strategic decisions in the Gulf, in addition, when the goal is security and military, logically it must be surrounded with secrecy rather than the show of the visit in which the senior officials of intelligence of the occupation entity participated.

It is certain that the normalization is a cultural and psychological accumulation, and every step in it is an Israeli gain, but the qualitative step on which the American and the Israeli endeavors depend is the normalization and the alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia, it is a path that has increasingly obstacles despite the secret and the semi-public cooperation. After the new aggravated Saudi dilemma, Saudi Arabia does not seem that it is in a state that can take a step as Israel needs, and the talk about the deal of the century that requires an important Palestinian partner who accepts to abandon Jerusalem seems so far.

It does not seem difficult for Oman since it had previous similar steps as Qatar. The visit of Yitzhak Rabin in 1994 to Muscat and then the visit of Shimon Peres in 1996 say a lot. Many people think that Muscat’s moderation in the issues of the regional disputes comparing with the rest of Gulf countries is the result of the abidance by refusing the normalization. Oman and Qatar want to stand on the compromises line rather than standing on the engagement line. When Qatar lost through its leadership of the Arab Spring that role and played a bigger role, Muscat could replace it in sponsoring the compromises, but there is always an American book of terms for this role, it is a book of terms that includes a prize for Israel.

Israel is in new strategic dilemma, it is unable to wage a war and unable to make compromises and at the same time, the bet on ending the Palestinian cause with the participation of Saudi Arabia under the title of a joint alliance against Iran becomes more difficult. The waiting for the stage of completion of the Saudi developments which is still in its beginning is an Israeli need where Muscat is its gate; therefore, mystery is a need to return to the negotiation when the Saudi opportunity falls. But this is not what is going on, rather it is mere a mobilization of an Omani prize granted to Israel under American request in exchange for granting Muscat the opportunity to sponsor the American-Iranian failure in the light of the prior expected failure of the sanctions and in the light of the Saudi changes, as it is an opportunity to Muscat to lead a negotiation that paves the way for compromise in Yemen during this current Saudi situation.

Israel is the first winner even if it does not have a plan to employ such gain, since Palestine is not the Arab priority and since the Arab interest is canceled from the agendas of the rulers and governments.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


وظيفة وأهداف زيارة نتنياهو لمسقط؟ 

أكتوبر 29, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– استقبال سلطنة عمان لرئيس حكومة الاحتلال تطبيع مرفوض ومُدان، مهما كانت الذرائع والتبريرات، و»إسرائيل» الرابح الوحيد من حفلة التطبيع الجارية خليجياً من الرياضة والثقافة والأمن والسياسة على مساحة دول الخليج. وهذه حقائق ثابتة، لكن السؤال في السياسة هو عن مغزى وأهداف هذه الزيارة، هل هي تمهيد لعمل عسكري ضد إيران كما يعتقد البعض، أم هي تمهيد لزيارة مشابهة لنتنياهو إلى السعودية، أم هي مجرد ثمرة نضجت في العلاقة مع عمان وأراد نتنياهو قطافها في لحظة تداعي لصورة السعودية التي قدّمها كحليف يُعتمد عليه، أم هي بعض من كل هذا؟

– الأكيد أن الزمن ليس زمن التفكير الأميركي الإسرائيلي بالحرب على إيران، في ظل الاعتلال السعودي. فالسعودية هي الدولة المركزية في الخليج وفي النظام العربي الرسمي ومن دون استعادتها العافية لا تبدو قريبة القدرة على اللعب بأوراق استراتيجية ومصيرية في الخليج، عدا عن أن منطق الأشياء يفرض عندما يكون الهدف أمنياً وعسكرياً إحاطته بالسرية بدلاً من الطابع الاستعراضي للزيارة التي شارك فيها كبار مسؤولي المخابرات في كيان الاحتلال.

– الأكيد أن التطبيع تراكم ثقافي ونفسي وكل خطوة فيه هي مكسب إسرائيلي، لكن الخطوة النوعية التي تتركز عليها الجهود الأميركية والإسرائيلية هي التطبيع والتحالف بين «إسرائيل» والسعودية. وهو أمر تزداد العقبات في طريقه العلني رغم حجم المسافات التي قطعها التعاون السري ونصف العلني. وبعد المأزق السعودي الجديد والمتفاقم لا تبدو السعودية في وضع يتيح لها خطوة بحجم ما تحتاج «إسرائيل»، والحديث عن صفقة القرن بما تستدعيه من شريك فلسطيني وازن يقبل بالتخلي عن القدس تبدو أبعد فأبعد.

– الأمر بالنسبة لعُمان لا يبدو صعباً لكونها كانت قد قامت بخطوات سابقة على هذا الطريق، كما كانت قطر وزيارة إسحق رابين عام 1994 لمسقط وبعده زيارة شمعون بيريز عام 1996 تقولان الكثير، ويظن البعض أن اعتدال مسقط في قضايا النزاعات الإقليمية ناجم عن درجة أعلى من سائر دول الخليج من الالتزام برفض التطبيع، فعُمان كما قطر ترغبان بالوقوف على خط النهاية الأميركي وهو خط التسويات، بدلاً من الوقوف على خط البداية وهو خط الاشتباك، وعندما خسرت قطر بقيادتها لمرحلة الربيع العربي هذا الدور ولعبت برصيدها لدور أكبر تعززت فرص عُمان باحتلال مقعدها في استضافة التسويات، لكن دائماً هناك دفتر شروط أميركي لمنح هذا الدور، وهو دفتر شروط يتضمن جائزة تنالها «إسرائيل».

– إسرائيل في مأزق استراتيجي حيث العجز عن الحرب والعجز عن التسويات، وحيث الرهان على إنهاء القضية الفلسطينية بالتشارك مع السعودية تحت عنوان حلف مشترك بوجه إيران يصير أشد صعوبة، والتموضع على خط احتياطي لمرحلة ما بعد اكتمال التطورات السعودية التي لا تزال في بداياتها، ضرورة إسرائيلية تشكل مسقط نافذتها ويشكل الغموض حاجة فيها للعودة إلى مربع التفاوض القديم عند سقوط الفرصة السعودية، لكن هذا ليس هو الراهن، بل مجرد توظيف لجائزة عُمانية تمنح لـ«إسرائيل» لقاء طلب أميركي، مقابل منح مسقط الضوء الأخضر لرعاية التفاوض الأميركي الإيراني في ضوء الفشل المسبق المتوقع للعقوبات، وفي ضوء المتغيرات السعودية، وضوء أخضر آخر لمسقط لقيادة تفاوض يفتح طريق التسويات في اليمن في ظل الراهن السعودي.

– تبقى «إسرائيل» الرابح الأول حتى لو لم تمتلك خطة لتوظيف هذا الربح، عندما لا تكون فلسطين أولوية عربية، وعندما تسقط حسابات المصلحة العربية من جدول أعمال الحكام والحكومات.

Hezbollah Threatens Israel / Gaza / Yemen


On the evening of Friday, November 30, Hezbollah’s war media broadcasted this video addressed to Israel and subtitled in Hebrew, in response to recent Israeli military exercises simulating an aggression against southern Lebanon, an escalation of violations of Lebanese airspace –from which aggressions against Syria are usually carried out– by Israeli drones, and new threats to assassinate Hezbollah Secretary General. The statement in the video is excerpted from the latest speech by Hassan Nasrallah on November 10, 2018, and the footage shows in particular the precise coordinates of Israeli military bases that would be targeted in case of aggression. Let us remind that Hezbollah’s policy is to target exclusively the military, and to hit the colonies and cities of the enemy only in response to the ongoing Israeli aggression against Lebanese civilians. The civilian/military ratio of the victims of the 2006 war was 1/10 on the Israeli side, and 10/1 on the Lebanese side, a striking proof of the fact that Israel strikes civilians above all, and that Hezbollah favors military targets.
Despite the August 2006 ceasefire, Lebanon and Israel remain in a state of war, and if direct clashes have ceased, information & psychological warfare continue to rage, as are indirect clashes in Syria or even Yemen, where Israeli planes are directly involved in the conflict. At a time when the Gulf countries are openly engaging in the normalization policy of relations with Israel, when yet another futile attempt to strangle Iran economically is at work, and where MBS is touring North Africa to promote Israel’s peace agreement with Israel, Hezbollah recalls that its hostility to Israel remains irreducible, demonstrating its solidarity with the Resistance in Gaza that has recently scored a new victory, which foreshadows a real disaster in the event of a confrontation with such a powerful actor as Hezbollah. Hassan Nasrallah has several times announced as imminent the Great War to Liberate Palestine, in which the extended Resistance Axis (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Iraq and Yemen) would participate.
This video made headlines in Israel Friday night and throughout the weekend, and senior military officials of the Zionist entity reacted to it. In accordance with its policy of anti-Nasrallah censorship, Youtube immediately deleted this video broadcast, among others, by Al-Manar (French) and Sputnik (English) for alledgedly “violating Youtube’s Terms of Service”, but Israeli media like Ynet were able to broadcast it on the platform without fear of censorship –proof that the content itself has no valid reason to be censored according to the Youtube’s Terms of Service. Only sources that are a priori favorable to Hezbollah are tirelessly hunted down by IDF cyber-soldiers and deleted.

Sayed Hasan

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Starving Yemenis Reduced to Eat Tree Leaves

Report of the Lebanese channel Al-Manar, November 13, 2018.

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Hamas Unveils Thwarted Israeli Operation in Gaza that Sparked Recent Escalation

Report of the Lebanese channel Al-Mayadeen, November 12, 2018.
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Hassan Nasrallah: In Yemen’s Quagmire, West Only Cares About Rescuing Saudi Arabia

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on November 10, 2018, on the occasion of Martyr’s day, commemorating the November 11th, 1982 attack on Israeli Barracks in Tyre (South Lebanon), killing 76 officers.

Revision & subtitles:

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[…] Thirdly, I will speak about an important development in the region, before talking about the internal situation (in Lebanon). From about one month and a half ago, the world became preoccupied with the heinous crime which was perpetrated against the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The whole world was also astonished by the details of the crime: the kidnapping, killing, dismemberment with a saw, and the melting (of the corpse) with acid, and the throwing out of what was melted in the sewerage. The world is right to be astonished, amazed, and to condemn (this crime).

Of course many are looking for ways to get this issue to be forgotten. In the Arab world, no one was astonished, amazed, nor did they condemn. To the contrary, the (Arab rulers) stood in solidarity (with Saudi Arabia). That is normal in the Arab world: to dismember using a saw, to cut using a sword, to melt using acid, this is normal (to some).

It is natural for the world to be astonished, amazed, and to condemn (this crime). However, what is strange of this world, is that it does not take notice of, nor is it astonished by, the daily images of the heinous massacres in Yemen. The world’s conscience was not moved by the Yemeni children –the United Nations itself saying that 100s of children, maybe 400, 500, face death every single hour in Yemen. The United Nations –not us– are speaking of 14 million people threatened with starvation, and this figure may have risen in recent days. Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis have been infected by cholera and face the possibility of death. But the world is silent.

(Just) now the world has begun to talk, the Americans have begun speaking, the Europeans have begun speaking –of course, let us underline the Arab silence, and silence in the Islamic (world), except for a few states. In general, silence! No one dares to open their mouth. God is the Greatest (expresses wonder)! How great is (the fear) of the sword, and how great is the allurement to money and the glitter of gold,  and how great the (level of) submissiveness in the Arab world! The terrible state of affairs in the Arab world is clearly expressed by the Arab stance towards developments in Yemen.

In any case, we are before a new situation. I don’t want to just talk and condemn. No, we are before a new situation. Perhaps the Khashoggi event caused some change, it is a possibility. Perhaps it was exploited as an incident for another purpose. In any case, it is good that we hear American, European, and UN statements, calling for the cessation to the fighting and a stop to the war. This issue requires some comment: perhaps (this call for an end to the war) could be serious, this is a possibility. It is also possible that this is merely a (deceptive) ploy and a way to buy time.

It is possible that this is a serious (call to end the war), and this possibility has valid reasoning to support it. However, this possibility has not arisen because of the killing of Khashoggi, nor is it because the conscience of the world would (supposedly) awake now. The world has been seeing the children, the immense massacres, bombardment and killing on a daily basis for four years. Why does the world say only now that this war must stop? This requires some contemplation.

Simply and frankly, because the Yemenis remained steadfast in this battle. This is a huge lesson. Because they remained steadfast in this battle, and because the Saudi, Emirati, American coalition failed in this war. If this possibility (i.e. the call for ending the war) is serious, then the aim of it is to rescue the Saudis and Emiratis more than it is about rescuing the Yemenis. Because this coalition failed to invade the north (of Yemen), and failed to administer the south, and they are losing both the north and south of Yemen. The north because of the steadfastness (of Yemenis) and military failure, and the south because of the popular movement (of Yemenis) and administrative and political failure.

America is coming today to rescue its guys in the region. Trump and the American do not care about Yemen’s children nor any such thing. Yet what we care about is the result. What matters for us is that this war and fighting ends. What is interesting though is that (the Americans) said (the war must end) within one month. Why one month? Why not now? Why not directly and immediately?! This point also has the careful attention of our brothers in Yemen, or they must pay careful attention to it. It is as if the Americans are telling this Saudi-Emirati coalition: ‘You have one month (left). Organise your affairs, see what (military) equations you can secure, see what (military) achievements you can muster, (because) after one month the world will tell you to stop’.

For this reason, what is strange and noteworthy is that at the same time that American and Western statements were being issued calling for an end to the war, we witness in Yemen the highest escalation (of military attacks) in many months, I mean the current escalation on the southern coastline and the Hodeidah region.  This is presuming that this possibility is serious.

In any case, if this is a deceptive ploy so that the Yemenis would be deceived (to drop) their weapons (and withdraw from their) battlefronts and positions, they must be wary not to be deceived, because usually when fighters sense that the fighting is almost over, their determination, attention, and awareness begins to lessen, assuming that everything appears to be winding down. This happens because it is a (normal) human reaction.

On (the occasion) of Martyr’s Day, and at a time when we take pride in the martyrs of our brothers and people in Yemen, I say to my brothers over there to remain patient and keep preserving in your fight, and hold firm to your weapons, fronts and positions. You today are closer to victory than ever before! And the victory of the Yemenis is in their remaining in their land, (and) in preventing this barbaric aggression from achieving any of its goals. They are persevering and realizing a military miracle, a military legend, (one) that is unfolding every day at the southern coastline and on the various Yemeni fronts.

I conclude on the situation in the region with a last stance. We have condemned the verdict issued against His Eminence Sheikh Ali Salmane (in Bahrain), may God preserve him, and some of his brothers, and what is noteworthy is that the Bahraini Court ruled that His Eminence the Sheikh was innocent of the accusation of conspiring with Qatar.

There is no conspiration. At the time, at the beginning of events in Yemen, Qatar was trying to (reach the Saudi authorities) through a third party, to find an issue (to the crisis). At the time, the Qatari side was very active on all the fields.

The Court ruled in favour of his innocence, and the Prosecution appealed the verdict. And what was the new verdict? Perpetuity! May it please God (ironic) ! From innocence to perpetuity? O my brother, (perhaps) from innocence to 4, 5 or 10 years of jail could make some sense legally speaking. But perpetuity?! This confirms every day that Justice in Bahrain and the likes of Bahrain is nothing but a true oppressive power.

What was expected is for His Eminence the Cheikh to be freed after having served his time for other verdicts, and to get back to his family and people. But this (authoritative) power insists on detaining him and the clerics, leaders, popular figures and personalities, along with thousands of young Bahrainis in prison, to force this people to surrender (and give up on his legitimate demands), but he will never surrender, not on his national stance, nor on his demands for (political) reforms, nor on his attachment to his rights, whatever the sacrifices. […]


Yemeni Forces Lure Saudi-led Mercenaries into Trap on Western Coast, Claiming Entire Group

November 24, 2018

The Yemeni army and popular committees carried out a special operation against a group of Saudi-led mercenaries which tried to infiltrate into Road 53 area on the Western Coast, killing or injuring all its members.

Yemeni sources reported that the army and popular committees lured the infiltrating group into a trap and claimed all its members, stressing readiness for frustrating all the Saudi-led military plots and attacks.

Yemen has been since March 2015 under brutal aggression by Saudi-led coalition, in a bid to restore control to fugitive president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi who is Riyadh’s ally.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed and injured in the strikes launched by the coalition, with the vast majority of them are civilians.

The coalition, which includes in addition to Saudi Arabia and UAE: Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan and Kuwait, has been also imposing a harsh blockade against Yemenis.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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